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USA Census 1860 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but very few are cross-referenced.

Fall River Ward 3, Bristol, MassachusettsGardner L Shearman49MaleSalesmanMassachusetts
 Betsey E Shearman44FemaleWifeRhode Island
 Avis M Shearman10Female Massachusetts
 Caleb M Short43MaleMachinistRhode Island
 James G Short28Male Rhode Island
 Daul Easterbrook29MaleHarness makerRhode Island
 Mary A Houghton42FemaleWarper tenderMassachusetts
Norton, Bristol, MassachusettsFanny Estabrook73Female Massachusetts
Taunton, Bristol, MassachusettsSylvesta Estabrooks44Male Rhode Island
 Elizabeth Estabrooks44Female Maine
 George Estabrooks15Male Massachusetts
 Henry Estabrooks13Male Massachusetts
 Mary E Estabrooks10Female Massachusetts
Lawrence Ward 1, Essex, MassachusettsCharles Estabrooks40MaleBrick masonNew Hampshire
Cambridge Ward 3, Middlesex, MassachusettsMary Easterbrook23Female Massachusetts
Cambridge Ward 4, Middlesex, MassachusettsS P Easterbrook46MalePlastererMassachusetts
 M A Easterbrook39Female Massachusetts
 F E Easterbrook16Female Massachusetts
 T L Easterbrook14Male Massachusetts
 W W Easterbrook11Male Massachusetts
Cambridge Ward 4, Middlesex, MassachusettsThos H Hector41Male England
 M L Hector25Female England
 M C Hector2Female Massachusetts
 S J Easterbrook40Male Massachusetts
 Mary Easterbrook54Female England
Charlestown, Middlesex, MassachusettsJas C Poor47MaleEngineerMassachusetts
 Ellen Poor46Female Massachusetts
 Jas W Poor19MaleMachinist appMassachusetts
 Rebecca Easterbrook79Female Massachusetts
Charlestown, Middlesex, MassachusettsThos Easterbrook46MaleCustom ho officeMassachusetts
 Harriet Easterbrook35Female Massachusetts
 Mason C Easterbrook16Male Wisconsin
 Harriet C Easterbrook15Female Wisconsin
 John B Easterbrook13Male Wisconsin
 Thos Easterbrook11Male Massachusetts
 Lucy Easterbrook11Female Massachusetts
 Gorham Easterbrook9Male Massachusetts
 Frank W Easterbrook9Male Massachusetts
Stoughton, Norfolk, MassachusettsFrank Esterbrook13Male Massachusetts
Canton, Norfolk, MassachusettsLorenzo Cushman31MaleMasonMassachusetts
 Larrie Cushman22Female Massachusetts
 Charles Esterbrook33MaleDentistMassachusetts
 Louisa Esterbrook31Female Massachusetts
 George R Esterbrook10/12Male Massachusetts
Dedham, Norfolk, MassachusettsCharles Easterbrook28MaleJens masonMassachusetts
 Theadore Easterbrook14Male Massachusetts
Needham, Norfolk, MassachusettsElias Estabrook71MaleFarmerEngland
 Mary Estabrook71Female England
 Sophia Stores47FemaleWidowEngland
 Frank J Stores7Male England
Needham, Norfolk, MassachusettsJames Estabrook36MaleFarmerEngland
 Rhody E Estabrook32Female New Hampshire
 J C Estabrook14Female Massachusetts
 Fred A Estabrook5Male Massachusetts
 Horna H Estabrook3Male Massachusetts
 Arva E Estabrook3Female Massachusetts
 Thomas Parsons7 MonthsMale England
Boston Ward 10, Suffolk, MassachusettsEdwin Reed44MaleProduceMassachusetts
 Chas E Reed15Male Massachusetts
 Julia A Reed13Female Massachusetts
 Lizzie W Reed10Female Massachusetts
 Mary E Reed8Female Massachusetts
 Rebecca Estabrook52FemaleHouse-keeperMassachusetts
 Bridget R Lynch26FemaleDomesticIreland
Boston Ward 10, Suffolk, MassachusettsI S Trafton38MaleGrocerMaine
 Ann Trafton41Female Massachusetts
 Char W Trafton17MaleClerkMaine
 Edward S Trafton9Male Maine
 Amos Foster25MaleClerkNew Hampshire
 Dunbar D Phillips22Male New Brunswick
 Mary Noble55Female New Hampshire
 Julia M Collin15FemaleDomesticIreland
 John F Estabrooks29MaleDry goodsNew Brunswick
 James H Wayland22MaleHarness makerMassachusetts
 Betsy Fillebrown75Female Massachusetts
Boston Ward 10, Suffolk, MassachusettsWilliam Estabrooks28MalePolice officerMassachusetts
 Harriet Estabrooks24Female Massachusetts
 Russel Thacher5Male Massachusetts
Township 3, Placer, CaliforniaSaml Estabrooks53MaleBlack smithNew Hampshire
 D J Coninger37Male Pennsylvania
Township 1, Tuolumne, CaliforniaHenery White24MaleMinerEngland
 James Estabrook38MaleLaborerMassachusetts
Huston, Blair, PennsylvaniaEd H Lytle50MaleGentlemanOhio
 Elizabeth S Lytle40Female Pennsylvania
 Sarah S Lytle18Female Pennsylvania
 Eliza A Lytle15Female Pennsylvania
 Fanny Lytle13Female Pennsylvania
 Florrence Lytle10Female Pennsylvania
 Caroline Lytle6Female Pennsylvania
 Ida Lytle3Female Pennsylvania
 Ed H Lytle1Male Pennsylvania
 Ellen A Estenbrook30FemaleGovernessMassachusetts
 Anna Smith60FemaleDomesticIreland
 Margaret Bonney25Female Ireland
 Ann Allen55Female Ireland
 Frances Laufer75MaleServantGermany
 Elizabeth S Laufer52Female Germany
 Ann Maria Hazlestap8Female Germany
Pike, Bradford, PennsylvaniaReuben Easterbrooks41MaleShoemakerPennsylvania
 Savanah Easterbrooks39Female Pennsylvania
 Emmerson Easterbrooks16Male Pennsylvania
 Henry Easterbrooks14Male Pennsylvania
 Rachael Easterbrooks12Female Pennsylvania
 Rebecca Easterbrooks11Female Pennsylvania
 Joseph Easterbrooks10Male Pennsylvania
 John Newell16MaleShoemaker apprenticePennsylvania
 Augustus Bissell31MalePhysicianConnecticut
 Susan Bissell28Female Pennsylvania
Warren, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJudson Easterbrooks47MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Eliza Easterbrooks44Female Pennsylvania
 Chas Easterbrooks21Male Pennsylvania
 Alvira Easterbrooks18FemaleCom school teacherPennsylvania
 Mary Easterbrooks16Female Pennsylvania
 Alice Easterbrooks15Female Pennsylvania
Providence, Luzerne, PennsylvaniaSylvester Easterbrooks42MaleMaster wheelwrightPennsylvania
 Lucy I Easterbrooks38Female Pennsylvania
 William M Easterbrooks13Male Pennsylvania
 Francis Easterbrooks18Female Pennsylvania
 Peter Kelly26Male Ireland
Cedar, Black Hawk, IowaDavid A Pound31MaleFarmerOhio
 Martha A Pound29Female New York
 Hiram Pound7Male Wisconsin
 Esther A Pound4Female Wisconsin
 Carlos Easterbrook20MaleFarm laborerIllinois
Mosalem, Dubuque, IowaJames Estabrooke69MaleFarmerVermont
 Nancey Estabrooke66Female New Hampshire
 Allen Estabrooke27MaleFarmerNew York
 Margaret Estabrooke23Female Maryland
 Geo W Estabrooke1Male Iowa
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsMatthias Hinckley61MaleMaster-marinerMassachusetts
 Mary Hinckley57Female Massachusetts
 Frank Hinckley23MaleMarinerMassachusetts
 Emma Hinckley19Female Massachusetts
 Thos Eastabrooks15MaleLaborerMassachusetts
 James Cobb60MaleLaborerMassachusetts
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsAlbert Easterbrook50MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Mary B Easterbrook49Female Massachusetts
 Helen Easterbrook29Female Massachusetts
 Emily Easterbrook27Female Massachusetts
 Betsey Easterbrook23Female Massachusetts
 Louisa Easterbrook17Female Massachusetts
 Mary Easterbrook9Female Massachusetts
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsLucy H Easterbrooks47Female Massachusetts
 Saba M Easterbrooks22Female Massachusetts
 John W Easterbrooks21MaleMarinerMassachusetts
 Lucy E Easterbrooks19FemaleDress makerMassachusetts
 Olive H Easterbrooks16FemaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Thos S Easterbrooks24Male Massachusetts
 Frank S Easterbrooks11Male Massachusetts
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsLot Easterbrooks53MaleCooperMassachusetts
 Martha Easterbrooks49Female Massachusetts
Swansey, Bristol, MassachusettsJames E Easterbrooks27MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Loretta G Easterbrooks27Female Massachusetts
Swansey, Bristol, MassachusettsWilliam Easterbrooks35MaleMasonRhode Island
 Sarah Easterbrooks29Female England
 Sarah Easterbrooks4Female Massachusetts
 William H Easterbrooks2MaleFarmerRhode Island
Swansey, Bristol, MassachusettsLevi Eastabrooks55MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Jane Eastabrooks43Female Massachusetts
 George C Eastabrooks11Male Massachusetts
 Ezra O Eastabrooks12Male Massachusetts
 Charles C Eastabrooks5Male Massachusetts
Swansey, Bristol, MassachusettsJoseph Easterbrooks66MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Amy Easterbrooks61Female Massachusetts
 George Easterbrooks18MaleFarmerMassachusetts
Swansey, Bristol, MassachusettsParthenia Easterbrooks69Female Massachusetts
 Susan Easterbrooks47Female Massachusetts
Belchertown, Hampshire, MassachusettsGeo Estabrooks40MaleCarriage makerNew Hampshire
 Frances A Estabrooks44Female Vermont
 Elihu D Estabrooks14Male Vermont
 Washington L Estabrooks10Male Vermont
 Horatio Holland25MaleMillerMassachusetts
Ware, Hampshire, MassachusettsHenry S Canterbury64MaleStone masonMassachusetts
 Melintha Canterbury54Female Vermont
 Elizabeth C Canterbury26FemaleStraw sewsNew York
 George B Canterbury23MaleBottom & paiserMassachusetts
 Ellen M Canterbury14Female Massachusetts
 Marth Eastabrook20FemaleSews strawMassachusetts
 Caroline Chamberlin20Female Massachusetts
Lowell Ward 5, Middlesex, MassachusettsMary S Priest40FemaleHousekeeperVermont
 Fred H Priest10Male Massachusetts
 Theresa P Howard58FemaleDomesticNew York
 Wm H Estabrook14Male Massachusetts
 Frank P Estabrook13Male Massachusetts
Lowell Ward 5, Middlesex, MassachusettsSarah Estabrook35Female New Hampshire
Worcester Ward 3, Worcester, MassachusettsJosiah Estabrook28MaleTeamsterMassachusetts
Worcester Ward 6, Worcester, MassachusettsJas Estabrook64Male Massachusetts
 Almira R Estabrook58Female Massachusetts
 Joab E Estabrook29MaleLawyerMassachusetts
 Arthur E Estabrook27MaleClerkMassachusetts
 Frank A Estabrook24MaleClerkMassachusetts
 Rebecca Reed84Female Massachusetts
 Hannah Hurley23FemaleDomesticIreland
Cheshire, Berkshire, MassachusettsFranklin Esterbrook42Male Vermont
 Susan Esterbrook40Female Vermont
 Charles T Esterbrook19MaleFactory operativeNew York
 John L Taylor79Male Massachusetts
 Susannah Taylor70Female Vermont
 Charles H Taylor8Male New York
 Harriet M Taylor23Female Vermont
Elizabeth, Allegheny, PennsylvaniaRichard Easterbrook40MaleHotel keeperEngland 1850
 Elvina Easterbrook40Female England
 Edward Easterbrook10Male England 1850
 Kate Easterbrook7Female England 1871
 William Easterbrook5Male England 1871
 Eliza J Easterbrook1Female England 1871
 William Welsh25MaleBar keeperEngland
Athens, Bradford, PennsylvaniaGeorge Easterbrooks28MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Susan Easterbrooks25Female New Jersey
 Charlis Easterbrooks4Male Pennsylvania
North Towanda, Bradford, PennsylvaniaWm Easterbrooks50MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Ann Easterbrooks45Female Pennsylvania
 Avery Easterbrooks22Male Pennsylvania
 Francis Easterbrooks18Female Pennsylvania
 Charlotte Easterbrooks16Female Pennsylvania
 Welford Easterbrooks13Male Pennsylvania
 Achan Easterbrooks11Female Pennsylvania
 Arthur Easterbrooks8Male Pennsylvania
 Bell Easterbrooks4Female Pennsylvania
North Towanda, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJames D Humphrey47MaleMerchantMassachusetts
 Lucy Humphrey42Female Pennsylvania
 Ira Humphrey17MaleClerkPennsylvania
 Charles Humphrey14Male Pennsylvania
 Cornelia Humphrey6Female Pennsylvania
 Sophia Dilts16FemaleDomesticPennsylvania
 Louisa Brown70Female Connecticut
 Mary Easterbrooks14Female Illinois
 Michael Hawley24MaleTeamsterIllinois
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaEdwin Easterbrooks36MaleTailorPennsylvania
 Emeline Easterbrooks37Female Pennsylvania
 Clara Easterbrooks8Female Pennsylvania
 Fred Easterbrooks4Male Pennsylvania
 Edwin Easterbrooks6/12Male Pennsylvania
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJessee Easterbrooks73MaleDay laborRhode Island
 Lovina Easterbrooks66Female Massachusetts
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaMarcus Easterbrooks67Male Connecticut
 Abthia Easterbrooks60Female Connecticut
 Nancy Easterbrooks32Female Pennsylvania
 Hancock Easterbrooks30Male Pennsylvania
 Lucy Easterbrooks24Female Pennsylvania
 Wm R Pickering30MaleFarm handPennsylvania
Sheshequin, Bradford, PennsylvaniaRichard Johnson49MaleFarmerNew York
 Eliza Johnson49Female Pennsylvania
 Horrace Johnson21Male Pennsylvania
 Chas Easterbrooks26MaleCarpenterPennsylvania
Sheshequin, Bradford, PennsylvaniaHoratio Hewes40MaleFarmerNew York
 Sally Hewes44Female New York
 Elisabeth Hewes14Female Pennsylvania
 Adeladie Hewes11Female Pennsylvania
 Chas Easterbrooks26MaleCarpenterPennsylvania
Sheshequin, Bradford, PennsylvaniaGeo Vincent40MaleBlack smithPennsylvania
 Margaret Vincent38Female Pennsylvania
 Maria Vincent16Female Pennsylvania
 Denormus Vincent14Female Pennsylvania
 Isabell Vincent12Female Pennsylvania
 George Vincent10Male Pennsylvania
 Rosa Vincent7Female Pennsylvania
 Cora Vincent3Female Pennsylvania
 Ward Esterbrooks19MaleBlacksmithPennsylvania
Towanda, Bradford, PennsylvaniaA S Eastabrooks37MaleBakerPennsylvania
 Mary Eastabrooks36Female Pennsylvania
 Emeline Drinkwater32FemaleTailoressPennsylvania
 Joseph Burbank23MaleBakerPennsylvania
Ulster, Bradford, PennsylvaniaWilliam Elsbree54MaleFarmerNew York
 Amelia Elsbree23Female Pennsylvania
 Mary Elsbree10/12Female Pennsylvania
 Asa Easterbrooks10Male Pennsylvania
 Ferdinand Wheeler19MaleFarm laborerPennsylvania
Girard, Erie, PennsylvaniaOliver Easterbrooks35MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Sarah L Easterbrooks30Female Pennsylvania
 Susie Easterbrooks4Female Pennsylvania
 Charles Bennett23MaleSchool teacherNew York
Loyalsock, Lycoming, PennsylvaniaR N Esterbrook31MaleLaborerMaine
 Elmira Esterbrook30Female Maine
 Rufus P Esterbrook11Male Maine
 Wilmot L Esterbrook9Male Maine
 Frances C Esterbrook7Female Maine
 Nettie V Esterbrook4Female Maine
 Emma M Esterbrook6/12Female Pennsylvania
 Edward Owen25MaleLaborerMaine
 Patrick Oconnor25Male Ireland
Williamsport East Ward, Lycoming, PennsylvaniaByran Richards29MaleCarpenterNew York
 Mary Richards26Female New York
 Emma Richards4Female New York
 Mary Esterbrook27Female New York
 Oliver Richard22MaleCarpenterNew York
Sergeant, McKean, PennsylvaniaDanl A Eastabrook57Male New York
 Lydia Eastabrook57Female New York
 Danl A Eastabrook21Male Pennsylvania
 Benj F Rose30MaleLaborerVermont
Shippen, McKean, PennsylvaniaAmos Fenton36MaleLumbermanNew York
 Adaline Fenton25Female New York
 Sarah M Fenton2Female New York
 Leonard Lefoy27MaleSawyerNew York
 Martin German30Male New York
 Henry Robery24Male New York
 Lydia Eastabrook18FemaleDomesticNew York
Shippen, McKean, PennsylvaniaGeo Eastabrook54MaleFarmerNew York
 Lydia Eastabrook46Female New York
 Edward P Eastabrook23MalePedlerPennsylvania
 Alvira Eastabrook21Female New York
 Chas Eastabrook19MaleLaborerNew York
 Lydia Eastabrook17Female New York
 Orrin Eastabrook15Male New York
 Lucina Eastabrook13Female New York
 Marion Eastabrook8Male Canada
Philadelphia Ward 6 Division 2, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaWm Eastrbrook25MaleIron workerEngland
Philadelphia Ward 7, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaJames Kerr28MaleStore keeperPennsylvania
 Mary Kerr23Female Pennsylvania
 Henry Kerr4Male Pennsylvania
 Ann Esterbrook23Female Ireland
Great Bend, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaT D Estabrook40MaleRr contractorMassachusetts
 Eliza Estabrook37Female Pennsylvania
 Charles L Estabrook10Male New York
