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British Census 1841 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. The 1841 census is less detailed than later censuses and thus more difficult to cross-reference entries to individuals so often matches are just best guesses. The original images are much more difficult to read so addresses and occupations may have many transcription errors. See Occupations at the bottom of the page for explanations of entries in the Occupation column.

Most Easterbrook entries are transcribed but only a few are cross-referenced.

NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Trebullett Village, Lezant
Robert Esterbrook15MaleCarp Apr (Carpenter's apprentice)Cornwall 1851
Mary Rogers65Female Cornwall
Daias Lane, South Petherwin
Mary Eastabrook25FemaleMantuamaker  1851
Tryphena Eastabrook25MaleMantuamaker  1851
William Eastabrook65MalePauper 
Thatton Terrace, Budack
Ellen Ede20Female Cornwall
Jane Downing25Female Cornwall
Lydia Visick25Female Cornwall
Elizabeth Easterbrook25FemaleFSCornwall 1851
Moli*ks Court, Penzance
Nicholas Easterbrook66Male*enderCornwall
Elizabeth Easterbrook60Female Cornwall
Market Jew Street, Penzance
Nicholas Easterbrook35MaleBakerCornwall 1851
Maria Easterbrook35Female Cornwall
Nicholas Easterbrook15Male Cornwall 1851
William Easterbrook10Male Cornwall 1851
John Easterbrook6Male Cornwall 1851
Maria Easterbrook16Female Cornwall 1851
Mary Ann Easterbrook14Female Cornwall
Elizabeth Easterbrook11Female Cornwall 1851
Margaretta Easterbrook8Female Cornwall
James Easterbrook1Male Cornwall 1851
Tarirverr Road, Penzance
Samuel Easterbrook30MaleSawyerCornwall 1851
Mary Easterbrook30Female Cornwall
Elizabeth Ann Easterbrook9Female Cornwall
Samuel Easterbrook3Male Cornwall 1851
Regent Place, Penzance
Richd Easterbrook20MalePupilCornwall
Crieft, Lanlivery
John Estherbrook25Male Cornwall 1851
Ann Estherbrook20Female Cornwall
Richard Estherbrook2Male Cornwall 1851
William Estherbrook8 MoMale Cornwall 1851
Highnop Street, St Austell
(Cornwall/St Austell)
Bennett Trudgeon70MaleShoemakerCornwall
Marin Trudgeon65Female  
Francis Bambridge25Female  
Elizabeth Eastbrook20FemaleFSCornwall
Grants Walk, St Austell
(Cornwall/St Austell)
Thomas Bartley18MaleShoe^ ApCornwall
William Matthews15MaleShoe^ ApCornwall
Philip Easterbrook15MaleShoe^ ApCornwall 1851
Emily Bartley20FemaleFSCornwall
2nd Priory Row, St Austell
(Cornwall/St Austell)
John Esterbrook70MaleIndptCornwall
Maria Esterbrook20Female Cornwall 1851
Dawns, St Austell
(Cornwall/St Austell)
John Easterbrook40MaleMinerCornwall
Elizabeth Easterbrook75Female Cornwall
Mary Harris40FemaleLodgerCornwall
Charlistown Lane, St Austell
(Cornwall/St Austell)
Richard Rickard30MaleMinerCornwall
Jane Rickard30Female Cornwall
Mary Rickard6Female Cornwall
Joseph Rickard4Male Cornwall
Richard Easterbrook14Male  
John Tonkin20MaleMiner 
Washaway, St Blazey
(Cornwall/St Austell/Fowey)
Ambrose Esterbook50MaleMinerCornwall 1851
Mary Esterbrook50Female Cornwall
Rachiel Esterbrook20Female Cornwall
Harriet Esterbrook15Female Cornwall
Maria Esterbrook15Female Cornwall
Rebecca Esterbrook10Female Cornwall 1851
Ambrose Esterbrook10Male Cornwall 1851
Octavia Esterbook5Female Cornwall 1851
John Esterbook5Male Cornwall 1851
Liskey, St Blazey
(Cornwall/St Austell/Fowey)
William Easterbrook35MaleAg LabCornwall 1851
Sarah Easterbrook35Female Cornwall
William Easterbrook10Male Cornwall 1851
Richard Easterbrook10Male Cornwall 1851
John Easterbrook5Male Cornwall 1851
Anna Easterbrook5Female Cornwall 1851
Henry Easterbrook3Male Cornwall 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook1Female Cornwall 1851
Calloggas, St Stephens
(Cornwall/St Austell/Grampound)
John Easterbrook30MaleFarmerCornwall 1851
Ann Easterbrook30Female Cornwall
Rebecca Easterbrook3Female Cornwall 1851
Elizabeth Math19Female Cornwall
Tregargis, St Stephens
(Cornwall/St Austell/Grampound)
Richard Easterbrook60MaleFarmerCornwall
Mary Ann Easterbrook50Female Cornwall
Elizabeth Easterbrook25Female Cornwall
John Easterbrook6Male Cornwall 1851
Pellerin, Tywardreath
(Cornwall/St Austell/Fowey)
Robert Easterbrook25MaleFarmerCornwall 1851
Ann Easterbrook25Female Cornwall
Richard Easterbrook3Male Cornwall 1851
Church Town, Tywardreath
(Cornwall/St Austell/Fowey)
James Easterbrook25MaleCopper MinerCornwall 1851
Jane Easterbrook20Female Cornwall
John Easterbrook1Male Cornwall 1851
Quinterl Downs, St Columb Minor
(Cornwall/St Columb Major/St Columb)
William Easterbrook25MalePlasterer 
Maryann Easterbrook20Female  
John Easterbrook2Male  
Bokiddick, Lanivett
John Easterbrook55MaleFarmerCornwall 1861
Elizabeth Easterbrook55Female Cornwall
William Rowe75MaleAg LabCornwall
High Town, St Marys
(Cornwall/Scilly Islands)
William Duff60Male*re MCornwall
Susanna Duff55Female Cornwall
Elizabeth James3Female Cornwall
William Easterbrook20MaleJoinerCornwall 1851
Fleming Square, Maryport
Cathrine Easterbrook20FemaleMariner's WifeCumberland
Edmond Easterbrook1Male Cumberland 1851
 , East Budleigh
(Devon/St Thomas/East Budleigh)
Elizth Easterlin65Female Devon
Thos Easterlin3Male Devon
Martins, Clist Honiton
(Devon/St Thomas/Topsham)
Ann Crowther45FemaleIndependant 
Catherine Esterbrook15FemaleFSDevon
James Clarke35MaleAg LabourerDevon
John Cowley15MaleFarmer AppDevon
William Tailor14MaleMale ServantDevon
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Woodbury Village
(Devon/St Thomas/Woodbury)
John Easterbrook45MaleTailorDevon
Johanna Easterbrook50Female Devon
Mary Ann Easterbrook20Female Devon
John Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Little Coombe, Cheriton Fitzpaine
(Devon/Crediton/Cheriton Fitzpaine)
Wm Easterbrook25MaleAg LabDevon
Mary Easterbrook80Female Devon
Welcombe, Cheriton Fitzpaine
(Devon/Crediton/Cheriton Fitzpaine)
John Easterbrook35MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook35Female Devon
John Easterbrook2Male Devon 1851
James Peters30Male Devon
Hayne, Cheriton Fitzpaine
(Devon/Crediton/Cheriton Fitzpaine)
Daniel Easterbrook40MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Maria Easterbrook35Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook10Female Devon 1851
Broadclist Village
(Devon/St Thomas/Broad Clyst)
Elizabeth Easterbrook60FemaleIndDevon 1851
John Easterbrook21MaleMasonDevon 1851
Sarah Easterbrook17FemalePaper MakerDevon
Ann Leddin91Female Devon
Crojstown, Whimple
(Devon/St Thomas/Broad Clyst)
John Eastabrooks25MaleAg.LabDevon 1851
Sarah Eastabrooks25Female Devon
William Lane20MaleAg.LabDevon
Collaton, Halwell
William Hewett80MaleFarmerDevon
Ann Hewett75Female Devon
Henry Hewett30Male Devon
John Easterbrook13MaleAg.LabDevon 1851
Henry Grills14MaleAg.LabDevon
John Tucker15MaleAg.LabDevon
John Brown13MaleAg.LabDevon
Ann Helens15FemaleF.ServantDevon
Charlotte Dolebeer12FemaleF.SDevon
Stokeflemming Village
John Easterbrook50Male Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook50Female Devon
John Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook15Female Devon 1851
Plains, Totnes
James Wallace45MaleNavy H P 
Marianne Wallace30Female  
Georgiana Wallace12Female  
Isabel Wallace5Female Devon
Gertrude Wallace4Female Devon
