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Canada Census 1861 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but only a few are cross-referenced.

Fredericton, York, New BrunswickRobert Sloman66Male England (English)
 Harriet Sloman57Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah J Cass29Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Cushman23Female Native (Native American)
 Harriet Cass8Female U S F
 Charles Estabrooks16Male Native (Native American)
Fredericton, York, New BrunswickHenry A Estabrooks46Male Native (Native American)
 Jane Estabrooks34Female Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth Estabrooks18Female Native (Native American)
 Hatta Estabrooks12Female Native (Native American)
 Olive Brown29Female Native (Native American)
 Robert Rasberry19Male Native (Native American)
Fredericton, York, New BrunswickHenry A Estabrooks    
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickBenjamin Noble32Male Native (Native American)
 Lucretia A V Noble23Female Native (Native American)
 William D Noble1Male Native (Native American)
 Loise Ane Roberts43Female Native (Native American)
 George J F Dickinson14Male Native (Native American)
 William L Dickinson16Male Native (Native American)
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickCavelier Estabrooks52Male Native (Native American)
 Sarah A Estabrooks46Female Native (Native American)
 Azar Estabrooks21Male Native (Native American)
 Thomas Estabrooks19Male Native (Native American)
 Ruth Estabrooks16Female Native (Native American)
 Barbary Estabrooks14Female Native (Native American)
 Frances Estabrooks6Female Native (Native American)
 Dow Estabrooks1Male Native (Native American)
 Hannah Estabrooks1Female Native (Native American)
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickSophia J Estabrooks47Female Native (Native American)
 Samuel N Estabrooks25Male Native (Native American)
 Shepherd H Estabrooks22Male Native (Native American)
 Lecrutia A Estabrooks21Female Native (Native American)
 Albian W Estabrooks19Male Native (Native American)
 Enoch B Estabrooks16Male Native (Native American)
 Charlotte A Estabrooks9Female Native (Native American)
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickSamuel Estabrooks74MaleNative (Native American)
 Ann Estabrooks62Female Native (Native American)
 Rufus Estabrooks72Male Native (Native American)
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickNehemia Estabrooks35Male Native (Native American)
 Margaret E Estabrooks33Female Native (Native American)
 David Estabrooks8Male Native (Native American)
 Milison S Estabrooks10Female Native (Native American)
 Hannah E Estabrooks0Female Native (Native American)
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickDavid H Estabrooks73Male Native (Native American)
 Sarah Estabrooks70Female Native (Native American)
 Frederick J Estabrooks39Male Native (Native American)
 Mary J Sewel38Female Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth A Albright29Female Native (Native American)
 Armenelo W Sewel5Male Native (Native American)
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickHenery A Bulyea34Male Native (Native American)
 Milisent P Bulyea35Female Native (Native American)
 Handford L A Bulyea8Male Native (Native American)
 Jarvis A E Bulyea6Male Native (Native American)
 William A Bulyea4Male Native (Native American)
 Earnest A P Bulyea2Male Native (Native American)
 Isabel Estabrooks14Female Native (Native American)
 Albertha Bulyea0Female Native (Native American)
Simonds, Carleton, New BrunswickLevi H Estabrook47Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Ann Estabrook44Female Native (Native American)
 Joseph H Estabrook19Male Native (Native American)
 Caroline A Estabrook14Female Native (Native American)
 Alethia J Estabrook11Female Native (Native American)
 Louisa S Estabrook8Female Native (Native American)
 Letitica Noble33Female Native (Native American)
Simonds, Carleton, New BrunswickHandy Estabrooks26Male Native (Native American)
 Roda Estabrooks24Female Native (Native American)
 Effa Estabrooks3Female Native (Native American)
 Alfred R Estabrooks2Male Native (Native American)
Wakefield, Carleton, New BrunswickChipman Esterbrooks42Male Native (Native American)
 Lucretia Esterbrooks34Female Native (Native American)
 Charles Esterbrooks14Male Native (Native American)
 Odber Esterbrooks11Male Native (Native American)
 Eben Esterbrooks10Male Native (Native American)
 Frederick Esterbrooks9Male Native (Native American)
 Stephen Esterbrooks9Male Native (Native American)
 Wilson Esterbrooks7Male Native (Native American)
 John Esterbrooks5Male Native (Native American)
 Amelia Esterbrooks3Female Native (Native American)
