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British Census 1881 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Nurston, Totnes, DevonChas. HoareHead66MaleMarriedRetired farmerDean Prior
 Mary HoareWife61FemaleMarried Rattery
 Robert HoareSon36Male Retired farmerDean Prior
 Annie EasterbrookServant26Female HousekeeperBrent 1871 1891
 Elizabeth ShillaberServant23Female ServantBrent
11. Thornton Row, Kilmaurs, AyrshireWilliam EasterbrookHead24Male Coal minerEngland 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife27Female  England
 William Edward EasterbrookSon3 MoMale  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire
17. Thornton Row, Kilmaurs, AyrshireWilliam EasterbrookHead42Male Coal minerEngland 1871 1891
 Rebecca EasterbrookWife45Female  England
 John EasterbrookSon20Male Coal minerEngland 1871 1891
 Richard EasterbrookSon17Male Coal minerEngland 1871 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarKilmaurs, Ayrshire 1871
 Martha EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire 1891
 Benjamin EasterbrookSon1Male  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire 1891
145 Windmillhill St, Dalziel, LanarkshireFrancis WelshHead53Male Coal minerGlasgow, Lanarkshire
 Elmerina WelshWife37Female Coal miner's wifeEngland
 Henry WelshSon17Male Coal minerEngland 1871 1900
 William WelshSon15Male Coal minerEngland 1871 1891
 Elizabeth WelshDaughter12Female ScholarOld Monkland, Lanarkshire
 Rebecca WelshDaughter9Female ScholarDalziel, Lanarkshire
 Richard WelshSon7Male ScholarDalziel, Lanarkshire
 Elmerina WelshDaughter4Female  Dalziel, Lanarkshire
 Thomas WelshSon2Male  Dalziel, Lanarkshire
Middlewood, Launceston, CornwallRobert EasterbrookHead56MaleMarriedCarpenterSouthpetherwin, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Sarah EasterbrookWife38FemaleMarried North Hill, Cornwall
 Richard WadgeFather in Law74MaleMarriedFarm laborerNorth Hill, Cornwall
16 King St., St Germans, CornwallSarah EasterbrookHead42Female DressmakerPlymouth, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
Port Wrickle, St Germans, CornwallMathew EasterbrookHead41MaleMarriedCommissioned boatman (coast g service)Plymo, Devon 1871 1891
 Emily EasterbrookWife37FemaleMarried Plymo, Devon
Keason, St Germans, CornwallJames EastabrookHead46MaleMarriedThatcherBucklandbrower, Devon 1871 1891
 Grace EastabrookWife43FemaleMarried Abbotsbickington, Devon
 Mary G. EastabrookDaughter23Female DressmakerBucklandbrower, Devon 1871 1891
 Ada EastabrookDaughter6Female ScholarNorthill, Cornwall 1891
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter9Female ScholarNorthill, Cornwall 1891
 Beatrice EastabrookDaughter4Female ScholarSt Mellion, Cornwall 1891
 Mark EastabrookSon2Male  St Mellion, Cornwall 1891
Trewashford, St Germans, CornwallJohn PaynterHead70MaleWidowerFarmer of 170 acres empl 2 men & boyNorth Petherwin, Devon
 John P. PaynterSon37MaleMarried(f s)Pillaton, Cornwall
 Mary A. PaynterDaughter in Law40FemaleMarried North Petherwin, Devon
 Emily MasonServant14Female Domestic servantSt Ive, Cornwall
 Edith EastabrookServant12Female Domestic servantNorthill, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Betty MasonBoarder85Female DressmakerBoyton, Cornwall
 John ClokeServant20Male Farm servant (indoor)Quethiock, Cornwall
 William SouthcombeServant15Male Farm servant (indoor)Tavistock, Devon
Kernick Farm, St Germans, CornwallWilliam HawkHead29Male Farmer 100 acresSt Stephens, Cornwall
 Fanny J. HawkSister43Female  St Stephens, Cornwall
 Eliz. S. CradickServant22Female General servantJersey, Channel Islands
 Joseph EasterbrookServant16Male Farm servant (indoor)N K, Devon 1871 1891
Fore Street, Liskeard, CornwallJohn HugginsHead35MaleMarriedGrocerMarystow, Devon
 Elizabeth HugginsWife36FemaleMarried Horrabridge, Devon
 Mary OdgersSister in Law27Female Grocers assistantColebrook, Devon
 Martha OdgersSister in Law24Female Dress makerUnderwood, Devon
 Albert EasterbrookBoarder23Male DraperMarystow, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth ThomasServant17Female General servCallington, Cornwall
Tipwell Rock, Liskeard, CornwallJohn PoodHead78MaleMarriedFarmer (28 acres)St Dominick, Cornwall
 Jane PoodWife77FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeSt Stephens By Saltash, Cornwall
 James EasterbrookeServant15Male Farm servant (indoor domestic)St Mellion, Cornwall 1871 1891
Trewin F House, Liskeard, CornwallElias EasterbrookHead45MaleMarriedFarmer of 100 acres employing 2 men & 1 boyHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 Armanel EasterbrookWife38FemaleMarried Menheniot, Cornwall
 Armanel S. EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarMenheniot, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarMenheniot, Cornwall 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarMenheniot, Cornwall 1891
 Elias EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarMenheniot, Cornwall 1891
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Menheniot, Cornwall 1891
 Edward EasterbrookNephew14Male Agr serv (indoor)Menheniot, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Job GreetServant36Male Agr serv (indoor)St Germans, Cornwall
Village Shop and House, Liskeard, CornwallAnn EasterbrookHead71FemaleWidowGrocer & draperHolne, Devon 1871
 John B. EasterbrookSon41Male Grocer assistantHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann SnellDaughter47FemaleWidowAnnuitantHolne, Devon 1871 1891
Lower Town, Bodmin, CornwallWilliam EasterbrookHead40MaleMarriedTin streamer (m)Lanlivery, Cornwall 1871
 Louisa EasterbrookWife37FemaleMarriedTin streamers wifeLanivet, Cornwall
 Eli Henry EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarLanlivery, Cornwall 1871
Higher Gurtla, Bodmin, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead38MaleWidowerFarmer of 32 acresLanlivery, Cornwall 1861 1891
 Ann EasterbrookMother63FemaleWidowHousekeeperLanlivery, Cornwall 1871
 Charles HiggsServant14Male Farm servant (indoor)Lanlivery, Cornwall
Trenince, Bodmin, CornwallJohn RichardsHead62MaleMarriedFarmer occup 40 acresSt Stephens In Brannel, Cornwall
 Maria RichardsWife60FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeLuxulyan, Cornwall
 Louisa RichardsDaughter22Female Farmers daughterSt Winnow, Cornwall 1871 1901
 Trifena WilliamsGranddaughter5Female Farmers grandaughterTruro, Cornwall
Penvivian, Bodmin, CornwallJane MorrisHead64FemaleWidowFarmer of 45 acres emplg 1 laborerLanivet, Cornwall
 Elizabeth MorrisDaughter24Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Grace MorrisDaughter21Female Drapers assistantLanivet, Cornwall
 William EasterbrookeServant22Male Farm servant (indoor)Lanivet, Cornwall
Foundry St, St Austell, CornwallAnna J. NoallHead44FemaleWidowLaundressSt Blazey, Cornwall 1861
 Anna J. NoallDaughter12Female ScholarNew Jersey, America
 Richard NoallSon11Male ScholarNew Jersey, America
 Elizabeth A. EasterbrookSister41Female Domestic servSt Blazey, Cornwall
 James HorrillBoarder27  China clay labourerPetrockstow, Devon
Crinnis Moors, St Austell, CornwallElizabeth SolomonHead63FemaleWidow Luxulyan, Cornwall
 Ann SolomonDaughter29Female Tin dresser (miner)St Blazey, Cornwall
 John SolomonSon26Male Tin dresser (miner)St Blazey, Cornwall
 Mary SolomonDaughter23Female Tin dresser (miner)St Blazey, Cornwall
 Samuel J. EasterbrookGrandson4Male  St Blazey, Cornwall 1891
Tregrehan Mills, St Austell, CornwallAmbrose EasterbrookHead50MaleMarriedGrocerSt Austell, Cornwall 1870 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried((grocers wife))St Austell, Cornwall
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter18Female ((grocers daur.))St Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 John EasterbrookSon3Male  St Austell, Cornwall 1891
Boldventure, St Austell, CornwallHarriet EasterbrookHead45FemaleMarried((miners wife))St Stephens, Cornwall
 George Henry EasterbrookSon17Male Tin minerSt Austell, Cornwall 1871
 Elizabeth J. EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall 1891
 Josiah EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarFarnmouth, Lancashire 1891
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Farnmouth, Lancashire 1891
 Rosa EasterbrookDaughter Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1891
Boldventure, St Austell, CornwallHenry EasterbrookHead45MaleMarriedGeneral labourerSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife59FemaleMarried Roche, Cornwall
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter23Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1871
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter14Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1871
Victoria Place, St Austell, CornwallJohn CollierHead66MaleWidowerSaddlerMevagissey, Cornwall
 Harriet EasterbrookServant20Female General serv (domestic)St Blazey, Cornwall 1871
East Street, St Austell, CornwallJohn ThomasHead24MaleMarriedTea dealerSt Austell, Cornwall
 Harriet Jane ThomasWife23FemaleMarriedWifeSt Austell, Cornwall
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookServant17Female General servant domesticSt Austell, Cornwall 1871
Carvath, St Austell, CornwallElizabeth EasterbrookHead62FemaleWidowKeep lodgersSt Stephens, Cornwall 1891
 Elizabeth TrevithickNiece25Female  Lostwithiel, Cornwall
 Eliza Ann CockingVisitor15Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 John Andrew KerkinLodger17Male Draper apprenticeGorran, Cornwall
Polkyth, St Austell, CornwallLouisa EasterbrookHead44FemaleWidowNurseSt Blazey, Cornwall
 John Chas. EasterbrookSon19Male GardenerSt Blazey, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Ambrose EasterbrookSon16Male GardenerSt Blazey, Cornwall 1871 1901
 William EasterbrookSon13Male Errand boySt Blazey, Cornwall 1871
Watering Hill, St Austell, CornwallJane AckermanHead54FemaleWidowNo occupationSt Blazey, Cornwall
 Edith AckermanDaughter23Female  St Blazey, Cornwall
 Ettie AckermanDaughter18Female ScholarSt Pancras, Middlesex
 Beatrice AckermanDaughter15Female ScholarSt Pancras, Middlesex
 Jane EasterbrookServant19Female Domestic servSt Austell, Cornwall 1871
 Minnie LimmerVisitor52FemaleMarried St Austell, Cornwall
Priory Row, St Austell, CornwallAlbert EasterbrookHead30MaleMarriedBootmakerSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Evelina EasterbrookWife37FemaleMarriedDressmakerSt Austell, Cornwall
 Hettie EasterbrookDaughter8Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1891
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter6Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Arthur EasterbrookSon3Male  St Austell, Cornwall 1891
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter1Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1891
Grants Walk, St Austell, CornwallPhilip R. EasterbrookHead54MaleMarriedMaster shoemaker employs 2 menSt Austell, Cornwall 1871
 Mary A. EasterbrookWife54FemaleMarriedMaster shoemaker wifeSt Austell, Cornwall
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter29Female  St Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Fred. EasterbrookSon23Male Letter carrier p officeSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Ellen Jane EasterbrookDaughter21Female Mantle makerSt Austell, Cornwall 1871
 Tom. EasterbrookSon15Male Plumber and tinmans appceSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Edwin EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
Trewray, St Austell, CornwallSilas SkidmoreHead56Male Farmer (of 120 acres employing 3 labourers)St Stephens, Cornwall
 Henry SkidmoreBrother54Male Farmer (of 120 acres employing 3 labourers)St Stephens, Cornwall
 Elizabeth SkidmoreSister52Female House keeperSt Stephens, Cornwall
 John B. SkidmoreBrother43Male Labourer (ag)St Stephens, Cornwall
 Rebecca EasterbrookServant36Female Dairy maid (domestic ag)St Stephens, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Joseph PinchServant16Male Farm servant (indoor)Roche, Cornwall
"School" Agar Road, Truro, CornwallElizabeth P. EastbrookStudent18Female Queens scholarMilton Abbott, Devon 1871
No 39 Hamblys Row, Redruth, CornwallMary Ann MorcomHead50FemaleWidowCharwomanRedruth, Cornwall
 Sarah MorcomDaughter23Female CharwomanGunnislake, Cornwall
 Ettie Rose EasterbrookBoarder4Female  Redruth, Cornwall
Penpol Terrace, Redruth, CornwallWilmot J. EasterbrookHead38FemaleWidowGrocer & baker employing 5 men 2 boysPhillack, Cornwall 1891
 N.J. EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarPhillack, Cornwall 1891
 Sarah MadronServant23Female Domestic servantGwinear, Cornwall
 William J. EasterbrookServant19Male Baker assisttLondon, London, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Samuel J. CowlingServant16Male Bakers assisttPhillack, Cornwall
St Johns St, Redruth, CornwallElizth. EasterbrookHead50FemaleMarriedBakers wifePlymouth 1891
 Wm.Jas. EasterbrookSon18Male BakerLondon, London, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Rosetta EasterbrookDaughter14Female Baker daughterPhillick, Cornwall 1871
 Nicholas EasterbrookSon11Male Baker sonPhillick, Cornwall 1871 1891
"Union Workhouse", Penzance, CornwallSamuel EasterbrookInmate69MaleWidowerPauperPenzance, Cornwall 1871
Bellfield Cottage, Lasswade, MidlothianCharlotte J EasterbrookHead43Female Tea merchant's wifeEngland
 Arthur B EasterbrookSon26Male Tea salesmanEngland 1871 1901
 Charles C EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarLasswade, Midlothian 1871
 Alexander M EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarLasswade, Midlothian 1871
 Ronald F EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarLasswade, Midlothian 1871 1891
 Nina L J EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Lasswade, Midlothian 1891
 Ann CraineyServant20Female General serv. (domestic)Ireland
3 Stewarts Court (North Street), Penzance, CornwallMary EasterbrookHead64FemaleWidowDomestic dutiesSt Ives, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter32Female CharwomanPenzance, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Albert EasterbrookSon18Male Basket makerPenzance, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Samuel EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarPenzance, Cornwall 1871
 Herbert EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarPenzance, Cornwall 1891
Angle St, Penzance, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead43MaleMarriedShoemakerPenzance, Cornwall 1871
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife55FemaleMarried Sancreed, Cornwall
New St 24, Wigton, CumberlandJoseph MooreHead34MaleMarriedBuilder employing 4 menWigton, Cumberland
 Mary Jane MooreWife25Female  Wigton, Cumberland
 William Wilson MooreSon5Male ScholarWigton, Cumberland
 John Pattinson MooreSon4Male ScholarWigton, Cumberland
 Sarah Annie MooreDaughter2Female   
 Mary Ann EasterbrookServant17Female ServantCornwall 1871 1891
Aspatria Harristown, Wigton, CumberlandJas. EasterbrookHead39MaleMarriedCoal minerTywardreath, Cornwall 1871
 Emma EasterbrookWife37FemaleMarriedCoal miner wifeTywardreath, Cornwall
 Celina E. EasterbrookDaughter14Female ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall 1871
 William J. EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarAspatria, Cumberland 1871 1891
 Robert H. EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarAspatria, Cumberland 1871 1891
 Eli.Jane EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarAspatria, Cumberland 1891
 John Sa. EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarAspatria, Cumberland 1891
 Charles G. EasterbrookSon Male  Aspatria, Cumberland 1891
31 and 32 Walker Lane Wheat Sheaf, Derby, DerbyshireWilliam H. TurnerHead38MaleMarriedInn keeperAldershott
 Ellen TurnerWife30FemaleMarried Ipswich, Suffolk
 Ellen TurnerDaughter11Female ScholarBedfordshire
 William H. TurnerSon9Male ScholarBedfordshire
 Bertha TurnerDaughter8Female ScholarBedfordshire
 Lucy TurnerDaughter4Female ScholarBedfordshire
 Ada TurnerDaughter3Female  Derbyshire
 George TurnerSon1Male  Derbyshire
 Kate TurnerDaughter Female  Derbyshire
 Lanna EsterbrookVisitor8Female  London, Middlesex 1891
18 Craven Row Nether Green Unstone, Chesterfield, DerbyshireJames HaynesHead55MaleMarriedRailway labourerBrinklow, Warwickshire 1871
 Sarah HaynesWife38FemaleMarried Warwickshire 1871
 Mary E. HaynesDaughter12Female ScholarCallan Bridge, Leicestershire
 Ernest HaynesSon7Male ScholarUnstone, Derbyshire