Mary Easterbrook20FemaleF.SDevon
North Down, Colebrooke
William Eastabrook41MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Jane Eastabrook43Female Devon
Jane Eastabrook7Female Devon
George Eastabrook6Male Devon
Richard Eastabrook4Male Devon 1851
Daniel Eastabrook1Male Devon 1851
High Street, Crediton
William Easterbrook40MaleAg LabDevon
Ann Easterbrook40Female Devon
Ann Easterbrook15Female Devon
Eliza Easterbrook15Female Devon 1851
Emma Easterbrook13Female Devon
Martins Lane, Crediton
Richard Partridge45MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Ann Partridge12Female Devon
John Partridge10Male Devon
Landseores, Crediton
Ann Easterbrook20Female Devon
Edward Easterbrook1Male Devon
Market Street, Crediton
Ann Easterbrook26FemaleFSDevon
Park Street, Crediton
Sarah Gale65FemaleWeaverDevon
Fanny Easterbrook35FemaleA/WeaverDevon 1851
Susanna Easterbrook4Female Devon 1851
Park Street, Crediton
Henry Eastmond50MaleShoemakerDevon
Sarah Eastmond52Female Devon
John Badcock11Male Devon
Dean Street, Crediton
Thomas Easterbrook45MaleShoem SDevon 1851
Jane Easterbrook45FemaleSerge Weaver 
Elizabeth Easterbrook14FemaleFSDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook13FemaleDover of FlatsDevon 1851
Emma Easterbrook10Female Devon 1851
Ellen Easterbrook7Female Devon 1851
 , Crediton
Ann Easterbrook20Female Devon, England
Edward Easterbrook1Male Devon, England
Rock, Credition
Daniel Pridham35MaleFarmerDevon
Mary Pridham35Female Devon
James Robins25Male Devon
William Endart20Male Devon
William Hill18Male Devon
Samuel Steer15Male Devon
Samuel Dart15Male Devon
Thomas Elson12Male Devon
William Bishop12Male Devon
Sarah Lock45Female Devon
Fanny Easterbrook15FemaleFSDevon
Susan Andrews15Female Devon
Priorton Mill, Sandford
(Devon/Crediton/Cheriton Fitzpaine)
Thomas Stabback65MaleMillerDevon
Thomas Stabback15Male Devon
Mary Easterbrook45FemaleIndDevon 1851
Westwebtery, Alverdiscott
(Devon/Torrington/High Bickington)
Robert Esterbroke10MaleA G ServantDevon
Pagham, St Giles in the Wood
(Devon/Torrington/High Bickington)
Matthew Cook20MaleMSDevon
William Plucknet15MaleMSDevon
George Hammett20MaleMSDevon
Elizabeth Estabrook15FemaleFSDevon 1851
Ann Brisk15FemaleFSDevon
Allen Pennyman19MaleAg AprDevon
Peter Judd10MaleAg AprDevon
Tebballa Lock15FemaleIndDevon
Haddacott, Huntshaw
(Devon/Great Torrington)
William Blake20MaleMSDevon
George Easterbrook15MaleMSDevon 1851
George Branton15MaleMSDevon
Elizabeth Dyer20FemaleFSDevon
William Easterbrook50MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Grace Easterbrook50Female Devon
Richard Easterbrook10Male Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook7Female Devon
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Coome-Farm, Gt Torrington
(Devon/Great Torrington)
Robert Nethercott23MaleMSDevon
Sarah Shortridge23FemaleFSDevon
John Sheppard20MaleApDevon
William Piper20MaleApDevon
Henry Easterbrook18MaleMSDevon 1851
Thomas Green15MaleApDevon
John Saunders15MaleMSDevon
Maryann Thorn12FemaleFSDevon
Fredrick Bright11MaleMSDevon
Halberton Town
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Uffculme)
James Radford55MaleTailorDevon
Elizabeth Radford45Female  
Thomas Easterbrook15MaleTailor's ApDevon 1851
Stitworthy, Clovelly
Thomas Eastabrook40MaleAg.LabDevon 1851
Julia Eastabrook37Female Devon
Mary Eastabrook12Female Devon 1851
William Eastabrook8Male Devon 1851
Thomas Eastabrook6Male Devon 1851
Elizabeth Eastabrook4Female Devon 1851
Mary Downing70Female Devon
Woolfardisworthy Town
John Eastabrook53MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Mary Eastabrook60Female Devon
Wm Eastabrook27MaleCordwainerDevon 1851
Mary Eastabrook20Female Devon
Elizth Eastabrook19Female Devon
South Stroxworthy
Lawrence Mason30MaleYeomanDevon
Elizth Ann Mason23Female Devon
Emma Grace Mason2Female Devon
Charlotte Mason5 MoFemale Devon
Mary Prance25FemaleFSDevon
Julia Eastabrook14FemaleFSDevon
Richd Wade25MaleMSDevon
Richd Hedger15MaleMSDevon
John Jewell12MaleMSDevon
 , Cullompton
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Cullompton)
Williame Easbeeke60Male Devon
Otmar Easbeeke40  Devon
William Easbeeke8Male Devon
Fore Street, Cullompton
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Cullompton)
Philip Moar48MaleLieut Royal NavyDevon
Sarah Moar50Female Devon
Francis Moar12Female Devon
Ann Follett60FemaleIndDevon
Jane Easterbrook28FemaleFSDevon
Elizth Bray23FemaleFSDevon
Ipplepen Village
(Devon/Newton Abbot)
Thomas Easterbrook70MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Jane Easterbrook55Female Devon
Amos Morgan30MaleAg LabDevon
Jane Morgan25Female Devon
William Easterbrook20MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook15Female Devon 1851
Charles Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
(Devon/Newton Abbot)
Saml Easterbrook35MaleYeomanDevon 1851
Charlotte Easterbrook35Female Devon
Willm Eaterbrook9Male Devon
Charlotte Eaterbrook7Female Devon 1851
Susan Eaterbrook5Female Devon
Saml Eaterbrook4Male Devon 1851
Sarah Eaterbrook2Female Devon 1851
Mary Low13Female Devon
Jonah Middleweek12Male Devon
 , Torquay
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
Samuel Easterling70Male Devon
Anna Easterling65Female Devon
Seven Stars, Kings Kerswell
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
John Easterbrook30MaleSawyerDevon 1851
Harriott Easterbrook25Female Devon
Harriott Easterbrook6Female Devon 1851
George Easterbrook4Male Devon 1851
John Easterbrook2Male Devon 1851
Thomas Easterbrook5 MoMale Devon 1851
Samuel Easterlin25Male Devon
Maria Easterlin25Female Devon
Amelie Easterlin2Female Devon
Thomas Easterlin4 MoMale Devon
Water Lane, Kings Kerswell
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
William Eastabrook35 SawyerDevon 1851
Elizabeth Eastabrook33Female Devon
Samuel Eastabrook9Male Devon
John Eastabrook7Male Devon 1851
William Eastabrook6Male Devon 1851
Mary Ann Eastabrook2Female Devon 1851
William Williams74Male Devon
Arthur Barns26MaleAg LabDevon
Thereza Barns26Female Devon
Jane Barns1Female Devon
Elizabeth Wilcocks5Female Devon
Elizabeth Barns17Female Devon
Hanna Barns5Female Devon
Barton, St Mary Church
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
Samuel Bouden45MaleFarmerDevon
Jane Bouden40Female Devon
John Esterbrook15MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Barton, St Mary Church
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
Geo Esterbrook35MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Jane Esterbrook25Female Devon
William Esterbrook2Male Devon 1851
Rachel Soady60FemaleIndDevon
Mary Gould48FemaleInd 
Elizabeth Easterbrook29FemaleFSDevon
Abbey Place, Tormoham
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
Samuel Crockwell45MaleBrokerDevon
Mary Crockwell40Female Devon
Mary Crockwell15FemaleDress MDevon
Henry Crockwell15MalePrinter's ApDevon
Elizabeth Crockwell15Female Devon
Sarah Crockwell13Female Devon
John Crockwell11Male Devon
Margaret Crockwell9Female Devon
Susan Crockwell5Female Devon
Ellen Crockwell3Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook15FemaleFSDevon
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Pimlico, Tormoham
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
