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British Census 1871 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries are transcribed but only a few are cross-referenced.

11 Thornton Row,Kilmaurs,AyrshireWilliam EasterbrookHead35Male Coal minerEngland 1861 1881
 Robekah EasterbrookWife35Female  England
 William EasterbrookSon15Male Coal minerEngland 1861 1881
 John EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarEngland 1861 1881
 Putchard EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarEngland 1881
 Charles EasterbrookSon1Male  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire 1881
Carmyle,Old Monkland,Old Monkland Western District,LanarkshireFrances WelshHead44Male Coal minerGlasgow, Lanarkshire
 Elmemia WelshWife27Female  England
 Elizabeth WelshDaughter2Female  Carmyle, Lanarkshire
 Henry EasterbrookStepson37Male ScholarEngland 1881
 William EasterbrookStepson5Male ScholarEngland 1881
Belfield,Lasswade,MidlothianThomas EasterbrooksHead38Male Commercial agentEngland 1881
 Charlott Tom EasterbrooksWife33Female  England
 Sidney Thos Ford EasterbrooksSon11Male ScholarEngland 1881
 Arther Black EasterbrooksSon10Male ScholarEngland 1881
 Frank EasterbrooksSon8Male ScholarEngland 1881
 Charls Cranson EasterbrooksSon3Male  Lasswade, Edinburgh 1881
 Alee Mukand EasterbrooksSon2Male  Lasswade, Edinburgh 1881
 Ronald Fredrick EasterbrooksSon1Male  Lasswade, Edinburgh 1881
 Henriette LambServant78Female General servantCockpen, Edinburgh
 Naomi LambServant12Female Domestic servant nurseCockpen, Edinburgh
"Resolution",Vessels,Newport,MonmouthshireAlfred TretheweyMaster35Male  Newquay, Cornwall, England
 Thomas IsascoeMate49Male  Newquay, Cornwall, England
 Thames ClemensAble Seaman (Seaman)21Male  Newquay, Cornwall, England
 Richard EasterbrookBoy15Male  Marick Prile Felpha, Cornwall, England 1891
Vessel "Mary" of Plymouth, position Cardiff off Penath Head, Glamorgan,Vessels,Cardiff,GlamorganRichard DarkMaster44MaleMarr Padstow, Cornwall, England
 George EasterbrookMate40MaleMarr Plymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John WelchAble Seaman (Seaman)35MaleMarr Devonport, Devon, England
 Charles SimpsonAble Seaman (Seaman)30MaleMarr Autwerp
 William DarkCook16MaleUn Padstow, Cornwall, England
2 Hyde Pk Place,St Mary,Marylebone,LondonWalter B CheadleHead55Male PhysicianColne, Lancashire, England
 Anne CheadleWife35Female  Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 Walter W CheadleServant1   Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 Infant CheadleServant1 MonthFemale  Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 Martha M M CrobenVisitor38Female  Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 Margaret CameronServant37Female  Scotland
 Charlotte MilleServant50Female   Taunton, Priors Wood, Somerset
 Mary Ann JoldsmickServant32Female  Wyverstone, Suffolk, England
 Mary A EasterbrookServant35FemaleUnmarriageHousemaidClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
 Clara A MelwoodServant16Female  Old Kent Road, Surrey, England
 George N CoppegerServant19Male  Bridgewater, Somerset, England
2 Higher Tce Mews, Tormoham,St John,Newton Abbot,DevonElizth EasterbrookHead72FemaleWidow Oakhampston, Devon, England
 Richd EasterbrookSon36MaleUnmarriageWatermanTorquay, Devon, England 1861
5 St Braddons St, Tormoham,Ellacombe,Newton Abbot,DevonThos C EastabrookHead49Male LabourerTorquay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Susan EastabrookWife48Female CharwomanCheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
 John EastabrookSon21Male PainterCheltenham, Gloucestershire, England 1861
 Jane EastabrookDaughter12Female ScholarCheltenham, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
 Ann EastabrookDaughter12Female ScholarCheltenham, Gloucestershire, England 1861
 Chas EeastabrookSon7Male ScholarCheltenham, Gloucestershire, England 1881
Middle Warberg Rd, "St Ronans", Tormoham,Torwood,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookServant28  CoachmanDevon, England
same,Torwood,Newton Abbot,DevonElias EasterbrookServant26Male CoachmanSouth Brent, Devon, England 1861 1881
Park St, Tormaham,Torwood,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead38Male JewelerExbourn, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrookWife40Female  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Mary J EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarTorquay, Devon, England 1861
 EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarTorquay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Edward EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarTorquay, Devon, England 1881
 Frank EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarTorquay, Devon, England 1881
 Samuel EasterbrookSon2 MonthsMale  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
15a Victoria Parage, Tormoham,Torwood,Newton Abbot,DevonThomas BrownHead28Male Boatman for pleasureTorquay, London, England
 Sarah Ann BrownWife31Female  Eastham, Warwickshire, England
 Amelia E Brown 1 Month   Torquay, Devon, England
 Jane EasterbrookNurse78Female NurseBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
18 Melville St, Tormoham,St Luke,Newton Abbot,DevonSamuel EasterwoodHead56Male Wood SawyerTorquay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Maria EasterwoodWife56Female  Abbotskerswell, Devon, England
 Amelia EasterwoodDaughter32Female Servant DomesticKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elise EasterwoodDaughter20Female Servant DomesticKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861
 Hannah EasterwoodDaughter18Female Servant DomesticKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861
 Charlotte EasterwoodDaughter13Female Servant DomesticTorquay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Alice L EasterwoodGranddaughter3Female  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
Maidencombe House, Stokeinteignhead,Stokeinteignhead,Newton Abbot,DevonMatthews HarrisonHead74Male Senior Clerk of Her Majesty Treasurer (Superannuated)Lee, Kent, England
 Eliza J HarrisonWife60Female  Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 Matilda HarrisonDaughter38Female  Croydon, Surrey, England
 Maria S HarrisonDaughter31Female  Croydon, Surrey, England
 Authur HarrisonSon33Male Captn Royal FusaliersCroydon, Surrey, England
 Harriet HarrisonDaughter26Female  Croydon, Surrey, England
 Elizabeth A MorrisServant26Female CookExeter, Devon, England
 Chestina S EllisServant26Female ParlourmaidFarnham, Surrey, England
 Sarah A EasterbrookServant20Female HousemaidPaoor, Devon, England 1861 1881
Barton Farm, Coffinswell,Coffinswell,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead42Male Agricultural LabourerMoretonhampstead, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookWife42Female  Winkleigh, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon19Male ShoemakerCoffinswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William EasterbrookSon17Male LabourerCoffinswell, Devon, England 1861
Coombpafford, St Mary Church,St Mary Church,Newton Abbot,DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead67Male Ag LabourerSt Mary Church 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife57Female  St Mary Church
 George EasterbrookSon24Male Marble MasonSt Mary Church 1861 1881
 John EasterbrookSon21Male CarpenterSt Mary Church 1861 1881
 Henry EasterbrookSon17Male Her Majestys Service (Naval)St Mary Church 1861 1881
Watcombe Pla No 5, St Mary Church,St Marys Church,Newton Abbot,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead35Male GardenerThrowley, Devon, England 1851 1881
 Sarah Ann EasterbrookWife30Female  Harbertonford, Devon, England
Valetta Lodge, Watcombe, St Mary Church,St Marys Church,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead48Male GardenerHawley, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary A EasterbrookWife49Female  Fremington, Devon, England
 John W EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon, England 1881
Shiplay Collaton, St Mary Church,St Marys Church,Newton Abbot,DevonRichard EastabrookHead34Male GardenerCrediton, Devon 1861
 Sarah EastabrookWife30Female  St Mary Church, Devon, England
 Richard EastabrookSon1Male  St Mary Church, Devon, England 1881
Shiplay Collaton, St Mary Church,St Marys Church,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EastabrookHead43Male Ag LabCrediton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary A EastabrookWife41Female ShopkeeperWashford Pyne, Devon, England
 William EastabrookSon14Male  St Mary Church, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John EastabrookSon12Male  St Mary Church, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter9Female ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon, England 1881
 Richard EastabrookSon4Male ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon, England 1881
Coombe Pafford Old Road, St Mary Church,St Marys Church,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead33Male LabourerSt Mary Church 1861 1881
 Susan EasterbrookWife30Female  Ilsington
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter9Female  St Mary Church 1881
Nebay Villa, St Mary Church,St Marys Church,Newton Abbot,DevonRoderick HugonimHead44Male Retired from the ArmyAlton, Hampshire, England
 Harriet HugonimWife42Female  Ns
 Louisa HugonimDaughter17Female  Ns
 Mary C HugonimDaughter14Female  Ns
 Catherine Ann HugonimDaughter10Female  Ns
 Helen T HugonimDaughter4Female  St Mary Church
 Robert S HugonimSon2Male  St Mary Church
 Harriet H HaymanDaughter1Female  St Mary Church
 Sarah YoungServant39Female English GovernessKingsbridge
 Green NewcombeServant24  CookChawleigh
 Emma EvansServant28Female HousemaidOgwill
 Harriet EasterbrooksServant24Female Head NurseBurkfastleigh 1861
 Mary BastowServant17Female NurseSt Mary Church
15 Fore St, Babbacombe Rd, St Mary Church,All Saints,Newton Abbot,DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead42Male Gardiner Throwleigh, Devon, England 1851 1881
 Mary A EasterbrookWife41Female  Maker, Cornwall, England
 Mary Ann RomeNiece6Female ScholarMaker, Cornwall, England
 John York ReayLodger66MaleWidrRetired Captain North Shields, Northumberland
? St, Paignton,Paignton,Totnes,DevonJane RossiterHead32Female DraperPaignton, Devon, England
 Charlotte H EastabrookAssistant37Female Drapers AssistantTotnes, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary Ellen PerringServant17Female Domestic ServantCornworthy, Devon, England
Landbridge Farm, Stoke Gabriel,Stoke Gabriel,Totnes,DevonElias EasterbrookHead59MaleWidrGardenerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Priscilla EasterbrookMother84FemaleWidowFormerly WeaverIvybridge, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Richard ButlerBoarder59MaleMarLaborerDean Prior, Devon, England
Luscombe, Rattery,Rattery,Totnes,DevonDavid WhiteHead44MaleUnmFarmer of 240 AcresModbury, Devon, England
 Nicholas ManringBoarder70MaleWidr Ugborough, Devon, England
 Eliza WatsonServant60FemaleWHouse keeperExminster, Devon, England
 Ann ClarkServant20FemaleUnmGeneral ServantCornworthy, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookServant68MaleUnmGeneral ServantBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 George FreemanServant42MaleUnmGeneral ServantPlymstock, Devon, England
 William CommbsServant15MaleUnmGeneral ServantRattery, Devon, England
 George CasleyServant15MaleUnmGeneral ServantRattery, Devon, England
Shefford Village,St Martin,Kingsbridge,DevonWaller WeekesHead65Male Ag LabStoke Fleming, Devon, England
 Mary WeekesWife63Female  Woodleigh, Devon, England
 Susan WeekesDaughter20Female ServantSherford, Devon, England
 Robert WeekesGrandson9Male Farm BoySherford, Devon, England
 George Hy EasterbrookGrandson1Male  South Pool, Devon, England 1881
Village of South Pool,St Cyrus,Kingsbridge,DevonMatthew EdmondsHead36Male MillerStokenham, Devon, England
 Dorothy E EdmondsWife32Female  Stokenham, Devon, England
 Catharine EdmondsDaughter1Female  South Pool, Devon, England
 Emily H EdmondsDaughter2 MonthsFemale  South Pool, Devon, England
 Josiah EasterbrookServant19Male MillerChivelstone, Devon, England 1861
 Sophia ElliottServant11Female Gen ServSouth Pool, Devon, England
 Catharine RandallVisitor31Female  Stokenham, Devon, England
3 Summer Hill, Chivelstone,St Silvester,Kingsbridge,DevonJohn EsterbrookHead48Male Farm LabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EsterbrookWife42Female  Chivelstone, Devon, England
 Samuel I EsterbrookSon9Male ScholarChivelstone, Devon, England 1881
Cottage, Stokenham,St Barnabas,Kingsbridge,DevonGeorge EsterbrookHead20Male Ag LabChivelstone, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Susanna EsterbrookWife17Female  Stokenham, Devon, England
 Ann P EsterbrookDaughter2 MonthsFemale  Stokenham, Devon, England 1881
Chillington, Stokenham,St Barnabas,Kingsbridge,DevonFurmana HelmerHead66Male Land owner FarmerStokenham, Devon, England
 Phebe Lucy HelmerWife61Female  South Pool, Devon, England
 William HelmerSon35Male  South Pool, Devon, England
 Phebe Lucy HelmerDaughter34Female  Stokenham, Devon, England
 Elizabeth VealServant26Female CookDown St Mary, Devon, England
 Miria QuickServant20Female HousemaidStokenham, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookServant20Male Farm Servant IndoorsChivelstone, Devon, England 1861 1881
Chillington, Stokenham,Pennycross,Plympton St Mary,DevonJames BryantHead71Male  Tiverton, Devon, England
 Charles HollowaySon-in-law42Male  Cape of Good Stoke Cape Colony
 Sarah HollowayWife43Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookServant23Female  Wickcombe, Devon, England
 Eliza EasterbrookServant29Female  Wickcombe, Devon, England
 Henry HuxhamServant27Male  Lodiswell, Devon, England
Halsinger, Braunton,Braunton,Barnstable,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead57Male Mole catcherBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrookWife54Female  Braunton, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon23Male  Braunton, Devon, England 1861
 John EasterbrookSon12Male  Braunton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Charles EasterbrookSon10Male  Braunton, Devon, England 1861 1881
West Ashford, Heanton Punchardon,Heanton Punchardon,Barnstable,DevonWilliam MartinHead46Male FarmerBarnstaple, Devon, England
 Mary MartinWife39Female  Alverdiscott, Devon, England
 Mary Elizabeth MatherDaughter10Female  Heanton Punchardon
 Elizabeth PetherbridgeMother-in-law76FemaleWidowAnnuitantTawstock, Devon, England
 Maria PeardServant24Female ServantParkham, Devon, England
 Ann KidwellServant25Female ServantDevon, England
 May Ann WhiteServant25Female ServantBristol
 Joseph PullingServant13Male ServantHeanton Punchardon, Devon, England
 George StiddifordServant36Male ServantAtherington, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookServant26Male ServantHunthew, Devon, England 1861 1881
Camelford, Lanteglos,Lanteglos,Camelford,CornwallKeme J BesstHead32Male Draper & AldermanCamelford, Cornwall, England
 Sarah J BesstWife31Female  Ipplepen, Devon, England
 Bride H BesstDaughter7 MonthsFemale  Camelford, Cornwall, England
 Samuel EasterbrookVisitor33Male EngineerIpplepen, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary A EasterbrookVisitor38Female  Newton Baswell, Devon, England
 Bessie B EasterbrookVisitor2Female  Torgway, Devon, England 1881
 Mary M HandonAssistant25Female Drapers AssistantBorcasth, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth RoweApprentice17Female Drapers ApprenticeTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Mary RickardApprentice18Female Drapers ApprenticeTrevalga, Cornwall, England
 Mary A T ElleryAssistant19Female MillinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Thomas W WardApprentice16Male Drapers ApprenticeBoscasth, Cornwall, England
 Thomas H PommrdaApprentice14Male Drapers ApprenticeGle of Bight, Shanklin
 Joseph StickaApprentice15Male Drapers ApprenticePort Gaverns, Cornwall, England
 Sarah MudgeServant23Female General ServantMichaelston, Cornwall, England
 Annah MillerServant24Female General ServantTintagel, Cornwall, England
Rose Hill Cottage, Launceston,Trigg Major,Launceston,CornwallThomas ShuteHead58Male Landowner & OccupierHartland, Devon, England
 Catherine ShuteWife53Female  Bulkworthy, Devon, England
 William HopperBrother-in-law59Male  Bradworthy, Devon, England
 Maria HopperSister-in-law51Female  Bulkworthy, Devon, England
 Mary G EastabrookServant13Female General ServantBuckland, Devon, England 1861 1881
Trewell, North Hill,North Hill,Launceston,CornwallWilliam BrayHead44Male Farmer of 160 acresPyworthy, Devon, England
 Mary Jane BrayWife38Female  Pancrasweek, Devon, England
 Mary S BrayDaughter12Female  North Hill, Cornwall, England
 William B BraySon8Male  North Hill, Cornwall, England
 Bessie BrayDaughter4Female  North Hill, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth GilbertServant32Female Domestic ServantPancrasweek, Devon, England
 William DoneyServant19Male Farm Servant IndoorNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 John MaunderServant16Male Farm Servant IndoorNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 John EasterbrookServant12Male Farm Servant IndoorAshwater, Devon, England 1861 1881
Tremthey, North Hill,North Hill,Launceston,CornwallJames EasterbrookHead35Male Ag LabBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Grace EasterbrookWife33Female  Bickington, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Bickington, Devon, England
 Joseph EasterbrookSon6Male  Bickington, Devon, England 1881
 James EasterbrookSon4Male  North Hill, Cornwall, England 1881
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter2Female  North Hill, Cornwall, England 1881
 John MartinBoarder71Male Ag LabBickington, Devon, England
Middle Row, North Hill,North Hill,Launceston,CornwallJames AugerHead40MaleUnmCarpenterNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 Ann AugerMother65FemaleWidowHousekeeperNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 Ann FooteServant12Female Domestic ServNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 R T EasterbrookServant47MaleUnmJourneyman CarpenterSouth Petherton, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Jno FooteServant21Male Journeyman CarpenterNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
 Oliver FooteServant14Male Carpenter apprenticeNorth Hill, Cornwall, England
Trewint, Menheniot,Menheniot,Liskeard,CornwallElias EasterbrookHead35Male Farmer of 100 AcresHolne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Armand EasterbrookWife28   Menheniot, Cornwall, England
 Armand EasterbrookDaughter1   Menheniot, Cornwall, England 1881
 Ann PowelServant20Female General ServantMenheniot, Cornwall, England
 William MorfordServant22Male Ag ServSt Germans, Cornwall, England
 William H MitchellServant12Male Ag ServTalland, Cornwall, England
Trewint, Menheniot,Menheniot,Liskeard,CornwallAnn EasterbrookHead62Female   Holne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John B EasterbrookSon31Male  Holme, Devon, England 1861 1881
Menheniot village,Menheniot,Liskeard,CornwallGeorge EasterbrookHead28MaleMarButcherHoton, Devon, England 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife25FemaleMar Menheniot, Cornwall, England
 Edward EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarMenheniot, Cornwall, England 1881
Hodman Tor Cottage, Lanlivery,Lanlivery,Bodmin,CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead54Male Ag LabSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 Ann EasterbrookWife53Female  Lanlivery, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth VagueRelative77FemaleWAnnuitantLittle Petherick, Cornwall, England
Duke Street, Lostwithel,Lostwithel,Bodmin,CornwallHonor WilliamsHead64Female GrocerSt Columb, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth WilliamsDaughter30Female DressmakerLostwithel, Cornwall, England
 Thomas EasterbrookBoarder22Male Railway PorterLanlivery, Cornwall, England 1861
 Emma AllenGranddaughter11Female ScholarLanlivery, Cornwall, England
Fenton Pits, Lanivet,Lanivet,Bodmin,CornwallWilliam EasterbrookHead30Male Labourer at Tin MineLanlivery, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Louisa EasterbrookWife26Female  Lanivet, Cornwall, England
 John EasterbrookSon5Male  Lanivet, Cornwall, England
 Eli H EasterbrookSon3Male  Lanlivery, Cornwall, England 1881
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookDaughter10 MonthsFemale  Lanlivery, Cornwall, England
Millbank Prison (2),St John,St George Hanover Square,LondonJoseph EasterbrookMilitary Prisoner (Military)36Male  Scotland
Millbank Prison (2),St Luke,Bedminster,SomersetWilliam H JonesHead25Male  Nk, Devon, England
 Lillah JonesWife26Female  Nk, Devon, England
 Joseph H JonesSon5Male  Bristol, Somerset, England
 William H JonesSon4Male  Bristol, Somerset, England
 Mary J JonesDaughter2Female  Bristol, Somerset, England
 Thomas EasterbockesBoarder30Male  Nk, Devon, England
 Elizabeth BryantBoarder21Female  Nk, Devon, England
Portishead Village,Portishead,Bedminster,SomersetRichard EastabrookHead60Male CarpenterPortsmouth 1861 1881
 Ellen EastabrookWife46Female  Bristol
 Martha EastabrookDaughter25Female  Bristol 1861
 Arthur EastabrookSon19Male CarpenterPortishead, Somerset, England 1861 1881
 Edwin B EastabrookSon17Male CarpenterPortishead, Somerset, England 1861 1881
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter15Female  Portishead, Somerset, England 1861 1881
 Agnes EastabrookDaughter10Female ScholarPortishead, Somerset, England 1861 1881