 Clarey Esterbrooks3Female Native (Native American)
 Sophiah Esterbrooks0Female Native (Native American)
 Leonard Esterbrooks0Male Native (Native American)
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickAlbert A Estabrook42Male Native (Native American)
 Lavina Estabrook42Female Native (Native American)
 Withea Estabrook16Male Native (Native American)
 Jarves Estabrook12Male Native (Native American)
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickGidein Estabrooks65Male Native (Native American)
 Gerusha Estabrooks67Female Native (Native American)
 Gidien James Estabrooks25Male Native (Native American)
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickThomas Estabrooks25Male Native (Native American)
 Phebe Estabrooks30Female Native (Native American)
 Amasa Estabrooks4Male Native (Native American)
 Henry Estabrooks3Male Native (Native American)
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickStephen Estabrook35Male Native (Native American)
 Judith Estabrook24Female Native (Native American)
 Mary A Raymond22Female Native (Native American)
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickAlbert Estabrooks    
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickGadien Estabrooks    
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickJacob Eslabrook54MaleNative (Native American)
 Adaline Estabrook57Female Native (Native American)
 Agusta Estabrook20Female Native (Native American)
 Joseph Estabrook16Male Native (Native American)
 Adaline Estabrook12Female Native (Native American)
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickArthur Estabrook38Male Native (Native American)
 Grizalow Estabrook24Female Native (Native American)
 Harris Estabrook1Male Native (Native American)
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickScott Estabrook28Male Native (Native American)
 Martha Estabrook25Female Native (Native American)
Grand Falls, Victoria, New BrunswickLidge Estebrooks57Male Native (Native American)
 Marget Estebrooks47Female Native (Native American)
 Ritchard Estebrooks18Male Native (Native American)
 George Estebrooks11Male Native (Native American)
 Clarance Estebrooks9Male Native (Native American)
 Dolphis Estebrooks7Male Native (Native American)
 Jessay Estebrooks4Female Native (Native American)
Grand Falls, Victoria, New BrunswickGeorge Day28Male Native (Native American)
 Sarah Day28Female Native (Native American)
 Emeline Day4Female Native (Native American)
 Anna Day1Female Native (Native American)
 William Estebrooks Male Native (Native American)
St. Francis, Victoria, New BrunswickAlixander Easter31Male  
 Darthur Easter21Female  
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn Easterbrook27Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Ann Easterbrook27Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJotham Easterbrook60Male Native (Native American)
 Frances J. Easterbrook21Female Native (Native American)
 Charles Easterbrook18Male Native (Native American)
 Samuel Easterbrook28Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickSophia Easterbrook50Female Native (Native American)
 Russel S Easterbrook17Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Easterbrook66Male Native (Native American)
 Olivia Easterbrook76Female  
 Mary Easterbrook16Female Native (Native American)
 Cyntha Ann Easterbrook7Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGeorge B Easterbrook53Male Native (Native American)
 Jane L Easterbrook39Female Native (Native American)
 Blair Easterbrook17Male Native (Native American)
 Claria Easterbrook15Female Native (Native American)
 Ellen Easterbrook13Female Native (Native American)
 Jane Easterbrook12Female Native (Native American)
 Thomas Easterbrook6Male Native (Native American)
 Kate Easterbrook3Female Native (Native American)
 Wilson Easterbrook24Male Native (Native American)
 Minnie Easterbrook1Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickValintine Easterbrook32Male Native (Native American)
 Nancy Easterbrook26Female Native (Native American)
 Fredrick Easterbrook2Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickSamuel Easterbrook70Male Native (Native American)
 Phebey Easterbrook42Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMilladge Easterbrook26Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Jane Easterbrook22Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMore Mcdonald53Male Nova Scotia
 Mary Mcdonald51Female Nova Scotia
 Elisha Mcdonald16Male Native (Native American)
 Charles Mcdonald14Male Native (Native American)
 James Mcdonald8Male Native (Native American)
 Allison Easterbrook26Male Native (Native American)