William Easterbrook45MaleLabDevon
Susanna Easterbrook45Female Devon
Jame Easterbrook8Male Devon 1861
John Easterbrook3Male Devon
Lower Union Street, Tormoham
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Torquay)
Richard Heath60MaleSchoolmasterDevon
John Heath20Male?maker 
Elizabeth Heath55Female Devon
Jane Easterbrook45FemaleNurseDevon
? Farm, Widecombe in the Moor
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
Daniel Easterbrook25MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Jane Easterbrook25Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook7 MoFemale Devon 1851
Ann Palmer3Female Devon
Charles Balsom13Male Devon
Jordon, Widecombe in the Moor
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
John Easterbrook55MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook55Female Devon
Ann Easterbrook25Female Devon 1851
Jane Easterbrook25Female Devon 1851
John Easterbrook25Male Devon 1851
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
James Easterbrook20MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Avis Easterbrook20Female Devon
Lizwell, Widecombe in the Moor
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
Nicholas Easterbrook45Male Devon 1851
Ann Easterbrook40Female Devon
George Easterbrook20Male Devon 1851
John Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Jane Easterbrook15Female Devon
William Easterbrook2Male Devon 1851
John Friend50Male Devon
Mary Friend7Female Devon
Richd Down35Male Devon
Elizabeth Down35Female Devon 1851
John Down12Male Devon
Mary Down9Female Devon
William Down7Male Devon
Elizabeth Down5Female Devon
Emma Down2Female Devon
Dartmoor, Okehampton
Thomas Eastabrook45MaleLabourerDevon 1851
Mary Eastabrook20Female Devon
John Eastabrook6Male Devon 1851
Jane Eastabrook4Female Devon 1851
William Eastabrook1Male Devon
Okehampton Workhouse
John S Esterbrook13MaleAg LabourerDevon
Village of Stowford
William Rundle35MaleCarpenterDevon
Emma Rundle40Female Devon
Mary Rundle10Female Devon
Emma Rundle8Female Devon
William Rundle6Male Devon
John Rundle3Male Devon
Jane Rundle2Female Devon
Edwin Rundle8Male Devon
William Eastabrook30MaleJDevon 1851
Edwin Deacon15MaleApDevon
Elizabeth Bickle14FemaleFSDevon
Daniel Craug25Male Devon
Hannah Craug25Female Devon
Henry Craug1Male Devon
Village of Stowford
Susanna Eastabrook65FemaleSchool MistressDevon 1851
(Devon/Plympton St Mary/Plympton)
Elizabeth Easterbrook30FemaleCharwomanDevon 1851
Thomas Easterbrook4Male Devon 1851
Lowelands, Tamerton Foliott
(Devon/Plympton St Mary/Plympton)
Hannah Easterbrook80FemaleIndDevon
Hickwood, Whitchurch
Robert Eastabrook20MaleServantDevon 1851
Mary Baylay15Female Devon
Ann Grills25Female Devon
Drewtown, Whitchurch
Marthew Eastabrook62Female Devon 1851
Richard Eastabrook9Male Devon 1851
Lower Brook Farm, Whitchurch
John Blatchford50MaleAg.Lab.Devon
Charles Easterbrook19MaleAg.Lab.Devon 1861
Thomas Martin15MaleAg.Lab.Devon
Mary Ann Magne25FemaleFS 
Anderton, Whitchurch
James Palmer24MaleMSDevon
Noah Gill14MaleMSDevon
James Palmer14MaleAg.SDevon
Jane Easterbrook28FemaleF.S.Devon
Fannie Crabb10FemaleF.S.Devon
John Willcock2Male Devon
Halsbury, Parkham
Reid Shute24MaleMSDevon
Sarah Lee23FemaleFSDevon
John Easterbrook15MaleMSDevon
Phillip Lee13MaleMSDevon
John Ackland11MaleMSDevon
Bowdon, Parkham
Mary Easterbrook20FemaleFSDevon
Eliza Lewer17FemaleFSDevon
Sarah Hannise13FemaleFSDevon
George Harring20MaleMSDevon
Humphrey Shorts15MaleMSDevon
Lower Town, Buckfastleigh
James Easterbrook20MaleSaddlerDevon 1851
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Lower Town, Buckfastleigh
Ann Mitchell25Female Devon 1851
Thomas Mitchell8Male Devon
John Mitchell6Male Devon
Mary Mitchell4Female Devon
Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh
James Easterbrooks25MaleWoolcomberDevon 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrooks25Female Devon
Brook Mill, Buckfastleigh
Amelia Chaffe15FemaleApDevon
Elias Easterbrook20MaleM.S.Devon 1851
Robert Churchward50MaleColr of TaxesDevon
Anne Churchward50Female Devon
Susan Tooley5Female Devon
Hawson, Buckfastleigh
Presilla Easterbrooks50FemaleF.S.Devon 1851
John Endeycott30Male Devon
John Maddick15Male Devon
John Bullard10Male Devon
Samuel Hayman10Male Devon
Eliza Manley10Female Devon
William Easterbrook50MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Grace Easterbrook45FemaleServe WeaverDevon
Jane Easterbrook15Female Devon
Grace Easterbrook12Female Devon 1851
William Easterbrook10Male Devon 1851
Nicholas Easterbrook7Male Devon 1851
Coome, Buckfastleigh
William Easterbrook45MaleAg LabDevon
Elenor Easterbrook35Female Devon
Jane Easterbrook17Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook8Female Devon 1851
William Easterbrook6Male Devon 1851
Thomas Easterbrook6Male Devon 1851
Coome, Buckfastleigh
Samuel Chaffe35MaleAg.LabDevon 1851
Joan Chaffe35FemaleSeage WeaverDevon
Mary Chaffe10Female Devon
Susan Chaffe8Female Devon
Samuel Chaffe6Male Devon
Meria Chaffe2Female Devon
Joan Easterbrook70FemaleLodgerDevon
Mary Easterbrook45FemaleLodgerDevon 1851
John Gaswell45MaleMasonDevon
Joan Gaswell45Female Devon
Mary Gaswell20Female Devon
Joan Gaswell20Female Devon
Thomas Gaswell15Male Devon
Rebeca Gaswell15Female Devon
Priscilla Gaswell14Female Devon
James Gaswell12Male Devon
Elizabeth Gaswell8Female Devon
Thomas Gaswell6  Devon
Joan Easterbrook80FemaleLodgerDevon
Warmacombe, Buckfastleigh
Margaret Easterbrook60FemaleFarmerDevon 1851
John Easterbrook25Male Devon 1851
William Easterbrook25Male Devon
Elias Easterbrook20Male Devon
James Easterbrook15MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Jane Easterbrook15Female Devon
Hayfords, Buckfastleigh
Jane Easterbrook20FemaleF.S.Devon
Silver Street, Buckfastleigh
Thomas Easterbrook53MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook45Female Devon
Thomas Easterbrook16MaleAg LabDevon 1851
James Easterbrook13Male Devon 1851
George Easterbrook11Male Devon 1861
Mary Ann Easterbrook9Female Devon 1851
Josiah Easterbrook7Male Devon 1851
Jordan Street, Buckfastleigh
Nicholas Easterbrook40MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook30Female Devon
Thomans Easterbrook10Male Devon 1851
William Easterbrook1Male Devon
Jordan Street, Buckfastleigh
James Easterbrook55MaleCarpenterDevon 1851
Jane Easterbrook53Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook18Female Devon 1851
Fanny Easterbrook15  Devon
Coy Hill, Buckfastleigh
James Easterbrook70MaleBlacksmithDevon 1851
Grace Easterbrook70Female Devon
Jane Easterbrook17Female Devon
Higher Town, Buckfastleigh
John Easterbrook40MaleBlack SmithDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook36Female Devon
John Easterbrook5Male Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook3Female Devon 1851
Frederick Foster11Male Devon
Rose & Crown, Dean Prior
Eliz Easterbrook20FemaleF.S.Devon
White?, Dean Prior
Elias Easterbrook28MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook30Female Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook5Female Devon 1851
Courtes Knowle, Diptford
Elizabeth Easterbrook65FemaleIn?Devon
Mary Hufferd15FemaleApDevon
Edmund Ellies15MaleApDevon
George Inch16MaleApDevon
