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Census Transcriptions

Great Britain

Censuses were taken every 10 years from 1801 but only those from 1841 contain individuals in a household and therefore of use for genealogy.
  • 1841 England & Channel Islands.
  • 1851 England & Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
  • 1861 England & Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
  • 1871 England & Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
  • 1881 England & Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
  • 1891 England & Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
  • 1901 England & Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
  • 1911 England & Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.
  • 1921 England & Wales (index only, no record detail).
  • 1931 Destroyed by fire due to enemy action during WWII.
  • 1939 Civil Registration taken on 29th September after the outbreak of war. Although not a census, it acts as a census substitute filling the gap between 1921 census (just released) and the 1951 census (closed until 2052).
  • 1941 No census due to war.
  • 1951 onwards Closed for 100 years.


The censuses for Ireland for the 19th century were largely destroyed by fire (1821-1851) or by order of the government (1861-1891). The 1921 census was postponed due to the events leading to the partition of Ireland. A census was conducted on the 18th April 1926 in both Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State, the Northern Ireland records were destroyed but the Irish Free State census is due for release in January 2027. A limited census was taken in 1937 in Northern Ireland with no date for release.

United States of America

These have been transcribed but not analysed or cross-referenced. These are mostly Federal Censuses but some state censuses have been added.
  • 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 only list head of household and number of occupants.
  • 1850 Federal Census.
  • 1850s state censuses
  • 1860 Federal Census.
  • 1865 state censuses
  • 1870 Federal Census.
  • 1880 Federal Census.
  • 1885 state censuses
  • 1890 Census substitutes.
  • 1890s state censuses
  • 1900 Federal Census.
  • 1905 state censuses
  • 1910 Federal Census.
  • 1915 state censuses
  • 1920 Federal Census.
  • 1925 state censuses
  • 1930 Federal Census.
  • 1940 Federal Census.
  • 1950 Federal Census released April 2022.


These censuses cover the area that is present-day Canada. This was under French and then British rule until the providence of Canada joined with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to form the self-governing Confederation of Canada in 1867. The country expanded incorporating other part of British North America, finishing with Newfoundland and Labrador in 1949.
  • 1851 1861 The british colonies of Canada East (Quebec), Canada West (Ontario), New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.
  • 1871 The confederation of Canada original four provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario.
  • 1881 British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec, and the Northwest Territories (modern-day Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, northern Ontario, northern Quebec, Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories).
  • 1891
  • 1901
  • 1906 Prairie province of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta only.
  • 1911
  • 1916 Prairie province of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta only.
  • 1921 including Newfoundland and Labrador census.
  • 1926 Prairie provinces. Available at Library and Archives Canada.
  • 1931 newly released 2023.
  • 1935 Newfoundland and Labrador census only.
  • 1945 Newfoundland and Labrador census only.

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