 Edward HaynesSon5Male  Unstone, Derbyshire
 Alfred HaynesSon1Male  Unstone, Derbyshire
Dalditch Farm, St Thomas, DevonWilliam AlfordHead54MaleMarriedFarm bailiffMonk Okehampton, Devon
 Mary AlfordWife56FemaleMarriedBailiffs wifeMonk Okehampton, Devon 1871 1891
 William AlfordSon28Male Farm labourerMonk Okehampton, Devon
 John AlfordSon26Male Farm labourerMonk Okehampton, Devon
 Robert AlfordSon12Male Farm labourerMonk Okehampton, Devon
 Elizabeth AlfordDaughter20Female General servantMonk Okehampton, Devon
 John SmithBoarder22Male Farm labourerEast Budleigh, Devon
St Marys Lodge, St Thomas, DevonAugusta M. WallisHead60FemaleWidowIncome from houses land & dividendsCorsham, Wiltshire
 Mary Jane EstabrookeServant52Female HousekeeperCrediton, Devon 1871
 Margaret HolwellServant24Female HousemaidExmouth, Devon
59 Bicton St, St Thomas, DevonWilliam MathewsHead39MaleMarriedArmy pensionerPlymouth, Devon
 Caroline MathewsWife40FemaleMarried St Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
Whimple Road Fords Cotts, St Thomas, DevonJames SomerHead45Male General practioner m.r.c.s. eng l.s.a. londonSt Clether, Cornwall
 Elizabeth T. SomerSister35Female HousekeeperSt Clether, Cornwall
 Tryphena SomerNiece14Female ScholarSt Clether, Cornwall
 Willm. EasterbrookServant18Male Groom & domestic servtSanford Courtney, Devon 1871 1891
 Rebecca Ann HorshamServant18Female General domestic servtN K, Ireland
3 Queens Square, St Thomas, DevonSusannah EasterbrookHead65FemaleWidowLate masons wifeCadbury, Devon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter24Female SeamstressBroadclist, Devon 1871 1891
Exwick Barton, St Thomas, DevonJohn DawHead65MaleMarriedFarmer of 348 acres employing 4 men & 1 boyCorm St Mary, Devon
 Jane DawWife52FemaleMarried Colebrook, Devon
 Thomas DawSon26Male Farmers sonNorth Tawton, Devon
 Mary J. DawDaughter24Female Farmers daurNorth Tawton, Devon
 Annie DawDaughter21Female Farmers daurNorth Tawton, Devon
 Alice DawDaughter15Female ScholarNorth Tawton, Devon
 Bessie DawDaughter14Female ScholarNorth Tawton, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookServant18Female Genl servtColebrook, Devon 1871 1891
 Frank WoottonServant17Male Farm serv (in door)Exeter, Devon
Cleave Cottage, St Thomas, DevonWilliam WoodgatesHead55MaleMarriedAg laborerCrediton, Devon
 Fanny WoodgatesWife54FemaleMarried Crediton, Devon
 Edwin WoodgatesSon21Male Ag laborerCrediton, Devon
 William EasterbrookBoarder83MaleWidowerAg laborerCrediton, Devon 1871
Salmon Pool, St Thomas, DevonWm.Walter HassonHead38MaleMarriedAccountantAshburton, Devon
 Ellen HassonWife37FemaleMarried Exeter, Devon
 William S. HassonSon11Male  St Thomas, Devon
 Ethel Ellen HassonDaughter9Female  St Thomas, Devon
 Louise EasterbrookSister31FemaleMarried Ashburton, Devon
 Francis A. FaganSister26FemaleWidow Ashburton, Devon
 Wm.Henry JohnsServant23Male  Exeter, Devon
Tervilla Kenford, St Thomas, DevonAugustin PikeHead56MaleMarriedAg labSampford Courtney, Devon
 Elizabeth PikeWife54FemaleMarried Exbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 William PikeSon18Male Ag labSampford Courtney, Devon
 Lucy M. PikeDaughter11Female ScholarSampford Courtney, Devon
Mamhead Rectory, St Thomas, DevonEdward Chatterton OrpenHead50MaleWidowerRector of mamheadIreland
 Edith Frances Rosamond OrpenDaughter21Female Rectors daurStibbard, Norfolk
 Alice Mildred OrpenDaughter20Female Rectors daurAshton Keynes, Wiltshire
 Marcella Ethel OrpenDaughter16Female ScholarAshton Keynes, Wiltshire
 Emily Maud OrpenDaughter15Female ScholarAshton Keynes, Wiltshire
 Elizabeth PoundServant47Female Cook domestic servantMilton Damerel, Devon
 Ellen Kate HutchingsServant30Female Parlour maid domestic servantLondon, Middlesex
 Elizabeth Mary EasterbrookServant20Female Housemaid domestic servantCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon 1871 1891
 Lucy Ann EnglandServant20Female LaundrymaidClyst St George, Devon
 Elizabeth Ann HentonServant14Female Kitchen maidDawlish, Devon
 Silas WoodwardServant18Male Groom domestic servantHinchcombe, Gloucestershire
The Devon County Lunatic Asylum, St Thomas, DevonJohn Smale EasterbrookPatient (Lunatic)53Male No occupationMonkoakhampton, Devon 1891
 Edwin James EasterbrookPatient (Lunatic)37Male Butler domestic servtNorth Huish, Devon 1861
Barnfield, Exeter, DevonLewis ShapterHead33MaleMarriedPhysician m.b. university of cambridgeExeter, Devon
 Charlotte ShapterWife29FemaleMarriedPhysicians wifeJersey, Channel Islands
 John Barie ShapterSon2Male  Exeter, Devon
 Elna ShapterDaughter1Female  Exeter, Devon
 Edgar BayleyBoarder71MaleMarriedRetired captn 12 regt(foot)Warwickshire
 Elizabeth BayleyWife60FemaleMarried Farnham, Surrey
 Georgina BalyBoarder's Daughter31Female  Jersey, Channel Islands
 Eric BalyBoarder's Son33Male ... of retired captn 12th regtJersey, Channel Islands
 Mary J. KnockeyServant26Female Cook domestic servantRedruth, Cornwall
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant38Female Parlour maid domestic servantExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah Ann StonemanServant30Female Nurse domestic servantNorth Tawton, Devon
 Elizabeth WillsServant18Female Servant domesticCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
15 Belmont Rd, Exeter, DevonWilliam WrefordHead39MaleMarriedNewspaper editorExeter, Devon
 Mary WrefordWife35FemaleMarried Exeter, Devon
 Ethel M. WrefordDaughter10Female ScholarExeter, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant21Female Genl servant domesticBroadclist, Devon 1871 1891
89 South St, Exeter, DevonHenry BesleyHead81MaleMarriedRetired printer & publisherExeter, Devon
 Ridelpha BesleyWife60FemaleMarried St Edwards, Cambridgeshire
 Walter BesleySon18Male Artist painterExeter, Devon
 Ann C. EasterbrookServant29Female General domestic servantKingsbridge, Devon 1861
1 Pavillion Place, Exeter, DevonJames R. MartynHead30 MarriedGilderSouthwark, Surrey
 Louisa MartynWife31FemaleMarried Dawlish, Devon
 Ada Louisa MartynDaughter8Female  Exeter, Devon
 Mable Marion MartynDaughter2Female ScholarExeter, Devon
 Jan Llewellin MartynSon1Male  Exeter, Devon
Crown and Sceptre Iron Bridge, Exeter, DevonAnn RattenburyHead46Female Hotel keeperWitheridge, Devon
 Mary RattenburyMother76FemaleWidowAnnuitantWitheridge, Devon
 Lucy EasterbrookServant23Female BarmaidCadbury, Devon 1871
 Joseph W. CollinsLodger37MaleMarriedCommercial agentPlymouth, Devon
 Jane H. PophamServant27Female ChambermaidHigh Ham, Somerset
 Emily A. FosterServant23Female Cook (dm)Lyng, Somerset
 Francis FosterServant21Male Junst bootsLyng, Somerset
 Anne GibsonNurse56FemaleWidowNurse (s m s)Crediton, Devon
Saddlers Lane, Exeter, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead42MaleMarriedRent collector (clerk)Cheriton Fitzpain, Devon 1871 1891
 Caroline EasterbrookWife42FemaleMarried Cadbury, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon16Male Errand boy at chandlersCheriton Fitzpain, Devon 1871 1891
 William EasterbrookSon14Male Errand boy at bookstall ry stnCheriton Fitzpain, Devon 1871 1891
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarsCheriton Fitzpain, Devon 1871 1891
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarsCheriton Fitzpain, Devon 1871 1891
 Frederick EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarsStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarsStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon 1891
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Exeter, Devon 1891
Cricklepit St, Exeter, DevonRobert GossHead70MaleMarriedTailorExeter
 Carloine GossWife63FemaleMarried Exeter
 Bessie GossDaughter16Female Dress makerExeter
 Walter EasterbrookLodger (Boarder) (Lodger)13Male  Exeter 1871 1891
 Edward EasterbrookLodger (Boarder) (Lodger)11Male  Exeter 1871 1891
 Henry AndrewsLodger (Boarder) (Lodger)14Male CarpenterExeter
Aruther Court 3, Exeter, DevonWilliam MogfordHead39MaleMarriedTown drainer (service)Uonbrook
 Mary Ann MogfordWife40FemaleMarriedShirt makerExeter
 William EastbrookVisitor6mMaleOthers Exeter
23 Paul St, Exeter, DevonMary EasterbrookWidow (Head) (Widow)64FemaleWidowHucksters shop keeperPoughill, Devon 1871
8 Bradninch Place, Exeter, DevonStephen H.B. GlanvilleHead51MaleMarriedNewspaper proprietorStoke Damerell, Devon
 Margaret GlanvilleDaughter20Female Governess (prof)Exeter, Devon
 Jessie M. GlanvilleDaughter19Female  Exeter, Devon
 Latimer GlanvilleSon17Male Pupil reporterExeter, Devon
 Gilbert B. GlanvilleSon16Male Bank clerk pupilExeter, Devon
 Dora M. GlanvilleDaughter13Female ScholarSt Thomas, Devon
 Annie GlanvilleDaughter11Female ScholarSt Thomas, Devon
 Stephen J. GlanvilleSon9Male ScholarSt Thomas, Devon
 Charlotte L. GlanvilleDaughter8Female ScholarExeter, Devon
 Eliza L. EasterbrookServant21Female Domestic s cookColebrooke, Devon 1871
 Emma J. SmallServant16Female Domestic s housemaidExeter, Devon
Fore Street Hill, Exeter, DevonStephen GillardHead39MaleMarriedShoe makerCrediton, Devon
 Eliza GillardWife35FemaleMarried Lapford, Devon
 John EasterbrookeLodger62Male BlacksmithOkehampton, Devon 1871 1891
 Joseph CarterLodger18Male Tin plate workerSt Thomas, Devon
22 St Mary Arches St, Exeter, DevonWilliam SellickHead31MaleWidowerCabinet makerEast Budleigh, Devon
 Hannah SellickDaughter34Female UpholstressExeter, Devon
 William EasterbrookGrandson18Male Clerk gt western rlyExeter, Devon 1891
26 Diamond Lane, Newton Abbot, DevonLoveday LinterHead58FemaleWidowDress makerTeignmouth, Devon
 Lucy EasterbrookDaughter27FemaleWidowDress makerTeignmouth, Devon 1891
 Tom EasterbrookGrandson4Male  Teignmouth, Devon 1891
 Maud EasterbrookGranddaughter2Female  Teignmouth, Devon 1891
1 Daviss Court Higher Brook St, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam Henry HartnollHead30MaleMarriedPrinter (compositor)Teignmouth, Devon
 Louisa HartnollWife28FemaleMarried Woodbury, Devon 1871
 Kate HartnollDaughter5Female ScholarTeignmouth, Devon
 George Henry HartnollSon1Male  Teignmouth, Devon
No 8 Wellington Street, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel ChurchillHead33MaleMarriedTailor & draper employing 6 menTeignmouth, Devon
 Emily F. ChurchillWife22FemaleMarried Teignmouth, Devon
 Herbert P. ChurchillSon Male  Teignmouth, Devon
 Albert ChurchillBrother18Male Drapery assistantSt Sidwells Exeter, Devon
 Mary A. EasterbrookServant18Female General sertDawlish, Devon 1871 1901
Albion Street, Newton Abbot, DevonJames EasterbrookHead56MaleMarriedLabourerDawlish, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife54FemaleMarriedNurse (sms)Sandford, Devon
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter16Female Servant domesticTeignmouth, Devon 1871 1891
Fore St, Newton Abbot, DevonCharlotte EasterbrookHead48Female Draper and grocerTotnes, Devon 1871 1901
 Samuel EasterbrookFather76MaleMarried Totnes, Devon 1871
 Charlotte EasterbrookMother76FemaleMarried Winsham, Somerset
 Bride H. BurtNiece10Female ScholarCamelford, Cornwall
 Annie BurtNiece9Female ScholarCamelford, Cornwall
 Frederick M. CaryBoarder14Male Draper and grocers assistantPaignton, Devon
 Louisa RositerVisitor42Female  Paignton, Devon
 Mary E. PerrymanServant17Female Domestic servantBovey Tracey, Devon
East Coombe, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam NosworthyHead29Male Farmer 280 acres employ 5 men & one boyNorth Bovey, Devon
 Elizabeth NosworthyMother61FemaleWidowAnnuitantNorth Bovey, Devon
 Elias EasterbrookServant21Male Farm servant (indoors)Widdicombe, Devon 1871 1891
 John EllisServant16Male Farm servant (indoors)Moretonhampstead, Devon
Higher Hazel Cott, Newton Abbot, DevonElias EasterbrookHead67MaleMarriedRetired cab proprietorAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife70FemaleMarriedRetired cab proprietorAshburton, Devon
Higher Headbore, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead48MaleMarriedFarmer of 30 acresAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife47FemaleMarriedFarmer wifeAshburton, Devon
 Henry E. EasterbrookSon20Male Farmer sonAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter19Female Farmer daurAshburton, Devon 1871
 Fanny EasterbrookDaughter14Female Farmer daurAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Thomas EasterbrookSon12Male Farmer son scholarAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Catherine Jane EasterbrookDaughter9Female Farmer daur scholarAshburton, Devon 1891
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter7Female Farmer daur scholarAshburton, Devon 1891
Bowdley Farm, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam H. AbbottHead40MaleMarriedFarmerDean Prior, Devon
 Elizabeth J. AbbottWife41FemaleMarried Ashburton, Devon
 William H. AbbottSon12Male ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Annie E. AbbottDaughter11Female ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Charles AbbottSon10  ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Thomas AbbottSon3Male ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Susan A. AbbottSister52Female  Dean Prior, Devon
 Nickolas W. EasterbrookServant24Male Farm servantWidecombe, Devon 1871 1891
Rose Cottage, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead57Male Farmer 80 acresAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Joseph EasterbrookBrother51Male Carter a lAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Susan A. CoxsmanSister43FemaleMarriedHousekeeperAshburton, Devon
 William RansomeBrother in Law36MaleMarriedJourneyman bakerSpreyton, Devon
East Street, Newton Abbot, DevonEliza KnapmanHead51FemaleWidowBakerAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookSister40Female  Ashburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizth.J. KnapmanDaughter22Female DressmakerAshburton, Devon
 Fanny KnapmanDaughter21Female AssistantAshburton, Devon
 Joseph KnapmanSon17Male BakerAshburton, Devon
 Jessie KnapmanDaughter11Female ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Annie M. KnapmanDaughter3Female  Ashburton, Devon
North St (Commercial Inn), Newton Abbot, DevonJohn H. HoneywillHead38MaleMarriedMalster brewer & c employing 3 men & 1 boyAshburton, Devon
 Elizabeth HoneywillWife36FemaleMarriedHousehold duties & cAshburton, Devon
 John B. HoneywillSon10Male ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Florence M. HoneywillDaughter4Female ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Frank HoneywillSon2Male ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Mary E. EasterbrookServant21Female General servBuckfastleigh, Devon
Heavyhead Lane, Newton Abbot, DevonElias EasterbrookHead71MaleWidowerGardener (7)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Priscilla EasterbrookMother94FemaleWidow Ermington, Devon 1871
 Priscilla PetherbridgeSister63FemaleWidowDressmakerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
Bowling Green, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead31MaleMarriedContractorHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookWife31FemaleMarriedSchoolmistressPlymouth, Devon
Laurence Lane, Newton Abbot, DevonThomasen PortHead50FemaleMarried Ashburton, Devon
 Samuel J. PortSon19Male ClerkAshburton, Devon
 William J. PortSon17Male Pupil teacher board schoolAshburton, Devon
 Eliza J. PortDaughter13Female ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Albert H. PortSon11Male ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Annie E. EasterbrookNiece16FemaleOthersScholarAshburton, Devon 1871 1901
 Elizabeth A. HardingNiece15Female Pupil teacher board schoolAshburton, Devon
 Thirza HardingNiece13Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Charlotte DiscombeServant23Female General servantAshburton, Devon
 Thomas ChellewLodger26Male SchoolmasterTruro, Cornwall
Halswell Farm, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead41MaleMarriedFarmer of 52 acres employing 1 manWidescombe, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife41FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeWidescombe, Devon
 Sarah A. EasterbrookDaughter19Female Assistant in houseWidescombe, Devon 1871
 William EasterbrookSon16Male Farming (a l)Widescombe, Devon 1871 1891
 John H. EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarWidescombe, Devon 1871 1891
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon 1891
 Frank EasterbrookSon4Male  Broadhempston, Devon 1891
East Horridge, Newton Abbot, DevonLydia EsterbrookHead87FemaleWidow Throwley, Devon
