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British Census 1901 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries are transcribed but not all are cross-referenced.

53 Cambridge Tce, All Saints, Paddington, LondonJohn EstabrooksBoarder48MaleSLiving on own meansAmerican, USA
32 Cambridge Square, St John, Paddington, LondonEdward K BarnettHead53Male  Blackhealth, London
 Euriddon G BarnettWife42Female  Scotland
 Mary T BarnettSon14   Paddington, London
 Mary PhillipsServant32Female  Penalt, Monmouthshire
 Dinah ElliasServant36Female  Greystoke, Cumberland
 Berlie EasterbrookServant35Female Lady's maidWellington, Somerset 1881 1911
 Emily GoodingServant27Female  Bolton, Oxfordshire
 Catherine McNairServant22Female  Scotland
 Gertrude ReedServant22Female  Westminster, London
 Constance CollinsServant16Female  Barwick, Suffolk
47 Fifth Avenue, Kensal Green, St John Kensal Green, Paddington, LondonFanny E EastbrookHead69Female  Uxbridge, Middlesex 1881
 James A EastbrookSon36Male General LabourerMarylebone, London 1891 1911
69 Abuigdon Rd, St Phillip, Kensington, LondonFanny RadermacherHead38Female  Bagswater, London
 Frank RadermacherSon13Male  Dublin, Ireland
 Ada MuplectBoarder28Female  Hoxford, Suffolk
 Albert HowletServant21Male  Haltenheny, Bedfordshire
 Modelina EasterbrooksServant18Female General Domestic ServantClovelly, Devon 1891
14 Cromwell Rd, Brompton, Holy Trinity Brompton, Kensington, LondonGeorge E E PritchardHead36Male Physician SurgFreshwater, Hampshire
 Maria E PritchardWife32Female Journalist AuthorIreland
 Charles E PritchardSon1Male  Sth Ken, London
 Woolstan ForesterVisitor1Male  Bridgnorth, Shropshire
 Ramond ForesterVisitor8/12Male  Bridgnorth
 Lilian HerbertServant24Female LadysmaidKen, London
 Elizabeth BarnesServant34Female Cook DomesticGreenwich, London
 Jane SmithServant16Female Housemaid DomesticWalworth, London
 Florence MapleServant30Female Housemaid DomesticFulham, London
 Hilda HorsellServant21Female Nurse DomesticSt Leonards, Sussex
 Rachael C KerrServant37Female Nurse HospitalScotland 1891 1911
7 Moreton Mews, St Jude South Kensington, Kensington, LondonHarry EasterbrookHead29Male CoachmanTorquay, Devon 1891
99 Warwick Rd, Earls Court, St Cuthbert Earls Court, Kensington, LondonEmma HarhamHead77Female Living on own meansNewtown, Montgomeryshire
 Emma SageNiece47Female  Pimlico, London
 Roselina LovellServant44Female  Sheepwash, Devon
 Bentrice A EasterbrookServant23Female HousemaidChillington, Devon 1891 1911
35 Stratford Rd, St Phillip, Kensington, LondonJames EasterbrookHead62Male Cabinet makerDawlish, Devon 1891 1911
 Laura EasterbrookWife59Female  Exeter, Devon
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter31Female  Middlesex 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon29Male ConductorMiddlesex 1891 1911
 Birtie EasterbrookSon18Male PlastererMiddlesex 1891 1911
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter21Female T? MakerMiddlesex 1891 1911
 Robert EasterbrookSon16Male fard?erMiddlesex 1891 1911
 Luis AbidyBoarder28Male  France
 James WellesBoarder50Male  Middlesex
106 Gayford Rd, Shepherds Bush, St Saviour Shepherds Bush, Fulham, LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead64Male CarpenterKingskerswell, Devon 1891 1911
 Priscilla EasterbrookWife64Female ConfectionerBooey, Devon
96 Gayford Rd, Shepherds Bush, St Saviour Shepherds Bush, Fulham, LondonFrederick EasterbrookHead29Male Carpenter & JoinerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Roberta EasterbrookWife25Female  Marylebone, London
 Leon V EasterbrookSon5Male  Shepherds Bush, London 1911
54 Abdate Road, Shepherds Bush, St Stephen Shepherds Bush, Fulham, LondonThos EasterbrookHead60Male TailerKingskerswell, Devon 1891 1911
 Jane EasterbrookWife47Female  Lynn Regis, Dorset
 George EasterbrookSon22Male TailerIslington, London 1891
 Minnie EasterbrookDaughter20Female  Lynn Regis, Dorset 1891 1911
 George UpjohnsBoarder25Male  Lynn Regis
 Frank HolmanBoarder26Male  Crewkerne, Somerset
 Jas HolmanBoarder24Male  Crewkerne
 Ellen HolmanBoarder22Female  Crewkerne
 Herbert EdwardsBoarder24Male  Crewkerne
240 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, St Stephen Shepherds Bush, Fulham, LondonWm John W EasterbrookHead38Male East India Merchant Bankers ClerkTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Susan Ann EasterbrookWife38Female Fancy Goods DealerTorquay, Devon
 Helena Grace W EasterbrookDaughter16Female  -do- assistantTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 John W D W EasterbrookSon13Male  Torquay, Devon 1891
 Stephen Mc I W EasterbrookSon5Male  Shepherds Bush, London 1911
 May RandsServant20Female  Chelsea
70 Eaton Terr, Knightsbridge, St Paul Knightsbridge, St George Hanover Square, LondonElizth A EasterbrookHead35Female Lodging House KeeperClovelly, Devon 1881 1911
 Millicent EasterbrookSister21   Clovelly, Devon 1891 1911
 Francis M EasterbrookSister20Female  Clovelly, Devon 1891 1911
18 Cumberland St, St Gabriel Warwick Square, St George Hanover Square, LondonArthur S EasterbrookHead39MaleMarriedEngine driver (Stationary)Poplar, London 1891 1911
34 Ponsonly Place, Holy Trinity Westminster, St George Hanover Square, LondonHarry A EastbrookHead28Male *Warehouse PorterPaddington, London 1891 1911
 Agnes EastbrookWife25Female  Darcy, Essex
 Ethel E EastbrookDaughter2Female  Darcy, Essex 1911
 Eva LayzellSister-in-law22Female DressmakerDarcy, Essex
 Alice BarkerVisitor18Female DressmakerWillington, Kent
119 Victoria St, St Andrew, St George Hanover Square, LondonFredrick AndersonHead45Male Merchant in Sha*Glasgow
 Soffia L AndersonWife30Female  Ireland
 Frederick L Hemt AndersonSon3Male  China
 Annie L EasbbrookServant23Female NurseCockington, Devon 1891 1911
 Barbara T NoyceServant32Female  St Pancras, London
Michael Place, Wemyss, FifeCharles EasterbrookHead43Male Labourer collieryEngland 1891 1911
 Emily EasterbrookWife42Female  England
 Charles R EasterbrookSon17Male Coal minerEngland 1891
 Eva EasterbrookDaughter14Female Linen factory ingiverLossiemouth, Moray 1891 1911
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarWemyss, Fife 1911
Devonside 16 Stable Row, Tillicoultry, ClackmannanshireWilliam EasterbrookeHead70Male Pit head labourerEngland 1891
 Rebeckah EasterbrookeWife72Female Pit head labourer wifeEngland
 Martha EasterbrookeDaughter23Female Housemaid domesticKilmars, Ayrshire 1891
 Benjamin EasterbrookeSon21Male Coal minerKilmars, Ayrshire 1891
Devonside, Tillicoultry, ClackmannanshireWilliam EasterbrookHead45Male Coal minerEngland 1891
 Lizzie EasterbrookDaughter18Female HousekeeperGalston, Ayrshire
 Richard EasterbrookSon16Male Coal minerThorton Row, Ayrshire 1891
 Edward EasterbrookSon13Male Piecer woollenThorton Row, Ayrshire 1891
31 French St, St Lawrence and St John, Southampton, HampshireRichard W MillsHead56Male Beer House KeeperWinchester, Hampshire
 Martha MillsWife57Female  Southampton, Portswood, Hampshire
 John MarshLodger44Male  Mottisfont, Hampshire
 James W BowdenLodger42Male  Helebradminch, Devon
 Robert EasterbrookLodger37Male Dock LabourerNewhaven 1891
38 Gordon Avenue, Portiswood, Southampton St Barnabas, South Stoneham, HampshireJohn EasterbrookHead62MaleWidowerTimber Merchant TravellerKingskerswell, Devon 1891 1911
 Grace A W EasterbrookDaughter42Female  Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Lewis M EasterbrookGrandson8Male  Hammersmith, London 1939
 Bertha ButtServant16Female  Redbridge, Hampshire
22 Springvale St, Ardrossan, Old Ardrossan, AyrshireMary MclellandHead45Female  Saltcoats, Ayrshire
 William MclellandSon23Male Coal minerSaltcoats, Ayrshire
 Maggie MclellandDaughter20Female LaundressSaltcoats, Ayrshire
 Sarah DDaughter13Female ScholarSaltcoats, Ayrshire
 Susan DDaughter11Female ScholarSaltcoats, Ayrshire
 Nellie DDaughter6Female ScholarSaltcoats, Ayrshire
 William ButlerBoarder18Male Dynamite factory corditeEngland
 William EastevbrookBoarder23Male Dynamite factory corditeEngland
 Robert PollockBoarder16Male Caal miner (drawer)Ireland
 William GanlfBoarder23Male Foundry labourerIrvine, Ayrshire
Stanley, 34, Eglinton St., Ardrossan, New Ardrossan, AyrshireWilliam T EasterbrookHead40Male Ship stewardEngland 1891
 Susie P EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarArdrossan, Ayrshire 1891
 William C EasterbrookSon5Male  Ardrossan, Ayrshire
 John SutherlandVisitor19Male PainterKilmarnock, Ayrshire
 Annie AndrewsVisitor24Female General serv.Glasgow, Lanarkshire
 Bessy AndrewsServant16Female General serv.Glasgow, Lanarkshire
1 Sunny Cottages, Cookham, All Saints, Maidenhead, BerkshireFlorence EasterbrookHead38FemaleMarriedShopkeeper GeneralEsher, Surrey
 Grace EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Lewisham, Kent 1891
 Percy HillNephew9Male  Lewisham, Kent
 Alice MullettSister40Female  Halesworth, Suffolk
Feltham Prison, St Dunstan, Staines, MiddlesexWilliam G EstherbrookJuvenile Offender (Prisoner)12Male  Islington, London 1891 1911
Brook Street 49, Glasgow Camlachie, Camlachie, LanarkshireWilliam EastebbrookHead35Male CoalminerEngland 1891 1911
 Mary EastebbrookWife32Female  Lanark, Glasgow
 Francis EastebbrookSon11Male ScholarLanark, Glasgow 1891
 Elizabeth EastebbrookDaughter9Female ScholarLanark, Cambuslang 1891
 Elmerina EastebbrookDaughter5Female  Lanark, Glasgow
 Thomas EastebbrookSon8mMale  Lanark, Glasgow
 William WelshVisitor30Male  Lanark, Glasgow
St Luke, Hampstead, LondonAlbert Alfred BarronHead28Male  Fulse Hill, London
 Alice M BarronWife31Female  NW, London
 Mary E KellyServant19Female  Shadwell, London
 Gertrude M CreaghServant49Female  Ireland
 Annie DunkinVisitor36Female  London
 Charlotte SickmanServant29Female  Hawkurst, Kent
 Ellen WilliamServant25Female  Winterton, Norfolk
 Bessie EastabrookServant25Female HousemaidOrricombe Ford, Devon
 Minnie CaudcuttServant21Female  West Hane, Essex
 Jane TraittServant18Female  Leatheringham, Suffolk
 Edith PorterServant21Female  Tottenham, Middlesex
 Sarah MarshamServant20Female  Elsing, Norfolk
 Ellen BristowServant19Female  Benfield, Berkshire
 Emily CandcuttServant18Female  West Hane, Essex
 Edith M SamsonServant18Female  Ashford, Kent
 Julia HarrisServant19Female  West Hampstead
48 Crogsland Rd, St Pancras, Holy Trinity, St Pancras, LondonMary A EasterbrookHead63FemaleWidowLaundressWestminster, London 1911
 Minnie EasterbrookStepdaughter33Female LaundressRegents Park, London 1881 1911
 Florence DoubledayBoarder28Female  Mayfair, London
4 Leverton St, St Pancras, Kentish Town, St Pancras, LondonWilliam M BellHead29Male Railway Ticket ExaminerMelkenthorpe, Cumberland
 Rose E BellWife27Female  Ravensden, Bedfordshire
 Jane AustinMother-in-law48Female  Keysoe, Bedfordshire
 Arthur E BrinklowBoarder30Male Railway Relief PorterHoughton Conquest, Bedfordshire
 John EasterbrookBoarder32MaleSingleRailway Relief PorterScoriton, Devon 1891 1911
 James WalshBoarder32Male Railway PolicemanBromley, Kent
 O F SmithBoarder23Male Railway PorterNthants, Peterborough
77 Leverton St, St Pancras, All Saints and St Benet, St Pancras, LondonJames E RobinsonHead52Male Whitesmith, Gasfitter, &cHammersmith, London
 Lavinia RobinsonWife49Female  Walvinington, Devon
 Mabel EasterbrookServant13Female  Ford, Devon 1891 1911
23 Calverley Grove, Islington, St Stephen, Islington, LondonMaria EasterbrookHead48Female CharwomanAshford, Kent 1911
 Albert E EasterbrookSon19Male House painterIslington, London 1891 1911
 Charles E EasterbrookSon16Male Picture Frame MakerIslington, London 1891 1911
 George H EasterbrookSon10Male  Islington, London 1891 1911
7 Surr St, Islington, St Luke, Islington, LondonThomas EstabrooksHead39Male Meat slaughtermanWestminster 1891
 Clara EstabrooksWife31Female  Islington, St Lales
St Luke, Islington, LondonThomas Estabrooks 14Male Van BoyIslington 1891 1911
St Luke, Islington, LondonMatilda Estabrooks 10Female  Islington 1911
St Luke, Islington, LondonKubert Estabrooks 8Male  Islington 1891 1911
St Luke, Islington, LondonErnest Estabrooks 6Male  Islington 1911
St Luke, Islington, LondonEllen Estabrooks 4Female  Islington 1939
4 Crane Grove, Islington, St Mary Magdalene, Islington, LondonRobert J GageHead46Male Achromatic Microscope MakerLambeth, London
 Rosina GageWife46Female  St Pancras, London
 Frances E GageDaughter21Female  St John, London
 Albert E GageSon18Male  Clerkenwell, London
 Arthur E GageSon16Male  Clerkenwell, London
 Florence B GageDaughter15Female  Islington, London
 Herbert F GageSon9Male  Islington, London
 Victor E GageSon4Male  Islington, London
 Wilgret YoungVisitor18Male  Woodland, Essex
 Percy YoungVisitor18Male  Woodland, Essex
 Louisa EsterbrookVisitor54FemaleSingleLiving on own meansFinsbury, London 1891 1911
14 Sudeley St, Islington, St Peter, Islington, LondonGeorge HitchcockHead43Male Tracer (GPO)Ipswich, Suffolk
 Sarah HitchcockWife42Female  Higham, Leicestershire
 George HitchcockDaughter19   St Luke, London
 Frank WyattBoarder20Male  Bath, Somerset
 Harry EasterbrookBoarder20Male Optical Mst. MakerLee, Kent 1891 1911
 Albert WyattBoarder30Male  Bath, Somerset
9 Alioyne Square, Islington, St Paul Balls Pond, Islington, LondonJohn C EasterbrookHead37Male Congregational MinisterSt Blayby, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Annie J EasterbrookWife36Female  Bevizes, Wiltshire
 Nicholls W JamesBoarder26Male  Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
 James SmithBoarder32Male  Lambeth, London
14 Roden St, Islington, St Emmanuel, Islington, LondonHenry W ArcherHead40Male Gem Ring MakerPentonville, London
 Jessie ArcherWife39Female  Islington, London
 Jessie M ArcherDaughter15Female  Islington, London
 Albert R ArcherSon12Male  Islington, London
 Alice E ArcherDaughter6Female  Islington, London
 Maud F ArcherDaughter4Female  Islington, London
 Fred A EasterbrookBoarder15Male Telegraph Instr MakerLee, Kent 1891 1911
38 Elgin Crescent, Kensington, All Saints, Kensington, LondonMarlin Colafield GriswellHead76Male no occupationLondon
 Janett GriswellWife42Female  London
 Eveline UnsworthBoarder31Female  Liverpool
 Ann MarquandServant58Female  Jersey, Channel Islands
 Irma SegarsServant36Female  France
 Margaret DudlykeServant27Female  Aberstworth
 France ThomasServant40Male  Baden, Baden, British
 Hannah FordServant78Female Nurse DomesticBox, Wiltshire
 Fanny Elizabeth EastbrokeServant33Female CookLondon 1881 1939
 Mable ThomsonServant20Female  Witney, Oxfordshire
19 Delamon Cres, St Mary Magdalene, Paddington, LondonFanny EastbrookHead47Female Of no occupationCloford, Somerset
 Rose EastbrookDaughter11Female  Folkington, Kent 1891 1911
 Ellias EastbrookSon6Male  Paddington, London 1911
289 Brunswick Rd, Bromley, St Michael, Poplar, LondonHy G EasterbrookHead28Male Dock LaborerPoplar, London 1891 1911
 Alice M A EasterbrookWife29Female  Whitechapel, London
 Alice M A EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Poplar, London 1911
 Hy C EasterbrookSon1Male  Poplar, London
49 Culloden St, All Hallows, Poplar, LondonHenry EasterbrookHead49Male CoppersmithStepney, London 1891 1911
 Eliza EasterbrookWife45Female  Poplar, London
 Fred EasterbrookSon23Male CoppersmithPoplar, London 1891 1911
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter20Female Tweed makerStratford, Essex 1891 1911
 Rose EasterbrookDaughter19Female Bottle packerPoplar, London 1891 1911
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Poplar, London 1891 1911
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Poplar, London 1891 1911
 Thomas EasterbrookSon10Male  Poplar, London 1891 1911
 Louie EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Poplar, London 1911
 Edward EasterbrookSon2Male  Poplar, London 1911
18, Henry St, Barrhead and Levern, RenfrewshireJohn BallantyneHead39Male Engine fitterthornliebank, Renfrewshire
 Edith BallantyneWife27Female  England 1891 1911
 William BallantyneSon8Male Scholarthornliebank, Renfrewshire
 Herbert BallantyneSon5Male ScholarEngland
 James BallantyneSon3Male  bhead, Renfrewshire
 Duncan BallantyneSon6mMale  bhead, Renfrewshire
130 Royal Rd, Newington, St Agnes Kennington Park, Southwark, LondonEliza EasterbrookHead69Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire 1891
 Grace Darling EasterbrookDaughter34Female Childrens MinderNewington 1891 1911
 John EasterbrookBoarder35Male clicker ?Nantwich, Cheshire
90 Pullens Buildings, Amelia St, Newington, St Mary Newington, Southwark, LondonRichard EastbrookHead28Male Metro Police InspectorRotherhithe, Surrey 1881 1911
 Alice EastbrookWife28Female  Stanford le Hope, Sussex
 Daisy EastbrookDaughter4Female  Radcliffe, Middlesex 1911
11 West Shaw St, Kilmarnock, AyrshireJohn EasterbrookHead40Male General labourerEngland 1891
 Caterine EasterbrookWife37Female  Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter16Female ScholarCrosshouse, Ayrshire 1891
 William EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarCrosshouse, Ayrshire
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
 John EasterbrookSon7mMale  Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Laurieland Row, Kilmaurs, AyrshireRichard EasterbrookHead36Male Colliery oversmanEngland 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife54Female  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire
 William EasterbrookSon14Male Coal miners dramerKilmaurs, Ayrshire 1891
 Peter EasterbrookSon13Male Coal miners dramerKilmaurs, Ayrshire 1891
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarKilmaurs, Ayrshire 1891
 Rebecca EastonbrookDaughter10Female ScholarKilmaurs, Ayrshire 1891
 Mary EastonbrookDaughter7Female ScholarKilmaurs, Ayrshire
 Martha EastonbrookDaughter5Female ScholarKilmaurs, Ayrshire
 Agnes EastonbrookDaughter3   Kilmaurs, Ayrshire
 Janet EastonbrookDaughter1Female  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire
Eglinton, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Kilwinning, AyrshireTom SouthwoodHead38Male ButlerEngland
 Florence SouthwoodWife26Female Butler's wifeEngland 1891 1911
 Gerald H SouthwoodSon8mMale  Kilwinning, Ayrshire
104 Akerman Rd, Lambeth, St James Camberwell, Lambeth, LondonArthur S EasterbrookHead45Male Builder & DecoratorHaggerston, London 1891 1911
 Harriett G EasterbrookWife43Female  Lambeth, London
 Percy D EasterbrookSon20Male ClerkLambeth, London 1891 1911
 Florence E EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Lambeth, London 1891 1911
 Maud F EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Lambeth, London 1891 1911
Magdalene Hospital, St Leonard Streatham, Wandsworth, LondonMinnie Catherine Maud EasterbrookServant23Female Head Matron's MaidPlymouth, Devon 1881
5 Windmill Rd, Wandsworth, St Anne, Wandsworth, LondonJames EasterbrooksHead47Male Stock & Share DealerSteffarshire, Warwickshire 1891 1911
 Frances D EasterbrooksWife38Female  Clapham, Surrey
 James P EasterbrooksSon5Male  Clapham, Surrey 1891 1911
 Harvey EasterbrooksSon7Male  Wardmate, Surrey 1911
21 Netherwood Rd, Hammersmith, St Simon, Fulham, LondonWilliam GrattanHead74Male DyerLondon
 Frances GrattanWife72Female  Devon 1891
 Laura GrattanDaughter35Female  London
Woodfield, Townley Road, Camberwell, St Barnabas, Camberwell, LondonDaniel EasterbrookHead48Male School MasterMilton Abbot, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary H EasterbrookWife41Female School MistressRipon, Yorkshire
 Kate BennettBoarder49Female School MistressPimlico, London
 Hannah PillarServant47Female  Drewsteignton, Devon
3 Andorn Ter, Deptford, St Paul, Greenwich, LondonWilliam H EasterbrookHead41Male Dock LabourerDeptford 1891 1911
 Eliza EasterbrookWife33Female  Whitechapel
 William H EasterbrookSon14Male General LabourerDeptford 1891 1911
 John H EasterbrookSon12Male  Deptford 1891 1939
 George E EasterbrookSon9Male  Deptford 1911
 Eliza E EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Deptford 1911
 Emma E EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Deptford 1911
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Deptford 1911
 Henry EasterbrookSon11/12Male  Deptford 1911
28 Deptford Green, St Nicholas, Greenwich, LondonGeorge EastbrookHead27Male Ship LabourerGreenwich, Kent 1891
 Phoebe EastbrookWife24Female  Lewisham, Kent
38 Deptford Green, St Nicholas, Greenwich, LondonEdward EalyHead54Male Boiler makerDeptford, Kent
 Kate EalyWife45Female  Plymouth 1891
 William EastbrookSon20Male Dock LabourerLambeth 1891 1911
 Henry EastbrookSon19Male Boiler ? makerDeptford, Kent 1891 1911
 Joseph EastbrookSon15Male  Deptford, Kent 1891
 Catherine KeithBoarder42Female  At Sea
 William HowlettBoarder28Male  Deptford, Kent
 James EvansBoarder28Male  Bermondsey, Surrey
 Mary SullivanBoarder28Female  Wapping
 Kate SullivanBoarder2Female  Plumstead, Kent
4 Comely Bank Rd, Edinburgh Dean, St George, MidlothianArthur B EssterbrookHead40Male Wine merchantEngland 1881
 Grace M EssterbrookWife36Female  Logierait, Perthshire
 Sydney G Essterbrook ?Daughter4Female  Edinburgh, Midlothian
 Margaret HutchisonServant22Female General servGorebridge, Midlothian
 Winifred ToddDaughter20Female  Glasgow, Lanarkshire
 Winifred BarclayBoarder15Female ScholarGrantown, Elginshire
 Margaret BarclayBoarder12Female ScholarGrantown, Elginshire
 Annie McintoshServant21Female General servbohuntir, Invernesshire
Royal Hospital School, St Alphage, Greenwich, LondonNorman EasterbrookScholar12Male  Rowland Castle, Hampshire 1891 1911
2 Osborn Villas, Eltham, St Peter, Lewisham, LondonJohn EasterbrookHead45Male WhitesmithCharlton, Kent 1891 1911
 Jane EasterbrookWife48Female  Wesberry, Wiltshire
 Louie EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Lee, Kent 1891
 Gertie EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Eltham, Kent 1891 1911
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Eltham, Kent 1891 1911
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Eltham, Kent 1891 1911
 Arthur EasterbrookSon8Male  Eltham, Kent 1911
1 Osbourn Ter, Eltham, St Peter, Lewisham, LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead44Male Gas FitterCharlton, Kent 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife40Female  Berkshire
 William EasterbrookSon20Male Gas FitterLee Green, Kent 1891 1911
 George EasterbrookSon19Male Gas FitterLee Green, Kent 1891
 Rose EasterbrookDaughter18Female  Lee Green, Kent 1891 1911
 Daisy EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Lee Green, Kent 1891 1911
Craighouse Royal Edinburgh Asylum for the Insane, Edinburgh Morningside, St George, MidlothianCharles Cremhall Easter CrookHead33Male PhysicianLasswade, Midlothian
13 Dacre Park, Lee, St Margaret, Lewisham, LondonJohn G HendersonHead52Male Accountant Life AssScotland
