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USA Census 1840

This is a census of households and only names the head of the household.

Montgomery, Montgomery, AlabamaJos E Estabrook8
New Orleans Ward 2, Orleans, LouisianaR Esterbrook3
Sedgwick, Hancock, MaineLewis Estabrook9
Camden, Waldo, MaineJos H Estabrook15
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsAbbert Easterford5
 John Easterford6
 Lot Easterford4
 Debarah E Herbort6
Newburyport, Essex, MassachusettsEasterbrooks3
Princeton, Worcester, MassachusettsWashington Estabrook12
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsBras Blabrack4
 Isaac Rabreak3
 Thomas Estabrook8
 Sarah Estabrook8
Holden, Worcester, MassachusettsJ Estabrook8
 S Estabrook9
 John Estabrook9
 Austin Estabrook3
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsGeorge Estabrook6
 J Estabrook2
 T Estabrook9
 Samuel Estabrook4
 John Estabrook9
 G A Estabrook2
Worcester, Worcester, MassachusettsJames Estabrook8
Franklin, Lenawee, MichiganJoseph Estabrook5
New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New HampshireJoseph Estabrook5
 Samuel Estabrook5
 Sally Estabrook4
Watervliet, Albany, New YorkThos Eartecbrooks13
Duane, Franklin, New YorkJonathan Esterbrooks9
 Joseph Esterbrooks2
Constable, Franklin, New YorkSamuel Esterbrooks4
 John Esterbrooks7
 Joel Esterbrooks6
 Joseph W Esterbrooks7
Bellmont, Franklin, New YorkNoah Esterbrooks6
Chateaugay, Franklin, New YorkNathan Esterbrooks5
Kings, New YorkEathan Easterbrook3
Cazenovia, Madison, New YorkWilliam Easterbrook2
Seneca, Ontario, New YorkMathew Eastbrook5
Pomfret, Windham, ConnecticutLevi Peterbrook3
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutMary Eastabrook5
 Jona Eastabrook8
 Stephen Eastabrook3
Saint Lawrence, New YorkJoel Higley7
Hornsby, Steuben, New YorkWilliam Eastbrook10
 Abiel Eastbrok8
 John Eastbrook3
Newfield, Tompkins, New YorkGeorge Estabrook3
 Robert Eslabrook10
 Robert C Calabrook4
Union, Fayette, OhioJohn Easterbrooke2
 George Easterbrooke4
Warren, Trumbull, OhioS R Estabrook6
Warren, Bristol, Rhode IslandGeorge Esterbrooks3
 Mary Eterbrooks3
 Barnslas Eterburks7
 Mary Esterbrooks3
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandBenjn J Easterbrooks8
 Dl Easterbrooks11
 Aaron Easterbrooks2
 John Easterbrooks9
 Eliza Easterbrooks2
 Benjn Easterbrooks2
 Jonan Easterbrooks5
 Crawford Easterbrooks7
 Gardner Easterbrooks4
 Abel Easterbrooks1
 Wm Easterbrooks2
 Aaron Easterbrook4
 Nelson G Easterbrooke4
De Kalb, IllinoisJohn Emil2
 John Easterbrooke6
 Rector Easterbrooke3
Spring Prairie, Walworth, Wisconsin TerritoryKenbal Easterbrook3
Choten and Gabourne, Madison, IllinoisJohn Esterbrook12
Cass, IndianaHenry Estabrook4
Independence, ArkansasJ Estabrook4
Saint Lawrence, New YorkNathan Estabrook 
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandAaron Easterbrooks 
Linn, Iowa TerritoryJames Marbrook4
Brunswick, Cumberland, MaineThomas S Estabrook7
Attleborough, Bristol, MassachusettsSamuel Esterbrook5
Rehoboth, Bristol, MassachusettsJoseph Esterbrook7
Swansea, Bristol, MassachusettsLevi Estabrook3
 Anna Estabrook3
 Caleb Eastebrooks9
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsJoseph Castabrook4
 John Estabrooks2
 Joseph E Estebrooks4
 Samuel Estabrooks6
Waterford, Gloucester, New JerseyRebecca Estbeck5
Wallpack, Sussex, New JerseyAdam Castback7
Conklin, Broome, New YorkR W Eastabrook8
Adams, Jefferson, New YorkJohn Esterbrook5
New York Ward 17, New York, New YorkMrs East Cath Mrs1
Whitestown, Oneida, New YorkAmbrose Easterbrook5
Carlton, Orleans, New YorkEmery Easterbrooke6
Troy Ward 1, Rensselaer, New YorkBenj C Easterbrook5
Canton, Saint Lawrence, New YorkEnos Esterbrook3
Waterford, Saratoga, New YorkElizabeth Esterbrook5
Middleburg, Schoharie, New YorkBenjamin Esterbrooks4
 Benjamin Esterbrook2
 John Esterbrook4
 John Esterbrook2
Person, North CarolinaRichd Eastbrook2
Tully, Marion, OhioArtemus Esterbrook6
Montgomery, OhioKarner Estabrook8