 Jane Easterbrook22Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickElizabeth Easterbrook58Female Native (Native American)
 Christopher Easterbrook22Male Native (Native American)
 Mary E Easterbrook19Female Native (Native American)
 Valintine Easterbrook17Male Native (Native American)
 Nancy Easterbrook15Female Native (Native American)
 Rufis Easterbrook2Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickSilas Easterbrook50Male Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth Easterbrook45Female Native (Native American)
 Samuel Easterbrook19Male Native (Native American)
 Jane Easterbrook17Female Native (Native American)
 Mariam Easterbrook14Female Native (Native American)
 William W Easterbrook10Male Native (Native American)
 Mary E Easterbrook7Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah F Easterbrook6Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickStewart Easterbrook23Male Native (Native American)
 Jerusha Easterbrook26Female Native (Native American)
 Matilda Easterbrook4Female Native (Native American)
 Lois Easterbrook2Female Native (Native American)
 Mavird Easterbrook0Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickBurton Easterbrook23Male Native (Native American)
 Frances Easterbrook20Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Easterbrook4Female Native (Native American)
 Alma Hicks7Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGidiou Easterbrook63Male Native (Native American)
 Hannah Easterbrook53Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Easterbrook30Female Native (Native American)
 Jane Easterbrook20Female Native (Native American)
 William Easterbrook18Male Native (Native American)
 Jefery Easterbrook16Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickThompson Easterbrook32Male Native (Native American)
 Lucy Easterbrook26Female Native (Native American)
 Bedford Easterbrook5Male Native (Native American)
 Loretta Easterbrook1Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickHazen Easterbrook29Male Native (Native American)
 Emelia Easterbrook28Female Native (Native American)
 Prudance A Easterbrook1Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlling Easterbrook25Male Native (Native American)
 Abbey Easterbrook20Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickWilliam Easterbrook54Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Jane Easterbrook43Female Native (Native American)
 George J Easterbrook5Male Native (Native American)
 Zillpha Easterbrook3Female Native (Native American)
 Thomas Easterbrook10Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickElijah Easterbrook28Male Native (Native American)
 Cyntha J Easterbrook25Female Native (Native American)
 Susan Easterbrook9Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGeorge Wheaton44Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Ann Wheaton54Female Native (Native American)
 Benjamin Wheaton19Male Native (Native American)
 Cyprian Wheaton17Male Native (Native American)
 Zilpha Easterbrook18Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJoseph Bowser59Male Native (Native American)
 Ann Bowser59Female  
 Mary Jane Bowser32Female Native (Native American)
 Gorge L Bowser30Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Lavage18Female Native (Native American)
 John E Easterbrook21Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickNelson Lawerance45Male Native (Native American)
 Cyntha Easterbrook50Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah Easterbrook20Female Native (Native American)
 William Easterbrook16Male Native (Native American)
 Abel Easterbrook13Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickEdward Eastabrook42Male Native (Native American)
 Rebecca Eastabrook32Female Native (Native American)
 James Eastabrook52Male Native (Native American)
 Cliford Eastabrook11Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Easterbrook28Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Ann Easterbrook24Female Native (Native American)
 George Easterbrook4Male Native (Native American)
 Lucetta Easterbrook2Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Maine28Male Native (Native American)
 Eunice Maine25Female Native (Native American)
 John W Maine5Male Native (Native American)
 George L Maine3Male Native (Native American)
 James S Maine0Male Native (Native American)
 Amos Easterbrook23Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMary Ann Easterbrook67Female Native (Native American)
 Edward C Easterbrook23Male Native (Native American)
 Eunice Easterbrook37Female Native (Native American)
 John G Easterbrook17Male Native (Native American)
 Sarah I Easterbrook13Female Native (Native American)
 Oliver B Easterbrook13Male Native (Native American)