 Andrew L HendersonSon23Male  Marylebone, London
 Margaret J HendersonDaughter22Female  Marylebone, London
 Blanch A M HendersonDaughter18Female  Lee, London
 George W HendersonSon13Male  Lee, London
 Florence EasterbrookServant19Female General Servant DomesticLee, London 1891 1911
13 Taunton Rd, Lee, Good Shepherd, Lewisham, LondonHarry EasterbrooksHead50Male PlumberCamden, London 1891 1911
 Kate EasterbrooksWife46Female  Romsey, Hampshire
 Arthur EasterbrooksSon22Male Coachman DomesticLee, Kent 1891
 Edith EasterbrooksDaughter20Female Clerk StationersLee, Kent 1891 1911
 Florence EasterbrooksDaughter12Female  Lee, Kent 1891
 Ethel EasterbrooksDaughter6Female  Lee, Kent 1911
39 Loampit Vale, Lewisham, St Stephen, Lewisham, LondonThomas J EsterbrookHead59Male WhitesmithLondon 1891 1911
 Charlotte S EsterbrookWife56Female  Woolwich, Kent
 Emily J EsterbrookDaughter23Female  Lewisham, Kent 1891 1911
18 Avenue Rd, Lewisham, St Mark, Lewisham, LondonAlbert EasterbrookHead29Male PlumberLewisham 1891 1911
 Louisa EasterbrookWife27Female  Lewisham
 Elsie EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Lewisham 1911
 Albert EasterbrookSon6Male  Lewisham 1911
 Jane MarstonBoarder45Female  Southwark, London
7 Cravensbourne Rd, Lewisham, St Saviour, Lewisham, LondonWilliam JosephHead60Male Bank/CashierRichmond, Surrey
 Susan M JosephWife50Female  Lambeth, Surrey
 Annie M EasterbrookServant26Female DomesticDeptford, Kent 1891 1911
1 Stomesich Villas, Penny Rise, All Angels and St Michael, Lewisham, LondonJames M EasterbrookHead49Male Labourer ?Deptford, Kent 1891 1911
 Sophie EasterbrookWife48Female  London
 James M EasterbrookSon21Male Labourer GeneralForest Hill, Kent 1891 1911
 Francis S EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Forest Hill, Kent 1891 1911
 Lillie EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Forest Hill, Kent 1891
 Benjamin EasterbrookSon16Male Labourer ?Forest Hill, Kent 1891 1911
 George EasterbrookSon14Male  Forest Hill, Kent 1911
 Frank EasterbrookSon12Male  Forest Hill, Kent
 Albert EasterbrookSon10Male  Forest Hill, Kent 1911
 Harold CrookNephew3Male  Stamford Mile, Middlesex
Royal Artillery Barracks, Green Hill Schools, Repository, Gun Park and Observatory, St Mary, Woolwich, LondonWilliam EastabrookSoldier32Male Soldier 29th Eastn Div Rls AHackney, Middlesex
35 Burrage Grove, Plumstead, Holy Trinity Woolwich, Woolwich, LondonMartha JohnsonHead72Female  Crayford, Kent
 Frederick JohnsonSon44Male  Woolwich, London
 Alexander EasterbrookNephew45Male Silk printerWoolwich, London 1891 1911
 Jessie WrightGranddaughter18Female  Woolwich, London
Broomicknowe, Park Hill, Carshalton, All Saints, Epsom, SurreyThomas F EasterbrookHead68MaleWidowerManager Wholesale Tea DealerLambeth, London 1891 1911
 Ada E RylandServant37Female  Shrewsbury, Shropshire
 Maud A BrownServant16Female  Carshalton, Surrey
Park Hill House, Park Hill, Carshalton, All Saints, Epsom, SurreyFrank EasterbrookHead38Male Jobber on London Stock ExHampstead 1891 1911
 Maud W EasterbrookWife29Female  St Marks, Kennington
 Laurance F EasterbrookSon7Male  Cushetton, Surrey 1911
 Stuart S EasterbrookSon2Male  Cushetton, Surrey 1911
 Angela N EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Cushetton, Surrey 1911
 Angelina MallyonServant28Female  West Wickham, Cambridgeshire
 Lucy TalbotServant32Female  Faulkbourne, Hampshire
 Minnie RobbinsServant31Female  Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
54 Grovely Coll, Miles Road, Christchurch, Epsom, SurreyRhoda MayHead67FemaleWidowRetired HousekeeperDitchingham, Norfolk
 Rhoda E EasterbrookDaughter40Female  St Pancras, Middlesex 1939
 Frank CantwellSon37Male  Kingston, Surrey
 Ellen Elizth MayDaughter34Female  Westminster, London
 Norah E EasterbrookGranddaughter4Female  Assam, India 1911
 Robert E EasterbrookGrandson2Male  Assam, India 1911
 Frank C EasterbrookGrandson9/12Male  Epsom, Surrey 1911
26th Battery Royal Field Artillery, Aldershot St Michael, Farnham, HampshireBertram Easterbrook 20Male GunnerLee, London 1881
Clareville, Caterham, St John, Godstone, SurreyRobert G JoyceHead70Male Living on own MeansSt John Wood, London
 Esther JoyceWife63Female  Walton on Thames, Essex
 Louisa MullinsServant44Female  Sydenham, Kent
 Emily EasterbrookServant43Female ParlourmaidShobrooke, Devon 1891 1911
 Emily RodgersServant22Female  Melksham, Surrey
25 Royal Masonic Inst, Croydon, St James, Croydon, SurreyJoseph EastabrookHead75Male Living on AnnuityBristol 1891
62 Croydon Grove, Croydon, Christchurch, Croydon, SurreyWilliam WitherdenHead51Male Government ClerkCroydon, Surrey
 Amy WitherdenWife45Female  Gravesend, Kent
 Neil MarchantStepson24Male  Streatham, Surrey
 Harriet EsterbrookeSister-in-law37FemaleMarried Greenwich, Kent 1911
7 Burgoyne Rd, Croydon, South Norwood St Mark, Croydon, SurreyStuart SchoolhedHead44Male Stock JobberActon, Middlesex
 Georgina SchoolhedWife41Female  Bermida
 Marjorie WilsonNiece7Female  Hampstead, Middlesex
 Edith CottleyServant21Female General DomesticSheffield, Yorkshire
Langford Villa, Ewell Road, Surbiton, St Mark, Kingston, SurreyJames EasterbrookHead49MaleUnmarriedHeadmaster SchoolDean Prior, Devon 1891 1911
 Louisa DearmonServant26Female Cook domesticLondon
 Eva M ScreechServant20Female HousemaidBridestowe, Devon
The Limes, Erith, Christchurch, Dartford, KentJames A SchofieldHead56Male Licensed Grocer & ? MerchantSaddleworth, Yorkshire
 Louise SchofieldWife52Female  Yeovil, Somerset
 Daisy SchofieldDaughter18Female  Erith, Kent
 Lilly B BeadleServant19Female  Erith, Kent
 Frederick J OsbornBoarder21Male  Linnell, Somerset
 John CooperBoarder19Male  Gresesend, Kent
 James D BayfieldBoarder23Male  Haywards Heath, Sussex
 John WilfordBoarder23Male  London
 John W HermanBoarder30Male  Coclayn, Bedfordshire
 John C EastbrooksVisitor38MaleMarriedMinister (Congregational)St Blazey, Cornwall 1891 1911
London County Asylum, Christchurch, Dartford, KentJ EasterbrookPatient38Female Wife of a gas fitter 
"The Briars", Longfield, St Mary Magdalene, Dartford, KentPercy WatererHead45MaleWidowerStock & Share DealerClapham, Surrey
 Mary WatererDaughter18Female  Sutton, Surrey
 Jane EasterbrookSister-in-law38Female  Wolverhampton, Yorkshire 1891
98 Gillingham Rd, Gillingham, Gillingham St Mary Magdalene, Medway, KentCharles F EasterbrookHead47Male Engine Fitter HM DockyardPoplar, London 1881 1911
 Lucy G EasterbrookWife44Female  New Brompton, Kent
 Charles D EasterbrookSon15Male Shipwright ApprenticeMalta 1939
 Lucy C EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Rochester, Kent 1911
113 Ringswood Rd, Gillingham, Gillingham St Mary Magdalene, Medway, KentEdwin A ThorpeHead43Male Railway GuardHoddesdon, Hertfordshire
 Rachael A ThorpeWife40Female  Lambeth, London
 Ethel A ThorpeDaughter14Female Monitress National SchoolGillingham, Kent
 Florence M ThorpeDaughter11Female  Gillingham, Kent
 Elsie E ThorpeDaughter9Female  Gillingham, Kent
 Kathleen M ThorpeDaughter7Female  Gillingham, Kent
 Lilian E Q ThorpeDaughter11/12Female  Gillingham, Kent
 Albert EasterbrookBoarder22Male CoppersmithPoplar, London 1891 1911
Brompton Barracks, Brompton Holy Trinity, Medway, KentMalcolm R EasterbrookHead35Male Company Sergeant Major Royal EngineersPortsmouth, Hampshire 1891 1911
 Charlotte G EasterbrookWife38Female  Mitcham, Surrey
 Margare H EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Gibraltar 1911
Brompton Barracks, Brompton Holy Trinity, Medway, KentAlfred Easterbrook 23Male Corporal Royal EngineersWestminster, London 1891 1911
32 Meadow Rd, Southborough, Southborough St Peter, Tonbridge, KentWilliam AvellerHead47Male FloristWortley, Hampshire
 Mary A AvelletWife45Female  Nottinghamshire
 Elizabeth EasterbrookVisitor59Female Draper AssistantHamburg, Olveston 1891
St Johns College, Holy Trinity and Hurstpierpoint St George, Cuckfield, SussexThomas Fook EasterbrookPupil15Male  Forest Hill, London 1891 1911
3 Wood Street, Brighton, Brighton St Peter and West Blatchington St Peter, Brighton, SussexHenry SmethurstHead44Male Sc*ngerStehingfield
 Jane SmethurstWife41Female  Southwater, Sussex
 William SmethurstCousin24Male  Brighton, Sussex
 Thomas EasterbrookBoarder50MaleUnmarriedCarpenterNot Known, Devon 1891 1911
 Arthur J BrownSon15Male  Brighton, Sussex
 Ernest G BrownSon13Male  Brighton, Sussex
 Edith E BrownDaughter2Female  Brighton, Sussex
 Fanny AnscombeAunt34Female  Brighton, Sussex
 Charles AllenSon24Male  Brighton, Sussex
71 Dickens Rd, Portsmouth, All Saints, Portsmouth, HampshireWilliam MoreyHead25Male Blacksmith HM DydIsle of Wight, Lowes
 Florence MoreyWife24Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891
 Richie MoreySon1Male  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Harold MoreySon4/12Male  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Emily EasterbrookMother-in-law49Female  Plymouth, Devon
Milton Rd, Portsmouth, Milton St James, Portsmouth, HampshireChas RobilliardHead36Male ShipwrightPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Susan RobilliardWife33Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire 1891
 Chas H RobilliardSon13Male  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Florie RobilliardDaughter10Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Albert R EasterbrookBrother-in-law21Male Writer Royal NavyPortsmouth, Hampshire 1891 1911
90 Elm Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Kingston St Luke, Kingston, SurreyFrederick PiperHead63Male Vilman ColourSussex
 Amelia A EasterbrookDaughter39FemaleMarried Surrey
 Albert E F EasterbrookGrandson5Male  Pimlico, London 1911
11 Brownlow Rd, Willesden, St Matthew, Hendon, MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead47Male Messenger Civil Service AdmiraltyUSA 1891 1911
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife39Female  Rowlands Castle, Hampshire
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter18Female Pupil TeacherLandford, Hampshire 1891 1911
 Evelyn EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Fratton, Hampshire 1891 1911
 Clifford EasterbrookSon9Male  Finch Dean, Hampshire 1911
 Albert EasterbrookSon7Male  Willesden, Middlesex 1911
 James EasterbrookSon1Male  Willesden, Middlesex 1911
 Edwin PriceRelative 20Male  Southsea, Hampshire
52 Station Rd, Willesden, All Souls, Hendon, MiddlesexJames EasterbrookHead29Male Computer & JoinerIslington, London 1891 1911
 Margaret A EasterbrookWife26Female  Crowell, Oxfordshire
 Earla EasterbrookSon4Male  Hounslow, Middlesex 1911
1 Mullon Rd, Willesden, St Matthew, Hendon, MiddlesexJames EasterbrookHead63Male BuilderTwerton, Devon 1891
 Haydee EasterbrookDaughter26Female  Islington, London 1881 1911
 Wilfred EasterbrookSon24Male PlumberIslington, London 1891 1911
Field Cottage, Ballards Lane, Finchley, St Paul, Barnet, MiddlesexWilliam J GriffinHead44Male Baker & ConfectionerBeigs, Devon
 Mary Ann GriffinMother Female  Beigs, Devon
 W J EasterbrookBrother-in-law39MaleWidowerAccountantExeter 1891 1911
 Roy EasterbrookNephew11Male  Hoxton, London 1891 1911
 Cicely EasterbrookNiece7Female  Hoxton, London 1911
 Minnie LacyCousin30Female  Bristol
 Alice CooperVisitor28Female  West Ham
2a Waverly Ter, Westbury Av, Tottenham, Christchurch, Edmonton, MiddlesexAlfred E EasterbrookHead26Male Joiner (shop fitting)Exeter, Devon 1891 1911
 Bessie E EasterbrookWife24Female  Torquay, Devon
 Jack EasterbrookSon1Male  Torquay, Devon 1911
36 Fearnley Street, Watford, Watford St Mary, Watford, HertfordshireAlbert Ester CrookHead37Male Basket MakerPenyance 1891 1911
 Sarah Ann EsterbrookWife47Female  Desborough Lour
 John Charles PinterSon26Male PlumberLeighton, Bedfordshire
 Elizabeth PinterDaughter19Female Paper CutterLeighton, Bedfordshire
 Kate EsterbrookDaughter14Female Cocoa FactoryLeighton, Bedfordshire 1891 1911
Fulmer, St James, Eton, BuckinghamshireGeorge Harry EastbrookHead30Male Coachman DomesticPlymouth 1891
 Emma EastbrookWife28Female  Brompton, London
 George EastbrookSon1Male  Belvedere, Kent 1911
 Irene EastbrookDaughter1/12Female  Fulmer, Buckinghamshire
Old Vicarage, Cuddesdon, Cuddesdon All Saints, Headington, OxfordshireChalres EasterbrookHead33Male CaretakerDawlish, Devon 1891 1911
 Alice EasterbrookWife33Female CaretakerChudleigh, Devon
 Harry EasterbrookSon4Male  Dock S Waks, Pembrokeshire 1911
139 High Street, Stratford, Christchurch, West Ham, EssexAlfred EsterbrookHead28Male * WarehousemanHoxton, London 1891 1911
 Lousia EsterbrookWife28Female  Mile End, London
 Alfred W EsterbrookSon8Male  Mile End, London 1911
 William EsterbrookSon5Male  Mile End, London 1911
 Elizabeth EsterbrookDaughter2Female  Bow, London 1911
 Florry EsterbrookDaughter4/12Female  Stratford, Essex
 Ann FrewBoarder87Female Living on own meansIpswich, Suffolk
196 Beckton Rd, Canning Town, St Luke, West Ham, EssexWm BarnardHead54Male Engineer's FitterFaversham, Kent
 Ellen BarnardWife54Female  London 1891
 Edward BarnardSon23Male */Engineer FitterPoplar, Middlesex
 Ellen BarnardDaughter20Female DressmakerPoplar, Middlesex
 George DudmanNephew20Male Soldier 12th *Egham, Kent
829 Romford Road, East Ham, St Mary the Virgin, West Ham, EssexWilliam EasterbrookHead30Male Butcher's ManagerLondon 1881 1939
 Alice EasterbrookWife27Female  London
 Annie LewisCashier24Female Cashier (Butchers)Cardiff
 George HorwoodServant17Male Butcher's Assist Delivery *Kilburn
159 Bessborough Rd, East Ham, Little Ilford St Mary the Virgin, West Ham, EssexJohn EganHead38Male WarehousemanIslington, London
 Fanny EganWife37Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Eliza EganDaughter14Female  Walworth, Surrey
 Sarah EastbrookMother-in-law Female  London 1891 1911
1 Fairview Villa, Barking Rd, East Ham, East Ham St Mary Magdalene, West Ham, EssexCharles JoslinHead42Male Gas workerCressing, Essex
 Jane JoslinWife46Female  Chelsea, Middlesex 1881
 Alfred C JoslinSon11Male  East Ham, Essex
 Evelyn JoslinDaughter7Female  East Ham, Essex
 Thomas EastabrookVisitor73Male  Shoreditch, Middlesex 1891
73 Granleigh Rd, Leyton, Leytonstone St John the Baptist, West Ham, EssexFrederick C ThompsonHead50Male Sign & Glass *Southampton
 Charlotte E ThompsonWife48Female  Mile End, London
 Perry B ThompsonSon21Male Window CleanerLeytonstone, Essex
 Sydney H ThompsonSon17Male Window CleanerLeytonstone, Essex
 Daisy E G ThompsonDaughter13Female  Leytonstone, Essex
 Helen EasterbrookSister-in-law50Female  Mile End, London 1911
 Thomas FitzmauriceGuest65Male Pensioner Haberdasher's CollWapping, London
157 Norman Rd, Leyton, Leytonstone St John the Baptist, West Ham, EssexWilliam L WattsHead53Male Retired Police ConstableStoke Albany, Northamptonshire
 Eliza WattsWife58Female  Hulcott, Gloucestershire
 Catherine A EasterbrookSister-in-law58FemaleWidowHousekeeperStoke Albany, Northamptonshire 1891 1911
93 Barchell Road, Leyton, All Saints, West Ham, EssexCharlotte G EasterbrookHead79FemaleWidow Exeter, Devon
6 Lucas Rd,West Ham, St Peter, West Ham, EssexWilliam J EasterbrookHead24Male Shipping ClerkMile End, London 1891 1911
 Mary A EasterbrookWife25Female  Bromleybow, London
 John EasterbrookFather46Male Grocer's *Braunton, Derbyshire 1891 1911
40 First Avenue, Walthampstow, St Mary, West Ham, EssexHerbert E PhillpsHead32Male Messenger Insurance CompanyKennington, London
 Phyllis M PhillpsWife32Female  Islington, London
 Ernest A R PhillpsSon3Male  Bermondsey, London
 Lerbert R R PhillpsSon1Male  Walthamstow, Essex
 Charlotte EasterbrookBoarder78Female Retired Housekeeper DomClerkenwell, London 1891
18 Norfolk Rd, Ilford, St Mary, Romford, EssexWilliam EasterbrookHead45Male Stock JobberWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife35Female  London
 Caroline GrayNurse46Female Monthly NurseSouth Shedditon, Somerset
 Julia WoodsServant20Female Domestic generalWarden, Cambridgeshire
London County Lunatic Asylum, Holy Trinity, Romford, EssexGeorge EastabrookPauper Patients (Pauper)49Male GrainerBristol, Gloucestershire 1891
Dock House, Thames Haven, Fobbing/Corringham, Fobbing, Orsett, EssexRichard J EastabrookHead50Male Licenced VictuallerDartford, Kent 1891 1911
 Mary A H EastabrookDaughter21Female BarmaidBermondsey, London 1891
 Lily EastabrookDaughter16Female BarmaidRotherhithe, Kent 1891
 Daisy M EastabrookDaughter4Female  Whitechapel, London
 Mary A EastabrookWife50Female  Rotherhithe, Kent
Bleak House, Catfield, Smallburgh, NorfolkJohn H EasterbrookHead56Male Living on own meansPlymouth, Devon 1891
 Emma M EasterbrookWife54Female  Beccles, Suffolk
 Charles S RuddockVisitor42Male SolicitorNorwich, Norfolk
 Harry S BarnardServant21Male Gardener domesticHemsby, Norfolk
 Maggie A AmisServant22Female Cook domestricPotter Heigham, Norfolk
 Emma GibbsServant18Female Housemaid domesticWaxham, Norfolk
4 Telford Rd, Rodbourne Cheney, Rodbourne Cheney St Mary, Swindon, WiltshireEdward J EasterbrookHead27Male Grocer ShopkeeperFavestock, Devon 1881 1910
 Ida EasterbrookWife27Female  USA
 Ida B EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Swindon, Wiltshire
 Richard H EasterbrookSon4/12Male  Swindon, Wiltshire 1910
 Richard EasterbrookFather69Male * Coal AgentWhitchurch, Devon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth H EasterbrookMother63Female  Tavistock, Devon
 John TowellVisitor28Male General LabourerTeignmouth, Devon
 Burbard TowellVisitor29Female  Tavistock, Devon 1891 1911
 Nettie TowellVisitor7Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Annie TowellVisitor5Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Minnie TowellVisitor3Female  Tavistock, Devon
31 Park Lane, Chippenham, Chippenham St Paul, Chippenham, WiltshireWilliam H P EasterbrookHead34Male Manager Railway BookstallChristain File Painer, Devon 1891 1911
 Louisa EasterbrookWife34Female  Frome, Somerset
 Frederick W EasterbrookSon6Male  Chippenham, Wiltshire 1911
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Chippenham, Wiltshire 1911
Littlemarsh Milton, Gillingham, Gillingham St Mary the Virgin to Milton and East and West Stour Chapelries, Shaftesbury, DorsetJoseph EasterbrookHead36Male CoachmanBirchington, Dorset 1891 1911
 Charlotte F EasterbrookWife30Female  Kenn, Dorset
 Frederick J EasterbrookSon8Male  Westleigh, Dorset 1911
2 Weston Street, Buckhorn Weston, Shaftesbury, DorsetAmbrose EasterbrookHead32Male GrocerSt Blazey, Cornwall 1881 1911
 Flora EasterbrookWife29Female  Henstridge, Somerset
 Lilian L EasterbrookDaughter6Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1911
 Ambrose V EasterbrookSon3Male  Buckhorn Weston, Dorset 1911
 Bessie B AshfordServant16Female  Stalbridge Weston, Dorset
134 FortunesWell, Portland, St John the Baptist, Weymouth, DorsetAlfred HattonHead68Male Living on own meansChickerell, Dorset
 Susan HattonWife76Female  Portland, Dorset
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter39Female  Portland, Dorset
 Robert EasterbrookGrandson1Male  Scotland
 Alfred EasterbrookGrandson15Male  Scotland 1891
 Charlotte RobinsonServant19Female  Portland, Dorset
5 Ventnor Rd, Portland, St John the Baptist, Weymouth, DorsetJohn ShaplandHead75Male  East Anstey, Devon
 Susan M ShaplandWife65Female  Totnes, Devon 1891 1911
 John Easterbrook WayGrandson2Male  Portland, Dorset
 Emily DowntonServant14Female  Portland, Dorset
Thorncombe Village, Thorncombe, Beaminster, DorsetElizabeth HookWife40Female  Crediton, Devon 1891 1911
 William HookSon13Male  Thorncombe, Dorset
 Robert HookSon4Male  Thorncombe, Dorset
The Rectory, Clyst St.Mary, Clyst St Mary, St Thomas, DevonFielding A W Hamilton GillHead53Male Clergyman (Church of England)Birkenhead, Cheshire
 Emily Louisa Hamilton GillWife42Female  Ireland
 Doreen Emily RadcliffeDaughter20Female  Eston Sq, London
 Kathleen Effie Hamilton GellDaughter17Female  Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
 Harriet Maria BrownlowMother-in-law72Female  Ireland
 Margaret Dare RaincyAunt78Female  Ireland
 Elizabeth LavidgeServant31Female  Cottenham, Cambridgeshire
 Kate Alice SnellServant24Female  Tiverton, Devon
 Beatrice Mary EasterbrookServant23Female Housemaid (Domestic)Beaford, Devon 1891
 Constance Julia A TriorServant16Female  Wellington, Somerset
 Beatrice WestcottVisitor5Female  Paddington, London
 Peter Randell JohnsonVisitor20Male  Wellington, New Zealand
Red bow, Topsham, St Margaret, St Thomas, DevonDaniel EasterbrookHead35Male Horseman on FarmCadbury, Devon 1891 1911
 Helena B EasterbrookWife25Female  Sidbury, Devon
 Daniel J EasterbrookSon3Male  Topsham, Devon 1911
 Helena G EasterbrookDaughter8/12Female  Topsham, Devon 1911
Broadclyst Queens Sqr, Broadclyst, Broad Clyst, St Thomas, DevonJames EasterbrookHead45Male Mason & Market GardenerBroad Clyst, Devon 1891 1911
 Ernest J W BoylandBrother-in-law30   Winsham, Somerset
 Mary A BoylandSister40Female  Broad Clyst, Devon 1891 1911
38 Clinton St, Exeter, St Thomas the Martyr, St Thomas, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead38Male Goods Rly GuardSandford County, Devon 1891
 Sarah A EasterbrookWife38Female  Gitteyham, Dorset
 Bertram H CrossNephew17Male  Gillingham, Dorset
2 College Road, Exeter, St Matthew, Exeter, DevonGeorge FranklinHead82MaleSLiving on own meansExeter, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant58FemaleSCook and house keeperExbourne, Devon 1891
 Mary L NorthServant30FemaleSHousemaidUpottery, Devon
119 Clifton Street, Exeter, St Matthew, Exeter, DevonGeorge JerrettHead42MaleMGrocerLapford, Devon
 Ellen JerrettWife42FemaleM Lapford, Devon 1891
 Edward EasterbrooksFather-in-law79MaleWidMarket GardenerLapford, Devon 1891
 Edward J AllenNephew15Male  Tiverton, Devon
8 Park Road, St David, Exeter, DevonHanny ParrHead37FemaleWid Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
 Alice Maud ParrDaughter11Female  Exeter, Devon
 William S ParrSon9Male  Crediton, Devon
 Ada G GreensladeBoarder19Female  Exwick, Devon
 John EasterbrookBoarder31MaleSRailway PorterSandford Courtmay, Devon 1891 1911
 Thomas R H MartinBoarder21Male  Exeter, Devon
 Ernest G HowardBoarder21Male  Gillingham, Dorset
13 Westview Terrace, Exeter, St David, Exeter, DevonRobert HallettHead60MaleWidCarpenterExeter, Devon
 Charles H HallettSon29Male  Exeter, Devon
 Florence E HallettDaughter22Female  Exeter, Devon
 Mabel F HallettDaughter14Female  Exeter, Devon
 Isac EasterbrookLodger33MaleMBuilder's LabourerLapford, Devon 1891 1911
8 Exe Island, Exeter, St Edmund, Exeter, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead62MaleWidRent CollectorCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon 1891 1911
 John T EasterbrookSon33MaleS Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon 1891 1911
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter21FemaleSDressmakerExeter, Devon 1891 1911