Bears Coombe, Diptford
James Easterbrook35MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Dolley Easterbrook45Female Devon
Mary Easterbrook5Female Devon 1851
Mill, Holne
Elias Easterbrook31MaleMillerDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook30Female  
Elizabeth Ann Easterbrook2Female Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook3 MoFemale Devon 1851
Stoodley, Holne
Elias Easterbrook30MaleFarmerDevon
Ann Easterbrook30Female Devon
Ann Easterbrook8Female Devon 1851
Elias Easterbrook5Male Devon 1851
John Easterbrook1Male Devon 1851
John Fero15MaleApDevon
William Easterbrook20MaleShoemDevon
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Hangers, Holne
Nicholas Easterbrook47MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Susanna Easterbrook45Female Devon
James Easterbrook18Male Devon 1851
John Easterbrook20Male Devon 1851
George Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Littlecombe, Holne
Thomas Easterbrook50MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook50Female Devon
Holne Village
Daniel Easterbrook50MaleInn Keeper  1851
Mary Easterbrook50Female  
Mary Easterbrook20Female   1851
Daniel Easterbrook20MaleCarpenter 
Priscilla Easterbrook20FemaleMillinerDevon 1851
Triphena Easterbrook10Female Devon 1851
Fore Street, Kingsbridge
Wm Easterbrook47MaleBakerDevon 1851
Sarah Easterbrook50Female Devon
Thos Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Willm Easterbrook14Male Devon 1851
Beara, Rattery
William Easterbrook45MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Sarah Easterbrook45Female Devon
Fanny Easterbrook15Female Devon
John Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Thomas Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Eliza Easterbrook15Female Devon 1851
Marley Farm, Rattery
James Easterbrook60MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Jane Easterbrook60Female Devon
John Easterbrook25Male Devon 1851
Jane Easterbrook20Female Devon 1851
Henery Easterbrook20Male Devon 1861
Robert Horswill25Male Devon
John Smith15Male Devon
William Bealey13Male Devon
Rebecca Tinkham13Female Devon
Augustus Easterbrook8Male Devon
Cottage behind the Mill, Tavistock
John Easterbrook35MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook30Female Devon
Jane Easterbrook7Female Devon 1851
William Easterbrook5Male Devon 1851
Martha Easterbrook3Female Devon 1851
Richard Langman75MaleAg LabDevon
Wixland, Atherington
(Devon/Barnstaple/Bishops Tawton)
John Leamon30MaleMSDevon
Wm Eastabrook20MaleMSDevon
James Hill11MaleMSDevon
Mary Pow19FemaleFSDevon
Ann Rendle68FemaleIndDevon
Samuel Leamon82MaleLodgerDevon
Storford Down, High Bickington
(Devon/Torrington/High Bickington)
Htomas Eastabrook20MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Jane Eastabrook30Female Devon
Mary Eastabrook1Female Devon 1851
Anne Milford70Female Devon
Lockley, Wolton
Ann Eastabrook70Female Devon
Lapford Village
(Devon/Crediton/Morchard Bishop)
Mary Webber50FemaleIndDevon
Fanny Webber15Female Devon
John Webber11Male Devon
John Easterbrooks2Male Devon 1851
Village of Lapford
(Devon/Crediton/Morchard Bishop)
Thomas Easterbrooke70MaleAg LabDevon
Ann Easterbrooke70Female Devon
Village of Lapford
(Devon/Crediton/Morchard Bishop)
Thomas Easterbrook55MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Thomazin Easterbrook45Female Devon
Lower Earlington, Lapford
(Devon/Crediton/Morchard Bishop)
Philip Kelland55MaleFarmerDevon
John Kelland15Male Devon
Ann Josland60Female Devon
Mary Vile30Female Devon
Edward Easterbrook15MaleApDevon 1851
John Burridge15Male Devon
William Crocker15Male Devon
Richard Webber13Male Devon
Broomsmead, Lapford
(Devon/Crediton/Morchard Bishop)
Frances Easterbrook20FemaleFSDevon 1851
Eliza Lout10FemaleApDevon
Richard Gosland20MaleMSDevon
John Conibeer15MaleApDevon
Thomas Burridge10Male Devon
George Conibeer10Male Devon
Greenslade Moor, Northtawton
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
John Estabrook35MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Susanna Estabrook30Female Devon
George Estabrook3Male Devon 1851
Eliza Estabrook9 Mo    1851
Exeter Street, Northtawton
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Roger Easterbrook60MaleWoolcomberDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook55Female Devon
Susan Dawe30Female Devon 1851
Laurel Cottage, Zeal Monachorum
Ann Easterbrook25Female 
11 Lawrence Lane, Ashburton
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
Martha Easterbrook15FemaleF.S.Devon 1851
Mary Ann Widger35FemaleF.S.Devon
North Street, Ashburton
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
John Easterbrook55MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook50Female Devon
John Easterbrook19MaleCordwainerDevon 1851
William Easterbrook18MaleWool?Devon
 , Ashburton
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
James Easterbrook55MaleCordwainerDevon 1851
Susan Easterbrook55Female Devon
Mary Easterbrook20Female Devon 1851
John Easterbrook15Male Devon
North Street, Ashburton
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
Mary Ann Eastabrook25FemaleF.S.Devon
Agnes Bickham60FemaleF.S.Devon
George Rowland30MaleM.S.Devon
Whiddon, Ashburton
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
Elias Easterbrook60MaleYeomanDevon 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook50Female Devon
John Easterbrook20Male Devon
Samuel Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook15Female Devon 1851
George Easterbrook14Male Devon 1851
Joseph Easterbrook11Male Devon 1851
Thomas Easterbrook8Male Devon 1851
Susan Easterbrook6  Devon 1851
Jane Easterbrook4Female Devon 1851
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Brimley, Ilsington
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Ashburton)
Henry Bowdon70MaleAg LabDevon
Winnafred Bowdon60Female Devon
Samuel Bowdon2Male Devon
Easterbrook Esterbrook40FemaleWeaver *Devon 1851
James Easterbrook17Male Devon 1861
Ann Easterbrook13Female Devon
Clearhouse, Tiverton
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Tiverton)
William Easterbrooks30MaleJ ButcherDevon
William Mortimore30MaleApprenticeDevon
Jane Drew25FemaleIndDevon
Richard Harley15MaleFarmer ApDevon
William Michelmore15MaleFarmer ApDevon
George Goffin10MaleMSDevon
Ann Broomfield30FemaleFSDevon
Mary Ellis15FemaleFSDevon
Harriet Barns15FemaleApDevon
Fore Street, Tiverton
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Tiverton)
William Easterbrook40MaleIronmonger  1851
Gold Street, Tiverton
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Tiverton)
Jas Easterbrook50MaleInnkeeperDevon
Jane Easterbrook40Female Devon
Willm Easterbrook13Male Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook15Female Devon
Edward Easterbrook11Male Devon 1851
Ann Easterbrook10Female Devon 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook7Female Devon 1851
James Easterbrook3Male Devon 1851
West Exe East, Tiverton
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Tiverton)
Thomas Easterbrooks45MaleInn KeeperDevon 1861
Ann Easterbrooks45Female Devon
Mary Ellen Easterbrooks10Female Devon 1861
Back Lane, Tiverton
(Devon/Tiverton and Dulverton/Tiverton)