 William Easterbrook13Male Native (Native American)
 Edward Read20Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickWillard Easterbrook32Male Native (Native American)
 Elonor Easterbrook27Female Native (Native American)
 Charles B Easterbrook1Male Native (Native American)
 Cathrine Campbell24Female Nova Scotia
 Frances Boice31Female Native (Native American)
 Alice M Boice9Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn Morrice39Male Native (Native American)
 Ann Morrice38Female Native (Native American)
 Frank M Morrice3Male Native (Native American)
 John R Morrice2Male Native (Native American)
 Margret Morrice0Female Native (Native American)
 Zenna Barnes12Female Native (Native American)
 James Ladder12Male Native (Native American)
 Jane Eastabrook18Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Easterbrook81Male Native (Native American)
 Lilley Easterbrook39Female Native (Native American)
 David Easterbrook25Male Native (Native American)
 Joseph Easterbrook12Male Native (Native American)
 Adia D Easterbrook5Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickReuben Chase49Male Native (Native American)
 Martha Chase44Female Native (Native American)
 Arthur Chase23Male Native (Native American)
 Charllotte Eastbrook15Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah Curtise5Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlbion Eastabrook33Male Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth Eastabrook25Female Native (Native American)
 Robert C Eastabrook5Male Native (Native American)
 Mary E Eastabrook3Female Native (Native American)
 Florance G Eastabrook1Female Native (Native American)
 Frances C Eastabrook0Female Native (Native American)
 Milidge Culton19Male Native (Native American)
 Cymtha Vendergraph19Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMilles Easterbrook40Male Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth Easterbrook25Female Irish
 Willard Easterbrook6Male Native (Native American)
 James E Easterbrook2Male Native (Native American)
 Amos Easterbrook0Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAmos Easterbrook49Male Native (Native American)
 Lydia Easterbrook42Female Native (Native American)
 Emely Easterbrook19Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Easterbrook16Female Native (Native American)
 Lilley Easterbrook15Female Native (Native American)
 John Easterbrook13Male Native (Native American)
 Herbert Easterbrook9Male Native (Native American)
 Letty Easterbrook7Female Native (Native American)
 Claria Easterbrook5Female Native (Native American)
 Lydia Easterbrook3  Native (Native American)
 Charles A Easterbrook0Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlexander Easterbrooks30Male Native (Native American)
 Ruth Easterbrooks28Female Native (Native American)
 Madora Easterbrooks4Female Native (Native American)
 Bessie Easterbrooks0Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAsa Easterbrooks37Male Native (Native American)
 Lilly Easterbrooks24Female Native (Native American)
 Ida E Easterbrooks6Female Native (Native American)
 Morton Easterbrooks4Male Native (Native American)
 Sarah I Easterbrooks1Female Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickWilliam K Bowser59Male Native (Native American)
 Sarah J Bowser41Female Native (Native American)
 Miledge Bowser23Male Native (Native American)
 John Bowser21Male Native (Native American)
 Malinda Bowser19Female Native (Native American)
 Harry Bowser13Male Native (Native American)
 Emeline Bowser11Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah E Bowser4Female Native (Native American)
 Alfred Bowser2Male Native (Native American)
 Kate Bowser0Female Native (Native American)
 Olive Easterbrook38Female Native (Native American)
 Melburn Easterbrook6Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn Towse56Male English
 Lucy Towse45Female Native (Native American)
 Mary R Towse22Female Native (Native American)
 Gertrude Towse14Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Fields26Female Native (Native American)
 Jane Easterbrook16Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah Marks20Female Native (Native American)
 Dorcas Babcock22Female Native (Native American)
 Margret Marks22Female Native (Native American)
 Margret Anderson22Female Scottish (Scotish)
 Cathrine Mcdonald24Female Nova Scotia
 Patrick Hickey37Male Native (Native American)
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGeorge B Estabrook Male  
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickValintine Estabrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickSamuel Estabrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMilidge Estabrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickElizabeth Eastebrook Female  
