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British Census 1851 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries are transcribed but only a few are cross-referenced.

2 Upper Crown St,St Margaret,Westminster,MiddlesexDanl PaddackHead41Male Wood SawyerSussex, England
 Mary PaddackWife43Female  Alton, Hampshire, England
 Elizth PaddackDaughter16Female  Hampshire, England
 Caroline PaddackDaughter14Female  Chichester, Sussex, England
 Eliza PaddackDaughter9Female  Sussex, England
 Jane PaddackDaughter8Female  Sussex, England
 John H EstabrooksVisitor32Male EngraverSoho, Middlesex, England 1841
6 Salisbury Street,St Pancras,Pancras,MiddlesexThomas EasterbrookHead59Male Smith and ChanderHorne, Devon, England 1841
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife58Female  Dittisham, Devon, England
10 Salisbury Street,St Pancras,Pancras,MiddlesexThomas EasterbrookHead31Male Smith & Bell-hangerCrabtree, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife26Female  St Andrews, Middlesex, England
 Thomas EasterbrookSon9Male  Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
 Frederick EasterbrookSon5Male  St Andrews, Middlesex, England
 Harry EasterbrookSon1Male  St Pancras, Middlesex, England 1861
63 Munay St, Shoreditch,Hoxton Trinity,Shoreditch,MiddlesexSaml EasterbrookHead25Male Steam FitterSt James; Clerkenwell 1841 1861
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife29Female  St Thomas; Exeter, Sussex, England
 Charlotte EasterbrookDaughter2 MoFemale  Hoxton New Town, Middlesex, England
20 Jury Lane, Hoxton,St John,Shoreditch,MiddlesexMayer EastabrookHead25Male ? MongerGreenwich, Kent, England 1861
 Sarah EastabrookWife26Female  Portsmouth
 Edwin EastabrookSon1Male  London City 1861
82 Nicholas St, Hoxton,Shoreditch,MiddlesexWilliam EstabrookHead38Male CarverPortsmouth 1841 1861
 Mary A EstabrookWife36Female  Chilson, Somerset, England
 William EstabrookSon8Male ScholarBedminster; Bristol 1861
 Richards EstabrookSon6Male ScholarHoxton, Middlesex, England 1861
 Mary EstabrookDaughter3Female  Hoxton, Middlesex, England 1861
 Elizh EstabrookDaughter5 MoFemale  Hoxton, Middlesex, England 1861
49 Westminister Terr, Shoreditch,Haggerstone West,Shoreditch,MiddlesexAugustus BlackshawHead37Male CarpenterMiddlesex, England
 Sophia BlackshawWife36Female Shirt Collar MakerHampshire, England
 John BlackshawSon16Male Assistant JewellerSt L Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
 Augustus BlackshawSon13Male Factory BoySt L Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
 Sophia BlackshawDaughter11Female ScholarSt L Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
 Amelia BlackshawDaughter9Female ScholarSt L Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
 Emily BlackshawDaughter5Female ScholarSt L Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
 Louisa BlackshawDaughter1Female  St L Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
 John EastabrookFather-in-law77Male JewellerDevon, England
 Elizabeth EdwardServant16Female  Middlesex, England
39 Duke Street, The Old Artillery Ground, Whitechapel,St Mary,Whitechapel,MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead74Male Stay ManufacturerAshburton, Devon, England 1841
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter45FemaleUnmStay ManufacturerPlymouth, Devon, England 1861
 Louisa KettleDaughter-in-law44Female AnnuitantSurrey, England
 Eliza SawellServant18Female  Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
1 The Royale, Shadwell,St Paul Shadwell,Stepney,MiddlesexJane EastabrookHead76FemaleWTailoressExeter, Devon, England
 Jane EastabrookDaughter39Female SeamstressPlymouth, Devon, England 1871
 William BurrowGrandson10Male ScholarShadwell, Middlesex, England
1 Park Terrace, Mile End Old Town,Trinity,Stepney,MiddlesexJohn EasterbrookHead40Male EngineerClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1841 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookWife38Female  Billericay, Essex, England
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter11Female SchoolClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1841 1861
 George EasterbrookSon7Male SchoolClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter6Female SchoolClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Stepney, Middlesex, England 1861
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Stepney, Middlesex, England 1861
35 Regents Road, Mile End Town,Trinity,Stepney,MiddlesexEleanor EastbrookHead28FemaleWidowHouseholderShields, Durham, England
 Margaret FenwickSister15Female  Bolton, Lancashire, England
24 Coborn Street, Stratford,Stratford le Bow,Poplar,MiddlesexRichard MeesonHead36Male Lime & Coal MerchantStratford, Essex, England
 Charlotte MeesonWife36Female  Croydon, Surrey, England
 Jane GibsonVisitor21Female  Newington, Surrey, England
 Emma GibsonVisitor19Female  Newington, Surrey, England
 Hannah CarterServant38Female ServantColchester, Essex, England
 Mary EastabrookServant15Female ServantClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1841 1861
24 Coborn Street, Stratford,Southwark St Saviour,St Saviour Southwark,SurreyStephen W DeverauxHead51Male  Long Buckby, Surrey, England
 Elizabeth DeverauxWife45Female  Buckly, Surrey, England
 Elizabeth DeverauxDaughter11Female  Shadwell, Middlesex, England
 Emma DeverauxDaughter9Female  Shadwell, Middlesex, England
 Ester RobertsMother77Female  Atterbay, Oxfordshire, England
 George EastbookServant31Male  Berwickshire, Middlesex, England
 William SmithServant49Male  Scotland
24 Richardson Street, Bermondsey,St Paul,Bermondsey,SurreyEliza EasterbrookHead49FemaleWidowMonthly NursePortsea, Hampshire, England 1861
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarBermondsey, Surrey, England 1861
4 Newington Causeway, Lambeth,Trinity,Newington,SurreyCharles HartHead52Male >?ocfeUppingham, Rutland, England
 Harriet A HartWife29Female  Minthos, Surrey, England
 Fanny StevensVisitor15Female  Lambeth, Surrey, England
 Charles BraddockServant21Male ShopmanMiddlesex, England
 Susan ColleyServant28Female House ServPlymouth, Warwickshire, England
 William EasterbrookServant20Male PorterBermondsey, Surrey
 Robert JohnsonServant12Male Errand BoyChison, Middlesex, England
 Matida PassaVisitor11Female  Woodworth, Surrey, England
11 Westernbry Green, Clapham,Clapham,Wandsworth,SurreyElizabeth GreenHead33Female School TeacherHolborn, Middlesex, England
 Francis EasterbrookVisitor22Female DressmakerGrmouth, Devon, England 1841 1871
10 Grove Place, Greenwich,Greenwich,KentJohn EasterbrookHead39Male RopemakerDeptford, Kent, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife39Female  Greenwich, Kent, England
 John EasterbrookSon17Male PotmanGreenwich, Kent, England 1841
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter15Female NursemaidGreenwich, Kent, England 1841 1861
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Greenwich, Kent, England 1841 1861
2 Frederick Place, Charlton,Charlton,Lewisham,KentWilliam BarvsideHead45Male Bookseller & StationerIreland
 Mary A BarvsideWife42Female  Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 John BarvsideSon19Male Merchants Clerk (French)Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 Mary BarvsideDaughter15Female ScholarSt George the Martyr, Middlesex, England
 Anne BarvsideDaughter10Female ScholarIslington, Middlesex, England
 Joseph BarvsideSon9Male  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Frederick BarvsideSon7Male  Charlton, Kent, England
 Henderson BarvsideSon6Male  Charlton, Kent, England
 Henry BarvsideSon4Male  Charlton, Kent, England
 Harriot EsterbrookServant22Female NursemaidSt Mary, Surrey, England
 Elizabeth AmpsServant24Female House servSouthwark Limkon, Middlesex, England
176 Regent Street, Westminster,Westminster St James,St James Westminster,MiddlesexRobert Carter 41Male Assistant JewellerSouth Molton, Devon, England
 James Esterbroke 26Male PorterSt Martins, Middlesex, England 1861
 Sarah Jewell 32Female ServantLimehouse, Middlesex, England
 Mary Ann Blackstone 17Female ServantSt James, Middlesex, England
13 Palmers Terrace, Islington,St Mary,Islington,MiddlesexWilliam Richard BrackerHead70Male Glass MerchantLondon, Middlesex, England
 Sarah BrackerWife64Female  London, Middlesex, England
 John Estcourt BrackerSon39Male East India Company Home ServiceLondon, Middlesex, England
 Ellen Lucy BrackerDaughter-in-law26Female  Sydmoth, Devon, England
 Georg Fredrick BrackerGrandson1 8 MoMale  London, Middlesex, England
 Izabela BridgewaterServant60Female NurseLondon, Middlesex, England
 Mary Ann EvansServant27Female CookRotherithe, Middlesex, England
 Charlotte EasterbrookServant28Female House MaidLondon, Middlesex, England 1841 1861
20 Broomfields, St Pauls Deptford,Deptford St Paul,Greenwich,KentRebecca FergasonHead59Female Boarding House KeeperDevon, England
 John CockleSon-in-law24Male ShipwrightChatham, Kent, England
 Helen CockleDaughter26Female  Sheerness
 John CockerSon5Male  Deptford, Kent, England
 Helen CockerDaughter5 MoFemale  Deptford, Kent, England
 John SkeltonBoarder24Male Schoolmaster H M DyardLeicestershire, England
 Sarah EasterbrookBoarder28Female  Rotherhithe, Surrey, England 1871
 Joseph EasterbrookBoarder24Male  Rotherhithe, Surrey, England 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookBoarder28Female  Rotherhithe, Surrey, England 1871
31 Addiston Rd, Kensington,St James,Kensington,MiddlesexAnne WiseHead63Female AnnuitantTunbridge, Kent, England
 Lucy WiseDaughter38Female  Thompson, Kent, England
 Kate WiseDaughter32Female  Thornham, Kent, England
 Anna WiseDaughter30Female  Thornham, Kent, England
 Fanny WiseDaughter21Female  Thornham, Kent, England
 Sarah WiseSister-in-law77Female AnnuitantThornham, Kent, England
 Mary EsterbrookServant34Female CookBrough, Devon, England 1861
 Alice MooreServant23Female AnnuitantLeeds, Kent, England
48 Union St, Marylebone,All Souls,Marylebone,MiddlesexEdmond EasterbrookHead20Male HairdresserDowlish, Devon, England 1841
 Mary EasterbrookWife20Female DressmakerExeter, Devon, England
11 Weymouth St, Marylebone,Trinity,Marylebone,MiddlesexDorothy E CrawfordHead66Female WidowRichmond
 William H CrawfordGrandson19Male Solicitors ? ClarkDrippe B S, France
 Mary A CopusServant40Female ServantLangley, Buckinghamshire, England
 Mary KingServant36Female ServantNorfolk, England
 Catherine EastbrookServant53Female ServantLondon, England 1841 1861
 William ClaydonServant30Male ServantLawshall, Suffolk, England
11 Weymouth St, Marylebone,Trinity,Marylebone,MiddlesexIsabella MarkettServant62Female  Hertfordbury
 Sarah FlattServant28Female  Bury, Suffolk, England
14 Gorver Place, St Pancras,St Pancras,Pancras,MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead41Male Stone MasonDevonport, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susan EasterbrookWife40Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Sarah EasterbrookMother69Female AnnuitantWiddecombe, Devon, England
 Maria LackServant25Female ServantMarylebone, Devon, England
15 Manchester St, St Pancras,St Pancras,Pancras,MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead30Male Guard Gt Northern RailwayIlsington, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife36Female  Arburton, Devon, England
 George E EasterbrookSon10 MoMale  Paddington, Middlesex, England 1861
16 Somers Place East, St Pancras,St Pancras,Pancras,MiddlesexHenry PtyanHead22Male  Westimesouse, Yorkshire, England
 George Foster 22Male  Northwhead, Cheshire, England
 John Casterbrook 37Male  Devonport, Devon, England
22 Pheonix Street, St Pancras,St Pancras,Pancras,MiddlesexWilliam SilcockHead58Male Licenced VictuallerHempstead, Norfolk, England
 Elizabeth SilcockWife53Female  Statham, Norfolk, England
 George SilcockSon29Male Asst VictuallerHempstead, Norfolk, England
 Ann SilcockDaughter15Female  St Pancras, Middlesex, England
 Alice SmithServant19Female BarmaidBorough, Surrey, England
 Mary MarmionServant26Female House MaidGallway, Ireland
 William EasterbrookServant23Male PotsmanTerrington, Devon, England 1841 1861
 William GarrattVisitor61Male FarmerMettingham, Suffolk, England
 Edward GarrattVisitor20Male FarmerTheine, Norfolk, England
 William PileckiSon7Male  St Pancras, Middlesex, England
29 Bartholomew Place, Hackney,West Hackney,Hackney,MiddlesexJohn EasterbrooksHead40Male Carpenter/JourneymanDexeter, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrooksWife32Female  St Lukes, Middlesex, England
 Nora PrimeMother62Female  Ireland
31 Brownslow St, St Giles,St Giles in the Fields,St Giles,MiddlesexWilliam EsterbrookHead41MaleWWater GilderLeicester Square, Middlesex, England 1841 1861
 Elizth Mary EsterbrookDaughter13Female  St Giles, Middlesex, England 1861
 Elizabeth WhiteServant22Female  Vauxhall, Surrey, England
Ship?, Westminster,St Anne Soho,Strand,MiddlesexJohn EasterbrookHead35Male Boot CloterDevon, England
 Margt EasterbrookWife30Female  Scotland
32 Dean St, Westminster,St Anne Soho,Strand,MiddlesexAnn EasterbrookHead45FemaleWLicensed VictuallerExeter, Devon, England
 John CaldwellBrother37Male Professor of LearningMarylebone, Middlesex, England
 Susan CaldwellD;W33Female  Sirely
 Henry A CaldwellBrother Son (Nephew)3Male  St Annes W, Middlesex, England
 Kate WalleregtNiece11Female Bar MaidMarylebone, Middlesex, England
 Mary LomServant18Female Servant GirlIreland
 Thomas DavisPotman21Male PotsmanHertfordshire, England
 Willm B PoundErmaker18Male Errand BoyChatham, Kent, England
33 Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell,St John,Clerkenwell,MiddlesexMary EasterbrookHead67FemaleWidowLaundressExeter, Devon, England 1861
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter32Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1841 1861
33 Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell,St John,Clerkenwell,MiddlesexDavid WhitchansonLodger20Male Imitation EnamellerClerkenwell, Middlesex, England
52 Whisthin St, Clerkenwell,Clerkenwell,MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead39Male Silversmith's ClExeter, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife37Female  Westms, Middlesex, England 1861
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSt Lukes, Middlesex, England 1861
 Helen EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
Canvent,Thanet St Peter,Thanet,KentHarriet L CottonHead53FemaleWFund HolderMarylebone, Middlesex, England
 Alice DavisPensioner (Boarder)83FemaleUPensionerBricknockshire Brecan S Walls, Brecan
 Esther AdamsServant33FemaleULady's MaidChislet, Kent, England
 Harriet TraolerServant36FemaleUCookBargrove, Sussex, England
 Christana BetstedServant26FemaleUHousemaidAlegate, Middlesex, England
 Eliza CunningtonServant19Female under housemaidOtecham, Rutland, England
 William ChapmanServant54MaleWidrCoachmanKnarestock, Essex, England
 Joseph JacksonServant25MaleUFootmanClapham, Surrey, England
 William BarkerServant23Male GroomNorwich, Norfolk, England
 Thomas EastbrookeVisitor29Male ButlerAshburton, Devon, England
13th Regt of Infantrys in Winchester Barracks,Winchester St Thomas,Winchester,HampshireWillm EasterbrookPrivate23Male LabourerSt Philips, Gloucestershire, England 1841 1871
2 Union Row, East Budleigh,East Budleigh,St Thomas,DevonGeorge O WallisHead31Male ?Bristol
 Augusta WallisWife76Female  Corsham, Wiltshire, England
 George S LSon1Male  Salterton, Devon, England
 Fany LuscombeSister28Female  Ibells Corsham
 Mary Jane EastebrookServant23Female NurseCuditer, Devon, England 1841
 Mary BerryServant14Female  West Indies, Dove
Woodbury Village,Woodbury,St Thomas,DevonJohanna EasterbrookHead64FemaleWLace TravellerWoodbury, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon23Male TailorStone House Plymouth 1841 1861
Grovenor Square, Heavitree,Exeter,St Thomas,DevonMary EasterbrookHead40FemaleWid Walsingham, Norfolk, England 1841 1871
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarOverton, Hampshire, England 1841 1861
 Julia EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Twefd, Nottinghamshire, England 1861
Grovenor Square, Heavitree,Exeter St Leonard,St Thomas,DevonCaroline WilliamsHead39Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Louisa WilliamsSister34Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 John H WilliamsFather71Male  Portsea, Hampshire, England
 Jane WilliamsMother73Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Jane SnellGoverness21Female  Launcaston, Cornwall, England
 Elisabeth PittsPupil15Female  South Allington, Devon, England
 Georgiana JacksonPupil15Female  Ind British Subject
 Jane RabyPupil17Female  Liston, Cornwall, England
 Eliza BranscombePupil17Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Elisabeth LeePupil14Female  Woodbury, Devon, England
 Grace HitzelPupil13Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Susan WellesfordPupil15Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 Annie PottPupil17Female  Kingsbridge, Devon, England
 Margaret WillesfordPupil18Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 Emma MilfordServant24Female  N
 Mary BissettServant24Female  N, Newton St Petrocks
Lartbeare House School, Saint Levines,Exeter St Leonard,St Thomas,DevonJane EasterbrooksServant21Female General ServExbourne, Devon, England 1841
Wsewick Village,Exeter St Thomas the Apostle,St Thomas,DevonThomas DownHead42Male MillerBurrington, Devon, England
 Mary Ann DownWife35Female  Colebrook, Devon, England
 Elizabeth DownDaughter12Female  Crediton, Devon, England
 Lewis DownSon9Male  Crediton, Devon, England
 Ellen DownDaughter6Female  Crediton, Devon, England
 Walter DownSon11 MoMale  St Thomas, Devon, England
 Emma EasterbrookLodger21Female SpinnerCrediton, Devon, England 1841
Cowick Street, Exeter,Exeter St Thomas the Apostle,St Thomas,DevonJames EasterbrookHead63Male LabourerSanford Courbury, Devon, England 1861
 Joannah EasterbrookWife64Female  Jacobstowe, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon32Male BlacksmithOkehampton, Devon, England 1861
 Thomas EasterbrookSon24Male TailorJacobstowe, Devon, England 1861
Little Flackworthy, Tedbur St Mary,Tedburn St Mary,St Thomas,DevonJohn BattingHead38Male FarmerTedburn St Mary, Devon, England
 Elizabeth BattingWife38Female  Dunsford, Devon, England