 Ida Estabrook7Female Pennsylvania
 Willie Estabrook5Male Pennsylvania
 William Buck77Male New York
 Arlena Buck72Female New York
 Florella Edson19Female New York
Harford, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaHenry Estabrook35MaleFarmerVermont
 Elizabeth B Estabrook27Female Pennsylvania
 Henry S Estabrook1Male Pennsylvania
Jackson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaCharles H Estabrook25MaleCarpenterVermont
 Adaline Estabrook18Female Pennsylvania
 Edwin Estabrook10/12Male Pennsylvania
Jackson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaWm W Estabrook48MaleFarmerVermont
 Cinthia Estabrook43Female Vermont
 Elijah Estabrook17Male Pennsylvania
 Lovisa Estabrook14Female Pennsylvania
 Willard Estabrook12Male Pennsylvania
 Edgar Estabrook10Male Pennsylvania
 Lillia Estabrook5Female Pennsylvania
 Forest Estabrook3Male Pennsylvania
 Elroy Estabrook1Male Pennsylvania
 David Smith30MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Elizabeth Smith27Female Pennsylvania
 Edson E Smith3Male Pennsylvania
 Edgar Brush14MaleFarm laborerPennsylvania
Jackson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaWarren Estabrook27MaleFarmerVermont
 Denis Estabrook68Female Vermont
 Theodore Estabrook22Male Vermont
Jackson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaB H Larabee37MaleFarmerVermont
 Emily Larabee40Female Pennsylvania
 Hadley B Larabee11Male Pennsylvania
 Deville E Larabee6Male Pennsylvania
 Nettie E Larabee1Female Pennsylvania
 W B Estabrook22MaleFarm laborerPennsylvania
New Milford, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaPhilip Peckens41MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Lydia Peckens39Female Pennsylvania
 Chancy W Peckens13Male Pennsylvania
 Cynthia Peckens10Female Pennsylvania
 Frederek Peckens5Male Pennsylvania
 Dwight Easterbrook20MaleFarm laborerPennsylvania
 Merrian J Wright19FemaleTeacherPennsylvania
Oakland, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaS H Estabrook37MaleFarmerVermont
 Lucy Estabrook33Female Pennsylvania
 Emma D Estabrook8Female Pennsylvania
 John A Estabrook6Male Pennsylvania
 Sarah E Estabrook4Female Pennsylvania
 Lucy E Estabrook1Female Pennsylvania
Mead, Warren, PennsylvaniaGeorge Estabrook20MaleBlacksmithNew York
De Witt, Clinton, IowaWm W Estabrook33MaleMe preacherNew Brunswick
 Francess C Estabrook28Female Maine
 Jerusia Estabrook11Female  
 Jerusia B Estabrook53Female New Brunswick
Delaware, Delaware, IowaIra P Adams28MaleTinnerVermont
 Gratia Adams28Female New York
 Clara Adams1Female Iowa
 Flora Adams3/12Female Iowa
 Hanna Estabrook25Female New York
 John B Freelove23Male Vermont
Melrose, Grundy, IowaPorter Vandewark25MaleFarmerNew York
 Harriet Vandewark20Female Indiana
 Mary E Vandewark10/12Female Iowa
 Charity Lane17Female Indiana
 Andrew Esterbrook21MaleFarm laborerOhio
 Zephariah Lane19Male Indiana
Clay, Hardin, IowaP Esterbrook52MaleFarmerVermont
 M Esterbrook51Female New York
 A Esterbrook20MaleFarm laborerOhio
 S A Esterbrook19FemaleDomesticIowa
 J V Esterbrook17MaleFarm laborerIowa
 E Esterbrook13Male Iowa
 E Esterbrook13Female Iowa
Marion, Linn, IowaHannah Williams64Female Massachusetts
 George W Williams31Male Vermont
 Rodney L Estbrook23MaleTeacher com schoolVermont
Des Moines, Polk, IowaHenry Frizell34MaleHotel keeperVermont
 Mary M Frizell35Female New York
 Edwin B Campbell20Male Ohio
 Laura A Campbell18Female Ohio
 Janie M Campbell15Female Ohio
 Ellen McCarty25FemaleDomesticIreland
 J D Pugh22MalePrinterOhio
 Harmon Laufer20MaleHarness makerHesse / Hessen
 C C Cole30MaleClerkNew York
 G F Esterbrook25MalePrinterOhio
 A Britton29MaleTinnerNew York
 Thomas Bitter26MaleSaloon keeperOhio
 Augusta Hartung35MaleProfessorPrussia
 P F McGlew31MaleBlacksmithIreland
Tama, IowaE Esterbrook48MaleSlinger makerVermont
 A Esterbrook48Female New York
 M Esterbrook26Male New York
 N Esterbrook18Female Illinois
 M Esterbrook8Female Illinois
Vernon, Wright, IowaNoah Estabrooks53MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Rhoda Estabrooks47Female Vermont
 Charles Estabrooks24MaleFarmerNew York
 Azra Estabrooks20Male New York
 Simon Estabrooks15Male Ohio
 Joseph Estabrooks13Male Indiana
 Emmaline Estabrooks7Female Wisconsin
Honesdale, Wayne, PennsylvaniaWm T Estabrook39MaleCarriage makerMassachusetts
 C D Estabrook34Female New York
 Chas T Estabrook11Male Pennsylvania
 Michael Herman20MaleCarriage maker appGermany
 George Owen19Male Pennsylvania
 Sarah Bates21FemaleDomesticPennsylvania
Harrison, Cass, IndianaHenry Estabrook45MaleFarmerNew York
 Mary Estabrook42Female Ohio
 John Estabrook22MaleFarmerIndiana
 Christian Estabrook20MaleCarpenterIndiana
 James Estabrook17MaleFarmerIndiana
 David Estabrook15Male Indiana
 Caroline Estabrook12Female Indiana
 Craig Estabrook9Male Indiana
 William Estabrook6Male Indiana
 Robert Estabrook3Male Indiana
Perry, Noble, IndianaSamuel Estabrook37MaleDruggistNew York
 Maria Estabrook26Female New York
 Clinton Estabrook5Male Michigan
 Mary Estabrook3Female Indiana
 Kate Estabrook10/12Female Indiana
Haddon, Sullivan, IndianaA F Estabrook46MaleFarmerVermont
 E A Estabrook37Female Vermont
 Jas A Estabrook15Male Indiana
 John W Estabrook10Male Indiana
 Joseph Estabrook4Male Indiana
Haddon, Sullivan, IndianaW W Estabrook42MaleBoot & shoe makerVermont
 Purcey Estabrook39Female Vermont
 Oscar Estabrook17Male Vermont
 Geo Estabrook9Male Vermont
Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IndianaW D Estabrook29MaleBlacksmithMassachusetts
 May J Estabrook22Female Ohio
 Hattie Estabrook2Female Indiana
 Frank Estabrook2/12Male Indiana
 Adams Estabrook68MaleBlack smithMassachusetts
 Lucy Sirvans20FemaleSchool teacherOhio
Pike, Warren, IndianaJames Hamilton42MaleFarmerIreland
 Mary Hamilton42Female Virginia
 Frank Macouaghty20MaleFarm laborVirginia
 George Eastbrook11Male Ireland
 James Bunce20MaleFarm laborIowa
 Fannie Pomerance7Female Iowa
 Lizzie Pomerance2Female Iowa
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsJoseph Estabrooks51MaleShoemakerMassachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsJohn R Estabrooks47MaleCarpenterMassachusetts
 Ann H Estabrooks47Female Massachusetts
 John L Estabrooks14Male Massachusetts
 Lizzie Chase22FemaleSchool teacherMassachusetts
 Mary Brown22FemaleBind shoesNew Hampshire
 Elmira Maynard35FemaleTraderMassachusetts
 John F Fowler23MaleShoemakerMassachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsMoses Gile43MaleShoe cutterMassachusetts
 Elisabeth Gile34Female Massachusetts
 Charles H Gile5Male Massachusetts
 George W Gile19Male Massachusetts
 Hannah S Esterbrooks48Female Massachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsJoseph Esterbrooks74MaleCarpenterMassachusetts
 Hannah J Orne65Female Massachusetts
 Jane M Orne33Female Massachusetts
 Mary Jane Orne3/12Female Massachusetts
 Marten V B Orne30MaleShoe makerMassachusetts
 Gaytor H Orne27Male Massachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsSamuel Estabrooks68MaleMasonMassachusetts
 Sophia G Estabrooks69Female Massachusetts
Northfield, Franklin, MassachusettsBarnard Estabrook68MaleFarmerVermont
 Mercy Estabrook67Female Rhode Island
 Sophia Kellogg39Female Vermont
Belmont, Middlesex, MassachusettsJona V Fletcher47MaleMerchantMassachusetts
 Mary A Fletcher45Female Massachusetts
 George T Fletcher17Male Massachusetts
 Joseph H Fletcher15Male Massachusetts
 Ella R Fletcher12Female Massachusetts
 Ida F Fletcher9Female Massachusetts
 Theadore A Estabrook15Male Massachusetts
 Mary Ryan22FemaleServantIreland
 Soloman Tracy23MaleLaborerMaine
Belmont, Middlesex, MassachusettsGeo S Adams53MaleMaster masonMassachusetts
 Lucy H Adams53Female Massachusetts
 Geo F Adams23MaleMerchantMassachusetts
 Alfred A Adams19MaleAprentise masonMassachusetts
 Edward E Adams17Male Massachusetts
 Emily P Adams11Female Massachusetts
 Arthur T Adams13Male Massachusetts
 Valentine Pillsbury25MaleLaborerMaine
 Bridget Hagan23FemaleServantIreland
 Louisa Estabrook39Female Massachusetts
Newton, Middlesex, MassachusettsFrancis Jones38MaleExpress-manMassachusetts
 Mary Jones32Female Massachusetts
 Mary F Jones12Female Massachusetts
 Ellen N Jones8Female Massachusetts
 Edwin A Jones2Male Massachusetts
 George Estabrook28MaleTeamsterMaine
Newton, Middlesex, MassachusettsRufus Eastabrook45MaleMerchantMassachusetts
 Eliza Eastabrook45Female Massachusetts
 Edward L Eastabrook13Male Massachusetts
 George L Eastabrook11Male Massachusetts
 Emily E Eastabrook7Female Massachusetts
 Sarah E Eastabrook4Female Massachusetts
 Franklin Eastabrook2Male Massachusetts
 Mary Hunt20Female Ireland
Marlborough, Middlesex, MassachusettsAshbel Brigham60MalePainterMassachusetts
 Lydia Brigham60Female Massachusetts
 Charles L Brigham21MaleShoeMassachusetts
 Amelia Easterbrooks25Female Massachusetts
 Mary Easterbrooks22Female Massachusetts
Marlborough, Middlesex, MassachusettsDaniel Hayden50MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Hannah Hayden50Female New Hampshire
 Edward C Easterbrooks20MaleFarm laborerMassachusetts
 John W Hayden22Male New Hampshire
 Edwin Goodwin28Male New Hampshire
 Alfred Lyon13Male Massachusetts
 Chester Goodwin23MaleFarm laborerNew Hampshire
Marlborough, Middlesex, MassachusettsEleakum Easterbrooks23Male Massachusetts
Framingham, Middlesex, MassachusettsCaroline G Easterbrooks47Female Massachusetts
 Mary Pratt22Female England
Shirley, Middlesex, MassachusettsJoseph Esterbrook62MaleWheelwrightMassachusetts
 Nancy Esterbrook58Female Massachusetts
Ashby, Middlesex, MassachusettsJoseph Estabrook61Male Massachusetts
 Abigail Estabrook56Female Massachusetts
 Harriet A Clark35Female New Hampshire
Ashby, Middlesex, MassachusettsSamuel Esterbrook66Male Massachusetts
 Opha S Esterbrook51Female Massachusetts
Ashby, Middlesex, MassachusettsFrank Esterbrook13MaleButcherMassachusetts
Ashby, Middlesex, MassachusettsWilliam S Esterbrook35Male Massachusetts
 Elvira Esterbrook29Female New Hampshire
Ashby, Middlesex, MassachusettsHenrietta Esterbrook4FemaleFarmerMassachusetts
Ashby, Middlesex, MassachusettsSamuel Estabrook38MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Lucy F Estabrook13Male Massachusetts
 Henry A Estabrook10Male Massachusetts
 Emely A Estabrook4Female Massachusetts
 Fredie H Estabrook1Male Massachusetts
Pepperell, Middlesex, MassachusettsHenry J Esterbrook36MaleWheel wrightMassachusetts
 Harriet Esterbrook26Female Massachusetts
 Hattie Esterbrook5Female Massachusetts
 George H Esterbrook2Male Massachusetts
 Willie Esterbrook3/12Male Massachusetts
Acton, Middlesex, MassachusettsJoseph Easterbrook40MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Nancy Easterbrook35Female Massachusetts
 Sarah E Easterbrook13Female Massachusetts
 Joseph W Easterbrook10Male Massachusetts
 Emma F Easterbrook7Female Massachusetts
 Ida R Easterbrook5Female Massachusetts
 Olvin H Easterbrook3Male Massachusetts
 Nelly C Easterbrook10/12Female Massachusetts
 Saml Bacon60MaleFarmerMassachusetts
Stowe, Middlesex, MassachusettsNathaniel Hapgood50MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Leck Gates32Male Massachusetts
 Mary A Easterbrook60FemaleDomesticMassachusetts
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsSoloman Estabrook45MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Elizabeth Estabrook45Female Massachusetts
 Geo Estabrook22MaleFarm laborerMassachusetts
 Henry Estabrook22Male Massachusetts
 Lyman Estabrook11Male Massachusetts
 Lucy Blodgett31FemaleDomesticMassachusetts
 Mary Gargus18Female Ireland
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsLuke Estabrook34MaleStone masonVermont
 Lydia Estabrook29Female Vermont
 Wm F Estabrook6Male Massachusetts
 Georgeanna Estabrook3Female Massachusetts
 Alice D Estabrook7 MonthsFemale Massachusetts
 Lydia Estabrook38Female Massachusetts
 Wm Estabrook37Male Massachusetts
 Ellen A Estabrook13Female Massachusetts
 Walter Estabrook6Male Massachusetts
 Colburn Estabrook1Male Massachusetts
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsRachel Estabrooks62Female New Hampshire
 John Estabrooks33MaleShoe makerVermont
 David Harrington70MaleFurrierMassachusetts
 Elzabeth Harrington70Female Massachusetts
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsFrancis Estabooks39MaleFarm labourerIreland
 Louisa Estabooks30Female Ireland
 Geo Estabooks4Male Massachusetts
 Anna Estabooks2Female Massachusetts
 James Kilburn50MaleFarm labourerIreland
 John Smith55Male Ireland
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsHannah Estabrook83Female Massachusetts
 John Estabrook42MaleBakerMassachusetts
West Cambridge, Middlesex, MassachusettsElbridge G Loche53MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Mary E Loche43Female Maine
 James G Loche13Male Massachusetts
 Chas G Loche12Male Massachusetts
 Horatio Estabrook35MaleFarm laborerMassachusetts
 Wm Hurley25Male Nova Scotia
 James Taylor23Male Nova Scotia
 William Crookshank21Male Nova Scotia
 Chas Dudley38Male Maine
 Betsey Ross26FemaleDomesticNova Scotia
West Cambridge, Middlesex, MassachusettsSaml Suan46MaleDy goods dealerMassachusetts
 Hannah Suan37Female Massachusetts
 Emma J Suan16Female Massachusetts
 Rowland A Suan3Male Massachusetts
 Lydia Estabrook52Female Massachusetts
Randolph, Norfolk, MassachusettsCharles Estabrook40MaleHotel keeperMassachusetts
 Caroline Estabrook39Female Massachusetts
 Caroline E Estabrook15Female Massachusetts
 Charles F Estabrook13Male Massachusetts
 Harriet M Estabrook10Female Massachusetts
 Helen F Estabrook6Female Massachusetts
 Joseph W Estabrook3Male Massachusetts
Dorchester, Norfolk, MassachusettsJohn W Eastabrook41MaleExpressmanVermont
 Martha T Eastabrook42Female Vermont
 Henry L Eastabrook18Male Massachusetts
 Henrietta A Eastabrook16Female Massachusetts
 John A Eastabrook7Male Massachusetts
 Emma D Eastabrook4Female Massachusetts
 Josephine Campbell16FemaleDomesticMassachusetts
Roxbury Ward 5, Norfolk, MassachusettsSamuel R Estabrook50MaleLiquor dealerMassachusetts
 Mary G Estabrook49Female Massachusetts
 Albert R Estabrook25MaleClerk cigareMassachusetts
 Charles W Estabrook16MaleDry goodsMassachusetts
Roxbury Ward 5, Norfolk, MassachusettsSamuel G Estabrook23MaleConductorMassachusetts
 Julia A Estabrook19Female Massachusetts
 Eliza I Edwards23FemaleDomesticIreland
Roxbury Ward 3, Norfolk, MassachusettsAntipas Newton41MaleProvision dealerMassachusetts
 Sarah A Newton38Female Massachusetts
 Hattie A Newton17Female Massachusetts
 Antipas Newton14Male Massachusetts
 J Windsor Newton11Male Massachusetts
 Frank H Newton10Male Massachusetts
 Charles E Joyce24MaleBook keeperNew Brunswick
 Elizabeth N Joyce19Female Massachusetts
 Hattie M Joyce4/12Female Massachusetts
 S Gardner Esterbrook23MaleConductorMassachusetts
 Julia A Esterbrook19Female Maine
 Margaret Moor29Female Ireland
Roxbury Ward 3, Norfolk, MassachusettsWilliam Foster38MaleCigar makerMassachusetts
 Mary J Foster40Female New Hampshire
 Emily C Foster15Female Massachusetts
 Joshua Foster7Male Massachusetts
 Eliza D Foster5Female Massachusetts
 Ellen J Foster2Female Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook23Female Massachusetts
 Ida A Estabrook2Female Massachusetts