John Easterbrook45MaleLace BleacherDevon 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook40Female Devon
Ann Easterbrook15Female Devon
Thomas Easterbrook15MaleShoe m apDevon
Jane Easterbrook7Female Devon 1851
Eliza Easterbrook5Female Devon 1851
Harriet Easterbrook2Female Devon 1851
Clarkstown, Broadwoodkelly
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
William Sampson70MaleMS Ag.LabDevon
Richard Bowden30MaleMS Ag.LabDevon
William Easterbrook10MaleMS Ag.LabDevon
Joannah Luxton15FemaleFSDevon
Mary Barnes10FemaleFSDevon
George Sampson15Male Devon
Dashley, Broadwoodkelly
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Joseph Easterbrook40MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook40Female Devon
Joseph Easterbrook14Male Devon 1861
Mary Easterbrook7Female Devon 1851
John Easterbrook4Male Devon 1851
Southtown, Broadwoodkelly
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Thomas Lang30MaleFarmerDevon
Grace Lang30Female Devon
William Lang6Male Devon
Thomas Lang2Male Devon
James Reynolds23MaleAg.LabDevon
Henry Easterbrook14MaleAg.LabDevon
Martha Lock17FemaleFSDevon
Park Farm, Broadwoodkelly
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Samuel Sampson39MaleFarmerDevon
William Sampson25MaleMaltsterDevon
Ann Sampson29Female Devon
Mary Stat28FemaleFSDevon
Joseph Eddorford25MaleAg.LabDevon
Joseph Easterbrook14MaleAg.LabDevon 1861
Exbourne Village
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Walter Easterbrok35MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Dina Herd30FemaleServantDevon
Ezeheal Herd2Male Devon
Worinford Stranley22MaleTraveller 
William Easterbrook30MaleTaylorDevon 1851
William Easterbrook10Male Devon 1851
George Easterbrook8Male Devon 1851
Thomas Easterbrook6Male Devon 1851
John Easterbrook3Male Devon
Mary Easterbrook30Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook12Female Devon
Cot~, Exbourne
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Thomas Easterbrook30MaleThatcherDevon 1851
Thomas Easterbrook2 MoMale Devon 1851
William Easterbrook7Male Devon 1851
Henry Easterbrook5Male Devon 1851
Mary Easterbrook25Female Devon
Jane Easterbrook9Female Devon 1851
Elizabeth Luxton60FemaleIndDevon
Watter House, Exbourne
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
John Piper60MaleMSDevon
Ricrd Smale19MaleMSDevon
Robert Easterbrook29MaleMSDevon
John Book15MaleMSDevon
Richard Horn8MaleMSDevon
Eliz Passmore23FemaleFSDevon
Joanna Smale17FemaleFSDevon
Elizabeth Cann10FemaleFSDevon
Exbourne Village
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Ann Dart20FemaleFSDevon
Susan Easttabrook15FemaleFSDevon
Mary Ward20FemaleFSDevon
William Medland15MaleMSDevon
John Dart15MaleMSDevon
Simon Brook23MaleMSDevon
Exbourne Village
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
John Easterbrook35MaleThatcherDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook40Female Devon 1861
Elizabeth Easterbrook11Female Devon 1851
Charon Easterbrook13Female Devon 1851
Ann Orborn10Female Devon
Eliza Orborn1Female Devon
Village, Exbourne
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Thomas Eastabrook77MaleThatcherDevon
Sarah Eastabrook77Female Devon
Mary Eastabrook49Female Devon 1851
Budge Street, Hatherleigh
Thomas Eastabrook25MaleMSDevon
Elizabeth Kinght25FemaleFSDevon
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Lower Hughbath, Monkokehampton
William Easterbrook45MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook15Female Devon 1851
William Easterbrook12Male Devon 1851
Ann Easterbrook8Female Devon 1851
Jucking Mill, Monkokehampton
Elizabeth Easterbrook45FemaleWife of Ag LabDevon
Butte, S.Courtenay
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
George Reddaway27MaleFarmerDevon
Mary Reddaway24Female Devon
Eliza Reddaway7 MoFemale Devon
Mary Reddaway29FemaleIndDevon
George Easterbrook15MaleMSDevon 1861
Charles Cooper10MaleMSDevon
Berton Scott16 FSDevon
Haterson Farm, Sampford Cournenay
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Augustin Pike16MaleAg LabDevon
James Pike12MaleAg LabDevon
John Saunders16MaleAg ApDevon
John Cox12MaleAg ApDevon
Jane Ash15FemaleFSDevon
Ann Austin11FemaleFSDevon
Mary Easterbrook60FemaleFSDevon
Sampford Courtenay Village
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
William Huxtable35MaleIndDevon
Grace Huxtable40Female Devon
John Huxtable10Male Devon
Thomas Eastabrook70MaleAg.LabDevon 1851
Elizabeth Eastabrook70Female Devon
Chapel, Sampford Courtenay
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Joseph Eastabrook45MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Susana Eastabrook45Female Devon
Sarah Eastabrook10Female Devon 1851
John Eastabrook8Male Devon 1851
Joanna Eastabrook6Female Devon 1851
Mary Eastabrook3Female Devon 1851
Higher Treacott, Sampford Courtenay
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Richard Knott35MaleAg LabDevon
Ann Knott30Female Devon 1851
Ann Knott6Female Devon
Richard Knott4Male Devon
Jane Knott3Female Devon
Elizabeth Knott1Female Devon
Frankland, Sampford Cournenay
(Devon/Okehampton/North Tawton)
Henry Dayment45MaleFarmerDevon
Ann Dayment40Female Devon
John Dayment15Male Devon
Eliz Dayment14Female Devon
John Dayment60MaleIndDevon
Eliz Easterbrook80Female Devon
James Badcock20MaleMSDevon
Jemima Badcock15FemaleFSDevon
Thos Vogler15MaleMSDevon
Ramsly, South Zeal, South Tawton
Susan Estabrook25FemaleWorker on FarmDevon
Joanna Estabrook5Female Devon
Mary Estabrook2Female Devon
Higher Collibere, South Tawton
Andrew Snell40MaleAg LabDevon
Maria Snell30Female Devon
George Snell6 MoMale Devon
William Easterbrooks7MaleAg LabDevon
Mauhington, Thowleigh
John Eastabrook50MaleFarmerDevon 1851
Lydia Eastabrook45Female Devon
Susana Eastabrook20Female Devon 1851
Lydia Eastabrook15Female Devon
George Eastabrook14Male Devon 1851
Mary Eastabrook13Female Devon
William Eastabrook11Male Devon 1851
Thomas Eastabrook9Male Devon 1851
Samuel Eastabrook7Male Devon 1851
Joseph Eastabrook5Male Devon 1851
Jane Dymonde14FemaleFSDevon
Bridge St, St Edmund, Exeter
(Devon/Exeter/St David)
Samuel Bryant35Male Devon
Sarah Bryant35Female Devon
Agnes Melhuish40FemaleCheese DealerDevon
John Fibbs50MaleDysoDevon
Elizabeth Fibbs25Female Devon
John Fibbs15Male Devon
Salome Sanford15Female Devon
Charles Easterbrook36MaleLabourerDevon
Louisa Easterbrook35Female Devon
Loftus Charles Easterbrook5Male Devon
Caroline Newcombe15Female Devon
Eliza Newcombe11  Devon
Preston Street, St Mary Major, Exeter
(Devon/Exeter/St Sidwell)
William Dalling50MaleCoal DealerDevon
Maria Dalling42Female Ireland
Willm Easterbrook4Male Devon 1851
Waterbeer Street, St Pancras, Exeter
(Devon/Exeter/St David)
Mary Esterbrook70FemaleCharwomanDevon
Ann Esterbrook30FemaleHat TrimmerDevon 1851
Happy Place, St Sidwell, Exeter
(Devon/Exeter/St Sidwell)
Mary Eastbroke80FemaleIndDevon
Nancy Eastbroke50FemaleIndDevon
Tarrant Keynston
Thomas Easterbrook45MaleGarden Lab  1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook40Female  
Thomas Easterbrook15Male  
John Easterbrook13Male  
George Easterbrook11Male  
William Easterbrook9Male  
Richard Easterbrook7Male   1851
Henry Easterbrook3 MoMale Dorset
Hill, Gloucestershire
Jane Rogers50FemaleF.S. 