 John BattingSon74Male ScholarTedburn St Mary, Devon, England
 Louis BattingSon13Male ScholarTedburn St Mary, Devon, England
 Mary BattingDaughter7Female ScholarTedburn St Mary, Devon, England
 Anna BattingDaughter6Female ScholarTedburn St Mary, Devon, England
 Elizabeth BattingDaughter2Female  Tedburn St Mary, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookServant21Male Farm ServCrediton, Devon, England 1861
 Charlotte SummerfieldServant13Female House ServTedburn St Mary, Devon, England
Endells, Tedburn St Mary,Tedburn St Mary,St Thomas,DevonSamuel PiesterHead66Male FarmerTedburn, Devon, England
 Anna Maria PiesterWife85Female  Tedburn, Devon, England
 John PiesterSon39Male  Tedburn, Devon, England
 Henry PiesterSon37Male  Tedburn, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookServant33Male Farm ServantTedburn, Devon, England
 James ShiletonSon-in-law23Male CarpenterTedburn, Devon, England
 Elizabeth ShilstonDaughter25Female  Tedburn, Devon, England
 Joseph ShilstonGrandson10Male  Tedburn, Devon, England
Devon County Lunatic Asylum,Exminster,St Thomas,DevonJohn S EasterbrookPauper Patient (Pauper)22Male nonePlympstock, Devon, England
Ashcombe Mill,Ashcombe,St Thomas,DevonJohn BussellHead51Male MillerMamhead, Devon, England
 Mary BussellWife50Female  Ashcombe, Devon, England
 Henry BuckinghamNephew16Male Miller ServtKenton, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookServant32Male House ServtPlymouth, Devon, England
58 St Sidwells, Exeter,Exeter St Sidwell,Exeter,DevonJoseph SuyleHead61Male Retired Malder & HoepperWarg, Buckinghamshire, England
 Grace SuyleWife66Female  Brampford Speke, Devon, England
 Fanny EasterbrookServant25Female ServantSanford, Devon, England
33 Paris Street, Exeter,Exeter St Sidwell,Exeter,DevonJohn ElliottHead50Male SurgeonKeen, Devon, England
 Elisabeth BullyHousekeeper43Female HousekeeperExhourne, Devon, England
 William BullySon-in-law12Male ScholarDawlish, Devon, England
 Elisabeth EasterbrookVisitor8Female ScholarEchourns, Devon, England 1861
Union Road, Exeter,St James,Exeter,DevonRobert J RollsHead64Male Captain ArtilleryWoolwich, Kent, England
 Mary E RollsSister66Female House ProprietorDorset, England
 Janisen BroomServant27Female General ServantExeter, Devon, England
Union Road, Exeter,St James,Exeter,DevonElizabeth StortServant29Female General ServantCamouth, Devon, England
 Frances EasterbrookServant52Female General ServantLapford, Devon, England 1841 1861
West Street, Exeter,Exeter St Mary Major,Exeter,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead38Male LabourerExeter 1861
 Mary A EasterbrookWife30Female  Exeter
 William EasterbrookSon18Male Errand BoyExeter 1841 1861
 John EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarExeter 1871
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarExeter 1861
 Hannah EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarExeter
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Exeter 1861
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter1 MoFemale  Exeter 1861
2 Friars Walk, Exeter,Exeter Holy Trinity,Exeter,DevonMargaret BruttonHead54Female AnnuitantExeter, Devon, England
 Thomas BruttonSon24Male Curate of BriphamExeter, Devon, England
 Joseph BruttonSon19Male BrewerExeter, Devon, England
 Laura BruttonDaughter15Female ScholarExeter, Devon, England
 Martha BruttonMother-in-law30Female AnnuitantCrediton, Devon, England
 Ellen EasterbrookServant18Female General ServantCrediton, Devon, England 1841 1861
12 Friars Walk, Exeter,Exeter Holy Trinity,Exeter,DevonCatherine EasterbrookServant25Female House ServLapford, Devon, England 1841 1861
13 Bedford Circus, Exeter,Bedford,Exeter,DevonAnnie EasterbrookHead45Female House Keeper having care of OfficesExeter, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EvansNiece19Female Dress MakerSherborne, Dorset, England
 Mary EvansNiece14Female Plain NeedlewomanExeter, Devon, England
Paul Street, Exeter,Exeter St Paul,Exeter,DevonWilliam EastabrookHead34Male Master Tailer & DraperJacobstow, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EastabrookWife35Female  Tanghill, Cornwall, England
124 Fore Street, St Petrock,Exeter St Petrock,Exeter,DevonHenry Gale GardnerHead33Male GrocerStanthorne, Gloucestershire, England
 Isabella S GardnerWife32Female  Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England
 Charles E L GardnerSon7Male ScholarCheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
 Ada I GardnerDaughter4 MoFemale  Exeter, Devon, England
 Besse Ann WesleyVisitor22Female  Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England
 John P CreaseApprentice16Male Grocers ApprenticeMilverton, Somerset, England
 James SlyAssistant20Male Grocers AssistantWarminster, Wiltshire, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant23Female House ServantCrediton, Devon, England 1841
 Mary HaywardNurse19Female Wet NurseCreditoncrediton, Devon, England
New Bridge Street, Exeter,Exeter Allhallows on the Wall,Exeter,DevonMary MaddeverHead35FemaleWidowMillinerBridestow, Devon, England 1841
 Tryphena EasterbrookSister36Female MillinerBow, Devon, England 1841
 Ellen TuckerServant13Female General ServExeter, Devon, England
Berrih, Dawlish,Dawlish,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn CrossHead46Male FarmerDawlish, Devon, England
 Frances CrossWife43Female  Dawlish, Devon, England
 Elizabeth CrossDaughter12Female ScholarDawlish, Devon, England
 James EasterbrookServant21Male Farm LabourerDevon, England
12 Chapel St, Dawlish,Dawlish,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrooksHead83Male Proprietor of housesBradnich, Devon, England 1841
 Sarah EasterbrooksWife80Female  Topsham, Devon, England
5 Brook Street, Dawlish,Dawlish,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrooksHead46Male HairdresserDawlish, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Frances EasterbrooksWife39Female  Southampton, Hampshire, England
 Elenora EasterbrooksDaughter20Female  Dawlish, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Alexander EasterbrooksSon18Male Template workerDawlish, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Marth EasterbrooksDaughter15Female  Dawlish, Devon, England 1841
 Mary EasterbrooksDaughter14Female  Dawlish, Devon, England 1841 1861
 James EasterbrooksSon12Male ScholarDawlish, Devon, England 1841 1861
 John EasterbrooksSon10Male ScholarDawlish, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Henry EasterbrooksSon7Male ScholarDawlish, Devon, England 1861
 Laura EasterbrooksDaughter2Female  Dawlish, Devon, England 1861
6 Northumberland Place, East Teignmouth,Exeter,Newton Abbot,DevonRichard TooleyHead30Male Grocer MasterBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Jane TooleyWife34Female  Widecombe, Devon, England 1841
 William S TooleySon3Male  Lidford, Devon, England
 John E TooleySon1Male  Teignmouth, Devon, England
 John EasterbrooksVisitor30Male Farmers SonWidecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary MurchServant67Female House ServantTorbrian, Devon, England
 Caroline CottonServant14Female House ServantTeignmouth, Devon, England
Lower Brook St, West Teignmouth,West Teignmouth,Newton Abbot,DevonMary ParishHead67Female Grocer's ShopBishopsteignton, Devon, England
 Sarah Eliza LeyLodger22Female ? ServantTeignmo, Devon, England
 Susannah EasterbrookLodger59FemaleWChar WomanPaington, Devon, England
 I HertckingsLodger27Male CordwainerTeignmo, Devon, England
Rectory House, North Bovey,North Bovey,Newton Abbot,DevonPhilip WoollcombeHead29Male Curate of North BoveyBovey Tracey, Devon, England
 Susanna Row EasterbrookServant29Female General Servant & HousekeeperThrowleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Walter BroomServant29Male General ServantBurgh, Suffolk, England
 Samuel DawsonVisitor14Male  Necton, Norfolk, England
Hr Kofe, Bringham,Brixham,Totnes,DevonThomas BurHead70Male FarmerBrixham, Devon, England
 Agness BurWife70Female  Brixham, Devon, England
 Nicholas BurSon43Male  Brixham, Devon, England
 Jane BurDaughter-in-law43Female  Brixham, Devon, England
 Mary Jane BurGranddaughter14Female  Brixham, Devon, England
 Susan BurGranddaughter10Female  Brixham, Devon, England
 Elizabeth BurGranddaughter5Female  Brixham, Devon, England
 Molly FarrierSister83Female  Brixham, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookServant12Male Farm ServantTorquay, Devon, England
Lower Slewtown, Whimple,Whimple,St Thomas,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead39MaleWidrAgricultural LabourerMoreton Hampstead, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarWhimple, Devon, England 1861
 Mary Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter11 MoFemale  Whimple, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth KenwoodMother74FemaleWidowAnnuitantPlymtree, Devon, England
Alend House, Broadclyst,Broadclyst,St Thomas,DevonElizabeth EastarbrookHead70FemaleWidowPauper formerly ShopkeeperBroadclist, Devon, England 1841
Hamlet of Dog, Broadclyst,Broadclyst,St Thomas,DevonJohn EastarbrookHead29Male MasonBroadclist, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susan EastarbrookWife30Female Rag DrefterCadbury, Devon, England
 John EastarbrookSon4Male ScholarBroadclist, Devon, England 1861
 Thomas EastarbrookSon11 MoMale  Broadclist, Devon, England 1861
Lockenford, Widecombe in the Moor,Widecombe in the Moor,Newton Abbot,DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead31Male MillerWidecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife32Female  Lidford, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarLidford, Devon, England 1861
 William StancombeServant22Male General ServantAshburton, Devon, England
Lizwell, Widecombe in the Moor,Widecombe in the Moor,Newton Abbot,DevonNicholas ElerbrookHead57Male Farming 200 acres emp 3 LabrsHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann ElerbrookWife50Female Farmer's WifeWidecombe, Devon, England 1861
 John ElerbrookSon28Male Employed on the FarmWidecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Wm ElerbrookSon11Male Employed on the FarmWidecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George TaylorServant23Male Employed on the FarmNewton, Devon, England
 John NorrishServant16Male Employed on the FarmIlsington, Devon, England
 John WoodleyServant14Male Employed on the FarmAshburton, Devon, England
 Peter NorrishServant11Male Employed on the FarmIlsington, Devon, England
 Emmanuel HannafordServant16Male Employed on the FarmWidecombe, Devon, England
 Mary HarrisServant19Female General ServantFarnham, Devon, England
 Elizth TownsendServant15Female General ServantWidecombe, Devon, England
Jordon, Widecombe in the Moor,Widecombe in the Moor,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead70Male Farming 133 acres emp 2 labHolne, Devon, England 1841
 Mary EasterbrookWife70Female Farmer's WifeWidecombe, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter36Female Farmer's DaughterWidecombe, Devon, England 1841
 Sarah HarrisServant22Female Domestic ServantGrassham, Devon, England
 W H MacdowellServant20Male Farm ServantDevonport, Devon, England
 Wm Hy LukeServant19Male Farm ServantBridport, Dorset, England
 R WhiddenServant16Male Farm ServantAshburton, Devon, England
 Elizth AndersonServant14Female Domestic ServantDaomport, Devon, England
 Saml CribbettServant13Male Farm ServantWidecombe, Devon, England
 Jones LeamanServant10Male Farm ServantWidecombe, Devon, England
 Mary BarterVisitor10Female  Sidford, Devon, England
 Saml BarterVisitor5Male  Sidford, Devon, England
Ponsworthy, Widecombe in the Moor,Widecombe in the Moor,Newton Abbot,DevonJames EasterbrookHead34Male Ag LabWidecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Avis EasterbrookWife33Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861
 Thos EasterbrookSon5Male  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861
 Betsy EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861
East Street, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonJames EasterbrookHead65Male ShoemakerAshburton, Devon, England 1841
 Susan EasterbrookWife66Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Mary NashDaughter36Female DressmakerAshburton, Devon, England 1841
 Charles NashGrandson5Male ScholarAshburton, Devon, England
 Mary E NashGranddaughter3Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 William NashGrandson1Male  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Ebenezer EasterbrookGrandson10 MoMale  Overton, Hampshire, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookVisitor<br>Granddaughter9Female  Overton, Hampshire, England 1861
Cad lane, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonElizabeth HillHead38FemaleUSergeweaverAshburton, Devon, England
 Sarah E HillDaughter17 MoFemale  Wolborough, Devon, England
 Eliza EasterbrookLodger26FemaleWidowSergeweaverAshburton, Devon, England
 Mary StevensLodger21FemaleUSergeweaverParish N K, Cornwall, England
North Street, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead29Male WoolcomberAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookWife28Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon2Male  Ashburton, Devon, England 1861
 Edwin EasterbrookSon1Male  Ashburton, Devon, England 1861
North Street, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn Easterbrook SewHead68Male Agr LabrAshburton, Devon, England 1841
 Mary EasterbrookWife61Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Robert WeeksLodger85MaleWidrPauper (Agr Labr)Ashburton, Devon, England
 Samuel DoddLodger42MaleWidrAgr LabrAshburton, Devon, England
Lower Whiddon Farm, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonElias EasterbrookHead69Male Farmer of 75 acresAshburton, Devon, England 1841
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife61Female Farmers WifeAshburton, Devon, England
 Samuel EasterbrookSon29Male Farmers sonAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter26Female Farmers daugAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George EasterbrookSon24Male Farmers sonAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Joseph EasterbrookSon21Male Farmers sonAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Thomas EasterbrookSon19Male Farmers sonAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susan Ann EasterbrookDaughter16Female Farmers daugAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter13Female Farmers daugAshburton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 William John EasterbrookGrandson4Male  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Ann BallVisitor55Female Masters WifeNk, Devon, England
 Joseph LeamanServant14Male Ag LabourerAshburton, Devon, England
Waytown House, Broadhempston,Broadhempston,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn James CoatesHead35Male Farmer of 20 acresBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Susanna CoatesWife35Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Eliza Mary CoatesDaughter1Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Frances Elizabeth CoatesDaughter1 MoFemale  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Susan HaymanServant22Female House ServantHolne, Devon, England
 Avis WaldranServant13Female House ServantManaton, Devon, England
 Nicholas EasterbrookServant16Male Outdoor ServantBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
Rectory House, Ipplepen,Ipplepen,Newton Abbot,DevonNicholas BurkingHead39Male Vicar of the ParishDartmouth, Devon, England
 L BurkingWife41Female  Cabins Hall, Staffordshire, England
 C S BurkingDaughter9Female ScholarAbbotskerswell, Devon, England
 A S BurkingSon8Male ScholarHeavitree, Devon, England
 M S BurkingDaughter19Female ScholarIpplepen, Devon, England
 J S BurkingDaughter6Female ScholarIpplepen, Devon, England
 L S BurkingDaughter3Female At HomeIpplepen, Devon, England
 K S BurkingDaughter2Female At HomeIpplepen, Devon, England
 Susanna AllenGoverness29Female GovernessWiveliscombe, Somerset, England
 Richa RoopVisitor31Male BarristerOponte, Portugal
 E GroberServant26Female Home ServLinton, Devon, England
 C H EasterbrookServant18Female Home ServTotiness, Devon, England 1841 1861
 M A FollandServant28Female Home ServNorth Tawton, Devon, England
Chapel Cottage, Ipplepen,Ipplepen,Newton Abbot,DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead46Male MessengerTotness, Devon, England 1841 1861
 C EasterbrookWife46Female SchoolmistressKinsham, Somerset, England
 S J EasterbrookDaughter11Female Scholar at homeIpplepen, Devon, England 1841 1861
 W J EasterbrookSon9Male Scholar at homeIpplepen, Devon, England 1861
Ipplepen Village,Ipplepen,Newton Abbot,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead82Male Farmer of 40 acresHolne, Devon, England 1841
 J EasterbrookWife68Female  Ipplepen, Devon, England
 W EasterbrookSon31Male Farmer Son at HomeIpplepen, Devon, England 1841 1861
 A EasterbrookDaughter29Female Farmer Daur at HomeIpplepen, Devon, England 1841 1861
 C EasterbrookSon25Male Farmer Son at HomeIpplepen, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane PalkGranddaughter6Female ScholarStaverton, Devon, England
Menhouse Farm, Ipplepen,Ipplepen,Newton Abbot,DevonGeorge HarrisHead51Male FarmerWoodland, Devon, England
 G HarrisWife49Female  Woodland, Devon, England
 G HarrisSon15Male  Ipplepen, Devon, England
 S HarrisDaughter14Female  Ipplepen, Devon, England
 M G HarrisDaughter9Female  Ipplepen, Devon, England
 E ShapleyServant17Female House ServIpplepen, Devon, England
 J SymonsServant27Male Farm ServWoodland, Devon, England
 J VandenServant25Male Farm ServBlack Torrington, Devon, England
 J AdamsServant16Male Farm ServIpplepen, Devon, England
 R BlatchfordServant14Male Farm ServIpplepen, Devon, England
 S EasterbrookServant13Male Farm ServIpplepen, Devon, England 1841 1861
 G AdamsServant10Male House ServIpplepen, Devon, England
Coffinswell,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn StanlakeHead28Male Ag LabWinketz, Devon, England
 Elizebeth StanlakeWife30Female  Northtinghton
 Willm StanlakeSon7Male  Chateridge, Devon, England
 James StanlakeSon3Male  Coffinswell, Devon, England
 Ann StanlakeVisitor22Female  Winkley, Devon, England