 Ada EastabrookDaughter9Female ScholarPortishead, Somerset, England 1881
 Walter G EastabrookSon4Male  Portishead, Somerset, England 1881
18 Newfoundland St, St Paul, Bristol,St Clement,Bristol,GloucestershireEmma SprattoryHead37FemaleWidowShop KeeperBristol 1861
 Frederick SprattorySon14Male Brass FounderBristol
 Emily SprattoryDaughter16Female MillinerBristol
 Elizabeth CaskrbrookSister50FemaleUnmDress MakerBristol 1861 1881
 Mary AdamsVisitor45Female Hat MakerBristol
Hare's Garden's, St Paul, Bristol,St Barnabas,Bristol,GloucestershireWilliam BarnettHead49Male HaulierBampton, Devon, England
 Jane BarnettWife45Female LaundressBristol
 William BarnettSon20Male PainterGibraltar
 Jane BarnettDaughter13Female  Bristol
 Annie BarnettDaughter11Female  Bristol
 Mary BarnettDaughter8Female  Bristol
 John TuckerLodger63Male HaulierShatton, Cornwall, England
 William EastabrokeLodger47Male LabourerBristol 1851
25 Raphael St, Westminster,All Saints,St George Hanover Square,LondonGeorge RogersHead61Male TailorSudbury, Suffolk, England
 Mary RogersWife60Female  Sudbury, Suffolk, England
 Maurice RogersSon16Male TailorSudbury, Suffolk, England
 Elizabeth RogersDaughter32Female TailoressSudbury, Suffolk, England
 Sarah Ann RogersDaughter24Female TailoressSudbury, Suffolk, England
 Elizabeth EastbrookVisitor54Female TailoressSudbury, Suffolk, England
 William MoultonVisitor20Male GroomSudbury, Suffolk, England
25 Raphael St, Westminster,All Saints,St George Hanover Square,LondonFrancis FedermeyerLodger26Male   Duchy, Luxembourg
25 Raphael St, Westminster,All Saints,St George Hanover Square,LondonErnest DudenLodger25Male   Paris, France
25 Raphael St, Westminster,All Saints,St George Hanover Square,LondonNicholas BoylanLodger52Male  Ireland
Bristol Royal Infirmary,St James,Bristol,GloucestershireElizabeth EastbrooksUnmarried24FemaleUnmarriedDress MakerSt Georges, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
12 Host St, Bristol,St Augustine,Bristol,GloucestershireJohn EasterbrookHead53Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife54Female Dress MakerBristol, Gloucestershire, England
 John EasterbrookSon22Male HatterBristol, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
 Edward EasterbrookSon15Male Porter at HattersBristol, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarBristol, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
 Walter EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarBristol, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1891
9 Thorns Buildings, Clifton,St Peter,Clifton,GloucestershireAnne EastabrookHead43FemaleWTeacher Small SchoolBurton, Westmorland, England 1881
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter16Female AssistantClifton, Gloucestershire, England 1861
 Charles EastabrookSon12Male Office BoyClifton, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
 Frank EastabrookSon11Male ScholarClifton, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
6 Abbotsham Place, Bristol,Holy Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireMary EastabrookHead62FemaleUnmSchoolmistressPortsmouth 1861
 Tryphena EastabrookSister59FemaleUnmLate HousekeeperPortsmouth 1861 1881
 Sarah H EastabrookSister55FemaleUnmDress MakerPortsmouth 1861 1881
8 Abbotsham Place, Bristol,Holy Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireJohn EstabrookHead61Male Master BuilderPortsmouth, Hampshire, England 1861 1881
 Sarah EstabrookWife62Female  Bristol
 Jabez EstabrookSon34Male Master BuilderBristol 1861 1881
 George EstabrookSon23Male GrainerBristol 1861 1881
 Sarah A EstabrookDaughter18Female Home DutiesBristol 1861
13+Goodhuid St, Bristol,Holy Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireWilliam EastabrookHead25Male BuilderBristol, Gloucestershire, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife24Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
 Florence EastabrookDaughter8 MonthsFemale  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England 1881
Alben Rd, Willesden,St John,Hendon,MiddlesexWalter EasterbrookHead29Male Fitter SignalIppleton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary A EasterbrookWife20Female  Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Kilburn, Middlesex, England 1881
21 Marshall St, Westminster,St James and St John,Westminster,LondonHenry PikeHead26Male Cabinet MakerWestminster, St James
 Elizabeth PikeWife23Female Waistcoat MakerSt Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 Elizabeth PikeDaughter1 Year, 1 MonthFemale  Westminster, St James
 Mary EasterbrookAunt56Female NurseTotnes, Devon, England
189 Kennington Road, Lambeth,St Phillip,Lambeth,LondonHenry GreenHead68Male Retired ClerkLondon, Middlesex, England
 Ann M GreenWife64Female  St Michael Wood St, Middlesex, England
 Mary A EasterbrookServant53Female General ServantBroadclist, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Thomas ClanerServant21Male General ServantRumnell, Essex, England
2 Milton Place, Lambeth,St Barnabas,Lambeth,LondonJoseph EasterbrookHead27Male LabourerBuckland, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah EasterbrookWife25Female  Sanford, Devon, England
1 Osbourn Terrace, Eltham,St Peter,Lewisham,KentThomas EasterbrookHead51Male WhitesmithSt Ives, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Rom I EasterbrookWife46Female  London, England
 Horace E EasterbrookSon21Male WhitesmithLondon, England 1861 1881
 Edward A EasterbrookSon19Male WhitesmithLondon, England 1861
 John H EasterbrookSon15Male WhitesmithNew Charlton, Kent, England 1861 1881
 Elias W EasterbrookSon13Male Errand BoyNew Charlton, Kent, England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarEltham, Kent, England 1881
 Jane T EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Eltham, Kent, England 1881
The Herbert Hospital,Kidbrooke St James,Woolwich,KentRichard EasterbrooksPatient39MaleMarriedGunner Coast BrigadeExborne, Devon, England
Royal Marine School, Woolwich,Woolwich,KentMary A EasterbrookWife25FemaleMarWife+of Gunner R.ArtilleryNorwich, Norfolk, England
Royal Marine Infirmary and Green Hill Schools,Woolwich,KentRichard EasterbrookSon5Male scholarIreland 1881
High Street, Honiton,Honiton,DevonEdmund StampHead59Male Attorney and SolicitorHoniton, Devon, England
 Celine Victoire StampWife43Female  Amiens, France
 Edmd Archd StampSon28Male Attorney and SolicitorHoniton, Devon, England
 Anne Campbell StampDaughter25Female  Honiton, Devon, England
 Jane StampDaughter23Female  Honiton, Devon, England
 Lucy Margaret StampDaughter20Female  Honiton, Devon, England
 Edward Geo StampSon10Male  Honiton, Devon, England
 Sarah Jane EastabrookServant27Female Parlour MaidWhimple, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth VincentServant29Female CookWidworthy, Devon, England
 Fanny NorrisServant25Female HousemaidHoniton, Devon, England
The Devon County Lunatic Asylum,Exminster,St Thomas,DevonJohn EasterbrookPatient42Male  N
Training College, Heavitree Rd, St Sidwell, Exeter,Exeter,DevonDaniel Easterbrook 18Male Student in Training CollegeMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861 1881
Posloe Road, St John's Cottage,St James,Exeter,DevonHarold SmithHead36Male Artist PaintingEast Indies, British Subgeet
 Amelia SmithWife29Female  Blandford, Dorset, England
 Agnes SmithDaughter2Female  Weybridge, Surrey, England
 Lillian SmithDaughter1Female  Weybridge, Surrey, England
 Elizabeth EmmettServant20Female General Servant domesticFulha, Middlesex, England
 Mary EasterbrookServant22Female Nurse domestic servantExbourne, Devon, England
 Jane WhiteServant17Female Nurse domestic servantSunnydale, Surrey, England
The Exeter Workhouse,St Sidwell,Exeter,DevonEmma EasterbrookMother40FemaleMarrLaundressSt Edmunds Exeter
 Frederick EasterbrookSon10Male Inmate ScholarSt Thomas, Exeter 1861 1881
 Walter EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarSt Mary Majors Exeter 1881
 Edmund EasterbrookSon3Male  City Workhouse Exeter 1881
5 Northernhay Pl, Exeter,Exeter,DevonElizabeth BulleyHead63Female Lodging HousekeeperExbourne, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookNiece28Female ServantExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth AcklandNiece15Female ServantPlymouth, Devon, England
 Jane MerrifieldServant13Female ServantPlymouth, Devon, England
Paul Street, Exeter,Exeter,DevonMary EasterbrookHead56FemaleWGenl ShopkeeperPoughill, Cornwall, England 1881
12 Bedford Circus, Exeter,Exeter,DevonLeonard I WebberHead26Male Insurance Comp ClerkOttery St Mary, Devon, England
 Ann WebberMother62Female  Frinton, Devon, England
 Mary M WebberSister24Female Drapers AssistantOttery St Mary, Devon, England
13 Bedford Circus,Exeter,DevonAnn Easterbrook 65Female House KeeperExeter; St John 1861
 Melinda BraileyServant41Female ServExeter Mary Archen
Faiernhay St, St Olave,Exeter,DevonWilliam JoyceHead50Male LabTopsham, Middlesex, England
 Jane JoyceWife43Female  Weinple, Middlesex, England
 Sarah A JoyceDaughter15Female  Exeter, Middlesex, England
 Mary JoyceDaughter10Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 James JoyceSon10Male  Exeter, Devon, England
 James EasterbrookLodger82MaleWidrNo occupationSandford Comtney, Devon, England 1861
 Jno EasterbrookLodger51MaleUnmBlacksmithOkehampton, Devon, England 1861 1881
Brook Street, West Teignmouth,West Teignmouth,Newton Abbot,DevonJan EasterbrookHead48FemaleWidPastry CookEast Budleigh, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookSon18MaleUnCabinet MakerWoodbury, Devon, England 1861
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter16FemaleUnServWoodbury, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Charles EasterbrookSon15Male TailorWoodbury, Devon, England 1861
20 Penpoll Terr, Phillack,St Elwyn,Redruth,CornwallNicholas J EasterbrookHead44Male Master BakerMadron, Cornwall, England 1861
 Rosetta EasterbrookWife47Female  St Buryan, Cornwall, England
 Rosetta RoweNiece18Female Baker's ShopwomanMadron, Cornwall, England
 Annie GlashkayNiece15Female Domestic ServantPhillack, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth LeminVisitor63Female  Penryn, Cornwall, England
Hayle Terrace, Phillack,St Elwyn,Redruth,CornwallWilliam H EasterbrookHead37Male Baker JourneymanPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife37Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarStrotford, Essex, England 1881
 Mosetta EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarHayle, Cornwall, England 1881
 Nicholas I EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarHayle, Cornwall, England 1881
Hayle Terrace, Phillack,St Mary,Islington,LondonJames EasterbookHead33Male  Twerton, Devon, England
 Jane S EasterbookWife28Female  Kentisbeare, Devon, England
 Anne E EasterbookDaughter1Female  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Tom BaswoieCousin22Male  Harberton, Devon, England
 William MillmanFriend21Male  Cadlip Town, Devon, England
123 Liverpool Rd, Islington,Trinity,Islington,LondonElizabeth MortonHead29Female No OccupationLondon, Middlesex, England
 Christiana F MortonDaughter9Female  Islington, Middlesex, England
 John E MortonSon8Male  Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England
 Herbert F MortonSon7Male  Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England
 Emily EasterbrookServant21Female General ServantPoplar, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
123 Liverpool Rd, Islington,Trinity,Islington,LondonJulia H CowanLodger40Female  London, England
 Ellen E DavisDaughter14Female  Boston; Bristish, United States
123 Liverpool Rd, Islington,Trinity,Islington,LondonJane M BrooksLodger28Female  Liverpool, Lancashire, England
18 Denmark Grove, Islington,All Saints,Islington,LondonJohn EasterbrookHead28Male Brewer ServantShobrooke, Devon, England 1861 1881
11 Searsdale Villas, Kensington,St Mary Abbotts,Kensington,LondonWilliam WaterhouseHead54Male Portrait PainterBristol, Yorkshire, England
 Frederica M J WaterhouseWife43Female  Belgium
 John Wm WaterhouseSon22Male SculptorItaly
 Chas J W WaterhouseSon14Male  Kensington, Middlesex, England
 Fredk J P WaterhouseSon10Male  Kensington, Middlesex, England
 Mary A WaterhouseDaughter5Female  Kensington, Middlesex, England
 Wm G W WaterhouseSon3Male  Kensington, Middlesex, England
 Alice E F WaterhouseDaughter8 MonthsFemale  Kensington, Middlesex, England
 Arabella HawtonServant34Female NurseVintenton, Cornwall, England
 Eliza EasterbrookServant30Female General ServDartmoor, Devon 1851
Elm Row, Shadwell,Shadwell,Stepney,LondonJame EastabrookHead59Female  Plymouth, Devon, England 1851
 Mary CarltonNiorlechild14Female  Leeds, Yorkshire, England
 William A HarronVisitor7Male  Poplar, Middlesex, England
45 Drummond Road, Bermondsey,St James,St Olave Southwark,SurreySarah EsterbrookHead40Female No occupationRotherhithe, Surrey, England 1851 1881
 Richd EsterbrookSon18Male LightermanDeptford, Kent, England 1861 1881
 Catherine TartonVisitor41Female  Cork, Ireland
45 Drummond Road, Bermondsey,St James,St Olave Southwark,SurreyElizabeth PierceLodger73Female  London, Middlesex, England
47 * Rd, Lambeth,St Mark,Lambeth,LondonSamuel EasterbrookHead15Male PlumberWoinsty, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Charlette Canender EasterbrookWife49Female   Exeter, Devon, England
 Arthur Jameel EasterbrookSon15Male  Woinsty, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Charlotte Mary EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Woinsty, Surrey, England 1861 1881
Wandsworth Rd, Clapham,Clapham,Wandsworth,SurreyDaniel EasterbrookHead36Male  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter31Female  Devon, England 1861 1881
 John EastabrookSon26Male  Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EastabrookDaughter32Female  Barton on the Heath, Norfolk, England 1861
 Richard EasterbrookSon19   Barton on the Heath, Norfolk, England 1861
 James EastabrookSon16Male  Wolverhampton 1861 1881
 William EastabrookSon14Male  Wolverhampton 1861 1881
 Henry EasterbrookSon11Male  Wolverhampton 1861 1881
 Jane EastabrookDaughter9Female  Malton, Yorkshire, England 1881
 Jane EastabrookWife52Female  Widercombe, Devon, England
4 Nightingale Lane, Clapham,Holy Trinity,Wandsworth,SurreySamuel WilsonHead57Male Retired Sugar RefinerYorkshire, England
 Elizabeth WilsonWife53Female  Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 Helen E WilsonDaughter24Female  London, Middlesex, England
 Edith R WilsonDaughter20Female  Clapham, Surrey, England
 Elizabeth HotckissServant48Female CookClun, Shropshire, England
 Martha DyerServant41Female HousemaidThurcaston, Somerset, England
 Louisa T EasterbrookServant26Female HousemaidClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
39 Russel St, Battersea,Christchurch,Wandsworth,SurreyGeorge EasterbrookHead29Male CoppersmithClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Eliza EasterbrookWife30Female  Weymouth, Devon, England
 George Henry EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarBromley, Middlesex, England 1881
 Charles Fredk EasterbrookSon1Male  Bromley, Middlesex, England 1881
20 Lockington Road, Battersea,St George,Wandsworth,SurreyThomas EasterbrookHead30Male TailorKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Hannah M EasterbrookWife29Female  Torguay, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookSon2Male  Chelsea, Middlesex, England 1881
26 The Cedars, Putney,St Mary,Wandsworth,SurreyWattie MellishamHead79Male * ManufacturerScotland
 Robert MellishamSon53Male  Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 Hellen MellishamDaughter54Female  York, Yorkshire, England
 Jane PulhamServant36Female Gen ServHackney, Middlesex, England
 Caroline EasterbrookServant31Female Gen ServIslington, Middlesex, England 1861
 Elizabeth RushbrookServant19Female Gen ServWandsworth, Surrey, England
21 Mansion St, St Giles Camberwell,St Emmanuel,Camberwell,SurreySarah MulleyHead65Female noneSouthwark, Surrey, England
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter38Female DressmakerLondon City, Middlesex, England 1881
 Fanny EasterbrookGranddaughter10Female ScholarDevenport, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ellen EasterbrookGranddaughter8Female ScholarBacup, Lancashire, England 1881
21 Mansion St, St Giles Camberwell,Hatcham St James,Greenwich,LondonJohn H EllerbrookHead54Male   Soho, Middlesex, England
 Annie J EllerbrookWife30Female  Ipswich, Suffolk, England
 John Albert EllerbrookSon5Male   Pimlico, Middlesex, England
 William MorfeyFather-in-law70Male  Ipswich, Suffolk, England
 Ebenezar War MorfeyBrother-in-law30Male  Ipswich, Suffolk, England
59 Old King Street, Deptford,St Nicholas,Greenwich,LondonHarry J EasterbrookHead38Male Fire Wood CutterDeptford, Kent, England 1861 1881
 Catherine EasterbrooksWife27Female  Deptford, Kent, England
44 Butcher Row, Deptford,St Nicholas,Greenwich,LondonHarry EasterbrookHead58Male BakerGreenwich, Kent, England 1861
 Jane EasterbrookWife56Female LaundressDeptford, Kent, England
 James EasterbrookSon22Male Labourer in Iron WorksDeptford, Kent, England 1861 1881
 George EasterbrookSon19Male Labourer in Iron WorksDeptford, Kent, England 1861 1881
 Fanny EasterbrookDaughter23Female DressmakerDeptford, Kent, England
 Joseph DealesBoarder50Male BoilermakerDeptford, Kent, England
The Pear Namesdale Street, Lewisham,St Stephen,Lewisham,KentThomas J Easter EasterbrookHead29Male WhitesmithClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Charlette E EasterbrookWife26Female  Woolwich, Kent, England
 David T EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarCharlton, Kent, England 1881
 Ellen M EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarLewisham, Kent, England 1881
 Harry D EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarLewisham, Kent, England 1881
 Charlotte F EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Lewisham, Kent, England 1881
13 Upper Pitt St, Liverpool,St Michael,Liverpool,LancashireMaria SterlingHead27Female Mariner's WifeDenmark
 Henry SterlingSon9Male ScholarLondon, England
13 Upper Pitt St, Liverpool,St Michael,Liverpool,LancashireSydney EasterbrookLodger16Male MarinerDartmouth 1861
172 Hill Street, Newington,,St Paul,St Saviour Southwark,LondonEliza EasterbrookHead39FemaleWidowDressmakerBristol 1881
 Eliza C EasterbrookDaughter14Female Dressmaker Assist.Southwark, Surrey, England 1861
 John T EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarSouthwark, Surrey, England 1861 1881
 Emily R EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex, England 1881
 Eleanor M EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarNewington, Surrey, England 1881
 Grace D EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Newington, Surrey, England
Devonshire Rd, Streatham,St Mary,Wandsworth,SurreyJohn Thomas WrightHead55Male SolicitorAlphington; Exeter
 Ellen Marion WrightWife52Female  South Lambeth, Surrey, England
 Fredk Chas Buckley WrightSon24Male Clerk India Office WhitehallBalham, Surrey, England
 Annamaria WrightDaughter21Female  Balham, Surrey, England
 Thomas Samuel CurtisNephew22Male Member of the Inner TempleSevenoaks, Kent, England
 Maria AshtonServant32Female CookLeeds, Yorkshire, England
 Mary WrightServant27Female ParmourmaidWoolwick, Kent, England
 Anelia EasterbrookServant25Female HousemaidBow, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
HMS Princess Charlotte, Hong Kong,Vessels,Royal NavyJohn EastabrookPrivate36Male  Sampford; Courtenay, Devon, England 1861 1881
HMS Royal Alfred, Grassey Bay, Bermuda,Vessels,Royal NavyWilliam EasterbrookBoy 1st Class (Boy)17Male  United States 1881
HMS Royal Alfred, Grassey Bay, Bermuda,Burnham Overy,Docking,NorfolkAnn PlummerHead93FemaleWidowAnnuitantWalsingham, Norfolk, England
 Elizabeth Thurlow EastabrookGranddaughter29Female  Overton, Hampshire, England 1861 1881
2 Veraudite House, High St, Weston super Mare,St John,Axbridge,SomersetThomas HoodHead62Male Medical PractitionerIreland
 Mary Ann HoodWife41Female  Norwood, Surrey, England
 Anne Isabel HoodDaughter14Female  Brazil
 Margaret Elizh HoodDaughter12Female  Chiddingford, Surrey, England
 Thos Graham HoodSon9Male  Brazil
 Wm A A HoodSon4Male  Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England
 Angelina C E HoodDaughter2Female  Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England
 Arthur M HoodSon4 MonthsMale  Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England
 Sarah Ann HooperServant10Female NurseBedminster, Somerset, England
 Mary Ann EsterbrookServant22Female CookAllona, Devon, England 1851 1881
2 Meadow Villa, Weston-super-Mare,Christchurch,Axbridge,SomersetWilliam EasterbrookHead58Male * DealerWitherbridge, Devon, England 1861
 Marget EasterbrookWife56Female  Witherbridge, Devon, England
 Jerry E EasterbrookDaur19  ScholarWitherbridge, Devon, England 1861
Male Convict Establishment Portland (1),Portland,Weymouth,DorsetHenry EasterbrookConvict (Prisoner)32Male  London, St Luke, Middlesex, England
Queen Square, Broad Clyst,Exeter,St Thomas,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead53Male MasonBroadclist, Devon, England 1861
 Susan EasterbrookWife55Female  Cadbury, Devon, England
 Tom EasterbrookSon20Male MasonBroadclist, Devon, England 1861
 James EasterbrookSon17Male Mason's LabororBroadclist, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarBroadclist, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizth EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarBroadclist, Devon, England 1861 1881
Splat Green, Whimple,Whimple,St Thomas,DevonGeorge SanderHead48Male GardenerBroad Clyst, Devon, England