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickSilas Eastebrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickStewart Easterbrook Male  
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGidion Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickThompson Eastabrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickHagen Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAling Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Estabrooks    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMaryet Estabrooks    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Estabrooks    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAmos Easterbrook Male  
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJotham Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlexander Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlbion Easterbrook    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickE C Eastbrooks    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickDavid Easterbrooks    
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAmos Easterbrooks    
Westmorland, Westmorland, New BrunswickCaleb Esterbrook48Male Native (Native American)
 May J Esterbrook41Female Native (Native American)
 Eliza J Esterbrook16Female Native (Native American)
 Aribele Esterbrook14Female Native (Native American)
 Anna Esterbrook12Female Native (Native American)
 Albert Esterbrook10Male Native (Native American)
 Joseph C Esterbrook9Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Esterbrook7Female Native (Native American)
 George N Esterbrook5Male Native (Native American)
 Franklin Esterbrook1Male Native (Native American)
Westmorland, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn Ogden64Male Native (Native American)
 Roxanna Ogden62Female Native (Native American)
 William N Ogden26Male Native (Native American)
 Roxanna Ogden24Female Native (Native American)
 Norman Ogden22Male Native (Native American)
 Jane Easterbrooks16Female Native (Native American)
Westmorland, Westmorland, New BrunswickMartin Easterbrook40Male Native (Native American)
 Phebe Easterbrook35Female Native (Native American)
 Amy Easterbrook13Female Native (Native American)
 Sewart Easterbrook11Male Native (Native American)
 Charles Easterbrook9Male Native (Native American)
 Silas Easterbrook7Male Native (Native American)
 Albert J P Easterbrook5Male Native (Native American)
 Jane Easterbrook3Female Native (Native American)
 Martin Easterbrook1Male Native (Native American)
Westmorland, Westmorland, New BrunswickBurton Easterbrook47Male Native (Native American)
 Amelia Easterbrook35Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Jane Easterbrook21Female Native (Native American)
 William Easterbrook17Male Native (Native American)
 Nathan Easterbrook14Male Native (Native American)
 Nancy Easterbrook9  Native (Native American)
 Thomas Easterbrooks6Male Native (Native American)
 Albion Easterbrooks3  Native (Native American)
 Elmer Easterbrooks0Male Native (Native American)
Westmorland, Westmorland, New BrunswickDaniel Easterbrooks44Male Native (Native American)
 Rebecca Easterbrooks41Female Native (Native American)
 Charlotte Easterbrooks17Female Native (Native American)
 Priestley W Easterbrooks15Male Native (Native American)
 Hanford Easterbrooks13Male Native (Native American)
 Rebecca J Easterbrooks8Female Native (Native American)
 Susan E Easterbrooks3Female Native (Native American)
Westmorland, Westmorland, New BrunswickMartin Easterbrooks    
Canning, Queens, New BrunswickCharles Estabrooks62Male Native (Native American)
 Hannah Estabrooks53Female Native (Native American)
 Margaret Estabrooks28Female Native (Native American)
 Judson Estabrooks25Male Native (Native American)
 David Estabrooks22Male Native (Native American)
 Gideon Estabrooks16Male Native (Native American)
Canning, Queens, New BrunswickJesse Estabrooks50Male Native (Native American)
 Rebeca Estabrooks30Female Native (Native American)
 Lebaron Estabrooks8Male Native (Native American)
Canning, Queens, New BrunswickJarvis Estabrooks38Male Native (Native American)
 Deborah Estabrooks Female Native (Native American)
 Jarvis Estabrooks27Male Native (Native American)
 Ruth Estabrooks24Female Native (Native American)
 Holland Estabrooks19Male Native (Native American)
 William Estabrooks14Male Native (Native American)
 James Estabrooks12Male Native (Native American)
Canning, Queens, New BrunswickJoseph Estabrooks62Male Native (Native American)
 Mary A Estabrooks32Female Native (Native American)
Canning, Queens, New BrunswickIsaac A Palmer37Male Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth Palmer32Female Native (Native American)