 Willm EastabrookLodger22Male Ag LabMontockhamton 1841 1861
Kings Kerswell,Kingskerswell,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead42Male SawyerTotness, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Harriet EasterbrookWife38Female  Berry, Devon, England
 Harriet EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George EasterbrookSon14Male Ag.LabKings Kerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 John EasterbrookSon12Male Ag.LabKings Kerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Thomas EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarKings Kerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Reuben EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarKings Kerswell, Devon, England 1861
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarKings Kerswell, Devon, England 1861
 Samuel EasterbrookSon3Male  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England 1861
 William EasterbrookSon8 MoMale  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England 1861
Kings Kerswell,Kingskerswell,Newton Abbot,DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead36Male Ag LabKings Kerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Maria EasterbrookWife36Female  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Maria EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England 1861
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England 1861
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Kings Kerswell, Devon, England 1861
 Richard WiddicombeLodger40Male Ag LabKings Kerswell, Devon, England
Coombepafford, St Mary Church,Torquay St Mary Church,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead27Male Ag LabThrowley, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary A EasterbrookWife28Female  Freemington, Devon, England
 Lydia A EasterbrookDaughter1Female  St Mary Church, Devon, England 1861
 John SnellLodger20Male Ag LabSt Mary Church, Devon, England
 George HooperLodger22Male Ag LabThrowley, Devon, England
 George ParkerLodger37Male Plasterer JourneymanSt Thomas Eater, Devon, England
Coombepafford, St Mary Chruch,Torquay St Mary Church,Newton Abbot,DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead40Male Labourer (on the roads)Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jake EasterbrookWife38   Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon, England
 George EasterbrookSon8Male  St Mary Church, Devon, England 1861
 John BastowLodger25Male Labourer on the roadsMerton, Devon, England
 George EasterbrookLodger22Male Labourer on the roadsThrowley, Devon, England 1841 1871
Church Hill House,Torquay St Mary Church,Newton Abbot,DevonDanial WoodleyHead54Male Builder & Marble MasonBroadhembury, Devon, England
 Margaret WoodleyWife54Female  Leingmouth, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookServant30FemaleUHouse MaidLendfordtontony, Devon, England
18 Melvill Street, Tormoham,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead59FemaleUPauperBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookVisitor43FemaleUDress MakerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
* Barrem Place, Tormoham,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam CodnoeHead39Male Cabinet MakerDaccombe, Devon, England
 Elizh CodnoeWife37Female DressmakerSt Mary Church, Devon, England
 Frances CodnoeDaughter7Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 Sarah CodnoeDaughter4Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 Mary Jane CodnoeDaughter1Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 William CodnoeSonInfantMale  Torquay, Devon, England
 Mary Ann JarmanServant13Female General ServSt Mary Church, Devon, England
 Jane EasterbrookServant56Female NurseBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
5 Higher Livery Mews, Tormaham,Braddons Hill,Newton Abbot,DevonThomas EasterbrookeHead26Male CabmanTorquay, Devon, England 1861
 Susan EasterbrookeWife27Female  Cheltenham
 John EasterbrookeSon6 MoMale  Cheltenham 1861
2 Higher Terrace Mews, Tormaham,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead56Male ChairmanSandford, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife49Female  Oakhampton, Devon, England
 Richard EasterbrookSon17Male FishermanTorquay, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Samuel EasterbrookSon8Male SchoolTorquay, Devon, England
3 Abbey Place, Tormaham,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonFrederick LethbridgeHead36Male ConfectionerSouth Tawton, Devon, England
 Maria LethbridgeWife38Female  Paignton, Devon, England
 Ann Maria LethbridgeDaughter8Female ScholarTormoham, Devon, England
 Jennette Kate LethbridgeDaughter6Female ScholarTormoham, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookJourney"16Male  Kingskerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary Grace ColmanServant16Female ServantStoke Gabriel, Devon, England
Back B Place, Tormoham,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EsterbrookHead46Male SaywerWorldon, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EsterbrookWife62Female  St Mary Church, Devon, England
 John EsterbrookSon17Male SaywerKingskerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary A EsterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarKingskerswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Agness EsterbrookDaughter3Female ScholarKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861
5 Lower Union Street, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonJoseph ClaveHead35Male CarpenterBovey Tracey, Devon, England
 Eliza ClaveWife37Female  Helsington, Devon, England
 Joseph ClaveSon12Male ScholarBovey Tracey, Devon, England
 Henry ClaveSon8Male ScholarTorquay, Devon, England
 Caroline ClaveDaughter4Female  Torquay
 Alfred ChaveSon2Male  Torquay
 John ChaveSonInfantMale  Torquay
 Louisa CornelServant13Female ServantKingskerswell, Devon, England
 Maryann EasterbrookVisitor50FemaleWdw Helsington, Devon, England 1841 1871
Sea View House, Clarence Street, Dartmouth,Townstall,Totnes,DevonPercy HockenHead34Male Solicitor & Register of Births and DeathsDartmouth, Devon, England
 Mary G S HockinWife30Female  Branden Hall, Sussex, England
 Mary G S HockinDaughter8Female  Stokefleing, Devon, England
 Sebella L HockinDaughter5Female  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Catherina HockinDaughter3Female  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 William Lamb HockinSon1Male  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Percy HockinSonunder 1 MoMale  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Frederick R HockinBrother33Male Solicitor's General ClerkDartmouth, Devon, England
 Harriet CarterServant45Female ServantPort Born, Somerset, England
 Elizabeth EffordServant24Female House MaidDartmouth, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookServant60FemaleMarrMonthly lying in NurseDittisham, Devon, England
Mariners Place, Dartmouth,Townstall,Totnes,DevonEmma EasterbrookWife32Female Wife of Master MarinerDartmouth, Devon, England 1861
 Sarah DoddSister20Female  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Elizabeth DoddMother60Female Widow of Master MarinerDittisham, Devon, England
 Anne ElliotVisitor80Female Wife of Late MarinerDittisham, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon2Male  Dartmouth, Devon, England 1861
Sandquay Mill, Dartmouth,Townstall,Totnes,DevonWilliam EastbrockLodger58MaleMarrSubflour Breaking StoneExbourne, Devon, England
Bumpston, Staverton,Staverton,Totnes,DevonWilliam CannafordHead34Male Ag LabStaverton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth CannafordWife40Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Mary E CannafordDaughter6Female  Staverton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth M CannafordDaughter6Female  Staverton, Devon, England
 Jane E CannafordDaughter5Female  Staverton, Devon, England
 Ann M CannafordDaughter2Female  Staverton, Devon, England
 Margaret EasterbrooksMother-in-law74Female Retired Farmer's WifeHolne, Devon, England
Fore Street, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead26Male Wool ComberBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1860
 Mary EasterbrookWife27Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1871
 William EasterbrookSon3Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary Jane EasterbrookDaughter11 MoFemale  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Fore Street, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead31MaleWidrSaddlerWidecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Cecilias SaneServant17Female House ServDean, Devon, England
Colston, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJohn FosterHead65Male Farmer of 50 acresDean, Devon, England
 Elizabeth FosterWife66Female  Paignton, Devon, England
 Caroline FosterDaughter28Female  Dean, Devon, England
 Nancy FosterDaughter24Female  Dean, Devon, England
 Richard EasterbrookServant23Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 James WalterServant15Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Crebers, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead46MaleUAg LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Margaret EasterbrookMother75FemaleWidowAnnuitantHolne, Devon, England 1841
Elliott Road, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJohn EastabrookHead29Male Ag LabRattery, Devon, England 1841
 Harriet EastabrookWife31Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Market St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead24Male Wool ComberBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookWife25Female Dress MakerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabh A EasterbrookDaughter2Female ScholrBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 James E EasterbrookSon1Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
5 Market St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead50Male Black Smith Master emp manBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife46Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Frederick FosterSon21Male Black SmithBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon15Male Wool ComberBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter13Female Dress MakerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Wm EasterbrookBrother48MaleUChelsea Pensioner 48 RegBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Silver St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonThos EasterbrookHead63Male Ag LabBuckfastlh, Devon, England 1841
 Josiah EasterbrookSon16Male Wool ComberBuckfastlh, Devon, England 1841
Jordan St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead66MaleMarCarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Jane EasterbrookWife64FemaleMar Staverton, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon41MaleUAg LabBuckfastlh, Devon, England
 Elizh EasterbrookDaughter31FemaleUWool SorterBuckfastlh, Devon, England 1841
 Wm EasterbrookGrandson9Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1861
 Susan EasterbrookGranddaughter1Female  Buckfastlh, Devon, England 1861
Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonNicholas CasterbrookHead50Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Mary CasterbrookWife42Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Thos CasterbrookSon20Male TannerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Harriett CasterbrookDaughter4Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Maria CasterbrookDaughter1Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
Chapel St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead36Male Wool ComberBuckfastlh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizh EasterbrookWife37Female  Buckfastlh, Devon, England
 Thos Js EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarBuckfastlh, Devon, England 1861
 Mary J EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Buckfastlh, Devon, England 1861
 Elizh MemoryLodger62FemaleWidPauperBuckfastlh, Devon, England
 Ann ChurchwardLodger21FemaleUSerge WeaverBuckfastlh, Devon, England
 Harriott BonathanLodger2Female  Buckfastlh, Devon, England
Chapel St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead81Male Retired BlacksmithBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Grace EasterbrookWife82Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonRichard PetherbridgeHead35Male Farmer of 100 acresBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Jane PetherbridgeWife32Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Ann BrookingServant18Female House ServantWiddicombe, Devon, England
 Willm EasterbrookServant20Male Farm LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 John PaulServant17Male Farm LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 John BullyServant12Male Farm LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 John CoakerNephew7Male ScholarBuckland, Devon, England
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead42Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Grace EasterbrookWife55Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Grace EasterbrookDaughter23Female Spinner at Wool MillBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonPhilip AngelHead45Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Thomas AngelBrother42Male Retired Ag Lab In AnnuitantBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookLodger56FemaleUPauperBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary A ChaffLodger20Female Spinner at Wool MillBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Susanna ChaffLodger18Female HousekeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Summersbridge, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonWillm EasterbrookHead42Male Tin MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife36Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Ann CoombesMother-in-law73FemaleWidWoollen Manufn WidDean Prior, Devon, England
Runnaford Coombe, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonSamuel ChaffHead45Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Eleanor ChaffWife45Female NurseBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter18Female Serge CleanerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 George EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Brook Mill, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJacob RowlandHead45MaleUFarmer of 70 acres & MillerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Elias EasterbrookServant33MaleUMiller JourneymanBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Marey EasterbrookServant38FemaleUHouse KeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Richard BulleyServant17MaleUFarm LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Samuel BulleyServant10Male Farm LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
No 13 House, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonElias EasterbrookHead41Male MillerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife40Female  Boconick, Cornwall, England
 Elizh Ann EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Holne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elias EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1861
 Priscilla EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1871
 Daniel EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1861
 Thomas EasterbrookSon1Male  Holne, Devon, England 1861
No 15 House, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonDaniel EasterbrookHead63Male Carpenter & InnkeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife61Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Tryphena EasterbrookDaughter19Female DressmakerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Mary Ann RowlandVisitor8Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Priscilla EasterbrookVisitor63FemaleWid Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Robert FoaleServant24Male House ServantIlsington, Devon, England
 Priscilla PetherbridgeVisitor33FemaleWidDressmakerHolne, Devon, England 1841
Mill Lear, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonEdward CarterHead40Male Farmer of 150 acresPlymouth, Devon, England
 Hannah CarterWife40Female  Lydford, Devon, England
 William CarterSon5Male  Chagford, Devon, England
 Jane B CarterDaughter3Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Ann W BarterSister-in-law38Female FundholderHolne, Devon, England
 Jane AdamsServant18Female House ServantNk, Cornwall, England
 Saml AdamsServant16Male Farm LabNk, Cornwall, England
 Elias EasterbrookServant41Male Farm LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
Studley, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonWilliam LandreyHead25Male ButcherSouthill, Cornwall, England
 Mary LandreyWife25Female  Southill, Cornwall, England
 Helen M LandreyDaughter1Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Martha J LandreyDaughter7 MoFemale  Holne, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookServant10Female House MaidHolne, Devon, England 1841
Holne Park, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonJames ChamingsHead34Male Farmer of 120 acresBeaford, Devon, England
 Susanna ChamingsWife32Female  Huish, Devon, England
 Mary J ChamingsDaughter1Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Susanna ChamingsDaughter1 MoFemale  Holne, Devon, England
 Eliza HaymanServant19Female House ServantHolne, Devon, England
 John StrawbridgeServant22Male Agr LaborerHolne, Devon, England
 George WhyettServant17Male Agr LaborerHolne, Devon, England
 Wm EasterbrookServant15Male Agr LaborerHolne, Devon, England 1841
 Thos EasterbrookServant15Male Agr LaborerHolne, Devon, England 1841
Little Coombe, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead65Male Agr LabrHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife65Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Martha EasterbrookDaughter28Female House ServantHolne, Devon, England 1841
 Martha A EasterbrookGranddaughter6Female ScholarHolne, Devon, England