Tything of Stoke Bishop, Westbury
Mary Eastbrook20FemaleFS 
Trinity Place, Clifton
Wm Carter30MaleCarpenter 
Harriett Carter30Female Gloucestershire
Elizath Carter2FemaleMillinerGloucestershire
Elijah Stanley30Male? TrimmerGloucestershire
Susannah Stanley40Female Gloucestershire
Anna Stanley1Female Gloucestershire
Diana Riddiford60FemaleIndGloucestershire
Saml Eastabrook25MaleBoot Maker  1851
Mary Exon46FemaleFS 
Richard Elliott35MaleMariner 
Mary Elliott40Female  
Eliza Bigwood20Female  
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Gt GGeorge St, Bristol
(Gloucestershire/Clifton/St Philip and St Jacob)
Joanah Eastabrook45Female   1851
Elizabeth Eastabrook20FemaleMilliner  1851
Maryann Eastabrook15FemaleStraw Bonnet Mk  1851
Jame Eastabrook10Female   1851
Emme Eastabrook7Female   1851
William Eastabrook12Male   1851
Pennywill Road, Bristol
(Gloucestershire/Clifton/St Philip and St Jacob)
Joseph Eastabrook60MaleBoot Maker  1851
Mary Eastabrook30Female   1851
Tryphena Eastabrook25Female   1851
Sarah Eastabrook25Female   1851
Little Lane, Basingstoke
John Easterbrook25MaleTailer 
Mary Corbet70FemaleIndHampshire
Hanah Geddard30Female Hampshire
Brompton Barracks, Gillingham
Jane Easterbrook30FemaleServantKent
Shrays Building, Greenwich
Saml Eastarbrook38MaleMS 
Shrays+Building, Greenwich
Edward Rees55MaleCarpenter 
Jane Rees55Female Kent
Sarah Rees22Female Kent
Margarett Rees17Female Kent
Emma Rees15Female Kent
Ada Rees1Female Kent
John Easterbrook7Male  
Rope Walk, Greenwich
(Kent/Greenwich/St Nicholas Deptford)
Harry Easterbrook27MaleBakerKent 1861
Jane Easterbrook25Female Kent
Harry Easterbrook6Male Kent 1861
Elizabeth Easterbrook4Female Kent
Morris Fowel23MaleLabourerKent
Fanny Fowel53Female Kent
Dock Street, Greenwich
(Kent/Greenwich/St Paul Deptford)
James Easterbrook25MaleLabKent
 , St Giles
(Cambridgeshire/Cambridge/St Giles)
John Enstebck55Male Cambridgeshire
William Royder34Male Cambridgeshire
Beaumont Daisley25Male Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth Daisley25Female Cambridgeshire
Pavilion Row, Holy Trinity, Exeter
(Devon/Exeter/St Sidwell)
John Estabrook33MaleBaptist Minister  1851
Margaret Estabrook36Female  
Mary Estabrook11Female   1851
Ann Estabrook8Female   1851
John Estabrook6Male   1851
Nicholas Estabrook4Male   1851
William Estabrook2Male Devon 1851
Elizabeth Estabrook3 MoFemale Devon 1851
Mary Hoskin70FemaleIndDevon
26 High St, St Andrew, Plymouth
(Devon/Plymouth/St Andrew)
Edward Daulton50MaleLabDevon
Agness Daulton50Female Devon
Jane Newton20Female Devon
James Easterbrook30MaleShoemakerDevon
Elizabeth Easterbrook25Female Devon
James Easterbrook4Male Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook1Female Devon
Joseph Youlton60MalePensionerDevon
Susan Youlton50Female Devon
Jane Youlton20Female Devon
Susan Youlton15Female Devon
John Youlton11Male Devon
Raleigh Street, St Andrew, Plymouth
(Devon/Plymouth/St Andrew)
John Kingcombe47MaleCaptn RNHPDevon
Louisa Sholl45Female Devon
Frederick Kingcombe10Male Devon
Louisa Kingcombe6Female Devon
Ellen Kingcombe3Female Devon
Mary A Easterbrook25FemaleFSDevon
Orphan Asylum, St Andrew, Plymouth
(Devon/Plymouth/St Andrew)
Ann Easterbrook11Female Devon
Jury Alms Houses, St Charles, Plymouth
(Devon/Plymouth/Charles the Martyr)
Margate Easterbrooke70Female  
Old Town Street, St Charles, Plymouth
(Devon/Plymouth/Charles the Martyr)
John Smith35MaleChemistDevon
Harriet Smith35Female  
John Smith13Male Devon
Harriet Smith11Female Devon
Edwin Ling15MaleAp 
Ann Traite60FemaleInd 
Eliza Easterbrook14FemaleFSDevon
James Street ope East brotsep, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Clowance)
Emily Trend25FemaleButcheressDevon 1851
William Trend5 MoMale Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook20FemaleFSDevon
James Street, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Clowance)
Mercy Eastabrook25FemaleSeamstressDevon
William Eastabrook4Male Devon
Pembroke Street, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Clowance)
Wm Easterbrook30MaleButcherDevon 1851
George Easterbrook1 6 MoMale   1851
Grace Easterbrook30Female  
Mary Lethbridge55Female  
Pembroke St, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Clowance)
Matthew Easterbrook30MalePipe MDevon 1851
Caroline Easterbrook30Female Devon
Amelia Easterbrook11Female Devon 1851
Matthew Easterbrook1 MoMale Devon 1851
Jane Pike20Female Devon
Devonport Workhouse
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Clowance)
Henry Easterbrook40Male Devon 1851
Princes Street South Side, Devonport
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Morice)
John Easterbrook45MaleMasonDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook45Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook15Female Devon 1861
Charlotte Easterbrook11Female Devon 1851
John Easterbrook6Male Devon 1851
Johanna Easterbrook3Female Devon
Boot Lane, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Morice)
Samuel Easterbrook40MaleButcherDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook35Female Devon
Ann Easterbrook15Female Devon 1851
Samuel Easterbrook15Male Devon 1851
Emma Easterbrook10Female Devon 1851
Mary Hooper20FemaleFS 
Boot Lane, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Morice)
Jame Easterbrook30MaleLabDevon
Jane Easterbrook30FemaleTailoressDevon
Robert Easterbrook7Male Devon 1851
Eliz Griffiths25Female Devon
Landy Jerry15Female Devon
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Heluer Baily, Devonport
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Morice)
Philip Easterbrook50MaleNavyDevon 1851
Ann Easterbrook40Female Devon
Philip Easterbrook15Male Devon
Chapel Street, Devonport
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/St Aubyn)
William Johns45MaleLabourerDevon
Mary Johns50Female Devon
John Johns25Male Devon
William Johns20Male Devon
John Johns15Male Devon
Richard Johns15Male Devon
Elizabeth Johns13Female Devon
Georgianna Johns8Female Devon
William Easterbrook20MaleLabourerDevon
Pond Lane, Devonport
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/St Aubyn)
Ann Easterbrook70Female Devon
William Easterbrook35MaleButcher JDevon 1851
Richard Easterbrook30MaleButcher JDevon 1851
Barrack Street, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/St Aubyn)
William Easterbrook65MaleButcherDevon
Elenor Easterbrook60Female  
Charles Easterbrook25MaleButcherDevon 1851