St Mary Major, Exeter, DevonJennie Hurley 75Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife34FemaleM Exeter, Devon 1911
 Fred EasterbrookSon9Male  Exeter, Devon
 Polly EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Exeter, Devon 1911
 Walter EasterbrookSon2Male  Exeter, Devon 1911
Exeter Union Workhouse, St Matthew, Exeter, DevonEdmund EasterbrookInmate32MaleSGeneral LabourerExeter, Devon 1891
 Martha EasterbrookInmate63Female Cook DomesticTavistock, Devon 1891 1911
22 Bitton Rd, Teignmouth, St James, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead28MaleMGardener not domesticBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Emma EasterbrookWife29FemaleM Bedford, Devon
 Frederick EasterbrookSon5Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon 1911
4 Higher Brook St, Teignmouth, St James, Newton Abbot, DevonWm H D EasterbrookHead30MaleM?ldier (?K & ?) on ?loughDawlish, Devon 1881 1911
 Minnie A EasterbrookWife27FemaleM Teignmouth, Devon
Albion St, St Nicholas, Newton Abbot, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead39Male Masons Labourer & MarinerDawlish, Devon 1891 1911
 Lydia EasterbrookWife58Female  Clyst St George, Devon
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Shaldon, Devon 1891 1911
 Jessie LattMother-in-law65Female  Kenford, Devon
 George KellandCousin25Male  Shillingford St George
 Leonard SelwynFriend22Male  Shaldon, Devon
25 Ringmore Rd, Teignmouth, St Nicholas, Newton Abbot, DevonJames EasterbrookHead73MaleWCarter on FarmBroadhempston, Devon 1891
 William EasterbrookSon42MaleMMerchange SeamanSaltash, Cornwall 1911
 Sarah EasterbrookWife42FemaleMLaundressTiverton, Devon
10 Regent St, Dawlish, St Michael, Newton Abbot, DevonLucy EasterbrookHead71FemaleWidParish reliefAylesbeare, Devon 1891
 Lucy StileDaughter33FemaleSDressmakerDawlish, Devon
St Lawrence Lane, Ashburton, Ashburton St Andrew and Buckland in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam CollingsHead42Male Agricultural LabourerWidecombe, Devon
 Bessie CollingsWife42Female  Crediton, Devon
 Elsie CollingsNiece7Female  Widecombe, Devon
 John EastrbrookBoarder78MaleSRetired farmerWidecombe, Devon 1891
West St (Town Mills), Ashburton, Ashburton St Andrew and Buckland in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonAbraham H EasterbrookHead29MaleMTailer & outfitterWidecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891
 Avis EasterbrookWife22FemaleM Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Elsie E EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Ethel EasterbrookDaughter1/12Female  Ashburton, Devon
 James ParishApprentice18Male  Ireland
Earl Street, Ashburton, Ashburton St Andrew and Buckland in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonElizth V KnapmanHead76FemaleWidBaker (Bread)Ashburton, Devon 1891
 Elizth J KnapmanDaughter43FemaleSBaker & ConfectionerAshburton, Devon
 S Jessie KnapmanDaughter3FemaleSBaker & ConfectionerAshburton, Devon
 A Mabel KnapmanGranddaughter23FemaleSBaker & ConfectionerPlymouth, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookSister62FemaleSHelp DomesticAshburton, Devon 1891
East Street, Ashburton, Ashburton St Andrew, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead74MaleMLiving on own meansAshburton, Devon 1891 1911
 Catherine EasterbrookWife65FemaleM Scotland
 Frank M EasterbrookSon20MaleSOutfitters AssistantTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Susan A KnapmanSister65FemaleWidow Ashburton, Devon
East Street, Ashburton, Ashburton St Andrew, Newton Abbot, DevonMary EasterbrookHead68FemaleWidLiving on own meansAshburton, Devon 1911
 Eva SmithDaughter35FemaleM Ashburton, Devon 1881
 Kathleen LanglerDaughter29FemaleM Ashburton, Devon 1891
 William H LanglerSon-in-law29MaleMHarness MakerAshburton, Devon
West Horridge, Ilsington, Ilsington St Michael, Newton Abbot, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead57MaleMFarmerThrowley, Devon 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife40FemaleM South Brent, Devon
 John F B EasterbrookSon12Male  Ilsington, Devon 1891 1911
 Thomas J EasterbrookSon10Male  Ilsington, Devon 1891 1911
 William H EasterbrookSon8Male  Ilsington, Devon 1911
 Samuel EasterbrookBrother60MaleSFarmerThrowley, Devon 1891 1911
Higher Natsworthy, Widecombe, Widecombe in the Moor St Pancras, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead40MaleMFarmer BailiffHolne, Devon 1891 1911
 Bessie EasterbrookWife41FemaleM Denbury, Devon
Ponsworthy, Widecombe, Leudsen St John the Baptist, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead45MaleSOrdinary Farm LabourerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon 1911
Linchaford, Widecombe, Leudsen St John the Baptist, Newton Abbot, DevonJames H EasterbrookHead26MaleMOrdinary Farm LabourerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891 1911
 Annie EasterbrookWife36FemaleM Launceston, Cornwall
Jordon, Widecombe, Leudsen St John the Baptist, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead55MaleMAssistant Overseer to the PoorLydford, Devon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookWife53FemaleM Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 John H EasterbrookSon15MaleS Widecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891 1911
Jordan Cottage, Widecombe, Leudsen St John the Baptist, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead55MaleMAssistant Overseer of the PoorLydford, Devon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookWife53FemaleM Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 John H EasterbrookSon15MaleS Widecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891 1911
Leighton, Widecombe, St John the Baptist, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam T FrenchHead45MaleMFarmerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Thursa FrenchWife33Female  Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Mary E FrenchDaughter6Female  Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 William J FrenchSon4Male  Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Thursa A FrenchDaughter1Female  Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 William J EasterbrookServant27MaleSOrdinary Agricultural LabourerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891 1911
 Bessie LeamanServant14Female  Ashburton, Devon
Fernhill, Widecombe, St John the Baptist, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead55MaleMOrdinary Agricultural LabourerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891 1911
 Sarah J EasterbrookWife54FemaleM Modbury, Devon
 Laura E EasterbrookDaughter15FemaleS Widecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891 1911
Wellington Inn, Ipplepen, Ipplepen St Andrew, Newton Abbot, DevonMary A EasterbrookHead68FemaleWidInn Keeper & Coal AgentNewton Abbot, Devon
 Elizabeth B MaddicottDaughter32FemaleMAssistant in businessTorquay, Devon 1891
 Walter MaddicottSon-in-law27MaleMBlacksmithIpplepen, Devon
North Street, Torbryan, Denbury, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn H EasterbrookHead31MaleMFarmers Son AssistantWidecombe, Devon 1891 1911
 Florence E EasterbrookWife26FemaleM Stratford, London
West Street, Torbryan, Denbury, Newton Abbot, DevonAlfred PelterickHead19MaleSButcher SlaughtermanOkehampton, Devon
 Frank EasterbrookBoarder23MaleSAgrictl LabourerWidecombe, Devon 1891 1911
Hole Farm, Torbryan, Denbury, Newton Abbot, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead75MaleWidrFarmerIpplepen, Devon 1891 1911
 William EasterbrookSon40MaleSCattleman on FarmHolne, Devon 1891 1911
 John EasterbrookSon38MaleSHorseman on FarmHolne, Devon 1891 1911
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter30FemaleSHouse KeeperWoodland, Devon 1891 1911
Holwell Farm, Torbryan, Denbury, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead61MaleMFarmerWidecombe, Devon 1891 1911
 Ann EasterbrookWife61FemaleM Widecombe, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon34MaleSGroundsan (not Domestic)Widecombe, Devon 1891
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter26FemaleSAssistant (mother's help)Widecombe, Devon 1891 1911
 Frank EasterbrookSon24MaleSFarmer ServBroadhempston, Devon 1891 1911
 Herbert TullyGrandson12MaleSat schoolTorquay, Devon
 V Avis TullyGranddaughter8FemaleSat schoolTorquay, Devon
 Jessie TullyGranddaughter6FemaleSat schoolTorquay, Devon
Stag Inn, 191 Union St, Torquay, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonRichard EasterbrookHead34MaleMPublic House KeeperTorquay, Devon 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife33FemaleM Torquay, Devon
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter2FemaleS Torquay, Devon 1911
5 Upton Church Road, Torquay, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonEdwin EasterbrookHead40MaleWidrRailway PorterTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 William EasterbrookSon12MaleS Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Lydia EasterbrookDaughter10FemaleS Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
Springdale (119 Union St), Torquay, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead65MaleMUpholstererPenzance, Cornwall 1891
 Maria EasterbrookWife61FemaleM South Tawton, Devon
 Margaret EasterbrookDaughter24FemaleSUpholsteressTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Edward JamesLodger70Male  Exeter, Devon
Ermington, Upton, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonAlbert John GorwynHead36MaleMManager Brewery Branch businessExeter, Devon
 Annie GorwynWife32FemaleM Torquay, Devon
 Doris GorwynDaughter11Female  Torquay, Devon
 Cecil GorwynSon10Male  Torquay, Devon
 Olive GorwynDaughter8Female  Torquay, Devon
 Marjorie GorwynDaughter6Female  Torquay, Devon
 Valerie GorwynDaughter4Female  Torquay, Devon
 Lucy EasterbrookServant16Female  Torquay, Devon
5 Vale Terrace, Lymmington Road, Upton, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonErnest G EasterbrookHead23MaleMMaster bakerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Charlotte Dreaton EasterbrookWife26FemaleM Australia
 Wm George N EasterbrookSon2Male  Torquay, Devon 1911
 Ivy Jane Nichols EasterbrookDaughter3/12Female  Torquay, Devon 1911
 George Dreaton NickelsFather-in-law63MaleWidowerRetired butcherTorquay, Devon
 Harriet MarlesServant25FemaleSGeneral servant-domesticMoretonhampstead, Devon
17 Vale Terrace, Lymmington Road, Upton, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead53MaleMRetired butcherKingskerwell, Devon 1891 1911
 Emma EasterbrookWife56FemaleM Lympstone, Devon
 John Henry EasterbrookSon26MaleS Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
4 Brampton Tce, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonAlbert CockmanHead41Male House PainterNewton Abbot, Devon
 Mary CockmanWife46Female  Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Florence CockmanDaughter16Female  Torquay, Devon
 Lottie CockmanDaughter15Female  Torquay, Devon
1 Daison Cottages, Torquay, Upton St Mary Magdalene, Newton Abbot, DevonAmelia EasterbrookHead63FemaleS Kingskerswell, Devon 1881
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter25FemaleSCharwomanTorquay, Devon 1881 1911
 Laura WakehamVisitor25FemaleSCharwomanTorquay, Devon
1a Spring Rd, Torquay, Torquay St Luke, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge PickingHead35Male Dock LabourerTorquay, Devon
 Susan PickingWife34Female  Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 William PickingSon15Male  Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Maud PickingDaughter9Female  Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Elsie PeckingsDaughter5Female  Torquay, Devon
 George PeckingsSon12Male  Torquay, Devon
Central Hotel, Torquay, Torquay St Luke, Newton Abbot, DevonEdwin EastabrookHead47MaleMHotel ProprietorPortishead, Somerset 1891 1911
 Lucy EastabrookWife45FemaleM North Petherton, Somerset
 Mildred EastabrookDaughter13Female  Cardiff, Glamorgan 1891 1911
 Ivor EastabrookSon11Male  Cardiff, Glamorgan 1891 1911
 John Adam GuthrieVisitor30Male  Drudee
 James DuncanVisitor22Male  Drudee
 Hamer A DowneyAttendant21Male  Lifton Down, Devon
 Ada ProsserAttendant21Female  Meraginey, Cornwall
 Norah EdwardAttendant22Female  Warwsea, Glamorgan
 Sarah WorthyAttendant48Female  Torquay, Devon
 George PillageAttendant15Male  Donegal, Ireland
 Florence H RendalentAttendant21Female  Newton Abbot, Devon
 Fanny JacobsAttendant34Female  Hornby, Lancashire
 Mana WollacottAttendant24Female  Torquay, Devon
9 Fleet Street, Torquay, Torquay St Luke, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge P EasterbrookHead45MaleMWatchmakerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife37FemaleM Torquay, Devon
 E G B EasterbrookSon17MaleSDrapers ApprenticeTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 A F EasterbrookSon16MaleS?Torquay, Devon 1891 1921
 W EasterbrookSon15MaleSGrocer's ?Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 H E EasterbrookSon8MaleS Torquay, Devon 1911
 M L EasterbrookDaughter3FemaleS Torquay, Devon 1911
 E StevensVisitor17FemaleS Bristol, Somerset
1 Higher Maddon St, Tormoham, St John, Newton Abbot, DevonMaria E WaltonHead68FemaleWidPublicanExeter, Devon
 Fredrick EasterbrookSon-in-law29MaleMGrocer's assistantTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter28FemaleM Torquay, Devon
 Elsie L EasterbrookGranddaughter8Female  Torquay, Devon 1911
26 West Street, Tormoham, St John, Newton Abbot, DevonReuben EasterbrookHead57MaleMCarpenterDevon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife59FemaleM Devon
 Mary H PecorineDaughter36FemaleM Middlesex 1891 1911
 Daniele PecorineSon-in-law44MaleM* ConductorItalian Subject, Parma, Italy
 Robert R PecorineGrandson11Male  Torquay, Devon
Fell Court, Tormoham, Torwood St Mark, Newton Abbot, DevonMargaret ColeHead49FemaleWidLiving on own meansScotland
 Henry Munroe ColeSon23Male  Newton Abbot, Devon
 Charles Edward ColeSon18Male  Paignton, Devon
 Gertrude Margaret ColeDaughter20Female  Paignton, Devon
 Emelyn Janet ColeDaughter19Female  Paignton, Devon
 Emma Jane TrumanServant27Female  Torquay, Devon
 Florence Elizabeth FletcherServant25Female  Torquay, Devon
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookServant23FemaleSHousemaidTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Ellen Rhoda FletcherServant16Female  Torquay, Devon
14 Bronshill Cres, Tormoham, Ellacombe Christchurch, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas H EasterbrookHead40MaleMWatchmakerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Frances E EasterbrookWife40FemaleM Exmouth, Devon
 Mary M J EasterbrookDaughter18FemaleSPupil teacherTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Harry G EasterbrookSon11Male  Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
1 Florence Pce, Tormoham, Ellacombe Christchurch, Newton Abbot, DevonElias EasterbrookHead40MaleMGardenerWidecombe, Devon 1891 1911
 Emma C EasterbrookWife38FemaleM North Tawton, Devon
Delamer, Babbacombe All Saints, Newton Abbot, DevonMatilda HerneHead73FemaleWidLodging House KeeperChertsey, Surrey
 Sarah M HerneDaughter32FemaleS Whitton, Middlesex
 Sarah TurnerSister74FemaleS Chertsey, Surrey
 Walter V EasterbrookGrandson7Male  St Mary Church 1911
 Ethel WarrenServant15Female  Torquay, Devon
 William MylreaServant43Male  Lancashire
 Ellen E MylreaServant43Female  Old Trafford
 Ivy A MyheaServant14Female  Torquay
 Vera E MylreaServant12Female  West London
 Florence HughesServant23Female  Shropshire
2 Sea-View Terr, St Mary Church St Mary the Virgin, Newton Abbot, DevonCharles PollardHead31Male Cab Driver GroomSt Mary Church, Devon
 Mary PollardWife28Female  St Mary Church, Devon
 Ethel L PollardDaughter2Female  St Mary Church, Devon
 Lottie M PollardDaughter1Female  St Mary Church, Devon
 James MoormanBoarder56Male  Plympton, Devon
 John EasterbrooksBoarder48MaleWidBuilderSt Mary Church, Devon 1891 1911
 William H HowardBoarder31Male  Chudleigh, Devon
7 Rices Cotts, St Mary Church, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead53MaleMMarble PolisherTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Dinah J EasterbrookWife46FemaleM Brampford Speke, Devon
 Lilian EasterbrookDaughter11Female Attend SchoolTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
9 Myrtle Cotts, St Mary Church, Newton Abbot, DevonCharlotte EasterbrookHead52Female Laundress WashTorquay, Devon 1911
 William J EasterbrookSon31Male Boots DomTorquay, Devon 1891
 Harry EasterbrookSon17Male LabourerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Edwin EasterbrookSon13Male  Torquay, Devon 1891
 Robert EasterbrookSon8Male  Torquay, Devon 1911
1 Granville Terr, Borough Rd, St Mary the Virgin, Newton Abbot, DevonEmily PearceHead59FemaleWidLiving on own meansSt Mary Church, Devon
 John M PearceSon27MaleSMarble polisherRingmore, Devon
 Emily S JarvisDaughter26FemaleMMautte-makerRingmore, Devon
 Harold EasterbrookBoarder5Male  Torquay, Devon 1911
 Frederick MillerBoarder2Male  Babbacombe, Devon
8 Lummston Place, St Mary the Virgin, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam J J LabdonHead54Male Cattle ?Bracknell, Somerset
 Mary LabdonWife29Female  Torquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Edith F LabdonDaughter3Female  St Mary Church, Devon
 Ethel M LabdonDaughter2Female  St Mary Church, Devon
Genview, Tormoham, Cockington, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel Herbert EasterbrookHead30MaleMSolicitorTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Edith Herbert EasterbrookWife30FemaleM Torquay, Devon
 Mary Furneaux EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Cockington, Devon 1911
 Geo Herbert Lawrence EasterbrookSon3Male  Cockington, Devon 1911
 Emma GuestServant18FemaleSGeneral Servant (Domestic)South Zeal, Devon
Rose vale, Cockington, Tormoham, Cockington, Newton Abbot, DevonFrank EasterbrookHead33MaleMWatchmaker & JewellerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Lena EasterbrookWife35FemaleM Liverpool
 George EasterbrookSon9Male  Torquay, Devon 1911
2 Muirbevan Villa, Cockington, Tormoham, Cockington, Newton Abbot, DevonAlfred EasterbrookHead48MaleMRailway PorterSouth Brent, Devon 1891 1911
 Bertha EasterbrookWife47FemaleM Bickleigh, Devon
 Alfred EasterbrookSon23MaleSPlasterer (Domestic)Bickleigh, Devon 1891 1910
 Edwin Jas EasterbrookSon13Male  Bickleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 John EasterbrookSon11Male  Bickleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Harold EasterbrookSon9Male  Bickleigh, Devon 1911
 Elias EasterbrookSon7Male  Bickleigh, Devon 1911
 Geo Fredk EasterbrookSon5Male  Cockington, Devon 1911
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Cockington, Devon 1911
Homefield, Coffinswell, Coffinswell and St Mary Church, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead71MaleMOrdinary Agricultural LabourerMonk Okehampton, Devon 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife72FemaleM Winkleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon49Male  Coffinswell Indicile, Devon 1891 1911
School House, Cockington, Newton Abbot, DevonElias EasterbrookHead56MaleMCoashman (Domestic)South Brent, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife51FemaleM Jacobstow, Devon
 Elias EasterbrookSon16MaleMGroom (Domestic)Cockington, Devon 1891 1911
 Thomas WhiteBoarder24MaleSGardenerScotland
1 Cadwell Cotts, St Mary Church, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead42MaleSMarket GardenerShephey, Devon 1891 1911
 Ellen EasterbrookSister39FemaleS Shephey, Devon 1891 1911
 Caroline EasterbrookNiece14FemaleS Edginswell, Devon 1891 1911
 Gwendolen EasterbrookNiece11FemaleS Edginswell, Devon 1891 1911
Higher Court Farm, St Mary Church, Newton Abbot, DevonLeah EasterbrookHead42Female Farmer, Dairy KeeperNewton Abbot, Devon 1911
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter18Female  Edginswell, Devon 1891 1911
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Edginswell, Devon 1891 1911
 Lilian EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Edginswell, Devon 1911
 Robert SaraffServant23Male Carter on FarmSt Mary Church, Devon
Cottage Court, Brooking St Barnabas and Dartington St Mary, Totnes, DevonWilliam W I TuckerHead30Male Farm LabourerTotnes, Devon
 Elizabeth S TuckerWife33Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Emily I I TuckerDaughter2Female  Dartington, Devon
 Elias G TuckerSon10/12Male  Dartington, Devon
 Robert CleaseLodger30Male  Topsham, Devon
King William, Totnes, DevonAnnie CoombHead53Female Licensed VictuallerExeter, Devon
 Mary NottleNiece37Female BarmaidKensington, London
 Sidney EasterbrookServant20Male OstlerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Eliza WilliamsServant20Female Domestic ServantKensington, London
4 Castle Street, Totnes, DevonLucy BrownHead36Female Grocer ShopkeeperConstantine, Cornwall
 Walter H BrownSon13Male Apprentice to outfitterHarbertonford, Devon
 Dora Lilian BrownDaughter2Female  Totnes, Devon
 Mary E EasterbrooksAssistant22Female Grocer AssistantBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
3 Tickelmore St, Totnes, DevonElias EasterbrookHead58Male Horse TrainerHolne, Devon 1891 1911
 Eliza EasterbrookWife57Female  Ugborough, Devon
 Frederick EasterbrookSon31Male Horse TrainerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Daniel EasterbrookSon23Male Horse TrainerAshburton, Devon 1891 1911
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Dick EasterbrookSon15Male Grocers' AssistantBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
1 Dart Villas, Totnes, DevonLouisa ChenhallHead55Female  Totnes, Devon
 Thomas H ChenhallSon24Male Civil EngineerGlamorgan
 Kate ChenhallDaughter20Female  Glamorgan
 Carrie SandersSister53Female  Totnes, Devon
 Maud EasterbrookServant20Female General Servant DomesticWiddicombe, Devon 1891 1911
High Beara Farm, Staverton, Landscove St Matthew and Staverton, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead36Male Horseman on FarmSouth Tawton, Devon 1891 1911
 Sarah EasterbrookWife36Female  Gateshead, Durham
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter15Female Wool Winder Woollen FactoryNorth Tawton, Devon 1891 1911
 William EasterbrookSon12Male Piecer Woollen FactorySpreyton, Devon 1891 1911
 James EasterbrookSon11Male  South Tawton, Devon 1891 1911
 Archibald EasterbrookSon9Male  South Tawton, Devon 1911
 John EasterbrookSon7Male  North Tawton, Devon 1911
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Bondleigh, Devon 1911
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Churston Ferrers, Devon 1911
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Churston Ferrers, Devon 1911