Whiteoxen, Dean Prior,Dean Prior,Totnes,DevonElias EasterbrookHead40Male Farmer 60 acres & LabourerBuckland in the Moor, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife34Female Farmer's WifeDean Prior, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter15Female Farmers DaurSouth Brent, Devon, England 1841
 Charlotte TomsServant16Female House ServDartmouth, Devon, England
 Thomas JervisServant19Male Farm ServHarberton, Devon, England
Ley, South Brent,South Brent,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead73Male Farmer 20 AcresHolne, Devon, England 1841
 Jane EasterbrookWife70Female  Buckland in the Moor, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter40FemaleU Buckland in the Moor, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter31FemaleU Rattery, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Henry EasterbrookSon26MaleU Rattery, Devon, England
 Augustus EasterbrookSon18MaleU Rattery, Devon, England 1861
 John ThomasGrandson4Male  So Brent, Devon, England
 Charles HoskingServant15Male  Rattery, Devon, England
Brent Mill Village, South Brent,South Brent,Totnes,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead36Male LabourerRattery, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Betsey EasterbrookWife30Female  Ermington, Devon, England
 Edwin James EasterbrookSon7Male  Huish, Devon, England 1861
 Elias EasterbrookSon6Male  St Brent, Devon, England 1861
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter1Female  St Brent, Devon, England 1861
Surtley, Ugborough,Ugborough,Totnes,DevonJohn HeathHead63Male Farmer of 50 acresUgborough, Devon, England
 Jane HeathWife58Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Sarah HeathDaughter20Female Farmers Daughter employed at homeUgborough, Devon, England
 James EasterbrookServant27Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Richard HardServant15Male Farm ServantUgborough, Devon, England
Bearscombe, Diptford,Diptford,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead55Male Farmer of 70 acresHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Dolly EasterbrookWife57Female  Churchstow, Devon, England
 Mary E EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Loddiswell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Edward HosperServant15Male Farms ServantTotness, Devon, England
Beara Farm, Rattery,Rattery,Totnes,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead57Male Farmer of 70 acresHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookWife60Female Farmers WifeWidecombe, Devon, England
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter24FemaleUFarmers DaurRattery, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth StertoneVisitor62FemaleU Widecombe, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookGrandson2Male  Harberton, Devon, England 1861
 Richard KnowlingServant23MaleUFarmers ServBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 John ShellebeerServant16MaleUFarmers ServAshburton, Devon, England
Higher Vicarage, Harberton,Harberton,Totnes,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead26Male FarmerRattery, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Trenea EasterbrookWife25Female  Shodwary, Devon, England
 Maria HingstoneServant15Female House ServStaverton, Devon, England
 John TorleyServant14Male Farm ServBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Harberton,Totnes,DevonWilliam SoperHead45Male BlacksmithHarberton, Devon, England
 Mary SoperWife34Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Susan S S SoperDaughter13Female  Harberton, Devon, England
 Servington S SoperSon8Male  Harberton, Devon, England
 Mary S EasterbrookVisitor6Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
Crokadon Farm, Halwell,Halwell,Totnes,DevonHenry HewettHead55Male FarmerLoddiswell, Devon, England
 Joanna HewettWife38Female  Lusley, Devon, England
 William F HewettSon7Male ScholarHalwell, Devon, England
 John H HewettSon4Male ScholarHalwell, Devon, England
 Harriett ColeServant28Female Far ServCornworthy, Devon, England
 Easter ClarkeServant10Female Far ServCornworthy, Devon, England
 John NichollsServant66Male  Holn, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookServant24Male  Halwell, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Robert DammerallServant13Male  Halwell, Devon, England
 Charles ClarkeServant11Male  Cornworthy, Devon, England
Stoke Fleming Village,Totnes,Kingsbridge,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead62Male Farm LabStokefleming, Devon, England 1841 1861
 John EasterbrookSon28Male Farm LabStokefleming, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary Ann FristDaughter25Female LaundressStokefleming, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Edmund FristSon1Male  Stokefleming, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WillsServant14Female House ServStokefleming, Devon, England
Ford, Chivelstone,Chivelstone,Kingsbridge,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead29Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife23Female  Chivelstone, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Chivelstone, Devon, England 1861
 Mary J EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Chivelstone, Devon, England 1861
 Thomas EsterbrookSon7Male  Chivelstone, Devon, England 1861
 George EsterbrookSon7Male  Chivelstone, Devon, England 1861
Fore Street, Kingsbridge,Kingsbridge,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead57Male BakerStokefleming 1841
 Sarah EasterbrookWife60Female  Kingsbridge, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon24Male Watch MakerKingsbridge, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Geo JarvisLodger26  Tailor JourneymanHarbertonford, Devon, England
 Jane FoaleLodger60Female Formerly Letter ServiceKingston, Devon, England
Fore Street, Kingsbridge,Kingsbridge,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead25Male ButcherKingsbridge 1841 1861
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife24Female Dress MakerDodbrook
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter4 MoFemale  Kingsbridge 1861
7 Amity Place, Plymouth,Plymouth Charles the Martyr,Plymouth,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead31Male Journeyman CarpenterPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife32Female  St Keverne, Cornwall, England
 John EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
 William J EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Jabez EasterbrookSon4Male  Stonehouse, Devon, England 1861
 Frances M EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Plymouth, Devon, England 1861
 Grace WillsVisitor60FemaleUFormerly SchoolmistressHelston, Cornwall, England
22 Clarence Street, Plymouth,Plymouth Charles the Martyr,Plymouth,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead43Male Carpenter MasterPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Margaret EasterbrookWife43Female  Madron, Cornwall, England
 Mary Majore EasterbrookDaughter20Female  Penzance, Cornwall, England 1841
 Ann Penrose EasterbrookDaughter18Female  Penzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 John Rd EasterbrookSon16Male Carpenter ApprenticePenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Nicholas J EasterbrookSon14Male ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 William P EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841
 Elizabeth E EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarExeter, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ebenezer EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1861
 Margaretta EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon, England 1861
48 York Street, Plymouth,Plymouth St Andrew,Plymouth,DevonLydia Ann Esterbrook CrockerHead52Female Dress MakerPlymouth, Devon, England
 Elizabeth M L CrockerDaughter20Female MillinerPlymouth, Devon, England
 John F CrockerSon25Male Carpenter (Apprentice)Plymouth, Devon, England
64 Cambridge St, Plymouth,Christ Church,Plymouth,DevonRichard EastabrookHead39Male ButcherDevonport, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susan EastabrookWife34Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter4Female  Devonport, Devon, England 1861
 William EastabrookSon2Male  Devonport, Devon, England 1861
 Ebenezer EastabrookSon1Male  Devonport, Devon, England 1861
11 Chapel Street, East Stonehouse,East Stonehouse,DevonJoseph BonearHead39Male Beershop KeeperAttomin, Cornwall, England
 Mary Ann BonearWife43Female  Sampford Courtney, Devon, England
 Sarah EasterbrookNiece20FemaleUAssistantSampford Courtney, Devon, England 1841
14 Fore St, East Stonehouse,East Stonehouse,DevonSarah Easterbrook 21Female GloverBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841
88 Fore St, Stonehouse,East Stonehouse,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead32MaleWrSalemanEast Stonehouse, Devon, England 1841
 Thomas EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon, England 1861
9 Quarry Street, East Stonehouse,East Stonehouse,DevonGrace EasterbrookHead27Female Mariner WifePlymouth, Devon, England
 John R EasterbrookSon15 MoMale  East Stonehouse, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth SheppardVisitor25Female Domestic ServantPlymouth, Devon, England
 Benjamin ArcherVisitor12Male Domestic ServantDevonport, Devon, England
Adelade St, Plympton,East Stonehouse,DevonElizth EasterbrookHead47FemaleWLaundressPlympton St Mary, Devon, England 1841
 Thos EasterbrookSon14Male Errand BoyPlympton St Mary, Devon, England 1841 1861
Clarence Place, East Stonehouse,East Stonehouse,DevonEliza PopeHead51Female Retired SeamstressDevonport, Devon, England
 Elizth PopeDaughter28Female SeamstressDevonport, Devon, England
 Emily PopeDaughter18Female Dress MakerDevonport, Devon, England
 Kate PopeDaughter10Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Bessey RamesGranddaughter7Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Ellen PopeDaughter27Female Stay MakerDevonport, Devon, England
 Jessy EasterbrookVisitor24FemaleMarDress MakerDevonport, Devon, England
3 Barrack Street, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonCharles EasterbrookHead34Male ButcherDport, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elinore EasterbrookMother70FemaleWiddow Thorn St Margate, Somerset, England
 Ann GoldsworthyCousin42Female M&VDevonport, Devon, England
 Ann PoorServant60Female House ServantDevonport, Devon, England
18 Pond Lane, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonSarah LittletonHead52FemaleWidowSchoolmistressPortsmouth
 William E LittletonSon24MaleUClerkDevonport, Devon, England
 Mary LittletonDaughter17FemaleUDressmakerDevonport, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookMother84FemaleWidDrawing parachial reliefCawsand, Cornwall, England
45 Chapel St, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonMary Ann CraddickHead50Female Lodging House KeeperSaltash, Cornwall, England
 Nicholas DunsfordBrother36Male SailmakerSaltash, Cornwall, England
 Nicholas DunsfordBrother-in-law10Male ScholarSaltash, Cornwall, England
 Albert DunsfordBrother-in-law3Male  Saltash, Cornwall, England
 George AnkadaeLodger50Male Independent GentlemanYorkshire, England
 Samuel EastabrookLodger27Male ButcherDevonport, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Arthur KeeneLodger30Male EngineerLondon, England
 Mary BlakeServant15Female House ServantSaltash, Cornwall, England
29 James Street, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonWm EasterbrookHead57Male BricklayerExbourn, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife58Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Charlotte EasterbrookDaughter21Female  Devonport, Devon, England 1841
 John EasterbrookSon15Male Errand BoyDevonport, Devon, England 1841
86 James Street, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonWm B EastabrookHead46Male ButcherDevonport, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizth EastabrookWife42Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Mary A EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861
54 Mount Pl, Stoke Dameral,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonJames EasterbrookHead41Male ShoemakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife40Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 James EasterbrookSon14Male Errand BoyPlymouth, Devon, England 1861
 Ann Maria EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Ebenezer EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861
54 Penbroke St, Stoke Dameral,St Stephen,Stoke Damerel,DevonWilliam EstabrookHead56Male ButcherSouth Taunton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Grace EstabrookWife44Female  St Dominick, Cornwall, England
 William Geo EstabrookSon11Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Belinda A EstabrookDaughter6Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Thomas DewingFather-in-law91Male  Egles Kerey, Cornwall, England
 Ann PayneServant15Female House ServantDevonport, Devon, England
7 George St.(Back), Stoke Damerel,St Stephen,Stoke Damerel,DevonMatthew EasterbrookHead41Male Pipe Maker (Journeyman)Stonehouse, Devon, England 1841
 Caroline EasterbrookWife47Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Matthew EasterbrookSon9Male  Devonport, Devon, England 1841 1861
 John PenningVisitor20MaleMarBlacksmith (Journeyman)Devonport, Devon, England
 Amelia PenningVisitor20FemaleMar Stonehouse, Devon, England 1841
14 James ? Apt, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead39FemaleWLaundressHelston, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 William EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarFalmouth, Cornwall, England 1861
Workhouse,Stoke Damerel,DevonHenry EasterbrookPauper54Male Shoemaker JourneymanExbourne, Devon, England 1841
9 Holiman's Buildings, Stoke Damerel,St Paul,Stoke Damerel,DevonPhilip Jno EasterbrookHead64Male Seaman PensionerDevonport, Devon, England 1841
 Nancy EasterbrookWife51Female TailoressDevonport, Devon, England
4 Morice St, Stoke Damerel,St Paul,Stoke Damerel,DevonRobert ElliottHead45Male Policeman H M DockyardDevon, England
 Gray ElliottWife46Female  Milla All T, Devon, England
 Robert ElliottSon17Male MoulderPlymouth, Devon, England
 John J C ElliottSon14Male Black & White SmithDevonport, Devon, England
 Sarah G ElliottDaughter10Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Mary ElliottDaughter7Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Edwin ElliottSon5Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Thomas AbramLodger23Male Boots ?Devonport, Devon, England
 Richard WhitfordLodger24Male Rifle MakerFalmouth, Cornwall, England
 Sylvester RublingLodger20Male EngineerSt Stephens, Cornwall, England
 Robert C WiddscombLodger14Male EngineerSt Stephens, Cornwall, England
 Rebecca J EasterbrookServant19Female  Plymouth, Devon, England 1841 1861
13 Boot Lane, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonSaml EastabrookHead54Male ButcherDevonport 1841 1861
 Ann EastabrookWife46Female  Deptford, Kent, England
 Ann EastabrookDaughter29Female  Devonport 1841 1861
 Emma EastabrookDaughter23Female  Devonport 1841
 Jas WedlockNephew18Male  Bristol
15 Boot Lane, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonWm DewstowHead77Male LaborerCornwall, England
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter48FemaleW Devonport
 James WarrenGrandson19Male  Devonport
 Mary A WarrenGranddaughter16Female  Devonport
 Ann PrescottLodger64Female  Jenkent, Kent, England
Tamer Terrace, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonEdward CollierHead57Male ? HalfpayDevon, England
 Isabella CollierWife52Female  Fonnes, Scotland
 Frances CollierDaughter24Female  Torpoint, Cornwall, England
 Emily CollierDaughter20Female  Cornwall, England
 Sarah GrahamSister62Female Officer's WifeBelford, Ireland
 M EasterbrookServant21Female SerDevon, England
76 Mary Row, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonJoh EasterbrookHead68Male Retired SmithDevon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookWife64Female  Devon, England
22 Moon Street, Stoke Damerel,St James,Stoke Damerel,DevonThomas EastabrookHead36Male LabourerSampford Courtney, Devon, England 1861
 Agness EastabrookWife29Female  Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England
 William EastabrookSon8Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Roberth Thomas EastabrookSon4Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Josia James EastabrookSon1Male  Devonport, Devon, England 1861
 Robert NorthcottVisitor76MaleWidrParish Relief LabourerBlack Torrington, Devon, England
 Phillip ThornVisitor35MaleULabourerTavistock, Devon, England
Moretown, Whitchurch,Whitchurch,Tavistock,DevonJames BlachfordHead39Male FarmerSampford Spiney, Devon, England
 Grace BlachfordWife34Female  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 Elizabeth BlachfordDaughter8Female at homeWhitchurch, Devon, England
 Thomas BlachfordSon4Male at homeWhitchurch, Devon, England
 James BlachfordSon2Male at homeWhitchurch, Devon, England
 John BlachfordSon5 MoMale  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 Henry KnightServant55Male Ag LabWhitchurch, Devon, England
 James SkellyServant16Male Ag LabWhitchurch, Devon, England
 John SimmonsServant15Male Ag LabPeter Tavy, Devon, England
 Richard EasterbrookApprentice19Male Ag LabWhitchurch, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Johannah MillmanServant26Female General ServSourton, Devon, England
Morravale Bridge and Cottage, Whitchurch,Whitchurch,Tavistock,DevonRobert EsterbrookHead33Male Ag LabWhitchurch, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EsterbrookWife27Female Toll Gate CollectorLydford, Devon, England
 Mary Jane EsterbrookDaughter4Female  Whitchurch, Devon, England 1861
 David HawkinsLodger22Male House CarpenterChawley, Devon, England
 Richard MerrifieldLodger22Male BlacksmithTavistock, Devon, England
Middle Moore Cottages, Whitchurch,Whitchurch,Tavistock,DevonMartha EasterbrookHead72FemaleWnone Ag Lab widTavistock, Devon, England 1841
Lower Tor Farm, Whitchurch,Whitchurch,Tavistock,DevonJohn SmithHead60Male FarmerBroadwoodwidger, Devon, England
 Alice SmithWife64Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 Eliza EasterbrookServant22  Household ServantNorth Tawton, Devon, England