 William Estabrook1/12Male Massachusetts
Abington, Plymouth, MassachusettsWm F Wilde48MaleEngineerMaine
 Eliz Wilde28Female England
 George Estabrook14Male England
Abington, Plymouth, MassachusettsCharles G Easterbrook34MalePrinterMassachusetts
 Flora R Easterbrook29Female Maine
 Flora A Easterbrook8Female Massachusetts
 Mary W Easterbrook1Female Massachusetts
 Maron C Easterbrook17MaleAppMassachusetts
 Mary E C Brien18FemaleServantIreland
North Bridgewater, Plymouth, MassachusettsJohn L Pratt27MaleShoe cutterMassachusetts
 Ann L Pratt30Female Massachusetts
 John W Pratt6Male Massachusetts
 Fredk Hall50MaleLastmakerMassachusetts
 Fredk H Hall16MaleScholarMassachusetts
 Abby Jane Hall11Female Massachusetts
 William Estabrooks33MaleShoemakerMassachusetts
Hingham, Plymouth, MassachusettsSamuel Easterbrook49MaleMaster marinerMassachusetts
 Rebecca Easterbrook48Female Massachusetts
 Samuel H Easterbrook19MaleMarinerMassachusetts
 Elisabeth J Easterbrook13Female Massachusetts
 Delia D Easterbrook6Female Massachusetts
Hingham, Plymouth, MassachusettsJoseph Easterbrook32MaleEditor & publisherMassachusetts
 Susan Easterbrook31Female Massachusetts
 Lizzie U Easterbrook5Female Massachusetts
Boston Ward 1, Suffolk, MassachusettsLeonard Pettis48MalePolice officeHensel NH
 Feeba Pettis45FemaleLadyKennebunk ME
 Charles H Pettis23MalePainterMassachusetts
 Louis A Pettis16FemaleLadyMassachusetts
 Louisa Pettis11Female Massachusetts
 Lucy Pettis6Female Massachusetts
 Charles O Elliot39MaleTeamsterMaine
 Luther Easterbrook40Male Maine
 John Sanderson25Male Ragalton VT
 James Caswell21Male Ragalton VT
 John Goodwin20Male Hollowell ME
Boston Ward 3, Suffolk, MassachusettsSydney Butterfield48MaleTeamsterVermont
 Sarah Butterfield48Female Massachusetts
 Lydia Butterfield12Female Massachusetts
 Miranda Butterfield10Female Massachusetts
 Lydia Esterbrook69Female Massachusetts
Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, MassachusettsChas W G Mansfield43MalePrinter (jour)Massachusetts
 Sarah H Mansfield42Female Massachusetts
 Hannah Mansfield75Female Massachusetts
 Emily C Mansfield16Female Massachusetts
 Sarah L Mansfield13Female Massachusetts
 Edward D Mansfield8Male Massachusetts
 Louisa Estabrook56Female Massachusetts
 Daniel S Sutton19MaleMason (jour)Massachusetts
 Chas F Stearns20MaleClerkMassachusetts
 Chas B Leavitt19Male Massachusetts
 Chas T Barr19Male Massachusetts
Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, MassachusettsJohn Allyn47MalePrinterMassachusetts
 Rachael Allyn45Female Massachusetts
 Abby F Allyn25Female Massachusetts
 Chas E Allyn23MaleClerkMassachusetts
 Deborah Allyn10Female Massachusetts
 Deborah Estabrook68FemaleFurnishing goodsMassachusetts
Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, MassachusettsBenj Estabrook38MaleMerchantMassachusetts
 Sarah E Estabrook32Female New Hampshire
 Sophia Wilde64Female Massachusetts
 Henry W Estabrook5Male Massachusetts
 Fredk Estabrook3Male Massachusetts
Boston Ward 6, Suffolk, MassachusettsKimball Estabrick60Male Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrick48Female Massachusetts
 Kimball Estabrick26MaleClerkMassachusetts
Boston Ward 6, Suffolk, MassachusettsIsaac Estabrook37MaleCarpenterMassachusetts
 Caroline A Estabrook36Female Massachusetts
 Isaac H Estabrook11Male Massachusetts
 Caroline H Estabrook7 MonthsFemale Massachusetts
 Amelia Estabrook17Female Massachusetts
Boston Ward 7, Suffolk, MassachusettsWm H Easterbrook Male  
Boston Ward 9, Suffolk, MassachusettsWm Easterbrook55Male Massachusetts
 Mary A Easterbrook55Female Massachusetts
 Emely Easterbrook14Female Massachusetts
 Sabra Cobb77Female Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 7, Worcester, MassachusettsEbenezer R Estabrook46MaleMerchantMassachusetts
 Jane B Estabrook43Female Massachusetts
 Mary E Estabrook17Female Massachusetts
 Ella J Estabrook16Female Massachusetts
 Henry E Estabrook13Male Massachusetts
 Isabella A Estabrook11Female Massachusetts
 Frank H Estabrook8Male Massachusetts
 Ellen Quilty15FemaleDomesticCanada
Worcester Ward 7, Worcester, MassachusettsD Franklin Estabrook27MaleClerkMassachusetts
 Delia Estabrook23Female Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 7, Worcester, MassachusettsAbby Smith57Female Massachusetts
 Daniel F Estabrook26MaleFency box makerMassachusetts
Worcester Ward 8, Worcester, MassachusettsGeorge S Estabrook39MaleClerkMassachusetts
 Juliette C Estabrook30Female Massachusetts
 Sarah A Estabrook12Female Massachusetts
 Maria L Estabrook2Female Massachusetts
 Mira C Estabrook3/12Female Massachusetts
 Elisa R Estabrook62Female Massachusetts
 Bridget Rane23FemaleDomesticIreland
Grafton, Worcester, MassachusettsJohn W Esterbrook36MaleCurrierMassachusetts
 Julia A Esterbrook32Female Massachusetts
 Emma E Esterbrook11Female Massachusetts
 Charles A Esterbrook10Male Massachusetts
 Henry F Esterbrook9Male Massachusetts
 Fred W Esterbrook7Male Massachusetts
 Nattie A G Esterbrook6Female Massachusetts
 Mary L Esterbrook3Female Massachusetts
 Hervey W Esterbrook1Male Massachusetts
 Bridget Barry18FemaleHouse maidIreland
Grafton, Worcester, MassachusettsGeorge W Esterbrook38MaleLeather dealerMassachusetts
 Sophia E Esterbrook34Female Massachusetts
 Austin L Esterbrook14Male Massachusetts
 George F Esterbrook12Male Massachusetts
 Marion R Esterbrook9Female Massachusetts
 Lillia B Esterbrook6Female Massachusetts
 Olive J Esterbrook4Female Massachusetts
 John D Esterbrook1Male Massachusetts
 Mary Britch23FemaleHouse maidIreland
 Catherine Bacon36FemaleNurseMassachusetts
Royalston, Worcester, MassachusettsJoseph Estibrook49MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Harriet M Estibrook38Female Massachusetts
 Hattie M Estibrook17Female Massachusetts
 Joseph P Estibrook13Male Massachusetts
 Maria C Estibrook11Female Massachusetts
 Hannah Estibrook80Female Massachusetts
 Rodick Williams21MaleFarm laborerNew Hampshire
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsPricilla D Estabrook73FemaleChair seaterMassachusetts
 Betsy Estabrook48FemaleChair seaterMassachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsCharles A Estabrook43MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Caroline H Estabrook33Female New Hampshire
 Isadore P Estabrook9Female Massachusetts
 Charles P Estabrook5Male Massachusetts
 Isaac L Estabrook4/12Male Massachusetts
 Lafayette Willard66MaleLaborerMassachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsFrederick J Hay36MaleFarmerSouth Carolina
 Adeline Hay40Female Massachusetts
 Udasa Hay13Female Massachusetts
 Urianna Estabrook3Female Massachusetts
 Adalade Hay12Female Delaware
 Sarah W Hay9Female Delaware
 Arthur Hay6Male Delaware
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsJohn Estabrook55MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Selecta Estabrook55Female Vermont
 Sarah Ann Estabrook12Female Massachusetts
 John W Estabrook17MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Permelia Estabrook25Female Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook22Female Massachusetts
 Hepsabath Estabrook87Female Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook60Female Massachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsMillicent Estabrook79Female Massachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsElery Estabrook51MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Sally Estabrook74Female New Hampshire
 Ruth R Estabrook47Female Massachusetts
 Mary Ann Estabrook34Female Massachusetts
 Elsie Estabrook6Female Massachusetts
Paxton, Worcester, MassachusettsDwight Estabrook35MaleBoot bottomMassachusetts
 Mary B Estabrook30Female Massachusetts
 Alfonzo D Estabrook13Male Massachusetts
 Arthur F Estabrook11Male Massachusetts
 Sylvester B Estabrook10Male Massachusetts
 Edison F Estabrook7Male Massachusetts
 Abby S Estabrook3Female Massachusetts
Paxton, Worcester, MassachusettsDaniel Estabrook53MaleBoot bottomMassachusetts
 Ann Luthe28Female Ireland
 Mary A Luthe4Female Massachusetts
Princeton, Worcester, MassachusettsWorthingto Estabrook65Male Massachusetts
 Lidia W Estabrook58Female Massachusetts
 Joseph F Estabrook13Male Massachusetts
 W F Estabrook14Male Massachusetts
 Julia A Pond22Female Massachusetts
 Joseph E Pond27MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Henry F Pond1Male Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsSaml Estsbrock80MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Hannah Estsbrock77Female Massachusetts
 Sophia Estsbrock53Female Massachusetts
 Hannah N Estsbrock47Female Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsWilliam Estabrock42MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Harriett W Estabrock37Female Massachusetts
 Jerna G Estabrock11Female Massachusetts
 Willie F Estabrock9Male Massachusetts
 Louis C Estabrock4Female Massachusetts
 Hattie A Estabrock1Female Massachusetts
 Betsy Reed37FemaleDomesticMassachusetts
 Simon Geigett20MaleServantCanada
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsTaylor Estabrook74MaleWheel wrightMassachusetts
 Sally L Estabrook74Female Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsJonas Estebrock28MaleMerchantMassachusetts
 Ellen L Estebrock24Female Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsJohn Estebrock60MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Dolly Estebrock65Female Massachusetts
 Mary J Estebrock12Female Massachusetts
Barre, Worcester, MassachusettsCharles W Whitcomb37MalePhysicianMassachusetts
 Marrion M Whitcomb36Female Massachusetts
 Marrion E Whitcomb9Female Massachusetts
 Charles M Whitcomb7Male Massachusetts
 Walter A Whitcomb5Male Massachusetts
 Martine E Whitcomb10/12Male Massachusetts
 Martha B Waite63Female Massachusetts
 Augusta Gigger15FemaleDomesticMassachusetts
 Ellen A Esterbrook33FemaleTeacherMassachusetts
Hubbardston, Worcester, MassachusettsGardner W Moulton33Male Massachusetts
 Jane Moulton28Female New Hampshire
 Stella A Moulton3Female Massachusetts
 Alvin Esterbrook18MaleFarm laborerMassachusetts
Athol, Worcester, MassachusettsBenjamin Estabrook56MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Mary Oaks40FemaleDomesticMassachusetts
 Geo Oaks9Male Massachusetts
 Edwin Pratt26MaleFarm laborerMassachusetts
 Leander Phelps20Male Massachusetts
 Lucy Young67Female Massachusetts
Fitchburg, Worcester, MassachusettsA R Jones39MaleMillerVermont
 M B Jones37FemaleWifeVermont
 F W Estabrook21Female Vermont
Fitchburg, Worcester, MassachusettsA Estabrook59Female Massachusetts
Fitchburg, Worcester, MassachusettsJ Estabrook15Male Massachusetts
Fitchburg, Worcester, MassachusettsO A Estabrook40Male Armenia
Leominster, Worcester, MassachusettsW C Estabrook65MaleRetiredMassachusetts
 N C Estabrook30MaleCarmenMassachusetts
 M A Estabrook30FemaleWifeMassachusetts
 M Estabrook5/12Female Massachusetts
Greenwood, El Dorado, CaliforniaL K Esterbrook40MaleMinerMaine
Napa, Napa, CaliforniaW W Esterbrook51MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Mary A Esterbrook49Female New Hampshire
 John Esterbrook20Male New Hampshire
 Chas Esterbrook18Male New Hampshire
 Mary A Esterbrook16Female New Hampshire
 William Esterbrook16Male New Hampshire
 Hattie Esterbrook13Female New Hampshire
 Wm Runk26MaleDay laborerPennsylvania
 Archd Patton25Male Pennsylvania
 O C Fish19Male Michigan
 John Pence32Male Arkansas
Lee, Sacramento, CaliforniaJas Easterbrook37MaleBlacksmithMaine
 M Easterbrook32Female Maine
 Chas Easterbrook9Male Maine
 Julia Easterbrook8Female Maine
 M L Easterbrook6Female Maine
 A Easterbrook3Female California
 Easterbrook2/12Male California
 Willm Pearce23MaleCookMaine
 Chas Turner25MaleBlksmithOhio
 Willm Sharp52Male Scotland
 Wm Tuales35MaleWagon makerEngland
 W C Wood51MaleCarpenterSouth Carolina
Sacramento Ward 3, Sacramento, CaliforniaBenj Easterbrooks40MaleTeamsterVermont
 Sophia Easterbrooks35Female England
 Marion Easterbrooks12Male Illinois
Downieville, Sierra, CaliforniaEdward Esterbrook32MaleLivery stable keeperMassachusetts
Scott Valley, Siskiyou, CaliforniaE A Esterbrook30FemaleLand ladyOhio
 Ella Esterbrook7Female California
 Ella Coleman21Female Massachusetts
 L Tatten36MaleLaborerMaine
 W G Sullivan29MaleMinerMaine
 Nathan Fairchilds26MaleLaborerNew York
 Charles Gray28Male Connecticut
Scott Valley, Siskiyou, CaliforniaD Esterbrooks46MaleLaborerPennsylvania
 John Carpenter38MaleTenantNew York
 Mary Carpenter34Female England
 J K Carpenter13Male New York
 M C Carpenter11Male New York
 W Hamm26MaleTenantOhio
Indian Creek, Trinity, CaliforniaC M Stratton28Male Pennsylvania
 Leap22Male China
 J C How35MaleLabourerNew York
 A Easterbrooks38MaleMinerPennsylvania
 Saml White27Male New York
Linda, Yuba, CaliforniaHiram Sanlesbury52MalePhysician & farmerNew York
 S Tuttle25MaleS school teacherIndiana
 Mason Farrow30MaleFarm laborerKentucky
 Robert Camis26Male Ohio
 Joseph Conklin35Male Kentucky
 James Anderson28Male Ohio
 Elijah Townsend26Male New York
 John Amot38MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Daniel Easterbrook33Male New York
Savannah District 3, Chatham, GeorgiaBenjamin F Bertady35MaleClerk com houseNew Hampshire
 Fanny Bertady26Female Georgia (country)
 Charles Bertady2Male Georgia (country)
 Catharine Bertady1Female Georgia (country)
 Bridget Dougherty15FemaleNurseIreland
 William E Elliott42MalePatent roof slaterEngland
 Sarah H Elliott30Female Virginia
 Henry P Gage23MaleClerk com houseNew Hampshire
 Edward C Bradley20MaleClerk com houseConnecticut
 Edward L Adams40MaleClerk com houseMassachusetts
 Edward W Conkey33MaleCutter at mcht tailorNew York
 Joseph F Lancaster35MaleTeacherNew Hampshire
 George C Easterbrook30MaleCommission merchantMaine
 Thomas Butler39MaleClerk com houseVirginia
 Edward Gordon25MaleClerk com houseGeorgia (country)
Mobile Ward 6, Mobile, AlabamaWilliam Jones58Male North Carolina
 May J Jones38Female Maryland
 Helen B Easterbrook16Female Massachusetts
 Anne E Easterbrook14Female Massachusetts
Union, Tolland, ConnecticutJohn S Easterbrooks44MaleFarmerConnecticut
 Louisa Easterbrooks46Female Massachusetts
 William Easterbrooks19MaleFarmerConnecticut
 Sarah L Easterbrooks18FemaleDomesticConnecticut
Pomfret, Windham, ConnecticutHuldah Easterbrook78Female Connecticut
 Eliza Marcy55Female Connecticut
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutHale Easterbrook46MaleFarmerConnecticut
 Nathaniel Easterbrook36Male Connecticut
 Ann Easterbrook22Female Connecticut
 Calvin Easterbrook7Male Connecticut
 John Easterbrook5Male Connecticut
 Hattie Easterbrook3Female Connecticut
 Lydie A Easterbrook40Female Connecticut
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutJonathan Easterbrooks55MaleFarmerConnecticut
 Mary Easterbrooks45Female Massachusetts
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutLydia Easterbrook55Female Connecticut
Fort Smith, Sebastian, ArkansasElizabeth Estabrook42FemaleBoarding house keeperTennessee
 Martha Estabrook14Female Texas
 Sarah Estabrook8Female Arkansas
 Josephine Estabrook5Female Arkansas
Monroe, Pulaski, IndianaArtemius Estebrook69MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Caroline Estebrook67Female Massachusetts
 Lyman S Estebrook32MaleFarmingOhio