 Mary SandersWife58Female  Clyst Honiton, Devon, England
 Mary C SandersDaughter17Female  Clyst Hydon, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookBoarder58Male LabourerMoreton Hepstead, Devon, England 1861 1881
Fortescue House, Nether Exe,Nether Exe,St Thomas,DevonWilliam MayHead37Male FarmerRewe, Devon, England
 Jane W MayWife30Female  Shobrooke, Devon, England
 Robert MaySon6Male  Nether Exe, Devon, England
 Harriet MayDaughter4Female  Nether Exe, Devon, England
 William MaySon3Male  Nether Exe, Devon, England
 Herbert MaySon2Male  Nether Exe, Devon, England
 Alfred MaySon10 MonthsMale  Nether Exe, Devon, England
 Caroline H CoddGoverness29Female GovernessSerne, Dorset, England
 Emily EasterbrookServant18Female HousemaidShobrooke, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Lucy LangabeerServant14Female NursemaidThorverton, Devon, England
 Thomas SetterServant37Male Farm Servant IndoorThorverton, Devon, England
 Henry StonemanServant15Male GroomThorverton, Devon, England
3 Barton Terrace, Dawlish,Dawlish,Newton Abbot,DevonM A DaveyHead44FemaleUnmLodging House KeeperExmouth, Devon, England
 George KeenNephew5Male ScholarDawlish
 Emma B EdwardsServant16Female Genr ServExeter, Devon, England
 Laura EasterbrookLodger22Female MillinerDawlish, Devon, England 1861
3 Barton Terrace, Dawlish,Dawlish,Newton Abbot,DevonCharles BrumeleLodger52Male Civil EngineerGragetow, Guam
6 Brook St, Dawlish,Dawlish,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead62MaleWidrHair DresserDawlish, Devon, England 1861
 Elenora EasterbrookDaughter36Female  Dawlish, Devon, England 1861
1 Chapel St, Dawlish,Dawlish,Newton Abbot,DevonHenry EasterbrookHead28Male Clock & WatchmakerDawlish, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Lucy A EasterbrookWife40Female  Aylesbeare, Devon, England
 Eliza StileStepdaughter11Female ScholarHeavitree, Devon, England
 Sarah StileStepdaughter9Female ScholarHeavitree, Devon, England
 Lucy StileGranddaughter5Female ScholarDawlish, Devon, England
 Charles EasterbrookSon3Male  Dawlish, Devon, England 1881
 Harry S EasterbrookSon1Male  Dawlish, Devon, England 1881
Strand, St Nicholas,St Nicholas,Newton Abbot,DevonGeorge WellsHead32Male Draper & Coal MerchantChudleigh, Devon, England
 Mary E WellsWife30Female  St Nicholas, Devon, England
 Blanche A WellsDaughter10Female  St Nicholas, Devon, England
 Alice H WellsDaughter8Female  St Nicholas, Devon, England
 Reginald G WellsSon5Male  St Nicholas, Devon, England
 Joseph H WellsSon3Male  St Nicholas, Devon, England
 Jane EasterbrookServant16Female Domestic ServantTeignmouth, Devon, England 1861
The Green, Shalden,St Nicholas,Newton Abbot,DevonJames EasterbrookHead43Male LabourerBroadhempston, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife50Female  Landford, Devon, England
 William J EasterbrookSon13Male   Saltash, Cornwall, England 1861
 Henry EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarDawlish, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarDawlish, Devon, England 1881
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarTeignmouth, Devon, England 1881
Lustleigh Village,St John,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EastonHead65Male CarpenterDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 Mary Ann EastonDaughter21Female LaundressBovey Tracey, Devon, England
 Rachel EastonDaughter18Female LaundressLustleigh, Devon, England
 George EastonSon25Male CarpenterBovey Tracey, Devon, England
 Elias EastonSon21Male CarpenterBovey Tracey, Devon, England
 John WilliamsVisitor74Male Ag LabLustleigh, Devon, England
 Reuben EasterbrookVisitor27Male CarpenterKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
Eastern Road, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead39Male Farmer of 30 AcresAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrookWife38Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Hennry E EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary E EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarAshburton, Devon, England 1881
 Annie E EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarAshburton, Devon, England 1881
 Fanny EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarAshburton, Devon, England 1881
 Thomas EasterbrookSon2Male ScholarAshburton, Devon, England 1881
East Street, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn KnapmanHead51Male Miller, employing 2 mean & a boySpreyton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth V KnapmanWife44Female Miller's WifeAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth J KnapmanDaughter13Female ScholarAshburton, Devon, England
 Fanny KnapmanDaughter11Female ScholarAshburton, Devon, England
 William E KnapmanSon9Male ScholarAshburton, Devon, England
 Catherine KnapmanDaughter8Female ScholarAshburton, Devon, England
 Joseph E KnapmanSon6Male ScholarAshburton, Devon, England
 Susan J KnapmanDaughter1Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Jane EasterbrookSister-in-law33Female  Ashburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Emily TownsendServant17Female General ServantAshburton, Devon, England
East Street, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead81Female Housekeeper to SonsWidecombe, Devon, England 1861
 Samuel EasterbrookSon44Male Carter & Farmer of 10 acress of landAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Joseph EasterbrookSon41Male Carter & FarmerAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William EasterbrookSon49Male Baker unemployedAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter-in-law55Female Baker's wife unemployedIlsington, Devon, England
 Thomas S EasterbrookGrandson15Male Carpenter unemployedDarlington, Durham, England 1861
North Street, Ashburton,Ashburton,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead74Male Farmer of land (late)Widecombe, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookWife75Female SchoolmistressPowderham, Devon, England
Matinsland Farm, Ilsington,Ilsington,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead79Male Farmer of 50 AcresSanford Courtney, Devon, England 1861
 Lydia EasterbrookWife77Female  Throwley, Devon, England
 Joseph EasterbrookSon30MaleUnmFarmer's SonThrowley, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Samuel EasterbrookSon27MaleUnmFarmer's SonThrowley, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John BlacklarServant12Male Farm ServantBickington, Devon, England
Quarry Farm,Woodlands,Newton Abbot,DevonCharles EasterbrookHead40Male Farmer of 50 AcresIpplepen, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookWife36Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 George EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Holne, Devon, England 1881
 Ann Waycott EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Woodland, Devon, England 1881
Newton Abbot Union Workhouse,Wolborough,Newton Abbot,DevonElizabeth EasterbrookPauper19   Torquay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Bessie EasterbrookPauper1Female  Newton Abbot, Devon, England
1 Melville Place, Tormoham,St Luke,Newton Abbot,DevonRichard DelbridgeHead38Male JoinerNorth Molton
 Susan DelbridgeWife40Female  Stoke Gabriel, Devon, England
 Richard T DelbridgeSon16Male Marble workerSt Mary Church
 Harry DelbridgeSon10Male Errand BoySt Mary Church
 Arthur DelbridgeSon8Male ScholarTorquay
1 Melville Place, Tormoham,St Luke,Newton Abbot,DevonElisabeth Eastabrook 86FemaleUnmarriedServant FormerlyAshburton, Devon, England
10 Belgrave Ter, Tormoham,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonMary LuscombeHead24Female Lodging House KeeperTorquay
 Mary ColeAunt40Female DressmakerBroadhamstead
 Jane DownSister23Female  Torquay
 Mary A EasterbrookServant23Female Domestic ServantKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Lucy MagorServant17Female Domestic ServantMoreton, Devon, England
7 Rock Cottage, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonW EasterbrookHead44Male Clock MakerKingsbridge, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Josepha EasterbrookWife47Female LaundressWiddicombe, Devon, England
 Sarah J EasterbrookDaughter18Female Apprentice MillinerTorquay, Devon, England 1861
Spring Cottage, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead36Male Carpenter Penzance, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 William EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
 Charles EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Albert EasterbrookSon4 MonthsMale  Torquay, Devon, England
10 New Church Rd, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn MortHead25Male MasonTorquay, Devon, England
 Eliza MortWife22Female LaundressExeter, Devon, England
 Susan MortDaughter7Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 William J MortSon9 MonthsMale  Torquay, Devon, England
 Curly EasterbrookServant16Female Domestic ServantTorquay, Devon, England
13 New Church R, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonBurrel EasterbrookHead32Male CarpenterKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Emma EasterbrookWife26Female  Lympstone, Devon, England
 Emma J EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Lympstone, Devon, England 1881
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Kingweston, London, England 1881
 Amelia CooperSister28Female Domestic ServLympstone, Devon, England
 Sophia A CooperDaughter2Female  Lympstone, Devon, England
 Alice S CooperDaughter8 MonthsFemale  Devonport, Devon, England
53 Higher Union St, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead61Male SawyerMarldn, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife62Female  Barton, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon37Male BakerRuigsherweth, Devon, England 1861
 Agnes EasterbrookDaughter23Female Assistant?Torquay, Devon, England 1861
53 Higher Union St, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead29Male  Exeter, Devon, England 1851 1881
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife22Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 William J EasterbrookSon1Male  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Philip H EasterbrookSon4 MonthsMale  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
13 Masons Row, Torquay,Torquay,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead62Male  Totnes, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Harriett EasterbrookWife58Female  Totnes, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon20Male BakerKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter26Female Ship AssistantKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861
 William J NorthwayServant19Male Barrow Boy's HelperNewton Abbot, Devon, England
Maderia Place, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam W CameHead54Male PlastererNewton Abbot, Devon, England
 Ellen W CameWife36Female  Paignton, Devon, England
 James CameSon15Male  Torquay, Devon, England
 Thomas W CameSon15Male  Torquay, Devon, England
 John C CameSon11Male  Torquay, Devon, England
 Mary E CameDaughter9Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 Maria A CameDaughter6Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 William CameSon3Male  Torquay, Devon, England
Maderia Place, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonElizabeth EasterbrookMother30Female Wife of a JoinerTorquay, Devon, England
 Reuben EasterbrookSon7Male  Paignton, Devon, England 1881
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter6Female  London, Middlesex, England 1881
24 Lower Union St, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonGeorge Weston EasterbrookHead42Male Provision dealerAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Catherine EasterbrookWife35Female   Berwick On Tweed, Northumberland, England
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter8Female   Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 John EasterbrookSon6Male   Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter3Female   Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 George EasterbrookSon1Male   Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Hellen Freend 19Female Servant DomesticIdeford, Devon, England
1 Union Lane, Tormoham,St Luke,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead32Male LaborerKingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife39Female  St Ives, Cornwall, England
 Grace A W EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarTorquay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William J W EasterbrookSon8Male  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Henry WerryBrother-in-law24Male LaborerBoyton, Cornwall, England
 Mary VenningBoarder76Female AnnuitantBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary F HarryBoarder31Female DressmakerLifton, Devon, England
Harstow, Tormoham,Upton,Newton Abbot,DevonHenry W SoleHead64Male Retired MajorDevonport, Devon, England
 Sarah SoleWife62Female   Cripplegate, London, England
 Mary LonderCook51Female Domestic CookFrance
 Sarah A EasterbrookH Maid25Female Domestic HousemaidMary Church, Devon, England
 Ann MarkBoarder22Female Domestic ParlourmaidDrewsteignton, Devon, England
 Ana S ReynoldVisitor50Female Spinster no occupationPaddington, Middlesex, England
3 Spring Place, Torquay,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead59Male Fish DealerCrediton, Devon, England 1861
 Maryann EasterbrookWife50Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon14Male  Torquay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Edwin EasterbrookSon11Male  Torquay, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon8Male  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
3 Parroh Building, Torquay,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonJames EasterbrookHead37Male LabourerTorquay, Devon, England 1861
 Marget EasterbrookWife23Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Mary E EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Susan EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Torquay, Devon, England 1881
31 Queens Street, St Luke, Torquay,Tormoham,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam CranefordHead55Male LabourerStaverton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth CranefordWife60Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Elias EasterbrookVisitor64MaleUnmLabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
43 Mount Street, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonAlexander EastabrookHead38Male PlumberDawlish, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EastabrookWife36Female  Woolwich, Kent, England
 Laura EastabrookDaughter10Female ScholarWoolwich, Kent, England 1861 1881
"Leda Police Station",Vessels,Stoke Damerel,DevonJames EastabrookConstrable Of Water Police25Male Constable of Water PoliceWoolfardisworth, Devon, England 1861 1881
16 Morice Street, Stoke Damerel,St Paul,Stoke Damerel,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead47Male LabourerStonehouse, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife50Female  Southill, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookDaughter25Female  Liskeard, Cornwall, England
 Frederick EasterbrookSon18Male  Devonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
16 Morice Street, Stoke Damerel,St Paul,Stoke Damerel,DevonSarah PayneHead27Female  Kingsland, Devon, England
 Amelia MosesServant14Female  Wilcote, Cornwall, England
 Alice MayVisitor37Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 William EastabrookServant21Male  Stoke Damerel, Devon, England
16 Morice Street, Stoke Damerel,St Paul,Stoke Damerel,DevonSamuel EastabrookHead47Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Priscilla EastabrookWife44Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Samuel F EastabrookSon14Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Priscilla G EastabrookDaughter10Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 John EastabrookSon5Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Priscilla GoverBoarder65Female  Devonport, Devon, England
16 Morice Street, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonEliza BowdenHead29Female  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Eliza BowdenDaughter17Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
 Ellen ColeDaughter9Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Henry George ColeSon8Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Arthur BowdenSon7Male  Bath, Somerset, England
 Mary A HughesBoarder27Female  Isle of Wight, Cowes
 Hophzibah EastobrokServant18Female  Devon, England
13 Boot Lane, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonJohn StanburyHead54Male ButcherDevonport, Devon, England
 Ann StanburyWife49Female Butcher's wifeDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 William StanburySon26Male Butcher's sonDevonport, Devon, England
 Eliza StanburyDaughter15Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Annie L StanburyDaughter7Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Saml EastabrookFather-in-law74Male Retired ButcherSouth Tawton, Devon, England 1861
 Eliza WoodfordServant22Female  Tiskond, Cornwall, England
13 Boot Lane, Stoke Damerel,Beaford,Torrington,DevonHenry EasterbrookHead21Male  Monkleigh, Devon, England
 Betsy EasterbrookWife26Female  Beaford, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookSon2Male  Beaford, Devon, England
 Charles EasterbrookSon4 MonthsMale  Beaford, Devon, England
4 Anglesea Clo, Woolwich,St John,Woolwich,KentAmelia EastabrookHead22FemaleMar Morristown, Devon, England
 Josiah EastabrookSon1Male  Ford, Devon, England
 Adelia EastabrookDaughter1 MonthFemale  Woolwich, Kent, England
Blackslade, Widecombe,Widecombe,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn WillsHead46Male Farmer of 46 AcresTeigngrace, Devon, England
 Mary WillsWife39Female  North Huish, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Anna WillsDaughter6Female  Diptford, Devon, England
 James WillsSon4Male  Diptford, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WillsDaughter2Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
 James EasterbrookFather-in-law76Male Retired FarmerDevon, England
 Henry DamerelServant45Male Farm ServHolne, Devon, England
 William ProwseServant13Male Farm ServChudleigh, Devon, England
Jordan Farm, Widecombe,Widecombe in the Moor,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead59Male Farmer of 100 acresWidecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookWife45Female  Lidford, Devon, England
 William MannSon18Male Wife's sonBuckland, Devon, England
 Ann Davis MannDaughter16Female Wife's daughterBuckland, Devon, England
 George NosworthyServant20Male Farm servantWidecombe, Devon, England
 Charles MartinServant18Male Farm servantLondon, Middlesex, England
 George MersonServant15Male Farm servantNewton Abbot, Devon, England
 George ProwseServant10Male Farm servantHennock, Devon, England
Lizwell Barton, Widecombe in the Moor,Widecombe in the Moor,Newton Abbot,DevonNicholas EasterbrookHead77Male Farming 150 acresHolne, Devon, England 1861
 James EasterbrookSon54Male Farmers SonWidecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Avis EasterbrookSons Wife (Daughter-in-law)52Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon47Male Farmers SonWidecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Nicholas EasterbrookGrandson13Male  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elias EasterbrookGrandson11Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William MiltonServant19Male Farm ServantWoodland, Devon, England
 William CollingsServant13Male Farm ServantWidecombe, Devon, England
 James CollingsServant10Male Farm ServantWidecombe, Devon, England
 James StewartServant13Male Farm ServantDevonport, Devon, England
 Rosa StewartServant14Female  Devonport, Devon, England
H.Torr, Widecombe in the Moor,[Luesdon],Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead31Male Farmer 38 AcresWidecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookWife31Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
 Sarah Ann EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon, England 1881
 William EasterbrookSon6Male  Widecombe, Devon, England 1881
 Avis Ann EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Widecombe, Devon, England 1881
 John H EasterbrookSon1Male  Widecombe, Devon, England 1881
 Richd WithycombeServant11Male Farm Servant IndLydford, Devon, England
Loke, Widecombe in the Moor,[Luesdon],Newton Abbot,DevonJames HamlynHead50Male Farmer of 70 AcresWidecombe, Devon, England
 Sophia HamlynWife46Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
 James HamlynNephew12Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon, England
 George EasterbrookServant16Male Farm Servant IndWidecombe, Devon, England 1861
 James BeardNephew9Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon, England
Higher Aish, Widecombe in the Moor,[Luesdon],Newton Abbot,DevonParker HamlynHead36Male Ag LabWidecombe, Devon, England
 Eliza HamlynWife43Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
 John P HamlynSon7Male  Widecombe, Devon, England
 W H HamlynSon5Male  Widecombe, Devon, England
 T B HamlynSon2Male  Widecombe, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookVisitor25MaleMarAg LabWidecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah J EasterbrookVisitor24FemaleMarAg Lab's WifeKingsbridge, Devon, England
1 Linchaford, Widecombe in the Moor,[Luesdon],Newton Abbot,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead25Male Baker & GrocerLydford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizth Ann EasterbrookWife23Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