 Samuel EsterbrookSon42Male FarmerThrowley, Devon 1871 1891
 Joseph EsterbrookSon40Male FarmerThrowley, Devon 1871 1891
 Emma BondGranddaughter18Female  London, London, Middlesex
 John CullingServant28Male Farm servant (farm) (indoor)Ashburton, Devon
 John KnapmanServant16Male General servBerry Pomroy, Devon
 Thomas BrockVisitor72MaleWidowerTailorAshburton, Devon
 Thomas EsterbrookVisitor44MaleMarriedGardenerThrowley, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah EsterbrookVisitor40FemaleMarried Harberton, Devon
Lizwell, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead58Male FarmerWidecombe, Devon 1871 1891
 James EasterbrookBrother64MaleMarriedAssistant (a l)Widecombe, Devon 1871 1891
 Avis EasterbrookBrother's Wife62FemaleMarriedAssistant (a l)Widecombe, Devon
 John EasterbrookNephew35MaleMarriedAssistant (a l)Lydford, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookNephew's Wife34FemaleMarriedAssistant (a l)Widecombe, Devon
 Abraham EasterbrookNephew's Son9Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon 1891
 Ellen StephensServant17Female Servant (general) ((farm))Widecombe, Devon
 James WarrenServant18Male Servant (general) ((farm)) (a l)Widecombe, Devon
 William NosworthyServant15Male Servant (general) ((farm)) (a l)Widecombe, Devon
 John NosworthyServant13Male Servant (general) ((farm)) (a l)Widecombe, Devon
Fernhill, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead35MaleMarriedAg labWidecombe, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah J. EasterbrookWife34FemaleMarriedAg lab wifeModbury, Devon
 William J. EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon 1891
 James H. EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon 1891
 Samuel H. EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon 1891
 Nickolas F. EasterbrookSon3Male  Widecombe, Devon 1891
 Maud M. EasterbrookDaughter Female  Widecombe, Devon 1891
Jordan, Newton Abbot, DevonRobert FrenchHead38MaleMarriedAg labWidecombe, Devon
 Betsy FrenchWife33FemaleMarriedAg lab wifeWidecombe, Devon 1871
 Mary FrenchDaughter11Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon
 Ann FrenchDaughter9Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon
 Eliza FrenchDaughter8Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon
 Avis FrenchDaughter6Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon
 William R. FrenchSon2Male  Widecombe, Devon
Commercial Inn, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead52MaleMarriedPublicanHolney, Devon 1871 1891
 Dorcas M. EasterbrookWife46FemaleMarriedPublican wifeBuckfastleigh, Devon
 John LangdonNephew21Male CarpenterBerry Pomeroy, Devon
 Honor D. ForsterNiece14Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary J. WhiddonServant18Female DomesticAshburton, Devon
Knowles Terrace, Newton Abbot, DevonJas. HorndellHead30MaleMarriedLabourerIlsington, Devon
 Maria HorndellWife37FemaleMarried Harberton, Devon
 Georgiana HorndellDaughter9Female  Ilsington, Devon
 Louisa HorndellDaughter6Female  Highweek, Devon
 Beatrice HorndellDaughter2Female  Highweek, Devon
 Ann CleaveVisitor69FemaleWidow East Ogwell, Devon
 John EasterbrookBoarder21Male Groom & coachman (dom)Bickington, Devon 1871
 Eliza SmerdonBoarder64FemaleWidow Dartington, Devon
Village, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead60Male FarmerIpplepen, Devon 1871 1891
 Anne EasterbrookSister55Female  Ipplepen, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane MorganSister68FemaleWidowFarmers widowIpplepen, Devon 1871 1891
Hole Farm, Newton Abbot, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead53MaleMarriedFarmer of 98 acresIpplepen, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife47FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeBuckfastleigh, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon22Male Farmers sonHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 William W. EasterbrookSon21Male Farmers sonHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 John EasterbrookSon18Male Farmers sonHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Holne, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann W. EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Woodland, Devon 1871 1891
28 Queen St, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn S. SandersHead32MaleMarriedGrocer (employing 5 men 2 boys)Moretonhampstead, Devon
 Eliza P. SandersWife33FemaleMarried Axminster, Devon
 Minnie C. SandersDaughter4Female  Newton Abbot, Devon
 George F. SandersSon1Male  Newton Abbot, Devon
 Abagail A. PhillipsCousin22Female Drapers assistantAxminster, Devon
 Eliza EasterbrookServant18Female General servantExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
8 Oak Place, Newton Abbot, DevonMary A. PascoeHead FemaleWidowDressmakerIlsington, Devon
 Ellen PascoeDaughter19Female SeamstressSt Neot, Cornwall
 James EastbrookeLodger57MaleMarriedLaborerIlsington, Devon 1871
Newton Abbot Union Workhouse, Newton Abbot, DevonElizabeth EasterbrookPauper85FemaleWidow Okehampton, Devon
Fairfield, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn KitsonHead44MaleMarriedBanker & solicitorTorquay, Devon
 Mary KitsonWife40FemaleMarried Hornsey, Middlesex
 Alice FletcherNiece8Female VisitorPaddington, Middlesex
 Mary FletcherNiece7Female VisitorPaddington, Middlesex
 Dorothy M. FletcherNiece6Female VisitorPaddington, Middlesex
 Anne SquanceServant27Female Cook domestic servParkham, Devon
 Clara FowleServant27Female Parlourmaid domestic servStanton Barnard, Wiltshire
 Ellen EasterbrookServant20Female Housemaid domestic servSt Mary Church, Devon 1871 1891
 George HarnellServant19Male GroomPayhembury, Devon
 Louisa FootVisitor19Female Domestic servantLymington, Hampshire
St Michaels Rd No 1 Landsdown Villas, Newton Abbot, DevonGrace H. CharlesHead52FemaleWidowLodging house keeperPaignton, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant28Female General servant domesticTormoham, Devon 1871
No 5 Church Street, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead72MaleMarried Totnes, Devon 1871
 Harriet EasterbrookWife68FemaleMarried Bridgetown, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookGrandson12Male ErrandboyLondon, London, Middlesex 1871
Church Street No 5 No 1 Rear, Newton Abbot, DevonEdwin T. ViggersHead48MaleMarriedCarpenter (local metho preacher)Dartmouth, Devon
 Harriet ViggersWife46FemaleMarriedCarpenter (local metho preacher)Kingskerswell, Devon 1871 1891
 Harriet L. ViggersDaughter23Female DressmakerPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Mary S. ViggersDaughter20Female Home dutiesPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Edwin J. ViggersSon18Male Carpenters apprenticeTorquay, Devon
 Priscilla J. ViggersDaughter16Female DressmakerTorquay, Devon
 Elizabeth S. ViggersDaughter15Female Dressmaker apprenticeTorquay, Devon
 Hannah ViggersDaughter13Female HomeTorquay, Devon
 Lydia ViggersDaughter11Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Alfred H. ViggersSon3Male  Torquay, Devon
23 South St, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead33MaleMarriedCarpenter & builder 4 menKingskerswell, Devon 1871 1891
 Emma EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried Lympstone, Devon
 Emma F. EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarLympstone, Devon 1871 1891
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarLondon, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Harriett L EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
 John H. EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
2 Tenement Tor Hill No 3, Newton Abbot, DevonAnna SnellWife (Head) (Head)41FemaleMarriedLaundressAbbots Kerswell, Devon
2 Tenement Tor Hill No 3, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead46MaleWidowerWood sawyerKings Kerswell, Devon 1861 1891
24 Union St, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge W. EasterbrookHead54MaleMarriedProvision dealerAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Catherine EasterbrookWife46FemaleMarried Berwick On Tweed
 John EasterbrookSon16Male Asst in fathers shopTorquay, Devon 1871
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
 George EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1871
 Fredk. EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
 Helena EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
 William EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
 Frank M. EasterbrookSon2mMale  Torquay, Devon 1891
Edencore Castle Road, Newton Abbot, DevonJames MonustephenHead59MaleMarriedBuilderOkehampton, Devon
 Elizabeth MonustephenWife59FemaleMarried St Marychurch, Devon
 Mary A. EasterbrookServant20Female General servt domesticKingskerswell, Devon
 Edward H. ShortVisitor25Male Clerk (merchants)St Ives, Cornwall
2 Geneva Cottages, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EastabrookHead30MaleMarriedBakerKineskerswell, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah Jane EastabrookWife27FemaleMarried Hennock, Devon
 Mabel EastabrookDaughter4Female  Torquay, Devon 1891
 George EastabrookSon3Male  Torquay, Devon 1891
 Frederick EastabrookSon1Male  Torquay, Devon 1891
 Eva EastabrookDaughter Female  Torquay, Devon 1891
 William Northway 30Male Bakers assistantNewton, Devon
 William Densham 19Male Bakers assistantExeter, Devon
 Emily Haines 17Female ServantRed Hill, Surrey
 Agnes HawkinsVisitor13Female  Shiphay, Devon
10 Maderia Place, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel BradfieldHead61MaleMarriedTailorBrixham, Devon
 Elizabeth BradfieldWife61FemaleMarried Brixham, Devon
 Samuel BradfieldSon20Male French polisherTorquay, Devon
 Walter BradfieldSon16Male TailorTorquay, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookLodger23Male LabourerTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
2 Belle Vue, Newton Abbot, DevonEdwin Vanstone GregoryHead40MaleMarriedBank cashierExeter, Devon
 Mary Ann GregoryWife42FemaleMarried Kingskerswell, Devon 1861 1891
 Blanch Adeline GregoryDaughter9Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
4 Brunswick Terrace, Newton Abbot, DevonKate RoweHead45Female  Exeter, Devon
 Mary Ann Easterbrook 60FemaleWidow Cornwall
5 Moorlands Terrace, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel Henry SanfordHead34MaleMarriedGardener (m)Topsham, Devon
 Sarah Jane SanfordWife39Female  Barton, Devon
 Samuel Henry SanfordSon13Male  St Mary Church, Devon
 William John SanfordSon11Male  Torquay, Devon
 Albert James SanfordSon9Male  Torquay, Devon
 Frederick George SanfordSon7Male  Torquay, Devon
 Francis Lewis SanfordSon4Male  Totnes, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookBoarder20Male Fish dealerBarton, Devon
Teignmouth Rd Southtown Ho, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn R. EasterbrookHead46MaleWidowerCabinet maker (master no one employed at present)Penzance, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Charles J. EasterbrookSon14Male Painters apprentice (house)Plymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth E. EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Plymouth, Devon 1871
 Arthur E. EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
 Florence A. EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
 Margretta J. EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
7 Parkfield Rd Park Pl, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead54MaleMarriedClock makerKingsbridge, Devon 1871 1891
 Josepha EasterbrookWife58FemaleMarriedLaundressAshburton, Devon
Warren Road Belvoir Cottage, Newton Abbot, DevonSaml. EasterbrookHead43MaleMarriedIron molderIpplepen, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife48FemaleMarried Newton Abbot, Devon
 Samuel W.P. EasterbrookSon16Male Apprentice to engineer (m)Torquay, Devon 1891
 Walter J. EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1891
 Elizabeth B. EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
 Edward LewisLodger17Male Tool maker at worksBirmingham
18 Melville Street, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead66MaleMarriedSawyerTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
 Maria EasterbrookWife66FemaleMarried Abbotskerswell, Devon
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter41Female DressmakerKingskerswell, Devon 1871 1901
 Lottie EasterbrookDaughter29Female DressmakerTorquay, Devon 1871
 Alice Louisa EasterbrookGranddaughter13Female ScholarTorquay, Devon 1871 1901
Union Lane, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead42MaleMarriedManager to lumber merchantKingskerswell 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife48FemaleMarried Menheniott, Cornwall
 Grace Ann EasterbrookDaughter22Female DressmakerTorquay 1871 1891
 William J.W. EasterbrookSon18Male LabourerTorquay 1871 1891
3 Perrot Building, Newton Abbot, DevonMary A. EasterbrookHead40FemaleWidowLaundressExeter 1861 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter16Female ServantTorquay 1871 1891
 Susan EasterbrookDaughter14Female ServantTorquay 1871 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarTorquay 1871
 Pollie EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarTorquay 1891
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarTorquay 1891
 James PerrotLodger33Male LabourerTorquay
5 Pensylvania Ter, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead56MaleMarriedFormerly masons laborerTorquay, Devon 1871
 Susan EasterbrookWife56FemaleMarriedCharwomanChiltenham
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter22Female Domestic servantCheltenham 1871 1901
21 Torwood St, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge P. EasterbrookHead24Male Jeweller &cTorquay, Devon 1861 1891
55 Fleet St, Newton Abbot, DevonJane SandersHead42Female Housekeeper for mr tindall chemistStoke Gabriel, Devon
 Charles EasterbrookBoarder17Male BookbinderTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
Madrepore Pl, Newton Abbot, DevonReuben EasterbrookHead37MaleMarriedCarpenterDevon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth F. EasterbrookWife40FemaleMarried Devon
 Reuben F. EasterbrookSon17Male CarpenterDevon 1871 1891
 Mary H. EasterbrookDaughter16Female NoneKentish Town, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Fredk.J. EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarDevon 1891
 Charles H. EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarDevon
19 Wellswood Place, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead48MaleMarriedJewellerExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary Jane EasterbrookWife49FemaleMarried Dartmouth, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookSon20Male WatchmakerTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
 Edmund EasterbrookSon16Male JewellerTorquay, Devon 1871
 Frank EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
 Herbert EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
Kencontre Kents Road, Newton Abbot, DevonEmily EasterbrookServant27Female ParlourmaidShobrooke, Devon 1871 1891
Boston Fields, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead39MaleMarriedFishermanExeter 1871 1891
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife32FemaleMarried Torquay
 William EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarTorquay 1871 1891
 Phillip EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarTorquay 1871 1901
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarTorquay 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarTorquay 1891
 Elizth. EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Torquay 1891
Fore St, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn W. HoyleHead33MaleMarriedChemistWisbeach, Cambridgeshire
 Hannah HoyleWife35FemaleMarried Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire
 Mary EasterbrookServant18Female Domestic servantS Mary Ch, Devon 1871
Old Rd, Newton Abbot, DevonWillm. EasterbrookHead42MaleMarriedLabourerS Mary Ch, Devon 1871 1891
 Susan A. EasterbrookWife40FemaleMarried S Mary Ch, Devon
 Eva A. EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarS Mary Ch, Devon 1891
Coomb Pafford, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead78MaleMarriedLabourerSandford Courtney, Devon 1871
 Jane EasterbrookWife69FemaleMarried Sandford Courtney, Devon