 Willie Palmer5Male Native (Native American)
 Annie Estabrooks24Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Estabrooks17Female Native (Native American)
Chipman, Queens, New BrunswickJoseph F Estybrooks59Male New Brunswick
 Ann Estybrooks58Female New Brunswick
 James S Estybrooks37Male New Brunswick
 Allice A Estybrooks18Female New Brunswick
 Martha A Taylor36Female New Brunswick
 Frederck A Taylor6Male New Brunswick
 Jane Taylor4Female New Brunswick
 Anna Taylor0Female New Brunswick
Chipman, Queens, New BrunswickJoseph T Estybrooks Male  
Dumfries, York, New BrunswickElizabeth Lawrence77Female Native (Native American)
 George F Estabrooks10Male Native (Native American)
 Thankful G Bain18Female Native (Native American)
 Ellen Largy16Female Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickCalvin L Estrybrooks29Male Native (Native American)
 Catharine Estrybrooks24Female Native (Native American)
 Alma Estrybrooks3Female Native (Native American)
 Lebaun Estrybrooks1Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Smith18Female Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickHezekiah Estabrooks39Male Native (Native American)
 Ann Estabrooks39Female Native (Native American)
 Mary Estabrooks18Female Native (Native American)
 Ruth Estabrooks16Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah Mariah Estabrooks11Female Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickCharles Mauzer30Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Ann Mauzer29Female Native (Native American)
 Ida Blanch Mauzer0Female Native (Native American)
 Nelson Estebrooks30Male Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickBenjamin H Estabrook36Male Native (Native American)
 Lucy Jane Estabrook33Female Native (Native American)
 Lydia Ann Estabrook14Female Native (Native American)
 Sarah Adelia Estabrook11Female Native (Native American)
 Regina Irene Estabrook10Female Native (Native American)
 Judson Alonzo Estabrook8Male Native (Native American)
 Hannah Serena Estabrook6Female Native (Native American)
 Josephine Agusta Estabrook4Female Native (Native American)
 Benjamin Harding Estabrook2Male Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickElijah Estebrooks48Male Native (Native American)
 Easter Ann Estebrooks38Female Native (Native American)
 William Frederic Estebrooks16Male Native (Native American)
 Elijah Almond Estebrooks14Male Native (Native American)
 Margaret Elizabeth Estebrooks10Female Native (Native American)
 Caroline Amelia Estebrooks7Female Native (Native American)
 James Estebrooks1Male Native (Native American)
 Estebrooks0Female Native (Native American)
 Francis Ann Logan17Female Native (Native American)
 William Robert Logan15Male Native (Native American)
 James Alexander Logan11Male Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickTurney Estebrooks41Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Elizabeth Estebrooks35Female Native (Native American)
 Georgean Estebrooks15Female Native (Native American)
 Rainsford Tyler Estebrooks12Male Native (Native American)
 Wellington Estebrooks10Male Native (Native American)
 Adaline Amelia Estebrooks7Female Native (Native American)
 Albert Cosenr Estebrooks5Male Native (Native American)
 Catharine Estebrooks2Female Native (Native American)
 Alice Jane Estebrooks0Female Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickFrederic Estebrooks31Male Native (Native American)
 Christene Estebrooks29Female Native (Native American)
 Francis Ann Estebrooks10Female Native (Native American)
 Precilla Estebrooks7Female Native (Native American)
 Harriett Estebrooks5Female Native (Native American)
 Ludlow Estebrooks3Male Native (Native American)
 Lorain Estebrooks1Female Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickCharles Estabrook38Male Native (Native American)
 Martha Estabrook34Female Native (Native American)
 Sandford Earnest Estabrook12Male Native (Native American)
 Editha Elizabeth Estabrook8Female Native (Native American)
 Robert Tweedy Estabrook5Male Native (Native American)
 Charles Judson Estabrook2Male Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickDavid Whitefield Estebrooks28Male Native (Native American)
 Sarah Catharine Estabrooks28Female Native (Native American)
 Wilmot Agustine Estabrooks1Male Native (Native American)
 George Thomas Estabrooks26Male Native (Native American)
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickElijah Estabrooks    
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickCharles Estabrooks Male  
St. Mary's, York, New BrunswickDavid W Estabrooks Male  
St. Stephen, Charlotte, New BrunswickEleazer Esterbrooks48Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Ann Esterbrooks45Female Irish