Commercial Inn, Highweek St, Highweek,Highweek,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn H EasterbrookHead43Male Licensed VictuallerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Dorcas M EasterbrookWife37Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 John LangdonNephew11Male ScholarBerry Pomeroy, Devon, England
 Mary F FosterCousin21Female  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Agnes AggettServant16Female General ServantBovey Tracey, Devon, England
The Eluis, Ipplepen,Ipplepen,Newton Abbot,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead50Male YeomanIpplepen, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane MorganSister57 Widow Ipplepen, Devon, England 1881
 Ann EasterbrookSister47Female  Ipplepen, Devon, England 1861 1881
Mount Plesant, Ipplepen,Ipplepen,Newton Abbot,DevonJoseph GellandHead66Male Tea DealerIpplepen, Devon, England
 Mary GellandWife64Female   Shaldon
 Margaret A GillandDaughter24Female  Ipplepen, Devon, England
 Charlotte EasterbrookVisitor66Female  Winsham, Somerset, England
Quay Road, Wolborough,Wolborough,Newton Abbot,DevonJames EasterbrookHead46Male PackerIslington, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary A Easterbrook 73FemaleWid Islington, Devon, England 1851
Victoria Pla, Wolborough,Wolborough,Newton Abbot,DevonJohn WillisHead38Male LabourerPlymouth, Devon, England
 Mary A WillisWife41Female  East Ogwell, Devon, England
 Samuel EasterbrookBoarder65MaleMarLetter CourierTotnes, Devon, England 1861 1881
Church Street, Dodbrook,Dodbrooke,Kingsbridge,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead46Male ButcherKingsbridge, Devon, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife45Female  Dodbrooke, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookSon18Male ShipwrightKingsbridge, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William EasterbrookSon16Male GardnerKingsbridge, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarDodbrooke, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarDodbrooke, Devon, England 1881
 Susan EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarDodbrooke, Devon, England 1881
4 Longfield Place, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead62Male Cabinet MakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Margaret EasterbrookWife63Female  Penzance, Cornwall, England
 Anne Rmose EasterbrookDaughter36Female Dress MakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861 1891
 Margretta EasterbrookDaughter27Female MillinerPlymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Annie Easterbrook DownGranddaughter10Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England
North Hill House, Tavistock Rd, Branch P O,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonRichard J StewardHead33Male Baker & GrocerReading, Berkshire, England
 Agnes P StewardWife33Female  Dorchester, Oxfordshire, England
 Annie StewardDaughter1Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Emily De ChalesSister-in-law23Female Assistant in ShopNorfolk, England
 Thomas EasterbrookApprentice18Male Bakers ApprenticePlympton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Nicholas JacksonApprentice17Male Grocers ApprenticeErmington, Devon, England
 John ChapmanApprentice17Male Grocers ApprenticeFowey, Cornwall, England
 Rosa A Jones 16Female Assistant in ShopDevonport, Devon, England
 Ann HockridgeServant26Female General ServantBratton Clovelly, Devon, England
19 Gascoyne Place, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonHenry J HamHead45Male Master Rope + Sail MakerPlymouth, Devon, England
 Margaretta HamWife45Female  Padstow, Cornwall, England
 Margaretta HamDaughter18Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Ann HamDaughter19Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Kate HamDaughter16Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Edward HamSon10Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 James HamSon7Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Septimus HamSon5Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Esther HamDaughter3Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Elizabeth OlverServant25Female ServPlymouth, Devon, England
 Elizabeth Ann FriendServant20Female Housemaid Aveton Gifford, Devon, England
 Annie Easterbrook 21Female ChildsmaidBrent, Devon, England 1861 1881
6 Ham Street, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonMary LangmeadHead50Female LaundressPlymouth, Devon, England
 William EastleyBoarder19Male GardenerPlymouth, Devon, England
 Henry WarrenBoarder23Male Clark ?Dawlish, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookBoarder23Male PolicemanBrent, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane RogersBoarder51Female NursePlymouth, Devon, England
 Alfred RogersSon25Male BlacksmithLondon, England
 Emily RogersDaughter23Female ServantLondon, England
 Kate RagersDaughter19Female ServantPlymouth, Devon, England
 Alma RagersDaughter17Female ServantPlymouth, Devon, England
 William RagersSon13Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England
17 Mount Street, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonWilliams John EastabrookHead29Male Commerical TravellerFalmouth, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife28Female  South Treal, Devon, England
 William I H EastabrookSon6Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
7 Gilwell Cottages, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonEllen EasterbrookHead29Female Husband AbsentPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter3Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
 Thomas W EasterbrookSon1Male  Plymouth, Devon, England 1881
6 Gilwell Cottages, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonJames EasterbrookHead43Male Labourer in CemeteryBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife42Female  South Pool, Devon, England
 James E EasterbrookSon21Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Harriett M EasterbrookDaughter14Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Thomas R EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
 George I EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
 Richard PepperillBoarder19Male Labourer BuildersSouth Pool, Devon, England
24 Clarence St, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonHenry EasterbrookHead34Male SchoolmasterExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mariana EasterbrookWife38Female SchoolmistressTamerton Folliott, Devon, England
 Elizabeth HackerVisitor25Female TailoressMorice Town, Devon, England
38 Clarence St, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonEbenezer EasterbrookHead27Male CarpenterPlymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Emily EasterbrookWife24Female  London, Middlesex, England
 Willie EasterbrookSon1Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
16 Portland Villas, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonJames MetcalfeHead44Male VicarLeeds, Yorkshire, England
 Ann E MetcalfeWife31Female  London, Middlesex, England
 Ann E MetcalfeDaughter8Female ScholarBiddulph, Staffordshire, England
 Mary Isabella MetcalfeDaughter3Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Kate TeagueServant28Female CookMarazion, Cornwall, England
 Eliza M JonesServant24Female HousemaidDevonport, Devon, England
 Edward C EasterbrookServant19Male Footman Morice Town, Devon, England 1861
5 Victoria St,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonElias EasterbrookHead  Mar  
27 Victoria St, Plymouth,[Charles],Plymouth,DevonElias EasterbrookHead25Male Coachman (Domestic)Holne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Eliza A S L EasterbrookWife24Female  Ugborough, Devon, England
 Elias J L EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookDaughter3Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon, England 1881
 Thomas F EasterbrookSon1Male  Plymouth, Devon, England 1881
King Street West, Plymouth,St Peter,Plymouth,DevonWm Geo Easter CrookHead31Male ButcherDevonport 1861
 Eliza Jane CrookWife36Female  Plymouth
 Richd E FoxNephew24Male ButcherPlymouth
 Wm Geo HillNephew9Male ScholarPlymouth
 Mary Fedrick 16Female ServantCornwall, England
55 Neswick St, Plymouth,St Peter,Plymouth,DevonRobert T EasterbrookHead24Male Clerk in Ship Agents OfficeDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife23Female  Milton Abbot, Devon, England
6 Essex Place, Plymouth,St Peter,Plymouth,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead34Male Engine DriverExeter, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah Ann EasterbrookWife32Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
5 Melbourne Lane, Plymouth,St Peter,Plymouth,DevonE EasterbrookHead75Male PensionerTavistock, Devon, England 1861
 Grace EasterbrookWife47Female  Plympton, Devon, England
 Andrew EasterbrookSon15Male Errand BoyStonehouse, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Annah EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarStonehouse, Devon, England 1861
 Charles EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarStonehouse, Devon, England 1861 1881
22 Arundel Crescent, Plymouth,St Peter,Plymouth,DevonMatthew EastabrookHead29Male SeamanDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Emily EastabrookWife37Female DressmakerStonehouse, Devon, England
23 George St, St Andrew, Plymouth,St Andrew,Plymouth,DevonSamuel BoweringHead7Male StationerClifton, Gloucestershire, England
 Rebecca BoweringWife42Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
 Jane BoweringDaughter21Female  Thetford, Norfolk, England
 Ellen BoweringDaughter19Female  Thetford, Norfolk, England
 Lucy H BoweringDaughter7Female  Burslem, Suffolk, England
 Robert BoweringSon5Male  Burslem, Staffordshire, England
 Harry BoweringSon3Male  Condar, Middlesex, England
 Ann GibbsSister57Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
 Caroline EasterbrookServant30FemaleUnmGeneral Serv.(domestric)St Austell, Cornwall, England 1851 1881
 Matilda SutliffeServant18Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
56 Richmond St, Plymouth,St Andrew,Plymouth,DevonLouisa BrooksHead61Female LaundressDevonport, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookLodger70Female LaundressDevonport, Devon, England
 John Robert HedleyLodger18Male Grocers AssistantPlymouth, Devon, England
 James IvaLodger56Male MasonPlymouth, Devon, England
56 Richmond St, Plymouth,St Andrew,Plymouth,DevonWilliam AcklandHead39Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Jane Hooper AcklandWife39Female  Exboun, Devon, England
 William H AcklandSon13Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Phillis E AcklandDaughter12Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 James A AcklandSon10Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Alfred J AcklandSon8Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Edward A AcklandSon6Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Frederick T AcklandSon3Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
Down, Instow,Instow,Barnstable,DevonJohn E EasterbrookHead32Male Railway LabourerLapford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah EasterbrookWife32Female  Lapford, Devon, England
 A William EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarLapford, Devon, England 1881
 Fredrick EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarInstow, Devon, England 1881
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarInstow, Devon, England 1881
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter1Female ScholarInstow, Devon, England 1881
Great Huswill, Wear Gifford,Wear Gifford,Torrington,DevonHenry EasterbrookHead49Male Farm LabourerHuntsham, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah EasterbrookWife55Female CharwomanPeters Marland, Devon, England
Great Huswill, Wear Gifford,Wear Gifford,Torrington,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead51Male Farm LabourerHuntshaw, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah EasterbrookWife44Female Glove MakerWear Gifford, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarWear Gifford, Devon, England 1861 1881
Fair Oak, Huntshaw,Huntshaw,Torrington,DevonGeorge PhillipsHead68Male FarmerTorrington, Devon, England
 Maria PhillipsWife66Female  Bideford, Devon, England
 Henry PhillipsSon23Male  Huntshaw, Devon, England
 Henry BallSon18Male Farm Serv IndoorHuntshaw, Devon, England
 John TavarderServant17Male Farm Serv IndoorTorrington, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookServant15Female Domestic ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861
 Robert EasterbrookServant12Male Farm Serv IndoorBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861 1881
North Brownscombe, Huntshaw,Huntshaw,Torrington,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead54Male Ag LabHuntshaw, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Maria EasterbrookWife47Female  Huntshaw, Devon, England
 Grace EasterbrookDaughter25Female Dress MakerHigh Bickington, Devon, England 1861
 John LeeFather-in-law80MaleWidrformerly Ag LabHuntshaw, Devon, England
Ford, Hunshaw,Huntshaw,Torrington,DevonJohn MonklyHead40Male Ag LabHuntshaw, Devon, England
Ford, Hunshaw,Huntshaw,Torrington,DevonFanny MonklyWife39Female Dress MakerHuntshaw, Devon, England
 John MonklySon9Male ScholarHuntshaw, Devon, England
 Henry MonklySon6Male  Huntshaw, Devon, England
 Grace EasterbrookBoarder81FemaleWFormerlyHuntshaw, Devon, England 1861
Oldisleave, Bideford,Bideford,DevonCharles C WillsHead43Male FarmerBridgerule, Cornwall, England
 Thirza WillsWife36Female  Huntshaw, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WillsDaughter10Female ScholarBideford, Devon, England
 John H WillsSon8Male ScholarBideford, Devon, England
 Charles C WillsSon7Male ScholarBideford, Devon, England
 William T CleaveServant22Male Farm Servant indoorWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Henry GistServant20Male Farm Servant indoorWear Gifford, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookServant15Male Farm Servant indoorWear Gifford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Fredrick EasterbrookServant13Male Farm Servant indoorWear Gifford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann TraceServant15Female General ServantHuntshaw, Devon, England
 Elizabeth ChubbVisitor68FemaleWidIndependant MeansBradworthy, Devon, England
 Fanny WillsVisitor64FemaleWidIndependant MeansBradworthy, Devon, England
Strand, Bideford,Bideford,DevonWilliam H CrockerHead33Male PotterBideford, Devon, England
 Sarah CrockerWife40Female  Selworthy, Somerset, England
 Rickard H CrockerSon1Male  Bideford, Devon, England
 Mary J WakeleyServant18Female Domestic ServantParkham, Devon, England
Strand, Bideford,Bideford,DevonSarah J EasterbrookServant17Female Domestic ServantHigh Bickington, Devon, England 1861 1881
Pt of Ashtons, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonRichard HarrisHead69Male Ag.LabBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Mary HarrisWife71Female WasherwomanBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Eliza HarrisDaughter30Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
Dennis's, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonRobert EastabrookHead80MaleWidrAg.Lab.FormerlyBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861
Stapledons, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonJohn EastabrookHead47Male Ag.LabBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1881
 Mary EastabrookWife37Female CharwomanBranton, Devon, England
 Eliza EastabrookDaughter7Female ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1891
 William EastabrookSon3Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England 1881
 Albert EastabrookSon1Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England 1881
Shutes, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonJoseph EastabrookHead65Male Labr. on the RoadsBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife66Female  Parkham, Devon, England
 William EastabrookSon30Male Labr. on the RoadsBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861
Lower Gorwood, Buckland Brewer,Buckland Brewer,Bideford,DevonThomas CleverdonHead45Male FarmerWest Putford, Devon, England
 Harriett CleverdonWife56Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 William CleverdonSon21Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Mary J EastabrookServant18Female General ServantN
 Hannah ColwellSisterInLaw66Female Shoemakers WifeBuckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Charles SquireServant13Male Farm Servant (Indoors)Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 William PalmerServant12Male Farm Servant (Indoors)Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 Annie EdmundsLodger9Female  Abbotsham, Devon, England
Downs Cottage, Monkleigh,Monkleigh,Bideford,DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead46Male Ag LabHuntshaw, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookWife41Female  St Giles, Devon, England
Woolsery Village,Woolfardisworthy,Bideford,DevonWilliam EastabrookHead57Male Boot MakerWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EastabrookWife56Female  Peter Marland, Devon, England
 William G EastabrookSon22Male Boot MakerWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Thirza M EastabrookDaughter16Female ScholarWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1861 1881
Ivy Cottage, Woolfardisworthy,Woolfardisworthy,Bideford,DevonJohn EastabrookHead86Male Shoe MakerBuckland Brewer, Devon, England 1861
 Mary DarkServant68Female Servant HousekeeperWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
Ivy Cottage, Woolfardisworthy,Woolfardisworthy,Bideford,DevonMary CannLodger50Female PauperWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
Buscott, Clovelly,Clovelly,Bideford,DevonWilliam EastabrookHead37Male Farm LabourerClovelly, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Harriet EastabrookWife25Female  Clovelly, Devon, England
 Elizabeth A EastabrookDaughter5Female ScholarClovelly, Devon, England 1881
 Herbert W EastabrookSon1Male  Clovelly, Devon, England 1881
Buscott, Clovelly,Clovelly,Bideford,DevonJulia EastabrookHead67Female PauperClovelly, Devon, England
Wedfield Cotts, West Pulford,West Putford,Bideford,DevonMary A RowHead55Female Ag.Lab.WidowBradworthy, Devon, England
 Sarah HarrisSister44Female  Bradworthy, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon-in-law30Male Ag.LabBuckland Be, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter26Female  West Putford, Devon, England
 John RowSon22Male Ag.LabWest Putford, Devon, England
 Elizabeth E RowDaughter20Female Servant out of employWest Putford, Devon, England
Claverlore St, Westminster,St Gabriel,St George Hanover Square,LondonAlbert T OzanneHead45Male LandownerFort George, Gibraltar
 Adele OzanneDaughter13Female  London, England
 Richard M OzanneSon6Male  Clutton, Gloucestershire, England
 Mary E EastabrookServant20Female Nurse MaidWhimple, Devon, England 1861
36 Waltham St, Portsea,Portsea,Portsea Island,HampshireElizabeth EasterbrookHead71FemaleWAnnuitant, Bounty WidowDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Susan CunninghamGranddaughter10Female  Portsea, Hampshire, England
36 Waltham St, Portsea,Portsea,Portsea Island,HampshireMary A BackneyOccupier (Occupant)60FemaleUnmSchoolmistressOxfordshire, England
14 Wellington St, Portsea,St Paul,Portsea Island,HampshireGeorge W EasterbrookHead33Male Joiner HM DockyardPlymouth, Devon, England 1861
 Susan A EasterbrookWife27Female  Middlesex, London, England
 George E EasterbrookSon5Male  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 1881
 Susan E EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 1881
 Rosa M EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 1881
 Edmund GoodBoarder52Male  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
 Susan GoodBoarder51Female  Middlesex, London, England
14 Wellington St, Portsea,Christchurch,Marylebone,LondonEdmund EasterbookHead40Male   Dawlish, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbookWife40Female   Dawlish, Devon, England
 Mary J EasterbookDaughter17Female  St Pancras, Middlesex, England
 Martha EasterbookDaughter15Female  St Pancras, Middlesex, England
 Emily EasterbookDaughter5Female  Marylebone, Middlesex, England
14 Wellington St, Portsea,East Stonehouse,DevonWilliam LuscombeHead44Male  Devon, England
 Elizabeth LuscombeWife44Female  Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookNephew23Male  Devon, England
3 Twickenham Place, East Stonehouse,East Stonehouse,DevonJohn J HorneHead23Male Coal PorterPlymouth, Devon, England
 Sarah A HorneWife22Female MachinistPlymouth, Devon, England
 Ellen L K HorneDaughter1Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
3 Twickenham Place, East Stonehouse,East Stonehouse,DevonNicholas J EasterbrookLodger34Male Cabinet MakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
3 Twickenham Place, East Stonehouse,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonJonathan BrownHead67Male  Kingsland, Middlesex, England
 Agnes BrownWife74Female  Ligton, Devon, England
 Ellen PhillipsGranddaughter17Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Henry WakerBoarder60Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 William EsterbrookLodger22Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Samuel EsterbrookLodger19Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 James WilliamsLodger20Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Robin CarrLodger26Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Koward MarryLodger48Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Richard StickLodger20Male  Devonport, Devon, England