 George HatherleyGrandson8Male ScholarS Mary Ch, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon29MaleMarriedCarpenterS Mary Ch, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary J. EasterbrookDaughter in Law29FemaleMarried S Mary Ch, Devon
 Alfred EasterbrookGrandson6Male ScholarExeter, Devon 1891
Barton, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead58MaleMarriedGardener (m)Throwleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary A. EasterbrookWife58FemaleMarried Fremington, Devon
 John W. EasterbrookSon18Male Carpenter & cS Mary Ch, Devon 1871 1891
Village, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead50MaleMarriedFarm labourerMonk Oakhampton, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife52FemaleMarriedWifeWinkleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon29Male  Coffinswell, Devon 1871 1891
 Frederick LockeVisitor22MaleMarriedFarm labourerMonk Oakhampton, Devon
 Athaim LockeVisitor25FemaleMarriedWifeGoldolery, Devon
Shiphay Collaton, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead55MaleMarriedAg labDevon 1871
 Mary A. EasterbrookWife51FemaleMarried Devon
 John EasterbrookSon22Male Gardener (m)Devon 1871 1891
 Richard EasterbrookSon16Male Gardener (m)Devon 1871 1891
Shiphay Collaton, Newton Abbot, DevonRobert WardHead71MaleMarriedAg labBrixham, Devon
 Sarah WardWife68FemaleMarried Stokenham, Devon
 Richard EasterbrookGrandson11Male ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon 1871 1891
Edginswell Woodlands Farm, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead24MaleMarriedFarmerSt Mary Church, Devon 1871 1891
 Leah EasterbrookWife22FemaleMarried Kingsteignton, Devon
Newton Abbot, DevonElias EasterbrookHead36MaleMarriedCoachman (6/2)South Brent, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary J. EasterbrookWife31FemaleMarried Jacobstow, Devon
 Harry A.E. EasterbrookSon9Male  Ellacombe Torquay, Devon 1891
 Edwin P. EasterbrookSon5Male  Ellacombe Torquay, Devon 1891
 Annie L. EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Cockington, Devon 1891
1 Church Park, Totnes, DevonSamuel VanstoneHead28MaleMarriedCoastguard (r n)Barton St Mary Church, Devon
 Sarah VanstoneWife28FemaleMarried Barton St Mary Church, Devon 1871
Smith Street, Totnes, DevonEdwd. SmithHead38MaleMarriedTemplate workerExmouth, Devon
 Ann SmithWife41FemaleMarried Walkhampton, Devon
 Wm.H. EasterbrookNephew6Male ScholarSurrey
 Charles FarleyLodger20Male BakerTotnes, Devon
Week Rd Week Cottage, Totnes, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead48MaleMarriedToll gate keeperG Krowley, Devon 1871
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife49FemaleMarriedLaundressMillbrook, Cornwall
 Mary Ann RoweNiece17Female LaundressMillbrook, Cornwall
 Bessie RoweNiece10Female ScholarMillbrook, Cornwall
Painsford, Totnes, DevonRichard CoakerHead53MaleMarriedFarmer of 318 acres employing 3 menLidford, Devon
 Avis CoakerWife44FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeWidecombe, Devon
 John CoakerSon22Male Farmers sonLidford, Devon
 Willam CoakerSon20Male Farmers sonLidford, Devon
 Richard CoakerSon18Male Farmers sonLidford, Devon
 Sarah Ann CoakerDaughter16Female Farmers daughterLidford, Devon
 Avis Ann EasterbrookVisitor13Female NoneWidecombe, Devon 1871 1891
 Alice ParnelServant16Female Domestic servantHarberton, Devon
 James ParnelServant13Male Dom servantHarberton, Devon
Truestreet Cottage, Totnes, DevonWilliam A. EasterbrookHead25MaleMarriedGardenerKingsbridge, Devon 1871 1891
 Dorcas EasterbrookWife27FemaleMarriedWifeSherford, Devon
 William A. EasterbrookSon1Male  Berry Pomeroy, Devon 1891
 Clara E. EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Dodbrook, Devon 1891
 Mary A. EasterbrookMother55 WidowerAssisting daughter in lawDodbrook, Devon
 Sarah A.C. EasterbrookNiece7Female ScholarDodbrook, Devon 1891
 Edwd.J. AshfordBoarder25MaleMarriedFarmer not in occupationOttery St Mary, Devon
Dial Ope, Totnes, DevonJohn ElliottHead84MaleMarriedParish reliefBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth ElliottWife75FemaleMarriedParish reliefBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter54FemaleMarriedNurse (s m s)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary J. ElliottGranddaughter19Female Wool sorterBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
Fore Street, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead61MaleMarriedSaddler and harness makerWidecombe, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife65FemaleMarried Buckfastleigh, Devon
 James E. EasterbrookSon28Male Saddler and harness makerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
Ashburton Road, Totnes, DevonSarah EllisHead77FemaleWidowAnnuitantBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary E. EasterbrookServant14Female General servantBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
Chapel St New Cottages No 1, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead64MaleMarriedCarterBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife66FemaleMarried Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary J. MaughamDaughter32FemaleMarriedStorekeeper co op ve stores (shop)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1861 1891
 Amy MaughamGranddaughter10Female ScholarPenrith, Cumberland
 George MaughamGrandson8Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Henry BradridgeBoarder70  Retired farmerDean Prior, Devon
Chapel St New Cottages No 1, Totnes, DevonMary EasterbrookHead72FemaleWidow Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Thomas EasterbrookSon50Male TannerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
The Hill, Totnes, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead56MaleMarriedSmith (black)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Hannah EasterbrookWife40FemaleMarried Ugborough, Devon
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Ida EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Arthur EasterbrookSon2Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891
The Hill, Totnes, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead85MaleMarriedBlacksmithBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871
 Mary EasterbrookWife77FemaleMarried Ashburton, Devon
Scoriton, Totnes, DevonNicholas EasterbrookHead47MaleMarriedCopper minerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871
 Mary EasterbrookWife46FemaleMarried Widdicombe, Devon
 Milvenna EasterbrookDaughter15Female Wool sorterBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871
 Thomas H. EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 William ElliottBoarder28Male Copper minerDartmouth, Devon
Coombe, Totnes, DevonMary EasterbrookHead66FemaleWidow Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871
 James CoombesBrother69MaleWidowerFarms 16 acresBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Daniel CoombesNephew20Male Ag labBuckfastleigh, Devon
New Park, Totnes, DevonJacob RowlandHead77Male FarmerBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Ann ChurchwardSister93FemaleWidow Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary MayServant55FemaleWidowHousekeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant17Male Farm servant (indoor)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 William ThornServant17Male Farm servant (indoor)Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Frederick ColmanServant16Male Farm servant (indoor)Staverton, Devon
 Henry MaddockServant17Male Farm servant (indoor)Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Susan ColmanServant14Female Servant (domestic)Buckfastleigh, Devon
 William WardServant14Male Servant ag lab (domestic)Buckfastleigh, Devon
Hawson Farm, Totnes, DevonElias EasterbrookHead38MaleMarriedStud groom (8/-)Holne, Devon 1871 1891
 Eliza A. EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried Ugborough, Devon
 Elizabeth A. EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Thomas F. EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 George H. EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 William C. EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1891
 Daniel F. EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarAshburton, Devon 1891
 Mary E. EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Alfred J. EasterbrookSon1Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon 1891
Beards Farm, Totnes, DevonElias EasterbrookHead63Male Farmer 30 acres employing 1 manBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Grace RowlandServant74FemaleWidowGeneral servant / domesticHolne, Devon
 Louisa PearseNiece17Female General servant / domesticBuckfastleigh, Devon
Scoriton, Totnes, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead52MaleWidowerCopper minerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter20Female House keeperBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter18Female Weaver (wool)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Thomas EasterbrookSon15Male Copper minerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1901
 James EasterbrookSon13Male Copper minerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 John EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
Totnes, DevonThomas J. EastabrookHead37MaleMarriedBuilder & innkeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Marianne EastabrookWife37FemaleMarried Holne, Devon
 Frank Wm. EastabrookSon16Male CarpenterTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary RowlandMother62FemaleWidow Holne, Devon
 Laura L. RowlandSister25Female  Holne, Devon
 George RowlandBrother22Male CarpenterHolne, Devon
Scoriton, Totnes, DevonCharles TurnerHead50MaleMarriedThatcherHolne, Devon
 Grace TurnerWife54FemaleMarriedWool sorterBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
South Pool, Kingsbridge, DevonAnn ArrundleHead45Female InnkeeperSouth Pool, Devon
 Thresa ArrundleNiece14Female NieceSouth Pool, Devon
 Annie EasterbrookServant10Female Servant (domestic)Stokenham, Devon 1871
Cottage, Kingsbridge, DevonMary EasterbrookHead52FemaleWidowLaborers wifeChivelstone, Devon
 Samuel J. EasterbrookSon19Male Laborer (ag)Chivelstone, Devon 1871 1891
 James R. CousonsLodger40Male Agricultural laborerChivelstone, Devon
Cottage, Kingsbridge, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead30MaleMarriedLaborerChivelstone, Devon 1871 1891
 Susanna EasterbrookWife27FemaleMarriedLaborers wife... Stokenham, Devon
 William Hy. EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarChivelstone, Devon 1891
 Saml.James EasterbrookSon2Male  Chivelstone, Devon 1891
Kingsbridge, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead30MaleMarriedAg labChivelstone, Devon 1871 1891
 Anna EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried Stokenham, Devon
 Elizabeth E. EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarStokenham, Devon 1891
 Beatrice A. EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Stokenham, Devon 1891
 Thomas RhymesBoarder16Male Ag labStokenham, Devon
... Cottage, Kingsbridge, DevonWilliam Heath ProwseHead52MaleMarriedBrewer & malster employ 7 menKingsbridge, Devon
 Elizabeth ProwseWife52FemaleMarriedWifeKingsbridge, Devon
 Henry Grant ProwseSon21Male BrewerKingsbridge, Devon
 William Heath ProwseSon19Male ClerkKingsbridge, Devon
 Elizabeth Kate DistineServant23Female Domestic servSouth Poole, Devon
 Clara Jane EasterbrookServant19Female Domestic servDodbrook, Devon 1871
Church Street, Kingsbridge, DevonWilliam WingettHead63MaleMarriedFarm labourerDodbrooke, Devon
 Jemima WingettWife63FemaleMarried South Pool, Devon
 William CrossLodger69MaleWidowerLabourer generalDodbrooke, Devon
 Susan Ellen EasterbrookVisitor16Female Servant (domestic)Dodbrooke, Devon 1871 1891
Higher Farm, Kingsbridge, DevonWilliam H.B. AshHead32MaleMarriedFarmer of 206 acres employing 3 lab & 3 boysCornworthy, Devon
 Harriet AshWife39FemaleMarried Ashprington, Devon
 Ellen DamerellDaughter21Female Daughter in lawAshprington, Devon
 Elizabeth DamerellDaughter19Female Farmers daughter in lawDittisham, Devon
 Caroline AshDaughter9Female ScholarBlackawton, Devon
 Hubert AshSon6Male ScholarBlackawton, Devon
 Selina AshDaughter3Female ScholarRingmore, Devon
 William AshFather67MaleWidowerThatcherWoodland, Devon
 Elizabeth GayeBoarder22Female SchoolmistressKings Leignton, Devon
 Henry EasterbrockBoarder25Male ThatcherExborne, Devon 1871 1891
 Henry PederickServant23Male General servBlackawton, Devon
 William HorsewillServant18Male General servBigbury, Devon
 Alfred FarleyServant14Male General farm servt indoorRingmore, Devon
2 Erme Rd, Plympton St Mary, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead69MaleMarriedRetired farmerWidecombe, Devon 1871
 Anne EasterbrookWife55FemaleMarried Lidford, Devon
 Susanna E. MannNiece12Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon
Challonsleigh, Plympton St Mary, DevonGeorge N. HarrisHead35MaleMarriedFarmer 216 acres 3 men & 2 boysTorquay, Devon
 Ann HarrisWife26FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeBuckland, Devon 1891
 William HarrisSon4Male Farmers sonPlympton, Devon
 Albert HarrisSon3Male Farmers sonPlympton, Devon
 Sidney HarrisSon2Male Farmers sonPlympton, Devon
 Juilua CoakerVisitor22Female Farmers daughterSidford, Devon
 Mary StevensServant15Female General serv domesticErmington, Devon
 Frederick SymonsServant19Male Farm servant (indoor)Ermington, Devon
 Robert SymonsServant17Male Farm servant (indoor)Ermington, Devon
 Susan WaldronNurse62FemaleMarriedNurse (sms)Widdicombe, Devon
Ford Park, Plympton St Mary, DevonAlfred SquareHead34MaleMarriedMerchantPlymouth, Devon
 Mary E. SquareWife27FemaleMarried Menhenieott, Cornwall
 Alfred A. SquareSon Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Edith SquareDaughter    Plymouth, Devon
 Frances M. EasterbrookServant30Female HousemaidPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Marry G. WilliamsServant23Female CookIllinos, North America
 Mary H. BarrettServant26Female Parlor maidLondon, Middlesex
Burleigh Cottage, Plympton St Mary, DevonJames FordHead56MaleMarriedCarpenterGloucestershire
 Mary A. FordWife51FemaleMarried Compton Gifford, Devon
 Frederick FordSon18Male Joiners apprenticeCompton Gifford, Devon
 Lily FordDaughter14Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Caroline WallMother in Law80FemaleWidow Walkhampton, Devon
 Elias J EasterbrookBoarder15Male Gardeners apprenticePlymouth, Devon 1871
"Crown Hill Fort" Knackersknowle, Plympton St Mary, DevonCharles Esterbrook 17Male South devon militiaTorquay, Devon 1871 1891
Plympton St Mary, DevonAlfred EasterbrookHead28MaleMarriedRailway signalmanS Brent, Devon 1861 1891
 Eliza EasterbrookWife32Female Railway signalman wifeMarhamchurch, Cornwall
 Francis EasterbrookSon6Male  Plymouth, Devon 1891
 Lucy Ellen EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Lidford, Devon 1891
 Alfred EasterbrookSon3Male  Bickleigh, Devon 1891
 Florence Ellen MartinBoarder5Female  Plymouth, Devon
5 Sutton Place, Plymouth, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead38MaleMarriedGeneral labourerBucklands, Devon 1871 1891
 Kezia EasterbrookWife40FemaleMarried Okehampton, Devon
 Noah EasterbrookSon Male  Plymouth, Devon 1891
 Fannie MartinStep Daughter18Female NoneWhitechurch, Devon
34 Buckwell St, Plymouth, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead28MaleMarriedCook & bakerRidgway, Devon 1871 1891
 Emily EasterbrookWife29FemaleMarriedCook & bakers wifePlymouth, Devon
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1891
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter2Female ((scholar))Plymouth, Devon 1891
 Charlotte Helson 48Female  Plymouth, Devon
2 Scown Terrace Lipson Vale, Plymouth, DevonEbenezer EasterbrookHead36MaleMarriedJoiner & occasional baptist preacherPlymo, Devon 1871 1891
 Emily EasterbrookWife34FemaleMarried Middlesex
 Ebby EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarPlymo, Devon 1891
 John A. EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarPlymo, Devon 1891
 William G. EasterbrookSon1Male  Took Hull 1891
39 Clifton St, Plymouth, DevonJohn BickleHead58MaleMarriedLicensed victualierTavistock, Devon
 Jane BickleWife55FemaleMarried Tavistock, Devon
 Edith BickleDaughter19Female  Tavistock, Devon
 John Wm. BickleSon14Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Emily EasterbrockGranddaughter5Female  Hull, Yorkshire 1891
13 Whitecross St, Plymouth, DevonGeorge MettorsHead43MaleMarriedGeneral laborerBraudis Corner, Devon