Knighurst Farm, Holne, Holne St Mary the Virgin, Totnes, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead58Male Master CarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Marian EasterbrookWife58Female  Holne, Devon
 Frank EasterbrookSon33Male FarmerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 George RowlandVisitor46Male Master CarpenterHolne, Devon
 Rebecca ButchersServant34Female General servantHolne, Devon
 William StevensServant63Male Ordinary Agricultural LabourerPlymouth, Devon
Cottage, Holne Village, Holne St Mary the Virgin, Totnes, DevonJohn WarrenHead35Male Ordinary agricultural labourerHolne, Devon
 Elizabeth Ann WarrenWife40Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Walter CarterBoarder18Male Waggoner on farmBroomfield, Somerset
Buckfastleigh Holy Trinity, Totnes, DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead75FemaleWidFore St Dial CourtBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Mary Jane ElliottDaughter39FemaleSShirtmakerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Frederick LockBoarder54Male General LabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon
Fore Street, Buckfastleigh Holy Trinity, Totnes, DevonAmeer E EasterbrookHead88Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 James E EasterbrookSon48Male Saddle Harness MakerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
Hill Crest, Buckfastleigh Holy Trinity, Totnes, DevonJohn HarrisHead59MaleMTanner journeymanBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary J HarrisWife56FemaleM Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Florence K LaneServant17Female General Servant DomesticBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookBrother-in-law67Male Tanner journeymanBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Thomas HamlynLodger45Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Walter PetrieLodger48Male  Croydon, Surrey
Coxhill, Buckfastleigh Holy Trinity, Totnes, DevonHannah EasterbrookHead60FemaleWidDressmakerUgborough, Devon 1911
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter24FemaleSDressmakerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
Bossel Lodge, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonJames HamlynHead53Male Serge Manufacturer & J.P for the countyBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Sarah HamlynWife49Female  Rochdale, Lancashire
 Winifred M HamlynDaughter19Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Edward C HamlynSon13Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Alice Mary TarrServant42Female CookDevonport, Devon
 Annie E GueebServant24Female ParlourmaidNewton Abbot, Devon
 Ida EasterbrookServant26Female HousemaidBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonClara EasterbrookHead38FemaleSSerge weaverScoriton, Devon 1891 1911
 Florence EasterbrookSister28FemaleSSerge weaverScoriton, Devon 1891 1911
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonGrace TurnerHead73FemaleWidPauper, in receipt of Parish payBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
Harbertonford Village, Harbertonford St Peter, Totnes, DevonThomas EastberbrookHead67Male FarmerThrowleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Sarah A EastberbrookWife60Female  Harbertonford, Devon
Brooklyn Harburtonford, Harbertonford St Peter, Totnes, DevonGeorge LuscombeHead Male Retired FarmerSouth Brent, Devon
 Agnes C LuscombeWife62Female  Harberton, Devon
 Mary M LuscombeDaughter31Female  Deptford, Devon
 Amy LuscombeDaughter22Female  Ugborough, Devon
 Fannie EasterbrookDaughter36Female Minister's WifeBrent, Devon 1920
 Arthur EasterbrookGrandson7Male  N Y Sheyresant, USA 1910
 Gladys EasterbrookGranddaughter6Female  N Y Rockton, USA 1910
 Wilfred EasterbrookGrandson3Male  N Y Rockton, USA 1910
Pasture Farm, Blackawton, Halwell St Leonard, Kingsbridge, DevonSamuel J EasterbrookHead40Male Shepherd & StandChurlstone 1891 1911
 Betsy S EasterbrookWife43Female  Stokenham
 Emma W EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Stokenham 1891 1911
 Annie M E EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Stokenham 1891 1911
 Margaret E EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Blackawton 1911
 Regina EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Blackawton 1911
 John Cha EasterbrookSon5Male  Blackawton 1911
 Gladys S EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Blackawton, Devon 1911
 Florence I EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Blackawton, Devon 1911
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Blackawton, Devon 1911
 Florence JanesNiece21Female  Ashprington, Devon
 John H KellandBoarder21Male Horseman on FarmNorth Huish, Devon
Ford, Chivelstone, Kingsbridge, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead50Male Ordinary Agric LabourerChivelstone, Devon 1891
 Emma EasterbrookWife50Female  Stokenham, Devon
 Elsie EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Chivelstone, Devon 1891 1911
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Chivelstone, Devon 1911
Village of East Charleton, Charleton, Kingsbridge, DevonThomas CunningHead68Male Agricultural LabourerEast Charleton
 Mary S CunningWife57Female  East Charleton
 William J CunningSon18Male Horseman on FarmEast Charleton
 James H CunningSon11Male  East Charleton
 Mary A P EasterbrookDaughter29Female  East Charleton 1939
 Francis A H G EasterbrookDaur Childs1Male  Torquay 1911
Goodshelter, East Portlemouth, Kingsbridge, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead50Male Carter on FarmChivelstone, Devon 1891 1911
 Anna EasterbrookWife55Female  Stakenha, Devon
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter27Female General servantStakenha, Devon 1891 1911
 Arthur EasterbrookSon19Male Mason's ApprenticeStakenha, Devon 1891 1911
 Josiah EasterbrookSon16Male Teamster on FarmChivelstone, Devon 1891 1911
 Gilbert EasterbrookSon13Male  Chivelstone, Devon 1891
Woolston House, Loddiswell, Kingsbridge, DevonAnne P WeymouthHead76Female Living on own MeansPadstow, Cornwall
 Mary A GouvierServant23Female Waiting maidIlfracombe, Devon
 Elizabeth FerneyServant33Female CookQueenstown, Ireland
 Amy EasterbrookServant17Female HousemaidTotnes, Devon 1891
 James HortonServant27Male CoachmanCornwood, Devon
Woolston Lodge, Loddiswell, Kingsbridge, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead43Male GardenerKingsbridge, Devon 1891 1911
 Caroline EasterbrookWife37Female  Penzance, Cornwall
 Ernest I EasterbrookSon13Male Bakers apprenticeTotnes, Devon 1891 1911
 William T EasterbrookSon9Male  Totnes, Devon
 Edmund A EasterbrookSon6Male  Paignton, Devon 1911
 Clara E EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Paignton, Devon 1911
Lower Spriddelscombe Farm, Modbury, St George, Kingsbridge, DevonGeorge N HarrisHead55Male FarmerLockington, Devon
 Ann D HarrisWife46Female  Buckland, Devon 1891
 William HarrisSon24Male  Plympton St Mary, Devon
 Evelyn HarrisSon13   Plympton St Mary, Devon
 Olive M HarrisDaughter11Female  Plympton St Mary, Devon
 Mary J BowdenServant43Female  Denbury, Devon
 Thomas TregillisServant67Male  Yealmpton, Devon
 John HentifordServant20Male  Ugborough, Devon
Old Workhouse, Tamerton Foliot, Temerton Foliott St Mary, Plympton St Mary, DevonNichola EsterbrookHead42Male GardenerWidecombe, Devon 1891 1911
 Jessie EsterbrookWife38Female  Tamerton Foliott
 Amy EsterbrookDaughter12Female  Tamerton Foliott 1891 1911
 Ethel EsterbrookDaughter8Female  Tamerton Foliott 1911
 Wilsie EsterbrookSon7Male  Tamerton Foliott
 Gilbert S EsterbrookSon6/12Male  Tamerton Foliott
 Jasper S ColtonNephew1Male  Tamerton Foliott
1 Maune Fields, Plymouth, St John the Evangelist, Plymouth, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead55Male General LabourerBideford, Devon 1891 1911
 Kezia EasterbrookWife57Female  Okehampton, Devon
 Noah EasterbrookSon20Male Engine Driver (Gas Works)Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Fred EasterbrookSon17Male MasonPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
61 Oakfield Ter., Plymouth, St John the Evangelist, Plymouth, DevonWilliam H BellHead47Male Pensioner R.N.Castletown, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
 Elizabeth S BellWife45Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891
 William J BellSon11Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Sydney R BellSon8Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Ida M BellDaughter6Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookMother-in-law83Female Retired DressmakerSt Keverne, Cornwall
15 Guildford St, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead52Male Retired PolicemanSouth Brent, Devon 1891 1911
 Annie EasterbrookWife50Female  Kingsbridge, Devon
 Ernest EasterbrookSon21Male PlumberPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Janie EasterbrookDaughter19Female TailressPlymouth, Devon 1891
 Lillie EasterbrookDaughter17Female MillonerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Fredk EasterbrookSon12Male  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Charles MatthewsGrandson5Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Thomas LaryBoarder Male Retired CoppersmithLiverpool, Lancashire
35 Beaumont Ave, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonGrace MattersHead60Female  Clovelly, Devon
 James MattersSon39Male General LabourerGermansweek, Devon
 Gladys EasterbrookGranddaughter8Female  Chatham, Kent
 James HendersonVisitor26Male PlumberGloucestershire
 George BoltVisitor30Male General LabourerNot Known
11 Horth St, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonJohn NicolleHead33Male General LabourerGuernsey, Channel Islands
 Alice NicolleWife33Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Grace NicolleDaughter11Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Florrie NicolleDaughter10Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 John NicolleSon8Male  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Percy NicolleSon4Male  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Henry NicolleSon3Male  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Baby NicolleSon1 DayMale  Plymouth, Devon
 James EasterbrookLodger51MaleWidGeneral LabourerPlymouth, Devon
12 Queen Anne Ter, Plymouth, St Luke, Plymouth, DevonFrederick SleepHead48Male DentistPlymouth, Devon
 Kate SleepWife42Female  Oreston, Devon
 Irelawney L SleepSon20Male DentistLondon
 Caren SleepSon16Male DentistLondon
 Rosalind D SleepDaughter18Female  London
 Pauline EastabrookServant19Female General Serv DomesticMarytavy, Devon 1891 1911
 Alfred WestlakeServant25Male Dentist AssistantLondon
 Harriet A MilwardBoarder64Female  Probus, Cornwall
3 Nelson St, Plymouth, St Matthias, Plymouth, DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead57Female Sick NurseSouth Tawton, Devon 1891
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter20Female Draper's AssistantPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
18 Cheltenham Pl, Plymouth, St Matthias, Plymouth, DevonFrederick A WiblenHead36Male Architect & SurveyorPlymouth, Devon
 Mary E M WiblenWife36Female  Glamorgan
 Leonard F WiblenSon11Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Leonard WiblenSon9Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Henry G WiblenFather80Male Retired Captain (Merchant Service)Plymouth, Devon
 Amelia W EasterbrookNiece21Female DressmakerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Amelia PearceServant20Female  Plymouth, Devon
20 Nelson St, Plymouth, St Matthias, Plymouth, DevonAlexander EasterbrookHead68Male  Dawlish, Devon 1891
 Mary A EasterbrookWife78Female  Liskeard, Cornwall
1A Mildway St, Plymouth, St Matthias, Plymouth, DevonSarah EastabrookHead58FemaleWidGrover ShopkeeperNorth Hill, Cornwall
 Ann NadgeSister44FemaleS North Hill, Cornwall
12 Plym St, Plymouth, St Matthias, Plymouth, DevonJabez EasterbrookHead52Male House PainterPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Ellen EasterbrookWife50Female CookHarting, Sussex
7 Pentillie Crescent, Plymouth, St Gabriel, Plymouth, DevonGeorge E EasterbrookHead35Male Newspaper Cashier & AccountantPortsmouth, Hampshire 1891 1911
 Lily M EasterbrookWife33Female  Bemerton, Wiltshire
 Evelyn E EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Dublin, Ireland 1911
 Howard E EasterbrookSon3Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 John R NewtonBoarder30Male Newspaper Advertising CanvasserSunderland, Durham
8 Hyde Park Terr, Plymouth, Emmanuel, Plymouth, DevonLily EasterbrookWife34FemaleM Plymouth, Devon
 Lily EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Frederick E FordBrother38MaleMHouse CarpenterPlymouth, Devon
5 Tollox Park Avenue, Plymouth, Erasmus, Plymouth, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead47Male General LabourerTavistock, Devon 1891
 Elizabeth J EasterbrookWife40Female  South Sydenham, Devon
 William R EasterbrookSon18Male Labourer Engine cleaner (Stationary)Tavistock, Devon 1891 1911
 Lilian M EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Tavistock, Devon 1891 1911
 Daisey W EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Tavistock, Devon 1891
 Charles H EasterbrookSon12Male  Tavistock, Devon 1891 1911
 Evelyn E EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Tavistock, Devon 1891 1911
 Dorthy EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Tavistock, Devon 1911
 Gilbert H EasterbrookSon4Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Clarence A EasterbrookSon1Male  Egg Buckland, Devon
106 Grenville Rd, Plymouth, St Jude, Plymouth, DevonWilliam J EasterbrookHead39Male General LabourerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Jane A EasterbrookWife35Female  Plymouth, Devon
 William C EasterbrookSon15Male General LabourerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Ethel J EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Daisy F EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Elise M EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Norwood EasterbrookSon4Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Hubert EasterbrookSon1Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
16 Kensington Place, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonWilliam MatthewsHead59Male Waiter O InnPlymouth, Devon
 Caroline MatthewsWife60Female  Cornwall
 Rose EasterbrookNiece21Female  Cornwall 1891
28 West Hill Road, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead37Male PlumberSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Lily EasterbrookWife35Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Elsie EasterbrookDaughter12Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1911
 Thomas EasterbrookSon11Male  St Austell, Cornwall
 Lilian EasterbrookDaughter8Female  St Ives, Cornwall 1911
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter6Female  St Ives, Cornwall 1911
 Violet EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
18 Edith Terrace, Plymouth, St Jude, Plymouth, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead36Male Commercial Traveller (Soap)Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Katherine EasterbrookWife35Female  Plymouth, Devon
 William R EasterbrookSon6Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
27 Lipson Avenue, Plymouth, St Jude, Plymouth, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead43Male Cab Owner StableNorth Huish, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary J EasterbrookWife42Female  Diptford, Devon
 Percy C EasterbrookSon14Male  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Daisy K EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Gladys EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Dorothy M EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Grace NewcombeMother-in-law71FemaleWid Deptford, Devon
Plymouth Workhouse, Charles, Plymouth, DevonCelia EasterbrookInmate67FemaleMNeedlewoman ShirtStonehouse, Devon
Plymouth Workhouse, Charles, Plymouth, DevonJno EasterbrookInmate MaleMHawkerStonehouse, Devon
Plymouth Workhouse, Charles, Plymouth, DevonEbzr EasterbrookInmate57MaleWidCabinet MakerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
6 Francis St, Plymouth, St Peter, Plymouth, DevonRichard EasterbrookHead34Male Tailer & CutterTavistock, Devon 1891 1911
 Blanche M EasterbrookWife31Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Blanche E EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Florence M EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
27 Queen St, Plymouth, All Saints, Plymouth, DevonFrederick RichardsHead41Male Foreman of StablesTavistock, Devon
 Bessie RichardsWife38Female  Wimpole, Devon
 Frederick H L RichardsSon13Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Ernest J RichardsSon11Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Alfred C J EasterbrookBoarder21Male StablemanBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
1 Elliot St, Plymouth, St Andrew, Plymouth, DevonShadrach WhiteHead47Male Retired BuilderPlymouth, Devon
 Lucy WhiteWife42Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Charles WhiteSon20Male MusicianPlymouth, Devon
 KellettBoarder22Male Civil EngineerEaling, Middlesex
 PlummerBoarder25Male Civil EngineerWoolwich, London
 CokerBoarder35Female Lady of MeansIvybridge, Devon
 Maud SmithServant21Female Servant DomesticPlymouth, Devon
 Maud EasterbrookServant19Female Servant DomesticTarristock, Devon 1891
22 Clarendon Pl, Plymouth, St James the Less, Plymouth, DevonAugustine Le RoyHead50Male Professor of FrenchFrench Subject, France
 Lucy Le RoyWife35Female  French Subject, France
 Raymond Le RoySon7Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Odette Le RoyDaughter5Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Maurice Le RoySon1Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Samuel EstabrookVisitor43Male Pianoforte TunerDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Eliza HelsonServant19Female General ServantLaunceston, Cornwall
17 Garden Cres, Plymouth, St James the Less, Plymouth, DevonEmily Easterbrook 57FemaleWidCharwomanEast Stonehouse, Devon
 Mary J BerrySister60FemaleWidParish ReliefEast Stonehouse, Devon
17 Morley St, Plymouth, St Andrew, Plymouth, DevonAndrew EasterbrookHead45Male Master of R N Dockyard CraftEast Stonehouse, Devon 1891 1911
 Emma EasterbrookWife36Female  Teignmouth, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon17Male Painter & House DecoratorPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Andrew EasterbrookSon15Male UphostererPlymouth, Devon 1891
St Andrew, Plymouth, DevonSamuel EarlHead57Male  North Tamerton
 Fannie EarlWife54Female  Princetown, Devon
 Elizabeth EarlDaughter19Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Mary EarlDaughter17Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Fernley EarlSon16Male  Plymouth, Devon
 William Easter CrookBoarder26Male  Plymouth, Devon
(Drapers), 54 to 58 Bedford Street, Plymouth, St Andrew, Plymouth, DevonAnnie Easterbrook 18FemaleSDraper's AssistantHull, Yorkshire 1891 1911
11 Fruewell St, Plymouth, St Andrew, Plymouth, DevonRichard F EastabrookHead54Male Living on own meansDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Jane EastabrookWife53Female  Devonport, Devon
 Alfred F EastabrookSon29MaleSSolicitors ClerkPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
17 Vauxhall St, Plymouth, St John the Evangelist, Plymouth, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead46Male General LabourerHatherleigh, Devon 1891
 Mary A EasterbrookWife39Female  Hatherleigh, Devon
 Ernest EasterbrookSon16Male  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 George EasterbrookSon4Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
21 High St, Plymouth, Holy Trinity, Plymouth, DevonSamuel GunnellHead70MaleWidrDock PorterPlymouth, Devon
 Emma EasterbrookHousekeeper49FemaleWidDomSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Birkley EasterbrookSon10Male  St Austell, Cornwall 1911
6 Frobrisher Terr, Plymouth, Holy Trinity, Plymouth, DevonEdward G CookHead37Male Clergyman C of EnglandEaling, Middlesex
 Lottie Sarah CookWife35Female  Meopham, Kent
 Wristhealey CookSon4Male  Ayertie, Repub
 Elizabeth A EsterbrookServant19Female General Servant DomesticTavistock, Devon 1891 1911
22 Sydney St, Plymouth, All Saints, Plymouth, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead50Male Labourer H M DockyardStonehouse, Devon 1881 1911
 Hettie EasterbrookWife42Female  Cornwall
 Hettie EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter13Female Domestic ServantPlymouth, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon10Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Phoebe EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Florrie EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Gladys M EasterbrookDaughter10/12Female  Plymouth, Devon 1911
13 Tracy St, Plymouth, All Saints, Plymouth, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead47Male Wrapman CarmTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Harriet EasterbrookWife46Female  Dawlish, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon15Male Errand boy PortLondon 1891 1911
 Harry EasterbrookSon14Male Errand boyPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Frank EasterbrookSon9Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
 Arthur EasterbrookSon7Male  Plymouth, Devon 1911
17 York Street, Plymouth, Christchurch, Plymouth, DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead41FemaleWidCharwomanStonehouse, Devon
6 Morley Pl, Plymouth, Christchurch, Plymouth, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead40Male Journeyman TailerTavistock, Devon 1891
 Elizabeth J EasterbrookWife39Female  Marytavy, Devon
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter14Female Servant DomesticTavistock, Devon 1891 1911
9 Torrington Place, Plymouth, St Matthias, Plymouth, DevonHenry LaneHead50Male Dry Salter DrugBicester, Devon
 Lilly LaneWife38Female  Bicester, Devon
 Neley LaneDaughter13Female  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
 Mabel R LaneDaughter6Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Martha EasterbrookServant18FemaleSGeneral Servant DomesticTavistock, Devon 1891 1911
Cald Sugar Refinary House, Plymouth, St Andrew, Plymouth, DevonEbenezer EasterbrookBoarder54MaleWidrUphostererDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
"Recovery", Plymouth, Vessels, Plymouth, DevonAndrew EasterbrookMaster45MaleM East Stonehouse, Devon 1891 1911
 Thomas NaismithEnginer36Male  Scotland
 Charles BaileyStoker47Male  JRY, Frimly