6 Chapel Street, Stoke Damerel,[Rectory],Stoke Damerel,DevonJames EasterbrookHead61  ShoemakerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookWife60Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Ann M EasterbrookDaughter26Female  Devonport, Devon, England 1861
 Ebenezer EasterbrookSon24Male Cabinet MakerDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
36 Duke St, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonMartha DyerHead65FemaleWidowGreen GrocerDevonport, Cornwall, England
 Margaret FreimithDaughter37FemaleMarriedGreen GrocerSouth, Wales
 Rees DyerSon35MaleMarriedGunner R NSouth, Wales
 William J EasterbrookGrandson10Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Mary C SambertGranddaughter5Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England
 Elizabeth A BoltServant19Female General ServantDevonport, Devon, England
13 Monument Street, Stoke Damerel,[Mother church],Stoke Damerel,DevonWillam B EastabrookHead66Male ButcherDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
8 Somerset Pla, Stoke Damerel,Stoke Damerel,DevonJohn C PikeHead48Male Retired ButcherStoke Damerel, Devon, England
 Elizabeth PikeWife43Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon, England
 Emma IraceServant16Female Gen ServStoke Damerel, Devon, England
 Charles W EasterbrookBrother-in-law54Male ButcherStoke Damerel, Devon, England 1861 1881
11 John St, Stoke Damerel,St James the Great,Stoke Damerel,DevonRichard EasterbrookHead58Male ButcherDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife53Female  Devonport, Devon, England
19 John St, Stoke Damerel,St James the Great,Stoke Damerel,DevonJermiah StriblingHead58Male Labourer BrewerySwimbridge, Devon, England
 Agnes StriblingWife49Female  Buckland, Devon, England
 John StriblingSon20Male WheelwrightDevonport, Devon, England
 John EastabrookWife's Son16Male BakerDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Edwin EastabrookWife's Son12Male ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary E EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarDevonport, Devon, England 1881
 George Remp 8Male Boiler Maker 
19 John St, Stoke Damerel,St James the Great,Stoke Damerel,DevonMary Hawking 71Female  Cawsand, Cornwall, England
"Cambridge",Vessels,Stoke Damerel,DevonRichard MartinGun?? Mte32Male  Stonehouse, Devon, England
 Wm B LoxonBo Mate (Mate)35Male  Cawsand, Cornwall, England
 Richd KirkhamBos Mate (Mate)28Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Henry J EddyCap M Top32Male  Cawsand, Cornwall, England
 Thos J H PerryCap M N Top31Male  Falmouth, Cornwall, England
 Geo Clinmott2 Cap F Top32Male  Mawell, Cornwall, England
 Samuel Lobb2 Cap F Top27Male  Bodmin, Cornwall, England
 Wm Kessell2 Cap G Sman Male  Penzance, Cornwall, England
 Wm WebberCox Bge33Male  Exeter, Devon, England
 Charles BellenGunnr's Mate (Mate)27Male  Hollington, Devon, England
 Mattw EasterbrookBos Mate (Mate)32Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Henry SpriddellCox Cutter28Male  Cawsand, Cornwall, England
 Geo ChiswellCox Cutter27Male  Torpoint, Cornwall, England
 Wm Peters2 Cap Mr Top26Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Thos GagnorCap Mr Top26Male  Talkenny, Kilmanagh
 Wm HooperBo Mate (Mate)29Male  Looe, Cornwall, England
 Charles Veale 28Male  St Moss, Devon, England
"Foudroyant",Vessels,Stoke Damerel,DevonGeorge EasterbrookBoy 1st Class (Boy)16Male  Plymouth, Devon, England
"Impregnable (1)",Vessels,Stoke Damerel,DevonHenry EasterbrooksBoy 2nd Class (Boy)15Male  St Mary, Devon, England
East Wharf Tucky, Walkhampton,Walkhampton,Tavistock,DevonRobert EasterbrookHead53Male Farm LabourerWhitchurch, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife49Female  Sidford, Devon, England
 Martha R EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Whitchurch, Devon, England 1861
 Charles J EasterbrookSon12Male  Whitchurch, Devon, England 1861 1881
Walseddon, Whitchurch,Tavistock,DevonJoseph SpryHead47Male FarmerBuckland Monachorum, Devon, England
 Mary Ann SpryWife45Female  Walkhampton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth SpryDaughter11Female  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 John SprySon9Male  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 Mary Ana SpryDaughter8Female  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 Joseph SprySon6Male  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 Emlyn SpryDaughter4Female  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 Henry SprySon1Male  Whitchurch, Devon, England
 Mary MageeServant16Female General Servant Liverpool, Lancashire
 Ruben WaltersServant23Male Farm Servant IndoorBeer Alston, Devon, England
 William WillmotsServant20Male Farm Servant IndoorWhitchurch, Devon, England
 John PerkinsServant17Male Farm Servant IndoorStowford, Devon, England
 John James EasterbrookServant12Male Farm Servant IndoorTavistock, Devon, England 1861
Pixon Lane, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonRichard EasterbrookHead39Male Lab in Coal YardWhitchurch, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookWife33Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 Charles EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarTavistock, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarTavistock, Devon, England 1881
 William EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarTavistock, Devon, England 1881
 Richard EasterbrookSon4Male  Tavistock, Devon, England 1881
 Barbara EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Tavistock, Devon, England 1881
 Sarah HenwoodSister-in-law22Female Servant (out of employ)Tavistock, Devon, England
48 West St, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead23Male LabourerTavistock, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife22Female  Tavistock, Devon, England
 Jane WaterfieldBoarder38Female NeedlewomanTavistock, Devon, England
13 Watts Road, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonVirginia CaldwellHead45Female no professionCharlestown, United States
 Ruth CaldwellDaughter17Female  New York, United States
 Annie Claudia CaldwellDaughter15Female  Charlestown, United States
 Maria Beatrice CaldwellDaughter13Female  New York, United States
 Robert CaldwellSon11Male  New York, United States
 Charles James ScottVisitor30Male Cleryman of Church of EnglandLondon, Middlesex, England
 Elisa Wilson SpenceServant52Female Serv NurseNY, Balualack
 Martha EasterbrookServant30Female Serv CookTavistock, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Harriet SymondsServant18Female Serv HousemaidCamborne, Cornwall, England
65 Bannawell, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead63Female Farm ServantBuckland, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookDaughter20Female DressmakerTavistock, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
26 Exeter Str, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonMary EasterbrookHead52Female  Sourton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John EasterbrookSon30Male LaborerSourton, Devon, England 1861
 James RubbyGrandson10Male  Tavistock, Devon, England
Exeter St, Tavistock,Tavistock,DevonRobert EasterbrookHead26Male LabTavistock, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife27Female  Newton, Devon, England
 William RichSon-in-law8Male ScholarTavistock, Devon, England
 Mary ArscottVisitor14Female ScholarNewpasage, Devon, England
Treveren, Lamerton,Lamerton,Tavistock,DevonJames EasterbrookHead45Male Farmer of 90 acresHolne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary A EasterbrookWife46Female  Holne, Devon, England
 William J EasterbrookSon22Male Farmers SonMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861 1880
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter16Female Farmers DaurMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Amos EasterbrookSon14Male Farmers SonMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861 1880
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter15Female Farmers DaurMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Selina EasterbrookDaughter12Female Farmers DaurMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861
 John EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1881
 Josiah EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1881
 Metilda EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1881
 Laura J EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarLamerton, Devon, England 1881
 James EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarLamerton, Devon, England 1881
 Mary PearseMother-in-law74FemaleWidVisitorHolne, Devon, England
Tuell Farm, Milton Abbot,Milton Abbot,Tavistock,DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead43Male Farmer of 340 AcresHolne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Maryann EasterbrookWife36Female  Thornbury, Devon, England
 Aves EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Milton Abbot, Devon, England 1861 1881
 George EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Edward EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1881
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon, England 1881
 Sophia EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Milton Abbot, Devon, England 1881
 Henry DawServant18Male Farm Servant IndoorMilton Abbot, Devon, England
 William LangmanServant17Male Farm Servant IndoorMilton Abbot, Devon, England
 Thomas LangmanServant15Male Farm Servant IndoorMilton Abbot, Devon, England
 Emma BurnServant14Female Servant GirlLezant, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth DingleVisitor12Female  Milton Abbot, Cornwall, England
 John WonnacottVisitor63Male Retired FarmerHolsworthy, Devon, England
Deriton, Sydenham Damerel,Sydenham Damerel,Tavistock,DevonJohn EasterbrooksHead44Male FarmerHolne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane G EasterbrookWife44Female  Lydford, Devon, England
 Susanna EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarMilton Abbot 1861 1881
 Albert EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarMarystow, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarMilton Abbot 1861 1881
 Elizabeth P EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarMilton Abbot 1881
 Thomasena J EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSouth Sydenham 1881
 George J EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarSouth Sydenham 1881
Sandpark, Jacobstowe,Jacobstowe,Okehampton,DevonEzekiel EasterbrookHead31Male SmithExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrookWife33Female  Highampton, Devon, England
Sandpark, Jacobstowe,Jacobstowe,Okehampton,DevonJohn RogersApprentice16Male Smith ApprenticeEasebourne, Devon, England
5 Fair Place, Okehampton,Okehampton,DevonSusanna EasterbrookHead49FemaleUnmDressmakerOkehampton, Devon, England 1851 1881
Broadwood Kelly Village,Broadwood Kelly,Okehampton,DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead74Male Ag LabExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrookWife74Female Formerly WeaverBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England
 Joseph EasterbrookSon40MaleWidrAg labBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Emily EasterbrookGranddaughter11Female ScholarBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England 1861
 Richard VadenBoarder61Male Ag LabBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England
Cottage, Splate, Broadwood Kelly,Broadwood Kelly,Okehampton,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead39Male ThatcherExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ellen EasterbrookWife31Female  Exbourne, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England 1881
Pt Town Living, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonHenry EastabrookHead47Male ThatcherOkehampton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Rebecca EastabrookWife41Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon, England
 Henry EastabrookSon14Male ThatcherExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Joannah EastabrookDaughter12Female ScholarExbourne, Devon, England 1861
 Richard EastabrookSon10Male ScholarExbourne, Devon, England 1881
 Ann EastabrookMother78FemaleW South Tawton, Devon, England 1861 1881
Addle Hole, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonThomas EastabrookHead61MaleMarThatcherExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife52FemaleMar Exbourne, Devon, England
 George EastabrookSon21MaleUnmThatcherExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sophia EastabrookDaughter14Female  Exbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
Milldowns, Exbourne,Exbourne,Okehampton,DevonWilliam EastabrookHead40Male Ag LabExbourne, Devon, England 1861
 Mary Ann EastabrookWife40Female  Inwardleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter16Female ServantExbourne, Devon, England
 William EastabrookSon14Male ScholarExbourne, Devon, England 1861
 Mary Jane EastabrookDaughter12Female ServantExbourne, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Thomas EastabrookSon10Male ScholarExbourne, Devon, England 1881
 Eliza EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarExbourne, Devon, England 1881
 Martha EastabrookDaughter6Female  Exbourne, Devon, England 1881
 George EastabrookSon9 MonthsMale  Exbourne, Devon, England 1881
Lake May, North Tawton,North Tawton,Okehampton,DevonMary EastabrookHead86FemaleWidowFormerly LaundressSouth Zeal, Devon, England
 Susan DawDaughter63Female LaundressExeter, Devon, England 1861
 Susan GillardSister91Female Formerly CharwomanSouth Zeal, Devon, England
Halford Moor Cottage, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead37Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1881
 Eliza EasterbrookWife39Female  South Tawton, Devon, England
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSouth Tawton, Devon, England
 James EasterbrookSon5Male  South Tawton, Devon, England 1891
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter2Female  South Tawton, Devon, England 1881
Lower Treecott, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead33Male Farm LabourerBroadwood Kelly, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife27Female  Honeychurch, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1881
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1881
 John EasterbrookSon1 Year, 10 MonthsMale  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1881
 William PykeFather-in-law53Male Farm LabourerHoneychurch, Devon, England
 Jane PykeMother-in-law19Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Selina Ann PykeFirst Cousin (Cousin)19Female * ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
The Village, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonWilliam AshHead50Male Master MasonSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Eliza AshWife41Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Thirzena AshDaughter12Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Edwin AshSon11Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 William AshSon8Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 John AshNephew30Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Thomas AshNephew24Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Louisa EasterbrookVisitor29FemaleMar Jersey, Channel Islands
 Louisa EasterbrookVisitor1Female   Plymouth, Devon 1881
Falkadon, Speyton,Spreyton,Okehampton,DevonSamuel JackmanHead58Male Farmer of 220 acresSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Mary JackmanWife47Female  Northlew, Devon, England
 John JackmanSon24Male  Okehampton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth JackmanDaughter22Female  Okehampton, Devon, England
 Samuel JackmanSon20Male  Okehampton, Devon, England
 William JackmanSon17Male  Okehampton, Devon, England
 Ellen M JackmanDaughter13Female  Okehampton, Devon, England
 Jessie JackmanDaughter8Female  South Tawton, Devon, England
 Anne JackmanDaughter3Female  Okehampton, Devon, England
 Sophia SewardServant12Female General ServSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Samuel ArscottServant19Male Farm Serv IndoorSouth Tawton, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookServant16Male Farm Serv IndoorExeter, Devon, England 1861 1891
Sampford Chapel, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonJoseph EastabrookHead75Male Ag-LabSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1861
 Susanna EastabrookWife75Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Geo EastabrookSon45Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1861 1881
Lapford Village,Lapford,Crediton,DevonEdward EasterbrooksHead50Male Ag LabourerLapford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Charlotte EasterbrooksWife39Female  Chulmleigh, Devon, England
 Emma EasterbrooksDaughter9Female ScholarLapford, Devon, England 1881
 Thirza EasterbrooksDaughter6Female ScholarLapford, Devon, England 1881
 Isaac EasterbrooksSon3Male ScholarLapford, Devon, England 1881
 Elias EasterbrooksSon7 MonthsMale  Lapford, Devon, England 1881
Lapford Village,Lapford,Crediton,DevonAlford EasterbrookHead22Male BlacksmithLapford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife23Female  Chawleigh, Devon, England
 Fanney EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Lapford, Devon, England 1881
(Dock Inn), St Lawrences Green, Crediton,Crediton,DevonAnn WilsfordHead83FemaleWMidwifeHookway, Devon, England
 William EasterbrookLodger83Male Ag LabDown St Mary, Devon, England
Trepass Causeway, Crediton,Crediton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead74Male Ag LabCrediton, Devon, England 1851 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife76Female  Bow, Devon, England
Trepass Causeway, Crediton,Crediton,DevonEdwin EasterbrookHead26Male MulsterCrediton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife25Female  Crediton, Devon, England
 Rosa A EasterbrookDaughter1 MonthFemale  Crediton, Devon, England 1881
 Mary NickelsVisitor31Female LaundressCrediton, Devon, England
 Edith M NickelsVisitor3Female  Crediton, Devon, England
Park Street, Crediton,Crediton,DevonWilliam ButsonHead48Male CarpenterCheriton Fitzpaine
 Susan ButsonWife58Female LaundressCrediton, Devon, England
 James ButsonSon20Male CarpenterCrediton, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookLodger54Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon, England 1861
Dearn Street, Crediton,Crediton,DevonJane EasterbrooksHead79FemaleWLordeal WeaverLondon, England 1861
 Mary A CholacombeSister-in-law59Female  Crediton, Devon, England
Perdton House, Crediton,Crediton,DevonFrancis DrakeHead66Male Retired attorneyCrediton, Devon, England
 Catherine EasterbrookeServant45Female Domestic ServantLapford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Maria T PayneServant32Female Domestic ServantCrediton, Devon, England
Beass&Asher, Colebrooke,Colebrooke,Crediton,DevonSusan BrawnHead40Female General ServantColebrooke, Devon, England
 Susan BrawnMother81Female  Colebrooke, Devon, England
 Ann EastabrooksSister32Female General ServantColebrooke, Devon, England 1881
 Samuel EastabrooksNephew9Male ScholarColebrooke, Devon, England 1881
 Eliza EastabrooksNiece11Female ScholarColebrooke, Devon, England 1881
 Mary EastabrooksNiece7Female ScholarColebrooke, Devon, England 1881
 Susan EastabrooksNiece4Female  Colebrooke, Devon, England 1881
Welcombe, Cheriton Fitzpaine,Exeter,Crediton,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead32Male Farmer of 55 acresCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Caroline EasterbrookWife32Female  Cadbury, Devon, England
 Lucy EasterbrookDaughter12Female Farmer's daurCadbury, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth M EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarCadbury, Devon, England 1861 1881
 John T EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1881
 William H P EasterbrookSon4Male  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1881
 Caroline A EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1881
 Alice H EasterbrookDaughter4 MonthsFemale  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1881
 Mary EasterMother69FemaleWidAnnuitantCadbury, Devon, England
 William WilliamsServant21Male Indoor Farm ServZeal Monachorum, Devon, England
Higher Rew, Shobrooke,Exeter,Crediton,DevonThomas ElworthyHead48Male Farmer of 96 acresNewton St Cyres, Devon, England
 Mary A ElworthyWife41Female  Colebrooke, Devon, England
 Louisa D ElworthyDaughter3Female  Shobrooke, Devon, England
 Sarah OsbornServant41Female General Domestic ServantShobrooke, Devon, England
 Ellen EasterbrookServant13Female Child's MaidShobrooke, Devon, England 1861
 Mark LuxtonServant20Male Farm Serv. IndoorNewton St Cyres, Devon, England
Shute Cottage, Shobrooke,Exeter,Crediton,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead67Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1861
 Susanna EasterbrookWife60Female  Drewsteignton, Devon, England
West Helme Cottage, Newton St Cyres,Newton St Cyres,Crediton,DevonDaniel EasterbrookHead32Male Agriculturer LabourerCrediton, Devon, England 1861
 Eliza EasterbrookWife34Female  Cork, Ireland
 George EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarCrediton, Devon, England
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter5 MonthsFemale  St Cyrus, Devon, England