 Grace MettorsWife42FemaleMarried Bratton Clovelley, Devon
 James MettorsSon19Male General laborerFermans Week, Devon
 Elizabeth Ann MettorsDaughter17Female TailoressPlymouth, Devon 1871
 Emily Agnes MettorsDaughter13Female  Plymouth, Devon
 John MettorsSon11Male ScholarSt Cleer, Cornwall
 Polly MettorsDaughter9Female ScholarSt Cleer, Cornwall
 William MettorsSon6Male ScholarLiskeard, Cornwall
 Fred MettorsSon3Male  Plymouth, Devon
"Almshouses" 9 Green St, Plymouth, DevonMary SymmsHead76FemaleWidowHousewifeSouth Sydenham
 Priscilla Proud 76FemaleWidowAll live on public charityYealmpton, Devon
 Alice Rotjohns 73FemaleWidowAll live on public charityModbury
 Betsy Butland 81FemaleWidowAll live on public charityPlympton
 Ann Prout 79FemaleWidowAll live on public charity 
 Lucy Brooks 79FemaleWidowAll live on public charity 
 Jane Evans 73FemaleWidowAll live on public charityPlymouth
 Ann Coombs 68FemaleWidowAll live on public charity 
 Mary Roberts 70FemaleWidowAll live on public charity 
 Annie Easterbrook 69FemaleWidowAll live on public charity 
 Eliza Laskey 82FemaleWidowAll live on public charitySt Austell, Cornwall
 Ann Moyse 69FemaleWidowAll live on public charityLaunceston
 Ann Rogers 70FemaleWidowAll live on public charityJersey, Channel Islands
5 Mount Street, Plymouth, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead34MaleMarriedConstable (police)South Brent, Devon 1871 1891
 Annie EasterbrookWife30FemaleMarried Ugborough, Devon
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1891
 Ernest EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarPlymouth 1891
 Janie EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Plymouth 1891
 George EasterbrookSon Male  Plymouth
17 Mount St, Plymouth, DevonWm.Jno. EasterbrookHead39MaleMarriedComml travrFalmouth, Cornwall 1871
 Elizth. EasterbrookWife38FemaleMarried South Zeal, Devon
 Wm.J.H. EasterbrookSon16Male Merchants clerkPlymouth 1871 1891
 E.Regd. EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarPlymouth 1891
 J.Lilian EasterbrookDaughter Female  Plymouth 1891
6 Gilwell Cottages West, Plymouth, DevonSamuel AshHead26MaleMarriedSeamanBarnstable, Devon
 Harriett AshWife27FemaleMarriedDressmakerPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Helda or Hilda AshDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Robert AshSon Male  Plymouth, Devon
6 Gilwell Cottages West, Plymouth, DevonJames EastabrookHead53MaleMarriedGeneral labourerBuckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane EastabrookWife52FemaleMarriedDressmakerSouth Pool, Devon
 George EastabrookSon14Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
21 Clarance St, Plymouth, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead45MaleMarriedSchool masterExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 Rosina EasterbrookWife48FemaleMarried Tamerton Foliott, Devon
11 Park Street, Plymouth, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead61MaleMarriedJoinerPenzance, Cornwall 1871
 Mary EasterbrookWife63FemaleMarried St Kevern, Cornwall
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter26Female DressmakerPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
14 Garden St, Plymouth, DevonJabez EasterbrookHead33MaleMarriedCoachman unemployedPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah A. EasterbrookWife32FemaleMarried Penzance, Cornwall
 Fanny EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarPenzance, Cornwall 1891
 Minnie EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Plymouth, Devon 1901
 Etty EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
23 Tavistock Rd, Plymouth, DevonGeorge WhitewayHead45MaleMarriedMarinerEast Alvington, Devon
 Charlotte Mary WhitewayWife36FemaleMarried Frogmore, Hampshire
 Louisa B. WhitewayDaughter13Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Georgina WhitewayDaughter10Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 William G. WhitewaySon8Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Earnest Allen WhitewaySon6Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Florence Elena WhitewayDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Mabel Kate WhitewayDaughter Female  Plymouth, Devon
 John WebberLodger24Male Railway porterDrewsteignton, Devon
 Arthur W. EasterbrookLodger19Male Railway porterLapford, Devon 1871
160 King St, Plymouth, DevonBridget EasterbrookWife25FemaleMarriedSeamans wifeIreland
2 Claremont Cotts, Plymouth, DevonLouisa A. EasterbrookWife24FemaleMarriedCharwomanPlymouth, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon5Male  Plymouth, Devon 1939
 Frances M. EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
3 Manor St, Plymouth, DevonEdward WhitmarshHead42MaleMarriedSoda water manufacturerIsle of Wight, Hampshire
 Elizabeth E. WhitmarshWife40FemaleMarried Exeter, Devon 1871 1891
 Ernest WhitmarshSon16Male Apprentice to coach builderStonehouse, Devon
 Alice M. WhitmarshDaughter14Female ScholarStonehouse, Devon
 Alfred WhitmarshSon12Male ScholarStonehouse, Devon
 Rosa WhitmarshDaughter8Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Edward WhitmarshSon1Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Margaret EasterbrookVisitor32Female MillinerPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Kate WilliamsServant20Female Servant domesticPlymouth, Devon
14 Barbican, Plymouth, DevonRobert T. EasterbrookHead34MaleMarriedCommercial clerkDevonport, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane P. EasterbrookWife33FemaleMarried Milton Abbot, Devon
 Alfred T. EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarPlymo, Devon 1891
10 Castle St, Plymouth, DevonCecilia Walsh 40FemaleWidowHawkerStonehouse, Devon
 Jessie WalshDaughter12Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Thos. EasterbrookLodger44MaleMarriedLabourer (unemployed)Plypmton St Mary, Devon 1871 1891
Lanes Court, East Stonehouse, DevonElizabeth PhillipsHead28Female Brothel keeperPlymouth, Devon
 Eliza Peters 23Female ProstituteSt Blazey, Cornwall
 Mary A. Eslick 26Female ProstituteChester Chestwater
 Mary A. Easterbrook 25Female ProstituteSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Stonehouse, Devon 1891
13 Chapel St, East Stonehouse, DevonWilliam LuscombeHead55MaleMarriedBoot makerDevonport, Devon
 Elizabeth LuscombeWife56FemaleMarriedBoot binderSilverton, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookNephew34Male Boot closerStonehouse, Devon 1861 1891
60 High Street, East Stonehouse, DevonJames EasterbrookHead31MaleMarriedGenl labourerPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife25FemaleMarried East Stonehouse, Devon
 Edward EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon 1891
 William EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon 1891
12 Admiralty St, East Stonehouse, DevonJohn Henry EastabrookHead26MaleMarriedLabourer r w v yardDevonport, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah S. EastabrookWife24FemaleMarried Sidmouth, Devon
72 Union Place, East Stonehouse, DevonMary A. JohnsHead42FemaleWidowCharwomanExeter, Devon
 Matilda JohnsDaughter17Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Samuel JohnsSon11Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 William JohnsSon9Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 William EasterbrookLodger44Male LaborerExeter, Devon 1871 1891
4 Phoenix Pl, East Stonehouse, DevonElizabeth BrownWife (Head) (Head)40FemaleMarried Marazion, Cornwall
 Albertus BrownSon5Male  Redruth, Cornwall
 Enda BrownSister in Law17Female Genl domesticRedruth, Cornwall
 Harry Brown 14Male Blacksmith apprenticeRedruth, Cornwall
 John LeminFather78MaleMarriedGlazier retiredRedruth, Cornwall
 Elizabeth LeminMother75FemaleMarried Penzance, Cornwall
 John EasterbrookUncle73MaleWidowerCabinet maker retiredPenzance, Cornwall 1871
 Annie EasterbrookCousin49Female DressmakerPenzance, Cornwall
 Annie DownCousin20Female DressmakerPlymouth, Devon
71 Chapel, Stoke Damerel, DevonEbenezer EasterbrookHead34MaleMarriedUpholstererDevonport, Devon 1871 1891
 A.J. EasterbrookWife26FemaleMarriedUpholsteress formerlyDevonport, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon2Male  Devonport, Devon 1891
 Mary EasterbrookMother71FemaleWidowDressmaker formerlyDevonport, Devon
 Mary CardewLodger77FemaleWidowHousekeeper formerlyTavistock, Devon
19 Chapel, Stoke Damerel, DevonJohn LukesHead42MaleWidowerShipwrightTywardreath, Cornwall
 Thomas LukesSon12Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall
 Jane EasterbrookMother in Law62FemaleWidowHousekeeperSt Austell, Cornwall 1871 1891
26 St John St, Stoke Damerel, DevonWm. I. EasterbrookHead32MaleMarriedStoker rn (at sea)Devonport, Devon 1861 1901
 Catherine E. EasterbrookWife27FemaleMarried Devonport, Devon
 Wm. H.A. EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarDevonport, Devon 1891
 John S. EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarNew Yorkshire 1891
 EasterbrookDaughter Female  Devonport, Devon 1891
 K.T. EasterbrookSister20Female NurseDevonport, Devon
 Eliza ArthersSister20Female TailoressDevonport, Devon
38 Ker St, Stoke Damerel, DevonSaml. EastabrookHead57MaleMarriedBuklerDevonport, Devon 1861 1891
 Priscilla EastabrookWife54FemaleMarried Plymouth, Devon
 Saml.F. EastabrookSon23Male  Devonport, Devon 1861 1891
 Priscilla J. EastabrookDaughter20Female Private teacherDevonport, Devon 1861 1891
 John G. EastabrookSon15Male  Devonport, Devon 1891
 Priscilla GoverMother in Law78FemaleWidowWidow of mercht capnPlymouth, Devon
43 Mount St, Stoke Damerel, DevonAlexandar EasterbrookHead48MaleMarriedPlumberDawlish, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane S. EasterbrookWife47FemaleMarried Crayford, Kent
15 Pembroke St, Stoke Damerel, DevonRichard EasterbrookHead68MaleMarriedButcherDevonport (Stoke), Devon 1871
 Lydia EasterbrookWife63FemaleMarried Devonport, Devon
72 Pembroke Street, Stoke Damerel, DevonMaria SweettHead45FemaleWidowFormerly tailoressDevonport, Devon
 William SweettSon22Male ShipwrightHalifax Novascotia
 Phillip SweettSon16Male Apprentice to plumberDevonport, Devon
 Laura SweettDaughter14Female Apprentice to millinerPlymouth, Devon
 Charles SweettSon12Male ScholarDevonport, Devon
 Francis SweettSon4Male ScholarDevonport, Devon
 Jessie SweettDaughter9Female ScholarDevonport, Devon
 William EastabrookBoarder77MaleWidowerButcherDevonport, Devon 1871
 William SteedOrphan11Male ScholarDevonport, Devon
40 Cannon St, Stoke Damerel, DevonSamuel EastabrookHead31MaleMarriedLabourerDevonport, Devon 1861 1939
 Eliza EastabrookWife26FemaleMarriedTailoressDevonport, Devon
 Thomas EastabrookSon1Male  Devonport, Devon 1891
19 Morice Square, Stoke Damerel, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead58MaleMarriedLabourer dockydStonehouse, Devon 1871
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife52FemaleMarriedLabourer wifeStonehouse, Devon
18 Granby Row, Stoke Damerel, DevonBelinda CornishWife (Head) (Head)34FemaleMarriedHousekeeperDevonport, Devon 1861
9 Tamar Ter, Stoke Damerel, DevonEdward O'gardHead56MaleMarriedSolicitorDevonport, Devon
 Susan M. O'gardWife45FemaleMarried Devonport, Devon
 Edwin E. O'gardSon17Male Clerk to his father (law)Devonport, Devon
 John M. O'gardSon16Male  Devonport, Devon
 Alice G. O'gardDaughter14Female ScholarDevonport, Devon
 Lucy E. O'gardDaughter12Female ScholarDevonport, Devon
 Charles M.O. O'gardSon10Male ScholarDevonport, Devon
 Blanche L. O'gardDaughter8Female ScholarDevonport, Devon
 Mary A. SymonsServant19Female ServantStoke Climsland, Cornwall
 Annie EastabrookServant20Female ServantN K, Devon
8 Somerset Pl, Stoke Damerel, DevonElizth. PikeHead71FemaleWidowIncome from housesDevonport, Devon 1861
 Chas. EasterbrookBoarder64MaleUnmarriageButcherDevonport, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary SellickServant21Female (dom)Devonport, Devon
12 Alfred Rd, Stoke Damerel, DevonJohn HooppellHead51MaleMarriedRiggerKingston, Devon
 Elizabeth HooppellWife53FemaleMarried Aveton Gifford, Devon
 Roger W. HooppellSon14Male ScholarAveton Gifford, Devon
 William R. HooppellGrandchild11Male ScholarMoricetown, Devon
 Joseph EarlLodger27Male LabourerLambeth, Middlesex
 John PinchLodger23Male CarpenterLaunceston, Cornwall
 Thomas E. EasterbrookGrandchild1Male  Moricetown, Devon
19 John St, Stoke Damerel, DevonJeremiah StriblingHead69MaleMarriedGeneral labSwimbridge, Devon
 Agnes StriblingWife59FemaleMarried Buckland Monachorum, Devon
 Mary E. EasterbrookStep Daughter18Female TailoressDevonport, Devon 1871
 Richard TantonBoarder62Male Brewers labPackham, Devon
3 Charlotte Row, Stoke Damerel, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead27MaleMarriedShipwright dockydKingsbridge, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah S. EasterbrookWife23FemaleMarried Aveton Gifford, Devon
 William H. EasterbrookSon1mMale  Devonport, Devon 1891
 William PackhouseLodger48MaleMarriedShipwright dockydBideford, Devon
4 Garden Street, Stoke Damerel, DevonFrederick EastebrookHead28MaleMarriedBoiler maker h m yardDevonport, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary A. EastebrookWife25FemaleMarried Linkinhorne, Cornwall
 Emily EastebrookDaughter6mFemale  Devonport, Devon
"Water Police Ship Leda (1)", Stoke Damerel, DevonJames Eastabrook 35Male Police constable metropolitan police devonport divisionWoolsery, Devon 1871 1891
Frog St, Tavistock, DevonReuben TaylorHead72MaleMarriedFarm labr unempdBelstone, Devon
 Susan TaylorWife73FemaleMarried Sampford Courteney, Devon 1871 1891
 George TaylorGrandson9Male ScholarBere Alstone, Devon
Broadwell, Tavistock, DevonRichard GribbleHead44MaleMarriedFmr (of 275 acres emplg 4 lab)Tavistock, Devon
 Mary H. GribbleWife29FemaleMarried Plymouth, Devon
 Amelia SaltServant18Female Genl serv (dom)Calstock, Cornwall
 Frederick BrooksServant20Male Farm servLifton, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant40MaleWidowerFarm servOkehampton, Devon
Jexon Lane Partridge House, Tavistock, DevonRichard EasterbrookHead49MaleMarriedLaborer at coal storesWhitchurch, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookWife43FemaleMarried Tavistock, Devon
 Charles EasterbrookSon20Male Tailor (apprentice)Tavistock, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookDaughter18Female DressmakerTavistock, Devon 1871
 William EasterbrookSon16Male Bakers errand boyTavistock, Devon 1871
 Richard EasterbrookSon14Male Grocers errand boyTavistock, Devon 1871 1891
 Barbara EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarTavistock, Devon 1871 1891
 Edward James EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarTavistock, Devon 1901
 Martha Mary EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarTavistock, Devon 1891
35 Bannerwell St, Tavistock, DevonSusanna CoryHead59FemaleWidowAnnuitantLydford, Devon
 George J. EasterbrookNephew14Male App to ironmongerSth Sydenham, Devon 1871
 Walter ColeNephew7Male ScholarLamerton, Devon
29 Bannerwell St, Tavistock, DevonElizabeth A. EasterbrookHead79FemaleWidowLabs widowBuckland Monachorum, Devon 1871
 Elizabeth A. EasterbrookDaughter29Female DressmakerTavistock, Devon 1871 1891
24 Exeter Street, Tavistock, DevonWilliam H. EasterbrookHead32MaleMarriedPig killer (butch)Tavistock, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary J. EasterbrookWife29FemaleMarried Tavistock, Devon
 Laura EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarTavistock, Devon 1891
 Rosina EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Tavistock, Devon 1891
24 Exeter Street, Tavistock, DevonMary EasterbrookHead63FemaleWidowWidow of a farm labourerSourton, Devon 1871 1891
5 Exeter St, Tavistock, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead36MaleMarriedCarterTavistock, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife37FemaleMarried Newton Abbot, Devon
 William H. EasterbrookSon18Male CarterTavistack, Devon
Wheal Lucky, Tavistock, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead63MaleMarriedGranite labourer (st q)Whitchurch, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife59FemaleMarriedLabourers wifeLydford, Devon
Wheal Lucky, Tavistock, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead22MaleMarriedStone masonWhitchurch, Devon 1871 1891
 Charlotte A. EasterbrookWife22FemaleMarriedDress makerCalstock, Cornwall
Trevenn Farm, Tavistock, DevonJames EasterbrookHead55MaleMarriedFarmerHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife56FemaleMarried Holne, Devon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter26Female  Milton Abbott, Devon 1871 1891