 Joseph AlgateMate55Male  Sladdiscombe Plymstock
 Richard John Crane DriverFesher27Male  Meary, Devon
 Joseph DareySeaman38Male  Plymstock, Devon
 Joseph JacksonSeaman22Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Francis Willies JrSeaman27Male  Plymouth, Devon
 David MayCook19Male  Devonport, Devon
26 High Street, East Stonehouse, St George, East Stonehouse, DevonMary A MaddisonHead43FemaleWidRag Sorter (Paper Mills)St Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Edith OnleyDaughter21Female TailoressEast Stonehouse, Devon 1891 1911
11 Union St, East Stonehouse, St George, East Stonehouse, DevonRuben PhillipsHead32Male Outfitters Shop AssistantTorquay, Devon
 Eva PhillipsWife29Female  Torquay, Devon 1891
 Lillian PhillipsDaughter9Female  Torquay, Devon
 William EasterbrookFather-in-law63Male General LabourerTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Florrie GarterServant14Female Domestic ServantDevonport, Devon
18 Caroline Cl, East Stonehouse, St George, East Stonehouse, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead53Male Clerk Agricultural StoresStonehouse, Devon 1891
 Kate EasterbrookWife48Female  Stonehouse, Devon
 Carrie EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Stonehouse, Devon 1891 1911
 Dorothy EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Stonehouse, Devon 1891
 Thomas EasterbrookSon9Male  Stonehouse, Devon 1911
 Kate RosersServant6Female Servant DomesticStonehouse, Devon
14 St Paul Street, East Stonehouse, St Paul, East Stonehouse, DevonJohn H EastabrookHead47Male Storehouse man R.N.V.YardDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Sarah S EastabrookWife45Female  Edmouth, Devon
41 Adeliade St, East Stonehouse, St Matthew, East Stonehouse, DevonFlorence EasterbrookWife24FemaleM Plymouth, Devon
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter3Female  East Stonehouse, Devon 1939
37 Cannon St, East Stonehouse, St Paul, Devonport, DevonSarah EasterbrookHead60FemaleWid Plymouth, Devon
13 Edinburgh Road, Devonport, St Mary, Devonport, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead32Male BlacksmithSt Blazey, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Emma EasterbrookWife32Female  Gunnislake, Cornwall
 William EasterbrookSon6Male  Devonport, Devon 1911
60 Princes St, Devonport, St Paul, Devonport, DevonJohn T BrowningHead Male BoatmanSaltash, Cornwall
 Bessie BrowningWife Female SeamstressDevonport, Devon
 Elizabeth EastarbrookDaughter29FemaleS Devonport, Devon 1911
 Reginald G EastarbrookGrandson8/12Male  Devonport, Devon 1911
17 Tavistock St, Devonport, St Aubyn, Devonport, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead77MaleWidrPurveryor of MeatDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Priscilla EasterbrookDaughter40Female Art TeacherDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 John G EasterbrookSon35Male Purveryor AssistantDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Stella E EvansServant17Female General Serv (Domestic)Devonport, Devon
64a Duke St, Devonport, St Aubyn, Devonport, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead32Male * MerchantAshburton, Devon 1891 1911
 Jessie EasterbrookWife32Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Thomas H EasterbrookSon1Male  Devonport, Devon 1911
 Ethel EasterbrookDaughter4/12Female  Devonport, Devon 1911
 Eliza E EasterbrookSister27Female ? from ?Ashburton, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary H AllenServant22Female  Alaigan, Cornwall
 Ellen LinscottServant18Female  St Austell, Cornwall
HMS "Inconstant", Devonport, Vessels, Devonport, DevonHarold EasterbrookCrew16Male Boy DomesticHull, Yorkshire 1891 1939
45 Palmerston St, Devonport, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, DevonWilliam H EastabrookHead28Male Electrical Fitter H M DyDDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Georgina EastabrookWife22Female  Southwark, London
 Evelyn E EastabrookDaughter2Female  Devonport, Devon 1911
 John V EastabrookBrother24Male Seaman R.N.Canada 1891 1911
 Harry C EastabrookBrother12Male  Devonport, Devon 1891 1911
Ford St Mark, Devonport, DevonLenora Allin TrengoveHead38Female  Duloe, Cornwall
 Amelia Jane HarryVisitor45Female  Beeralston, Devon
 John TavenerBoarder39Male  North Tawton, Devon
 John Lana LamBoarder39Male  Soughtoro
 Charles William HeleBoarder24Male  Dartmouth, Devon
 Arthur Easter CrookBoarder22Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Thomas Henry WatersBoarder20Male  Hayle, Cornwall
Royal Naval Barracks, Ford St Mark, Devonport, DevonWilliam Thomas Easterbrook 17MaleSingleBoy (Navy)Barnstaple, Devon 1891
20 Moon St, Devonport, St James the Great, Devonport, DevonEdwin R EasterbrookHead42Male Cook R.N.Devonport, Devon 1881 1911
 Sarah J EasterbrookWife42Female  Devonport, Devon
 Violet EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Devonport, Devon 1911
 Hannah JonesMother-in-law72Female of no occupationBristol
 Florence M RickardBoarder21Female MillinerDevonport, Devon
27 Clarence Pl, Devonport, St James the Great, Devonport, DevonFrederick EasterbrookHead48Male BoilermakerDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife38Female  Brayshop, Cornwall
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Devonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Frederick EasterbrookSon15Male  Devonport, Devon 1891 1911
 William EasterbrookSon11Male  Devonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Phillip DavisBoarder27Male General LabourerCardiff, Glamorgan
2 Charlotte Place, St James the Great, Devonport, DevonSarah Sanders EasterbrookHead43Female  Ashford, Devon 1911
 William EasterbrookSon20Male  Stoke Damerel, Devon 1891 1911
 Ernest EasterbrookSon15Male  Stoke Damerel, Devon 1891 1911
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon 1891 1911
 Charley EasterbrookSon6Male  Stoke Damerel, Devon
 Gladys EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon 1911
11 Hood St, Devonport, St Michael, Devonport, DevonMaria EasterbrookHead29FemaleWidServant DomesticTavistock, Devon 1911
 Reggie EasterbrookSon6Male  Tavistock, Devon 1911
 Kenneth EasterbrookSon4Male  Tavistock, Devon 1911
HMS "Benbow" off Keyham Dockyard, Devonport, Vessels, Devonport, DevonHerbert EasterbrookCrew25MaleSLead SeamanPenzance, Cornwall 1891 1911
Pepper St, Bere Ferrers, Bere Ferrers St Andrew, Tavistock, DevonErnest EasterbrookHead24Male General LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon 1891 1911
 Condilie EasterbrookWife24Female  Bere Ferrers, Devon
Marsh Lane, Calstock, Tavistock, CornwallAlbert EasterbrookHead31Male GardenerBuckland, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife31Female  Parkham, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Buckland, Devon 1891 1911
 John EasterbrookSon10Male  Buckland, Devon 1891 1911
 Maud EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Calstock, Cornwall 1911
 Ethel EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Calstock, Cornwall 1911
13 Madge Hill, Tavistock, St Eustachius, Tavistock, DevonElizabeth A EasterbrookHead40FemaleSDressmakerTavistock, Devon
30 Bannawell St, Tavistock, Tavistock St Eustachius, Tavistock, DevonWilliam BakerHead57Male SaddlerAshburton, Devon
 Priscilla BakerWife56Female  Holne, Devon
 Ethel BakerDaughter20Female School AssistantTavistock, Devon
 Gertrude BakerDaughter18Female Drapers ApprenticeTavistock, Devon
 Sidney BakerSon16Male Ironmongers ApprenticeTavistock, Devon
 Elias EasterbrookFather-in-law91Male Gardener (Retired)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Ernest AlwayBoarder27Male Cabinet MakerNewton Abbot, Devon
Tavistock Union Workhouse, Tavistock St Eustachius, Tavistock, DevonWilliam EasterbrookPauper76MaleSLabourer GeneralTavistock, Devon
Furtingdon, Buckland Monachorum, St Andrew, Tavistock, DevonKate Francis FerrisHead49Female Living on own MeansPlymouth, Devon
 Kate LeeServant25Female House Maid DomesticPrincetown, Devon
 Jessie EasterbrookServant14Female General Servant DomesticPrincestown, Devon 1891
Mount View, Rundlestone, Lydford, Lydford St Petrock, Tavistock, DevonCharles J EasterbrookHead40Male Stone-cutterWalkhampton, Devon 1891 1911
 Charlotte A EasterbrookWife40Female  Calstock, Cornwall
 William R EasterbrookSon19Male Stone-cutter in Granite QuarryLydford, Devon 1891 1939
 Frederick C EasterbrookSon17Male Stone-cutter in Granite QuarryLydford, Devon 1891 1911
 Richard EasterbrookSon12Male  Lydford, Devon 1891 1939
 Bessie F EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Lydford, Devon 1891 1911
 Flossie E EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Lydford, Devon 1911
 Oswald M EasterbrookSon6Male  Lydford, Devon 1911
 George H EasterbrookSon5Male  Lydford, Devon 1911
 Laura A EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Lydford, Devon 1911
 Cecil H EasterbrookSon7/12Male  Lydford, Devon 1911
Babany Lydford, Lydford St Petrock, Tavistock, DevonAnn H WhiteHead59FemaleWidFarmerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon
 William H WhiteSon34Male Farmer's sonLydford, Devon
 James H WhiteSon31Male Farmer's sonWidecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Harriet H WhiteDaughter29Female DressmakerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Catherine H WhiteDaughter21Female  Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Florence H WhiteDaughter20Female  Widecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Thomas H WhiteBrother-in-law49Male General Agricultural LabourerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon
 Samuel EasterbrookServant22Male Carter on FarmWidecombe in the Moor, Devon 1891 1911
Durance, Meavy, Tavistock, DevonJacob BowdenHead58Male FarmerMeavy, Devon
 Elizabeth BowdenWife52Female  Meavy, Devon
 Ernest BowdenSon30Male Farmer's sonMeavy, Devon
 Amelia HeardServant18Female General Servant DomesticDevonport, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookServant19Male Carter on FarmBickleigh, Devon 1891
 Thomas GrimesServant15Male Worker on FarmN, Cornwall
Whitchurch Inn, Whitchurch, Whitechurch St Andrew, Tavistock, DevonHerbert Ernest AmyHead25Male Commercial Clark in Brewery PublicanTavistock, Devon
 Ethel AveryWife24Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Russell AverySon2Male  Tavistock, Devon
 Lily EasterbrookServant20Female General Servant (Domestic)Tavistock, Devon 1891
Woodmanswell, Brentor, Brentor St Michael, Tavistock, DevonJohn ChowenHead40Male FarmerLewtrenchard, Devon
 Emma ChowenWife39Female  Milton Abbot, Devon 1891
 Florance M ChowenDaughter4Female  Brentor, Devon
 John F ChowenSon2Male  Brentor, Devon
 James EasterbrookVisitor73MaleWidrRetired FarmerHolm, Devon 1891
Royal Standard Court, St Mary Tavy, Tavy St Mary, Tavistock, DevonEllen EasterbrookHead58Female  Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Thomas EasterbrookSon29Male General LabourerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 George EasterbrookSon26Male General LabourerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Gilbert EasterbrookSon17Male General LabourerMarytavy, Devon 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Marytavy, Devon 1891 1911
Milton Abbot Village, Milton Abbot St Constantine, Tavistock, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead41Male Butcher & FarmerMilton Abbot, Devon 1891 1911
 Eliza EasterbrookWife42Female  Sydenham Damerel, Devon
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Sydenham Damerel, Devon 1891 1911
 George EasterbrookSon14Male  Milton Abbot, Devon 1891 1911
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Milton Abbot, Devon 1891 1911
 Ernest EasterbrookSon11Male  Milton Abbot, Devon 1891 1911
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Milton Abbot, Devon 1891
 Sophy EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Milton Abbot, Devon 1911
Derriton, Sydenham Damerell, Sydenham Damerel St Mary, Tavistock, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead74Male FarmerHolne, Devon 1891
 Jane G EasterbrookWife74Female  Lydford, Devon
 Susanna EasterbrookDaughter45Female Farmers DauMilton Abbot, Devon 1891
 John EasterbrookSon41Male Farmers SonMilton Abbot, Devon 1891 1911
 John DoidgeServant21Male Carter on FarmSydenham Damerel, Devon
 Mary PhilpServant15Female General Servant (Domestic)Sydenham Damerel, Devon
Portington, Sydenham Damerell, Sydenham Damerel St Mary, Tavistock, DevonEdward EasterbrookHead39Male FarmerMilton Abbot, Devon 1881 1911
 Mary A EasterbrookWife42Female  Sampford Spinney, Devon
 Marie L EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Milton Abbot, Devon 1911
 Mary A EasterbrookMother67FemaleWidLiving on own meansThornbury, Devon 1911
 Lucy FryServant16Female General Servant (Domestic)Milton Abbot, Devon
Rose Cottage, Jacobstowe, Jacobstowe St James, Okehampton, DevonHenry WestlakeHead73Male Ordinary Labourer on FarmJacobstowe, Devon
 Elizabeth WestlakeWife71Female  Exbourne, Devon 1891 1911
3 Johns Parks, Exbourne St Mary, Okehampton, DevonWilliam PalmerHead60Male Ordinary Agricultural LaboureInwardleigh, Devon
 Mary J PalmerWife61Female  Dillon, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookBoarder50Male  Exbourne, Devon
1 Church Cottages, Exbourne St Mary, Okehampton, DevonHenry EastabrookHead71Male ThatcherOkehampton, Devon 1891 1911
 Jane EastabrookWife60Female  Hatherleigh, Devon
3 Kiln Lane, Exbourne St Mary, Okehampton, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead28Male Baker & Confectioner GrocerExbourne, Devon 1881 1911
 Amelia J EasterbrookWife25Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 William SlomanBoarder16Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
Fore Street, Exbourne, Okehampton, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead51Male ThatcherExbourne, Devon 1891 1911
 Susan EasterbrookWife55Female  Bratton Clovelly, Devon
 Beatrice B EasterbrookDaughter19Female School TeacherExbourne, Devon 1911
 Herbert H EasterbrookSon14Male ThatcherExbourne, Devon 1911
Workhouse, Okehampton, Okehampton St James, Okehampton, DevonWm EasterbrookInmate44Male  Exbourne, Devon
 Thos EasterbrookInmate44Male  Exbourne, Devon 1891
Redhays Farm, Broadwoodkelly, Broadwood Kelly, Okehampton, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead39Male FarmerBroadwood Kelly, Devon 1891 1911
 Louisa EasterbrookWife39Female  Winkleigh, Devon
 James RaymontFather-in-law65Male Cattleman on FarmWinkleigh, Devon
 Alice KempServant14Female General Servant (Domestic)Okehampton, Devon
The Village, Broadwoodkelly, Broadwood Kelly, Okehampton, DevonThomas EastabrookHead61Male Retired FarmerExbourne, Devon 1891 1911
 Ellen EastabrookWife60Female  Okehampton, Devon
High Street, North Tawton, North Tawton St Peter, Okehampton, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead74Male Annullant MeansBroadwood Kelly, Devon 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife81Female  Inwardleigh, Devon
Railway Station, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead63Male Railway LabourerBroadwook Kelly, Devon 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife56Female  Honeychurch, Devon
 Hannah A EasterbrookDaughter20Female DressmakerSampford Courtenay, Devon 1891 1911
Eggisford Station, Chawleigh, Chawleigh St James, Crediton, DevonAlfred J EasterbrookHead24Male Railway PorterSampford Courtenay, Devon 1891 1911
 Hannah M W EasterbrookWife25Female  Bideford, Devon
 Winnifred M EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Barnstaple, Devon 1911
 Courtney W EasterbrookSon4/12Male  Eggesford St, Devon 1911
Walia Farm, Down St Mary, Crediton, DevonJohn D PartridgeHead57Male FarmerZeal Monachorum, Devon
 Jane D PartridgeWife47Female  Down St Mary, Devon
 William PartridgeSon23Male  Down St Mary, Devon
 Janet M PartridgeDaughter20Female  Down St Mary, Devon
 Jane D PartridgeDaughter12Female  Chulmleigh, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant17Male Horseman on FarmCalsbrooke, Devon 1911
19 The Green, Crediton, DevonEdwin EasterbrookHead55Male DairymanCrediton, Devon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife55Female Dairy KeeperCrediton, Devon
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter20Female Assistant in DairyCrediton, Devon 1891 1911
Gregory Court, Bourden Hill, Crediton, DevonJames ColesHead52Male Hay CutterUffculme, Devon
 Mary A ColesWife53Female  Upton Helions, Devon 1881 1911
 Annie E ColesDaughter18Female  Upton Helions, Devon
 Percey T ColesSon6Male  Crediton, Devon
12 Coleford Vill, Colebrooke, Crediton, DevonSam EasterbrookHead39Male Working Steam SawyerColebrooke, Devon 1891 1911
 Sarah EasterbrookWife37Female  Colebrooke, Devon
 Albert EasterbrookSon11Male  Colebrooke, Devon 1891 1911
 Elsie EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Colebrooke, Devon
 Sidney EasterbrookSon7Male  Colebrooke, Devon 1911
 Ernest EasterbrookSon5Male  Colebrooke, Devon 1911
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Colebrooke, Devon 1911
 Harold EasterbrookSon1Male  Colebrooke, Devon 1911
 Anne EasterbrookMother62Female Monthly Sick NurseColebrooke, Devon 1891
 Susan BraundAunt73Female Ag C*le womman on farmColebrooke, Devon
Lesop Farm, Sandford, Crediton, DevonHenry TremlettHead34Male FarmerSandford, Devon
 Amy TremlettWife35Female  Shobrooke, Devon
 Henry TremlettSon8Male  Sandford, Devon
 Amy TremlettDaughter6Female  Sandford, Devon
 William TremlettSon5Male  Sandford, Devon
 Bessie T TremlettDaughter3Female  Sandford, Devon
 Walter J SpearServant14Male Farm boyStoke Cannon, Devon
 Annie EasterbrookServant1?Female Housemaid (Domestic)Colebrooke, Devon 1891 1911
Slades Cottages, Shobrooke, Crediton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead71Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon 1891
 Grace EasterbrookWife69Female  Cadeleigh, Devon
Silver St, St Thomas a Becket, Tiverton, DevonRichard Wippell J PHead67Male YeomanRewe, Devon
 Elizabeth T WippellWife67Female  Crediton, Devon
 Alice SaundersServant25Female CookCadbury, Devon
 Annis EasterbrooksServant18Female HousemaidThorverton, Devon 1891 1911
Brook Cot, St Thomas a Becket, Tiverton, DevonMary A ChardHead51Female Butcher ShopkeeperRockbeer, Devon
 William J ChardSon22Male  Ottery St Mary, Devon
 Arthur ChardSon20Male  Ottery St Mary, Devon
 Emily GriggServant51Female  Menheniot, Cornwall
 Thomas GroelingServant21Male  Exmouth, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant15Male Butchers ApprenticeThorverton, Devon 1891 1911
Bullon St, Thorverton, St Thomas a Becket, Tiverton, DevonFanny EasterbrookHead42Female CharwomanThorverton, Devon 1891 1911
 John L EasterbrookSon20Male Postm*Cadbury, Devon 1891 1911
5 Union Terrace, Barnstaple Holy Trinity, Barnstaple, DevonWilliam H TollerHead58Male SolicitorBarnstaple, Devon
 Montague H TollerSon30Male SolicitorBarnstaple, Devon
 Virtue B EllServant36Female Parlour Maid DomesticMarshfield, Gloucestershire
 Minnie A EdwardsServant17Female House Maid DomesticBath, Somerset
 Lucy Ann EsterbrookServant27Female Cook DomesticRadford, Devon 1891 1911
Fairlinch Farm, Braunton, Braunton St Brannock, Barnstaple, DevonLouis William DyerHead46Male FarmerBraunton, Devon
 Gertrude DyerWife37Female  Madras, India
 William Henry DyerSon8Male  Braunton, Devon
 Francis John DyerSon6Male  Braunton, Devon
 Percy Oliver DyerSon4Male  Braunton, Devon
 Elizabeth DyerMother84Female Living on own meansBerynharbour, Devon
 Hannah Oliver DyerSister48Female Living on own meansBraunton, Devon
 Charles Henry EasterbrookServant22Male Horseman on FarmAlverdiscott, Devon 1891 1911
 Albert Tom GubbServant13Male General Servant DomesticBraunton, Devon
Schoolhouse, Heanton Punchardon, St Augustine, Barnstaple, DevonCharles MountjoyHead70Male Granary Agricultural LabourerHeanton Punchardon, Devon
 Sarah MountjoyWife78Female  Alverdiscott, Devon
 Alice EasterbrookGranddaughter25Female General Servant DomesticHeanton Punchardon, Devon 1891 1911
West Ashford, Heanton Punchardon, St Augustine, Barnstaple, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead54Male Cattleman on FarmHigh Bickington, Devon 1891 1911
 Jane EasterbrookWife45Female  Alverdiscott, Devon
 Edith S EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Heanton Punchardon, Devon 1911
 Walter J EasterbrookSon6Male  Heanton Punchardon, Devon 1911
 James EasterbrookSon5Male  Heanton Punchardon, Devon 1911
 Ada L EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Heanton Punchardon, Devon 1911
Marsh Cottages, Heanton Punchardon, St Augustine, Barnstaple, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead40Male Cattleman on FarmBraunton, Devon 1891 1911
 Thirza EasterbrookWife31Female  Landkey, Devon
 Thirza EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Barnstapl, Devon 1891 1911
 Annie MogridgeMother-in-law53FemaleM?SilkTruro, Cornwall
Charmor, Heanton Punchardon, St Augustine, Barnstaple, DevonJohn ReedHead56Male FarmerMarwood, Devon
 Mary E ReedWife52Female  Braunton, Devon
 Annie ReedDaughter18Female  Braunton, Devon
 May E JoslinVisitor26Female Farmer's WifeBraunton, Devon
 William JoslinVisitor25Male FarmerInstow, Devon
 Louise GreenServant15Female General Servant DomesticBraunton, Devon
 Alfred EasterbrookServant15Male General Servant Farm WorkAstpord, Devon 1891 1911
26 Station Rd, Holy Trinity, Barnstaple, DevonFrederick EasterbrookHead37MaleWidRailway PorterInstow, Devon 1891 1911
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Ilfracombe, Devon 1891 1911
 Nellie EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Ilfracombe, Devon 1911
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Ilfracombe, Devon 1911
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Ilfracombe, Devon 1911
 Mary EasterbrookSister26Female HousekeeperInstow, Devon 1891
76 Pollington Terr, East Pilton, St Mary, Barnstaple, DevonJames MountjoyHead47Male Wool Merchants CarterHeanton Punchardon, Devon
 Sarah J MountjoyWife47Female  High Bickington, Devon 1891 1911
 Emily EasterbrookNiece Visitor (Niece)21Female General ServantHorley, Surrey 1891 1911
6 Fair View, East Pilton, St Mary, Barnstaple, DevonJohn HarrisHead41Male Ordinary Agricultural LabourerWest Down, Devon
 Jenetta A HarrisWife34Female DressmakerNorth Molton, Devon
 Cecil G HarrisSon7Male  High Bray, Devon
 Herbert J HarrisSon5Male  Barnstaple, Devon
 Florence A HarrisDaughter2Female  Barnstaple, Devon
 George EasterbrookLodger16Male Cattleman on FarmAshford, Devon 1891 1911
Morthoe Village, St Mary, Barnstaple, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead42Male Agricultural Labouer (ordinary)Buckland Brewer, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife41Female  Braunton, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon13Male  Morthoe, Devon 1891