 Caroline Estebrook25FemaleSeamstressOhio
Charleston Ward 3, Charleston, South CarolinaJames W Brown48MaleCom merchantRhode Island
 Mary C Brown48Female South Carolina
 S T Esterbook26Female South Carolina
 Benjn Esterbook28MaleClerkMaine
 Saml C Brown19MaleMedical stSouth Carolina
 J W Brown14Male South Carolina
 Emily R Brown12Female South Carolina
District 14, Roane, TennesseeHoward H Wiley61MaleSurveyorTennessee
 Mary Wiley56Female Virginia
 Andrew C Wiley34MaleClerkTennessee
 Mary E Wiley30Female Tennessee
 Edwin F Wiley21MaleFarmingTennessee
 Wm B Wiley16Male Tennessee
 Howard Wiley14Male Tennessee
 Angeline M Esterbrook26Female Tennessee
District 8, Polk, TennesseeGeorge Trenwith51MaleCapt at eurekaEngland
 Mary Trenwith45FemaleMinerMaryland
 Ralph Trenwith24MaleAssayerEngland
 Ann Trenwith20Female Maryland
 Margaret Trenwith18Female Maryland
 T J Estabrook49MaleSuperintendent atEngland
District 1, Greenbrier, VirginiaGeo G Eastbrook38Male New Hampshire
 Adaline Eastbrook32Female New Hampshire
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandRuth Smith60FemaleDomesticMassachusetts
 Martha Smith36FemaleSchool teacherRhode Island
 Mary T Smith34FemaleDomesticRhode Island
 Samuel Smith26MaleFarmerRhode Island
 Abbie I Smith23FemaleDomesticMaine
 Charles H Smith2Male Rhode Island
 Ruth A Smith4/12Female Rhode Island
 Benjamin F Smith18MaleFarm labourerRhode Island
 Samuel Easterbrooks56MaleFarm labourerRhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandBenjn T Easterbrooks70MaleGardenerRhode Island
 Lois Easterbrooks40Female Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandGardner Easterbrooks24MaleTeamerRhode Island
 Mary A Easterbrooks22Female Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandHy Easterbrooks44MaleNoneRhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandGeo W Easterbrook32MaleConfectionerRhode Island
 Catharine D Easterbrook28Female Rhode Island
 Gertrude D Easterbrook8Female Rhode Island
 Harrett M Easterbrook6Female Rhode Island
 Charles F Easterbrook4Male Rhode Island
 George W Easterbrook6/12Male Rhode Island
 Frederick Easterbrook15MaleClerkRhode Island
 Martha McGuire14FemaleDomesticIreland
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandGardner Easterbrook46MaleTeamerRhode Island
 Mary Easterbrook46Female Rhode Island
 Ruth A Easterbrook21FemaleDomesticRhode Island
 Francis Easterbrook19MaleGun smithRhode Island
 William H Easterbrook17MaleFarm labourerRhode Island
 Lydia Easterbrook16FemaleStudentRhode Island
 Thomas Easterbrook6Male Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandJohn Easterbrok35MaleBook keeperRhode Island
 Harriott J Easterbrok31Female Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandAvron Easterbrook56MaleKeeper m marketRhode Island
 Susan B Easterbrook55Female Rhode Island
 Ellen V Easterbrook21FemaleDomesticRhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandEliza Easterbrook71FemaleTailoressRhode Island
 Eliza N Easterbrook27FemaleTailoressRhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandPhilip Easterbrook29MaleMachinistRhode Island
 Elizabeth Easterbrook29Female Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandAllan Easterbrook30MaleTobacconistRhode Island
 Mary E Easterbrook27Female Rhode Island
 Frank A Easterbrook7Male Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandEliza T Easterbrook71FemaleHouse keeperRhode Island
 Hannah H Easterbrook41FemaleSchool teacherRhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandDaniel Easterbrook64MaleLabourerRhode Island
 Mary Easterbrook59Female Rhode Island
 Mary Easterbrook37FemaleDomesticRhode Island
 Caroline Easterbrook34FemaleSeamstressRhode Island
 Simeon A Easterbrook26MalePainterRhode Island
 George F Easterbrook24MaleSeamanRhode Island
 Daniel Easterbrook24MaleHarness makerRhode Island
 Moses Easterbrook18MaleCooperRhode Island
 Ellen Sandford50FemaleNoneRhode Island
Warren, Bristol, Rhode IslandBarnbur W Easterbrooks49MaleMaster masonMassachusetts
 Mary Easterbrooks32Female Massachusetts
 Coomer A Easterbrooks19MaleApprentice tinnerRhode Island
 Isabel E Easterbrooks4Female Rhode Island
 Ana L Easterbrooks1Female Rhode Island
Warren, Bristol, Rhode IslandLewis Hoar74MaleGentlemanRhode Island
 Francis B Hoar67Female Rhode Island
 Sally Easterbrooks43Female Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandCranford Easterbrooks45MaleMerchantRhode Island
 Maria L Easterbrooks45Female Rhode Island
 Samuel C Easterbrooks25MaleSeamanRhode Island
 George T Easterbrooks21MaleClerkRhode Island
 Isabel M Easterbrooks19FemaleDomesticRhode Island
 Maria Easterbrooks15FemaleStudentRhode Island
 Cranford L Easterbrooks11Male Rhode Island
 Sarah E Easterbrooks9Female Rhode Island
Warren, Bristol, Rhode IslandWilliam Q Easterbrooks44MaleTraderRhode Island
 Rebecca Easterbrooks43Female Rhode Island
 Betsey P Easterbrooks17Female Rhode Island
 Alice P Easterbrooks16Female Rhode Island
 Giles Easterbrooks6Male Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandWm H Easterbrook27MaleSeamanRhode Island
 Mary Easterbrook26Female Ireland
 Isaac M Easterbrook2Male Rhode Island
 Charles B Easterbrook4/12Male Rhode Island
Warren, Bristol, Rhode IslandEdwd L R Gardner22MaleFarmerRhode Island
 Sarah W Gardner65Female Massachusetts
 John Haley60MaleFarm laborerEngland
 Susan Easterbrooks47Female Massachusetts
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandAlexander Easterbrook35MaleSeamanRhode Island
 Miriam W Easterbrook32Female Rhode Island
 Seabury Manchester48MaleLabourerRhode Island
 Pheobe V Manchester42FemaleDomesticRhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandBenjn Easterbrook47MaleH carpenterRhode Island
 Phebe Easterbrook46Female Rhode Island
 James N Easterbrook19MaleLabourerRhode Island
 William G Easterbrook16MaleStudentRhode Island
 Sarah S Easterbrook13Male Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandWilliam Easterbrook36MaleCooperRhode Island
 Lucy A Easterbrook39Female Connecticut
 Clara L Easterbrook9Female Rhode Island
 Sarah S Easterbrook4Female Rhode Island
Newport, Newport, Rhode IslandSilas Southwick79MaleBoat builderRhode Island
 Mary A Gladding54Female Rhode Island
 Benjamin T Easterbrooks35MaleWheelwrightRhode Island
 Harriot N Easterbrooks33Female Rhode Island
Providence Ward 1, Providence, Rhode IslandAlbert Gamwell45MalePublic school teacherMassachusetts
 Franklin Gamwell24MaleCollege studentMassachusetts
 William Gamwell11Male Massachusetts
 Clarissa Gamwell70Female Massachusetts
 Harriet Easterbrooks60Female Rhode Island
Providence Ward 5, Providence, Rhode IslandCaroline Easterbrooks50FemaleBoarding houseRhode Island
 Caroline Easterbrooks22Female Rhode Island
 Harriet Easterbrooks20Female Rhode Island
 William H Easterbrooks19MaleGun smithRhode Island
 Theodore R Easterbrooks17Male Rhode Island
 Maria Polter22FemaleServantRhode Island
 Joseph Buffington21MaleGun smithRhode Island
 William Spencer50Male Rhode Island
 John Ray23MaleCarpenterNova Scotia
 Adnah Mathews29Male Rhode Island
 George Astor22MaleTinmanWisconsin
 Charles Hill21MaleGun smithRhode Island
 William Lawton30MaleMerchantRhode Island
 Henry Williams22MaleSilver smithRhode Island
 Charles Jackson23Male Rhode Island
 John Lake21MaleJewelerMassachusetts
Providence Ward 7, Providence, Rhode IslandStephan G Easterbrook24MaleJewellerRhode Island
 Julia A Easterbrook19Female Rhode Island
Caldwell, TexasJames H Duke26Male Alabama
 Martha Duke22Female Mississippi
 Margaret J Duke2Female Texas
 Rob M Reed11Male Mississippi
 E J Esterbrook38MaleSchool teacherMississippi
 Hanner Esterbrook28Female Mississippi
 Fanny M Esterbrook6Female Mississippi
Providence Ward 5, Providence, Rhode IslandJohn Wilbur65MaleOystermanRhode Island
 Mary Wilbur64Female Rhode Island
 Mary Easterbrooks38FemaleSaloonRhode Island
 John Easterbrooks16MalePrinterRhode Island
 Mary E Easterbrooks13Female Rhode Island
Lavaca, Calhoun, TexasGeo Clements32MaleLivery businessMassachusetts
 Hank Williams47MaleLaborerNew York
 J R Tucker27Male Kentucky
 Danl Johnson29MaleCarpenterCanada
 C Wells40MaleOstlerEngland
 F A McShan42MaleMinister of the gospelTexas
 W McShan10Male Texas
 L D Estabrook27MaleDentistMexico
 Bettie Estabrook18Female Virginia
 D P Greenleaf39MaleStage driverMassachusetts
 Henry Bolger35MaleFarmerMaine
 W Davis30MaleStock raiserMaine
 Mary Collins45FemaleDauguerio typeistOhio
 A H Parker28MaleClerkNew York
 William Marker30MaleLaborerMexico
Providence Ward 6, Providence, Rhode IslandDeborah S Eastbrooks30Female Massachusetts
 Mary F Eastbrooks11Female Massachusetts
 Ellen W Eastbrooks6Female Rhode Island
 Mary Crumley20FemaleServantIreland
 John Maxwell25MaleCigar makerNew York
 Alice Maxwell21Female Rhode Island
 Henry Stevens25Male England
 Margaret Stevens23Female England
Providence Ward 6, Providence, Rhode IslandAbel Estabrooks60MaleMarketmanConnecticut
 Celia Estabrooks60Female Rhode Island
 Henry O Estabrooks24MaleClerkRhode Island
Providence Ward 5, Providence, Rhode IslandJohn A Eastbrooks52MaleSpinnerRhode Island
 Mary A Eastbrooks46Female New Hampshire
 Emily J Eastbrooks17FemaleWeaverMassachusetts
 Harriet L Eastbrooks16Female Massachusetts
 John H Eastbrooks14Male Massachusetts
 Sarah M Eastbrooks8Female Massachusetts
Precinct 7, Harris, TexasC S Esterbrook28MaleCarpenterMaine
 V A Esterbrook21Female Mississippi
Shoreham, Addison, VermontJames Smith83MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Sally Smith74Female New Hampshire
 Eliza Estabrook32Female Vermont
 Peluski Estabrook16MaleFarm laborerIllinois
 Jeneva Estabrook14Female Illinois
Danville, Caledonia, VermontJohn Estabrooks43MaleFarmerVermont
 Mary S Estabrooks34Female Vermont
 Abbie Estabrooks12Female Vermont
 Saml Estabrooks10Male Vermont
 Fresloor Estabrooks8Female Vermont
 Ruty Estabrooks2Female Vermont
Sutton, Caledonia, VermontHenry W Estabrook56MaleFarmerVermont
 Abigal Estabrook57Female Vermont
Danville, Caledonia, VermontWarren Estabrook32MaleFarmerVermont
 Elisabeth Estabrook32Female New Hampshire
 Henry Estabrook7Male Vermont
 Geo Bird32MaleFarm laborerCanada
 Emily Lopp37MaleTailoressNew Hampshire
Sutton, Caledonia, VermontHarlow Estabrooks42MaleFarmerVermont
 Ermmelin Estabrooks41Female Vermont
 Henry W Estabrooks10Female Vermont
Granville, Addison, VermontE C Estabrook29MaleFarmerVermont
 Emma T Estabrook22Female Vermont
 Thomas Estabrook70Male Vermont
 Sybil Estabrook67Female Vermont
Manchester, Bennington, VermontBenj Estebrook39MaleMillerVermont
 Sibil Estebrook37FemaleWifeVermont
 Emerson Estebrook16Male Vermont
 Emma Estebrook14Female Vermont
 Ella Estebrook1Female Vermont
Danville, Caledonia, VermontW D Howe33MaleFarmerVermont
 Amanda Howe34Female Vermont
 Almo Howe11Male Vermont
 Edson Howe9Male Vermont
 Elisabeth Howe7Female Vermont
 Oro Howe1Male Vermont
 Susan Howe70Female Vermont
Danville, Caledonia, VermontSaml Estabrook45MaleFarmerVermont
 Elvira Estabrook25Female Vermont
 Helen Estabrook4Female Vermont
 Saml Estabrook1Male Vermont
 Thos Harel14Male Canada
Lyndon, Caledonia, VermontWillard Eastabrooks44MaleFarmerVermont
 Laura Eastabrooks37Female Vermont
 Lutha S Eastabrooks17FemaleFarm laborerVermont
 Luella S Eastabrooks12Female Vermont
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontOtis Haynes40MaleBook merchantVermont
 Harriet Haynes39Female Vermont
 Fred Haynes14Male Vermont
 Henry Haynes10Male Vermont
 Frank Haynes4/12Male Vermont
 Martha Esterbrook63Female Vermont
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontG W Esterbrook38MaleFarmerVermont
 Ann Esterbrook38Female Vermont
 Julia A Esterbrook13Female Vermont
Jamaica, Windham, VermontWarren Thayer54MaleFarmer 
 Susannah Thayer55Female  
 Lanrette Thayer18Female  
 Homer Thayer17MaleFarm laborer 
 Sarah J Thayer15Female  
 Lewis Esterbrook65Male  
Jamaica, Windham, VermontEdwin Esterbrook20MaleFarmerVermont
 Lucy Esterbrook18Female Vermont
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontNathan C Adams30MaleFarmerVermont
 Dudley Estabrooks35MaleFarm laborerVermont
 Mary J Estabrooks30Female New Hampshire
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontAaron A Esterbrook20Male Vermont
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontDaniel S Esterbrook56Male Vermont
 Elizabeth Esterbrook54Female Vermont
 O D Esterbrook27MaleLaborer mainerVermont
Dummerston, Windham, VermontBenjamin Esterbrook69Male Vermont
 Lydia Esterbrook61FemaleBlacksmithNew Hampshire
 Clarissa Esterbrook35Female Vermont
Gibraltar, Door, WisconsinEster Easterbrook2Female Wisconsin
 William Laroy27MaleLaborerCanada East
 Almira A Laroy25Female Pennsylvania
 Edgar D Laroy5Male Wisconsin
 Adelberg Laroy1Male Wisconsin
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontRichard D Estabrook31MaleFarmerVermont
 Eunice R Estabrook30Female Vermont
 Carrie D Estabrook2Female Vermont
Shrewsbury, Rutland, VermontIsaac Wheeler55Male Massachusetts
 Emily Wheeler52Female Vermont
 Chas Wheeler11Male Vermont
 Lydia Estabrooks31Female Vermont
 Marcia Estabrooks5Female Vermont
 Clarence Estabrooks4Male Ohio
 Henry Estabrooks2Male Ohio
Ludlow, Windsor, VermontJane Easterbrooks40FemaleFarmerVermont
 Abel Easterbrooks34Male Vermont
 Louisa Easterbrooks50FemaleFarmerVermont
Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac, WisconsinRobt Estabrooks51MaleFarmerVermont
 Harrison Estabrooks19Male New York
 Elisha Estabrooks16Male New York
 Ellen Estabrooks10Female Wisconsin
 Howard Wheaton5Male Wisconsin
 Charlotte Estabrooks2Female Wisconsin
 Harla Hoper17MaleLaborerNew York
 Mary Estabrooks32Female Canada
Dekorra, Columbia, WisconsinWilliam Waugh50MaleFarmerEngland
 Jane Waugh49Female Scotland
 Edward Waugh28Male Scotland
 Kate Waugh28Female Scotland
 Archibald Waugh2Male Wisconsin
 William Waugh5/12Male Wisconsin
 Amleore Easterbrooks30Male Vermont
Platteville, Grant, WisconsinAlbert Estabrook28MaleMerchantIllinois
 Sarch Estabrook21Female New York
 Julia Estabrook1Female Wisconsin
 Synthia Munday19FemaleMillinerWisconsin
 Charls Bromley19MaleLaborerNew York
Platteville, Grant, WisconsinEdward Estabrook37MaleFarmerIllinois
 Harriett Estabrook33Female New York
 Charles E Estabrook12Male Wisconsin
 Susan M Estabrook10Female Wisconsin
 Louis M Estabrook8Male Wisconsin
 Emma J Estabrook5Female Wisconsin
 Jessey Estabrook3Female Wisconsin
 Maggry Estabrook1Female Wisconsin
 Elonzo Bromley16MaleFarmerRhode Island
 Lucy Hurlbut53FemaleDomesticVermont
Chelsea, Orange, VermontRhodolphus Estabrook43Male Vermont
 Roxana Estabrook46Female Vermont
 Johnson Estabrook19Male Vermont
 Araldus Estabrook16Male Vermont
 Roxana Estabrook8Female Vermont
 Livinia Estabrook4Female Vermont
Kenosha Ward 1, Kenosha, WisconsinHannah Easterbrook44Female New York
 Edgar Easterbrook18Male Wisconsin
 Martha Easterbrook16Female Wisconsin
 Louisa Easterbrook14Female Wisconsin
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontW H Esterbrook46MaleStone dealerVermont
 Adaline S Esterbrook35Female Vermont
 Ada E Esterbrook13Female Vermont
 Mary A Esterbrook12Female Vermont
 Chas W Esterbrook6Male Vermont
 Lucena Thayer65FemaleSeamstressVermont