 Arthur SagoServant58Male Farm LabourerStoford, Devon, England
 James SimmonsServant12Male Farm LabourerWhitchurch, Devon, England
Banawell Street, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead48Male LabourerWhitechurch, Devon, England 1841
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife46Female LaundressBuckland Monachorum, Devon, England
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter17Female TailoressWhitchurch, Devon, England 1841
 William EasterbrookSon15Male LabWhitchurch, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Martha EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Tavistock, Devon, England 1841 1861
Brook Street, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonWilliam MettersHead63Male Ag LabBridestow, Devon, England
 Ann MettersWife65Female  Sourton, Devon, England
 William MettersSon21Male Ag LabTavistock, Devon, England
 Elizabeth MettersDaughter18Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 John MettersSon12Male Errand BoyTavistock, Devon, England
 Louisa MettersGranddaughter3Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookLodger30Male Ag.LabZeal Monachorum, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookLodger38Female  Sourton, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookLodger15Male Tin MinerSourton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookLodger13Female Errand girlSourton, Devon, England 1841
 Robert EasterbrookLodger3Male  Tavistock, Devon, England 1861
 William EasterbrookLodger2Male  Tavistock, Devon, England 1861
Beckwill, Milton Abbot,Milton Abbot,Tavistock,DevonJames EasterbrookHead25Male Farmer of 65 acresHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife26Female Farmers WifeHolne, Devon, England
 William Thomas EasterbrookSon2Male Farmers SonMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861
 James John EasterbrookSon1Male  Milton Abbot, Devon, England
 John WoodsServant12Male Farm LabourerBrentor, Devon, England
 Jane HillServant14Female House ServantSouth Sydenham, Devon, England
Lower Tuell, Milton Abbot,Milton Abbot,Tavistock,DevonNicholas EasterbrookHead60Male Farmer of 250 acresHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susanna EasterbrookWife58Female  Holne, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon24Male Farmers sonHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George EasterbrookSon22Male Farmers sonHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth HendyVisitor14Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Richard FrumanServant27Male Farmers ServSt Sydenham, Devon, England
 James TaylorServant21Male Farmers ServMilton Abbot, Devon, England
 John PearceServant18Male Farmers ServLidford, Devon, England
 David PalmerServant13Male Farmers ServLifton, Devon, England
 Walter ArscottServant13Male Farmers ServSt Sydenham, Devon, England
 Mary SpoyServant14Female House ServBrinton, Devon, England
Lifton Village,Lifton,Tavistock,DevonJohn LashbrookHead29Male Farm LabourerGermansweek, Devon, England
 Mary Ann LashbrookWife26Female  Lifton, Devon, England 1841
 Mary Athelia LashbrookDaughter5Female  Lifton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth Polena LashbrookDaughter2Female  Lifton, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookMother-in-law58FemaleWidowPauperLifton, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookLodger17MaleuGroomLifton, Devon, England 1841 1861
Holster Yard, Marystowe,Marystow,Tavistock,DevonRichard DownHead49Male CarpenterLewtrenchard, Devon, England
 Elizth DownWife48Female Dress MakerStoke Damuel, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizth DownDaughter14Female ScholarMarystow, Devon, England
 Emma DownDaughter12Female ScholarMarystow, Devon, England
 Richd DownSon9Male ScholarMarystow, Devon, England
 Same DownSon5Male ScholarMarystow, Devon, England
 Susan EasterbrookMother-in-law77FemaleWFormerly Dress MakerEgg Buckland, Devon, England 1841
Frises Cottage, Lewtrunchard,Lewtrenchard,Tavistock,DevonGarce KellawayHead55FemaleWidPauper Ag Labourer wifeStowford, Devon, England
 Charlott EastabrookDaughter25Female  Lewtrenchard, Devon, England
 James KellawaySon17Male MinerLewtrenchard, Devon, England
 Samuel EastabrookSon-in-law28Male Quarry LabourerLifton, Devon, England 1841
 Samuel EastabrookGrandson5 MoMale  Lifton, Devon, England 1861
Alder Quarry, Thrushelton,Thrushelton,Tavistock,DevonThos MortensonHead42Male Quarry LabourerThrushelton
 Maria MortensonWife36Female  Thrushelton
 Mary MortensonDaughter9Female ScholarThrushelton
 Wm MortensonSon6Male ScholarThrushelton
 Wm EastabrookLodger43Male Clerk to Lime QuarryStowford 1841
Wood Barton, Monkokehampton,Monkokehampton,Okehampton,DevonWilliam HillHead62Male FarmerDevonshire, Devon, England
 Mary HillWife50Female  Devon, England
 William HillSon15Male  Devon, England
 Elizabeth HillDaughter19Female  Devon, England
 Mary Ann WardServant20Female  Devon, England
 William EasterbrookServant19Male  Devon, England
 Christopher WeeksServant21Male  Devon, England
 John TewrigsServant13Male  Devon, England
Cottage, Okehampton,Monkokehampton,Okehampton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead59Male Ag LabourerExbourn, Devon, England 1841
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife62Female  Winkley, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter24Female  Monkoakhamptgon, Devon, England 1841 1861
Cottage, Okehampton,Monkokehampton,Okehampton,DevonJohn WeeksHead40Male Ag LabourerMonkoakhamptgon, Devon, England
 Ann WeeksWife41Female  Broadwoodkelly, Devon, England
 Mary WeeksDaughter18Female GloverMonkoakhampton, Devon, England
 Christopher WeeksSon8Male SchoolarMonkoakhampton, Devon, England
 Rhoda WeeksDaughter4Female ScholarMonkoakhampton, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookVisitor17Female Ag labourers daughterMonkoakhampton, Devon, England 1841 1861
Fair Place, Okehampton,Okehampton,DevonAnn EastabrookHead70FemaleUnCharwoman PauperJacobstow, Devon, England
Dressmaker,Okehampton,DevonSusanna EastabrookDaughter28FemaleUn Okehampton, Devon, England 1871
Part of Lopegs, Belstone,Belstone,Okehampton,DevonReuben TaylorHead39Male Ag LabSampford Courtay, Devon, England
 Susan TaylorWife39Female Hand loom weaver woolSampford Courty, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Joana EsterbrookWifes daur15Female Wool spinnerSampford Courty, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EsterbrookWifes daur12Female  South Tawton, Devon, England 1841
 Elizabeth WeberVisitor56Female  Sampford Cutry, Devon, England
Bulls Lane, Throwley,Throwleigh,Okehampton,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead59Male Farmer of 20 acresSamford Courtney, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Lydia EasterbrookWife57Female  Throwley, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon21Male Boot & Shoe makerThrowley, Devon, England 1841
 Samuel EasterbrookSon16Male Farmer LabourerThrowley, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Joseph EasterbrookSon14Male Farmer sonThrowley, Devon, England 1841 1861
Berrytown, Gidleigh,Gidleigh,Okehampton,DevonWilliam BrookHead66Male FarmerThrowleigh, Devon, England
 Mary BrookWife42Female  Throwleigh, Devon, England
 Mary BrookDaughter18Female  Throwleigh, Devon, England
 Rebecca AyshLodger51Female AnnuitantThrowleigh, Devon, England
 Philip WaltersServant76Male Ag LabSouth Bovey, Devon, England
 Thomas EsterbrookServant19Male Ag LabThrowleigh, Devon, England 1841 1871
Venton, Drewsteignton,Drewsteignton,Okehampton,DevonSamuel PikeHead36Male FarmerBow, Devon, England
 Jane PikeWife36Female  Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
 Wm SouthcottSon27Male Ag LabCrediton, Devon, England
 Daniel EasterbrookServant12Male Ag LabColebrook, Devon, England 1841 1861
Exeter Street, North Tawton,North Tawton,Okehampton,DevonRoger EastabrookHead71Male WoolcomberChulmleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Mary EastabrookWife64Female  South Tawton, Devon, England
 Susan DawDaughter-in-law43FemaleUSeamstressExeter St Davids 1841 1861
West Rowden, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonWilliam HillHead41Male FarmerS. Courtenay, Devon, England
 Mary HillWife37Female  Exbourne, Devon, England
 John EastabrookServant13Male Farm ServExbourne, Devon, England
Hatherdon, Sampford Courtenay,Totnes and Okehampton,Okehampton,DevonAugustine PikeHead24Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth PikeWife24Female  Exbourn, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth PikeDaughter4Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Samuel PikeSon6 MoMale  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookMother-in-law76FemaleWidowPauper (Char Woman)Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 William WestawayUncle52Male Ag LabExbourn, Devon, England
 Mark WestawayCousin18Male Ag LabExbourn, Devon, England
Village Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonThomas EastabrookHead81MaleWidowerSextonSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1841
 Ann WedlakeServant52FemaleWidowServWiddecombe in the Mon, Devon, England
Middletown, Honeychurch,Totnes,Okehampton,DevonJohn HomanHead37Male Farmer of 120 AcresSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth HomanWife38Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 William HomanSon11Male  Honeychurch, Devon, England
 Mary Ann HomanDaughter8Female  Honeychurch, Devon, England
 Elizabeth HomanDaughter5Female  Honeychurch, Devon, England
 John HomanSon3Male  Honeychurch, Devon, England
 Susanna HomanDaughter2Female  Honeychurch, Devon, England
 Joseph EastabrookServant53MaleUFarm ServentBrodwoodkelly, Devon, England
 Samuel DymondServant14Male Farm ServentSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Mary Ann SlomanMother57Female  North Tawton, Devon, England
 Jane WestlakeVisitor59Female  Iddesleigh, Devon, England
 Martha BrockServant15Female Inn Door ServentExbourne, Devon, England
Faze, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonJoseph EastabrookHead55Male Farm LabourerExbourne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susanah EastabrookWife55Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Eliza EastabrookDaughter22Female Indoor ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1861
 Mary Ann EastabrookDaughter13Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1841 1861
Great Cliston, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonRichard PageHead69Male Farmer of 300 acresSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth PageWife69Female  South Tawton, Devon, England
 John PageSon38Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Richard PageSon34Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth BrockServant20Female Indoor ServantExbourne, Devon, England
 Joanna EastabrookServant16Female Indoor ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1841
 Henry DymondServant14Male Farm ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 James PageServant16Male Farm ServantSpreyton, Devon, England
 John StonemanServant13Male Farm ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Great Cliston, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonWilliam CoombeHead52Male Farmer of 80 acresSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Wilmot CoombeWife36Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth CoombeDaughter13Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 John CoombeSon12Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 William CoombeSon9Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Thomas CoombeSon12Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 James CoombeSon7Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Ann CoombeDaughter5Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Dinah CoombeDaughter1Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 George WestawayServant25Male Farm ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 John EastabrookServant18Male Farm ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary LandersServant16Female Indoor ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Woodhall, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonRichard WestlakeHead41Male Farmer of 110 acresExbourne, Devon, England
 Ann WestlakeWife35Female  Sampfordcourtney, Devon, England
 Richard WestlakeSon9Male  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Thomas WestlakeSon6Male  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Simon Westlake Jun.Son6 MoMale  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Thomas WestlakeBrother36Male Landed ProprietorExbourne, Devon, England
 Susan TurnerServant29Female House ServantWinkleigh, Devon, England
 Caraline WestlakeServant12Female House ServantExbourne, Devon, England
 William EastabrookServant20Male Farm LabourerExbourne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Thomas EastabrookServant15Male Farm ServantExbourne, Devon, England 1841
Swanston, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonWilliam HeathmanHead37Male FarmerSampford County, Devon, England
 Susan HeathmanWife29Female  Bow, Devon, England
 William HeathmanSon1Male  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Grace SlappletonServant34Female House ServantLapford, Devon, England
 Ann HeardServant19Female House ServantBow, Devon, England
 John WestawayServant27Male Farm ServantSampford Courtny, Devon, England
 William PengillyServant16Male Farm ServantSampford Courtny, Devon, England
 Henry EastabrookServant14Male Farm ServantExbourne, Devon, England 1841 1861
Okehampton Road, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonJohn EastabrookHead47Male ThatcherExbourne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EastabrookWife55Female Weaver (Wool)Southtawton, Devon, England
 Henry EastabrookSon27Male ThatcherOkehampton, Devon, England 1861
 Kerren Hpgh EastabrookDaughter22Female  Southtawton, Devon, England 1841
 George MilmanLodger33Male Farm LabourerSampford Courtny, Devon, England
 Maria MilmanLodger34Female Weaver (Wool)Exbourne, Devon, England
 George MilmanLodger9Male  Sampford Courtny, Devon, England
 Joseph MilmanLodger7Male  Sampford Courtny, Devon, England
 John MilmanLodger5Male  Sampford Courtny, Devon, England
 Thomas MilmanLodger3Male  Sampford Courtny, Devon, England
 Samuel MilmanLodger1Male  Sampford Courtny, Devon, England
Parsons Row, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonWilliam EastabrookHead42Male TailorExbourne, Devon, England 1841
 Mary EastabrookWife43Female  Wilton, Wiltshire, England
 George EastabrookSon18Male TailorExbourne, Devon, England 1841
 Mary EastabrookDaughter8Female  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Philip EastabrookSon5Male  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter2Female  Exbourne, Devon, England
Manner Cottage, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonJohn FairchildHead55Male CarpenterExbourne, Devon, England
 Sarah FairchildWife56Female  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Thomas FairchildSon20Male CarpenterExbourne, Devon, England
 Henry FairchildSon16Male Apprentice to ShoemakerExbourne, Devon, England
 Mary EastabrookLodger60Female  Exbourne, Devon, England 1841
Waterhouse, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonSimon WestlakeHead43Male FarmerEcbourn, Devon, England
 Sharlotte WestlakeWife38Female  North Lew, Devon, England
 William W C WestlakeSon13Male  Ecbourn, Devon, England
 Mary WestlakeDaughter9Female  Ecbourn, Devon, England
 Thomas WestlakeSon6Male  Ecbourn, Devon, England
 Ann WestlakeDaughter4Female  Ecbourn, Devon, England
 Sharlotte WestlakeDaughter7Female  Ecbourn, Devon, England
 Oliver RouseCousin75Male AnnuitantHatherleigh, Devon, England
 Mary Louisa YelvertonGoverness30Female  Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
 Jane OldenServant19Female House ServantSouth Tawton, Devon, England
 Jane GibbingsServant16Female House ServantEcbourn, Devon, England
 Robert EastabrookServant38Male Farm ServantEcbourn, Devon, England
 John GibbingsServant12Male Farm ServantEcbourn, Devon, England
Part of Town, livings, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonThomas EastabrookHead42Male ThatcherEcbourn, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife34Female  Ecbourn, Devon, England
 William EastabrookSon17Male ThatcherEcbourn, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Thomas EastabrookSon10Male ScholarEcbourn, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George EastabrookSon18mMale  Ecbourn, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth NetherwayDaughter2Female  Ecbourn, Devon, England
Part of Bents, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonWalter EastabrookHead61MaleWidowerThatcherEcbourn, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ezekiel EastabrookSon11Male  Ecbourn, Devon, England 1861
 Dina HeedServant45FemaleWidowHouse keeperSampford Courtney 1861
Britton, Broadwood Kelly,Broadwood Kelly,Okehampton,DevonJon ParkerHead44Male Farmer of 170 acresIddesleigh, Devon, England
 Ann ParkerWife38Female  Goodleigh, Devon, England
 Ellen ParkerDaughter13Female  Iddesleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth ParkerDaughter11Female  Iddesleigh, Devon, England
 Ann ParkerDaughter11Female  Iddesleigh, Devon, England
 John ParkerSon8Male  Iddesleigh, Devon, England
 Emma ParkerDaughter6Female  Iddesleigh, Devon, England
 James ParkerSon4Male  Iddesleigh, Devon, England
 George T ParkerSon9 MoMale  Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 Jane ParkerDaughter2Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 Elizabeth CrossServant19Female House ServantIddesleigh, Devon, England
 John AlfordServant60MaleWidrAg LabIddesleigh, Devon, England
 William CockwellServant26Male Ag LabIddesleigh, Devon, England
 John EastabrookServant13Male Ag LabBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England 1841 1861
Tailorsdown, Broadwood Kelly,Broadwood Kelly,Okehampton,DevonWilliam SampsonHead62Male Farmer of 150 acresBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 Mary SampsonWife60Female  Monkokehampton, Devon, England