 Eva EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Morthoe, Devon 1891 1911
 Charles EasterbrookSon5Male  Morthoe, Devon 1911
 William EasterbrookSon2Male  Morthoe, Devon 1911
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Morthoe, Devon 1911
Morthoe Village, St Mary, Barnstaple, DevonThomas W PigotHead52Male Clergyman Ch EngRochester, Kent
 May H PigotWife45Female  Manchester, Lancashire
 Ellen M BerryServant24Female Cook DomesticBarnstaple, Devon
 Mary E EasterbrookServant15Female HousemaidBraunton, Devon 1891
Bickington, Fremington, Fremington St Peter, Barnstaple, DevonEmma EasterbrookHead42Female LaundressFremington, Devon 1891 1911
 Bertie EasterbrookSon18Male Agricultural LabourerFremington, Devon 1891 1911
Railway Cottage, Instow, Instow St James the Baptist, Barnstaple, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead61Male Foreman PlatelayerLapford, Devon 1891 1911
 Sarah EasterbrookWife62Female  Lapford, Devon
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter22Female  Instow, Devon 1891 1911
 Ernest CourtneyGrandson3Male  Barnstaple, Devon
New Sun, Instow, Instow St James the Baptist, Barnstaple, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead46Male Inn Keeper PubKingsbridge, Devon 1891 1911
 Dorcas EasterbrookWife47Female  Sherford, Devon
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Berry Pomeroy, Devon 1891
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Instow, Devon 1891 1911
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Appledore, Devon 1891 1911
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Instow, Devon 1891 1911
33 Sticklepath Terrace, Bishops Tawton, Harracott and Tawstock St Andrew, Barnstaple, DevonCharles J EasterbrookHead34Male Cabinet MakerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Minnie EasterbrookWife38Female  Holsworthy, Devon
 Charles H EasterbrookSon8/12Male  Barnstaple, Devon 1911
 Florence E EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Barnstaple, Devon 1891 1911
 Marion G EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Barnstaple, Devon 1911
 Eliza KidwellServant17Female General ServantBarnstaple, Devon
 Emma G FordBoarder73Female Living on own meansCricklade, Wiltshire
Nene House, Beaford, Beaford All Saints, Torrington, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead32Male CarpenterBeaford, Devon 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife32Female  Beaford, Devon
 Ivy EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Beaford, Devon 1911
Marshalls Ten*, Beaford, Beaford All Saints, Torrington, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead50Male FarmerAlverdiscott, Devon 1891 1911
 Betsey EasterbrookWife55Female  Beaford, Devon
 Charles EasterbrookSon30Male Farmers SonBeaford, Devon 1891 1911
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter24Female  Beaford, Devon 1891 1911
 William EasterbrookSon19Male Farmers SonBeaford, Devon 1891 1911
 Leonard EasterbrookSon17Male Farmers SonBeaford, Devon 1891 1911
 Archie EasterbrookSon14Male Farmers SonBeaford, Devon 1891 1911
 Winnie HooperDaughter26Female  Beaford, Devon 1891
 Roland HooperSon-in-law28Male Agricultural LabourerBeaford, Devon
 Blanche HooperGranddaughter3/12Female  Beaford, Devon
Beaford Village, Beaford All Saints, Torrington, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead72MaleWidrRetired Farm LabourerHuntshaw, Devon 1891
Brownsome, Huntshaw, Huntshaw St Mary Magdalene, Torrington, DevonOctavus MonkleyHead52Male Labourer in WoodmanWear Gifford, Devon
 Maria EasterbrookAunt77Female Housekeeper DomesticHuntshaw, Devon 1891
78 Well St, Great Torrington, Great Torrington St Micheal, Torrington, DevonJohn EasterbrooksHead22Male General LabourerSampford Courtenay, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrooksWife22Female  Torrington, Devon
 Beatrice EasterbrooksDaughter1Female  Torrington, Devon 1911
74 Calf St, Great Torrington, Great Torrington St Micheal, Torrington, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead67Male General LabourerSampford Spinney, Devon 1891
 Louisa EasterbrookWife62Female  Abbotsbury, Dorset
 Thirza IsaacsDaughter25Female DressmakerSampford Courtenay, Devon 1891
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter20Female Shirt collar makerNorth Tawton, Devon 1891
 Winifred IsaacsGranddaughter2Female  Torrington, Devon
 Florence IsaacsGranddaughter1Female  Torrington, Devon
Puois Buildings, Bideford, Bideford St Mary, Bideford, DevonNorah EasterbrookHead40FemaleWidCharwomanWest Putford, Devon 1911
2 Coldharbour, Bideford, Bideford St Mary, Bideford, DevonElizabeth SpencerHead Widow (Head)37Female Linen Collar MachinistWear Gifford, Devon 1891
 John EasterbrookSon16Male Porter in service storesBideford, Devon 1891 1911
 May SpencerDaughter2Female  Bideford, Devon
21 High St, Bideford, Bideford St Mary, Bideford, DevonJohn H EasterbrookHead45Male Shop PorterWear Gifford, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary E EasterbrookWife37Female  Appledore, Devon
 George H EasterbrookSon12Male  Northam, Devon 1891 1911
 Fred J EasterbrookSon10Male  Northam, Devon 1911
Bideford Union Workhouse, Bideford St Mary, Bideford, DevonRichard EasterbrookPauper10Male  Bideford, Devon 1891 1911
 John EasterbrookPauper8Male  Bideford, Devon 1911
Raleigh Estate (Raleigh Wood), Northam, Northam St Margaret the Virgin, Bideford, DevonDorothy S K WickhamHead59Female Living on own meansNf
 Annie E WickhamDaughter37Female Living on own meansBideford, Devon
 Hester NichollsServant70Female Cook DomesticBuckland, Devon
 Evelyn EasterbrookServant14Female Housemaid DomesticNortham, Devon 1891 1911
Village, Parkham St James, Bideford, DevonHenry EastebrookHead64Male Agricultural LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife57Female  West Putford, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Parkham, Devon 1891 1911
 Beatrice M EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Parkham, Devon 1891 1911
 William DemisonBoarder23Male NavvyCornwall
 Edward GloverBoarder21Male NavvyParkham, Devon
 William EdwardsBoarder22Male NavvyKingsbridge, Devon
Halsbury, Parkham St James, Bideford, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead33Male Agricultural LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon 1891 1911
 Belega EasterbrookWife30Female  Fremington, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon6Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon 1911
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon 1911
 Earnest EasterbrookSon2Male  Parkham, Devon 1911
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Parkham, Devon
Ledborough, Parkham, Parkham St James, Bideford, DevonBryant SleeHead34Male FarmerWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 Lavinia SleeWife27Female  Hartland, Devon
 John A SleeSon5Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 Edward ShortServant21Male Carter on FarmWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 Thomas GloverServant19Male Cattleman on FarmWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 Harold EastabrookServant16Male Carter on FarmClovelly, Devon 1891
 Grace BurnardServant18Female General Servant (Domestic)Hartland, Devon
Newhaven, Parkham, Parkham St James, Bideford, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead26Male Agricultural LabourerParkham, Devon 1891 1911
 Evalina EasterbrookWife30Female  Morwinstowe, Cornwall
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Parkham, Devon 1911
 Henry EasterbrookSon2Male  Parkham, Devon 1911
 Thomas EasterbrookSon11/12Male  Parkham, Devon 1911
Buckland Cott, Hartland, Hartland St Nectan, Bideford, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead28Male Carter on FarmClovelly, Devon 1891 1911
 Sarah EasterbrookWife31Female  Hartland, Devon
 Mahalah EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Mownstow, Cornwall 1911
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter4/12Female  Hartland, Devon 1911
Woolfardisworthy Village, Woolfardisworthy Holy Trinity, Bideford, DevonJames EastabrookHead55Male Retired P.C.+Passinger CarrierWoolfardisworthy, Devon 1891 1911
 George EastabrookBrother52Male Farmer + Stud ProprietorWoolfardisworthy, Devon 1881
Walland Cots, Woolfardisworthy, Bucks Mill St Anne, Bideford, DevonHarriet EasterbrookHead52Female Living on own meansClovelly, Devon 1911
 Reginald EasterbrookSon1??Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon 1891
 Hilda K ThomasBoarder2Female  Middlesex, London
Windy Cross, Thornbury St Peter, Holsworthy, DevonEzeikel EasterbrookHead57MaleWidrAgricultural BlacksmithExbourne 1891 1911
Holwll Rectory, Halwill St James and St Peter, Holsworthy, DevonKenneth A LakeHead29Male Clergyman Church of EnglandMonhton Thaurt, Kent
 Mary EasterbrookServant48Female Cook DomesticSt Andrews Plymouth, Devon
 Lena MartinServant15Female Housemaid DomesticHalwill, Devon
Trelaske, Lewannick, Lewannick St Martin, Launceston, CornwallCharles G ArcherHead54Male Living on own meansLewannick, Cornwall
 Henry MendhamServant51Male Butler DomesticHerringwell, Suffolk
 John EasterbrookServant41MaleSCoachmanLewannick, Cornwall
 Caroline WadgeServant49Female CookLewannick, Cornwall
 Annie LowdonServant27Female HousemaidMeavey, Devon
 Sannah ChapmanServant49Female KitchenmaidLewannick, Cornwall
Grove, Broadwood Widger, St Nicholas, Launceston, DevonI BassettHead57Male Agric.LabourerAshwater, Devon
 E BassettWife52Female  Ashwater, Devon
 F BassettSon28Male Ag LAshwater, Devon
 F I EasterbrookSon-in-law24Male Railway PorterJustow, Devon 1891 1911
 E EasterbrookDaughter20Female  Ashwater, Devon
Heason, St Mellion, St Germans, CornwallJames EastabrookHead64Male ThatcherBuckland Brewer, Devon 1891 1911
 Grace EastabrookWife64Female  Abbots Bickington, Devon
 Beatrice EastabrookDaughter24Female  St Mellion, Cornwall 1891
Lower Trewashford, Pillaton, St Germans, CornwallJames EastabrookHead34Male Carter on EstateNorth Hill, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Mary J EastabrookWife32Female  Landulph, Cornwall
 Hedley EastabrookSon6Male  St Ive, Cornwall 1911
 Dorothea EastabrookDaughter5Female  St Ive, Cornwall 1911
 Alfred H EastabrookSon3Male  Pillaton, Cornwall
Fore Street, Callington, Callington St Mary and South Hill St Sampson, Liskeard, CornwallAlbert EasterbrookHead43Male Draper & OutfitterMarinoton, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife48Female  Shan, Devon
 Thirza R OdgersNiece23Female AssistantNorth Wales
Pengelly, Callington, Callington St Mary and South Hill St Sampson, Liskeard, CornwallSusan MaynardHead73FemaleWidLiving on own meansLifton, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookVisitor79FemaleWidRelief of ParishLydford, Devon
Pool Hall Farm House, Menheniot, Liskeard, CornwallElias EasterbrookHead25MaleSFarmer & ButcherMenheniot, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Emily EasterbrookSister29FemaleSHousekeeperMenheniot, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Robert MuttonBoarder72Male  Pelynt, Cornwall
 Amelia ChampionServant15Female  Tywardreath, Cornwall
Trewint Farm, Menheniot, Liskeard, CornwallElias EasterbrookHead65Male Farmer & ButcherHolne, Devon 1891 1911
 Armand EasterbrookWife58   Menheniot, Cornwall
 Armand S EasterbrookDaughter31   Menheniot, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter21Female  Menheniot, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Beaconsfield B EasterbrookSon15Male Farmers SonMenheniot, Cornwall 1891 1911
Village, Menheniot, Liskeard, CornwallJohn B EasterbrookHead61MaleSGrocer DraperHolne, Devon 1891 1911
 Ann SnellSister68FemaleWidLiving on own meansHolne, Devon 1891
2 South View, Menheniot, Liskeard, CornwallEdward EasterbrookHead34Male FarmerMenheniot, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Cassie EasterbrookWife34Female  Menheniot, Cornwall
Liskeard Union Workhouse, Liskeard St Martin, Liskeard, CornwallBeatrice EasterbrookPauper21  Draper's AssistantSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
The County Lunatic Asylum and Rosevalley House, Bodmin St Petroc, Bodmin, CornwallRichard EasterbrookPauper Patient (Pauper)71Male Tin Miner 
6 Grove Rd, St Blazey, St Mary, St Austell, CornwallElizabeth EasterbrookHead46Female  St Blazey, Cornwall
 Samuel J EasterbrookSon23Male Flour WaggonerSt Blazey, Cornwall 1891
 Joseph EasterbrookSon17Male Railway Engine CleanerSt Blazey, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter15Female  St Blazey, Cornwall 1891 1911
Biddicks Court, St Austell, CornwallAlbert EasterbrookHead50Male Book MakerSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Hettie EasterbrookDaughter27Female House KeeperSt Austell, Cornwall 1891
 Ernest EasterbrookSon19Male ButcherSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Arthur EasterbrookSon23Male CarpenterSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Rosie EasterbrookDaughter15Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Mary L EasterbrookDaughter2Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1911
Polkith, St Austell, CornwallLouisa J EsterbrookHead52FemaleWLiving on own meansSt Blazey, Cornwall 1911
Charlestown, St Austell, CornwallHenry EasterbrookHead60Male Green GrocerSt Austell, Cornwall
Charlestown, St Austell, CornwallWilliam RickardHead40Male Grocer ShopkeeperSt Austell, Cornwall
 Mary RickardWife38Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Ethel RickardDaughter13Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Clara RickardDaughter6Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Mabel RickardDaughter3Female  St Austell, Cornwall
Charlestown, St Austell, CornwallJane EsterbrookHead56FemaleWidGrocer ShopkeeperSt Austell, Cornwall 1911
 John EsterbrookSon23Male Grocer's assistantSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Ada EsterbrookDaughter17Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1891
Bopcoppa, Charlestown St Paul, St Austell, CornwallHarriett EasterbrookHead65FemaleWid St Austell, Cornwall
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter23FemaleS Lancashire 1891 1911
Netley, Treverbyn, Treverbyn St Peter, St Austell, CornwallWilliam EasterbrookHead43Male Clay Mine LabourerSt Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Mary EasterbrookWife38Female  Roche, Cornwall
 Willie EasterbrookSon14Male General LabourerRoche, Cornwall 1891
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Roche, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Minnie EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Roche, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Frank EasterbrookSon7Male  Roche, Cornwall 1911
 Fred EasterbrookSon5Male  Roche, Cornwall 1911
Edgcumbe Terrace Park?, Roche, St Austell, CornwallHenry PedlarHead51Male China Clay LabourerWithiel, Cornwall
 Hanna PedlarWife22Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Harray PedlarSon18Male China Clay LabourerWithiel, Cornwall
 Rose PedlarDaughter15Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 William C PedlarSon9Male  Withiel, Cornwall
 Oranos D PedlarSon7Male  Withiel, Cornwall
 Elizabeth EsterbrookMother-in-law78FemaleWidPauperRoche, Cornwall 1891
 Amelia HodgeBoarder82FemaleWid Roche, Cornwall
Trewray Farm, Grampound, St Stephen, St Austell, CornwallElizabeth SkidmoreHead62Female FarmerSt Stephens, Cornwall
 Rebecca EasterbrookServant47Female House KeeperSt Stephens, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Fred BondServant40Male Farm LabourerTorquay, Devon
Polgooth, St Mewan, St Austell, CornwallReuben BilkeyHead53Male FarmerSt Eval, Cornwall
 Ann BilkeyWife55Female  Menheniot, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Henry BilkeySon19Male  St Mewan, Cornwall
 Blanche BilkeyDaughter14Female  St Mewan, Cornwall
Trewollack, St Just in Roseland, Truro, CornwallHenry WilliamsHead65Male FarmerCrowen, Cornwall
 Mary WilliamsWife55Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Tryphena WilliamsDaughter24Female  St Clement, Cornwall
 Arthur WilliamsSon19Male  St Just, Cornwall
 Dora WilliamsDaughter15Female  St Just, Cornwall
 Louisa EsterbrookVisitor40FemaleWid St Winnow, Cornwall 1881 1911
 Fred PenkalijonServant15Male  Gerrans, Cornwall
Rudick Place, Falmouth, CornwallSarah EasterbrookHead50FemaleWid Penzance, Cornwall 1891 1911
 John B EasterbrookSon27Male ConfectionerPenzance, Cornwall 1891 1911
 May EasterbrookDaughter19Female Confectioner AssistantPenzance, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Richard JamesServant17Male  Illogan, Cornwall
Edward St, Cambourne, Tuckingmill All Saints, Redruth, CornwallNicolas EsterbrookHead31Male Foreman BlacksmithHayle, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Elizabeth EsterbrookWife33Female  Hayle, Cornwall
 Ethel L EsterbrookDaughter5Female  Camborne, Cornwall 1911
43 Peupol Terrace, Phillack, St Elwyn, Redruth, CornwallWilmot J EasterbrookHead57FemaleWBaker ShopkeeperPhillack, Cornwall 1891
 Ethel SmithamNiece15Female  Cardiff, Glamorgan
 Bridget WilliamsBoarder44FemaleW Phillack, Cornwall
 Peter HoskingBoarder20Male Railway PorterCamborne, Cornwall
Station Hill, Phillack, St Elwyn, Redruth, CornwallNicholas J EasterbrookHead27Male FarmerPhillack, Cornwall 1891
 Elizabeth M EasterbrookWife27Female  Phillack, Cornwall
 Nicholas J EasterbrookSon4Male  Phillack, Cornwall 1911
 Wilmot E EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Phillack, Cornwall 1911
Lock's House, Phillack, St Elwyn, Redruth, CornwallElizabeth EasterbrookHead72FemaleWid Plymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Thomas IveyBoarder29Male Stone BreakerCrowan, Cornwall
Foundry Hill, St Erth, Penzance, CornwallWilliam I EasterbrookHead38Male Baker BreadmakerLondon 1891 1911
 Bessie EasterbrookWife41Female  Hayle, Cornwall
 William I EasterbrookSon9Male  Hayle, Cornwall 1911
 M E EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Hayle, Cornwall 1911
 E A EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Hayle, Cornwall 1911
 E I WilleySister-in-law22Female  Lizard, Cornwall
 Bessie WilleyNiece2Female  Ruan Minor, Cornwall
7 Regent Ter, Penzance, St Mary, Penzance, CornwallJane BolithoHead53FemaleSLodging House KeeperSt Just, Cornwall
 Christiana EastabrookSister52FemaleWid Morvah, Cornwall 1891
 Anne BolithoSister47Female  Morvah, Cornwall
 Mary A SimmondsSister41Female  Morvah, Cornwall
 Maud M C SimmondsNiece6Female  Gibraltar
 Arthur SimmondsNephew4Male  Woolwich, Kent
5 Coulson's Ter, Penzance, St Mary, Penzance, CornwallGeorge FicklinHead65Male HM Customs (Retired)Isle of Wight, Ryde
 Amelia FicklinWife58Female  Spaxton, Somerset
 Fred M EvansBoarder40Male Artist in OilsMiddlesex, London
 Fanny EasterbrookServant24Female General DomesticPenzance, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Margaret NankervisNurse45Female Sick NurseSt Just, Cornwall
Mantle St, Wellington, Wellington (Somerset), SomersetJames EasterbrooksHead36Male JointerWellington, Somerset 1891 1911
 Emma EasterbrooksWife33Female  Otterford, Somerset
 Annie EasterbrooksMother68FemaleWidow Wellington, Somerset
22 to 26 North St, Taunton St Mary, Taunton, SomersetHannah SmeetonHead64Female Housekeeper to Drapery EstablishmentEasingwold, Yorkshire
 Marion LightBoarder35Female Drapers AssistantGillingham, Dorset
 Sybil GaytonBoarder26Female Drapers AssistantBanbury, Oxfordshire
 Maud M HigginsBoarder19Female Drapers AssistantExeter, Devon
 Nora M MonishBoarder28Female Drapers AssistantBideford, Devon
 Ethel DarbyBoarder21Female Drapers AssistantStoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset
 S M WarrenBoarder25Female Drapers AssistantNorth Petherton, Somerset
 Emily EasterbrookBoarder25Female Drapers AssistantHull, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Rose E BeckleyBoarder19Female Drapers AssistantClifton, Bristol
 Ethel M TemplemanBoarder23Female Drapers AssistantCricket, Somerset
 Elizabeth M CrondBoarder22Female Drapers ClerkBroomfield, Somerset
 Sarah L BrayBoarder30Female Drapers AssistantSidmouth, Devon
 Florence E StoneServant18Female HousemaidShilingford, Devon
 Sarah J StoneServant16Female Kitchen MaidThurloxton, Somerset
 Matilda A J TuckerServant26Female CookTaunton, Somerset
Ashton Villa, Weston St John, Bath, SomersetAnnette F C KnightHead70Female Living on own meansClifton, Gloucestershire
 Alicia L KnightVisitor70Female  Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
 Elizabeth CotterillServant61Female CookTarmarden, Gloucestershire
 Jane EasterbrookServant36Female ParlourmaidCheltenham, Gloucestershire 1881 1911
 Alice R KeevillServant17Female HousemaidFrome, Somerset
16 Princes St, Bedminster, Bedminster St Luke, Bristol, GloucestershireThomas EastabrookHead Male Railway PorterClovelly, Devon 1891
 Ann EastabrookWife56Female  Hartland, Devon
 John T EastabrookSon29MaleSShops DoormanBristol 1891
134 Oxford St, Knowle Holy Nativity, Bristol, GloucestershireFrancis W ProbertHead47Male Railway Passenger GuardSt Margarets, Herefordshire
 Louisa E ProbertWife38Female  Monmouth, Monmouthshire
 Walter EasterbrookBoarder29Male Baker ConfectionerKilburn, London 1891 1911
Highbury Tavern, Highbury Place, Clifton, Tyndalls Park St Mary the Virgin, Bristol, GloucestershireWilliam EasterbrookHead37Male BlacksmithPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Louisa EasterbrookWife37Female Beer RetailerBristol
 Louisa FordsDaughter20FemaleM Bristol
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Bristol 1911
36 Park Row, Bristol, St Augustine, Bristol, GloucestershireWalter Frank EastenbrookHead40Male Timber SalesmanBristol, Gloucestershire 1891 1911
 Alice EastenbrookWife38Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Stanley Hy EastenbrookSon8Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire 1911
 Harold EastenbrookSon6Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire 1911
 Alice Daisy EastenbrookDaughter1Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire 1911
 William ThomasBoarder61Male TailerBristol, Gloucestershire
 Annie ThomasBoarder56Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Albert ThomasBoarder26Male TailerBristol, Gloucestershire
 Arthur Wm ThomasBoarder24Male GrocerBristol, Gloucestershire
 Walter ThomasBoarder22Male Cycle MechanicBristol, Gloucestershire
2 Lower College St, Bristol, Brandon Hill St George, Bristol, GloucestershireEdward EasterbrookHead45Male Mason LabourerBristol, St Stephen 1891 1911
2 Lower College St, Bristol, Brandon Hill St George, Bristol, GloucestershireGeorge PearceHead53Male Night WatchmanBristol, St Philip