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontJas Esterbrook48MaleStone merchantVermont
 Nancy S Esterbrook47Female Massachusetts
 Lucy Esterbrook20Female Vermont
 Florence Esterbrook14Female Vermont
 Emma Esterbrook8Female Vermont
 Jas Esterbrook5Male Vermont
 Alice Esterbrook3Female Vermont
 Polly French70Female Vermont
Dover, Windham, VermontErastus Esterbrook49MaleFarmerVermont
 Rosana Esterbrook37Female New Hampshire
 Georgeana Esterbrook12Female Vermont
 Mary Farr9Female Vermont
 Erastus Farr5Male Vermont
 Cesister Farr4Female Vermont
 Clara Farr1/12Female Vermont
Dover, Windham, VermontJedidiah Esterbrook41MaleLaborerVermont
 Rosanna Esterbrook42Female Vermont
 Samuel Esterbrook16Male Vermont
 Taylor Esterbrook13Male Vermont
 Ellen Esterbrook5Female Vermont
 Jedd Esterbrook4Male Vermont
Dover, Windham, VermontGreen Leonard26MaleFarmerVermont
 Annette Leonard23Female Vermont
 George Matthews26MaleLaborerVermont
 George Esterbrook17Male Vermont
 Jenette Powers19FemaleDomesticVermont
Jamaica, Windham, VermontEnoch Esterbrook49MaleFarmerVermont
 Sylvia Esterbrook47Female Vermont
 Nelson Esterbrook15MaleFarm laborerVermont
 Ezra L Esterbrook11Male Vermont
 Sally Shayer72Female Vermont
Clarendon, Rutland, VermontAlex Estabrooks51MaleBlacksmithVermont
 Martha Estabrooks60Female Vermont
 Albert Houghton42Male Massachusetts
 Harriet Davenport12Female Vermont
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontAaron D Estabrook33MaleFarmerVermont
 Merriam Estabrook33Female Vermont
 Mary Estabrook66Female Vermont
 Delilah Estabrook3Female Vermont
 Lula Estabrook2Female Vermont
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontThos W Estabrooks67MaleFarmerVermont
 Nancy Estabrooks62Female Massachusetts
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontMary W Estabrook60FemaleTeamsterVermont
 Priscilla Estabrook48Female Vermont
Pacific, WashingtonGeorge T Easterbrook35MaleOystermanRhode Island
 Hannah Easterbrook39Female Rhode Island
 George Easterbrook17MaleSchool teacherRhode Island
 James Easterbrook34MaleSaddlerRhode Island
 Isaac P Lambing29MaleFarmerOhio
 Melelia Lambing21Female New York
 Alta E Lambing1Female Oregon
 Alfred Yesby20MaleLaborerMissouri
 Job Lamby30MaleBoatmanOhio
 Sarah Lamby20Female Indiana
 Olive Lamby4Female Washington
 B Lamby5/12Male Washington
Leeds, Columbia, WisconsinJohn Easterbrook55MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Mina Easterbrook50Female Vermont
 Mary Easterbrook25Female New York
 Calista Easterbrook19Female New York
 Chauncey Easterbrook16Male New York
 Amy Easterbrook12Female New York
 George Easterbrook39MaleFlNew York
 Thomas Easterbrook11Male New York
Guilford, Windham, VermontCharles F Esterbrook50MaleWheelwrightVermont
 Angelina Esterbrook25Female Vermont
 J Henry Streeter23MaleMachinistVermont
 Silas Sanner31MaleFarmerVermont
 Abagail Sanner27Female Vermont
Jamaica, Windham, VermontGeorge Wilder39MaleFarmerVermont
 Fanny Wilder22Female Vermont
 Nelson Esterbrook16MaleFarm laborerVermont
Brandon, Rutland, VermontJohn F Estabrooks45MalePainterMassachusetts
 Elizabeth Estabrooks39FemaleWfeMassachusetts
 Esther Estabrooks9Female Massachusetts
 Hattie F Estabrooks6Female Vermont
 Emelia T Estabrooks2Female Vermont
 Chas A Estabrooks1Male Vermont
 Jane Mercy16FemaleDomesticCanada
Chester, Windsor, VermontHenry H Wetherbee21MaleFarmVermont
 Lizzie L Wetherbee20FemaleHousewifeVermont
 Fred P Wetherbee1Male Vermont
 Flora P Wetherbee3/12Female Vermont
 Gaspar Esterbrook14MaleFarm boyVermont
 Martha Stevens14FemaleDomesticVermont
Ludlow, Windsor, VermontConroy Easterbrooks60Male New Hampshire
Wilton, Monroe, WisconsinBenjamin Estabrook29MaleFarmerNew York
 James Gilson27MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Elizabeth Gilson23Female New York
Friendship, Fond du Lac, WisconsinChas W Estabrooks47MaleFarmerVermont
 Christina Estabrooks44Female New York
 Justina Estabrooks9Female Wisconsin
 C W Estabrooks4Male Wisconsin
Dekorra, Columbia, WisconsinJ R Esterbrooks68Male New Hampshire
 Abigail Esterbrooks64Female New Hampshire
 Joseph Esterbrooks33Male New York
 Sarah Esterbrooks27Female New York
 Charlotte Esterbrooks8Female New York
 Theodore Esterbrook10Male New York
Leeds, Columbia, WisconsinHenry P Easterbrook31MaleFarmerNew York
 Calista Easterbrook23Female New York
 Andrew Campbell22MaleFlScotland
Gibraltar, Door, WisconsinMary E Laroy3Female New York
 Fredk Easterbrook28MaleFarmerVermont
 Pamelia Easterbrook23Female New York
 Alice Easterbrook5Female Wisconsin
Beaver Dam Ward 4, Dodge, WisconsinJohn Esterbrook42MaleLaborerVermont
 Hrriet Esterbrook28Female Pennsylvania
 Sylvester Esterbrook5Male Wisconsin
 Agnes Esterbrook11/12Female Wisconsin
 Lydia Posh14Female Wisconsin
 Austin Cole13Male Wisconsin
Burnett, Dodge, WisconsinWilliam L Esterbrook49Male Vermont
 Sameson E Esterbrook49Female New York
 Curtis R Esterbrook13Male Vermont
Mifflin, Iowa, WisconsinJohn Estabrook45MaleFarmerIllinois
 Adeline Estabrook30Female Illinois
 Charles Estabrook8Male Wisconsin
 John Estabrook11/12Male Wisconsin
Campbell, La Crosse, WisconsinIsaac S Usher35MaleFarmerMaine
 Susannah Usher34Female Maine
 Ellis B Usher8Male Maine
 Jamie M Usher2Female Wisconsin
 Lelia Usher10/12Female Wisconsin
 Martha Emerson18FemaleServantNorway
 Caroline Emerson15FemaleServantNorway
 George Easterbrook25MaleLaborerNew York
Merton, Waukesha, WisconsinHiram L Simonds32MaleFarmerNew York
 Caroline Simonds34Female New York
 Morgan Simonds1Male Wisconsin
 Minnerva Easterbrook40FemaleServantNew York
 Mary Simonds64Female Vermont
Tomah, Monroe, WisconsinLeroy Easterbrook25MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Rominia Easterbrook18Female Pennsylvania
 Florence Easterbrook1Female Illinois
 Solomon Huntsinger59MaleFarm laborerPennsylvania
Bloomfield, Walworth, WisconsinHannah Esterbrook71Female New Hampshire
Delavan, Walworth, WisconsinSarah Estabrook64Female New York
 Eliza Estabrook29FemaleTailoressNew York
Delavan, Walworth, WisconsinWm Esterbrook42MaleGun smithNew Hampshire
 Laura Esterbrook33Female New York
 Geo Esterbrook14Male Michigan
 Jane Esterbrook8Female Michigan
 Wm W Esterbrook3Male Michigan
 Sybel Esterbrook8/12Female Michigan
Aurora, Waushara, WisconsinCharles Paterson24MaleFarmerOhio
 Sarah Paterson23Female Ohio
 Samantha Paterson1Female Wisconsin
 Elisha Estabrook83MaleFarmerMassachusetts
Delafield, Waukesha, WisconsinSamuel Estabrook76MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Abigail Estabrook71Female Connecticut
 John O Estabrook11Male Wisconsin
 John Estabrook43MaleBoatmanNew York
Bloomfield, Walworth, WisconsinCynthia Wilson43FemaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Asa E Wilson20MaleFarmerNew York
 Harriet E Wilson22FemaleSchool teacherNew York
 Melvin J Wilson15Male New York
 Henry Wilson13Male New York
 Hannah Esterbrook71Female New Hampshire
East Troy, Walworth, WisconsinNehemiah Estabrook69MaleMaster masonNew Hampshire
 Betsey Estabrook61Female New York
 Edwin Estabrook23MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Nancy Estabrook19Female New York
Delafield, Waukesha, WisconsinEdward W Estabrook37MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Mary Estabrook35Female New York
 Wilson Estabrook1Male Wisconsin
 Mary Thompson15FemaleHousemaidNew York
Delafield, Waukesha, WisconsinMinerva Estabrook41Female New York
 Nellie Estabrook15Female New York
Merton, Waukesha, WisconsinGeorge D Esterbrook40MaleFarmerNew York
 Julia Esterbrook35Female New York
 Mary Esterbrook11Female Wisconsin
 Jennie Esterbrook8Female Wisconsin
 Fred Esterbrook6Male Wisconsin
Clinton, IllinoisHy Esterbrook37MaleFarmerVermont
 Jane Esterbrook34Female Iowa
 Etty Esterbrook5Female Iowa
 William Esterbrook3Male Iowa
Township 9 Range 6, Macoupin, IllinoisJames Estabrook30MaleFarmerIllinois
 Susan Estabrook28Female Illinois
 Canie Estabrook9Female Illinois
 John Estabrook7Male Illinois
 Mary Estabrook5Female Illinois
 Ida May Estabrook3Female Illinois
Buffalo, Ogle, IllinoisT P Gardner30MaleCarpenterPennsylvania
 Elizabeth Gardner26Female Pennsylvania
 Hannah T Estabrook11Female New York
 Hepsey Coffin4Female New York
 Mary E Gardner1Female Illinois
Chicago Ward 6, Cook, IllinoisAmbrose Easterbrook50MaleMasonNew York
 Susan Easterbrook49FemaleWifeNew York
 Cummings28FemaleSeamstressNew York
 Edward Cummings25MaleMasonNew York
 Harriet Waters55FemaleSeamstressNew York
Township 1 N Range 7 W, St Clair, IllinoisJohn Esterbrook23MaleR fRhode Island
 Isabella Esterbrook19Female Illinois
 Elizabeth Esterbrook1Female Illinois
Wysox, Carroll, IllinoisMary A Easterbrook37FemaleFarmerOhio
 Chas Easterbrook11Male Illinois
 Laura Easterbrook8Female Illinois
 William Easterbrook5Male Illinois
Wysox, Carroll, IllinoisT F Easterbrook35MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Mary Easterbrook24Female Pennsylvania
 Martin Crampton21MaleFarm laborerIllinois
 Joseph Hiserodt19Male New York
Wysox, Carroll, IllinoisAaron Eastabrook39MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Jane Eastabrook30Female New York
 Silas Eastabrook6Male Illinois
 Jenet Eastabrook5Female Illinois
 Dalbert Eastabrook3Male Illinois
 Ellen Eastabrook2/12Female Illinois
Milledgeville, Carroll, IllinoisWm Ankerney32Male Illinois
 Catharine Ankerney27Female Pennsylvania
 Wilber Ankerney4MaleFarm laborerIowa
 Hattie Ankerney7 MonthsFemale Iowa
 Annis Easterbrook13Female Illinois
 Dorcas Easterbrook66Female New York
 Nathanil Easterbrook31MaleFarmerNew York
Township 5 Range 8, Madison, IllinoisJohn Estabrook60MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Nancy Estabrook64Female North Carolina
 Wm L Estabrook24Male Illinois
 Clarah T Estabrook23Female Wisconsin
 Sarah S Estabrook20Female Illinois
 Wm Shoemak25MaleFarmer laborerHannover
 Lutitia Oats68Female Maryland
Carthage, Hancock, IllinoisAlonzo Easterbrook45MaleFarmerNew York
 Mary A Easterbrook35Female Kentucky
 Francis M Easterbrook16MaleFarmerIllinois
 Elvin Easterbrook15Male Illinois
 David H Easterbrook13Male Illinois
 Mary Easterbrook7Female Illinois
 Andrew Easterbrook5Male Illinois
Monee, Will, IllinoisSaban Easterope41MaleCarpenterRhode Island
 Sabrina Easterope26Female Rhode Island
 Mary L Easterope7Female Rhode Island
 Sabrina Easterope5Female Rhode Island
 Saban F Easterope4Male Rhode Island
 Isabella Easterope1Female Illinois
 Mary A Ray32FemaleTailoressRhode Island
Sycamore, DeKalb, IllinoisE D Call64MaleFarmerVermont
 Amanda Call55FemaleHousekeeperNew York
 Vesta Call16FemaleHousekeeperOhio
 Selden Eastabrooks13Male Illinois
 Mary Eastabrooks11Female Illinois
Pierce, DeKalb, IllinoisGeorge Estabrooks32MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Priscilla Estabrooks27FemaleHouse keeperNew Brunswick
 Isabel Estabrooks6Female Illinois
 James G Estabrooks3Male Illinois
 Sener Estabrooks25MaleFarm laborerNew Brunswick
 Susan E Estabrooks1Female Illinois
Sandwich, DeKalb, IllinoisMarion Estabrooks33FemaleHousekeeperNew York
 Edwin A Estabrooks17MaleLaborerNew York
 Adelbert Estabrooks13Male Illinois
 Emma Estabrooks9Female Illinois
Squaw Grove, DeKalb, IllinoisJames Estabrooks41MaleFarmerNew York
 Elizabeth Estabrooks30FemaleHousekeeperIllinois
 Mary E Estabrooks11Female Illinois
 John Estabrooks10Male Illinois
 Delia E Estabrooks3Female Illinois
 Elizabeth Estabrooks77FemaleRetiredConnecticut
Afton, DeKalb, IllinoisElliott T Hopkins43MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Almira A Hopkins43FemaleHouse kprVermont
 Frank L Hopkins13Male Massachusetts
 Ella A Hopkins8Female New Hampshire
 James E Hopkins4Male Illinois
 Emeline A Hopkins1Female Illinois
 George A Easterbrooks16MaleFarm laborerMassachusetts
 Samuel F Hopkins49MaleFarm laborerNew Hampshire
DeKalb, DeKalb, IllinoisSarah W Eastabrook38FemaleDress makerNew Hampshire
 Mary G Eastabrook11Female New Hampshire
 Frank Harris8Male New Hampshire
Burlington, Kane, IllinoisOrrin Esterbrook26MaleF handNew York
 Synthia Esterbrook24FemaleWifeNew York
 Jeremiah Esterbrook2Male Illinois
 Anson Barder30MaleF handVermont
Springfield, Sangamon, IllinoisA W Estabrook44MaleFurniture dealerVermont
 Laura S Estabrook32Female New York
 Mary Vlect15FemaleDomesticOhio
Little Rock, Kendall, IllinoisN Smith37MaleArtistNew York
 Caroline Smith33Female New York
 Eva Smith6Female Illinois
 Sarah Smith1Female Illinois
 Julia Easterbrook40Female New York
 Frances Easterbrook12Female New Jersey
Atlanta, Logan, IllinoisAgness Ingram19FemaleLawyerIreland
 G H Sttabrook30Male Canada
 Ruth Sttabrook20Female Maryland
 Lewis Sttabrook11/12Male Illinois
 Marinda Barker12Female Illinois
Atlanta, Logan, IllinoisG W Norton22MaleTobacconistNew York
 E W Cooley45Male Massachusetts
 Henry Estabrook25MaleLawyerNi
 B B King36MaleClerkNew York
 T J McCall20MaleCaster manPennsylvania
Township 14 S Range 4 E, Massac, IllinoisN D Estabrook32MalePlastererNew York
Manlius, Bureau, IllinoisDavid Thurston28MaleFarmerOhio
 Elizabeth Thurston20Female Ohio
 Mary J Thurston1Female Illinois
 Stephen M Easterbrook27MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Matilda Park16FemaleHouseworkIllinois
Reynolds, Lee, IllinoisJoshua Harton53MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 Elizabeth Harton49Female Pennsylvania
 Martin Easterbrook15Male Vermont
Pontiac, Livingston, IllinoisWm A Eaton34MaleRr conductorMassachusetts
 Mary R Eaton32Female Pennsylvania
 Julia Easterbrook13Female Ohio
 James P Easterbrook11Male Ohio
Delavan, Tazewell, IllinoisCalvin Buckman38MaleFarmerNew Jersey
 Marietta Buckman38Female Canada
 Joel H Buckman15MaleFarmerIllinois
 Abby H Buckman13Female Illinois
 Laura Buckman11Female Illinois
 Calvin T Buckman9Male Illinois
 George H Buckman7Male Illinois
 Ellen M Buckman1Female Illinois
 Abegal Eastabrook71FemaleWidowVermont
 Jacob Wilson20MaleLaborerIllinois
 James Miller20MaleLaborerIllinois
 William Kinner24MaleLaborerNew Jersey
DeKalb, DeKalb, IllinoisAugusta Estabrook33FemaleHouse keeperMassachusetts
 Barnard A Estabrook10Male Vermont
 Eva M Estabrook6Female Vermont
Chicago Ward 5, Cook, IllinoisGeorge Heint28MaleR r messengerNew York
 Ann Heint27Female Vermont
 N Eastbrook29MaleBookkeeperVermont
Fulton, Whiteside, IllinoisJ H Estabrook38MaleLivery stableNassau
 Mary Estabrook36Female Connecticut
 Geo Estabrook13Male Pennsylvania
 Mary Estabrook11Female New York
 Joseph E Estabrook9Male Pennsylvania
 Will Grisdale22MaleOstlerNew York
 Ann Matheus22FemaleServantIreland
 Ann Lond25FemaleServantEngland
Downers Grove, DuPage, IllinoisDouglas Estabrook36MaleHotel keeperVermont
 Rosalinda Estabrook37Female Vermont
 Malora Estabrook7Female Vermont
 Frank Estabrook1Male Illinois
 Dennis Shirden30MaleLabIreland
 Robt Macewen20Male Scotland
 John Hanpshill29Male England
Township 1 Range 7, St Clair, IllinoisJohn Easterbrooks34Male Massachusetts
 Elizab Easterbrooks19Female Illinois
 Emma Easterbrooks4/12Female Illinois
Rock Island, Rock Island, IllinoisNapoleon B Buford53MaleBankerKentucky
 Mary Ann G Buford46FemaleWifeMaine
 Sarah M G Lunt19FemaleNeiceMassachusetts
 Sarah Beber30FemaleMaid of all work (domestic)Ireland
 James Allen16MaleChar boyOhio