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter23Female  Milton Abbott, Devon 1871 1891
 John EasterbrookSon19Male SonMilton Abbott, Devon 1871
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Milton Abbott, Devon 1871
 Laura Jane EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Lamerton, Devon 1871 1891
 Richard MillmanServant17Male Servant (farm)Lamerton, Devon
Turnpike Rd Blk Down, Tavistock, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead50MaleMarriedSeaman (mr)Buckfastleigh, Devon 1871 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried Plymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter13Female Mundic cleanerPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Thomas EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 George EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1891
 John Albert EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1891
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
Tuell Milton Abbott, Tavistock, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead53MaleMarriedFarmer of 400 acres employing 6 labourers & 1 boyHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife47FemaleMarried Thornbury, Devon
 Aves EasterbrookDaughter25Female  Milton Abbott, Devon 1871
 George EasterbrookSon21Male (farmers son)Milton Abbott, Devon 1871 1891
 Edward EasterbrookSon19Male (farmers son)Milton Abbott, Devon 1871 1901
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Milton Abbott, Devon 1871 1891
 Sophia EasterbrookDaughter15Female  Milton Abbott, Devon 1871
 Elizabeth MartinServant16Female General servantMilton Abbott, Devon
 George HollawayServant13Male Farm servant (indoor) 
Derriton, Tavistock, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead54MaleMarriedFarmer of 105 acres employing 1 manHolne, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane Geake EasterbrookWife54FemaleMarried Lydford, Devon
 Susanna EasterbrookDaughter25Female  Milton Abbott, Devon 1871 1891
 John EasterbrookSon21Male (son)Milton Abbott, Devon 1871 1891
 Thomasine Jane EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Sydenham Damarell, Devon 1871 1891
 Catherine Mary EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSydenham Damarell, Devon 1891
 Frederick MartinServant24Male Farm servant(indoor)Tavistock, Devon
 Bessie ParrServant14Female General domestic servantSydenham Damarell, Devon
Hayes Cottage, Okehampton, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead56MaleMarriedTatcherOkehampton 1871 1891
 Rehna ? EasterbrookWife50FemaleMarried Monk Okehampton
 Richard EasterbrookSon19Male TatcherExbourne 1871 1891
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter in Law24FemaleMarried Broadhemstone 1901
 Henry J. EasterbrookGrandson1Male  Ashburton, Devon 1891
 William M. EasterbrookGrandson4mMale  Exbourne 1891
Cottage Village, Okehampton, DevonHarry WestlakeHead54MaleMarriedFarm labourerJacobstowe
 Elizabeth WestlakeWife57FemaleMarried Zeal, Devon 1871 1891
 Richard WestlakeSon7Male ScholarJacobstowe
 George WestlakeFather80MaleWidower Jacobstowe
 Ann EasterbrookMother in Law90FemaleWidow Okehampton 1871
Fore Street, Okehampton, DevonSusan EasterbrookHead60Female DressmakerOkehampton 1871 1891
"Union Workhouse", Okehampton, DevonWilliam EastabrookeInmate24Male  South Tawton, Devon
South Zeal, Okehampton, DevonRobert HolmanHead49MaleMarriedInnkeeper & cNorth Tawton, Devon
 Susan Ann HolmanWife27FemaleMarriedInnkeeper wifeSouth Tawton, Devon
 Manda ArscottDaughter7Female ScholarSouth Tawton, Devon
 Hetty HolmanDaughter Female ScholarSouth Tawton, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookLodger37MaleMarriedClock & watch makerDawlish, Devon 1871 1891
High Street, Okehampton, DevonL.A. EasterbrookWife (Head) (Head)50FemaleMarriedSemptressAylesbeare, Devon 1891
 Lucy StileDaughter16Female  Dawlish, Devon
 Charlie S. EasterbrookSon13Male  Dawlish, Devon 1871 1891
 Harry S. EasterbrookSon12Male  Dawlish, Devon 1871 1901
Redhays, Okehampton, DevonThomas EastbrookHead40MaleMarriedThatcherExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 Ellen EastbrookWife41FemaleMarried Okehampton, Devon
 Henry EastbrookSon19Male ThatcherBroadwoodkelly, Devon 1871 1891
 Bertha EastbrookDaughter6Female  Broadwoodkelly, Devon 1891
Village, Okehampton, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead55MaleMarriedFarm labourerBroadwoodkelly, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife62FemaleMarried Inwardleigh, Devon
 Joseph EasterbrookFather83MaleWidowerPauperExbourne, Devon 1871
Cottage, Okehampton, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead72MaleMarriedAg labExbourne, Devon 1871
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife65FemaleMarriedWifeSampford Courtenay, Devon
Cottage, Okehampton, DevonMary A. EasterbrookHead53FemaleWidowCharwomanInwardleigh, Devon 1891
 Thomas EasterbrookSon20Male  Exbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 George EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSouth Tawton, Devon
Mount Pleasant, Okehampton, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead31MaleMarriedThatcherExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 Susan EasterbrookWife35FemaleMarriedWifeBratton Clovelly, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarExbourne, Devon 1901
 William J. EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarExbourne, Devon 1901
 Edwin EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarExbourne, Devon
Fore Street, Okehampton, DevonEzekiel EasterbrookHead42MaleMarriedBlacksmithExbourne, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife44FemaleMarriedWifeSheepwash, Devon
Haterleigh St "White Hart Inn", Okehampton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead48MaleMarriedInn keeperSampford Courtenay, Devon 1871 1891
 Louisa EasterbrookWife42FemaleMarried Weymouth, Dorset
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon 1871
 Thirza EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon 1891
 John EasterbrookSon2Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon 1891
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter Female  North Tawton, Devon 1891
Bouchiers Hill, Okehampton, DevonJohn Fulford VicaryHead48MaleMarriedWoollen manufacturer employing 503 persons and j.p.North Tawton, Devon
 Maria Folgham VicaryWife44FemaleMarried London St. Andrews Holburn, London, Middlesex
 Amy Fulford VicaryDaughter22Female  North Tawton, Devon
 Helen Maria VicaryDaughter20Female  North Tawton, Devon
 Francis F. VicarySon16Male  North Tawton, Devon
 Hilda Ruth VicaryDaughter14Female ScholarNorth Tawton, Devon
 Dorothy F. VicaryDaughter11Female ScholarNorth Tawton, Devon
 Marie NielsenGoverness22Female GovernessVarde (2), Denmark
 Martha VehleServant44Female Domestic servVehle Evanger, Norway
 Jane EasterbrookServant16Female Domestic servSampford Courtenay, Devon 1871 1891
 Emily RichardsServant14Female Domestic servColdridge, Devon
Halford Moor, Okehampton, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead46MaleMarriedFarm labourerSampford Courtenay, Devon 1871
 Eliza EasterbrookWife49FemaleMarried South Tawton, Devon
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarSouth Tawton, Devon 1871
 George EasterbrookSon6Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
Trescott, Okehampton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead43MaleMarriedAg labBroadwood Kelly, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarriedLab wifeHoney Church, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon 1871 1891
 Alfred J. EasterbrookSon4Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon 1891
 Hannah A. EasterbrookDaughter Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon 1891
 William CarpenterLodger24Male Railway signal manExminster, Devon
Village, Okehampton, DevonWilliam AshHead60MaleMarriedMason & farmer (10 acres)Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Eliza AshWife51FemaleMarriedMasons wifeSampford Courtenay, Devon 1871
 Thirzena AshDaughter22Female Masons daurSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Edwin P. AshSon21Male MasonSampford Courtenay, Devon
 William AshSon18Male MasonSampford Courtenay, Devon
Village, Okehampton, DevonWilliam WardHead44MaleMarriedCarpenter employing 3 menSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Johanna WardWife46FemaleMarriedCarpenters wifeSampford Courtenay, Devon
 John E. WardSon18Male CarpenterSampford Courtenay, Devon
 George EasterbrookBoarder62Male Ag labSampford Courtenay, Devon 1871
 William CawkerBoarder23Male CarpenterLondon, London, Middlesex
 Annie ReddawayServant15Female General servSampford Courtenay, Devon
Middle Cliston, Okehampton, DevonJohn DaymentHead57MaleMarriedFarmer of 210 acres employing 3 menSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Mary A. DaymentWife52FemaleMarried Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Elizabeth A. DaymentDaughter32Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 William H. DaymentSon29Male (farmers son) 
 Martha EasterbrookServant15Female Domestic servantExbourne, Devon 1871
 Thomas RuddawayServant19Male Farm servant (indoor)Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Thomas HarrisServant17Male Farm servant (indoor)Sampford Courtenay, Devon
2 Holywell Cottages, Crediton, DevonEdward EasterbrookHead59MaleMarriedFarm labLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife49FemaleMarried Chulmleigh, Devon
 Fanny EasterbrookDaughter25Female Cook & domestic servLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter22Female Cook & domestic servLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Emma Jane EasterbrookDaughter19Female General servantLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Elias EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Lucy Ann EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarLapford, Devon 1891
 Selina EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Lapford, Devon 1891
Murston Farm, Crediton, DevonAnthony SaundersHead23MaleMarriedFarmer of 129 acres empl 2 boysChawleigh, Devon
 Fanny SaundersWife24FemaleMarriedFarmer wifeChawleigh, Devon
 George MathewsServant17Male Farm servant indoorChulmleigh, Devon
 Isaac EasterbrookServant13Male Farm servant indoorLapford, Devon 1871 1891
Landscore, Crediton, DevonEdwin EasterbrookHead35MaleMarriedGeneral labourerCrediton, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife34FemaleMarriedLaundressCrediton, Devon
 Rose A. EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarCrediton, Devon 1871 1891
 Ellen M. EasterbrookDaughter Female  Crediton, Devon 1891
Penstone Village, Crediton, DevonSusan BraundHead50Female  Colebrooke, Devon
 Annie EasterbrookeSister42FemaleWidowCharwomanColebrooke, Devon 1871 1891
 Samuel EasterbrookeSon19Male ScholarColebrooke, Devon 1871 1891
 Susan EasterbrookeDaughter14Female ScholarColebrooke, Devon 1871
Crediton, DevonMary EasterbrookHead86Female  Upton Hellions, Devon 1861
East Coombe, Crediton, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead25MaleMarriedFarm laborerCadbury 1871
 Fanny EasterbrookWife23FemaleMarried Thorverton
 John EasterbrookSon Male  Cadbury 1891
Lake Farm, Crediton, DevonWilliam StrongHead69MaleMarriedFarmer 100 acres 1 labourCheriton Fitzpine
 Mary StrongWife59FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeStokley Pomeroy
 Mary J. StrongDaughter27Female Farmers daurStokley Pomeroy
 Ernest P. StrongSon23Male Farmers sonStokley Pomeroy
 Henery SteeleBoarder36Male None...Liverpool
 Ridgneal T. TuckerBoarder21Male Learning farming (ag lab)Australia
 Mary EasterbrookVisitor17Female  Newton Bushal
 Hannah GimblettVisitor30Female  Cornwall
 William PikeServant13Male Serv (farm serv)Stockley Pomeroy
 Sarah PodbaryServant21Female Domestic servCadbury
Lower Wyke, Crediton, DevonSusannah EasterbrookHead70FemaleWidowRecg parish reliefDrewsteington, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon38Male Farm laborerNorth Tawton, Devon 1871
West Bowley, Tiverton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead50MaleMarriedAg labCrediton, Devon 1871 1891
 Grace EasterbrookWife48FemaleMarried Cadeleigh, Devon
 Daniel EasterbrookSon15Male Farm servantCheriton, Devon 1871 1891
Crow Green, Tiverton, DevonJames ColesHead33MaleMarriedAg labUffculme, Devon
 Mary A. ColesWife33FemaleMarried Sandford, Devon 1871 1901
 William R. ColesSon2Male  London Bromley, London, Middlesex
 Richard H. ColesSon Male  Halberton, Devon
Holwill, Barnstable, DevonGarard G. GrenvilleHead35MaleMarriedFarmer employing 3 labourers 2 men & 2 boysNorton, Somerset
 Annie J. GrenvilleWife27FemaleMarried Westdown, Devon
 Edith E. GrenvilleDaughter4Female  Eastdown, Devon
 Gerard W. GrenvilleSon3Male  Eastdown, Devon
 Sydney P. GrenvilleSon2Male  Eastdown, Devon
 William J. GrenvilleSon Male  Eastdown, Devon
 Mary J. DennisServant20Female General servAshford, Devon
 Mary J. SmalldonServant15Female General servDevon
 Alice JenkinsServant14Female General servMarwood, Devon
 John EasterbrooksServant22Male Farm serv (indoor)Braunton, Devon 1871
 Alfred MooneServant16Male Farm serv (indoor)Berrynarbor, Devon
 William DonnicombeServant15Male Farm serv (indoor)Combmartin, Devon
Churchill, Barnstable, DevonAlfred C.W. ListHead24MaleMarriedFarmer employing 3 labourers 2 boysSherwill, Devon
 Annie ListWife23FemaleMarried Braunton, Devon
 Charles EasterbrookServant23Male Farm serv (indoor)Braunton, Devon 1871 1891
 Susan CoatsServant17Female General servCombmartin, Devon
 Markeet B. BrownApprentice16Male Ag pupil ((trainer))St Giles, Durham
 John RookServant16Male Farm serv (indoor)Braunton, Devon
 Louisa TamlynServant12Female General servEastdown, Devon
 Charles W. ListSon Male  Eastdown, Devon
Highfield Rd 11 Berkley Place, Barnstable, DevonSamuel PikeHead28MaleMarriedRailway porterHeavitree, Devon
 Louisa PikeWife28FemaleMarried Devon
 Sidney P. PikeSon5Male ScholarHeavitree, Devon
 George F. PikeSon2Male  North Tawton, Devon
 Hagar P. PikeSister20Female  Heavitree, Devon
 Frederick EasterbrookLodger17Male Ry parcel porterInstow, Devon 1871 1891
Roodes Tenement, Barnstable, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead67MaleMarriedFarmer of 5 acresParkham, Devon 1871
 Mary EasterbrookWife65FemaleMarried Braunton, Devon
Buckington Rd, Barnstable, DevonJohn ThorneHead80MaleMarriedLabourerFilleigh, Devon
 Mary ThorneWife66FemaleMarriedLabourer wifeBraunton, Devon
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter28FemaleMarriedGeneral servFremington, Devon 1891
 George EasterbrookGrandson8Male ScholarFremington, Devon 1939
Railway Cottage, Barnstable, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead41MaleMarriedRailway plate layerLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah EasterbrookWife42FemaleMarried Lapford, Devon
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarInstow, Devon 1871 1891
 Edwin EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarInstow, Devon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarInstow, Devon 1891
 Frank John EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarInstow, Devon 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Instow, Devon 1891
 Elizabeth BodyLodger85FemaleWidowPauperHorwood, Devon
Quay, Barnstable, DevonMaria WebberHead71FemaleWidowAnnuitantTiverton, Devon
 Henry WebberSon40Male NoneTiverton, Devon
 Lavinia MadgeServant22Female General servantLangtree, Devon
 Betsy EasterbrookServant40FemaleWidowNurseWoolsery, Devon
Nens House, Torrington, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead32MaleMarriedJoinerMonkleigh, Devon 1861 1891
 Betsy EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried Beaford, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarBeaford, Devon 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarBeaford, Devon 1891
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarBeaford, Devon
 Wilmot EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarBeaford, Devon 1891
 Blanche EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarBeaford, Devon 1891
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Beaford, Devon 1891
Mill Street, Torrington, DevonJno.Bound KingdonHead61Male Alderman tanner currier (employs 9 men 1 boy)Torrington, Devon