 E H PearceWife55Female  St Judes Bristol 1891 1911
 E M PearceDaughter23Female  Bristol, St James
 E E PearceDaughter20Female  St Augustines
 J F PearceDaughter18Female  St Augustines
 L G PearceSon16Male  St Augustines
 S E PearceSon13Male  St Augustines
All Saints Alms Houses, The Barton, Bristol, St Paul, Bristol, GloucestershireElizabeth EasterbrookHead78FemaleSInmate of AlmshouseBristol 1891
59 Seymour Rd, Bristol, St Simon, Bristol, GloucestershireJabez EastabrookHead64Male Building ContractorBristol 1891 1911
 Frances H LydyNiece30Female  Porton, Hampshire
 Margaret L RankerServant Female Housekeeper DomesticPerth
26 Goodhind St, Bristol, Holy Trinity, Bristol, GloucestershireElizabeth A EastabrookHead54FemaleWid Bristol 1911
 Florence EastabrookDaughter36Female Dyers AssistantBristol 1891 1911
 Sidney D EastabrookSon23Male Builder's ForemanBristol 1891 1911
 Kate M EastabrookDaughter20Female Drapers AssistantBristol 1891 1911
 Alfred W EastabrookSon17Male Brewers ClerkBristol 1891 1911
 Frank G EastabrookSon14Male Carpenter ApprenticeBristol 1891 1911
 Dorothy C EastabrookDaughter10Female  Bristol 1891 1911
 Elizabeth DanielMother76FemaleWid Bristol
146 Wells Rd, Knowle, Bristol, Knowle Holy Nativity, Bristol, GloucestershireFrederick ParsonHead30Male ButcherBristol, Gloucestershire
 Reginald Fred ParsonSon7Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 William Fox RathboneBrother-in-law19Male Telephone ElectricianBristol, Gloucestershire
 Edith EasterbrookServant22FemaleSClerk (Butcher)Kilburn, London 1891 1911
 Hannah PerryServant17Female General Domestic ServantPaulton, Somerset
325 Stapleton Rd, Bristol, Easton All Hallows, Bristol, GloucestershireMary Ann EastabrookHead43Female  Broadhempston, Devon 1881
 Miriam EastabrookDaughter17Female Coat MachinistCheriton Bishop, Devon 1891 1911
 Hilda EastabrookDaughter15Female Trouser MachinistTotness, Devon 1891 1911
 Lillian EastabrookDaughter12Female  Totness, Devon 1891
 Arthur EastabrookSon10Male  Totness, Devon 1891 1911
 Gertrude EastabrookDaughter7Female  Maes Teg 1911
 George EastabrookSon6Male  Maes Teg 1911
224 Fishpond Rd, Stapleton, Bristol, Eastville St Thomas the Apostle, Bristol, GloucestershireWalter J EasterbrookHead59Male Railway Signal ExaminerIpplepen, Devon 1891 1911
 Ann EasterbrookWife65Female  North Curry, Somerset
 Laura C EasterbrookDaughter34FemaleSHousekeeper to ParentsKilburn, Middlesex 1891 1911
14 Heuleage Av, Westbury on Trym, Redland and Westbury Holy Trinity, Barton Regis, GloucestershireFrank EastabrookHead40Male Ornamental Silver Plate EngraverClifton, Bristol 1891 1911
 Laura A EastabrookWife31Female  Cliton, Bristol
 Adelaide BrownServant20Female Domestic ServantWellington, Somerset
Spring Hill, Maisemore St Giles, Gloucester, GloucestershireEdmund V AmeryHead73Male ClergymanEdgbaston, Warwickshire
 Fanny AmeryWife77Female  Exmouth, Devon
 Lydia TarboxServant49Female Cook DomesticLondon
 Jane EastabrookeServant73Female CompanionCrediton, Devon
 Charlotte TarboxServant19Female HousemaidChesham, London
 Ruben BaileyServant16Male HouseboyHasfield, Gloucestershire
7 Portland Terr, Holy Trinity, Cheltenham, GloucestershireJohn G MooreHead51Male BuilderPortishead, Somerset
 Martha MooreWife57Female  Wooton, Somerset
 Adeline MooreDaughter25Female DressmakerBristol
 John MooreSon24Male CarpenterBristol
 John EastabrookBoarder24Male CarpenterLondon 1891 1911
4 Gaverick St, Poplar, Christchurch, Poplar, LondonHarry DaveyHead33Male Dock LabourerPoplar, London
 Mary S DaveyWife30Female  Poplar, London 1891 1911
 Harry DaveySon10Male  Poplar, London
 Rosina DaveyDaughter7Female  Poplar, London
 Walter DaveySon3Male  Poplar, London
 Eliza DaveyDaughter1Female  Poplar, London
 John DaveySon3/12Male  Poplar, London
 Jemima HesterBoarder19Female General ServantRotherhithe, London
11 Gaverick St, Christchurch, Poplar, LondonAlfred PalmerHead28Male Dock LabourerPoplar, London
 Elizabeth PalmerWife27Female  Poplar, London 1881
 George PalmerSon6Male  Poplar, London
 Lizzie PalmerDaughter4Female  Poplar, London
 Sarah PalmerDaughter2Female  Poplar, London
 Jack PalmerSon1Male  Poplar, London
 Millie EasterbrookSister25Female Dress MakerPoplar, London 1891 1911
Private Dwelling Houses, Christchurch, Southwark, LondonWm John EasterbrookLodger26Male Manchester WarehousemanExbourne, Devon 1881 1911
30 Courtwell St, St Luke Tavistock Road, Paddington, LondonHenry EasterbrookHead36Male Pastry CookExeter, St Sidwell 1891 1911
 Ada J EasterbrookWife36Female  Kensington, London
 Henry F EasterbrookSon10Male  Hammersmith, London 1891 1911
 Fred J EasterbrookSon4Male  Holloway, London 1911
 Jessie L EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Hammersmith, London 1891 1911
 Alice V EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Paddington, London 1911
 Arthur NortonBoarder19Male Asst Pie ShopMeyaryhampton, Gloucestershire
 Aubert NortonBoarder15Male Milliners ParterMeyaryhampton, Gloucestershire
55 Westbourne Grove, Paddington, St Matthew, Paddington, LondonEllen EasterbrookBoarder19Female Housemaid DomesticElham, Kent 1891 1911
3 Kiver Rd, Upper Holloway, St John, Islington, LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead59Male Shoe Boot MakerPlymouth, Devon 1891
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife53Female  Southsea, Hampshire
43 Sedgewick St, South-East Hackney, St Barnabas Homerton, Hackney, LondonWilliam H EasterbrookHead58Male Wood CarverBristol, Gloucestershire 1891
 Jemima EasterbrookWife61Female  Homerton, London
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter20Female Under clothing ?Homerton, London 1891 1911
Makhams Hotel, 8&9 Newcastle St, St Clement Danes, Strand, LondonThomas R EasterbrookVisitor41Male Living on own meansPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Eliza B EasterbrookVisitor39Female Living on own meansPlymouth, Devon
23 Cavendish Bdy, Holborn, Holy Trinity Grays Inn Road, Holborn, LondonWilliam LambertHead58Male Printer-Machine ManagerSt Luke, London
 Helen E LambertWife55Female  Clerkenwell, London 1891 1911
 Ada LambertDaughter21Female Book FolderIslington, London
 William LambertSon19Male Printer-Machine ManagerHolborn, London
 Rosia LambertDaughter19Female Book FolderHolborn, London
25 New North Rd, St John the Baptist Hoxton, Shoreditch, LondonEdward EastbrookeHead48Male French PolisherHoxton, London 1891 1911
 Caroline EastbrookeWife47Female  Hoxton, London
 Emily EastbrookeDaughter15Female  Hoxton, London 1891 1911
47 Gt James St, Shoreditch, St Anne, Shoreditch, LondonGeorge Samuel AmosHead24Male French PolisherHoxton, London
 Mary Ann AmosWife25Female  Haggerston, London 1891
 George S AmosSon5Male  Hoxton, London
 Lillian AmosDaughter3/12Female  Hoxton, London
149 Gt Cambridge S, Haggeston, St Mary Haggerston, Shoreditch, LondonThomas EasterbrookHead40Male Licenced VictuallerLeitrim, Ireland 1891 1910
 Kate EasterbrookWife28Female  Birmingham
 Ann EasterbrookNiece25Female BarmaidLeitrim, Ireland
 Mary ReeleyNiece20Female BarmaidLeitrim, Ireland
 Esther J J EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Shoreditch, London
190 St Vincent St, St Margaret, Birmingham, WarwickshireElizabeth AncillHead77Female  Devonport, Devon 1891
 William Geo GriffSon49Male TailorValetta, Malta
 Charlotte Emma GriffDaughter46Female TailoressGibraltar
Coventry Place, Bethnal Green, St Andrew, Bethnal Green, LondonEdward EasterbrookHead27Male Labourer on RoadsBethnal Green, London 1891 1911
 Albertine EasterbrookWife20Female  Bethnal Green, London
 Nelly EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Bethnal Green, London 1911
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Bethnal Green, London 1911
 Edward EasterbrookSon4Male  Bethnal Green, London 1911
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Bethnal Green, London 1911
69 Waterlow Buildings, Wilmot St, Bethnal Green, St Andrew, Bethnal Green, LondonJohn S EasterbrookHead52Male Journeyman HatterBristol, Gloucestershire 1891 1911
 Eliza A EasterbrookWife52Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Alburn S EasterbrookSon23Male Chemists AssistantN, London 1891 1911
 Eliza E EasterbrookDaughter19Female Powder Folder ChemistsN, London 1891 1911
68 Seabright St, Bethnal Green, St Andrew, Bethnal Green, LondonWalk E B EasterbrookHead26Male Cabinet MakerBristol, Gloucestershire 1891 1911
 Alice J EasterbrookWife25Female  Bethnal Green, London
 Clara A EasterbrookDaughter7 WeeksFemale  Oxfordshire 1911
Hatchway, Barford, Barford St Peter, Warwick, WarwickshireMillicent EastbrookServant15Female HousemaidLondon, Middlesex 1891 1911
Redditel Road, Studley, Studley St Mary, Alcester, WarwickshireWm HemmingHead    Studley, Warwickshire
 Mary HemmingWife72FemaleMarriedDressmakerAlcester, Warwickshire
 Fanny EasterbrookLodger35FemaleSingleDressmakerStudley, Warwickshire 1939
14 Dolphin St, Cleethorpes, St Peter, Grimsby, LincolnshireEllen GilliganHead55Female Boarding House KeeperLondon City
 Frank GilliganSon24Male Carpenter & JoinerHeeley, Yorkshire
 Gertrude GilliganDaughter23Female Maker of Fishing NetsSheffield, Yorkshire
 William J GilliganSon33Male Sorting Clerk at General Post OfficeAston, Warwickshire
 George J EasterbrookBoarder34MaleWidrReporter for a NewspaperPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
27 High Street, Gainsborough, Gainsborough Holy Trinity, Gainsborough, LincolnshireAnnie E DownHead40Female Grocer & General DealerPlymouth, Devon
 Annie P EasterbrookAunt68Female Retired DressmakerPenzance, Cornwall 1891
 Eveline A DownNiece10Female  Stoke Devonport, Devon
83 Sutton St, St Mary, St George in the East, LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead50Male General DealerHoxton
 Margaret EasterbrookWife49Female  Docklead St
47 Chandos St, Charlton, Netherfield St George, Basford, NottinghamshireEdwin R EasterbrookHead26Male Foreman Fitter RailwayPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Agnes A EasterbrookWife25Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Harold R EasterbrookSon1/12Male  Netherfield, Nottinghamshire 1911
 Mary A LaneVisitor30Female Nurse MonthlyDaybrook, Nottinghamshire
63 Woodboro' Rd, Nottingham, St Andrew, Nottingham, NottinghamshireAnnie SkillingtonHead34Female HouseholderCovington, Huntingdonshire
 George SkillingtonSon4Male  Nottinghamshire
 Annie WisbeeBoarder35Female  Birmingham
 Lavinia EsterbrookeBoarder28Female Pinafore MachinistIslington, London 1891 1911
 Charles CampbellBoarder14Male  Nottinghamshire
 Peter MackenzieBoarder25Male  Scotland
 Samuel SkeetBoarder28Male  Salford, Lancashire
54 Jesters St, Nottingham, Emmanuel, Nottingham, NottinghamshireHerbert EsterbrookHead30Male Printers labourerIslington, London 1881 1911
 Marcy L EsterbrookWife20Female  Womington, Nottinghamshire
 Lavinia M EsterbrookDaughter8/12Female  Nottinghamshire 1911
Farm House, Aspley Lane, Nottingham, Old Radford, Nottingham, NottinghamshireRobert A H FowlerHead25Male Farm BailiffThorncombe, Dorset
 Bessie TowlerWife25Female  Exeter, Devon 1891
 Edward RichardsonBoarder22Male Gardener DomesticWoodborough, Nottinghamshire
10 Union St, St Augustine Stepney, Mile End Old Town, LondonRichard EasterbrookHead39Male Police ConstableExbourne, Devon 1891
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife43Female  Norfolk
 John N R EasterbrookSon14Male Telegraph MessengerStepney, London 1891 1911
 Nellie Jno EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Stepney, London 1891
 Architatag EasterbrookSon10Male  Stepney, London 1891 1911
 Ivey J EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Stepney, London 1911
 Percy R EasterbrookSon2Male  Stepney, London 1911
24 Lydia St, St Dunstan Stepney, Mile End Old Town, LondonThomas EastabrookHead40Male General LabourerStepney, London 1891 1911
 Emily EastabrookWife39Female  Stepney, London
 Jane EastabrookDaughter16Female  Stepney, London 1891 1911
 George EastabrookSon14Male  Stepney, London 1891
 Emily EastabrookDaughter12Female  Stepney, London 1891 1911
 Hannah EastabrookDaughter10Female  Stepney, London 1911
 John EastabrookSon9/12Male  Stepney, London 1911
295a Clampton Rd, Birkenhead, St John, Birkenhead, CheshireJoseph RothwellHead31Male BricklayerLiverpool, Lancashire
 Emily RothwellWife28Female  Buens Ayres S A Foreign Subject 1891
 Constance RothwellDaughter6Female  Birkenhead, Cheshire
 George BarrBoarder30Male BricklayerRuncorn, Cheshire
17 Lunster Street, Birkenhead, St James, Birkenhead, CheshireElizabeth EasterbrookHead54FemaleWid Birkenhead, Cheshire 1891 1911
 James EasterbrookSon30Male Brickmaker's labourerS.America. British Subject 1911
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter23Female  S.America. British Subject 1891 1911
25 Lunster Street, Birkenhead, St James, Birkenhead, CheshireWilliam EasterbrookHead25MaleMBrick setterS.America. British Subject 1891 1911
 Sarah A EasterbrookWife26FemaleM Manchester, Lancashire
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Birkenhead, Cheshire 1911
 Margaret EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Birkenhead, Cheshire 1911
 Emily C EasterbrookDaughter5/12Female  Birkenhead, Cheshire 1911
Vessels, Birkenhead, CheshireEdward James EasterbrookCrew26Male StokerPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
25 Hackerey St, Toxteth Park, St Margaret, Toxteth Park, LancashireSarah HoltHead83Female Boardinghouse KeeperNot Known, Cheshire
 Ellen HoltDaughter65Female  Runcorn, Cheshire
 Leila HoltDaughter49Female  Liverpool, Lancashire
 Charles EasterbrookLodger48Male Druggist BookkeeperDartmouth, Devon 1891 1911
20 Chelsea Rd, Litherland, Litherland St Phillip, West Derby, LancashireCharles HardingHead61Male Grain PorterLiverpool, Lancashire
 Annie HardingWife63Female  Truro, Cornwall 1891 1911
 James A HardingSon20Male PlastererLiverpool, Lancashire
 Annie HardingDaughter19Female  Liverpool, Lancashire
 Winifred MarshallGranddaughter9Female  Liverpool, Lancashire
43 Malabar St, Poplar, St Luke, Poplar, LondonJohn PopeHead51Male General LabourerPoplar
 Mary J PopeWife50Female  Poplar 1911
 Eliza PopeDaughter13Female  Poplar
 Louisa PopeDaughter11Female  Poplar
 James EasterbrookNephew16Male General LabourerPoplar 1891 1911
 Peter MatthewsBoarder65Male General LabourerIreland
3 Malater St, Poplar, St Luke, Poplar, LondonAmy H EasterbrookHead40FemaleWidChemical packerPoplar 1891 1911
 William H EasterbrookSon14Male Junior ClerkPoplar 1891 1911
41 Malabu St, St Luke, Poplar, LondonJohn EasterbrookHead53Male Retired Gen LabererAshburton, Devon 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife49Female CharwomanPoplar
20 Stewart St, Poplar, St John, Poplar, LondonEdward ThompsonHead40Male Iron Plater SPRPoplar, London
 Lucy ThompsonWife33Female  Cambridge, London
 Benjamin ThompsonSon12Male  Poplar, London
 Maud ThompsonDaughter11Female  Poplar, London
 William ThompsonSon5Male  Poplar, London
 James ThompsonSon2Male  Poplar, London
 Sidney ThompsonSon3/12Male  Poplar, London
 Annie BarryBoarder19Female Paint WorksPoplar, London
 Sophia EasterbrookBoarder19Female Paint WorksPoplar, London 1891 1911
134 Everslegh Rd, Ascension, Wandsworth, LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead59Male CoppersmithClerkenwell, London 1891
 Eliza EasterbrookWife60Female  Weymouth, Dorset
 John EasterbrookSon20Male CoppersmithBattersea, London 1891 1911
123 Ashbury Rd, Ascension, Wandsworth, LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead35Male Army & Navy StoresPoplar, London 1891 1911
 Alice EasterbrookWife36Female  Hildenborough, Kent
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Pimlico, London 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Pimlico, London 1911
 Ida EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Battersea, London 1911
 Frederick EasterbrookSon5Male  Battersea, London 1911
 Frank EasterbrookSon2Male  Battersea, London 1911
 Thomas YoungFather-in-law65Male Driver GroomLeigh, Kent
Mead Arding & Hobbes, St Johns Rd, St Mark Battersea Rise, Wandsworth, LondonWilliam EasterbrookServant26Male Draper HosiersTorgnay, Devon 1891 1911
138 Salcott Rd, St Luke Nightingale Lane, Wandsworth, LondonCharles DavisHead59Male Inspector Post OfficeTetbury, Gloucestershire
 Ann S DavisWife53Female  Dodbrooke, Devon
 Henry A DavisSon28Male Sorter Post OfficePaddington
 Emily DavisDaughter26Female  Paddington
 Charles T DavisSon18Male Sorter Post OfficePaddington
 William A EasterbrookNephew21Male Jewellers Shop AssistantDevon 1891 1911
89 Kingswood Rd, All Saints, Wandsworth, LondonFide A EsterbrookeHead69Female Living on own meansIpswich, Suffolk
 John A EsterbrookeSon35Male Train ConductorPimlico, London 1891 1911
488 Oxford Street, The Annunciation, St Marylebone, LondonFrances M BrownHousekeeper35Female HousekeeperLondon
 Walter IslipServant27Male Shop Assistant (Upholsterer)Fendrayton, Cambridgeshire
 Francis N BowenServant19Male Shop Assistant (Upholsterer)Kington, Herefordshire
 Frederick W EasterbrookServant21Male Shop Assistant (Upholsterer)Torgway, Devon 1891 1911
93 Gower St, All Saints, St Pancras, LondonLydia LeneyHead37Female Doctor of MedicineLewes, Sussex
 Andrey RickettsBoarder20Female BookbinderChiselhurst, Kent
 Alice EasterbrookServant28Female CookBridport, Devon
 Ethel DyerServant22Female ParlourmaidReading, Berkshire
 Ethel BrettServant16Female HousemaidBattersea, London
39 Queensland Rd, Islington, St Barnabas, Islington, LondonJohn F EsterbrookHead35Male Porter CoalIslington, London 1891 1911
 Ellen EsterbrookWife31Female  Homerton, London
 John C EsterbrookSon12Male  Islington, London 1891 1911
 William EsterbrookSon10Male  Islington, London 1891
 Ellen EsterbrookDaughter8Female  Islington, London
 Thomas EsterbrookSon6Male  Islington, London 1911
 Minnie EsterbrookDaughter3Female  Islington, London 1911
1&2 Holborn House, Holy Trinity, Chelsea, LondonRonald F EasterbrookHead31Male Stock DealerScotland 1891 1911
 Norman MackinnonBoarder37Male Stock DealerScotland
 Louisa WebbServant40Female HousekeeperAppleton, Berkshire
Empress Club, 35 Dover St, St George Hanover Square, LondonJennie EasterbrookServant21Female Servant DomesticNk, London
25 St James Place, St James, Westminster, LondonWilliam EasterbrookServant14Male Page BoyBickleigh, Devon 1891 1911
28 Moscow Drive, Liverpool, West Derby St Mary the Virgin, West Derby, LancashireAnnie E EasterbrookWife45Female  Liverpool, Lancashire 1881 1911
 Ann NoelVisitor79Female  Weymouth, Dorset
 Martha CrawderServant59Female General Serv. DomesticShrewsbury, Shropshire
56 Irwell St, Widness, St Mary, Prescot, LancashireWilliam EasterbrookHead45Male General LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall 1891 1911
 E A EasterbrookWife38Female  Charlestown, Cornwall
 E J EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Widnes, Lancashire 1891 1911
 J W EasterbrookSon13Male  St Austell, Cornwall 1891 1911
 F C EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Widnes, Lancashire 1911
17 Clegg St, Abram, Westleigh St Peter, Wigan, LancashireMary E JonesHead37FemaleWidHousekeeperKnutsford, Cheshire
 James H JonesSon15Male Colliery Below Ground LabourerCrawford Village, Lancashire
 Margret E JonesDaughter11Female  Northop, Flint
 Mary E JonesDaughter9Female  Northop
 John W JonesSon5Male  Abram, Lancashire
 Thomas E JonesSon3Male  Abram, Lancashire
 John RogersBoarder34Male Coal Miner's HewerNorthop, Flint
 Thomas J RogersBoarder12Male  Hawarden
 William EasterbrookBoarder18Male Coal Miner's HewerFarnworth, Lancashire 1891 1911
45 Lark Hill, Farnworth, St Peter, Bolton, LancashireMartha EasterbrookHead44Female * Room HandOutwood, Lancashire 1911
 Lily EasterbrookDaughter22Female Cotton WeaverFarnworth, Lancashire 1891 1911
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter20Female Sek WeaverFarnworth, Lancashire 1891 1911
 John EasterbrookSon19Male Flyer MakerFarnworth, Lancashire 1891 1911
 George EasterbrookSon10Male  Farnworth, Lancashire 1891 1911
 Eliza J EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Farnworth, Lancashire 1911
Bolton Union Workhouse, Farnworth and Newbury St James, Bolton, LancashireJames EasterbrookPauper Inmate (Pauper)13Male nilFarnworth, Lancashire 1891
Edens Orphanage, St Paul, Bolton, LancashireMinnie EasterbrookInmate15Female  Farnworth, Lancashire 1891
 Sarah Harriet EasterbrookInmate7Female  Farnworth, Lancashire 1911
16 Silk St, Hulme Holy Trinity, Chorlton, LancashireArther EsterbrookHead29Male ClerkTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Eva EsterbrookWife23Female  Pontypool, Monmouthshire
 Eva M EsterbrookDaughter2Female  S Wales, Penorth Glen 1911
 Arther W EsterbrookSon1Male  S Wales, Barry Dock Glen 1911
Manchester & Salford Lock Hospital, 11 Duke Street, St Matthew, Manchester, LancashireEllen EasterbrookPatient16Female Domestic servantTorgway, Devon 1891 1911
6 Colaton Villa, Sidmouth, Honiton, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead28Male CoachmanFord, Devon 1891 1911
 Frederick SmithVisitor39Male CoachmanHarwich, Essex
 Cecilia SmithVisitor44Female  Staines, Middlesex
26 Ashton Rd, Poulton le Sands Holy Trinity, Lancaster, LancashireJohn EasterbrookHead32Male Signal-manBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891 1911
 Fanny EasterbrookWife35Female Dress-makerStudley, Warwickshire 1939
88 North Row, St Luke, Barrow in Furness, LancashireJohn EasterbrookHead26Male Standing Engine DriverBarrow, Lancashire 1891
 Emma EasterbrookWife25Female  South Zeal, Devon
 James EasterbrookSon2Male  Barrow, Lancashire
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter2/12Female  Barrow, Lancashire
Slank Village, Barrow in-Furness, Barrow in Furness St Mary, Barrow in Furness, LancashireJohn EasterbrookHead61Male Mining AgentTywrendels, Cornwall 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife61Female  Lostwithel, Cornwall
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Barrow, Lancashire 1891 1911
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Barrow, Lancashire 1891 1911
 Jane EasterbrookMother83FemaleWidow Stanstale, Cornwall 1891
26 Gilstead lane, Bingley, Bingley Holy Trinity, Keighley, YorkshireAgnes EasterbrookHead35Female ? WeaverBaildon, Yorkshire 1911
 Harriet EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Shipley, Yorkshire 1891 1911
2 St Pauls Rd, Halifax, Halifax St Paul, Halifax, YorkshireCaroline ReedHead50Female GrocerExeter, Devon
 Mark EastabrookBoarder22Male Mechanical Engineer FitterSt Mellion, Cornwall 1891 1911
 Herbert V SeniorBoarder19Male Mechanical Engineer FitterWakefield, Yorkshire
17 Cliff Mount, Leeds, St Augustine, Leeds, YorkshireToyius P GoddardHead33Male Assistant Clerk to GuardiansCarlton, Leicestershire