Nelekarge, Bradninch,Bradninch,Tiverton,DevonWilliam HallHead58Male Farmer 92 acresCrediton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth HallWife40Female  Sandford, Devon, England 1861
 Maria EasterbrookMother-in-law69Female AnnuitantSandford, Devon, England
 John PalfreyServant21Male Farm ServantBradninch, Devon, England
 John JohnsonServant15Male Farm Servant Feniton, Devon, England
 Emily ThomasServant16Female  Bradninch, Devon, England
Eastern Cott, Cadbury,Cadbury,Tiverton,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead41Male Ag LabCrediton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Grace EasterbrookWife38Female  Cadleigh, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookSon16Male Ag LabCadleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William EasterbrookSon13Male Ag LabCadleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Daniel EasterbrookSon5Male  Cadleigh, Devon, England 1881
Station Rd, Collumpton,Collumpton,Tiverton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead76Male Ag.LabSilverton, Devon, England 1861
 Anne EasterbrookWife74Female  Bampton, Devon, England
Palmerston Hotel, Fore Street, Tiverton,[Priors],Tiverton,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead75MaleUnmRetired IronmongerBristol 1861
 Ann NormanServant55FemaleUnmDomestic ServantWinsford, Somerset, England
 Jane BakerServant20FemaleUnmDomestic ServantMolland, Devon, England
Fore St, Chulmleigh,Chulmleigh,South Molton,DevonWilliam Henry PassmoreHead35Male WatchmakerMorchard Bishop, Devon, England
 Mary PassmoreMother72Female AnnuitantChulmleigh, Devon, England
 Fanny EasterbrookServant15Female General Servant (Domestic)Lapford, Devon, England 1861 1881
Nethercleave, Chittlehampton,Chittlehampton,South Molton,DevonGeorge GuardHead37Male FarmerChittlehampton, Devon, England
 Harriet Matda GuardWife33Female  Lapford, Devon, England
 George Wm B GuardSon1Male  Chittlehampton, Devon, England
 Nk GuardSon1 WeekMale  Chittlehampton, Devon, England
 Mary Isaac 68Female NurseBarrington, Devon, England
 Frederick TambynBoarder16Male Agric StudentKemington Bickington, Devon, England
 Ellen EasterbrookServant12Female NursemaidLapford, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth PaulServant22Female General ServChittlehampton, Devon, England
Hannaford, Swimbridge,Swimbridge,Barnstable,DevonWilliam HoleHead75Male LandownerChulmleigh, Devon, England
 Jane Elizabeth HoleWife62Female  Withycombe, Somerset, England
 William Lewis HoleSon20Male Mercantile MarineSwimbridge, Devon, England
 Richard Lewis HoleSon19Male noneSwimbridge, Devon, England
 Ellen CoatesServant21Female ServantHigh Bickington, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrooksServant26Female ServantHigh Bickington, Devon, England 1861
Angel Terr, Barnstaple,Barnstaple,Barnstable,DevonJohn HewishHead54Male Veteranery SergeonBishops Tawton, Devon, England
 Mildred HanishWife55Female  Landford, Devon, England
 Sarah HanishDaughter23Female  Barnstaple, Devon, England
 Emily HanishDaughter19Female  Barnstaple, Devon, England
 William Hanne HanishSon18Male Assistant to FatherBarnstaple, Devon, England
 Michael Dawn HanishSon17Male Apprentice to Ironmonger 
 Jane EasterbrookServant26Female General ServantBraunton, Devon, England 1861
Quay, Barnstaple,Barnstaple,Barnstable,DevonEdward DennieHead39Male Wine & Spirit MerchantHuntschaw, Devon, England
 Emma DennieWife45Female  Newport, Devon, England
 Ann EasterbrookServant29Female ServantAllsanger, Devon, England
 Jennis BellAssistant28Male AssistantAshford, Kent, England
 Wm MountjoyAssistant21Male AssistantSouth Molton, Devon, England
29 Boutport St, Barnstaple,St Mary Magdalene,Barnstable,DevonJames CrangHead30Male Maltser & InnkeeperEast Down, Devon, England
 Harriett CrangWife29Female  Honiton, Devon, England
 George LacyLodger34Male General FactorSouthampton, Hampshire, England
 Mary A LacyLodger's Wife34Female  Stonehouse, Devon, England
 John TrostLodger28Male Provision DealerBristol, Gloucestershire, England
 William EasterbrooksLodger14Male Provision DealerTavistock, Devon, England
K D Infirmary Lodge, Barnstaple,Holy Trinity,Barnstable,DevonWm BeerHead41Male GasmanBishops Tawton, Devon, England
 Ann BeerWife49Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookNephew16Male Grocers AssistantBraunton, Devon, England 1861 1881
17 Georges Yard & Mews, Islington, Finsbury,St Andrew,Islington,LondonThomas EsterbrookHead42Male GroomIreland 1861
 Levina EsterbrookWife30Female  Weson, Herefordshire, England
 William EsterbrookSon10Male  Enfield, Middlesex, England 1861
 Thomas EsterbrookSon8Male  Enfield, Middlesex, England
 John EsterbrookSon7Male  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Ernest EsterbrookSon5Male  Southwark, Surrey, England
 Herbert EsterbrookSon2 MonthsMale  Islington, Middlesex, England 1881
436 Liverpool Rd, Finsbury,St James,Islington,LondonThomas CrossleyHead48Male Master pawnbrokerDeptford, Kent, England
 Thomas S CrossleySon21Male  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Charles H CrossleySon19Male  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Jessie CrossleyDaughter16Female  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Kate CrossleyDaughter15Female  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Edith S CrossleyDaughter11Female  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Ada A CrossleyDaughter9Female  Islington, Middlesex, England
 Charlotte EasterbrookServant44Female HousemaidClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Mary HaughtonServant29Female  Prescot, Lancashire, England
 Sophia MancyServant21Female  Islington, Middlesex, England
 George BeasleyServant22Male  North Walsham, Norfolk, England
 James WalworthVisitor19Male  Lambeth, Surrey, England
9 Rupert Rd, Islington,St John,Islington,LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead28Male BookmakerPlymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary Ann Easterbrook 23Female  Portsmouth, Southsea
104 Bulls Pond Rd, Islington,St Jude,Islington,LondonThomas DocwraHead57Male Contractor for Pub.Work St Ives
 Elizabeth DocwraWife52Female  Bromley, Middlesex, England
 Clara DocwraDaughter23Female  Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
 Tom DocwraSon21Male Civil EngineerCheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
 Launcelot DocwraSon18Male Mechanical EngineerCheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
 Florence DocwraDaughter17Female  Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
 Colin DocwraSon15Male  Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
 Sarah HillServant51Female HousekeeperTrevenhurst, Bedfordshire, England
 Henrietta G CorrishServant32Female CookHackney, Middlesex, England
 Maria EasterbrookServant26Female HousemaidToryway, Devon, England 1861
 Emma BrownServant17Female Parlour MaidCheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
71 High Street, Homerton, Hackney,St Barnabas,Hackney,LondonJohn BerryHead55Male GrocerShoreditch
 Louisa BerryWife50Female  Portsmouth 1861
 Jane EastberookeNiece19Female ServantWhitechapel 1861 1881
12 Whitchall Place, St Martin, Charring Cross,St Martin in the Fields,Strand,LondonThomas GodfreyHead67MaleWidrOffice Keeper Broadoak, Kent, England
 Jane GodfreyDaughter-in-law44FemaleW Gosport, Hampshire, England
 Elizabeth A GodfreyGranddaughter14Female Scholar Sydney, Australia
 Fredk Thos GodfreyGrandson11Male ScholarSt Martins, Middlesex, England
 George Chas GodfreyGrandson11Male ScholarSt Martins, Middlesex, England
 Sarah HayesServant26FemaleUnmGeneral Servant DomesticIlchester, Somerset, England
 Angelina MitchellServant21FemaleUnmGeneral Servant DomesticMillwall, Middlesex, England
 Mary EastbrookServant21FemaleUnmGeneral Servant DomesticAshburton, Devon, England
20 Kings Road, Holborn,Trinity,Holborn,LondonJames B EsterbrookeHead46Male TravellerSt Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Louisa EsterbrookeWife46Female  Westminster, Middlesex, England
 Mary ParsonsMother-in-law80Female  Broad Oak, Herefordshire, England
 Frederick ParsonsBrother-in-law40Male TravellerWestminster, Middlesex, England
13 * St, Clerkenwell,St James Pentonville,Holborn,LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead39Male Mariner Torquay, Devon, England 1861
 Ann S EasterbrookWife37Female SeamstressDittisham, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Harry EasterbrookSon7Male  London, Middlesex, England 1881
 Sophia EasterbrookDaughter2Female  London, Middlesex, England 1881
 William T EasterbrookSon4 MonthsMale  London, Middlesex, England 1881
4 Meredith St, Clerkenwell,St James Clerkenwell,Holborn,LondonHarriet MangerHead55Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
 Ann EasterbrookLodger52Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
 Eliza FletcherLodger63Female  London City
16 Flosee Lane, Carringdon,St Sepulchre,London City,LondonWilliam EsterbrookHead59Male Silversmith AssistantExeter, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EsterbrookWife58Female  St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, England
 Louisa EsterbrookDaughter26Female Housekeeper DomesticSt Pauls Cartain Bd, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Helen E EsterbrookDaughter24Female Silversmith's BolourerClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 William AbramsApprentice20Male Silersmith's *makerDublin, Ireland
 James DavisApprentice20Male Silersmith's *makerClerkenwell, Middlesex, England
5 Walbrook, City of London,St Stephen Walbrook,London City,LondonHenry ReysellHead43Male HousekeeperUxbridge, Middlesex, England
 Sarah ReysellWife47Female  Wickham, Essex, England
 Sarah ReysellStepmother68Female ServantYarmouth, Gloucestershire, England
 Ellen EastabrookServant21Female HousemaidDevonport, Devon, England
 Annie CookServant20Female HousemaidBermondsey, Surrey, England
Adailade 34, Kensington,All Saints,Kensington,LondonWilliam StaceyHead39Male MusicianCornwall, England
 Sarah StaceyWife28Female  Shampley, Suffolk, England
 Anne StaceyDaughter4Female  Paddington, Middlesex, England
 William StaceySon10 MonthsMale ScholarKensington, Middlesex, England
Adailade 34, Kensington,All Saints,Kensington,LondonLucy FranklinLodger66Female  London, England
 Ann CasterbrockNurse Child (Nurse)1Female NurseLondon, England
25 Brookham Street, Shoreditch,St John The Baptist Hoxton,Shoreditch,LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead28Male Shorthand WriterWidecomb, Devon, England 1861
 Amelia A EasterbrookWife33Female  Hennock, Devon, England
7 Grange Street, Hoxton,St Saviour Hoxton,Shoreditch,LondonWilliam EastabrookHead58Male Wood CarverPortsmouth, Hampshire, England 1861
 Mary A EastabrookWife56Female  Wellington, Somerset, England
 Mary EastabrookDaughter23Female MilinerLondon, Middlesex, England 1861
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter20Female MilinerMiddlesex, England 1861
 Amelia EastabrookDaughter13Female ScholarMiddlesex, England 1861
14 Eli St, Haggerston,St Chad Haggerstone,Shoreditch,LondonMayer EastabrookHead40Male Fish SalesmanGreenwich, Kent, England 1861
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife20Female MilinerHolloway, Middlesex, England
5 Globe Road, Bromley,Bromley St Mary,Poplar,LondonHenry EasterbrookHead25Male Policeman Shobrook, Devon, England 1861
 Catharine EasterbrookWife28Female  Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon2 MonthsMale  Bromley, Middlesex, England 1881
58 Brunswick Rd, Bromley,Bromley St Michael,Poplar,LondonJohn EasterbrookHead59Male Engine FitterClerkenwell, Middlesex, England 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookWife53Female  Billericay, Essex, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon19Male CoppersmithStepney, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Chas EasterbrookSon17Male Engine FitterPoplar, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter14Female ScholarPoplar, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Arthur EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarPoplar, Middlesex, England 1881
Hewleth Road, Stratford,St Stephen,Poplar,LondonMary EasterbrookHead62FemaleWAnuitantNorfolk, England 1851
 Julia EasterbrookDaughter24Female Mandle MakerTuxford, Nottinghamshire, England 1861
 Anne EasterbrookDaughter18Female Vest MakerExeter, Devon, England 1861
9 Tooke St, Poplar,St Luke,Poplar,LondonJohn EasterbrookHead49Male LabourerAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah EasterbrookWife48Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 Edwin EasterbrookSon21Male LabourerAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Richard EasterbrookSon16Male LabourerAshburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William EasterbrookSon14Male LabourerAshburton, Devon, England 1861
9 Tooke St, Poplar,St Luke,Poplar,LondonJames EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarPoplar, Middlesex, England 1881
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarPoplar, Middlesex, England 1881
34 Charles St, Poplar,St Luke,Poplar,LondonJno EasterbrookHead22Male LabourerDevon, England 1861 1881
 Elizh EasterbrookWife19Female  Durham, England
 Jas EasterbrookSon1 Year, 2 MonthsMale  Poplar 1881
8 Norland Rd Nor, Hammersmith,St Clement,Kensington,LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead34  CarpenterForguey, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Priscilla EasterbrookWife34Female  Forguey, Devon, England
 Mrs WynneBoarder24Female  Woolwich, Kent, England
48 Camera G, Chelsea,St Luke,Chelsea,LondonGeorge EsterbrookHead48Male Zinc workerLondon, Middlesex, England 1881
 Margaret EsterbrookWife47Female  Scotland
 Ann HackettLodger65Female  Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
22&23 Thrawl Street, Spitalfields,Christchurch Spitalfields,Whitechapel,LondonEdward E SewellHead28Male Lard RefinerIpswich, Suffolk, England
 Susanah SewellWife33Female Gen ServAlthorne, Essex, England
 Metabela LewisServant16Female  Stepney, Middlesex, England
 Thos EasterbrookServant37Male Serv in Lard FactrShoreditch, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Jane EasterbrookWife34Female  Chelsea
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter14Female MachinistWapping, Middlesex, England 1861
 Thos EasterbrookSon11Male ServWhitechapel, Middlesex, England 1861
 Elizh EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarWhitechapel, Middlesex, England 1881
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarWhitechapel, Middlesex, England 1881
182 Osborn Place, Whitechapel,St Mary,Whitechapel,LondonThomas EasterbrookLodger30Male Dock LabourerPlymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
70 Grove St, St George in the East,St John The Evangelist in the East,St George In The East,LondonMary JoyceHead60Female NilLimerick, Ireland
 John ClarkBoarder32Male CarmanIreland
 Charle KnightBoarder28Male Dock LabourerHertfordshire, England
 James WarickBoarder27Male Dock LabourerHertfordshire, England
 William SmithBoarder22Male Dock LabourerLuton, Bedfordshire, England
 William EasterbruckBoarder21Male Dock LabourerDorset, England
 James ChuggoodBoarder26Male Dock LabourerHertfordshire, England
The Willows, Iffley Road, Cawley, Oxford,Cowley St John,Headington,OxfordshireJohn FisherHead65Male AuctioneerOxfordshire, England
 George ThruerServant51Male ServantBenson, Oxfordshire, England
 Mary ThruerServant60Female ServantBampton, Oxfordshire, England
 Susan EastabrookServant42FemaleMarServantBirmingham, Warwickshire, England
Taylor Institution, St Files St, Oxford,St Mary Magdalene,Oxford,OxfordshireElizabeth EasterbrookServant73Female General ServantLondon, Middlesex, England
Burnhurd House, Caterham,Caterham,Godstone,SurreyJames WhitlowHead39Male Chinese MerchantBuxton, Derbyshire, England
 Louisa J WhitlowWife30Female  Salford, Lancashire, England
 James WhitlowSon10Male  China
 Mary A WhitlowDaughter3Female  Lytham, Lancashire, England
 Frank I WhitlowSon1Male  Caterham, Surrey, England
 Annie S EasterbrooksServant22Female Domestic ServantSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 Sarah HigginsServant22Female Domestic ServantShrewsbury, Shropshire, England
 Mary A HarreServant23Female Domestic Servant NurseChesterton, Oxfordshire, England
23 Bexley Lane, Crayford,St Paulinus,Dartford,KentMary CorptHead55Female NeedlewomanCrayford, Kent, England
 Martha CorptDaughter30Female Factory OperativeCrayford, Kent, England
 Catharine CorptDaughter25Female Factory OperativeCrayford, Kent, England
 John CorptSon21Male Factory OperativeCrayford, Kent, England
 Charlotte CorptDaughter16Female Factory OperativeCrayford, Kent, England
 Alexander EreslerbrookGrandson15Male Errand BoyWoolwich, Kent, England 1861 1881
6 Ceaern, Littleham,Littleham,St Thomas,DevonGeorge WallisHead49Male Income from lands Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Agusta WallisWife45Female  Pickwick, Wiltshire, England
 Coope WallisSon21Male   Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England
 Frances WallisDaughter18Female   Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England
 Mary H LorcombeSister-in-law51Female  Herefordshire, England
 Mary J EastabrookServant39Female Domestic ServantCrediton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Sarah SpearServant26Female Domestic ServantCrediton, Devon, England
 Emma PerrottServant23Female Domestic Servant Plymouth, Devon
 William BeerServant23Male Groom Chagford, Devon, England
6 Ceaern, Littleham,Vessels,Woolwich,LondonJos* EasterbrookAb Seamen (Seaman)22MaleMarried Devonport, Devon 1861
8 Breeds Yard, Hastings,St Clement,Hastings,SussexJabez EasterbrookLodger25Male GroomPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
Mautle Street, Wellington,Wellington,SomersetThomas EastbrookHead47Male TailorTwerton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EastbrookWife38Female  Wellington, Somerset, England
 William EastbrookSon8Male ScholarWellington, Somerset, England 1881
 James EastbrookSon6Male ScholarWellington, Somerset, England 1881
 Bessie EastbrookDaughter3Female  Wellington, Somerset, England 1881
 John IngramBoarder64MaleWidrWoolweaverWellington, Somerset, England
Fore Street, Wellington,Taunton,Wellington,SomersetGeorge H PriceHead28Male Woolen MerchantWellington, Somerset, England
 Matilda Morris PriceWife23Female  Wellington, Somerset, England
 Phillip Evan PriceSon2Male  Wellington, Somerset, England
 Minnie PriceDaughter5 MonthsFemale  Wellington, Somerset, England
 Turner BickleyServant17Female ServantWellington, Somerset, England
 Elizabeth EastorbrookServant22Female ServantRuddington, Andorra
Farm House Park, St Columb Minor,St Columb Minor,St Columb,CornwallSelena EasterbrookHead51FemaleW St Columb Minor, Cornwall, England 1881
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter12Female  United States
 Clifford EasterbrookSon10Male  United States 1881
Garker Moor, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallOctavia HamblyHead39Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Joseph HamblySon13Male Farm LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 John HamblySon12Male Farm LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Mary J HamblyDaughter8Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Ambrose EasterbrookLodger16Male MinerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1880
Tregrahan Mills, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallSilas LucasHead55Male MillerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Kezia LucasWife56Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Mary A HobbaServant16Female General ServantSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 William EasterbrookServant14Male General ServantSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
Chapel Terrace, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallLouisa EsterbrookHead35FemaleMarMiners WifeSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Louisa J EsterbrookDaughter15Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England 1870
 Mary E EsterbrookDaughter13Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England 1870
 Harriet EsterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1870 1881
 John C EsterbrookSon8Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1870 1881
 Ambrose EsterbrookSon6Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1870 1881
 William EsterbrookSon4Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1870 1881
Foundry St, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallRichard EasterbrookHead40MaleUnmPauperSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 Sarah EasterbrookMother65FemaleWPauperSt Veep, Cornwall, England 1861
Quarry, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallJohn H LukesHead31Male Ship CarpenterTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth E LukesWife27Female  Tywardreath, Cornwall, England 1861
 James E LukesSon7Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Thomas R LukesSon2Male  St Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Jane EasterbrookMother-in-law52FemaleWPauperSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
 Joseph EasterbrookBrother-in-law17MaleUnmLabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 Mary EasterbrookSister-in-law14Female ServantSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 Samuel EasterbrookBrother-in-law11Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
Middleway, St Blazey,St Blazey,St Austell,CornwallMary EasterbrookWife31Female Miners WifeTywardreath, Cornwall, England