 Mary CockSister57FemaleWidow Torrington, Devon
 Susan BlakeVisitor58Female  St Giles, Devon
 Emily EasterbrookServant14Female Domestic servInstow, Devon 1871 1891
South Street, Torrington, DevonRobert MayHead39MaleMarriedHotel keeperBroadclist, Devon
 Grace MayWife40FemaleMarried Heavitree, Devon
 Bertha MayDaughter15Female ScholarPolkmore, Devon
 Albert MaySon12Male ScholarPolkmore, Devon
 Ada MayDaughter1Female ScholarPolkmore, Devon
 Henry GiantBoarder54MaleWidowerMalsterGreat Torrington, Devon
 Mary BakerServant30Female General servantBeaford, Devon
 John EasterbrookServant24MaleWidowerServant (m)Wear Gifford, Devon 1871 1891
Culley Farm, Torrington, DevonC.Edward AbbottHead26Male Farmer of 140 acs employing 2 men and 2 boysBideford, Devon
 William AbbottFather77MaleWidowerRetired farmer (local methodist preacher)Frithelstock, Devon
 Ann Allen PeardVisitor57FemaleMarriedFarmers wifeKilkhampton, Cornwall
 James PeardVisitor57MaleMarried Bideford, Devon
 Annie GloverServant19Female Domestic servantFrithelstock, Devon
 Eliza BalsdonServant14Female Domestic servantGt Torrington, Devon
 James C. GillServant15Male Farm servantTorrington, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant13Male Farm servantBuckland B, Devon 1871 1891
Alspill Cottage, Torrington, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead60MaleMarriedAg labHuntshaw, Devon 1871
 Sarah EasterbrookWife54FemaleMarriedWifeWear Gifford, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter19Female GloveressWear Gifford, Devon 1871 1891
Salterns Cottage, Torrington, DevonFrederick EasterbrookHead24MaleMarriedAg labWear Gifford, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife27FemaleMarriedWifeWear Gifford, Devon
Huxhill Farm, Torrington, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead59MaleMarriedBaliff occupying 100 acres of land employing 2 labHuntsmsn, Devon 1871
 Sally EasterbrookWife63FemaleMarriedWifePeters Marland, Devon
 Sarah SmaleServant13Female ServAlverdiscott, Devon
Chapel House Cottage, Torrington, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead69MaleMarriedAg labHuntshaw, Devon 1871
 Maria EasterbrookWife57FemaleMarriedWifeHuntshaw, Devon
East Puschill, Bideford, DevonJames BrownHead42MaleMarriedFarmer of 330 acres employing 3 labourers & 6 servantsMonkleigh, Devon
 Ann BrownWife41FemaleMarried Abbotsham, Devon
 John H. BrownSon11Male ScholarAbbotsham, Devon
 James H. BrownSon9Male ScholarAbbotsham, Devon
 Maria H. BrownDaughter8Female ScholarAbbotsham, Devon
 Elizabeth BrownDaughter6Female ScholarAbbotsham, Devon
 George BrownSon2Male  Abbotsham, Devon
 William A. BrownSon Male  Abbotsham, Devon
 Annie BrownDaughter4Female  Abbotsham, Devon
 Emily M. BondGoverness22Female GovernessWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 Charlott SleeServant15Female General serv (domestic)Parkham, Devon
 Catherine GorrellServant14Female General serv (domestic)Buckland, Devon
 Robert EasterbrookServant21Male Farm serv (domestic indoor)Buckland, Devon 1871 1891
 William BrantonServant16Male Farm serv (domestic indoor)Northam, Devon
 John StaceyServant17Male Farm serv (domestic indoor)Northam, Devon
 Henry PickardServant16Male Farm serv (domestic indoor)Beaford, Devon
 George GorrellServant16Male Farm serv (domestic indoor)Buckland, Devon
Bengys, Bideford, DevonRichard HarrisHead78MaleMarriedPauper (formerly ag lab)Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Mary HarrisWife81FemaleMarried Buckland Brewer, Devon 1871
 Eliza HarrisDaughter39Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Mervin HarrisGrandson6Male ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon
Coach South Cot, Bideford, DevonJoseph EastabrokHead75MaleMarriedGardener (n d)Buckland Brewer, Devon 1871
 Betsy EastabrokWife76FemaleMarried Parkham, Devon
 Joseph EastabrokGrandson7Male ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon 1891
4 Stapledons, Bideford, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead57MaleMarriedAg labBuckland Brewer, Devon 1871
 Mary EasterbrookWife47FemaleMarried West Down, Devon
 Alice M. EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Ernest EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon 1891
Great Gorwood, Bideford, DevonElizabeth AbbottHead65FemaleWidowFarmer of 100 acres employg 21 labr & 2 boysBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Mary AbbottDaughter30Female Farmers daurBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Elizabeth AbbottDaughter28Female Farmers daurBuckland Brewer, Devon
 John AbbottSon25Male Farmers sonFrithelstock, Devon
 William StapledonBrother68MaleWidowerRetired farmerBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Charles ParkinServant14Male Farm servBideford, Devon
 Albert EasterbrookServant11Male Farm servBuckland Brewer, Devon 1871 1891
Down Farm Cottage, Bideford, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead55MaleMarriedFarm labourerHuntshaw, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife50FemaleMarried St Giles In The Wood, Devon
Linches, Bideford, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead43MaleMarriedAg labBuckland Brewer, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried West Putford, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarWest Putford, Devon 1891
 William EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarParkham, Devon 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon3Male  Parkham, Devon 1891
 John J. HarrisBoarder14Male Pupil teacherInstow, Devon
Village, Bideford, DevonWilliam EastabrookHead65MaleWidowerShoe makerWoolfardisworthy, Devon 1871
 William G. EastabrookSon32Male Shoe makerWoolfardisworthy, Devon 1871 1901
 Thirza M. EastbrookDaughter26Female HousekeeperWoolfardisworthy, Devon 1871
Slerra, Bideford, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead40MaleMarriedFarm labourerClovelly, Devon 1871 1891
 Harriet EasterbrookWife34FemaleMarriedWifeClovelly, Devon
 Herbert William EasterbrookSon12Male  Clovelly, Devon 1871 1891
 Robert James EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarClovelly, Devon 1891
 Cicely Maria EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarClovelly, Devon 1891
 Ethel Louisa EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Clovelly, Devon 1891
 Millicent EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Clovelly, Devon 1891
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter Female  Clovelly, Devon 1891
New Royal Infirmary, St Giles, MidlothianRachel Christie KerrPatient19Female Tablemaid dom servtWick, Caithnessshire 1891
Monmouth Street, Axminster, DorsetJohn UpjohnHead67MaleWidowerBoot makerLyme Regis, Dorset
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter27FemaleMarriedTailors WifeLyme Regis, Dorset
 George Edwd. EasterbrookGrandson2Male  London Islington, London, Middlesex 1891
 Amelia EasterbrookGranddaughter Female  Lyme Regis, Dorset 1891
21 Vicarage Rd, West Ham, EssexHenry EasterbrookHead28MaleMarriedCoppersmithStepney, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Eliza EasterbrookWife26FemaleMarried Poplar, Middlesex
 Henry EasterbrookSon7Male  Poplar, Middlesex 1891
 Frederick EasterbrookSon4Male  Poplar, Middlesex 1891
 Albert EasterbrookSon2Male  Poplar, Middlesex 1891
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter Female  Stratford, Essex 1891
 George HallettFather in Law70MaleWidowerShipwrightPoplar, Middlesex
4 Oliver Road, West Ham, EssexCatherine A. EasterbrookHead38FemaleWidowUnemployedStoke Albany, Northamptonshire 1891
 Henry EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarBromley, Middlesex 1871 1891
8 Avenue Road, West Ham, EssexMary Ann EastabrookHead62FemaleWidow Wellington, Somerset
Woodville Road Acton House, Cardiff, GlamorganRichard EastabrookHead70MalemarriageBuilder employs 4 menPortsmouth, Hampshire 1871 1891
 Ellen EastabrookWife57Femalemarriage Bristol, Somerset
 Edwin B. EastabrookSon27Male CarpenterPortishead, Somerset 1871 1891
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter25Female Governess schoolPortishead, Somerset 1871
 William EastabrookSon22Male Accountants clerkPortishead, Somerset 1861 1891
 Agnes E. EastabrookDaughter20Female MillinerPortishead, Somerset 1871
 Ada M. EastabrookDaughter18Female Milliner assistantPortishead, Somerset 1871
 Walter G. EastabrookSon14Male ScholarPortishead, Somerset 1871 1891
 Mary A. WatkinsServant19Female Gen servantCardiff, Glamorgan
2 Fort St, Cardiff, GlamorganArthur EastabrookHead29MalemarriageCarpenterSomerset 1871 1891
 Ellen EastabrookWife26Femalemarriage Gloucestershire
 Herbert E.S. EastabrookSon3Male  Monmouth 1891
 Ethel N.M. EastabrookDaughter1Female  Glamorgan 1891
47 Richards Terr, Cardiff, GlamorganWilliam H. RogersHead30MaleMarriedClerk coal officeNewport
 Mary H. RogersWife28FemaleMarried Stoke, Devon
 Beatrice M. RogersDaughter6Female ScholarCardiff, Glamorgan
 Lillian M. RogersDaughter4Female ScholarCardiff, Glamorgan
 Florence E. RogersDaughter2Female  Cardiff, Glamorgan
 Rose A. RogersDaughter Female  Cardiff, Glamorgan
 Ellen Eastabrook 34Female Ladys help servDevonport, Devon 1861
37 New Oxford St, Swansea, GlamorganJohn EasterbrookHead32MaleMarriedGeneral labourerLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife33FemaleMarriedGeneral labourer wifeChorley, Devon
 Fanny E. EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarLapford, Devon 1891
 John H.C. EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarSwansea, Glamorgan 1891
 Edward BayleyLodger (Head) (Lodger)57MaleMarriedShoemakerBristol
 Martha BayleyWife54FemaleMarriedBook binderBristol
 Robert HadwillLodger59MaleMarriedGeneral labourerTavistock, Devon
 Colinda HolbrookLodger23FemaleMarriedMan of warsman wifeAmerica
18 Bath St, Bristol, GloucestershireEsther CookHead38FemaleWidowGrocerTrellick Grange, Monmouth
 Laura CookDaughter6Female ScholarBristol
 Rosa CareyServant19Female General servantBackwell, Somerset
 Charles BastingLodger54Male Wine merchants clerkBristol
 William RogersLodger40Male LabourerCheltenham, Gloucestershire
 John BlightLodger22Male Groom (dom)Bude, Cornwall
 James EasterbrookLodger23Male MasonExeter, Devon 1871 1891
"Trinity Almshouse" Old Market St, Bristol, GloucestershireTryphina EasterbrookHead69Female AlmswomanPortsmouth 1871
 Sarah H. EasterbrookSister65Female VisitorPortsmouth 1871 1891
36 Newfoundland Street, Bristol, GloucestershireEmma SpratlingHead47FemaleWidowGeneral shop keeperBristol, Gloucestershire
 Emily PalmerServant13Female General servantBristol, Gloucestershire
 Elizabeth EastabrookVisitor61Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire 1871 1891
9 Leek Lane, Bristol, GloucestershireGeorge T. PearceHead32MaleMarriedCarpenterBristol, Gloucestershire
 Elizabeth H. PearceWife34FemaleMarriedDressmakerBristol, Gloucestershire 1871 1891
 James W. PearceSon7Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Alfred S. PearceSon5Male ScholarBristol, Gloucestershire
 Edith M. PearceDaughter3Female ScholarBristol, Gloucestershire
 Susan ThornLodger (Head) (Lodger)44FemaleWidowLaundressMonmouth
Stoney Hill South W View House, Bristol, GloucestershireJohn EasterbrookHead65MaleMarriedShoemakerBristol St Philip 1871
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife64FemaleMarriedDressmakerBristol Clifton
 Edwd.James EasterbrookSon22Male LabourerBristol St Augustine 1871 1891
 Matilda E. EasterbrookDaughter35Female Machinist (shirt)Bristol St Stephen 1871 1891
19 Clifton Wood Crescent, Barton Regis, GloucestershireAnn EastabrookHead53FemaleWidowSeamstressBurton, Westmorland 1871
 Charles EastabrookSon22Male WatchmakerBristol Clifton 1871
 Frank EastabrookSon21Male Ornamental silver engraver (artist)Bristol Clifton 1871 1891
26 Goodhind St, Barton Regis, GloucestershireWilliam EastabrookHead35MaleMarriedBuilderBristol 1871 1891
 Elizabeth A. EastabrookWife34FemaleMarried Bristol
 Florence EastabrookDaughter10Female ScholarBristol 1871 1891
 Minnie R.D. EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarBristol 1891
 Ada M. EastabrookDaughter6Female ScholarBristol 1891
 Sidney D. EastabrookSon4Male  Bristol 1891
 Kate M. EastabrookDaughter Female  Bristol 1891
53 Stapleton Rd, Barton Regis, GloucestershireJohn EastabrookHead71MaleMarriedBuilder (retired)Portsmouth, Hampshire 1871
 Sarah EastabrookWife72FemaleMarried Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Jabez EastabrookSon44Male BuilderBristol, Gloucestershire 1871 1891
 Emma RolphServant21Female Servant & (domestic)Westerleigh, Gloucestershire
45 Hardinge St, Barton Regis, GloucestershireTryphena WarrenHead75FemaleWidow Parish of Bon, Devon 1871
Rohais Rd Swisville, Guernsey And Adjacent Islands, GuernseyWilliam BellHead51Male Government secretaryGuernsey, Channel Islands
 Rosina BellWife51Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Henrietta BellDaughter24Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Florence BellDaughter23Female  Cork, Ireland
 Rosina BellDaughter20Female  Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Francis De B. BellSon14Male ScholarGuernsey, Channel Islands
 Arthur BellSon13Male ScholarGuernsey, Channel Islands
 Elsie G. BellDaughter9Female ScholarGuernsey, Channel Islands
 Caroline Grimpton 49Female ServantGuernsey, Channel Islands
 Emma Seeley 20Female DomesticGuernsey, Channel Islands
 Martha EasterbrookeCook43FemaleUnmarriageDomesticDevon 1871 1891
 Julia CorbetHousemaid24Female DomesticGuernsey, Channel Islands
69 Russell St, Portsea Island, HampshireEdmund GoodHead63MaleWidowerFishmongerPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Susan A. EasterbrookDaughter38FemaleWidowHousekeeper (dom)St Lukes, Middlesex 1891
 George E. EasterbrookGrandson15Male Clerk at (newspaper office)Portsea, Hampshire 1871 1891
 Susan E. EasterbrookGranddaughter13Female Dressmaker apprenticePortsea, Hampshire 1871 1891
 Rosa M. EasterbrookGranddaughter11Female ScholarPortsea, Hampshire 1871 1891
 Albert K. EasterbrookGrandson9Male ScholarPortsea, Hampshire 1891
9-11-13 Kings Rd, Portsea Island, HampshireAnnie EasterbrookServant19Female Asst ribbon deptTorquay, Devon 1871
18 High Street, Isle Of Wight, HampshireSarah ChevertonHead70FemaleWidowLodging house keeperYarmouth, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
 Alfred ChevertonSon40Male Draper (unemployedNewport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
 Fanny J. SaundersServant17Female General servant domesticNewport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
 Thos. EasterbrookeBoarder22Male BooksellerPlymouth 1871 1891
Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, HampshireMalcolm R. EasterbrookSoldier (Head) (Soldier)15Male Boy re ePortsmouth, Hampshire 1871 1891
Manor House, Thrapston, HuntingdonshireEdward MilliganHead26Male Farmer 605 acres employs 14 men 5 boysDean, Bedfordshire
 Elizabeth EasterbrookHousekeeper39Female House keeperOverton, Hampshire 1871 1891
 Lucy DeightonServant18Female General servantDean, Bedfordshire
5 Dock St, Greenwich, LondonCatherine EsterbrookHead35FemaleMarriedWood cutterDeptford, Kent
5 New Cross Rd, Greenwich, LondonJohn H. EsterbrookeHead64MaleMarriedEngraver 1 man (artizan)Soho, Middlesex 1891
 Ann F. EsterbrookeWife47FemaleMarried(artizan)Ipswich, Suffolk
 John A. EsterbrookeSon15Male Apprentice (artizan)Pimlico, Middlesex 1891
44 Butchers Row, Greenwich, LondonJane EasterbrookHead65FemaleWidow Deptford, Kent
 Harry EasterbrookSon46MaleMarriedLabourerDeptford, Kent 1871
 Ellen OrderDaughter39FemaleWidow Deptford, Kent 1861
 John OrderGrandson18Male LabourerDeptford, Kent
 Ellen OrderGranddaughter17Female  Deptford, Kent
 Fanny OrderGranddaughter16Female  Deptford, Kent
 Emma OrderGranddaughter14Female  Deptford, Kent
 Mary Jane OrderGranddaughter8Female  Deptford, Kent
 Alica OrderGranddaughter5Female  Deptford, Kent
 William OrderGrandson Male  Deptford, Kent
 William OrderGrandson22Male LabourerDeptford, Kent
45 Butchers Row, Greenwich, LondonNathaniel NottageHead43MaleMarriedJourneyman pork butcherBloomsbury, Middlesex
 Amy NottageWife38FemaleMarried Erith, Kent
 Walter NottageSon17Male Butcher boyDeptford, Kent
 Mary Ann NottageDaughter11Female ScholarDeptford, Kent
 Flora NottageDaughter5Female ScholarDeptford, Kent
 Alice NottageDaughter3Female  Deptford, Kent
 Henry MerrittLodger19Male LabourerDeptford, Kent
 George EasterbrookLodger9Male ScholarDeptford, Kent 1891