 Annie GoddardWife29Female  Cameford, Cornwall
 Elsie T GoddardDaughter4Female  Leeds, Yorkshire
 Albert W GoddardBrother19Male Insurance ClerkCongerstone, Leicestershire
 Charlotte H EasterbrookVisitor67Female Retired DraperTotnes, Devon 1881
15 Church Rd, St Mary Magdalene, Wakefield, YorkshireThomas EasterbrookHead36Male Railway SignalmanScoriton, Devon 1881 1911
 Blanche Alice EasterbrookWife32Female DressmakerScotherne, Lincolnshire
 Herbert Howard EasterbrookSon3Male  Cudworth, Yorkshire 1911
High Cudworth, Cudworth St John the Baptist, Barnsley, YorkshireAlbert M SneadHead26Male Colliary WeighmanCarwardine Madley, Herefordshire
 Clar A SneadWife26Female  Scottorne, Lincolnshire
 Blache EasterbrookNiece10/12Female  Normanton, Yorkshire 1911
1 Hse 2 Cl Orchard Rd, Nether Hallam, Walkley St Mary, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireEdward EasterbrookHead64Male Bricklayers LabourerLiverpool, Lancashire 1891
 Blanch M ChildServant45Female Domestic HousekeeperSheffield, Yorkshire
186 Valley Rd, Norton, St Paul, Ecclesall Bierlow, DerbyshireErnest EasterbrookHead33Male General Hom MachansSheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife32Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Florence Gertrude EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Horace EasterbrookSon1Male  Norton, Derbyshire
 Frederick WardBoarder25Male Silver ClaserSheffield, Yorkshire
26 Bridgefield Rd, St Silas, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireMary E EasterbrooksHead36FemaleWidManager of LaundrySheffield, Yorkshire 1911
 Alexander EasterbrooksSon4Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire 1911
 Sissie MorleyServant15Female Servant DomesticSheffield, Yorkshire
172 Ecclesall Rd, St Matthias, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireWilliam RoodhouseHead40Male Engineer in Rolling MillSheffield, Yorkshire
 Lucy RoodhouseWife40Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Frederick W RoodhouseSon6Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 John C RoodhouseSon3Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Elizabeth EasterbrookMother-in-law63FemaleWid Sheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
29 Harwood Rd, St Mary, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireJohn H EasterbrookHead27Male Mechanical EngineerSheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Sarah A EasterbrookWife26Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Leonard EasterbrookSon3Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire 1911
 John H EasterbrookSon1Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
79 Woodhead Rd, St Mary, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireJohn WhiteWids58MaleWid* Etcher CutterSheffield, Yorkshire
 Harold EasterbrookSon-in-law25Male Chemical EngineerSheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Hannah EasterbrookDaughter25Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Jay C EasterbrookDaughter3/12   Sheffield, Yorkshire 1911
24 Miller Rd, Abbeydale St Peter, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireAlfred EasterbrookHead29Male Printer CompositorSheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Georgina EasterbrookWife25Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
33 Artisan View, Heeley Christchurch, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireWilliam EasterbrookHead58Male Engine & Machine FitterLiverton, Devon 1891 1911
 Martha EasterbrookWife42Female  Wigtoft, Lincolnshire
 Beatrice L EasterbrookDaughter19Female * CanvaserSheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
18 Barmouth Road, Ecclesall All Saints, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireWilliam EasterbrookHead38Male Mechanical Engineer & Cycle MakerSheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Clara EasterbrookWife38Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Clarice E EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Blanche E EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire 1891 1911
 Harriett W EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire 1911
 Clifford EasterbrookSon4Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire 1911
225 Gleadless Road, Christchurch, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireHenry N EasterbrookHead42Male Flour MillerBaston, Derbyshire 1891 1911
22 Pemberton St, St Mark, Sculcoates, YorkshireEbenezer EasterbrookHead30Male Post Office ClerkPlymouth, Devon 1891 1939
 Jessie N EasterbrookWife31Female  Scotland
 Clarence E EasterbrookSon7Male  Hull, Yorkshire
 Douglas J EasterbrookSon4Male  Hull, Yorkshire 1939
 Reginald L EasterbrookSon1Male  Hull, Yorkshire 1939
 Edith M EasterbrookSister13Female  Hull, Yorkshire 1891 1921
62 Bright Street, St Andrew, Sculcoates, YorkshireJane EdwardHead63Female  Koonemeur
 Isabella EdwardDaughter27Female Book * (Printers)Hull, Yorkshire
 Will J EdwardSon24Male  Hull, Yorkshire
 John B EdwardSon18Male Clerk (Printers)Hull, Yorkshire
 George W EasterbrookBoarder21Male Clerk (Starch Manufacturers)Hull, Yorkshire 1891 1911
26 Studley Street, St Andrew, Sculcoates, YorkshireJohn A EasterbrookHead27Male Joiner CarpenterPlymouth, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary H EasterbrookWife28Female  Scarborough, Yorkshire
 Lydia EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Hull, Yorkshire 1911
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Hull, Yorkshire 1911
 Herbert J EasterbrookSon19Male Labourer (Starch Worker)Hull, Yorkshire 1891 1911
Norfolk St, Sculcoates, St Paul, Sculcoates, YorkshireNicholas EasterbrookHead64Male Cabinet Maker & UndertakerPenyann, Cornwall 1891
 Catherine EasterbrookWife56Female  Hull, Yorkshire
313 Baby St, St Anthony, Newcastle upon Tyne, NorthumberlandLizzie EasterbrookWife23Female  Newcastle, Northumberland
 Mary T GorhamSister-in-law26Female  Byker, Newcastle, Northumberland
Coastguard Station, Holy Island St Mary, Berwick, NorthumberlandPhilip H EasterbrookHead30Male Coastguard BoatmanToryway, Durham 1881 1911
 Jane EasterbrookWife28Female  Hatherleigh, Durham
Blemerhasset, Torpenhow St Michael, Wigton, CumberlandRobert H EasterbrookHead30Male Coal HewerAspatria, Cumberland 1891 1911
 Isabella EasterbrookWife27Female  Aspatria, Cumberland
 James EasterbrookSon7Male  Torpenhow, Cumberland 1911
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Torpenhow, Cumberland 1911
 Esther EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Torpenhow, Cumberland 1911
 Robert H EasterbrookSon3Male  Torpenhow, Cumberland 1911
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter3/12Female  Torpenhow, Cumberland 1911
Newtown, Aspatria, Aspatria St Kentigern, Wigton, CumberlandRobirt GoudgeHead83Male Retired Coal MinerRooke, Cornwall
 Mary A GoudgeWife86Female  Grampound, Cornwall
 Mary A EasterbrookGranddaughter37Female  Pywardwath, Cornwall 1891 1911
Newtown, Aspatria, Aspatria St Kentigern, Wigton, CumberlandRichard MillerHead61Male TinsmithIrthington, Cumberland
 Mary J MillerWife53Female  Skelton, Cumberland
 Eliz EasterbrookDaughter32FemaleMServant (Domestic)Ireby, Cumberland
 Jackson MillerSon13Male  Aspatria, Cumberland
 Richard W MillerSon11Male  Aspatria, Cumberland
 Richard J MillerGrandson11Male  Aspatria, Cumberland
 Martha MillerDaughter9Female  Aspatria, Cumberland
 Ernest EasterbrookGrandson9Male  Aspatria, Cumberland 1911
 John JacksonVisitor49Male Mining EngineerUSA
86 Harriston, Aspatria, Aspatria St Kentigern, Wigton, CumberlandEmma EasterbrookHead57FemaleWid St Blazey, Cornwall 1891 1911
 W J EasterbrookSon32MaleMStationary EnginemanAspatria, Cumberland 1891 1911
 C G EasterbrookSon20Male Coal MinerAspatria, Cumberland 1891 1911
 E G EasterbrookSon14Male LabourerAspatria, Cumberland 1891 1911
Railway Ter, Aspatria, Aspatria St Kentigern, Wigton, CumberlandJohn S EasterbrookHead24Male Coal PumpmanAspatria, Cumberland 1891 1911
 Margaret B EasterbrookWife24Female  Wigton, Cumberland
 Lawrence EasterbrookSon11/12Male  Aspatria, Cumberland 1911
 Daniel PearsonFather-in-law74MaleWidrRetired JoinerCockermouth, Cumberland
143+Cylasshfa St, Roath, roath st margarets, Cardiff, GlamorganEllen EastabrookWife46FemaleM Glamorgan 1911
 Herbert EastabrookSon23Male Piano TunerParkend, Gloucestershire 1891 1911
 Ethel EastabrookDaughter20Female Telephone ClerkPontnewydd, Monmouthshire 1891 1911
 William EastabrookSon16Male CarpenterCardiff, Glamorgan 1891 1911
 Reginald EastabrookSon14Male Office BoyCardiff, Glamorgan 1891 1911
39 Oakfield St, Roath, roath st margarets, Cardiff, GlamorganWilliam EastabrookHead42Male Secretary to Registered CompanyPatishead, Somerset 1891
 Susan A EastabrookWife42Female  Lanteglos, Cornwall
 Donald EastabrookSon14Male  Cardiff, Glamorgan 1891 1911
 Martha PoperServant26Female General Servant (Domestic)Yarnscombe, Devon
7 Manor St, Cardiff, St John, Cardiff, GlamorganSamuel MorcombeHead49Male GardenerBriton-Ferry, Glamorgan
 Hepsibah MorcombeWife47Female  Devonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Wm Samuel MorcombeSon14Male  Cardiff, Glamorgan
 Margaret Mabel MorcombeDaughter9Female  Llandett, Glamorgan
 Cyril MorganBoarder12Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 John MorganBoarder8Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire
43 North Rd, Cardiff, St John, Cardiff, GlamorganWilliam EsterbrookHead49Male Naval pensioner, AdmiraltyDevonport, Devon 1881
 Catherine EsterbrookWife47Female Sub PostmistressDevonport, Devon
 Catherine EsterbrookDaughter20Female Lady Clerk (Commercial)Devonport, Devon 1891
 Beatrice EsterbrookDaughter17Female Post Office AssistantDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Ethel EsterbrookDaughter15Female Apprentice to StationerDevonport, Devon 1891 1911
 Lawrence EsterbrookSon3Male  Devonport, Devon 1911
178 Hoeton Rd, Barry, Barry and Cadoxton, Cardiff, GlamorganWalter G EastabrookHead34Male Fruiterer, ShopkeeperPortishead, Somerset 1891 1911
 Maud A EastabrookWife26Female  Gloucester, Gloucestershire
 Eliza A RowlinsonVisitor25Female  Worcester, Staffordshire
 Gladys M EastabrookDaughter1Female  Barry, Glamorgan 1911
 Gertrude M EastabrookDaughter5 MonthsFemale  Barry, Glamorgan
15 High St, Barry, Merthyr Dovan, Cardiff, GlamorganMargaret LewisHead63FemaleWid Dowlais, Glamorgan
 Edith M LewisDaughter34FemaleSAssistant School MistressTreherbert, Glamorgan
 Blanche W LewisDaughter23FemaleSPostoffice ClerkBridgend, Glamorgan
 Ellen EastabrookBoarder76FemaleWid Bristol, Somerset
11 Fernleigh Villas, Llanwonno, Penrhiwceiber St Winifred, Pontypridd, GlamorganSamuel JarvisHead40Male Colliery Tin ForemanWilhope, Herefordshire
 Ann JarvisWife44Female  St Georges, Gloucestershire
 John IlesBoarder45MaleWidrHawkerOldham, Gloucestershire
 Ernest IlesBoarder17Male Colliery HaulierSt Georges, Gloucestershire
 Florence IlesBoarder13Female  St Georges, Gloucestershire
 Henry EastabrookBoarder44MaleMColliery LabourerInwerleigh Green, Devon 1891 1911
 John EastabrookBoarder21Male Colliery LabourerAshburton, Devon 1891 1911
 William EastabrookBoarder20Male Colliery LabourerExbourne, Devon 1891 1911
4 Lynfi Street, Oldcastle, Coyty and Nolton St Mary, Bridgend, GlamorganJohn EasterbrookHead28Male BootmakerParkham, Devon 1891 1911
 Mary C EasterbrookWife23Female  Bridgend, Glamorgan
 Reginald R EasterbrookSon11 MonthsMale  Bridgend, Glamorgan 1911
55 Lower Oxford St, Swansea, Christchurch, Swansea, GlamorganAlfred J EasterbrookHead52Male General LabourerLatsford, Devon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife53Female  Chamley, Devon
 Alfred J EasterbrookSon15Male  Swansea, Glamorgan 1891 1911
 Lewis J EasterbrookSon10Male  Swansea, Glamorgan 1891 1911
 Hanny A WethermanVisitor30Female  Lapford, Devon 1891
 Minnie WethermanVisitor2Female  Maidenhead, Berkshire
30+31 Goat St, Swansea, St Mary, Swansea, GlamorganWilliam HowardHead34Male Police ConstableLauderfally, Breconshire
 Margaret A HowardWife32Female  Llansamlet, Glamorgan
 William A HowardSon5Male  Swansea, Glamorgan
 Lilian HowardDaughter2Female  Swansea, Glamorgan
 Robert J HowardSon10 MonthsMale  Swansea, Glamorgan
 Alice DaviesServant15Female Domestic ServantLlansamlet, Glamorgan
 John G EdwardsBoarder43MaleSPolice SergeantForinley, Surrey
 William J DaviesBoarder34MaleSPolice ConstableMunebbs, Glamorgan
 Joseph BamedBoarder36MaleSPolice ConstableAberdare, Glamorgan
 William W BeynonBoarder24MaleSPolice ConstableSlamannan, Carmarthenshire
 John H EasterbrookBoarder25MaleSPolice ConstableSwansea, Glamorgan 1891 1911
St Peter Port Hospital and Lunatic Asylum, St Peter Port, GuernseyJohn Easterbrook 70MaleS St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands 1891
"Alert(2)", Vessels, Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad, Royal NavyThomas L Easterbrook      
 Horace ChannenCrew21Male  Rotherhithe, London
"Alert(2)", Vessels, Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad, Royal NavyThomas EasterbrookCrew31Male  Devonport, Devon
Vessels, Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad, Royal NavyWm EasterbrookCrew30Male  Plymouth, Devon
Vessels, Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad, Royal NavyJno EasterbrookCrew17Male  Tavistock, Devon
"Magnificent", Vessels, Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad, Royal NavyChas Jenkins      
 Chas E EasterbrookCrew25Male  Torquay, Devon
 Jas GibbsCrew23Male  Cardiff, Glamorgan
"Magnificent", Vessels, Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad, Royal NavyWm EasterbrookCrew18Male  St Ives, Cornwall
"Proserpine", Vessels, Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad, Royal NavyJohn H EasterbrookMember Of Crew (Member)34Male  Eltham, Kent
65 Archibald St, Newport, St Maindee John, Newport (Monmouthshire), MonmouthshireGeorge JefferiesHead44Male LabourerWiltshire
 Jane JefferiesWife40Female  Worcestershire
 Florrie YoungNiece14Female  Glamorgan
 John BritchardBoarder44Male LabourerHerefordshire
 Harry EasterbrookBoarder36Male LabourerDevon 1891 1911
Central London District Schools, Hanwell St Mary and St Mark, Brentford, MiddlesexGeo EasterbrookWorkhouse Child (Workhouse)10Male    1891 1911
10 Naples Road, Poulton cum Seacombe, Seacombe St Paul, Birkenhead, CheshireJoseph ChatterleyHead28Male Engine FitterWavertree, Lancashire
 Florence M ChatterleyWife23Female  Liverpool, Lancashire 1891 1911
 Annie HardingSister-in-law18Female  Liverpool, Lancashire
Fort Regent Barracks, St Helier, JerseyB Easterbrook 19MaleS St Mary Church Torquay, Devon
Commercial Inn, Highweek St, Highweek, All Saints and Highweek St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn Hewitt EasterbrookHead70Male Innkeeper PubHolne, Devon 1891
 Honor Dorcas FosterNiece29Female HousekeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary SweetlandVisitor73Female Living on own meansAbbotskerswell, Devon
40 Tudar Road, Woolborough, Newton Abbot St Leonard and St Paul and Woolborough St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonTom H G EasterbrookHead24Male Carriage Painter G.W.Ry.Teignmouth, Dorset 1891 1911
 Olive EasterbrookWife25Female  Newton Abbot, Dorset
65 Tudar Road, Woolborough, Newton Abbot St Leonard and St Paul and Woolborough St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonJames A FairchildHead37Male Insurance AgentHighweek, Devon
 Lucy FairchildWife46Female  West Teignmouth, Devon 1891
 Maude EasterbrookStepdaughter22Female DressmakerWest Teignmouth, Devon 1891
Newton Abbot St Leonard and St Paul and Woolborough St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge Easter SmithHead30Male  Exbourne, Devon
 Ellen SmithWife29Female  Bovey Tracey, Devon
 George SmithSon4Male  Newton Abbot, Devon
Newton Abbot Workhouse, Newton Abbot St Leonard and St Paul and Woolborough St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonEdward EasterbrookInmate2Male  Newton Abbot, Devon
44 South St, Termoham, Tormoham All Saints and St Saviour, Newton Abbot, DevonJosiah ManneryHead61Male Colportour PreachTorquay, Devon
 Susanna L ManneryWife53Female  Ashprington, Devon
 William EasterbrookStepfather74Male WatchmakerKingsbridge, Devon 1891
 Josephas EasterbrookMother77  Retired LaundressAshburton, Devon
 Sydney Louis ShortFoster Child10/12Male  Torquay, Devon
2 Edinburgh Villas, Tormoham, Tormoham All Saints and St Saviour, Newton Abbot, DevonFrancis John LeamanHead30Male Builders AssistantTone Torquay, Devon
 Alice LeamanWife31Female  Nottingham Hill, London 1891
 Dora Elizabeth LeamanDaughter3Female  Tone Torquay, Devon
4 Avenue Villas, Tormaham, Tormoham All Saints and St Saviour, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead67Male Retired JewellerN Devon, Exbourne 1891
 Mary Jane EasterbrookWife69Female  Dartmouth, Devon
 Marion CarletonVisitor78Female  Dublin, Ireland
 Jane CarletonVisitor76Female  Dublin, Ireland
Kimberley, Belgrave Rd, Tormoham, Tormoham All Saints and St Saviour, Newton Abbot, DevonReuben F EasterbrookHead37Male CarpenterTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Annie A EasterbrookWife37Female  Oxfordshire
 Sydney RowlandsVisitor23Male Ironmongers AssistantBreconshire
19 Belgrave Rd, Tormoham, St Saviour, Newton Abbot, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead36Male Pier Master HarbTorqnay, Devon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife36Female Lodging House KeeperTorqnay, Devon
 Elsie Olive EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Torqnay, Devon 1891 1911
 Reginald EasterbrookSon10Male  Torqnay, Devon 1891 1911
 Eva Ellen ColeServant17Female General (Domestic)Chunton, Devon
 Bessie SouthwoodBoarder43Female Living on own meansExeter, Devon
 Edith H SouthwoodBoarder18Female (daughter of above)Exeter, Devon
 William I Watts ReadBoarder Male Civil Service retiredLondon
Goodlands, Tormoham, St Luke, Newton Abbot, DevonEmma ZapleServant Female CookTorquay, Devon
 Alice DymondServant29Female HousemaidAnerley, Surrey
 Lucy M EasterbrookServant20Female KitchenmaidCockington, Devon 1891 1911
Geneva Bakery, Tormoham, Torquay St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead50Male ConfectionerKingskerwell, Devon 1891
 Sarah J EasterbrookWife47Female Confectioner AssistantHemrick, Devon
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter23Female Confectioner AssistantTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Eva EasterbrookDaughter20Female Confectioner AssistantTorquay, Devon 1891 1911
 Archibald MeldonNephew11Male  Paignton, Devon
 Jane HarrisVisitor19Female BookkeeperWest Ogwell, Devon
 Mary BinnoreServant20Female Servant (Domestic)Broadhempston, Devon
17 New St, Paignton, St John the Baptist, Totnes, DevonCharles SemoreHead49Male  Teignmouth, Devon
 Eliza A SemoreWife47Female  Teignmouth, Devon
 Sarah GliemanLodger71Female  Brixham, Devon
 William EasterbrookLodger80Male  Ishburton, Devon 1891 1911
23 Roundoham Cott, Paignton, St Andrew, Totnes, DevonJohn W EasterbrookHead38Male WheelwrightStoke in Teign, Devon 1891 1911
 Elizabeth M EasterbrookWife37Female  Bradmich
 Albert E EasterbrookSon14Male  Bradmich, Torquay 1891 1911
 Mabel F EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Bradmich, Honiton 1891 1911
 Olive A EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Bradmich, Torquay 1911
 Cecil H EasterbrookSon3Male  Bradmich, Torquay 1911
 Rhoda A EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Bradmich, Paignton 1911
1 Lawia Terrace, Paignton, St Andrew, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead34Male Dairyman MilkLamerton, Devon 1881 1911
 Barbara EasterbrookWife33Female  Horrabridge, Devon
4 Jones Terrace, St Mary in Liberty, Tenby St Mary the Virgin, Pembroke, PembrokeshireMary EasterbrookeWife23FemaleMServant DomesticKidwelly, Cornwall 1939
 Lucy EasterbrookeDaughter4Female ScholarTenby, Pembrokeshire 1911
20 Albert St, Horninglow, Burton on Trent, Burton upon Trent St Paul, Burton upon Trent, StaffordshireThomas HusseyHead46Male Engine Driver RailwayBradninch, Devon
 Fanny HusseyWife45Female  Lapford, Devon
 Ruth EasterbrookVisitor32FemaleM Exeter, St Thomas, Devon
4 Drayton St, Wolverhampton, St John, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireHannah JonesHead63FemaleWid Bobbington, Shropshire
 Hannah JonesDaughter29FemaleSBoot MachinistCompton, Staffordshire
 Sarah J EasterbrookVisitor26FemaleM North Milton, Devon
 May EasterbrookVisitor1Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 1911
295 Brickiln St, Wolverhampton, St Mark, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireWilliam H EasterbrookHead37MaleWidrRailway Goods ForemanW'hampton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Elizabeth EasterbrookMother79FemaleWid Oaken, Staffordshire
32 Cardiff Street, Wolverhampton, St Paul, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireJohn EasterbrookHead39Male Wood CarverWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Emily EasterbrookWife38Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
 George EasterbrookSon15Male Tin Plate WorkerWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Frederic EasterbrookSon11Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 1891
 Harry EasterbrookSon4Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 1911
136 Gt Brickkiln St, Wolverhampton, St Paul, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireEdward EasterbrookHead41Male Brass FitterWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Hannah EasterbrookWife39Female  Compton, Staffordshire
 William H EasterbrookSon15Male Locks MakerCompton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Lillie EasterbrookDaughter13Female Brass Founders Warehouse GirlCompton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Frederick J EasterbrookSon11Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 1891 1911
 Florrie EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 1911
244 Amhurst Rd,Hackney, West Hackney St James, Hackney, LondonAnn JohnsonHead80FemaleWid London City
 Ethel JohnsonDaughter38Female * PianoforteStoke Newington, London
 Mary WarrenBoarder72Female  Westminster, London
 Alice LeonardServant17Female General Servant DomesticCamden, London 1939
3 The Limes, Limpsfield, Godstone, St Peter, Godstone, SurreyRobert WadmanHead61Male Builders ForemanBrasted, Kent
 Bessie WadmanWife39Female  Forest Row, Sussex
 Dorothy WadmanDaughter2Female  Brasted, Kent
 Mary EasterbrookVisitor51FemaleSDressmakerDawlish, Devon 1881 1911
Goatefield Road, Tatsfield, Godstone, Tatsfield, Godstone, SurreyGeorge EasterbrooksHead77MaleWidrLiving on own meansLondon

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