 William SampsonSon28Male  Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 Bartholomew P SampsonSon23Male  Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 John SampsonSon17Male  Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 William CrooteServant24Male Employed on the FarmSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookServant16Female House ServantBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Damans WestawayServant13Female House ServantWinkleigh, Devon, England
 William BuckinghamServant13Male Employed on the FarmBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England
Reokays, Broadwood Kelly,Broadwood Kelly,Okehampton,DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead49Male Ag LabExbourn, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife49Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 Mary A VanstoneVisitor20Female  St Mary Church, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England 1861
Creedy Mill, Kennerleigh,Kennerleigh,Crediton,DevonDaniel EasterbrookHead52MaleMarFarmer of 60 acresCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Maria EasterbrookWife43FemaleMar Sandlow, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter20Female Farmers DaurSandlow, Devon, England 1841 1861
 John CaransServant29Male Ag LabSandlow, Devon, England
 James RobberServant14Male Ag LabBuddington, Devon, England
*ines Cottages, Lapford,Lapford,Crediton,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead63Male Ag LabChawleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Thomasin EasterbrookWife67Female  Lapford, Devon, England
 Alfred J EasterbrookGrandson3Male  Lapford, Devon, England 1861
Ringcott, Lapford,Lapford,Crediton,DevonJohn KellandHead27Male FarmerLapford, Devon, England
 Loveday KellandWife26Female  Chittlehampton, Devon, England
 John KellandSon8 MoMale  Lapford, Devon, England
 William LaundersVisitor51Male BailiffChittlehampton, Devon, England
 Elisabeth RaymouneServant57Female General ServColdridge, Devon, England
 Ann LampsonServant14Female Farm ServLapford, Devon, England
 Edward EastabrooksServant27Male Farm ServLapford, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Henery RiceServant14Male Farm ServColdridge, Devon, England
 John LampsonServant11Male Farm ServLapford, Devon, England
 John GibbingsServant14Male  Coldridge, Devon, England
Borthey, Lapford,Lapford,Crediton,DevonRobert PikeHead46Male FarmerLapford, Devon, England
 Catherine PikeWife37Female  Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
 Edwin PikeSon11Male ScholarLapford, Devon, England
 Emma PikeDaughter9Female ScholarLapford, Devon, England
 Susan PikeDaughter7Female ScholarLapford, Devon, England
 Luisa PikeDaughter5Female  Lapford, Devon, England
 Mary Charlott PikeDaughter4 MoFemale  Lapford, Devon, England
 Joseph ShipmanServant30Male Ag ServLapford, Devon, England
 Fanny BornServant13Female House ServChawleigh, Devon, England
 William CominsServant14Male Ag ServLapford, Devon, England
 John EastabrooksServant11Male  Crediton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Michal BoltVisitor74   Somerset, England
*ess Arms, Hittisleigh,Hittisleigh,Crediton,DevonJohn GregoryHead55Male Parish Clerk CarpenterHittisleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth GregoryWife55Female School MistressDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 George GregorySon22Male BlacksmithDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 William GregorySon20Male CarpenterHittisleigh, Devon, England
 James GregorySon18Male School MasterHittisleigh, Devon, England
 Robert GregorySon15Male Errand BoyHittisleigh, Devon, England
 William BrooksLodger19Male Farm LabrOkehampton, Devon, England
 George EasterbrookLodger16Male Farm LabrCrediton, Devon, England
Easton, Cheriton Bishop,Cheriton Bishop,Crediton,DevonJohn SewardHead46Male FarmerDunsford, Devon, England
 Susan SewardWife40Female  Dunsford, Devon, England
 William SewardSon16Male  Dunsford, Devon, England
 John SewardSon14Male  Drewsteignton, Devon, England
 Francis SewardSon11Male  Drewsteignton, Devon, England
 George SewardSon9Male  Drewsteignton, Devon, England
 Richard SewardSon5Male  Drewsteignton, Devon, England
 Louisa SewardDaughter1 MoFemale  Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
 William PikeServant23Male Ag Lab ServDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 John PoltimanServant20Male Ag Lab ServWhitstone, Devon, England
 George HutchingsServant19Male Ag Lab ServDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 George DrakeServant14Male Ag Lab ServDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 Henry OldingServant13Male Ag Lab ServDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 George EasterbrookServant10Male Ag Lab ServSandford Courteny, Devon, England 1841
 Mary DrakeServant20Female House ServDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 Ann DrakeServant16Female House ServDrewsteignton, Devon, England
High Street, Credition,Crediton,DevonFanny EasterbrookHead42FemaleWWasherwomanSandford, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susan EasterbrookDaughter15Female ShopmaidCrediton, Devon, England 1841 1861
High Street, Crediton,Crediton,DevonWilliam EasterbrooksHead64Male BrewerCrediton, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrooksWife55Female LaundressCrediton, Devon, England
 Elizh ShortDaughter-in-law15Female ShoebinderCrediton, Devon, England
 Jno ShortSon-in-law10Male ScholarCrediton, Devon, England
St Martins Lane, Crediton,Crediton,DevonWilliam LeeHead23Male Ag LabCrediton, Devon, England
 Eliza LeeWife26Female  Crediton, Devon, England 1841
 Edwin EasterbrookSon-in-law6Male  Crediton, Devon, England 1861
Dean Street, Crediton,Crediton,DevonThomas EartebewheHead55Male CordwainerDevon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EartebewheWife59Female WeaverLondon, England
 Mary Ann ChallacombeLodger39Female  Crediton, Devon, England
Dean Street, Crediton,Crediton,DevonJohn WestneyHead27Male  Devon, England
 Jane WestneyWife27Female  Cuditon, Devon, England
 Mary G WestneyChild6Female  Devon, England
 John W WestneySon3Male  Devon, England
 James EasterboolLodger27Male  North Molton, Devon, England
 Dorotay EasterboolLodger22Female  North Molton, Devon, England
Binneford, Crediton,Crediton,DevonWilliam ComishHead28Male FarmerCrediton, Devon, England
 Betsy ComishWife23Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 William Rd ComishSon1Male  Crediton, Devon, England
 Maria ComishMother50Female  Sandford, Devon, England
 Anna Maria ComishDaughter17Female  Crediton, Devon, England
 James GanzeServant19Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon, England
 William NicholsServant14Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon, England
 Jane EastabrookServant17Female House ServantCrediton, Devon, England 1861
 Emma StewardServant14Female House ServantCrediton, Devon, England
Vimcombe, Crediton,Crediton,DevonJohn HarveyHead68Male FarmerColebrooke, Devon, England
 Grace HarveyWife68Female  Crediton, Devon, England
 Hanah HarveyDaughter31Female  Crediton, Devon, England
 Henery HarveyNephew3Male  Crediton, Devon, England
 Ann EastabrookServant21Female House ServantCrediton, Devon, England
 George SearleServant22Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon, England
 Edward BeerServant15Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon, England
 William TuckellServant14Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon, England
Branderons, Crediton,Crediton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead54Male Farm LabourerCrediton, Devon, England 1841 1871
 Jane EasterbrookWife55Female  Bow, Devon, England
 Richard EasterbrookSon13Male Farm LabourerColebrook, Devon, England 1841 1861
Mill Cotts, Shoebrooke,Shobrooke,Crediton,DevonJohn EastbrookeHead46Male Farm LabSticklepath, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Susan EastbrookeWife40Female  Sticklepath, Devon, England
 Eliza EastbrookeDaughter10Female  Sticklepath, Devon, England 1841 1871
 John EastbrookeSon7Male  Sticklepath, Devon, England 1861
 Henry EastbrookeSon6Male  Sticklepath, Devon, England 1861
 Mary A EastbrookeDaughter3Female  Sticklepath, Devon, England 1871
 William EastbrookeSon1Male  Upton Hellions, Devon, England 1861
Cheriton Fitzpaine village,Cheriton Fitzpaine,Crediton,DevonThomas StabbickHead79MaleWidRetired farmerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
 James StabbickGrandson4Male  Torquay, Devon, England
 Mary E EasterbrookServant57Female General servantUpton Helions, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary BoltLodger28Female Washer womanCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Melcombe, Cheriton Fitzpaine,Cheriton Fitzpaine,Crediton,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead49Male Farmer of 80 acresStockley; Pomeroy, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife49Female Farmers WifeCadbury, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Henry KeenServant29MaleWidrFarm LabourerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
 Elizabeth NicholsServant15Female House ServantCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Great Lonwick Street, Silverton,Silverton,Tiverton,DevonJohn HodgeHead60Male FarmerRewe, Devon, England
 Deborah HodgeWife58Female  Tiverton, Devon, England
 John HodgeSon27Male FarmerSilverton, Devon, England
 Susan HodgeDaughter25Female At HomeSilverton, Devon, England
 Mary HodgeDaughter18Female At HomeSilverton, Devon, England
 Sarah HodgeDaughter16Female At HomeSilverton, Devon, England
 Deborah HodgeDaughter14Female At HomeSilverton, Devon, England
 Frederick CarpenterServant22Male Ag LabColumpton, Devon, England
 William AldridgeServant16Male Ag LabSilverton, Devon, England
 Augustus CrookServant40Male Ag LabBickleigh, Devon, England
 William WebberServant11Male Ag LabSilverton, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookeMar55Male CordwainerCrediton, Devon, England
Part of Caseyls, Cullumpton,Cullompton,Tiverton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead58Male Ag LabSilverton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife54Female  Bampton, Devon, England
Fore Street, Tiverton,Tiverton,DevonWm EasterbrookHead55MaleUIronmongerBristol, Somerset, England 1841 1861
 Ann NormanServant37FemaleUServantDawerker, Somerset, England
Fore Street, Tiverton,Tiverton,DevonWilliam TuckerVisitor21Male  West Markham, Devon, England
 Mary TuckerVisitor24Female  West Markham
Cross Key Inns, Gold Street, Tiverton,Tiverton,DevonJane EasterbrookHead52Female InnkeeperTiverton, Devon, England 1861
 Edward EasterbrookSon21Male  Tiverton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Tiverton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter16Female MillinerTiverton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 James EasterbrookSon13Male MillinerTiverton, Devon, England 1841
Gold Street, Tiverton,Tiverton,DevonJohn WrightHead42Male Sawyer & ShopkeeperChulmleigh, Devon, England
 Sarah WrightWife42Female  Tiverton, Devon, England
 John WrightSon15Male SawyerTiverton, Devon, England
 William WrightSon13Male ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
 Sarah Ann WrightDaughter11Female ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
 Mary WrightDaughter9Female ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WrightDaughter7Female ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
 Emma WrightDaughter5Female ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
 Martha WrightDaughter3Female ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
 Jane WrightDaughter3Female ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
 Samuel PinkstoneBoarder18Male Carpenter's ApprenticeTiverton, Devon, England
 John BrownVisitor34MaleMarriedWatch Jeweller (Master)Modbury, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookVisitor34MaleMarriedBookseller (Journeyman)Ashburton, Devon, England
Back Lane, Tiverton,Tiverton,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead57Male Bleacher of LaceSilverton 1841 1861
 Elizth EasterbrookWife52Female  Buckland, Somerset, England
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter17Female Lace FactoryTiverton, Devon, England 1841
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter14Female Lace FactoryTiverton, Devon, England 1841
 Harriet EasterbrookDaughter12Female Lace FactoryTiverton, Devon, England 1841
 Willm EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarTiverton, Devon, England 1861
 Mary Ann VicaryLodger27Female Lace FactoryTiverton, Devon, England
 Elizth NottLodger25Female Lace FactoryTiverton, Devon, England
 Elizth WebberLodger28Female Lace FactoryTiverton, Devon, England
Backlane, Barnstaple,Barnstaple,DevonAnn EasterbrookHead26Female GloverBuckland Br, Devon, England 1841
Rookes Tenament, Braunton,Braunton,Barnstaple,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead37Male Agriculatural LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife34Female  Braunton, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarBraunton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarBraunton, Devon, England 1861
 Betsy EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarBraunton, Devon, England 1861
 William EasterbrookSon4Male At homeBraunton, Devon, England 1861
 Ann WhitefieldMother-in-law66Female InvalidGeorgeham, Devon, England
Village Livencoff,Fremington,Barnstaple,DevonHugh KingHead56Male Agriculturiot 
 Patience KingWife62Female  Bideford, Devon, England
 Henry KingSon20Male  Fremington, Devon, England
 Eliza KingDaughter17Female  Fremington, Devon, England
 Sarah ArnollServant33Female Gen ServPeters Marland, Devon, England
 Mary DennissServant18Female Gen ServHigh Bickington, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookServant26Male Farm LabourerHuntshaw, Devon 1841 1861
 Saml TraceyServant17Male Farm LabourerBideford, Devon, England
 Robert ChapmanServant15Male Farm LabourerAlverdiscott, Devon, England
Westleigh House, Westleigh,Westleigh,Barnstaple,DevonJames B TorrHead40Male FarmerWestleigh, Devon, England
 Charlotte S TorrWife30Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Edward R B TorrSon2Male  Westleigh, Devon, England
 John W Stringfield 20Male Ag PupilLydhenham, Kent, England
 Arthur W Bolton 20Male Ag PupilHull, Yorkshire, England
 Mary PerkinsServant60Female CookWestleigh, Devon, England
 Ann BrooksServant45Female NurseBideford, Devon, England
 Elizabeth BuseServant23Female HousemaildLangtree, Devon, England
 Susan PidlerServant19Female KitchinmaidWestleigh, Devon, England
 Jane CollacottVisitor20Female Servant out of serviceShebbear, Devon, England
 Joseph LeggeServant36Male Farm servHuntsham, Devon, England
 Richard EasterbrookServant20Male Farm servHuntsham, Devon, England 1841
Vicarage, Westleigh,Westleigh,Barnstaple,DevonDashwood LangHead47Male Vicar of WestleighBroadclist, Devon, England
 Charlotte LangWife46Female  Broadclist, Devon, England
 Helen LangDaughter11Female  Westleigh, Devon, England
 Mary LangDaughter9Female  Westleigh, Devon, England
 Dashwood LangSon8Male  Westleigh, Devon, England
 Arthur LangSon5Male  Westleigh, Devon, England
 Charles LangSon3Male  Westleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant27Female House ServHuntshaw, Devon, England 1841
 Eliza WillsServant15Female House ServAylesbear, Devon, England
 Susan TomsServant17Female House ServEast Down, Devon, England
 George WillsServant17Male House ServRockbear, Devon, England
Holt Cottages, High Bickington,High Bickington,Torrington,DevonThomas EstabrookHead32Male Farm LabourerHunshaw, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EstabrookWife40Female GloverHigh Bickington, Devon, England
 Mary EstabrookDaughter10Female ScholarHigh Bickington, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Grace EstabrookDaughter8Female ScholarHigh Bickington, Devon, England 1861
 Henry EstabrookSon5Male at HomeHigh Bickington, Devon, England 1861
Alscott Cottage, Alverdiscott,Alverdiscott,Torrington,DevonGeorge EastabrookHead24Male Farm LabourerHunshaw, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EastabrookWife21Female  St Giles in the Wood, Devon, England
 Henry EastabrookSon2Male  Alverdiscott, Devon, England 1861
Haddicott, Huntshaw,Huntshaw,Torrington,DevonWilliam EastbrookHead63Male Ag LabBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841
 Grace EastbrookWife63Female Char WomanHuntshaw, Devon, England
Market St, Bideford,Bideford,DevonElizth ClatworthyHead33FemaleMarCoffee & Boardinghouse keeperLandkey, Devon, England
 Mary BarrowSister31Female House servtLandkey, Devon, England
 Elizth EasterbrookSister-in-law24Female House servtMonkokehampton, Devon, England
 Mary A ColleyVisitor21Female House servtBideford, Devon, England
 William MorrishLodger26Male Tailor (Journeyman)Bideford, Devon, England
 Thos SanguineLodger32Male Master Currier & Leather SellerWest Putford, Devon, England
Rickards, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonRobert EastabrookHead50Male Ag.LabBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EastabrookWife50Female  Parkham, Devon, England
East Hele, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonJohn NormanHead34Male FarmerBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Prudence NormanWife26Female  Fremington, Devon, England
 Eliza NormanDaughter3Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Mary Shapton NormanDaughter2Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Kate NormanDaughter10 MoFemale  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Eliza ParkhouseServant17Female House ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Elizabeth SquireServant14Female House ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookApprentice19Male Farm ApprenticeBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841
 John LongServant14Male Farm ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Joseph TewellServant11Male Farm ServantAlwington, Devon, England
Lower Gorwood, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead46Male Ag.LabBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife47Female  Larkham, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Joseph EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter6 MoFemale  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