 Robert Eastabrook20MaleGardner hNew Jersey
New Orleans Ward 3, Orleans, LouisianaRichd Esterbrook46MaleBuilderEngland
 Fanny Esterbrook46Female New York
 Fanny Esterbrook15Female Louisiana
 Clorinde Esterbrook7Female Louisiana
 Lucy F Turell28Female Louisiana
 Bridget Mullen30FemaleServantIreland
 Margaret McIntyre20Female Ireland
New Orleans Ward 3, Orleans, LouisianaGeo Esterbrook40MaleCarpenterEngland
 Jos Gurascoe45Male Arkansas
 Rob H Grant64Male North Carolina
 Bridget Dunn30FemaleServtIreland
District 1, Butler, MissouriA T Easterbrook31MaleFarmerNew York
 Charles Newcomb33Male New York
 E Newcomb22FemaleHousekeeperNew York
Jefferson, Andrew, MissouriIsaac Owens28MaleFarmerMaryland
 Kate Owens22Female Virginia
 Clyde Owens2Male Missouri
 Ida Owens7 MonthsFemale Missouri
 Martha Pearmer23Female Virginia
 Lucy Pearmer17Female Missouri
 Cora Day15Female Missouri
 Frank Esterbrook25MaleFarmerVermont
Jefferson City, Cole, MissouriJ H Estabrook26MaleSaloonMassachusetts
 Martha Estabrook23Female South Carolina
 Fannie Estabrook4Female Missouri
 Mary Bland18FemaleDomIreland
 Otis Anderson17MaleBookeeperSweden
Buffalo, Pike, MissouriElisha Easterbrook36MaleDay labKentucky
 Sarah J Easterbrook27FemaleDomOhio
 David W Easterbrook13Male Illinois
 Wm M Easterbrook12Male Illinois
 Ellis F Easterbrook5Male Missouri
 Escue Easterbrook1Male Missouri
St Charles, St Charles, MissouriJohn Easterbrooks40MaleBroom makerMissouri
 Martha Easterbrooks27Female Tennessee
 Daniel James30Male Tennessee
 Saml Easterbrooks35MaleBroom makerMissouri
 August Seymour27MaleBrick moulderCanada
 Martha McCabe12Female Missouri
 Mary Havercamp20FemaleDomesticGermany
Dayton Ward 5, Montgomery, OhioSaml F Estabrook22MaleWidlerOhio
 Isaac N Estabrook20MaleNeed studentOhio
 Lee Estabrook18Male Ohio
 Dewitt Estabrook10Male Ohio
 Sarah Estabrook55Female Virginia
Dayton Ward 5, Montgomery, OhioJos W Estabrook27FemaleClerkOhio
 Elizth Estabrook24Female Ohio
 Louisa Estabrook3Female Ohio
 William Estabrook6/12Male Ohio
 Ruth McKinney28Female Ohio
 William McKinney25MaleAtty at lawOhio
 Mary McKinney19Female Ohio
 Caroline McKinney17Female Ohio
 John H McKinney13Male Ohio
 Frank McKinney11Male Ohio
 Mary Carrell16FemaleServantGibraltar
Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery, OhioF C Estabrook60MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Anna S Estabrook44Female Ohio
 Harriet Estabrook20Female Ohio
 Abigail Estabrook17Female Ohio
 Emma O Estabrook13Female Ohio
 Elizabeth Amend16FemaleServantOhio
 Aaron Gordon30MaleDay laborerOhio
Dayton Ward 2, Montgomery, OhioJoel Estabrook52MaleGroceryMassachusetts
 Elizabeth Estabrook48Female Massachusetts
 George Estabrook21MaleClerkOhio
 Arthur Estabrook17Male Ohio
 Rachel Krich25FemaleServantOhio
Clay, Ottawa, OhioJohn Youngs40MaleFarmerHannover
 S Youngs38Female Hannover
 M Youngs14Female Hannover
 C Youngs12Female Hannover
 J Youngs5Male Hannover
 J Youngs2Male Hannover
 P Youngs4Female Hannover
 Mian Eastbrook16FemaleLaborerOhio
Harrison, Preble, OhioHenry Burket28MaleWasherOhio
 Jane Burket24Female Ohio
 Conover Burket1Male Ohio
 George Estabrook35MaleBlacksmithNew York
 Leah Estabrook33Female Pennsylvania
 Westell Estabrook12Male Ohio
 Sarah M Estabrook9Female Ohio
Orange, Shelby, OhioWilliam J Estebrook30MaleFarmerOhio
 Eleanore D Estebrook19Female Ohio
Orange, Shelby, OhioCharles Estabrook64MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Nancy Estabrook60Female New York
 Georgeana Estabrook16Female Ohio
 Charls A Estabrook23MaleCom school teacherNew York
 Mary E Estabrook23Female Ohio
 Clatus T Estabrook3/12Male Ohio
Warren, Trumbull, OhioS R Esterbrook34MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Mary Esterbrook45Female Ohio
 J A Esterbrook22Male Ohio
 D B Esterbrook17Male Ohio
 F Parker17FemaleDomesticEngland
 M W Esterbrook12Female Ohio
 E M Esterbrook10Female Ohio
 F A Esterbrook8Male Ohio
Howland, Trumbull, OhioWarren Esterbrook24MaleCarpenterNew York
 H A Esterbrook20Female Pennsylvania
 F W Esterbrook3Male Pennsylvania
 J P Esterbrook1Male Pennsylvania
Westfield, Medina, OhioZ Estabrook30MaleShingle makerNew York
 Julia Estabrook32Female Ohio
 Mary Estabrook6Female Ohio
 Ella Estabrook2Female Ohio
Manhattan, Lucas, OhioD E Ford29MaleFarmerNew York
 Maud Ford21Female Ohio
 Emma Ford1Female Ohio
 Fred Eastbrook20MaleLaborerGermany
 Wm W F Eastbrook  Seamstress 
Morgan, Butler, OhioWilliam Esterbrooks41MaleFarmerOhio
 Amanda Esterbrooks26FemaleWifeOhio
 John C Esterbrooks4Male Ohio
 Samuel R Esterbrooks3Male Ohio
Cleveland Ward 6, Cuyahoga, OhioThomas Easterbrook36MaleRr employeeEngland 1851
 Mary Easterbrook37Female England
 Thomas Easterbrook15Male England 1851 1871
 Wm Easterbrook14Male England 1851
 Mary J Easterbrook11Female England 1851
 George Easterbrook6Male Ohio
 James Easterbrook3Male Ohio
 Elizabeth Easterbrook4/12Male Ohio
Cleveland Ward 6, Cuyahoga, OhioJohn Gynn35MaleBrickmakerEngland
 Eliza Gynn32Female England
 Mary A Gynn2Female Ohio
 Thomas Hamilton23MaleTeamingEngland
 Sylus Easterbrook25MaleLaborerEngland
Columbus Ward 3, Franklin, OhioHenry Easterbrook38MaleMerchantNew York
 Laura M Easterbrook32Female New York
 Minny Easterbrook6Female Ohio
 George Easterbrook2Male Ohio
 Laden Butler22MaleClerkOhio
 Kate Butler27FemaleServantIreland
 Ellen Handebo18FemaleServantOhio
Norwalk, Huron, OhioJohn Easterbrook45MaleFarmerNew York
 Mary Easterbrook40Female New York
 Mary E Easterbrook15Female New York
 John E Easterbrook13Male New York
 Lucy M Easterbrook8Female Ohio
 Catherine A Easterbrook6Female Ohio
 Josephine Easterbrook4Female Ohio
 Charlotte A Easterbrook2Female Ohio
Union, Fayette, OhioGeo W Easterbrook54MaleFarmerCanada
 E A Easterbrook48Female Ohio
 Eliza J Walker14Female Ohio
 John Easterbrook94Male England
 J M Easterbrook30MaleFarmerOhio
 Hannah Easterbrook28Female Ohio
 Ada Easterbrook4Female Ohio
 Harvey Easterbrook2Male Ohio
Monroe, Knox, OhioAsa Patterson54Male New York
 Jane Patterson44Female New York
 Isabella Patterson25FemaleStudentNew York
 Emily Patterson16Female Ohio
 Aaron Patterson13Male Ohio
 Agness Patterson11Female Ohio
 Francis Patterson11Female Ohio
 Ida Patterson7Female Ohio
 John Eastbrook19Male England
Monroe, Knox, OhioWm Esterbrook54Male England 1851
 Mary Esterbrook55Female England
 Geo Esterbrook20Male England 1851
 Thomas Esterbrook19Male England 1851
 John Esterbrook16Male England 1841
 Mary Esterbrook15Female England 1851
 Philip Esterbrook11Male England 1851
 Samuel Esterbrook7Male England
Crosby, Hamilton, OhioGeorge Rubush61MaleFarmerPennsylvania
 William Rubush26MaleGardnerIndiana
 G W Rubush22MaleFarm laborOhio
 D Bacon34MaleFarmerOhio
 J Bum19Male British America
 Dennis Falay49MaleLaborerIreland
 Lewis Gordon59MaleCarpenterScotland
 Oliver C Atchison17MaleFarmerOhio
 Stephen N Bell45MaleShoemakerEngland
 Ebenezer Bill66Male Rhode Island
 John W Davis35MaleGardnerEngland
 John Esterbrooks73MaleFarmerRhode Island
 Josiah Burnham38Male Ohio
 George W King64Male Maryland
Crosby, Hamilton, OhioSusana Farnana74Female Rhode Island
 Phebe Bunister73Female New York
 Manerva McGuire69Female Vermont
 Polly Burnham65Female Connecticut
 Susan Chaplin68Female Rhode Island
 Polly Chaplain63Female Rhode Island
 Lucy Esterbrook63Female Rhode Island
 Eliza Carter65Female Massachusetts
 Harriet Carter28Female Ohio
Crosby, Hamilton, OhioSusana Esterbrook43Female Ohio
Dayton, Yamhill, OregonB Easterbrook52MaleFarmerRhode Island
 Elizabeth Easterbrook33Female Tennessee
 Charles Easterbrook18Male Pennsylvania
 William Easterbrook13Male Illinois
 Frances Shelley12Female Illinois
 Sarah Olds5Female California
 Charlotte Olds4Female Oregon
 Laura Olds8/12Female Oregon
Portland, Multnomah, OregonA Harker33MaleMerchantNew Jersey
 J B Harker26MaleMerchantNew Jersey
 E P Cranston22MaleClerkOhio
 Jno Esterbrook19MaleClerkPennsylvania
Portland, Multnomah, OregonT J Holmes16MaleApprenticeNew Jersey
 F Easterbrook22MalePrinterPennsylvania
 Walter Royakin17MaleApprenticeIllinois
Lawrence, Douglas, Kansas TerritoryL Estobrook45FemaleCookMassachusetts
Elwood, Doniphan, Kansas TerritoryJacob Jones52MaleHotel keeperOhio
 Mary Jones43Female Ohio
 Christin A Jones19Female Ohio
 Emma Jones11Female Ohio
 Olcemers Jones15Male Ohio
 Elizabeth I Jones14Female Ohio
 Jno Jones11Male Ohio
 Adeline Jones9Female Ohio
 Isabell Jones7Female Ohio
 Frank Jones3Male Iowa
 S A Easterbrook35MalePainter 
 Wm Russell25MaleClerk 
Portland, Cumberland, MaineJohn Easterbrook40MaleStone cutterEngland
 Judith W Easterbrook40Female Maine
 Frances L Easterbrook19FemaleSeamstressMassachusetts
 Sarah S Easterbrook17Female Massachusetts
 Ann M Easterbrook14Female Massachusetts 1851 1861
 Judith M Easterbrook12Female Maine
 John Easterbrook10Male Maine
 Elias D Easterbrook9Male Maine
 William H S Easterbrook7Male Maine
Camden, Knox, MaineJoseph H Estabrook63MaleM dMassachusetts
 Caroline Estabrook58Female Maine
 Jos H Estabrook37MaleTelograph operator 
 Caroline Estabrook35FemaleAt home 
 Arabella Estabrook23FemaleAt home 
 Eugenia Estabrook23FemaleAt home 
 Margarett Estabrook22FemaleAt home 
 Frederick Estabrook19MaleStudent 
 Georgianna Estabrook17FemaleAt school 
 Edward Estabrook15MaleAt school 
 Abba Thorndike35FemaleServant 
 Henry Clooker22MaleLabourer 
 Geo C Estabrook27MaleCom merchant 
Leeds, Androscoggin, MaineCharles Bates69MaleBlack smithMaine
 Hannah Bates65Female Maine
 Oren Bates34MaleFarm laborerMaine
 Tiley M Bates36Female Maine
 George Bates28MaleShoe makerMaine
 Betsey C Bates20FemaleTailoressMaine
 George R Bates7 MonthsMale Maine
 Robert Lindsey62MaleMachinistMaine
 Convas L Lindsey17MaleFarm laborerMaine
 Walter S Esterbrook4Male Massachusetts
Bath, Sagadahoc, Maineand C Cole37MaleCarpenterMaine
 Hannah Cole35FemaleTailoressMaine
 Abby M Cole14FemaleDress makerMaine
 Charles W Cole12Male Maine
 Andrew N Cole10Male Maine
 Sarah H Cole4Female Maine
 John L H Cole2Male Maine
Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska TerritoryExperience Estabrook46MaleAttorney at sawNew Hampshire
 Caroline A Estabrook36Female Pennsylvania
 C Augusta Estabrook14Female Wisconsin
 Henry D Estabrook5Male New York
 John M Wilson15Male New York
 Celestia M Clark17Female Wisconsin
 Charles L Maxon19Male Wisconsin
Brunswick, Cumberland, MaineLois A Esterbrook36Female Maine
 Annie E Esterbrook13Female Maine
 Charles K Esterbrook7Male Maine
 Adelia A Esterbrook6Female Maine
Brunswick, Cumberland, MaineHannah R Owen70Female Maine
 Sarah Robinson20Female Maine
 Fanny Esterbrook10Female Maine
Brunswick, Cumberland, MaineMary Esterbrook61Female New York
 Delia Esterbrook59Female New York
 Harriet E Cutler57Female Maine
 Albert F Tenney19MalePrinterMaine
Brunswick, Cumberland, MaineThomas Esterbrook45MaleClerkMaine
 Catharine Esterbrook47Female New York
 Maria H Esterbrook19Female Maine
 George S Esterbrook17Male Maine
 Fanny S Esterbrook16Female Maine
 James R Esterbrook9Male Maine
 Elizabeth K Esterbrook6Female Maine
Penn, Cass, MichiganGeo Estabrooks21Male Ohio
Penn, Cass, MichiganGeo Longsderff34Male Pennsylvania
 Rachel Longsderff28Female New York
 Henry Estabrook12Male Ohio
Deer Isle, Hancock, MaineThomas S Fuller39MaleTraderMaine
 Elizabeth R Fuller38Female Maine
 Theodore L Estabrook28MalePhysicianMaine
 Frederick Estabrook19MaleClerkMaine
 Adela Fuller13Female Maine
 Parker T Fuller2Male Maine
Sedgwick, Hancock, MaineLyman Estabrook62MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Lydia D Estabrook60Female Maine
 Joanna Estabrook36Female Maine
 Hezekiah D Estabrook30MaleSailorMaine
 Amos Estabrook19MaleSailorMaine
Old Town, Penobscot, MaineDavid N Estabrook36MaleAgent for millsMaine
 Mary A Estabrook32Female Maine
 Florence Estabrook1Female Maine
 Eva Estabrook7Female Maine
Old Town, Penobscot, MaineIra S Esterbrooks28MaleWorks on lumberMaine
 Ann E Esterbrooks28Female Maine
 Wilmot L Esterbrooks4Male Maine
 Ira M Esterbrooks2Male Maine
Brewer, Penobscot, MaineJohn Esterbrook26MaleFiremanMaine
 Evaline O Esterbrook29Female Maine
 Charles E Esterbrook3Male Maine
Veazie, Penobscot, MaineNaham Warren54MaleFarmerMaine
 Clarry Warren47Female Maine
 Naham S Warren21Male Maine
 Eugene Warren19Male Maine
 Clarra L Warren10Female Maine
 Eva Warren7Female Maine
 Caroline Easterbrook15Female Maine
 John M Warren17Male Maine
 Mary Sullivan15FemaleHouse workIreland
Bangor Ward 7, Penobscot, MaineSaml W Estabrook60MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
Bangor Ward 7, Penobscot, MaineBathsheba Estabrook40Female New Brunswick
 Joseph W Estabrook21MaleLumbermanNew Brunswick
 William J Estabrook18MaleTruckmanNew Brunswick
 Emma F Estabrook15Female Maine
 George W Estabrook11Male Maine
 Sophia B Estabrook9Female Maine
 Martha A Estabrook5Female Maine
Bangor Ward 6, Penobscot, MaineSaml D Estabrooks24MaleFruit saloonNew Brunswick
 Martha N Estabrooks20Female Maine
 Agnice Estabrooks3Female Maine
 Frederick Estabrooks2/12Male Maine
Bangor Ward 6, Penobscot, MaineGeorge G Estabrooks24MaleTruckmanMaine
 Emily Estabrooks20Female Maine
 George R Estabrooks3Male Maine
 Wilbert Estabrooks1Male Maine
Danforth, Washington, MaineJames Dougherty28MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Frances Dougherty23Female New Brunswick
 George Dougherty3Male Maine
 Ellen Esterbrooks21Female New Brunswick
Calais Ward 1, Washington, MaineDaniel Estabrooks65MaleHouse carpenterNew Brunswick
 Judith Estabrooks60Female New Brunswick
 Judith Estabrooks18Female Maine
 Abigail Smith17FemaleServantMaine
Allegan, Allegan, MichiganBenjamin Eastebrook53MaleFarmerVermont
 Valoria Eastebrook52Female New York
 Asa Eastebrook22MaleFarmerNew York
 Flora Eastebrook20Female New York
 Abner Eastebrook18MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Hellen Eastebrook16Female New York
 Albert Eastebrook13Male New York
 Marian Eastebrook10Female New York
 Lewis Weaver40MaleLumbermanNew York
 Polly S Weaver26Female New York
 Corneal Driscoll27Male Louisiana
 Diana Driscoll25Female New York
Heath, Allegan, MichiganValentine Young30MaleFarmerNew York
 Lydia Young28Female New York
 Henry Young8Male New York
 Asel Young4Male Michigan
 Helen Young1Female Michigan
 Asa Eastebrook22MaleFarmerNew York
Hillsdale, Hillsdale, MichiganIsaiah McCollum39MaleBankerNew York
 Caroline E McCollum39Female New York
 Rachell Jessee H McCollum9Female Michigan
 Persis Hammond43Female New York
 Addalaid E Walker17Female Michigan
 Octavia Walker15Female Michigan
 Elija M Estabrook20FemaleTeacherNew York
 Mary Estabrook3Female Michigan
 Byron J Estabrook1Male Michigan
 Mary Hammond69Female Massachusetts
 Hanah Hammond17FemaleDomesticIreland
Saginaw, Saginaw, MichiganJohn S Estabrook34MaleLumber inspectorNew York
 Ellen R Estabrook27Female Michigan
 Hellen Ferris26FemaleSchool teacherMichigan
 Anna Leur17FemaleServantPreußen
Houlton, Aroostook, MaineThomas Estabrook25MaleArtistMaine
Fort Fairfield, Aroostook, MaineW H Esterbrooks33MaleBlacksmithNew Brunswick
 Caroline S Esterbrooks28Female New Brunswick
 Warren A Esterbrooks5Male Maine
 Wm J Esterbrooks3Male Maine
 Clora J Maguire20FemaleDomesticNew Brunswick