 Sarah Turner19Female Native (Native American)
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickJohn Estobrook61Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Estobrook57Female Native (Native American)
 Edward D Estobrook35Male Native (Native American)
 William Estobrook30Male Native (Native American)
 LRet Estobrook27Male Native (Native American)
 Amy Ann Estobrook25Female Native (Native American)
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickCatherine Estobrook82FemaleNative (Native American)
 Elinor Estobrook56FemaleNative (Native American)
 John Estobrook54MaleNative (Native American)
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickGeorge F Estobrook43MaleNative (Native American)
 Catherine Estobrook32FemaleNative (Native American)
 Melvin T Estobrook11MaleNative (Native American)
 Lolia E Estobrook10FemaleNative (Native American)
 Birdsell B Estobrook7MaleNative (Native American)
 Thote A Estobrook6FemaleNative (Native American)
 George H Estobrook4MaleNative (Native American)
 John R Estobrook1MaleNative (Native American)
 Peter Conway18MaleNative (Native American)
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickWilliam Estobrook62Male Native (Native American)
 Nancy Jane Estobrook49Female Native (Native American)
 James W Estobrook21Male Native (Native American)
 Lemuel T Estobrook19Male Native (Native American)
 George L Estobrook15Male Native (Native American)
 Leander Estobrook8Male Native (Native American)
 Maretta F Estobrook6Female Native (Native American)
 Maria A Townsen26Female Native (Native American)
 Edward Toner70Male Native (Native American)
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickFebidee Estobrook50Male Native (Native American)
 Mary Estobrook40Female Native (Native American)
 Charles L Estobrook18Male Native (Native American)
 James Estobrook14Male Native (Native American)
 Abraham Estobrook5Male Native (Native American)
 Isaac Estobrook5Male Native (Native American)
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickStephen B Estabrook64Male Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth Estabrooks61Female Native (Native American)
 William Estabrooks29Male Native (Native American)
 Elizabeth Estabrooks23Female Native (Native American)
 George Estabrooks25Male Native (Native American)
 Henry Estabrooks20Male Native (Native American) 1851
 Amenda Cook13Female Native (Native American)
 Amelia Banks22Female Native (Native American)
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickJohn Estobrooks    
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickGeorge H Estobrooks    
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickWilliam Estobrooks    
Burton, Sunbury, New BrunswickZebedee Estabrooks    
Sheffield, Sunbury, New BrunswickGeorge Hartt65Male Native (Native American)
 Margaret J Hartt49Female Native (Native American)
 Theresa Hartt13Female Native (Native American)
 Ambrose Hartt11Male Native (Native American)
 Odber Hartt9Male Native (Native American)
 Melvin Hartt7Male Native (Native American)
 Windsor Hartt5Male Native (Native American)
 Ann Estabrooks60Female Native (Native American)
Sheffield, Sunbury, New BrunswickElijah Estabrooks36Male Native (Native American)
 Joanna Estabrooks29Female Native (Native American)
Sheffield, Sunbury, New BrunswickElijah Estabrooks    
Yarmouth, Elgin, Canada WestJoseph Estebrook62MaleEngland  1871
 Sarah Estebrook55FemaleEngland 
 Richard Estebrook25MaleUpper Canada 
 Daniel Estebrook21MaleUpper Canada  1871
 Mariah Estebrook16FemaleUpper Canada 
All Places (Agricultural), Elgin, Canada WestJoseph Estebrook    
East Flamboro, Wentworth, Canada WestThomas Easterbrok47MaleEngland  1871
 Deborah Easterbrok24FemaleUpper Canada 
 Mary A Easterbrok20FemaleUpper Canada  1871
 Elias Easterbrok17MaleUpper Canada 
 Jane Easterbrok15FemaleUpper Canada 
 Thomas Easterbrok13MaleUpper Canada  1871
 Hannah Easterbrok10FemaleUpper Canada  1871
Hastings, Canada WestGeo Easterbrook19MaleEngland  1851 1871
 Wm Easterbrook26MaleEngland  1851
Hastings, Canada WestThomas Easterbrook30MaleEngland  1851 1871
Montréal, Canada EastR. Esterbrook48MaleEngland 
Montréal, Canada EastR. Esterbrook Jr24MaleEngland 
Montréal, Canada EastM Esterbrook47FemaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestWilliam Easterbrook31MaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestAnn Easterbrook24FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook62MaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestHannah Easterbrook56FemaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJames Easterbrook23MaleCanada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook33MaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJune E Easterbrook21FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook MaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook47MaleEngland  1851 1871