Leigh, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonWilliam JenkinHead72Male FarmerBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Mary JenkinWife71Female  Pyworth, Devon, England
 Margarett JenkinDaughter39Female Employed at houseBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Uriah JenkinSon62Male Farm LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Susana JenkinDaughter30Female Employed at houseBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 James JenkinSon26Male HindBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Amelia JenkinGranddaughter7 MoFemale  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookServant13Male Farm ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841 1861
Wooldfardisworthy Village,Woolfardisworthy,Bideford,DevonJohn EastabrookHead66Male CordwinderBuckland, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary EastabrookWife74Female AllworkBuckland, Devon, England
 Thos EastabrookGrandson8Male ScholarWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Willm DarkLodger50Male Ag LabWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
Wooldfardisworthy Village,Woolfardisworthy,Bideford,DevonWillm EastabrookHead36Male CordwinderWolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Ann EastabrookWife36Female General WorkDevon, England
 Elizy Geo EastabrookDaughter7Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1861
 James EastabrookSon5Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1861
 Will G EastabrookSon2Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1861
Stitworthy, Clovelly,Clovelly,Bideford,DevonThomas HamlynHead65Male FarmerClovelly, Devon, England
 Wm HamlynSon20Male  Clovelly, Devon, England
 Wm BeesSon-in-law27Male Farm LabClovelly, Devon, England
 Catherine BeesDaughter30Female House KeeperClovelly, Devon, England
 Richard GloverServant24Male Farm LabClovelly, Devon, England
 Wm EastbrookServant18Male Farm LabClovelly, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Henery JewellServant12Male Farm LabWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Mary HancockServant21Female House ServantClovelly, Devon, England
 William BeerGrandson8 MoMale  Clovelly, Devon, England
Stitworthy, Clovelly,Clovelly,Bideford,DevonThos EastabrookHead55Male Farm LabBuckland, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Julia EastabrookWife48Female  Clovelly, Devon, England
 Eliz EastabrookDaughter13Female  Clovelly, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Robt EastabrookSon4Male  Clovelly, Devon, England 1861
Trew Farm, Clovelly,Hartland,Bideford,DevonHugh ChingHead60Male FarmerClovelly, Devon, England
 Joanna ChingWife61Female  Clovelly, Devon, England
 Grace ChingDaughter22Female  Morwington, Cornwall, England
 Hugh ChingSon20Male  Morwington, Cornwall, England
 Sarah TrickServant21Female House ServantHarland, Devon, England
 John ThornServant20Male Farm ServantHarland, Devon, England
 Thomas EastabrookServant16Male Farm ServantClovelly, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Thomas HopperServant16Male Farm ServantWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Grace HopperServant15Female House ServantWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
War?apool Bulkworthy,Bulkworthy,Bideford,DevonJohn TuckerHead67Male FarmerInstow, Devon, England
 Thomas NormanNephew28Male  Parkham, Devon, England
 Elizabeth ParkerServant33Female House KeeperBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Dorothy HealServant15Female House ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 James EasterbrookServant17Male Farm ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Robert BrendServant11Male Farm ServantParkham, Devon, England
Middlewood, North Hill,North Hill,Launceston,CornwallAnn AnngerHead46FemaleWCarrier in the business of a CarpenterNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 James AnngerSon20MaleUCarpenterNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 Henry AnngerSon15Male BlacksmithNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 Robert EasterbrookLodger28MaleUCarpenterSouth Petherwin, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 James NichollsLodger28MaleUMinerSancreed, Cornwall, England
 Thomas OliverLodger23MaleUMinerSt Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
Menheniot,Liskeard,CornwallAnn EsterbrookHead42Female Draper & GrocerHolne, Devon, England 1861
 Ann EsterbrookDaughter18Female Drapers Assist.Holne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elias EsterbrookSon15Male Drapers Assist.Holne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 John B EsterbrookSon9Male ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George EsterbrookSon11Male ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1861
Pike Street, Liskeard,Liskeard,CornwallRichard EsterbrookHead38Male Bookseller StationerLiskeard, Cornwall, England 1841
 Mary EsterbrookWife38Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Anna EsterbrookMother65Female Proprietor of HouseLiskeard, Cornwall, England 1861
 Mary GroseServant25Female  Warleggon, Cornwall, England
Tregantle, Lanlivery,Lanlivery,Bodmin,CornwallJohn VagueHead34Male Farmer of 45 AcresLanlivery, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth VagueWife27Female  Lanlivery, Cornwall, England
 Jane VagueDaughter3Female  Luxulion, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth VagueDaughter2Female  Luxulion, Cornwall, England
 Thomas VagueSon1Male  Luxulion, Cornwall, England
 Selina VagueDaughter1 MoFemale  Lanlivery, Cornwall, England
 Ann TreleavenServant14Female General ServantLanlivery, Cornwall, England
 Richard EasterbrookServant11Male Agricultural LabourerLanlivery, Cornwall, England 1841
Hellman Terr, Lanlivery,Lanlivery,Bodmin,CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead35Male Agricultural LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife32Female  Lanlivery, Cornwall, England
 William EasterbrookSon10Male Agricultural LabourerLanlivery, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 John EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarLanlivery, Cornwall, England 1861
 Mary A Easterbrook 6Female ScholarLuxulion, Cornwall, England 1861
Greenwood Row, St Austell,St Austell,CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead53Male Trace MinerSt Austell, Cornwall, England
 Mary EasterbrookWife58Female  St Agnes, Cornwall, England
Grants Walk, St Austell,St Austell,CornwallPhilip EastabrookHead24Male Shoe maker JourneymanSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Mary Ann EastabrookWife24Female  St Austell, Cornwall, England
 Albert EastabrookSon11 MoMale  St Austell, Cornwall, England 1861
Priory Row, St Austell,St Austell,CornwallMaria EasterbrookHead34FemaleWidowFarmers Widow & AnnuitantSt Stephens, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 John MichellServant26MaleUFarm LabourerN
 Mary Jane RogersNiece11Female ScholarSt Stephens, Cornwall, England
Chruch Town, St Stephen in Brannel,St Stephen in Brannel,St Austell,CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead42Male FarmerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife42Female  St Stephens, Cornwall, England
 John EasterbrookSon16Male BlacksmithSt Stephens, Cornwall, England 1841
 Rebecca EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarSt Stephens, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter3 MoFemale  St Stephens, Cornwall, England 1861
Tregargus, St Stephen in Brannel,St Stephen in Brannel,St Austell,CornwallMary A EasterbrookHead63FemaleWidowFarmer of 100 AcresSt Austell, Cornwall, England
 Robert W EasterbrookSon38MaleMarSon Farm LabourerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1841
 Richard EasterbrookGrandson13Male Grandson Farm LabourerTwyardreath, Cornwall, England 1841
 Richard BrewerServant20MaleUFarm ServantWithiel, Cornwall, England
 Caroline HarrisServant15FemaleUHouse ServantSt Stephens, Cornwall, England
Tregargus, St Stephen in Brannel,St John,Bridgwater,SomersetWilliam WarrenHead42Male  Wembworthy, Devon, England
 Tryphenia WarrenWife45Female  Bow, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary Jane WarrenDaughter13Female  Chard, Somerset, England
 Fredk George WarrenSon10Male  Chard, Somerset, England
 Ellen M WarrenDaughter8Female  Chard, Somerset, England
 Tryphenia WarrenDaughter5Female  Chard, Somerset, England
 William Henry WarrenSon1Male  Bridgwater
 Susan EasterbrookMother-in-law82Female  Bow, Devon, England 1841
Sidcat School, Winscombe,Sidcot,Axbridge,SomersetMary A EsterbrookScholar13Female ScholarLiskeard, Cornwall, England 1841
Gordans Cottage, Portishead,Portishead,Bedminster,SomersetRichard EastabrookHead39Male CarpenterPortsmouth, Hampshire 1841 1861
 Ellen EastabrookWife26Female Straw Bonnet MakerBristol, Somerset, England
 Richard EastabrookSon3Male  Portishead, Somerset, England
G Ann St, Bristol,St Jude,Clifton,GloucestershireJoanna EasterbrookHead50FemaleWidow Plymouth 1841 1861
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter30Female DressmakerBristol 1841 1861
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter11Female DressmakerBristol 1841 1861
6 Abbotshaw Place, Bristol,Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireMary EastabrookHead42Female Teacher of YouthPortsmouth, Shropshire, England 1841 1861
 Sarah Mardy EastabrookSister35Female Dress MakerPortsmouth, Shropshire, England 1841 1861
 Cassandra ChiveyPupil12Female ScholarUxbridge, Middlesex, England
7 Abbotshaw Place, Bristol,Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireJohn EastabrookHead41Male CarpenterPortsmouth, Hampshire, England 1841 1861
 Sarah EastabrookWife41Female Domestic DutiesBristol
 Jabez EastabrookSon14Male CarpenterBristol 1841 1861
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter10Female ScholarBristol 1841 1861
 William EastabrookSon5Male ScholarBristol 1861
 George EastabrookSon3Male ScholarBristol 1861
7 Abbotshaw Place, Bristol,Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireJoseph EastabrookFather73MaleWidowerBoot & Shoe MakerSouth Sawton, Devon, England 1841
12 Twinucll Street,Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireJames JonesHead40Male British School MasterBreadon, Worcestershire, England
 Anne JonesWife45Female  Newland, Gloucestershire, England
 Phoebe Anne JonesDaughter13Female  Lurashall, Somerset, England
 Joseph JonesSon10Male  Portshead, Somerset, England
 Christopher JonesSon8Male  Bristol St Philips
 Alfred JonesSon5Male  Bristol St Philips
 James JonesSon3Male  Bristol St Philips
 Jane EastabrookLodger59FemaleWid St Ives, Cornwall, England
St John Street, Stroud,Stroud,GloucestershirePaul Michael MillsHead39Male TailerPainswick, Gloucestershire, England
 Thomas EasterbrookVisitor27Male Tailer (assistant)Tiverton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Hannah TindellServant47Female House KeeperCambridgeshire, Gloucestershire, England
2 ? Street, Cheltenham,Cheltenham,GloucestershireJohn MatthewsHead43Male GardenerHunsly, Gloucestershire, England
 Sarah MatthewsWife44Female  Mindine, Gloucestershire, England
 Tryphena EastbrookLodger38Female Lady's MaidPortemontha, Hampshire, England 1841 1861
7 Brook Buildings, Burton upon Trent,Holy Trinity,Burton Upon Trent,DerbyshireDaniel EasterbrookHead36Male LabourerWidecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookWife31Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
 Elizth EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Widecombe, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George EasterbrookSon8Male  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861
 John EasterbrookSon6Male  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Burton, Staffordshire, England 1861
Ambler Thorn, Northowram,Queenshead Holy Trinity,Halifax,YorkshireSamuel EasterbrookHead50Male Toll CollectorTotnes, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookWife48Female  Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 Susannah CluderyVisitor45  Wool SpinnterHalifax, Yorkshire, England
 John CluderyVisitor11Male Wool SpinnterHalifax, Yorkshire, England
Fulwood Barracks,Manchester,Preston,LancashireRichard EasterbankSoldier21Male  Tavistock, Devon, England
Pond St, Sheffield,St Paul,Sheffield,YorkshireJohn EastabrookHead29Male MerchantSwaton, Devon, England 1861
 Isabel EastabrookWife23Female Bonnet MakerSheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Henry ClaphamBrother-in-law22Male ? CutterSheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Sarah ClaphamWife21Female ? MakerSheffield, Yorkshire, England
Sydney,Lydney,Chepstow,GloucestershireThomas CrossHead60Male CooperPurton, Gloucestershire, England
 Eunice CrossWife52Female  Alastone, Gloucestershire, England
 Hariot CrossDaughter13Female  Lydney, Gloucestershire, England
 James TrinLodger20Male MasonHatherley, Gloucestershire, England
 John EasterbrookLodger30Male Railway LabourerExetor, Devon, England
 Mark GriffinLodger24Male MasonEoaky, Gloucestershire, England
10 Park Row, Bristol,Bristol St Michael,Bristol,GloucestershireJoseph J KelsonHead58Male SurgeonBristol
 Amelia J KelsonDaughter24Female  Bristol
 Hurston N F HelsonSon12Male  Bristol
 Rowland S HelsonSon10Male  Bristol
 Mary Ann EastbrookServant26Female House ServantBristol 1841
 Jane StrattockServant19Female House ServantP??, Somerset, England
Kwiberg Place, Falmouth,Falmouth,CornwallLovell SquireHead41MaleWidSchoolmasterEarith, Huntingdonshire, England
 Lovell SquireSon13Male ScholarFalmouth, Cornwall, England
 Hanson SquireSon11Male ScholarFalmouth, Cornwall, England
 Henrietta E SquireDaughter9Female ScholarFalmouth, Cornwall, England
 Margaret SquireDaughter7Female ScholarFalmo, Cornwall, England
 William C SquireSon5Male ScholarFalmo, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth CrouchSister-in-law43FemaleUHousekeeperFalmo, Cornwall, England
 Richd W BootAssistant20MaleUUsherTruro, Cornwall, England
 Jane GouldServant22FemaleUHouse ServantFalmouth, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth CouchServant23Female House ServantFalmouth, Cornwall, England
 Joseph Henry VincentPupil14Male ScholarFalmouth, Cornwall, England
 Richard EsterbrookPupil14Male ScholarLiskeard, Cornwall, England 1841
 William FoxPupil15Male ScholarSouth America, Riode Jawiro
Hayle Foundry, Phillack,Phillack,Redruth,CornwallNicholas EasterbrookHead26Male BakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Rosetta EasterbrookWife30Female  Buryam, Cornwall, England
Penpull Terrace, Phillack,Phillack,Redruth,CornwallSusan EsterbrookWife To Head (Head)37Female Sailor's wife and HousekeeperPlynouth, Devon, England
Fore St, St Ives,St Ives,Penzance,CornwallRichd PraedHead52Male Hair DresserMarazion, Cornwall, England
 Marea R PraedWife25Female  Penzance, Cornwall, England 1841
 Maria J PraedDaughter3Female  Marazion, Cornwall, England
 Mary A PraedDaughter2Female  Marazion, Cornwall, England
 Rosetta PraedDaughter9 MoFemale  St Ives, Cornwall, England
 Luez E EasterbrookVisitor9Female  Penzance, Cornwall, England 1861
Adelaide street, Madron,Madron,Penzance,CornwallAnn HammillHead66Female Lodging House KeeperMadron, Cornwall, England
 Grace MartinsDaughter31Female Wife of John Marting a seamanNewlyn; Paul, Cornwall, England
 Mary I MartinsGranddaughter10Female ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England
 Susan MartinsGranddaughter1 6 MoFemale  Penzance, Cornwall, England
 Philip HammillSon34Male TailerNewlyn; Paul, Cornwall, England
 Wm WarrenLodger72Male RoperSt Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
 Wm EasterbrookLodger19Male BakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Wm RoddaLodger25Male ButcherPenzance, Cornwall, England
Marine Place, Madron, Penzance,Madron,Penzance,CornwallSamuel EsterbrookHead39Male BakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Mary EsterbrookWife43Female  St Ives, Cornwall, England
 Samuel EsterbrookSon12Male ScholarSt Marys Scilly 1841
 Mary M EsterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
 Sarah I EsterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
Bethal Place, St Just in Penwith,St Just in Penwith,Penzance,CornwallNicholas EasterbrookHead47Male BakerBurance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Maria EasterbrookWife45Female  St Agnes, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter20Female DressmakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841
 John EasterbrookSon15Male BlacksmithPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 James EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
12 Phi? St, Bristol,Bristol St Mary Redcliffe,Bristol,GloucestershireThomas ShearHead44Male Engineer MasterBristol
 Mary A ShearWife33Female  Brennwuthshire Nesfield 1861
 Alfred ShearSon17Male Engine DriverBristol
 Carloine ShearDaughter14Female  Bristol
 Thomas BriceLodger24Male  N
 Philip WoodsLodger23Male Architectural SculptorHoonhay, Middlesex, England
 Martha EstabrookNiece5Female    1861
 Harriette PhilipsVisitor39Female  London, England
 Lesther CooperServant16Female  Bedminster, Somerset, England
Lower Lane, Bristol,Bristol St John the Baptist,Bristol,GloucestershireJohn EasterbrookHead32Male ShoemakerBristol, St Philip 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife34Female DressmakerBristol Hotwells
 Christiena EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarBristol, St Philip 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarBristol, St Philip 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarBristol, St Philip 1861
 John EasterbrookSon2Male  Bristol; St John 1861
  Infant3daysMale  Bristol; St John
Carpenters Arms, 10 Lo Maud Ln, Bristol,Bristol St James,Bristol,GloucestershireJane RogersHead57FemaleWPublicanDevon, England 1841
 Pebnelia RogersDaughter14Female  Bristol, St Philips 1841
 Jane EastabrookNiece21Female  Bristol, St Philips 1841
Albert Villa,1 Albert Place, Clifton,Clifton,GloucestershireThomas ScottHead70Male Landed Prop.Devon, England
 Ann ScottWife60Female  Devon, England