Amity, Aroostook, MaineJedidah Easterbrooks33MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Susan E Easterbrooks28FemaleHousewifeNew Brunswick
 Emeline Easterbrooks8Female Maine
 Eveline Easterbrooks6Female Maine
 Howard Easterbrooks77MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Catherine Easterbrooks72FemaleMatronNew Brunswick
Amity, Aroostook, MaineGeorge Easterbrooks40MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Frances A Easterbrooks33FemaleHousewifeMaine
 C O Easterbrooks16Female Maine
 George Easterbrooks15Male Maine
 Ximena Easterbrooks12Female Maine
 J Easterbrooks10Female Maine
 Florance Easterbrooks8Female Maine
 Thomas W Easterbrooks6Male Maine
 Christana Easterbrooks4Male Maine
 Leveret Easterbrooks3Male Maine
 Almeda Easterbrooks1Female Maine
 S Easterbrooks1/12Female Maine
Amity, Aroostook, MaineHammond Easterbrooks54MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Jemima Easterbrooks45FemaleHousekeeperNew Brunswick
Amity, Aroostook, MaineHovis Easterbrooks24MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 John Easterbrooks21MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Adeline Easterbrooks19FemaleDomesticNew Brunswick
 T H Easterbrooks17MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Wm H Easterbrooks14Male New Brunswick
 James Easterbrooks14Male New Brunswick
 Mary A Easterbrooks12Female New Brunswick
 C A Easterbrooks10Female New Brunswick
 Charles A Easterbrooks8Male Maine
 Sarah E Easterbrooks6Female Maine
 Morvin B Easterbrooks4Female Maine
 E H Easterbrooks2Male Maine
Hodgdon, Aroostook, MaineWinslow Easterbrooks13MaleFarmerMaine
Hodgdon, Aroostook, MaineWentworth Easterbrooks50MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Mary Easterbrooks44FemaleHousewifeNew Brunswick
 W W Easterbrooks23MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 George H Easterbrooks20MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 E J Easterbrooks18FemaleDomesticNew Brunswick
 H L Easterbrooks15Female Maine
 Harman Easterbrooks13Male Maine
 M A Easterbrooks10Female Maine
 C F Easterbrooks2Female Maine
Linneus, Aroostook, MaineL T Easterbrooks36MaleFarmerNew Brunswick
 Lucinda H Easterbrooks33FemaleHousewifeMaine
 Harris M Easterbrooks11Male Maine
 Alice J Easterbrooks9Female Maine
 Arther E Easterbrooks6Male Maine
 Charles R Easterbrooks2Male Maine
 Baby Easterbrooks1/12Female Maine
Searsport, Waldo, MaineElias D Stafford37MaleShip carpenterMaine
 Mary J Stafford33Male Maine
 Aga Eastabrook4Female Maine
Woodland, Barry, MichiganArtemus Esterbrook25MaleFarmerOhio
 Helen Esterbrook23Female New York
 Rosella Esterbrook1Female Michigan
Burton, Genesee, MichiganBenjiman Estabrook17MaleFarmingNew York
 Emery Estabrook55Male New York
 Melissie Estabrook23Female New York
 Josophine Estabrook20Female New York
 Roxa Estabrook54Female New York
Burton, Genesee, MichiganEdward Estabrook28MaleCarpenterNew York
 Elizabeth Estabrook28Female New York
 Ella Estabrook3Female Michigan
Lowell, Kent, MichiganHenry Easterbrook32MaleFarmerNew York
 Betsey J Easterbrook31Female New York
 Daniel Easterbrook2Male Michigan
 Abigail Herrington65FemaleDomesticNew York
Franklin, Lenawee, MichiganFranklin Estabrook31MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Joseph Estabrook68MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Susanna Estabrook67Female New Hampshire
 Franklin Halbert17MaleCarpenter & joinerNew York
Franklin, Lenawee, MichiganSamuel M Estabrook28MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
Franklin, Lenawee, MichiganJohn Estabrooks38MaleFarmerNew York
 Anna Estabrooks37Female Michigan
 Mary Estabrooks16Female Michigan
 Willard Estabrooks13Male Michigan
Fabius, St Joseph, MichiganWilliam Esterbrook27MaleFarmerEngland
 Hannah Esterbrook27Female Ohio
 Edwin Esterbrook7Male Michigan
 Adeline Esterbrook2Female Michigan
Ypsilanti Ward 3, Washtenaw, MichiganJoseph Estabrook40MaleTeacherNew Hampshire
 Rhoda P Estabrook9Female Michigan
 Mehetebel D McCollum34Female New York
 Elizabeth W McCollum6Female Michigan
 Amelia E McCollum16Female Michigan
 Grove F Stocking22MaleStudentMichigan
Detroit Ward 2, Wayne, MichiganJ M Estabrook28MaleMechanicMassachusetts
Preston, Fillmore, MinnesotaGeorge H Freemore36Male New York
 Mariah Freemore30Female New York
 Mary E Freemore5Female Ohio
 Wellington Freemore1Male Minnesota
 Hellen Estabrook15Female Wisconsin
Empire, Dakota, MinnesotaDaniel Esterbrook37MaleFarmerNew York
 Mary M Esterbrook24Female New York
 Ira B Esterbrook7Male New York
 Henry E Esterbrook4Male Minnesota
 Lydia H Esterbrook3Female Minnesota
 Coranett Esterbrook2Female Minnesota
 Hannah Esterbrook2/12Female Minnesota
Baytown, Washington, MinnesotaCharles E Estabrooks31MaleMechanicMaine
 Elizabeth Estabrooks29Female New Brunswick
 Eleezabth A Estabrooks7Female Maine
 Emma Estabrooks3Female Minnesota
Stillwater, Washington, MinnesotaG M Estabrooks38MaleLaborerNew Brunswick
 E B Estabrooks30Female Maine
 M C F Estabrooks12Male Maine
 Frank R Estabrooks2Male Minnesota
 Daniel S Estabrooks24Male Maine
California gulch, Arapahoe, Kansas TerritoryW M Simmons24Male Ohio
 Jno Esterbrook22Male Illinois
 H Sweetman29Male Canada
Valley of the platte, Arapahoe, Kansas TerritoryE Furber31Male Missouri
 Saml Esterbrook24Male Wisconsin
 G N Richardson38Male Massachusetts
 T S Cochran29Male Indiana
 G Dodge27Male Connecticut
 Saml Downer24Male Virginia
Valley of the platte, Arapahoe, Kansas TerritoryC Framer48Male Michigan
 Wm Estabrook24Male Illinois
 John Neal22Male Missouri
 W W Hull38Male New York
 Wm J Angel26Male New York
Centerville, Allegany, New YorkAlden Estabrook35MaleCom laborerNew York
 Jane Estabrook24Female New York
 Elizabeth Estabrook8/12Female New York
West Almond, Allegany, New YorkHenery Easterbrook30Male New York
 Maranda Easterbrook28Female New York
 George Easterbrook9Male New York
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkAlpheus Eastabrook55MaleBlacksmithVermont
 Hannah Eastabrook54Female New York
 Alpheus Eastabrook13Male New York
Almond, Allegany, New YorkFrancis Easterbrook41MaleFarmerVermont
 Elizabeth Easterbrook36FemaleHouse laborNew York
 Robert Easterbrook9Male New York
 Simeon C Easterbrook7Male New York
 Alida Easterbrook64FemaleHouse laborNew York
Almond, Allegany, New YorkChas Easterbrooks54MaleFarmerVermont
 Betsey Easterbrooks53FemaleHouse laborNew York
 Elizabeth Walker28FemaleHouse laborNew York
 Alace Walker3Female New York
 Staten Walker1Male New York
Cohoes, Albany, New YorkAbrm Read28MaleCarpenterConnecticut
 Susan Read26Female Connecticut
 Abrm Read4Male New York
 Chas Read1Male New York
 Olive Estbrook21FemaleWorks in factoryRhode Island
 Jane Estbrook16Female Rhode Island
Conklin, Broome, New YorkH C Knight31MaleWagon makerRhode Island
 Caroline S Knight35Female New York
 Edith A Knight7Female New York
 Caroline E Knight5/12Female New York
 Abigail Estabrook61Female Massachusetts
Big Flats, Chemung, New YorkIsaac Easterbrook38MaleClergymanNew York
 Mary Easterbrook30Female New York
 Eugene Easterbrook8Male New York
Norwich, Chenango, New YorkGeorge Estbuck35MaleMechanicBaden
 Waco Estbuck32FemaleHouse keeperBavaria
 George Estbuck5Male New York
 Frank Estbuck1Male New York
 Jacob Cngor37MaleLaborerBavaria
Buffalo Ward 10, Erie, New YorkEbenezer Easterbrook50MalePrinterRhode Island
 Mary A Easterbrook40Female New York
 Edward Easterbrook11Male New York
 Ebenezer Easterbrook9Male New York
 Joseph Easterbrook8/12Male New York
 Mary A Hrbricss18FemaleDomesticGermany
Marilla, Erie, New YorkJ Estberook71Male Vermont
 Rhoda Estberook66Female Vermont
 J E Chesbro38MaleDroverNew York
 R Chesbro35Female New York
 Oliva Chesbro14Female New York
 Wm Fuller25MaleMail carrierNew York
Jay, Essex, New YorkHayward Eisterhold66MaleFarmerVermont
 Johanna Eisterhold36Female Vermont
 Nathan K Eisterhold24MaleFarmerNew York
Little Falls, Herkimer, New YorkNathan Easterbrook27MaleClerkNew York
Herkimer, Herkimer, New YorkNathan Easterbrooks51MaleMaster masonNew York
 Caroline Easterbrooks44Female Canada
 Edward Easterbrooks21MaleMasonNew York
 Emma Jane Easterbrooks20Female New York
 Francis S Easterbrooks7Male New York
 Frederick B Easterbrooks5Male New York
Lyme, Jefferson, New YorkLydia Esterbrook57Female New York
 Hart Knowlton33MaleFarmerNew York
 Helen Knowlton25Female New York
 Frances Knowlton8Female New York
 Wm Knowlton4Male New York
 Pliney Powers67MaleButcherNew York
 Wlace Ryder22MaleFishermanNew York
 Frances Ryder19Female New York
Brooklyn Ward 10 District 2, Kings, New YorkEdward Easterbrook51MaleManufacturerNew Hampshire
 Julia Easterbrook47Female Massachusetts
 Edwin Easterbrook23MaleClerkFi
 Julia Easterbrook13Female Fi
 Harce Connelly25FemaleServantIreland
Brooklyn Ward 6 District 3, Kings, New YorkHenry Estbacker54MaleTobacconistHesse
 Mena Estbacker37Female Hannover
 Caroline Estbacker9Female New York
 Elizabeth Estbacker4Female New York
Brooklyn Ward 11 District 3, Kings, New YorkThomas Etibrook48MaleMinerEngland
 Harriet Etibrook43Female England
 Harriet Etibrook16Female New York
 Alfred Etibrook13Male New York
 Edward Etibrook9Male New York
 Richard Etibrook9Male New York
 Lydia Etibrook7Female New York
 Hrtt Etibrook5Male New York
Cazenovia, Madison, New YorkWilliam Easterbrook54MaleFarmerEngland
 Irene Easterbrook48Female New York
 Charlotte Easterbrook17Female New York
St Johnsville, Montgomery, New YorkElisha Easterbrook55MaleMerchantNew York
 Laura Easterbrook50Female New York
St Johnsville, Montgomery, New YorkWilliam Easterbrook30MaleClerkNew York
 Maria J Easterbrook29Female New York
New York Ward 6 District 4, New York, New YorkJames F Easterbrook41MalePolicemanEngland
New York Ward 7 District 2, New York, New YorkLydia David70FemaleCreckeryEngland
 Bertha David25Female England
 Bertha Easterbrook18Female New York
 Mary Smith18FemaleDomesticNew York
 Mary Horrigan21Female England
New York Ward 13 District 1, New York, New YorkDaniel Estbrook40MaleHouse dealerNew York
 Mary Estbrook36Female New York
 Henry Estbrook12Male New York
 Julia Estbrook8Female New York
 Catherine Estbrook2Female New York
 Bridget Murray31FemaleServantIreland
New York Ward 15 District 1, New York, New YorkR B Easterbrook41MaleDruggistNew York
 R B Easterbrook28Female New York
New York Ward 18 District 2, New York, New YorkTheadore P Kelly27MaleMaster bakerNew York
 Mary A Kelly40Female New Jersey
 Mary McDonald20Female New York
 Elizabeth Stevens20FemaleSaleswomanNew York
 Victorine A Eastabrook17Female New York
 Thomas Beattie25MaleBakerIreland
 Patrick Shehan21Male Ireland
 James Conway16MaleBakers apprenticeIreland
 James Hannon14Male Ireland
 Michael Cregan16MaleBakers apprenticeNew York
 Edward Stirling16Male New York
 Mary Gardner40FemaleDomesticIreland
 Abraham Hacker18MaleWagon driverNew York
 William Leach16MaleClerkNew Jersey
 John Leach19MaleBakerEngland
 Thomas Ryan28Male Ireland
New York Ward 21 District 3, New York, New YorkWm P Esterbrook44MaleBuilderEngland
 Victoria Esterbrook39Female England
 Pinely Esterbrook17Female New York
 Sarah Esterbrook15Female New York
 Grace Esterbrook13Female New York
 Victoria Esterbrook11Female New York
 Margaret McGuire23FemaleServantIreland
Kirkland, Oneida, New YorkCharles L Kellogg40MaleFarmer & merchantNew York
 Julia M Kellogg40Female New York
 Albert Easterbrooks18MaleDomesticNew York
 Eliza Hickox21Female New York
Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, New YorkNathaniel Easterbrook49MaleMst carpenterNew York
 Sarah E Easterbrook39Female New York
 Estell Easterbrook8Female New York
Waterford, Saratoga, New YorkElisabeth Estabrook60Female New Hampshire
 Caroline Estabrook40Female Maine
Middleburgh, Schoharie, New YorkJohn Easterbrooks70Male New York
Wayland, Steuben, New YorkStephan Easterbrooks23MaleDaylaborNew York
 Allas Easterbrooks23Female New York
 Leuferna Easterbrooks11/12Female New York
Tuscarora, Steuben, New YorkMahala Woodruf58FemaleFarmerNew York
 Milton Woodruf10Male New York
 Charity Easterbrook46Female New York
New York Ward 8 District 3, New York, New YorkWilliam C White46MaleMillerEngland
 Cornelia S White46Female New York
 Ferdinand S White18MaleClerkNew York
 John White17Male New York
 Henry W White13Male New York
 J M Easterbrook30MaleBook keeperNew York
 Robert Halliday19MaleCarpenterLouisiana
New York Ward 19 District 2, New York, New YorkEvans Estbrook13Male New York
Newburgh, Orange, New YorkChas Estabrook36MaleBook sellerNew York
 Susan E Estabrook32Female New York
 Frank E Estabrook1Male New York
 Lydia Marshall52Female New York
 Sophia G Marshall22Female New York
 Lydia E Marshall11Female New York
 Sarah J Terwilliger30FemaleSilver burnisherNew York
 Horatio J Estabrook23MaleClerkNew York
 Sandford I Estabrook25MaleUpholsterNew York
 David Dewitt25MaleWagon makerNew York
 Wm Phillips14Male New York
Newburgh, Orange, New YorkChas Estabrook50MaleTin smithNew York
 Mary Estabrook55Female Connecticut
Milton, Saratoga, New YorkThomas Easterbrook66MaleCarpenterRhode Island
 Cynthia Easterbrook65Female  
 Sarah M Easterbrook36FemaleCom school teacherNew York
 Thomas Easterbrook21Male  
Syracuse Ward 6, Onondaga, New YorkJones D Eastabrook25MaleHouse painterMassachusetts
 Emma L Eastabrook23Female New York
 Aldin D Eastabrook1Male New York
 Joseph M Eastabrook22MaleMachinistMassachusetts
 Aldin G Davis24MaleHouse painterMassachusetts
 Edward J Davis22MaleHouse painterMassachusetts
Seneca, Ontario, New YorkMathew Easterbrook60MaleGardenerEngland
 Jane Easterbrook35Female England
Seneca, Ontario, New YorkMathew Easterbrook33MaleModel builderEngland
 Ellen Easterbrook27Female England
 Rosa E Easterbrook5Female New York
Troy Ward 5, Rensselaer, New YorkAbo Esterbrook45FemaleHouse keeperNew York
Greenbush, Rensselaer, New YorkJob A Easterbrook33MaleMachinistNew York
 Frances Easterbrook32Female New York
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkWilliam J Fillon46MaleM carpenterEngland
 Mary Fillon56Female Scotland
 Mary Estabrook32Female New York
 William Estabrook9Male New York
 Charles Estabrook5Male New York
 Frances Estabrook1Female New York
Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer, New YorkJames Esterbrooks20MaleMasonNew York
 Harriet Esterbrooks18Female Vermont
Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer, New YorkDavid Esterbrooks63MaleMasonMassachusetts
 Anny Esterbrooks63Female Vermont
Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer, New YorkAlfred Esterbrooks35Male New York
 Lucy Esterbrooks25Female New York
 Willard Esterbrooks3Male New York
 Walter Esterbrooks1Male New York
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkThomas Esterbrook79MaleSilk folderEngland
 Mary Esterbrook50Female Ireland
 Peter Esterbrook22MaleH carpenterNew York
 Emma Esterbrook19Female New York
 Alfred Esterbrook17MaleMason's prenticeNew York
 Mary A Withers18FemaleMillinerEngland
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkJoseph Esterbrook43MaleMaster builderEngland
 Janet Esterbrook38Female Scotland
 Mary Esterbrook12Female New York
 Agnes Esterbrook6Female New York
 Joseph Esterbrook5Male New York
 Thomas Esterbrook2Male New York
 Infant Esterbrook1/12Male New York
Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer, New YorkEzra R Esterbrooks36MaleDegarim artistVermont
 Lucy Esterbrooks42Female New York
 Ezra B Esterbrooks15Male New York
 Willie H Esterbrooks10Male New York
 Frank H Esterbrooks6Male New York
Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer, New YorkA C Esterbrooks29MaleBlacksmithVermont
 Mary Esterbrooks25Female Massachusetts
 Annah E Esterbrooks5Female New York
Catharine, Schuyler, New YorkHerman Easterbrook32MaleMerchantNew York
 Emmeline Easterbrook25Female New York
 Willie Easterbrook4Male New York
 Lewis Easterbrook2Male New York
Catharine, Schuyler, New YorkSolomon S Booth63MaleFarmerConnecticut
 Ann E Booth29Female New York
 Ivy A Booth19Female New York
 John Dubois16Male New York
 William Esterbrook5Male New York
Paris, Oneida, New YorkWm Giles55MaleDay laborerWales
 Mary Giles50Female Wales
 Richard Giles20MaleFinisherNew York
 Mary E Giles18FemaleWeaverNew York
 Ania L Giles16Female New York
 Edwin Giles11Male New York
 Frederick F Giles9Male New York
 George Giles4Male New York
 Geo Easterbrooks26MaleMasonNew York
 Ann Easterbrooks26Female New York
 Emma Easterbrooks4Female New York
Corning, Steuben, New YorkJohn A Easterbrooks46MaleFarmerOtsego County
 Mainda Easterbrooks46Female Oneida County
 Danthy D Easterbrooks21FemaleCom school teacherSteuben County
 Mary A Easterbrooks19FemaleCom school teacherSteuben County
 Srrian Easterbrooks17Female Steuben County
 John M Easterbrooks15Male Steuben County
 Phelander Easterbrooks13Male Steuben County
 Isaac N Easterbrooks9Male Steuben County
 Jasper P Easterbrooks6Male Steuben County
 Andrew Bradley39MaleFarm laborerIreland
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkAbial Easterbrooks40MaleFarmerNew York
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks59Female Pennsylvania
 Amanda Easterbrooks7Female New York
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkDaniel Easterbrook54MaleFarmerVermont
 Miranda Easterbrook45Female New York
 Curtiss Easterbrook20Male New York
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkSamuel Easterbrooks44MaleFarmerNew York
 Polly J Easterbrooks41Female New York
 Josiah E Easterbrooks13Male New York
 Samuel M Easterbrooks6Male New York
Erwin, Steuben, New YorkPerry Easterbrook31MaleDiver keeperNew York
 Frances Easterbrook23Female New York
 William Easterbrook9/12Male New York
 Harriett Smith19Female New York
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkAndrew Easterbrook42MaleTailorVermont
 Mary M Easterbrook33Female New York
 Otis C Easterbrook12Male New York
 Elisha P Easterbrook8Male New York
 Ira F Easterbrook3/12Male New York
Lindley, Steuben, New YorkGeorge L Caldwell32MaleLumbermanNew York
 Margarett E Caldwell33Female New York
 Llewylen A Caldwell11Male New York
 Mary L Caldwell5Female New York
 Adriew Easterbrooks24MaleDay laborerNew York
 David Madgett20Male New York
Newfield, Tompkins, New YorkRalph H Esterbrook40MalePhysicianConnecticut
 Margaret Esterbrook39Female New York
 Mary A Esterbrook13Female New York
 Phebe Buckhout33FemaleWeaverPennsylvania
Newfield, Tompkins, New YorkRobert C Estabrook50MaleFarmerNew York
 Polly Estabrook43Female New York
 Isaac L Estabrook19Male New York
 Mary Estabrook17Female New York
 Adda Estabrook12Female New York
 Carra Estabrook9Female New York
Newfield, Tompkins, New YorkObert Estabrook73Male Connecticut
 Aseneth Estabrook70Female Connecticut
 Herman L Estabrook35MaleFarmerConnecticut
 Emeline A Estabrook26Female New York
 Bela R Estabrook30MaleFarmerNew York
 William Estabrook4Male New York
 Frances A Estabrook2Female New York
 Annette Rosebrook14FemaleDomesticNew York
Albany Ward 4, Albany, New YorkJames Esterbrook25MaleClerkNew York
Seneca Falls, Seneca, New YorkJoseph L Smith37MaleMachinistNew York
 Elizabeth Smith30Female New York
 William T Smith14Male New York
 Alina Smith12Female New York
 Alfred Playford30MaleMachinistNew York
 George Bates25MalePrinterNew York
 Galloway30MaleMachinistNew York
 Henry Powell35MaleGrocerNew York
 Henry Smith22MaleMachinistNew York
 Edward Estabrook20MaleMasonNew York
 Areen Roe17FemaleServantNew York
Fayette, Seneca, New YorkJohn Easterbrook70Male New Jersey
Lodi, Seneca, New YorkP P Easterbrook35MaleFarmerSteuben County
 Caroline Easterbrook29Female Schuyler County
 Nathan E Easterbrook5Male Steuben County
 Wm Stevens13Male Steuben County
 Emily Brokaw13Female Seneca County
Butler, Wayne, New YorkCharity Cddebac52FemaleFarmingNew York
 Moses Cddebac25Male New York
 Mary E Cddebac16FemaleHouse workNew York
 Chas H Young9Male New York
 Ethan Easterbrooks25MaleFarm laborerNew York
Wolcott, Wayne, New YorkDanl Easterbrooks38MaleRunning saw millNew York
 Pheba Easterbrooks35Female New York
 Chas Benedict15Male Illinois
 Delos Easterbrooks5Male New York
 Hellen Easterbrooks11Female New York
 Harry Easterbrooks1Male New York
 Simon Easterbrooks65Male Connecticut
Eagle, Wyoming, New YorkHarris Esterbrooks30MaleFarmerVermont
 Ita Esterbrooks23Female New York
 Orson A Esterbrooks6Male New York
 Horace Esterbrooks1Male New York
Brooklyn Ward 1 District 2, Kings, New YorkWillam Ames28MaleShore gordsNew York
 Ellen Ames27Female Rhode Island
 Sami Ames9Male Rhode Island
 Willam Ames6Male Rhode Island
 Edward Ames2Male New York
 Catharine McJimsey17FemaleServantIreland
 Rebecca Easterbrook11Female Rhode Island
Afton, Chenango, New YorkRsaner Esterbrook55Female Vermont
 Samuel Esterbrook53MaleMinerVermont
 Mary Esterbrook24FemaleDress makerNew York
 Martha Esterbrook17FemaleDress makerNew York
 Elizabeth Esterbrook13Female New York
Afton, Chenango, New YorkJames Clapper42MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Julia Clapper38Female New York
 B Elida Clapper13Female New York
 Eugene A Clapper10Male New York
 Frank L Clapper8Male New York
 Mary A Clapper1Female New York
 Albert Esterbrook22MaleFarm laborerNew York
 Bola Clapper28FemaleDomesticNew York
 Polly Esterbrook22Female New York
Coventry, Chenango, New YorkJoseph Esterbrook25MaleBlacksmithNew Hampshire
 Emily Esterbrook26Female New York
 Ann Esterbrook1Female New York
 Abby Esterbrook6/12Female New York
 George W Hewitt16MaleAp blacksmithNew York
Bangor, Franklin, New YorkWilliam Estabrooks45MaleSawyerNew York
 Cynthia J Estabrooks29Female Vermont
 Polly M Estabrooks28Female New York
 Warren W Estabrooks6Male New York
 Malinda Estabrooks4Female New York
 Wielock C Estabrooks2Male New York
Constable, Franklin, New YorkHoratio Estabrooks44Male New York
 Sarah Estabrooks40Female New York
 Nelson Estabrooks11Male New York
 Samuel Estabrooks71Male New Hampshire
 Elnor Morse17FemaleServantNew York
Constable, Franklin, New YorkJames Estabrooks28MaleFarmerNew York
 Mary A Estabrooks23Female New York
 Lella J Estabrooks4Female New York
Constable, Franklin, New YorkHiram Estabrooks43MaleFarmerNew York
 Oinda Estabrooks37Female New York
 Elmina Estabrooks17Female New York
 Milo Estabrooks14Male New York
 Charlott Estabrooks7Female New York
 Albert Estabrooks2Male New York
 Joseph Estabrooks1Male New York
Constable, Franklin, New YorkJoel Eastabrook73Male New Hampshire
 Laura Eastabrook69Female Connecticut
Constable, Franklin, New YorkSilas Eastabrook46Male New York
 Malisa Eastabrook40Female Vermont
 Emy Evl8Female New York
 Matilda Durner17FemaleSchoolteacherCanada
Constable, Franklin, New YorkAhbell Eastabrooks25Male New York
 Margaret Eastabrooks22Female New York
 Joseph W Eastabrooks61Male New Hampshire
Burke, Franklin, New YorkNthanel Seeley63Male Vermont
 Dorcus Seeley65Female Vermont
 Nthanel Estabrooks74MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
Burke, Franklin, New YorkEdwin Eastabrook36MaleFarmerNew York
 Mary J Eastabrook33Female Vermont
 Sarah O Eastabrook12Female New York
 Charlott Eastabrook7Female New York
 Nathan A Eastabrook5Male New York
Burke, Franklin, New YorkOrison Eastabrooks35Male New York
 Temperance Eastabrooks27Female New York
 Harry Eastabrooks7Male New York
Canton, Saint Lawrence, New YorkChs G Miner27MaleMerchtNew York
 Jane Miner27FemaleClkNew York
 Efama Robertson26FemaleDomesScotland
 Jos Sntinaw6Male New York
 J W Estbrook40MalePlow mkrMassachusetts
 Mary Estbrook36FemaleClkMassachusetts
Baltimore Ward 16, Baltimore (Independent City), MarylandAndrew Estebrook30MaleClerkMassachusetts
 Catherine Estebrook25Female Baltimore
 Ida Estebrook5Female Baltimore
 Henry Estebrook2Male Baltimore
 John Winsett23MaleClerkBaltimore
 Susanna Winsett20Female Baltimore
 Elizabeth Lloyd17FemaleServantMaryland
Hanover, Grafton, New HampshireGeo W Estabrook20Male  
Enfield, Grafton, New HampshireJulia A Caster44FemaleTailoressVermont
 Sarah A Willis44FemaleCookMaryland
 Harriet Fuller41FemaleCookMassachusetts
 Abby M Hall29FemaleMillinerMassachusetts
 Elizabeth Estabrooks28FemaleSeamstressMassachusetts
 Lucretia S Willis33FemaleDress makerVermont
 Louisa Herrick16FemaleCookVermont
 Lucy A Dodge34FemaleSeamstressVermont
 Raby Manchester51FemaleCookRhode Island
 Sarah Dyer40FemaleCookConnecticut
 Caroline Slack43FemaleDoctressVermont
 Mary J Aiken40FemaleCookNew Hampshire
 Fidelia Dame17FemalePalm leaf weaverNew York
 Almira Palmer17FemalePalm leaf weaverNew York
 Rhoda J Allen16FemaleCookNew York
 Ella M Metalf8Female Vermont
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireJoseph Estabrook49MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Mehitable Estabrook49FemaleWifeNew Hampshire
 Charlotte Estabrook13Female New Hampshire
 Joseph S Estabrook11Male New Hampshire
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireCynthia Estabrook72FemaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Ann E Hurlbert49FemaleDomesticNew Hampshire
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireElecta Esterbrook48FemaleHousekeeperVermont
 Leonard Esterbrook17MaleFarm laborerNew Hampshire
 Fanny Esterbrook15Female New Hampshire
 Mary Esterbrook7Female New Hampshire
 Asa Braley88Male Connecticut
 Sarah Braley38FemaleDomesticVermont
 Edward Blood29MaleFarm laborerNew Hampshire
Jersey City Ward 2, Hudson, New JerseyMatthias Smith42MaleUpholstererNew Jersey
 Helen M Smith34Female New York
 Laura J Smith11Female New Jersey
 Melanthon Smith9Male New Jersey
 Charles E Smith7Male New Jersey
 Robert E Smith5Male New Jersey
 George S Smith2Male New Jersey
 Sarah J Colebrook27Female New York
Portsmouth Ward 1, Rockingham, New HampshireLeonard Estabrook43MaleDay laborerMassachusetts
 Huldah Estabrook33Female Vermont
 Leonard Estabrook15Male Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook13Female Massachusetts
Newton, Rockingham, New HampshireAdna S Eastabrook36MaleShoe makerVermont
 Laura E Eastabrook31Female New Hampshire
 Joseph R Eastabrook7Male New Hampshire
 Edward T Eastabrook6Male New Hampshire
 Olive J Edabrock2/12Female New Hampshire
Chester, Rockingham, New HampshireBenjamin F Morse39MaleOverseer of poorMassachusetts
 Catharine Morse35FemaleGovernessIreland
 Esther Morse13Female Massachusetts
 Abby Morse10Female New Hampshire
 Abner Morse75Male New Hampshire
 Zoel Estabrook72Male Massachusetts
 Sally Whorf71Female Massachusetts
 Phillip Schey69Male Ireland
 John Dunlap20Male New Hampshire
 Nelson Hills42Male New Hampshire
 Sarah A Patter39Female New Hampshire
 Ann Simonds47Female Massachusetts
 Phillip Flanders59Male Massachusetts
 Hannah Flanders33Female New Hampshire
 John Flanders1Male New Hampshire
 Abigal Lane52Female New Hampshire
 Abigal Brgant36Female New Hampshire
Hill, Grafton, New HampshireHiram T Esterbrooks40MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Emeline H Esterbrooks37Female New Hampshire
 Mary H Esterbrooks9Female New Hampshire
 Cyntha L Esterbrooks7Female New Hampshire
 Hiram O Esterbrooks6Male New Hampshire
 Moses Keens45Male New Hampshire
 Ester Keens50Female New Hampshire
 Lydia S Morse45Female New Hampshire
Concord Ward 5, Merrimack, New HampshireMary A Estabrook45Female New Hampshire
 George W Estabrook19MaleCollege studentAlabama
 Charlotte E Estabrook17Female Alabama
Mason, Hillsborough, New HampshireFrederic Jones49MaleFarmerMassachusetts
 Martha Jones45Female Massachusetts
 Charles Jones13Male Massachusetts
 Sally Esterbrooks77Female Vermont
Concord Ward 6, Merrimack, New HampshireAaron G Estabrook33MalePainterNew York
 Martha J Estabrook31Female New Hampshire
 Frank G Estabrook9Male New Hampshire
 Fred Estabrook5Male New Hampshire
 Charles Estabrook1Male New Hampshire
 Hannah Estabrook66Female Vermont
 Hannah Estabrook37Female New York
Concord Ward 6, Merrimack, New HampshireGeorge Estabrook22MalePainterNew Hampshire
Hancock, Hillsborough, New HampshireJoel D Estabrook46MaleFarm laborerNew Hampshire
 John Miller50MalePedlerNew Hampshire
Hancock, Hillsborough, New HampshireRichard Philips60MaleDay laborerMassachusetts
 Candace Philips63Female Massachusetts
 Cyrus Esterbrook45MaleDay laborerNew Hampshire
Manchester Ward 6, Hillsborough, New HampshireMary Estabrook60Female New Hampshire
 Caroline Estabrook37FemaleWeaverNew Hampshire
 Willie Estabrook8Male New Hampshire
 Mary A Estabrook5Female New Hampshire
 Sarah Blanchard24FemaleSpinnerNew Hampshire
 Hepsa Childs19FemaleSeamstressMaine
 Jane Hapgood23FemaleSeamstressNew York
 Francelia J Drake24FemaleApr woolen millNew Hampshire
Manchester Ward 8, Hillsborough, New HampshireCharles Danforth40MaleFarmerNew Hampshire
 Rebecca Danforth43Female Vermont
 Mary S Danforth10Female New Hampshire
 George Danforth8Male New Hampshire
 Clarence B Danforth5Male New Hampshire
 Nathan Esterbrooks47MaleFarm laborerMassachusetts
 Frank L Davison2Male New Hampshire
Cornish, Sullivan, New HampshireJosiah Esterbrook75MalePeddlerMassachusetts
 Eliza Esterbrook60Female Vermont
 Mary J Esterbrook15Female New Hampshire
Wilmington, Windham, VermontJoel Estabrook78MaleFarmerVermont
 Anna Estabrook68Female Vermont
Wilmington, Windham, VermontIra Baldwin50MaleShoemakerVermont
 Alfred Baldwin19MaleFarmerVermont
 Martha Baldwin17Female Vermont
 Alphonso Baldwin15Male Vermont
 Mary A Estabrook47Female Vermont
Wilmington, Windham, VermontWm F Estabrook38Male Vermont
 Abby D Estabrook31Female Vermont
 Oscar J Estabrook11Male Vermont
 Warren E Estabrook7Male Vermont
 Chas D Estabrook2Male Vermont
 Susan E Estabrook21Female Vermont
Wilmington, Windham, VermontLorenzo Estabrook51Male Vermont
 Susan Estabrook51Female Vermont
 Samuel Estabrook17Male Vermont
 Sidney Estabrook15Male Vermont
 Albert Estabrook13Male Vermont
 Frank Estabrook6Male Vermont
Rockingham, Windham, VermontLucius H Esterbrook47MaleFarmerVermont
 Caroline Esterbrook34Female Vermont
 Harriet A Esterbrook17Female Vermont
 Mary J Esterbrook8Female Vermont
 Abraham Esterbrook79Male New Hampshire
 Caleb Gowing50MaleLaborerVermont
Stratton, Windham, VermontHenry Esterbrook24MaleFarmerVermont
 Rosetta Esterbrook22Female Vermont
 Joseph Esterbrook0Male Vermont
Stratton, Windham, VermontA Esterbrook29MaleFarmerVermont
 Adelia Esterbrook26Female Vermont
 Rosetta Esterbrook2Female Vermont
 William Esterbrook0Male Vermont
 Betsey Esterbrook51Female Vermont
 Ella Esterbrook10Female Vermont
 Sarah Esterbrook75Female Massachusetts
 Samuel Gordon12Male Vermont

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