 James EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1881
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1881
Turnpike Village, St Blazey,Par,St Austell,CornwallThomas EastherbrookHead43Male Farm LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Ann EastherbrookWife42Female  St Blazey, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth J EastherbrookDaughter16Female Mine GirlSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861
 John EastherbrookSon12Male MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall, England 1861 1891
Biscoppa Downs, St Austell,Charlestown,St Austell,CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead38Male MinerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1891
 Harriett EasterbrookWife35Female  St Austell, Cornwall, England
 John EasterbrookSon15Male MinerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861
 William P EasterbrookSon12Male Farm BoySt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 James EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861
 George EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
Grey Cottage, St Austell,Charlestown,St Austell,CornwallThomas FloydHead37Male Mine AgentSt Austell, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth A FloydWife38Female Mine Agent's Wife (Grocer)St Breock, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth J FloydDaughter14Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England
 Selina FloydDaughter12Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England
 Mary EasterbrookNiece8Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
 Thomas ReedServant17Male General ServantSt Austell, Cornwall, England
Boldventure, St Austell,Charlestown,St Austell,CornwallWilliam H EasterbrookHead36Male PauperSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife48Female HousekeeperRoche, Cornwall, England
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 William H EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1891
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
 Hannah TremuanDaughter-in-law21Female Mine LabSt Austell, Cornwall, England
Tregonuesey Lane End, St Austell,St Austell,CornwallMaria EasterbrookHead52FemaleWAnnuitantSt. Stephens, Cornwall, England 1861
 Mary MitchellVisitor29FemaleUnmFarmers daurPerranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
2 Grants Walk, St Austell,St Austell,CornwallPhilip EasterbrookHead44Male Shoe MakerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Marya EasterbrookWife44Female  St Austell, Cornwall, England
 Albert EasterbrookSon20Male Shoe MakerSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter19Female  St Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Fred EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Ellen J EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Tom EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter3Female  St Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
 Edwin EasterbrookSon2Male  St Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
Union Workhouse,St Austell,CornwallMary Ann EasterbrookPauper15Female Kitchenmaid Domestic ServantSt Austell, Cornwall, England 1881
Meloder Mill, St Stephen in Brannel,St Stephen in Brannel,St Austell,CornwallHenry TruscottHead58MaleWidrMillerSt. Stephens, Cornwall, England
 Ann EasterbrookHousekeeper50FemaleMarHousekeeperLenivery, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 William TruscottServant15Male General ServantSt. Stephens, Cornwall, England
Ch Town, St Stephen in Brannel,St Stephen in Brannel,St Austell,CornwallAnn EasterbrookHead63FemaleWGrocerSt. Stephens, Cornwall, England
 Rebecca EasterbrookDaughter29FemaleUnmAssistantSt. Stephens, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter20FemaleUnmDress MakerSt. Stephens, Cornwall, England 1861
Hight Road, Trewoon, St Mewan,St Mewan,St Austell,CornwallJohn EsterbrookHead50Male MinerSt Mewan, Cornwall, England 1861
 Elizabeth EsterbrookWife51Female  St. Stephens, Cornwall, England
Ruivinnich Lane, St Agnes,St Agnes,Truro,CornwallWm EsterbrookHead28Male Tin DreperTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1861 1891
 Mary EsterbrookWife25Female  Mevagissey, Cornwall, England
Church Town, Crowan,Crowan,Helston,CornwallGrace GoldsworthyHead78FemaleW Stithians, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth GoldsworthyDaughter45FemaleUnmMillinerCrowan, Cornwall, England
 Mary GoldsworthyDaughter32FemaleUnmTailoresCrowan, Cornwall, England
 William EasterbrookBoarder52MaleMarCarpenterPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 William WebberBoarder54MaleMarCarverExeter, Devon, England
Crowthers Hill, Dartmouth,St Saviour,Totnes,DevonEmma EasterbrookHead49Female Wife of marinerDartmouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter16Female ScholarDartmouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
New Quay, Dartmouth,St Saviour,Totnes,DevonJames DaveyHead30Male GrocerLewes, Sussex, England
 Mary A DaveyWife29Female  Stokeham, Hampshire, England
 Frank A DaveySon4Male  London, England
 James H DaveySon2Male  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 Ada C DaveyDaughter10 MonthsFemale  Dartmouth, Devon, England
 John GayServant23Male Shopman Kingsteignton, Devon, England
 Ann EastabrooksServant30Female DomesticKingsbridge, Devon, England
 Ada KnopServant22Female DomesticPlymouth, Devon, England
Leechwell Street, Totnes,Totnes,DevonRichard KingHead25Male LabourerUgborough, Devon, England
 Jane KingWife26Female  Harberton, Devon, England
 James KingSon2Male  Totnes, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookLodger50MaleWidGardenerRattery, Devon, England 1861
Leechwell St, Totnes,Totnes,DevonThomas WeldonHead45Male Ag LabourerDartington, Devon, England
 Sarah WeldonWife42Female  Totnes, Devon, England
 Mary WeldonDaughter13Female ScholarTotnes, Devon, England
 Jane WeldonDaughter10Female ScholarTotnes, Devon, England
Leechwell St, Totnes,Totnes,DevonAugustus EasterbrookLodger38Male ButcherRattery, Devon, England 1861
Dial Court, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJohn ElliottHead74Male Ag LabDean, Devon, England
 Elizabeth ElliottWife65Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter41Female Wool SorterBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
 Harriett ElliottGranddaughter23Female Wool SorterBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary J ElliottGranddaughter9Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
Chapel St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead54Male CarterBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife56Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Susan EasterbrookNiece22Female Wool WeaverBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
Chapel St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonHarry BundridgeLodger56Male Retired FarmerDean Prior, Devon, England
Chapel St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead40MaleUnTannerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mara EasterbrookSister21Female S?age Wea*rBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Fore St, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead51Male SaddlerWidecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookWife56Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 James E EasterbrookSon18Male SaddlerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
1 Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJohn Easterbrooks SrHead73Male BlacksmithBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrooksWife66Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
The Hill, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonJohn EasterbrooksHead35Male BlacksmithBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Hannah EasterbrooksWife36Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary A EasterbrooksDaughter4Female  Ugborough, Devon, England 1881
 Bessie EasterbrooksDaughter1Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
Tradesmans Arms, The Hill, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonIsaac BendyHead31Male Inn Keeper & MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary A BendyWife30Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Robert S BendySon10Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Margaret A BendyDaughter8Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Foley M BendyDaughter1Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary I BendyDaughter1 MonthFemale  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Florena CasslerServant12Female ServantAbbot Lee, Devon, England
 Mary EasterbrookNurse62FemaleWidServantBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
Summerbridge, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonMary EasterbrookHead56FemaleWidKeeps Childrens SchooolBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
Beards Farm, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonElias EasterbrookHead51MaleUnmFarmer of 30 acresBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Grace RowlandServant64FemaleWidowGeneral Servant (Domestic)Holne, Devon, England
 William R WarrenServant16MaleUnmFarm ServantWiddecombe, Devon, England
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead39Male MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife38Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
 William EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
 Thomas EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
 James EasterbrookSon3Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
 John EasterbrookSon1Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonGrace EasterbrookHead77 WidowReceipt Parish PayBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 John HaywoodGrandson23Male MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Jane A HaywoodGranddaughter23Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 William HaywoodGrandson19Male MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonNicholas EastabrooksHead37Male MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EastabrooksWife36Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary A EastabrooksDaughter15Female Work FactoryBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 John EastabrooksSon23Male Work MineBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EastabrooksDaughter11Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861
 Sarah EastabrooksDaughter9Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
 William H EastabrooksSon7Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Millvina EastabrooksDaughter6Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1881
 Fredrick EastabrooksSon3Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
Brook Farm, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonWilliam WaycottHead65Male Farmer 300 AcresHolne, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WaycottWife65Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Mary B WaycottDaughter40Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WaycottDaughter35Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Williams WaycottSon37Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Asmath WaycottDaughter20Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
 William W EasterbrookGrandson10Male ScholarHolne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Samuel SeamanServant26Male Farm ServantWiddrington, Devon, England
 Samuel JohnsServant21Male Farm ServantTawstock, Devon, England
 Richard StephensServant11Male Farm ServantWiddrington, Devon, England
Tavistock Inn, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonWilliam RowlandHead50Male Innkeeper & CarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon, England
 Mary RowlandWife54Female  Holne, Devon, England 1861
 Ann E RowlandDaughter20Female BarmaidHolne, Devon, England
 Martha M RowlandDaughter19Female HousemaidHolne, Devon, England
 Laura L RowlandDaughter15Female  Holne, Devon, England
 George RowlandSon12Male  Holne, Devon, England
 Florence RowlandDaughter9Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Priscilla PetherbridgeRelative 52Female DressmakerHolne, Devon, England
 James TownsendServant45Male CarpenterShaldon, Devon, England
 Thomas EasterbrookServant21Male CarpenterHolne, Devon, England 1861 1881
7 Holne Village,Holne,Totnes,DevonThomas EasterbrookHead28Male Carpenter & GrocerBuckfastleigh, Devon, England 1851 1881
 Mary A EasterbrookWife28Female  Holne, Devon, England
 Frank W EasterbrookSon6Male Scholar Torquay, Devon, England 1881
 Elizabeth MastonLodger67Female Retired ServantWarwickshire, England
Park House, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonJames MillfordHead41Male GardenerTopsham, Devon, England
 Ann MillfordWife42Female  Ashburton, Devon, England
 William MillfordSon14Male Under GardenerHolne, Devon, England
Chase House, Holne,Holne,Totnes,DevonAnn FosterServant55Female Housemaid Domestic ServantHolne, Devon, England
 Agnes GubbingsServant48Female Under housemaid Domestic ServantStaple Hill, Dorset, England
 Priscilla EasterbrookServant27Female Cook Domestic ServantHolne, Devon, England 1851
 Susanna SmalridgeServant21Female Kitchenmaid Domestic ServantSwimbridge, Devon, England
No 5, Ugborough,Totnes,DevonJohn EasterbrookHead58Male Ag LabRattery, Devon, England 1861
 Betsy EasterbrookWife50Female DressmakerErmington, Devon, England
Lower Charford, South Brent,South Brent,Totnes,DevonEdward PenwellHead65Male FarmerTotnes, Devon, England
 Minnie M LewcombeGranddaughter2Female  Diptford, Devon, England
 Elizabeth CrockerServant16Female General ServantDiptford, Devon, England
 Mary Ann WillisServant50Female Domestic ServantModbury, Devon, England
 James GullyServant19Male Farm ServantNorth Huish, Devon, England
 John TotcherServant14Male Farm ServantUgborough, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookServant13Male Farm ServantUgborough, Devon, England 1861 1891
Wonton, South Brent,South Brent,Totnes,DevonFortescue ArthursHead53Male LandownerEast Lavington, Devon, England
 Mary ArthursWife60Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 John EasterbrookServant20Male GroomSouth Brent, Devon, England
 Mary Ann ColeServant23Female CookTavistock, Devon, England
 Jane DollingServant23Female House MaidLaunceston, Cornwall, England
Watergate, Diptford,Diptford,Totnes,DevonJames EasterbrookHead48Male Farm LabourerHarberton, Devon, England 1861
 Mary A EasterbrookWife46Female  Buckfastleigh
 Thos PethickLodger38Male QuarrymanCornwall, England
Watergate, Diptford,Diptford,Totnes,DevonRoot W C JohnsonHead60Female  Chichester
 Caroline JohnsonDaughter31Female  Diptford, Devon, England
 Carothine R JohnsonDaughter28Female  Diptford, Devon, England
 Emily Jane JohnsonDaughter25Female  Diptford, Devon, England
 Winefred TinkhamServant76Female  Staverton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth PeniamServant28Female  Heavitree, Devon, England
 Myra HeadServant34Female  Ugborough, Devon, England
 Elizabeth T WyattServant18Female  Harberton, Devon, England
 Edwin EasterbrookServant27Male  North Huish, Devon, England
Heyside, Royton,St Paul,Oldham,LancashireJohn EasterbrookHead24Male Stone MasonBroadclist Nam Exeter, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife19Female Cotton OpperativeOldham, Lancashire, England
36 Victoria Rd, Shipley,Shipley,Bradford,YorkshireAbraham HolroydHead56Male Bookseller & StationerClayton, Yorkshire, England
 Amelia HolroydWife48Female  St Stephens
 John L HolroydSon18Male Mohair SorterBradford, Yorkshire, England
 Edwin M HolroydSon14Male Alpaca SpinnerManingham Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 Georgiana A HolroydDaughter12Female  Maningham Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 George A HolroydSon9Male  Maningham Bradford, Yorkshire, England
 Elizabeth K EasterbrookCousin19Female Alpaca WeaverPA, Pitsburgh 1881
Newtown, St Kentigern, Aspatria,Carlisle,Wigton,CumberlandJames EasterbrookHead29Male Coal MinerTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Emma EasterbrookWife27Female  Tywardreath, Cornwall, England
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1881
 Celina E EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall, England 1881
 William J EasterbrookSon2Male  Aspatria, Cumberland, England 1881
 Robert H EasterbrookSon2 MonthsMale  Aspatria, Cumberland, England 1881
Hight Hill, Underskiddaw,Underskiddaw,Cockermouth,CumberlandSamuel EsterbrookHead61MaleWidowerToll CollectorDevon, England 1861
 Othalow StirkGrandson13Male Toll CollectorYorkshire, England
Anglesea Barracks, Portsea,Portsea,Portsea Island,HampshireJohn EastbrookHead37Male Color Sergeant R EWest Indies, Bermuda
Anglesea Barracks,Portsea,Portsea Island,HampshireMargret EastbrookWife38Female  Kent, England
 Robert EastbrookSon10Male  Gebralter, Spain 1881
 James EastbrookDaughter8   Gebraller, Spain
 Malcolm East BrookSon5Male  Hants, England 1881
 Henry East BrookSon1Male  Hants, England
45 Cumberland Mt, St Pancras,Christchurch,Pancras,LondonJames EasterbrookHead32Male Cabinet MakerDawlish, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Laura EasterbrookWife28Female  Exeter, Devon, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarExeter, Devon, England 1881
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarSt Pancras, Middlesex, England 1881
41 Princes Ter, St Pancras,Regents Park St Mark,Pancras,LondonJohn EasterbrookHead30Male Foreman of PaintersDawlish, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Harriet EasterbrookWife29Female  Chudleigh, Devon, England
 Minnie EasterbrookDaughter3Female  St Pancras, Middlesex, England 1881
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter1Female  St Pancras, Middlesex, England 1881
Church Village, Madron,Madron,Penzance,CornwallMary EasterbrookWife55FemaleMar Devonport, Devon, England
 William J EasterbrookSon26Male GroomSt Levan, Cornwall, England 1861
 Louise L EasterbrookDaughter18Female Dress MakerPlymouth, Devon, England 1861 1881
57 North Street, Penzance,St Paul,Penzance,CornwallJohn DugdaleHead60MaleWidrButcher (Master)Penzance, Cornwall, England
 Ann DugdaleDaughter11Female  Penzance, Cornwall, England
 Mathew DugdaleSon10Male  Penzance, Cornwall, England
 Frances EstarbrookServant22FemaleUnmGeneral ServantPlymouth, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
1 Stewarts Court, Penzance,St Paul,Penzance,CornwallSamuel EasterbrookHead59Male SawyerPenzance, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrookWife58Female  St Ives, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Sarah J EasterbrookDaughter25FemaleUnm Penzance, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Albert EasterbrookSon9Male  Penzance, Cornwall, England 1881
 Samuel EasterbrookSon2Male  Penzance, Cornwall, England 1881
544 Kingsland Rd, West Hackney,West Hackney,Hackney,LondonSamuel GrimleyHead38Male Grocer Wine & Spirit MerchantBanbury, Oxfordshire, England
 Mary A GrimleyWife34Female  Hackney, Middlesex, England
 Eliza GrimleyDaughter13Female ScholarHackney, Middlesex, England
 Charles B GrimleySon11Male ScholarHackney, Middlesex, England
 Herbert GrimleySon5Male ScholarHackney, Middlesex, England
 Fanny A GrimleyDaughter3Female  Hackney, Middlesex, England
 Owen GrimleySon2Male  Hackney, Middlesex, England
 Annie B GrimleyDaughter6 MonthsFemale  Hackney, Middlesex, England
 Edith ChaterVisitor12Female ScholarCambridgeshire, England
 Emma EasterbrookAssistant26Female Assistant in Trimming ShopOverton, Hampshire, England 1861
 Eleanor ChamberlainAssistant21Female Assistant in Trimming ShopReading, Berkshire, England
 Emma JacobsServant25Female CookWoodbridge, Suffolk, England
 Hannah DoveServant27Female HousemaidSouth Lopham, Norfolk, England
 Elizabeth BrowneServant21Female NurseChurcham, Gloucestershire, England
32 Queens Gate Terr, Kensington,St Stephen,Kensington,LondonWilliam TaylorHead63Male Law AgentBatham Wood, Hertfordshire, England
 Charlotte B TaylorWife58Female  Calcatta
 Mary C TaylorGrandchild12Female  East Indies
 Edith TaylorGrandchild6Female  N
 Annie TaylorGrandchild5Female  N
 Charlotte E PalmerGrandchild7Female  East Indies
 Archdell PalmerGrandchild4Male  Essex, England
 Kathleen PalmerGrandchild3Female  London, England
 Henrietta Goos ClaudeServant20Female  Switzerland
 Elizabeth EastbrookServant24Female  Brecknockshire, Wales
 Hannah BeckServant23Female  Noring, Essex, England
 Maria MacseyServant19Female  London, England
 Sylvia MillsServant21Female  Bramshaw, Hampshire, England
 Susannah PegramServant35Female  Naring, Essex, England
229 Pentonville Rd, Clerkenwell,Pentonville St James,Holborn,LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead61Male Statuary MasterDevonport, Devon, England 1861
 Susan EasterbrookWife61Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Georgiana VentonNiece24Female DraperExeter, Devon, England
 William VentonNephew20Male ClerkExeter, Devon, England
 William PitcherLodger31Male ClerkYeovil, Dorset, England
80 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green,St Peter,Bethnal Green,LondonWilliam EastabrookHead28Male Wood CarverBristol, Somerset, England 1861 1881
 Jemima EastabrookWife30Female  Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
 William A EastabrookSon2Male  Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England 1881
Foundry Row, St Just,St Just,Penzance,CornwallWilliam HolmanHead56Male BlacksmithCamborne, Cornwall, England
 Christiana HolmanWife56Female  Saint Just, Cornwall, England