 Harriet IsbellSister50Female  Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookServant33Female  Devon, England
 Maria GreenstreetServant20Female  Devon, England
 Henry ScottSon Of Tho14Male  Devon, England
 Charles ScottSon Of Tho13Male  Devon, England
11 Clifton Place, Clifton,Clifton,GloucestershireSamuel EastabrookHead37Male Boot & Shoe MakerPortsmouth, Hampshire, England 1841 1861
 Sarah B EastabrookWife38Female  Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
Southradworthy Village,North Molton,South Molton,DevonGeorge MayHead51MaleWidrAg.LabPorlock, Somerset, England
 William MaySon30Male  North Molton, Devon, England
 Thomas MaySon14Male  North Molton, Devon, England
 Ann DavyVisitor39Female  North Molton, Devon, England
 William DavyVisitor13Male  Swimbridge, Devon, England
 Mary DavyDaughter3 MoFemale  North Molton, Devon, England
Southradworthy Village,North Molton,South Molton,DevonGrace DelbridgeServant55Female House ServNorth Molton, Devon, England
 Wm JewellServant40Male Ag.Lab.Ilfracombe, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookServant28Male Ag.Lab.Bideford, Devon, England
 James PoolServant15Male Ag.Lab.North Molton, Devon, England
 Henry HillServant14Male Ag.Lab.North Molton, Devon, England
Cottage, Witherige,Witheridge,South Molton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead38Male ButcherStockleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife36Female  Tiverton, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon1Male  Witheridge, Devon, England
 Robert WillVisitor68Male Retired ButcherTiverton
Middle Way, Tywardreath,Par,St Austell,CornwallJames EasterbrookHead36Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Jane EasterbrookWife33Female  St Austell, Cornwall, England
 John EasterbrookSon11Male Work at Copper MineTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 James EasterbrookSon9Male Work at Copper MineTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1861
 William EasterbrookSon7Male Work at HomeTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter5Female At HomeTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1861
 Thomas EasterbrookSon3Male At HomeTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1861
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter3 MoFemale At HomeTywardreath, Cornwall, England
Beservy Downs, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallWilliam EasterbrookHead48Male Agriculatural LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 Sarah EasterbrookWife45Female  St Veep, Cornwall, England
 Thomas EasterbrookSon23Male Miner on CopperSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 Richard EasterbrookSon20Male Miner on CopperSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 John EasterbrookSon16Male Miner on CopperSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 Hannah EasterbrookDaughter15Female Cook in Fregraham GardensSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Henry EasterbrookSon13Male Farm LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter11Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 Alfred EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 James EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
Gartermoor, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallAmbrose EasterbrookHead62Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 Mary EasterbrookWife61Female  St Wen, Cornwall, England
 Ambrose EasterbrookSon21Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 Octavia EasterbrookDaughter17Female Cook to the MineSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 John EasterbrookSon15Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
Tregraham Mills, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallRebecca EasterbrookHead22Female Work to the MineSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841
 Charles NormingtonLodger23Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
Little Manscown, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallJohn BakesHead72Male Retired FarmerLuxylan, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth BakesWife71Female  Luxyllian, Cornwall, England
 Maria BakesDaughter27FemaleU Luxyllian, Cornwall, England
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter35FemaleMarried Luxyllian, Cornwall, England
Lower Green, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallWilliam EasterbrookHead22Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1841 1861
 Eliza EasterbrookWife19Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England
Lat Mark Downs, St Austell,Charlestown,St Austell,CornwallPhillip EsterbrookHead53Male Copper MinerSt Bazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 Ann EsterbrookWife53Female  Gwennap, Cornwall, England
 Jane EsterbrookDaughter22Female  St Austell, Cornwall, England
 John EsterbrookSon19Male Copper MinerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861
 William H EsterbrookSon15Male Copper MinerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861
 Catherine EsterbrookDaughter13Female */Copper ore *redderSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1871
 Anna Maria EsterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861
Blue Coat Hospital School Lane Hospital,Liverpool,LancashireEdward EasterbrookScholar10Male ScholarLiverpool, Lancashire, England 1841
St Helier, Jersey,St Helier,JerseyNancy EsterbrookHead44FemaleWidCharwomanSt Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
 William EsterbrookSon15Male MessengerSt Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
 Sarah JanvrinDaughter6Female ScholarSt Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
 John JanvrinSon4Male  St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
 Samuel JanvrinSon1Male  St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
37 Bath Street, St Helier,St Helier,JerseyElins CastesbrookHead36Male CoachmanEngland 1841 1861
 Ann CartesbrooksWife40Female  England
 John CasterbrookSon6Male  St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands 1861
Boullion Nr 29, St Peter Port,St Peter Port,GuernseySamuel JarmuneauHead52Male WheelwrightSt P Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Sophia JarmuneauWife48Female GrocerSt P Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Louisa JarmuneauDaughter12Female ScholarSt P Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Ann E SarchetVisitor22Female AnnuitantSt P Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Mary Ann EsterbrooksServant16Female General ServantSt P Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands 1841
5 Back Street, St Peter Port,St Peter Port,GuernseyThomas OldHead55MaleWidrShoe makerEngland
 Ann OldDaughter24Female Dress makerEngland
 Thomas H OldSon12Male Brush makerEngland
 Mary DrewVisitor23Female Boot BinderEngland
 Thomas ThompsonLodger30Male GardenerEngland
 James SandersLodger29Male Shoe makerEngland
 Thomas DaveyLodger24Male MasonEngland
 Charles SimpsonLodger35Male Shoe makerEngland
 Richard StoanLodger54Male MasonEngland
 John KnightLodger30Male General labourerEngland
 George AndersonLodger52Male Coach BuilderSt Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Mary J DrewVisitor3 MoFemale  Alderney, Channel Islands
 William CasterbrookServant14Male Errand BoySt Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands 1841
5 Back Street, St Peter Port,St Peter Port,GuernseyJane Holliday 21Female AnnuitantEast Indies
8 Charleswood St, Westminster,St Mary,Westminster,MiddlesexJames RichmondHead43Male Coffee House KeeperSt Martins, Middlesex, England
 Caroline RichmondWife39Female  Gloucestershire, England
 Caroline RichmondDaughter12Female  St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, England
 James RichmondSon10Male  St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, England
 Ann RichmondDaughter8Female  St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, England
 Ellen RichmondDaughter6Female  Lambeth
 Sarah RichmondDaughter4Female  St Georges; Southwark
 Rose RichmondDaughter1Female  St Georges; Southwark
 Johanna PalmerVisitor45FemaleWidU.Th.Devonport 1841 1861
 Edward PalmerVisitor11Male  Devonport
 Frederick MallettLodger25Male  Barnstable
7 Windsor Terrace, Finsbury,St Barnabas,St Luke,MiddlesexWilliam GrittenHead28Male AnnuitantShoreditch, Middlesex, England 1861
9 Patty Court, Shoreditch,Shoreditch,MiddlesexJohn BerryHead16Male CastermongerLondon, England
 Louisa BerryWife33Female  London, England 1861
Mermaid Yd, St Mary, Exeter,Exeter St Mary Major,Exeter,DevonWilliam MorrisHead50Male Ag LabCrediton, Devon, England
 Mary TattershallLodger60Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Elizabeth TattershallLodger22Female Shoe BinderExeter, Devon, England
 Richard PartridgeLodger57MaleWLabourerExeter, Devon, England 1841
 Mary BastardLodger44Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Robert SandersLodger76Male  Exeter, Devon, England
 Mary TattershallLodger20Female  Exeter, Devon, England
Cadwell House, St Mary Church,Torquay St Mary Church,Newton Abbot,DevonRobert WardHead42Male Ag.LabBrisham, Devon, England
 Sarah WardWife36Female  Stockinham, Devon, England
 William WardSon13Male  St Mary Church, Devon, England
 Sarah WardDaughter10Female ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon, England
 Mary WardMother60Female  Brixham, Devon, England
 Sarah DaviesVisitor3Female  N
7 Melville Street, Tormoham,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam StrongHead36Male ShoemakerCrediton, Devon, England
 Mary StrongWife36Female  Crediton, Devon, England
 Ann StrongDaughter6Female  St Andrews, Middlesex, England
 Hannah StrongDaughter4Female  St Andrews, Middlesex, England
 William StrongSon2Male  Torquay, Devon, England
 Fanny StrongDaughter1Female  Torquay, Devon, England
Fore Street, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonAnn MitchellHead37FemaleWidowBread & Flour DealerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Thomas MitchellSon19Male Wool ComberBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 John MitchellSon17Male Wool ComberAshburton, Devon, England
 Mary MitchellDaughter15Female  Ermington, Devon, England
 Mary I ChurchwardCousin17Female DressmakerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Silver St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonSaml ArscottHead22Male Wool ComberBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary A ArscottWife19Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1841
 Saml ArscottSon10weekMale  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
No 7 House, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonWilliam RowlandHead36Male CarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary RowlandWife33Female MillinerHolne, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Emla RowlandDaughter5Female ScholarHolne, Devon, England
 Anne C RowlandDaughter9 MoFemale  Holne, Devon, England
 Robert C RowlandBrother23Male GardenerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Fore St, Plympton Maurice,Plympton Maurice,Plympton St Mary,DevonRichard ShepherdHead60Male Ag LabBritish Subject
 Jane ShepherdWife33Female  Tavistock, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth ShepherdDaughter7Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 Jane ShepherdDaughter2Female  Plympton, Devon, England
7 Banald Street, Devonport,Stoke Damerel,DevonEmily TrendWife33Female Seaman's WifeDevonport, Devon, England 1841
 John TrendSon2Male  Devonport, Devon, England
4 South Street, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonJohn PikeHead47Male ButcherDevonport, Devon, England
 Elizabeth PikeWife43Female  Devonport, Devon, England 1861
42 Monument Street, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonAnn GavenHead56Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Sarah BurchVisitor30Female WifeDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Elizth BurchVisitor8 MoFemale  Devonport, Devon, England
 Caroline PageLodger26Female UpholsteressDevonport, Devon, England
Coryton Town,Coryton,Tavistock,DevonJohn LakeHead56Male Farm LabourerBridestow, Devon, England
 Rebecca LakeWife51Female  Coryton, Devon, England
 Richard S LakeSon20Male Maryaney ?Coryton, Devon, England
 Rebecca LakeDaughter18Female Work at the Maryanney ?Coryton, Devon, England
 Sharlott W LakeDaughter15Female  Coryton, Devon, England
 William LakeSon11Male  Coryton, Devon, England
Teachmoor, St James, Jacobstow,Exeter,Okehampton,DevonHarry WestlakeHead23MaleMAg LabourerJacobstow, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WestlakeWife20FemaleM South Tawton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 George WestlakeSon1Male  Jacobstow, Devon, England
Village Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonJohn CoombeHead60Male Ag.LabSouth Tawton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth CoombeWife43Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1861
 Ann CoombeDaughter9Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Mary CoombeDaughter5Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Jane CoombeDaughter1Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Higher Trucott, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonRichard KnottHead48Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Ann KnottWife42Female  Exbourn, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Richard KnottSon14Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth KnottDaughter11Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 John KnottSon8Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Thomas KnottSon4Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 William KnottSon2Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Blagdon Place, Crediton,Crediton,DevonRovert MooreHead30Male Ag LabCrediton, Devon, England
 Emma MooreWife24Female  Crediton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Mary MooreDaughter4Female  Crediton, Devon, England
Strangaton Farm, Stockleigh Pomeroy,Stockleigh Pomeroy,Crediton,DevonRichard HarveyHead46Male FarmerSandford, Devon, England
 Jane HarveyWife44Female Farmer's WifeStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England 1861
 Sarah HarveyDaughter15Female Farmer's DaurStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England
 Matilda HarveyDaughter11Female ScholarStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England
 Mary Ann HarveyDaughter6Female ScholarStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England
 William OsmanServant70MaleMarAg.LabGidlay, Devon, England
 Samuel StowmanServant13Male Farmer ServantCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Little Coombe, Cheriton Fitzpaine,Cheriton Fitzpaine,Crediton,DevonSimon DiscombeHead48Male Ag LabSandford, Devon, England
 Mary DiscombeWife59Female  Shobrooke, Devon, England 1861
Higher Healand, St Giles in the Wood,St Giles in the Wood,Torrington,DevonPeter JuddHead38Male Agricultural LabourerSt Giles, Devon, England
 Elizabeth JuddWife35Female  Parkham, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Frederic JuddSon6Male  St Giles, Devon, England
 John JuddSon3Male  St Giles, Devon, England
 Mary JuddDaughter1Female  St Giles, Devon, England
Ashsons, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonRichard HarrisHead49Male Ag.LabBuckland Brewr, Devon, England
 Mary HarrisWife51Female CharwomanBuckland Brewr, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Frances HarrisDaughter25Female GloverBuckland Brewr, Devon, England
 William HarrisSon14Male ScholarBuckland Brewr, Devon, England
 Eliza HarrisDaughter9Female  Buckland Brewr, Devon, England
Cafflous, Clovelly,Clovelly,Bideford,DevonWm YoundHead21Male Ag.LabParkham, Devon, England
 Mary A YoundWife22Female  Woolsery, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizth Ann YoundDaughter1Female  Clovelly, Devon, England
Church Street, Liskeard,Liskeard,CornwallWilliam H EdwardsHead22Male Plumber & BraizierStonehouse, Devon, England
 Elizabeth PettServant29FemaleUHouse ServSouthill, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth A PettSev Child6Female ScholarLiskeard, Cornwall, England
Highbury, Tywardreath,Tywardreath,St Austell,CornwallPhilip RickHead34Male Copper Mine AgentSt Tudy, Cornwall, England
 Mary Ann RickWife33Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England
 John RickSon11Male ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Thomas P RickSon9Male ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Mary A RickDaughter7Female ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Harriet RickDaughter6Female ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Matthew H RickSon5Male ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth A L RickDaughter2Female  Tywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Julcsa RickDaughter2weekFemale  Tywardreath, Cornwall, England
28 Tyler St, Bristol,St Philip and St Jacob,Clifton,GloucestershireJohn SageHead26Male TailorDevon, England
 Ann SageWife27Female  Tiverton, Devon, England 1841 1861
 Elizabeth SageDaughter7Female  Tiverton, Devon, England
 Lucy SageDaughter5Female  Tiverton, Devon, England
 William SageSon4Male  St Philips Bristol
 Isabell SageDaughter1Female  St Philips Bristol
28 Tyler St, Bristol,Cheltenham,GloucestershireThomas R HinchcombHead7Male  Broad Oak, Gloucestershire, England
 Susan OldingServant36Female  Broad Oak, Gloucestershire, England
 William KemmeterServant24Male  Uley, Gloucestershire, England
 Rachel MarlinServant13Female  Wiltney, Gloucestershire, England
 Thomas Easter CrookVisitor28Male  Ireland
 Anthoney RantledgeVisitor36Male  Eastington, Durham, England
 Madalane RantledgeVisitor36Female  Fra British Subject
 Edward E RantledgeVisitor7Male  Hull, Yorkshire, England
 Mary J GagliandVisitor19Female  Fra British Subject
Gt Shute Street, Chulmleigh,Chulmleigh,South Molton,DevonJames GreenHead46Male Ag LabCheriton Bishop, Devon, England
 Mary GreenWife51Female  Landford Courtney, Devon, England 1861
 May Ann GreenDaughter14Female  Chulmleigh, Devon, England
 William GreenSon12Male  Chulmleigh, Devon, England

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