Caroline Settieth16Female Devon
Navy Row, Stoke Damerel
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Stoke)
John Easterbrook55MaleBlacksmithDevon 1851
Jane Easterbrook30Female Devon
Ann Raymond50Female Devon
Mary Mare15Female Devon
John Tunstall55Male  
Frances Tunstall50Female  
Betsey Yard20Female  
Lower Portland Place, Stoke Damerell
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Tamar)
Johanna Palmer35Female Devon 1851
George Palmer13Male Devon
Tobias Palmer12Male Devon
John Palmer9Male Devon
William Palmer5Male Devon
Edward Palmer1Male Devon
Mary Easterbrook75FemaleIndDevon
Garden Street, Devonport
(Devon/Stoke Damerel/Tamar)
George Easterbrook40MaleNavyDevon 1861
Elizabeth Easterbrook35Female Devon
Elizabeth Easterbrook7Female Devon 1861
George Easterbrook4Male Devon 1861
Union St, East Stonehouse
(Devon/East Stonehouse)
George Paisley20MaleBookmakerDevon
Rebecca Paisley20Female Devon
Ann Paisley3 MoFemale Devon
Union Lane, East Stonehouse
(Devon/East Stonehouse)
Mathew Easterbrook60MaleRope MakerDevon
John Easterbrook20MaleShoe MakerDevon 1851
Phillis Easterbrook55Female Devon
Ann Jones10Female Devon
Mary Paddy55Female Devon
Johanna Sqires30Female Devon
Teignmouth Hill, Dawlish
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Teignmouth)
William Luscombe20MaleGardenerDevon
James Easterbrook13MaleAg.LabDevon 1861
Eliz Luscombe3Female Devon
Eliz Nasworthy16FemaleFSDevon
Green Close Place, Dawlish
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Teignmouth)
John Eastabrook37MaleHairdresserDevon 1851
Frances Eastabrook30Female Devon
Frances Eastabrook13Female Devon 1851
Edmund Eastabrook11Male Devon 1851
Eleonora Eastabrook10Female Devon 1851
Alexander Eastabrook8Male Devon 1851
Martha Eastabrook6Female Devon 1851
Mary Eastabrook4Female Devon 1851
James Eastabrook2Male Devon 1851
John Eastabrook5 MoMale Devon 1851
Chapel Street, Dawlish
(Devon/Newton Abbot/Teignmouth)
John Easterbrook70MaleIndDevon 1851
Sarah Easterbrook70Female Devon
Ide Village
(Devon/St Thomas/Alphington)
John Casely35MaleBlacksmithDevon
Mary Casely30Female Devon
Robert Casely9Male Devon
John Casely4Male Devon
Lucy Casely6 Mo  Devon
James Casely68MaleIndDevon
John Easterbrook15MaleBlacksmiths AppDevon
Coombe, Eastworlington
(Devon/South Molton/Chulmleigh)
Richard Lake40MaleFarmerDevon
Mary Lake40Female Devon
Richard Lake15Male Devon
John Lake10Male Devon
Thomas Halse25MaleMSDevon
Catherine Easterbrook15FemaleFSDevon 1851
George Greenslade12MaleAp.Devon
Higher Basford, Drewsteignton
George Pike30MaleFarmerDevon
Phillippa Pike25Female Devon
Sophia Pike4Female Devon
William Pike2Male Devon
Lydia Pike6 MoFemale Devon
James Woodley20MaleAg LabDevon
Richard Brook15MaleAg LabDevon
Grace Palmer15FemaleFSDevon
William Easterbrook10MaleAg LabDevon
Royal Oak, Village of Beave
(Devon/St Thomas/Heavitree)
Wilkinson Hooper25MaleMSDevon
William Easterbrook9Male  
Atlas St, Greenwich
(Kent/Greenwich West)
John Easterbrook30MaleTwine SpinnerKent 1851
Ann Easterbrook30Female Kent
John Easterbrook7Male Kent 1851
Mary Easterbrook5Female Kent 1851
Emma Easterbrook2Female Kent 1851
Jane Middleton60FemaleNeedlewoman 
(Hampshire/Whitchurch and Overton)
William Easterbrook28Male? 
Mary Easterbrook30Female   1851
Eleanor Easterbrook4  Hampshire
Esther Easterbrook2Female Hampshire 1851
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Duke Street, Tower Hamlets
Wm Easterbrook60MaleStaymaker  1851
Jane Easterbrook55Female  
Mary Easterbrook55Female  
John Street, Clerkenwell
William Allen25MaleSilversmith 
Elisabeth Allen25FemaleMiliner 
Mary Bowers20FemaleDressmkMiddlesex
George Day20MaleclMiddlesex
Jane Day20FemaleFS 
10 Medcalf Place, Finsbury
(Middlesex/Clerkenwell/Goswell Street)
John Easterbrook30MaleIron Plate WorkerMiddlesex 1851
Sarah Easterbrook29Female Middlesex
Mary Ann Easterbrook15Female Middlesex 1851
John Easterbrook3Male Middlesex
Caroline Easterbrook1Female Middlesex 1851
Dorset St, Finsbury
(Middlesex/Islington East)
George Sohns35MaleShoe M 
Pheobe Sohns40Female  
Maria Sohns10Female Middlesex
William Sohns3Male  
Henry Parker35MaleShoe M 
Richd Harris20MaleShoe MMiddlesex
Edwd Osborne10MaleAp 
Henry Herbert10MaleApMiddlesex
Mary Easterbrooks20Female Middlesex
Plumstead, Finsbury
(Middlesex/St Giles in the Fields/St George Bloomsbury)
William Esterbrooke25MaleSilversmith  1851
Louisa Esterbrooke25Female Middlesex
(Middlesex/St Giles South)
Elizth James70FemaleWater Gilder 
Wm Estenbrock30MaleSilversmithMiddlesex 1851
Mary Estenbrock30Female Middlesex
Eliza James20Female Middlesex
Wm James15Male Middlesex
Carolin Allan14FemaleFSMiddlesex
14 Upper Wimple Street, Marylebone
(Middlesex/St Marylebone/Cavendish Square)
William Crawford60MaleMerchant 
Dorothy Crawford55Female  
Caroline Crawford4Female  
Elizabeth Nee30Female  
John Hughes36MaleMS 
David Broker26MaleMS 
Diana Monk50FemaleFS 
Margaret Davies30FemaleFS 
Mary Copas30FemaleFS 
Catherine Eastabrook40FemaleFS  1851
Mary Mott20FemaleFS 
Elizabeth Golding20FemaleFS 
Philippa Meardoera35FemaleFSForeign Parts
Wyndham Place, Marylebone
(Middlesex/St Marylebone/St Mary)
William Abbott30MaleMerchant 
Louisa Abbott30Female Middlesex
Maria Abbott7Female Middlesex
Eliza Abbott6Female Middlesex
William Abbott4Male Middlesex
John Abbott3Male Middlesex
Susan Brietzke70FemaleIndMiddlesex
Thomas Body15MaleMSMiddlesex
Sarah Dibbs20FemaleFS 
Sarah Webb20FemaleFS 
Margaret Roberts20FemaleFS 
Ann Estebrook25FemaleFS 
College Place, Marylebone
(Middlesex/St Pancras/Camden Town)
Henry Wright50MaleClerkMiddlesex
Elizabeth Wright40Female Middlesex
Elizabeth Wright5Female Middlesex
Caroline Wright4Female Middlesex
Frances Nash45FemaleIndMiddlesex
Martha Cattin35FemaleIndMiddlesex
Marth Lincoln20FemaleFS 
Charlote Easterbrook15FemaleFSMiddlesex 1851
Little George St, Marylebone
(Middlesex/St Pancras/Somers Town)
George Easterbrook50MaleBaker 
Eliza Easterbrook25Female  
Thomas Easterbrook9Male Middlesex
Emily Easterbrook6Female Middlesex 1861
 , Stamford Hill
(Middlesex/Hackney/Stamford Hill)
T Owen25Male  
Sarah Owen25Female Middlesex
Sarah Owen5Female Middlesex
G Eastbock15Male Middlesex
Wm Eastbock13Male Middlesex
Richard Thompson15Male Middlesex
H Owen25Male Middlesex
Mary Owen15Female Middlesex
Harrow Lane, Tower Hamlets
Fanny Easterbrook24FemaleFSMiddlesex
Garnier St
(Middlesex/Stepney/Shadwell and Wapping)