 Mary W EasterbrookDaughter29FemaleMar Saint Just, Cornwall, England
 John W HolmanSon18Male WheelwrightSaint Just, Cornwall, England
 Emma HolmanDaughter16Female  Saint Just, Cornwall, England
7 St Mark St, Wolverhampton,St Mark,Wolverhampton,StaffordshireGeorge EasterbrookHead49Male Police ConstableWidecombe, Devon, England 1861
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife40Female  Oaken, Staffordshire, England
 Edwin EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire, England 1861 1881
 John EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire, England 1861 1881
 William EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire, England 1881
 Arthur BateStepson15Male Iron CasterWolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
48 View Road, Nether Hallam,Heeley,Ecclesall Bierlow,YorkshireGeorge ThorpeHead34Male Brass CastorLondon, Middlesex, England
 Elisa ThorpeWife34Female  Leverton, Devon, England
 Ada ThorpeDaughter8Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Frank ThorpeSon6Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Harry ThorpeSon2Male  Heeley, Yorkshire, England
 John EasterbrookBoarder77Male Retired FarmerSilverton, Devon, England 1861 1881
3 Mary St, Sheffield,St Mary,Sheffield,YorkshireWm EasterbrookHead28Male Engine FitterTiverton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Harriet EasterbrookWife27Female  Sheffd, Yorkshire, England
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarSheffd, Yorkshire, England 1861 1881
 Wm EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarSheffd, Yorkshire, England 1881
 Ernest EasterbrookSon3Male  Sheffd, Yorkshire, England 1881
Meadow House, Sheffield Park,Heeley,Sheffield,YorkshireJohn EasterbrookHead49Male Engineer Tool ManufacturerTiverton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Isabella EasterbrookWife43Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Selina EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Henry EasterbrookSon11Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Mary Ann RoebuckServant47Female Domestic ServantSheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Mary Ann RoebuckDaughter21Female Domestic ServantSheffield, Yorkshire, England
9 Upper Terrace, Hampstead,St John,Hampstead,LondonMiddred EsterbrookWidow58FemaleWidowLodging House KeeperHampstead, Middlesex, England 1861 1881
 Maria LeeServant23Female Domestic ServMelbourn, Cambridgeshire, England
9 Upper Terrace, Hampstead,St John,Hampstead,LondonSarah Hillier AustieLodger57Female TeacherTrowbridge, Wiltshire, England
9 Upper Terrace, Hampstead,St John,Hampstead,LondonJohanna FearonLodger51Female  London, Middlesex, England
2 Murray Place, St John Hampstead,Christchurch,Hampstead,LondonThomas EastbrookHead42Male Waiter Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1891
 Fanny EastbrookWife39Female  Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
 Thomas EastbrookSon10Male ScholarToho, Middlesex, England 1861
 Elias EastbrookSon8Male ScholarToho, Middlesex, England 1881
 James EastbrookSon6Male ScholarPaddington, Middlesex, England 1881
 Mary A EastbrookDaughter5Female ScholarPaddington, Middlesex, England 1881
 Fanny EastbrookDaughter2Female  Paddington, Middlesex, England 1881
 Charlotte EastbrookDaughter11 MonthsFemale  Paddington, Middlesex, England 1881
3 Sharlands Court, Tiverton,Tiverton,DevonAmo EasterbrookHead78FemaleWFormerly Hotel KeeperTiverton, Devon, England
 Fanny MurphyLodger24Female Silk WinderTiverton, Devon, England
 Mary KingLodger23Female Silk WinderTiverton, Devon, England
 Elizabeth A KnightLodger8Female ScholarTiverton, Devon, England
22 S sham St, Chelsea,Christchurch,Chelsea,LondonWilliam H PedgeeHead28Male SmithWeston Super Mare
 Eliza M PedgeeWife28Female SeamstressBermondsey 1861
 Francis M PedgeeDaughter4Female  Chelsea, Middlesex, England
 Anne E PedgeeDaughter5 MonthsFemale  Chelsea, Middlesex, England
 Eliza EasterbrookMother-in-law70FemaleWNursePortsea 1861
St Mark College, Chelsea,St Luke,Chelsea,LondonJames EasterbrookStudent19Male StudentDean Prior, Devon, England 1861 1881
1 Ampton St, St Pancras,St Bartholomew,Pancras,LondonJohn Henry EasterbrookHead28Male Government ClerkPlymouth 1861 1881
 Emma Maria EasterbrookWife28Female  Suffolk, England
32 Eversh St, St Pancras,St Matthew,Pancras,LondonWilliam EasterbrooksHead43Male Railway PorterDevon, England 1861 1881
 Mary EasterbrooksWife45Female  Ireland
Victoria Row, St Just in Penwith,St Just,Penzance,CornwallNicholas VealHead25Male Tin MinerSt Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
 Lucy VealWife28Female  Penzance, Cornwall, England 1861
 Richard VealSon6Male ScholarSt Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
 Eliza VealDaughter4Female ScholarSt Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
 Lucy VealDaughter2Female  St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England
 William Henry EasterbrookSon-in-law12Male Tin MinerSt Just in Penwith, Cornwall, England 1861
Back Lane, St Just in Penwith,St Just in Penwith,Penzance,CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead34Male BlacksmithSt Just, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife40Female  Sancreed, Cornwall, England
 Hezekiah RoweStepson20Male Tin MinerSancreed, Cornwall, England
3 Bagol Villas, Vins de la Petite Longueville,St Saviour,JerseyRobert AustinHead23Male GardenerEngland
 Elias EasterbrookLodger56Male  England 1861 1881
 Ann EasterbrookLodger58Female  England
1 Price of Wales Pl, St Peter Port,St Peter Port,GuernseyJames StewartHead48Male Naval PensionerSt. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Jane StewartWife48Female  England
 Mary StrangerMother-in-law86Female  England
15 Union Street, St Heliers,St Helier,JerseyWilliam EsterbrookHead37Male BakerEngland
 Catherine EsterbrookWife29Female  England
 Emely HelmanLodger25Female No occupationGuernsey, Channel Islands
Broadmoor, Sandhurst,Sandhurst,Easthampstead,BerkshireWilliam BarnardHead25Male Engine Driver & StokerFarnham, Surrey, England
 Ellen C BarnardWife27Female  London, England 1861 1881
 William BarnardSon2Male  California, Berkshire, England
Coombpafford, St Mary Church,St Mary Church,Newton Abbot,DevonJane HatherleighWife27Female CharwomanSt Mary Church 1861
 John HatherleighSon7Male ScholarSt Mary Church
 Henry HatherleighSon1 MonthMale  St Mary Church
Opp Truamlaud Terr, St Mary Church,St Marys Church,Newton Abbot,DevonJames JordanHead70Male Retired FarmerNorthlew
 Betsy JordanWife54Female  Dean Prior 1861
Ernesettle Farm, St Budeaux,St Budeaux,Plympton St Mary,DevonGeorge CrossmanHead37Male Farm BailiffNorth Buckland, Devon, England
 Joanna CrossmanWife35Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England 1861
 Thomas CrossmanSon10Male  Antony, Cornwall, England
 Susan CrossmanDaughter9Female  Antony, Cornwall, England
 John CrossmanSon7Male  Antony, Cornwall, England
 Eliza CrossmanDaughter5Female  Antony, Cornwall, England
 George CrossmanSon2Male  St Budeaux, Devon, England
 William CrossmanSon1Male  St Budeaux, Devon, England
Penquite Farm, St Ive,St Ive,Liskeard,CornwallJohn SnellHead44Male Farmer of 50 AcresQuethiock, Cornwall, England
 Ann SnellWife37Female  Ashburton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Thomas JohnsServant20Male  Callington, Cornwall, England
Penquite Farm, St Ive,St Cleer,Liskeard,CornwallGeorge MettersHead33Male  Devon, England
 Grace MettersWife32Female  Devon, England
 James Sowden MettersSon9Male  Devon, England
 Elizabeth Ann MettersDaughter7Female  Devon, England
 Emla Agnes MettersDaughter3Female  Devon, England
 John MattersSon1Male  St Neot, Cornwall, England
Penquite Farm, St Ive,Broadoak,Liskeard,CornwallJames L JamesHead24Male  Wendron, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth L JamesWife20Female  Lanivet, Cornwall, England
 Samuel TuckerServant18Male  Lanreath, Cornwall, England
 Joshua EdeServant17Male  Broadoak, Cornwall, England
 Louisa RichardsVisitor11Female  St Winnow, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
Coronation Road, Bedminster,St Paul,Bedminster,SomersetThomas SpearHead64Male EngineerBedminster
 Mary A SpearWife53Female  Newport 1861 1881
 Sarah DonchAunt76Female  Bristol
 Maria BartlettSister-in-law60Female  Bristol
 Ellen GoodallServant16Female  NF, Basingstoke
5 Sergeant Quarters, Militia House, Hillingdon,St Andrew,Uxbridge,MiddlesexGeorge AllenHead44Male Color Sergt 5th Middlesex MilitiaCompton Dundon, Somerset, England
 Sarah AllenWife35Female  Chatham, Kent, England 1881
 Charles E AllenSon12Male  Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
54 Harding B, Bristol,Holy Trinity,Clifton,GloucestershireWilliam WarrenHead61Male Engine SmithWombworthy, Devon, England
 Tryphena WarrenWife63Female  Bow, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ellen WarrenDaughter37Female Shoe TisderChard, Somerset, England
 Tryphena WarrenDaughter25Female Shoe TisderChard, Somerset, England
Cambridge St,Christchurch,Birmingham,WarwickshireArthur W BrookHead30Male CoachmanSouth Cerney, Gloucs
 Martha BrookWife32Female  Great Barr, Staffordshire, England
 Herbert W BrookSon5Male ScholarBirmingham
 Elizabeth AncellLodger47Female AnnuitantDevonport, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Wm G DuffSon22Male TailorMalta
Cambridge St,Christchurch,Birmingham,WarwickshireElizth E AncellDaughter18Female DressmakerGibraltar
Granvill Street, Birmingham,Emmanuel,Birmingham,WarwickshireWilliam HitchmanHead53Male Store KeeperKeynsham, Somerset, England
 Jane HitchmanWife38Female  Crediton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Jane E HitchmanDaughter9Female  Aldershot, Kent, England
 William HitchmanSon7Male  Brighton, Sussex, England
 George HitchmanSon5Male  Dundalk
 Alice HitchmanDaughter3Female  Dublin, Ireland
 Albert E HitchmanSon1Male  Birmingham
Lower Notsworthy, Widecombe,Widecombe in the Moor,Newton Abbot,DevonRobert FrenchHead27Male FarmerWidecombe, Devon, England
 Betsy FrenchWife23Female  Widecombe, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary Hambys E FrenchDaughter1Female  Widecombe, Devon, England
12 Masons Row, Tormoham,Torquay,Newton Abbot,DevonEdwin ViggersHead38Male CarpenterDartmouth, Devon, England
 Harriett ViggersWife36Female  Kingskerswell, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Edwin J ViggersSon8Male  Torquay, Devon, England
 Harriett L ViggersDaughter13Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
 Mary S ViggersDaughter10Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
 Priscilla J ViggersDaughter6Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth E ViggersDaughter5Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 Hannah ViggersDaughter3Female  Torquay, Devon, England
 Lydia ViggersDaughter1Female  Torquay, Devon, England
12 Masons Row, Tormoham,Lichfield,Chesterfield,DerbyshireThomas RandallHead34Male  Thrussington, Leicestershire, England
 Louise RandallWife27Female  Sileby, Leicestershire, England
 Eleanor RandallDaughter5Female  Sileby, Leicestershire, England
 Ada RandallDaughter3Female  Sileby, Leicestershire, England
12 Masons Row, Tormoham,Lichfield,Chesterfield,DerbyshireJohn WhitelawLodger26Male  Killamarsh, Derbyshire, England
Marsh Cottage, Wolborough,Wolborough,Newton Abbot,DevonSamuel TowellHead33Male GardnerSt Mary Church, Devon, England
 Mary TowellWife37Female  Broadwood, Devon, England 1861
 Joseph TowellSon16Male Telegraph MessengerSt Mary Church, Devon, England
 Samuel TowellSon9Male  St Mary Church, Devon, England
 William TowellSon6Male  St Mary Church, Devon, England
 Emily TowellDaughter3Female  St Mary Church, Devon, England
Aveton Gifford Village,Aveton Gifford,Kingsbridge,DevonElizabeth HooppellHead45Female Mariner's WifeDevon, England
 John HooppellSon15Male Farm LabourerDevon, England
 Sarah HooppellDaughter13Female  Devon, England 1861
 William R HooppellSon4Male  Devon, England
 Charles BeerLodger15Male  Devon, England
10 Gilanot St, Plymouth,St Peter,Plymouth,DevonEdward WhitmarshHead32Male Soda Water ManufacturerIsle of Wight
 Elizabeth C WhitmarshWife30Female  Exeter, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Ernest WhitmarshSon6Male ScholarStonehouse, Devon, England
 Alice M WhitmarshDaughter4Female  Stonehouse, Devon, England
 Alfred WhitmarshSon2Male  Plymouth
 Edith E WhitmarshDaughter8 MonthsFemale  Plymouth
23 William St, Plymouth,Christchurch,Plymouth,DevonEdward LewisHead48Male Labourer Sugar RefineryPlymouth, Devon, England
 Elizabeth LewisWife49Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon, England 1861
 Rosa LewisDaughter8Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Louisa BryantDaughter23Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Annie BryantGranddaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon, England
 Edward T BryantGrandson4 MonthsMale  Plymouth, Devon, England
Lower Dunn, Littleham,Littleham,Bideford,DevonHenry ClarkHead66Male Farmer Littleham, Devon
 Fanny ClarkWife50Female   Lapford, Devon 1861
 Mary Ann ChampieServant14Female   Bideford, Devon
 Sidney SandresServant15Male   Alwington, Devon
Merry Hassiess,Woolfardisworthy,Woolfardisworthy,Bideford,DevonWilliam FormaHead46Male Ag.LabParkham, Devon, England
 Mary Ann FormaWife46Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England 1861
 Eliza FormaDaughter13Female GloverWoolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Mary Ann FormaDaughter10Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Maria FormaDaughter8Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 George FormaSon6Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Thomas FormaSon4Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
 Robert FormaSon2Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
7 Back of James St, Stoke Damerel,St Mary,Stoke Damerel,DevonThomas BurchHead51Male Pensioner RNDevonport, Devon, England
 Sarah BurchWife49Female  Devonport, Devon, England 1861
 Mary BurchDaughter10Female  Devonport, Devon, England
 Thomas BurchSon8Male  Devonport, Devon, England
 Jessie BurchDaughter6Female  Devonport, Devon, England
Troy St, Beer Ferris,Beer Ferris,Tavistock,DevonReuben TaylorHead61Male Ag LabBelstone, Devon, England
 Susan TaylorWife61Female  Samford Corney, Devon, England 1861 1881
Lobhill Commons Cott, Thrushsilton,Thrushelton,Tavistock,DevonRichard DownHead69Male Retired FarmerLewtrenchard, Devon, England
 Elizabeth DownWife68Female  Stoke Climsland, Devon, England 1861
 Mary J SaddDaughter38Female Farmers WifeStowford, Devon, England
 William R SaddGrandson8Male ScholarSwansea, Wales
Wear Park, Monkokehampton,Monk Okehampton,Okehampton,DevonWilliam AlfordHead44Male Farm LabDowland, Devon, England
 Mary AlfordWife46Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Elizabeth AlfordDaughter10Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon, England
 John AlfordNephew8Male  Okehampton, Devon, England
 Frank AlfordSon6Male  Monk Okehampton, Devon, England
 Richard AlfordSon2Male  Monk Okehampton, Devon, England
Jacobstowe Village,Jacobstowe,Okehampton,DevonHenry WestlakeHead43Male Ag LabJacobstow, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WestlakeWife40Female  Exbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Anne WestlakeDaughter11Female  Jacobstow, Devon, England
 Mary WestlakeDaughter8Female  Jacobstow, Devon, England
 Simon WestlakeSon5Male  Jacobstow, Devon, England
 Elizabeth WestlakeDaughter3Female  Jacobstow, Devon, England
Dowmead, Sampford Courtenay,Sampford Courtenay,Okehampton,DevonAugustine PikeHead47Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Elizabeth PikeWife45Female  Exbourne, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William PikeSon7Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Emma H PikeDaughter5Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Lucy M PikeDaughter1Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Richard EvansBoarder60MaleWidrAg LabBondleigh, Devon, England
Cottage in Village, Wembworthy,Wembworthy,Crediton,DevonJohn KnottHead28Male GardenerSampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Mary KnottWife25Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
 Alice KnottDaughter1 MonthFemale  Wembworthy, Devon, England
 Ann KnottMother63FemaleWid Exbourne, Devon, England 1861
 Jane StaceyVisitor50Female  Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Strangaton, Stockleigh Pomeroy,Exeter,Crediton,DevonRichard HarveyHead67Male FarmerSandford, Devon, England
 Jane HarveyWife64Female  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England 1861
 Matilda HarveyDaughter29Female  Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England
 Richard PomeroyServant53MaleWidowerFarm ServantSandford, Devon, England
Grove Hill, East Worlington,East Worlington,South Molton,DevonElizabeth HosegoochHead59Female AnnuitantEast Worlington, Devon, England
 Lewis A HosegoochSon26Male Farmer's SonEast Worlington, Devon, England
 Elizabeth HosegoochDaughter40Female HousekeeperEast Worlington, Devon, England 1861
 Lucy HosegoochGranddaughter12Female  East Worlington, Devon, England 1861 1881
16 East Mews Road, Kensington,St Clement,Kensington,LondonWilliam GrattamHead44Male DyerLondon, England 1861
 France GrattamWife42Female   Exmouth, Devon, England 1851 1881
 William LewisStepson15Male Green Grocers AssistantWestminster, Middlesex, England
 Arthur LewisStepson10Male  Camberwell, Surrey, England
 Frances GrattamDaughter8Female   Bedford New Town, Middlesex, England
 Sarah GrattamDaughter5Female  Marylebone, Middlesex, England
 George GrattamSon4Male  Kensington, Middlesex, England
 Henry GrattamSon2Male  Kensington, Middlesex, England
20 Haberdasher St, Shoreditch,St John Hoxton,Shoreditch,LondonJohn EscottHead43Male Cabinet MakerBampton, Devon, England
 Mary E EscottWife40Female  Tiverton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 Mary G EscottDaughter15Female  Middlesex, London, England
 Friederick EscottSon12Male Employed Tea MerchantMiddlesex, London, England
 Edwin T EscottSon10Male ScholarMiddlesex, London, England
 Alfred M EscottSon7Male ScholarMiddlesex, London, England
 Frank H EscottSon5Male ScholarMiddlesex, London, England
 Henry J EscottSon2Male  Middlesex, London, England
 Alice M EscottDaughter3 MonthsFemale  Middlesex, London, England
20 Haberdasher St, Shoreditch,St John Hoxton,Shoreditch,LondonMary CanistonLodger46Female Box MakerCamden, London, England
 Helen CanistonLodger43Female Box MakerWare, Hertfordshire, England
South Street, Wellington,Taunton,Wellington,SomersetJohn ShaplandHead45Male Baker (master)East Anstey, Devon, England
 Susan Maria ShaplandWife35Female  Berry Pomeroy, Devon, England 1881
 Christopher John S ShaplandSon9Male  Upton, Somerset, England
 Walter Charles ShaplandSon1Male  Wellington, Somerset, England
 Frederick William ShaplandSon1 MonthMale  Wellington, Somerset, England
 Jane CollinsNurse48Female  Uffculme, Devon, England
 Susanna WordServant19Female  Wellington, Somerset, England
 Alfred DennerServant16Male  Cullompton, Devon, England
 William GoldsworthyServant14Male  Wellington, Somerset, England
Wheal Daniel Mine, Kenwyn,Chasewater St Paul,Truro,CornwallJames SeableHead32Male MinerKenwyn, Cornwall, England
 Ann SeableWife30Female  Kenwyn, Cornwall, England 1861 1881
 Frances SeableSon10Male  Kenwyn, Cornwall, England 1861
 Elizabeth Ann SeableDaughter5Female  Kenwyn, Somerset, England 1881
 James SeableSon3Male  Kenwyn, Durham, England
 Ann SeableMother55Female  Kenwyn, Cornwall, England
Green, Rudruth,Redruth,CornwallAnn HarrisHead32FemaleWidCharwomanRedruth, Cornwall, England 1881
 Herbert HarrisSon7Male  Redruth, Cornwall, England
 Elizabeth Ann HarrisDaughter5Female  Redruth, Cornwall, England
1 Rose Brae, Birkenhead,St Mary,Birkenhead,CheshireMorgan ScottHead59Male Hotel KeeperLeicestershire, England
 Frances ScottWife60Female  Manchester
 Morgan ScottSon16Male Clerk to Provision MerchantBirkenhead
 Phoebe FordServant18Female BarmaidLondon, England
 Martha WooleyServant7Female CookCheshire, England
 Rachel BellServant14Female Kitchen GirlLiverpool 1861 1881
 Elizabeth GriffithServant23Female BarmaidLiverpool
 John RennieLodger38Male SailorGrangemouth, Scotland
 Agnes RennieLodger31   Grangemouth, Scotland
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh,Buckfastleigh,Totnes,DevonCharles TurnerHead40Male ThatcherHolne, Devon, England
 Grace TurnerWife42Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon, England 1861 1881
Castleton Nearer, Rochdale,Castleton,Rochdale,LancashireThomas StirkHead40Male GardenerYorkshire, England
 Margaret Ann StirkWife42Female Dress MakerYorkshire, England 1881
 Sarah Ann StirkDaughter20Female  Yorkshire, England
 Mary Ann StirkDaughter17Female  Yorkshire, England
 Othala StirkSon15Male  Yorkshire, England
 Herbert StirkSon3Male  Rochdale, Lancashire, England
 George GillLodger23Male  Kilverstone, Lancashire, England
Castleton Nearer, Rochdale,Castleton,Rochdale,LancashireJohn LeeLodger21Male  Burnley, Lancashire, England
 Elizabeth GaskellLodger26Female  Rochdale, Lancashire, England
31 Main Rd, Sheffield,Trinity,Sheffield,YorkshireJohn SageHead47Male Mechanic at WorksSouth Molson, Devon, England
 Ann SageWife48Female  Tiverton, Devon, England 1861 1881
 William SageSon24Male Mechanic at WorksGloucestershire, England
 John H SageSon16Male Hammer Driver SteamSheffield, Yorkshire, England
 Mary Ann SageDaughter13Female ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire, England
 George SageSon4Male ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire, England

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