 Francis C E Wabrick6
 Joel Estobrock5
 Artemas Estabrook10
 Charles Estabrook12
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaBradlery Easterbrooke7
 Jesse Easterbrooks7
 Marcus Eusterbrooks6
Towanda, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJudson Easterbrook3
Pike, Bradford, PennsylvaniaWm W Eastabrook7
Jackson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaWilliam W Eastabrus8
 Sylvester Eastabrids8
Knox, TennesseeJoseph Estabrook5
Danville, Caledonia, VermontSamuel Easterbrooks9
Lyndon, Caledonia, VermontLuther Easterbrooke5
Waterford, Caledonia, VermontEdwin Estabrook3
Sutton, Caledonia, VermontHenry Easterbrook4
Chelsea, Orange, VermontRodorphus Eastmassk2
Washngton, Orange, VermontSamuel Esterbrook4
 Wm L Easterbrook2
Carroll, IllinoisAbel Casterbrooks12
Sangamon, IllinoisHaralders Esterbrook7
Middleburg, Schoharie, New YorkBenjamin Esterbrooks 
Calais, Washington, MaineDaviel Esterbrook12
Shirley, Middlesex, MassachusettsJoseph Esterbrooks4
Hingham, Plymouth, MassachusettsLoisa Esterbrook3
 Saml Esterbrooks5
Boston Ward 6, Suffolk, MassachusettsLydia Estabrooks5
Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, MassachusettsWm Easterbrook4
 Nancy B Easterbrook2
Hancock, Hillsborough, New HampshireHosea Estabrook3
 Lawrence Estabrook3
Concord, Merrimack, New HampshireWilliam W Estabrook7
Newark, Licking, OhioJames Easterbrook8
Massillon, Stark, OhioJones Esterbrook9
Providence Ward 6, Providence, Rhode IslandAlex Earlerbrook3
Manchester, Bennington, VermontEnoch Estabrook4
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontRichard Cetertrooke5
 Richard Estercock13
 Webb Estertoscks8
Worcester, Washington, VermontDavid Estabrook2
Dummerston, Windham, VermontB Estabrook3
 A Estabrook2
Brattleborough, Windham, VermontG L Estabrook4
 G L Estabrook2
 James Estabrook3
 M Estabrook7
Rockingham, Windham, VermontJohn Esterbrooks5
Somerset, Windham, VermontJoel Estabrook6
 Erastus Estabrook6
Dover, Windham, VermontJedediah Estabrook6
 Sarah Estabrooks3
 Lorenzo G Estabrook4
Wilmington, Windham, VermontHenry Estabrook10
Stratton, Windham, VermontEzekiel Esterbrooks9
Reading, Windsor, VermontWm W Estabrook4
 Thomas Estabrooks6
Ludlow, Windsor, VermontEnos Esterbrook6
Cavendish, Windsor, VermontAaron Estabrook5
Harrison, VirginiaJoseph Eastbrook5
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsSolomon Eastabrook8
 William Cartabrook6
 Hannah Eastabrook4
 Mary Eastabrook1
Cambridge, Middlesex, MassachusettsLeonard W Eastabrook3
 Samuel R Eastabrook4
 Elias Eastabrook7
Paxton, Worcester, MassachusettsWright Estabrook8
 Daniel Estabrook3
Athol, Worcester, MassachusettsBenjamina Estabrook2
Royalston, Worcester, MassachusettsJoseph Estabrook4
Leominster, Worcester, MassachusettsNorth C Aubrook4
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireCynthia Estabrook4
 Jason Edbrook7
 Aaron Estabrook8
Grantham, Sullivan, New HampshireJosiah Easterbrook7
Alden, Erie, New YorkJonathan Easterford4
 John Eastabrook5
Sergeant, Mckean, PennsylvaniaD A Easterbrook 
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkB F D Estabrook7
 A Esterbrooks8
 R Easterbrooks1
Centerville, Allegany, New YorkM Esterhooks8
Almond, Allegany, New YorkRoberts Easterbrook6
Aurelius, Cayuga, New YorkS Eastbrook5
Bainbridge, Chenango, New YorkSamuel Estabrook9
Jay, Essex, New YorkHaywood Estabrook3
New York Ward 15, New York, New YorkThomas Esterbrook5
Utica Ward 3, Oneida, New YorkAbel Eartubrooks12
Verona, Oneida, New YorkSamuel Estabrook7
Manlius, Onondaga, New YorkNicholas Easterbrook7
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkRobert Easterbrook3
 Charles Easterbrooks4
Parish, Oswego, New YorkN E Eastubrooks3
Hoosick, Rensselaer, New YorkDavid Esterbrook10
Painted Post, Steuben, New YorkGeo Easterbrook6
Herkimer, Herkimer, New YorkNathan Easterbrooks8
 Martin Easterbrooks7
Little Falls, Herkimer, New YorkAbral L Easterbrooks4

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