Jane Eastbrook65FemaleTuylarcfsMiddlesex
Sarah Eastbrook20Female Middlesex
Hugh Jame20Male  
Goldsmith Place, Tower Hamlets
(Middlesex/Shoreditch/Haggerston East)
John Eastabrooks55MaleJeweller 
Thomas Eastabrooks11Male Middlesex
John Eastabrooks6Male Middlesex
Kings Square, Tower Hamlet
(Middlesex/Shoreditch/Holywell and Moorfields)
John Esterbrock35MaleBoo[tk] Clo?Middlesex
Margaret Esterbrock25Female Scotland
Vine Street
(Middlesex/Westminster/St John the Evangelist)
Wm Tomkins65MalecarpenterMiddlesex
Eliza Tomkins40Female Middlesex
Mary Tomkins11Female Middlesex
Ann Tomkins9Female Middlesex
Thos Grainger20MaleIndMiddlesex
Wm Hancock40MaleWatchmakerMiddlesex
Catherine Hancock70Female Middlesex
Wm Esterbrook30MaleStone MasonMiddlesex 1851
Wm Geyer20MaleStone MasonScotland
James Joyce30MaleStone MasonMiddlesex
James Mitchel30MaleTailorScotland
Agnes Mitchel40Female Middlesex
Thos Mitchel9Male Middlesex
Francis Griffin25MaleLabMiddlesex
Francis Griffin20Female Middlesex
1 Upper Crown St, Westminster
(Middlesex/Westminster/St Margaret)
John Eastbrook24MaleEN  1851
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
Richardson Street, Southwark
(Surrey/St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey/Leather Market)
Thomas Esterbrook46MaleShoe M 
Eliza Esterbrook39Female  
Julia Esterbrook16Female Surrey
Eliza Dorset6Female Surrey
Isaac Oliver25MaleShoe M 
Henry Jordan21MaleTailor 
William Stantial21MaleTailor 
John Moll20MaleTailor 
Bermondsey Square, Bermondsey
(Surrey/St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey/St Mary Magdalen)
David Edwards45MaleTanner 
Elizabeth Edwards45Female  
William Daliner30MaleTanner 
Enoch Jones30MaleJeweller 
David Richards25MaleTanner 
Isaac Davis20MaleTanner 
Elizabeth Easterbrook5Female  
Fendall Street, Bermondsey
(Surrey/St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey/St Mary Magdalen)
Harriet Easterbrook42FemaleNurseSurrey
Sarah Easterbrook5Female Surrey
8 Gunerford P, Lambeth
(Surrey/Lambeth/Kennington First)
Ann Green60FemaleFS 
Mary Easterbrook25Female  
Wellington Street, Southwark
(Surrey/St Olaves/St Olave and St Thomas)
Frederic May20MaleBookseller 
Charlotte Easterbrook20FemaleFS 
James Garrard15MaleMS 
Sheep Street, Devizes
Jno Easterbrook20MaleBythsmith 
Ambler Thorn, Southowram
Samuel Easterbrook40MaleWoolcomber  1851
Sarah Easterbrook35Female Yorkshire
William Easterbrook15Male  
Margaret Easterbrook13Female Yorkshire
Grace Easterbrook11Female Yorkshire
10 Budge St, Bath
(Somerset/Bath/Lyncombe and Widcombe)
William Eastbrook25MaleCarver  1851
Maryanne Eastbrook25Female  
Mill Lane, Chard
William Warren25MaleSmith 
Trafina Warren25Female   1851
William Warren7Male Somerset
Mary Warren3Female Somerset
Frederick Warren1Male Somerset
Susan Easterbrook60Female   1851
Upper Pill Street, Pill
(Somerset/Bedminster/St George)
John Rogers30MaleCarpenterSomerset
Jane Rogers40Female   1851
Pamela Rogers4Female   1851
Great Sutton Street, Findsbury
(Middlesex/Clerkenwell/St James)
Thomas Easterbrook45MaleCoachsmith  1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook45Female  
Thomas Easterbrook20MaleHouse Smith  1851
Sophia Easterbrook15Female Middlesex
John Easterbrook15MaleApp Printer 
Hooper Street, Finsbury
(Middlesex/Clerkenwell/St James)
John Sheperd20MaleNick on JMiddlesex
William Easterbrook24MaleTailor 
St James St, Finsbury
(Middlesex/Clerkenwell/St James)
Mary Eastbrook55FemaleLaundressMiddlesex
Ann Eastbrook20Female Middlesex 1851
George Eastbrook15MalePrinter ApMiddlesex
Samuel Eastbrook15MalePrinter ApMiddlesex 1851
Suffolk St, Findsbury
Ma*re Easterbrook20MaleP? ManMiddlesex
Thames St Lower, City of London
(Middlesex/London South East)
Clara Shamior35FemaleIndMiddlesex
Jane Easterbrook25FemaleFS 
Willm Hall50MaleMS 
Minories, City of London
(Middlesex/East London/St Botolph)
Jane Eastbrook30FemaleIn 
Mary Burford25FemaleFSMiddlesex
Victoria Street, Britol
(Gloucestershire/Bristol/St Paul)
Jane Easterbrook50Female Gloucestershire
Richard Easterbrook30MaleCarpenterGloucestershire 1851
Mary Reed20FemaleFSGloucestershire
Hill Street, Bristol
(Gloucestershire/Bristol/St Paul)
John Estabrook30MaleCarpenter  1851
Sarah Estabrook30Female  
Jabez Estabrook4Male Gloucestershire 1851
Elizabeth Estabrook2 MoFemale Gloucestershire 1851
Halsinger, Braunton
William Easterbrook25MaleAg LabDevon 1851
Mary Easterbrook25Female Devon
Mary Easterbrook3 MoFemale Devon 1851
Bridgetown, Totnes
Sarah Easterbrooke20FemaleFSDevon
Shardon Row, Bracham
John Easterbrooks19MaleAg LabDevon
Lower Cokeworthy
Saml Eastabrook15MaleServDevon 1851
Faudbuck, Lifton
Samuel Eastabrook41MaleCarpenterDevon
Mary Eastabrook45Female Devon
Mary Eastabrook15Female Devon 1851
William Eastabrook8Male Devon 1851
Great Burton, Buckland Brewer
Robert Eastabrook50MaleAg.Lab.Devon 1851
Ann Eastabrook50Female Devon
Elizabeth Eastabrook21FemaleGloverDevon 1851
Ann Eastabrook20FemaleGloverDevon 1851
Sarah Eastabrook10FemaleGloverDevon 1851
Buckland Brewer Village
Richard Harris39MaleAg.LabDevon
Mary Harris40Female Devon 1851
Fanny Harris15Female Devon
Robert Harris7Male Devon
William Harris5Male Devon
Eliza Harris5weeksFemale Devon
Thorn Cottage, Buckland Brewer
Joseph Easterbrook35MaleAg.Lab.Devon 1851
Elizabeth Easterbrook35Female Devon
Mary Easterbrook12Female Devon
John Easterbrook10Male Devon 1851
James Easterbrook8Male Devon 1851
Henry Easterbrook5Male Devon 1851
William Easterbrook2Male Devon 1851
91 Strand, Westminster
(Middlesex/Strand/St Clement Danes)
Jane Esterbrook15FemaleWaiter 
Pike Street, Liskeard
Richard Esterbrook25MaleBooksellerCornwall 1851
Mary Esterbrook25Female  
Richard Esterbrook4Male Cornwall 1851
Mary Anna Esterbrook3Female Cornwall 1851
William Mullin15MaleM.S.Ireland
Jane Job15FemaleF.S.Cornwall
Richard Esterbrook60MaleBakerCornwall
Anna Esterbrook50Female Cornwall
Maria Perce20Female Cornwall
NameAgeGenderOccupationBirthplace Links
The Vale, Guernsey
John Esterbrok40MaleQuarrymanEngland
Judith Esterbrok31Female Guernsey
John Esterbrok15Male Guernsey 1861
William Esterbrok4Male Guernsey 1851
Joseph Esterbrok8 MoMale Guernsey
Mary Esterbrok6Female Guernsey 1851
Dorset Street, St Heliers
Elias Easterbrook25MaleCarterEngland 1851
Ann Easterbrook25Female England
William Eastabrook40Male England


FS = Female Servant

MS = Male Servant

Mantuamaker = Dressmaker

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