 Charity Easterbrook48FemaleUpper Canada 
 Emaler Easterbrook16FemaleUpper Canada  1851
 John Easterbrook12MaleUpper Canada  1851 1871
 James Easterbrook54MaleEngland  1871
 Sharlot Easterbrook42FemaleEngland 
 Margret Easterbrook23FemaleUpper Canada 
 George Easterbrook14MaleUpper Canada 
 Susana A Easterbrook3FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestMaryann Easterbrook5FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJames Easterbrook    
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestGeorge Easterbrook39MaleEngland  1871
 Caroline E Easterbrook21FemaleUpper Canada 
 Ann Easterbrook14FemaleUpper Canada 
 Elizth Easterbrook13FemaleUpper Canada 
 Jane Easterbrook10FemaleUpper Canada 
 John G Easterbrook7MaleUpper Canada  1871
 Sarah Easterbrook2FemaleUpper Canada  1871
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJoan Easterbrook30FemaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestGeorge Easterbrook    
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestGeorge Easterbrooke Male  
Dorchester, Elgin, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook38MaleEngland  1851 1871
 Harriet Easterbrook40FemaleEngland 
 Fanny Easterbrook7FemaleUpper Canada  1871
 Henry Easterbrook5MaleUpper Canada 
 Thssa Easterbrook2FemaleUpper Canada  1871
Dorchester, Elgin, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook30MaleEngland  1871
 Elizabeth Easterbrook32FemaleEngland 
 Mary A Easterbrook4FemaleUpper Canada  1871
 Bessie Easterbrook1FemaleUpper Canada  1871
 John Easterbrook2MaleUpper Canada 
All Places (Agricultural), Middlesex, Canada WestWilliam Easterbrook    
Metcalf, Middlesex, Canada WestEasterbrook23MaleEngland  1851 1871
 Rebecca Easterbrook20FemaleUpper Canada 
 Sarah Easterbrook3FemaleUpper Canada  1871
 Joseph Easterbrook2MaleUpper Canada  1871
 Richd Easterbrook22MaleUpper Canada 
 Joseph Easterbrook64MaleEngland 
Usborne, Huron, Canada WestWilliam Easterbrook43MaleEngland  1851 1871
 Mary Easterbrook40FemaleEngland 
 Ann Easterbrook15FemaleCanada  1851
 Thomas Easterbrook13MaleCanada  1851
 James Easterbrook11MaleCanada  1871
 Mary Easterbrook8FemaleCanada  1880
 Joanna Easterbrook3FemaleCanada  1851
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook62MaleEngland  1871
 Hannah Easterbrook56FemaleEngland 
 James Easterbrook23MaleUpper Canada  1871
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJame Easterbrook    
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestThomas Easterbrook    
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook23MaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJane E Easterbrook21FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook50MaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook49MaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestCharity Easterbrook48FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestEmala Easterbrook16FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook12MaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestWilliam Player34MaleEngland 
 Elizabeth Player21FemaleUpper Canada  1851 1871
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJames Easterbrook54MaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestSharlot Easterbrook42FemaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestMargret Easterbrook23FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestGeorge Easterbrook14MaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestSusena A Easterbrook3FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestMaryan Easterbrook5FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook    
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Easterbrook    
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJames Easterbrook    
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestGeorge Easterbrook39MaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestCaroline E Easterbrook21FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestAnn Easterbrook14FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestElizth Easterbrook13FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJane Easterbrook10FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJohn Y Easterbrook7MaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestSarah Easterbrook2FemaleUpper Canada 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestJoan Easterbrook30FemaleEngland 
Nassagaweya, Halton, Canada WestGeorge Easterbrook    

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