Eagles Terrace, Lewisham, LondonThos. EasterbrookHead61MaleWidowerWhite smithCrabtree, Devon 1871
 Annie P. EasterbrookDaughter18Female HousemaidEltham, Kent 1871 1891
 Berty EasterbrookGrandson Male  Lewisham, Kent 1901
 Ellen E. BarnardVisitor37FemaleMarriedEngineers wifeClerkenwell, Kent 1871 1891
 William T. BarnardVisitor12Male Engineers son scholarCalifornia, Berkshire
 Edward A. BarnardVisitor3Male ScholarPoplar, Middlesex
 Ellen E. BarnardVisitor Female  Poplar, Middlesex
Eagle Terraces, Lewisham, LondonJohn H. EasterbrookHead36MaleMarriedWhite smithLee, Kent 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife28FemaleMarried Westbury, Wiltshire
 John H. EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarLee, Kent 1891
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter2Female ScholarLee, Kent 1891
No 13 Taunton Rd, Lewisham, LondonHarry EasterbrookHead30MaleMarriedWhitesmithLondon, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Katherine EasterbrookWife26FemaleMarried Romsey, Hampshire
 Harry EasterbrookSon3Male  Lee, Kent 1891
 Robert EasterbrookSon2Male  Lee, Kent 1891
 Infant EasterbrookDaughterUnder 1 moFemale  Lee, Kent 1891
No 9 Taunton Rd, Lewisham, LondonWilliam E. EasterbrookHead22MaleMarriedWhitesmithCharlton, Kent 1871 1891
 Jane P. EasterbrookWife20FemaleMarried Farnham, Surrey
 William W. EasterbrookSon Male  Lee, Kent 1891
Burnt Ash Hill Springfield, Lewisham, LondonJames ThompsonHead53MaleMarriedMerchantMadras, India
 Louisa Ad... ThompsonWife48FemaleMarriedMerchants wifeSpringfield, Essex
 James ThompsonSon26Male Comms clerkBrixton, Surrey
 Edith Mary Ade. ThompsonDaughter13Female ScholarBlackheath, Kent
 Marion R. TurnerServant25Female Cook domes servOrpington, Kent
 Jane Sa. EasterbrookServant15Female Genl servt domesLee, Kent 1871
39 Loam Pit Vale Iron Mongers Shop, Lewisham, LondonThomas J. EasterbrookHead39MaleMarriedWhitesmithLondon, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Charlotte S. EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried Woolwich, Kent
 David T. EasterbrookSon17Male WhitesmithCharlton, Kent 1871 1891
 Ellen M. EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarLewisham, Kent 1871 1891
 Harry D. EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarLewisham, Kent 1871
 Charlotte F. EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarLee, Kent 1871 1891
 Albert C. EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarLewisham, Kent 1891
 Alice M. EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarLewisham, Kent 1891
 Emily J. EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarLewisham, Kent 1891
 Ada M. EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Lewisham, Kent
Brookside Honor Oak Rd, Lewisham, LondonEdward RobinsonHead77MaleMarriedCorn agentIreland
 Mary RobinsonWife49FemaleMarried Truro, Cornwall
 Kathleen C. Robinson 17Female ScholarForest Hill, Kent
 Irene B. WhiteGranddaughter4Female  Twickenham, Middlesex
 Jane BarnfatherServant49Female CookBishopsgate St
 Mary L. FoxmanServant22Female PalourmaidBroadstairs, Kent
 Sophia EasterbrookServant23Female HousemaidExbourne, Devon 1871
 Kate ThomasServant19Female NurseKent
59 Delmain Road, Lewisham, LondonJames EasterbrookHead23MaleMarriedLabourerDeptford, Kent 1871 1891
 Sopire EasterbrookWife29FemaleMarried London, Middlesex
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Deptford, Kent 1891
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Deptford, Kent 1891
 James EasterbrookSon3Male  Forest Hill, Kent 1891
 Francis EasterbrookDaughter11mFemale  Forest Hill, Kent 1891
36 Bexley Lane, Dartford, KentMary CorpsHead65FemaleWidow Crayford, Kent
 Charlotte CoynDaughter26Female Factory hand silk printerCrayford, Kent
 Alexander EasterbrookGrandson25Male Silk printerWoolwich, Kent 1871 1891
8 South Eastern Terr, North Aylesford, KentFrances DimmockHead50FemaleWidowDressmakerFaversham, Kent
 William GandonSon21Male Iron founderFaversham, Kent
 Charles Fredk. EasterbrookBoarder27Male Engine fitter steam shipPoplar, Middlesex 1871 1901
 Alfred CawellBoarder27Male Iron moulderBristol, Gloucestershire
"Metropoliton (1)", North Aylesford, KentG. Eastabrook 52MaleMarriedCookBristol, Gloucestershire
South Barracks, Eastry, KentJohn PrattHead31MaleMarriedSergeant r m l iStaffordshire
 Elizabeth Florence PrattWife30FemaleMarried Tixall, Staffordshire
 Elizabeth PrattDaughter8Female ScholarWalmer, Kent
 Sidney Walter PrattSon6Male ScholarWalmer, Kent
 John Henry PrattSon4Male ScholarWalmer, Kent
 Thomas Seymour 33Male Sergeant r m l iBristol, Gloucestershire
 Charles Coggins 27Male Sergeant r m l iFencott, Oxfordshire
 Henry Chambers 25MaleWidowerSergeant r m l iSheerness, Kent
 John Gully 60MaleWidowerSergeant r m l iTaunton, Devon
 William Wailing 35MaleWidowerSergeant r m l iBrompton, Kent
 Adolphus Banger 25Male Sergeant r m l iYeovil, Somerset
 Henry Johnson 29Male Sergeant r m l iMarket Harboro, Leicestershire
 Thomas Henry Craske 26Male Sergeant r m l iNorwich, Norfolk
 George Easterhook 24Male Sergeant r m l iAshburton, Devon
 Robert Harvey 28Male Sergeant r m l iRaleigh Rochford, Essex
"Olimda SS", Liverpool, LancashireW. Easterbrook 27MaleMarriedMateTorquay, Devon 1861 1891
15 Vernon St, Liverpool, LancashireThomas CroslandHead61MaleMarriedChimney sweeperLeeds, Yorkshire
 Margaret CroslandWife50FemaleMarried Lpool
 Alfred CroslandSon17Male Chimney sweeperLpool
 Hannah CroslandDaughter18Female BookbinderLpool
 George CroslandSon15Male Out of employLpool
 Rachel BellBoarder58FemaleWidowOut of employScotland
 Rachel BellBoarder23Female Domestic servtLpool 1871
10 Madelaine St, Toxteth Park, LancashireJohn C. EasterbrookSon23Male Comcl clerkDartmouth, Devon 1861 1891
 Emma EasterbrookHead 60FemaleWidowNo occupationDartmouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter25Female No occupationDartmouth, Devon 1871 1891
38 High Park St, Toxteth Park, LancashireJames KingHead64MaleMarriedMaster mariner retdDartmouth, Devon
 Susan KingWife63FemaleMarriedMaster mariners wifeDartmouth, Devon
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter26FemaleMarriedMaster mariners wifeLiverpool, Lancashire 1901
 Mary G. KingSister73FemaleMarriedAnnuitantDartmouth, Devon
86 Nesfield Street, West Derby, LancashireCharles HardingHead38MaleMarriedCorn porterLpool, Lancashire
 Anne HardingWife41FemaleMarried Cornwall 1871 1891
 Elizabeth HardingDaughter15Female ServantWales
 Frances M. HardingDaughter3Female  Lpool, Lancashire 1891
 Edith J. HardingDaughter7Female ScholarLpool, Lancashire 1891
 Anthony J. HardingSon1Male  Lpool, Lancashire
Boot Shop 6 Bankfield Street, West Derby, LancashireGeorge EastabrookHead42MaleMarriedButcherDevon
 Annie EastabrookWife31FemaleMarried Cornwall
96 Cholmondeley St, Prescot, LancashireThomas EsterbrookHead53MaleMarriedLabourer iron foundry manufSt Blazey, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Ann EsterbrookWife52FemaleMarried St Blazey, Cornwall
 William EsterbrookSon24Male Furnace man mortar worksSt Blazey, Cornwall 1871 1891
 Minnie DavisServant16Female Domestic serv genSheffial, Cornwall
16 Dausons Sq, Wigan, LancashirePatrick DohertyHead28MaleMarriedLabourerIreland
 Bridget DohertyWife25FemaleMarried Ireland
 Mary DohertyDaughter5Female ScholarIreland
 Margaret DohertyDaughter3Female ScholarIreland
 Elizabeth DohertyDaughter Female  Ireland
 Samuel EsterbrooksLodger28Male Coal minerIreland
 John ShanleyLodger35Male LabourerIreland
1 Anvil Street, Bolton, LancashireJames ScobleHead43MaleMarriedCoal minerCornwall
 Ann ScobleWife40FemaleMarried Cornwall 1871 1891
 Elizabeth A. ScobleDaughter15Female Cotton weaverSomerset 1871
 James ScobleSon13Male Coal minerDurham
 Theresa ScobleDaughter6Female ScholarFarnworth, Lancashire
 Edith ScobleDaughter3Female ScholarFarnworth, Lancashire
5 Anvil Street, Bolton, LancashireWilliam EasterbrookHead22MaleMarriedCoal minerCornwall 1871 1891
 Martha EasterbrookWife23FemaleMarried Kersley, Lancashire
 Lilly EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Farnworth, Lancashire 1891
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter Female  Farnworth, Lancashire 1891
39 Durham St, Rochdale, LancashireThomas StirkHead50MaleMarriedRailway porterRochdale, Derbyshire
 Ann StirkWife53FemaleMarried Rochdale, Derbyshire 1871
 Sarah GillDaughter29FemaleMarriedCotton winderRochdale, Derbyshire
 Othello StirkSon24Male Mechanic (s & w)Rochdale, Derbyshire
 Herbert StirkSon12Male ScholarRochdale, Derbyshire
 Edith GillGranddaughter8Female ScholarRochdale, Lancashire
Fulwood Banacks, Preston, LancashireRobert John Easterbrook 20MaleMarriedSoldier 5th dragoon gds(B.S.), Gibraltar 1871 1891
2 Stank, Barrow In Furness, LancashireJohn EasterbrookHead41MaleMarriedIron minerLynoodreath, Cornwall 1861 1891
 Mary EasterbrookWife41FemaleMarried Lynoodreath, Cornwall
 Jas. EasterbrookSon19Male Iron minerSt Blozey, Cornwall 1871
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter15Female  St Blozey, Cornwall 1871
 John EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarRoose, Lancashire 1891
 Jas. EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarRoose, Lancashire 1891
 Thos. EasterbrookSon1Male  Roose, Lancashire 1891
60 Cirencester Street, Kensington, LondonFanny EastbrookHead45FemaleMarriedHead of householdUxbridge, Middlesex 1901
 Elias EastbrookSon18Male Butter manSoho, Middlesex 1871
 James EastbrookSon16Male MilkmanMarylebone, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Fanny EastbrookDaughter12Female ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex 1871 1901
 Charlotte EastbrookDaughter10Female ScholarChelsea, Middlesex 1871
 Henry EastbrookSon8Male ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex 1891
36 Porchester Rd, Kensington, LondonJohn James ToppingHead40MaleMarriedLibrarian & stationerCamberwell, Surrey
 Hannah E. ToppingWife25FemaleMarried New Jersey, United States
 John N. ToppingSon6Male ScholarNew Jersey, United States
 Florence ToppingDaughter5Female ScholarPddn, Middlesex
 Francis C. ToppingSon3Male  Pddn, Middlesex
 Francis C. GreenFather in Law46MaleMarriedVisitorNew Jersey, United States
 Ann GreenMother in Law46FemaleMarriedVisitorNew Jersey, United States
 Annie HicksServant21Female Shop assistantSheerness, Kent
 Emily HicksServant17Female General serv domesticPaddn, Middlesex
 Mary EastbracksServant14Female Nurse domesticPaddn, Middlesex 1871 1939
30 Queens Gardens, Kensington, LondonMarcia BoothmanHead60FemaleWidowNo occupationWhaley, Cheshire
 Elizabeth BoothmanDaughter33Female No occupationManchester, Lancashire
 Charles L. BoothmanSon35Male Barrister in practiceSouthport, Lancashire
 Mary A. EliseVisitor35Female Nurse sms care of sickDublin, Ireland
 Sarah TaylorServant35Female Cook dsHampton, Middlesex
 Thomas EastbrookServant48MaleMarriedButler dsBuckfastlee, Devon
3 Raymede St, Kensington, LondonWillm. GrattonHead54MaleMarriedSilk & wollen dyerBloomsbury, Middlesex
 Frances GrattonWife52FemaleMarriedPlumassierExmouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Arthur LewisStep Son20Male Greengrocer (assist)Camberwell, Surrey
 Laura GrattonDaughter15Female  Marylebone, Middlesex
 George GrattonSon14Male ScholarNotting Hill
 Henry GrattonSon11Male ScholarNotting Hill
22 Ifield Rd, Kensington, LondonGeorge EasterbrooksHead57MaleMarriedZinc workerClerkenwell, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Margeret EasterbrooksWife57FemaleMarriedDressmakerGreenock
2 St Philips Terrace, Kensington, LondonJames EasterbrookHead42MaleMarriedCabinet makerDawlish, Devon 1871 1891
 Laura EasterbrookWife39FemaleMarried Exeter, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookSon16Male Errand boyExeter, Devon 1871 1891
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter14Female Assists at homeMarylebone, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Laura EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex 1891
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarMarylebone, Middlesex 1891
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Kensington, Middlesex 1891
Gayford R 28 Hawthorne Terr, Fulham, LondonGeorge EasterbrookeHead44MaleMarriedCarpenter & builderR... (Not Sure As To Parish), Devon 1871 1891
 Priscilla EasterbrookeWife44FemaleMarried Bovey, Devon
 Elizabeth FoxBoarder66FemaleWidowAnnuitantDolgelly, Merionethshire
Her Majestys Convict Prisons, Fulham, LondonGeorge EasterbrookConvict (Prisoner)34Male MasonSt Mary Church, Devon 1871 1891
St Marks College, Chelsea, LondonJames EasterbrookTutor (Guardian)29Male Tutor in the college (sch)Dean Prior, Devon 1871 1891
25 Chesham St, Chelsea, LondonFrederick LockerHead59MaleMarriedPensioned clerk admiralty whitehallGreenwich, Kent
 Hannah J. LockerWife34FemaleMarried London St George Han Sqre, London, Middlesex
 Godfrey L. LockerSon5Male  London St George Han Sqre, London, Middlesex
 Dorothy J.C. LockerDaughter3Female  London St George Han Sqre, London, Middlesex
 Oliver S. LockerSon Male  London St George Han Sqre, London, Middlesex
 Maud H. LockerDaughter Female  London St George Han Sqre, London, Middlesex
 Harriet LucasServant48Female NurseEdmonton, Middlesex
 Elizabeth BattershallServant37FemaleWidowLadysmaidCalstock, Cornwall
 Harriet LuddServant36Female CookSutton, Surrey
 Robert SmithServant41Male ButlerLond St Pancras
 Maria HartyServant18Female KitchenmaidLond St George Han Sqre
 Kate EasterbrookServant26FemaleMarriedWet nursePlymouth, Devon 1891
 Elizabeth ParminterServant22Female NursemaidLondon, London, Middlesex
18 S Eaton Place, St George Hanover Square, LondonEmily BiggeHead69Female Income from securitiesKensington, Middlesex
 Amelia ArthurServant47Female CookS Molton, Devon
 Lilian EasterbrookServant26Female Parlour maidWellington, Somerset
 Jessie PriceServant24Female HousemaidInverurie
21 Lt Queen St, St George Hanover Square, LondonMargaret EastbrookHead48FemaleWidowNo occupationChatham, Kent
 Charles EastbrookSon7Male ScholarChatham, Kent 1891
 Alfred EastbrookSon3Male ScholarWestminster, Middlesex 1891
7 Princes St, St George Hanover Square, LondonJohn HockeridgeHead46MaleMarriedBootmakerPoughill, Cornwall
 Elizabeth HockeridgeWife45FemaleMarried St Pancras, Middlesex
 John HockeridgeSon14Male PageWestminster, Middlesex
 Ann M. HockeridgeDaughter12Female ScholarWestminster, Middlesex
 Gertrude HockeridgeDaughter10Female ScholarWestminster, Middlesex
 Harry EasterbrookGrandson11mMale  Westminster, Middlesex 1891
 William HowellBoarder22Male BootmakerCambridgeshire
28 Gt Windmill St, Westminster, LondonPeter WorsdosperHead30MaleMarriedTailorGermany
 Marie WorsdosperWife31FemaleMarried Devon 1861
 Thomas WorsdosperSon Male  London, London, Middlesex
126 Wardour St, Westminster, LondonRichard KimptonHead77MaleWidowerBookseller 1 employeeWestmr, Middlesex
 Mary Esterbrook 66FemaleWidowHousekeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon 1891
 Mary Pearce 19Female ServantBuckfastleigh, Devon
79 Salisbury St, Marylebone, LondonEdward EastbrookHead50MaleMarriedHairdresserDevon 1871
 Mary EastbrookWife50FemaleMarried Devon
 Mary Jane EastbrookDaughter26Female DressmakerMiddlesex 1871 1891
 Martha EastbrookDaughter24Female DressmakerMiddlesex 1871 1891
 Emily EastbrookDaughter15Female  Middlesex 1871
 Caroline DouglasLodger (Head) (Lodger)58FemaleWidowLaundressMiddlesex
The Priory Upper Terrace, Hampstead, LondonMildred EsterbrookHead68FemaleWidowLodging house keeperHampstead, Middlesex 1871
 Maria LeeServant33Female Domestic servantMelbourne, Cambridgeshire
 Frederick StottLodger39Male Commercial clerkHorsham, Sussex
 Alexander LowLodger30Male Commercial clerkKeig Aberdeen
 Rhoda CotgroveServant42FemaleWidowDomestic servantLeigh, Essex
12 Eden Street, Pancras, LondonEdwin BennettHead44MaleMarriedBrass moulderMiddlesex
 Ann S. BennettWife47FemaleMarriedMachinistDevon 1871
 Harry EasterbrookSon17Male (unemployed)London, Middlesex 1871
 Sophia EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarLondon, Middlesex 1871 1891
 William EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarLondon, Middlesex 1871 1901
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarLondon, Middlesex
 Arthur BoldingBoarder21Male (unemployed)London, Middlesex
 Joseph WoodBoarder26Male CarpenterLondon, Middlesex
 Sarah A. RichardsVisitor26Female No occupationHampshire
 Alice RichardsVisitor2Female  London, Middlesex
7 St Georges Terra, Pancras, LondonCharlotte F. RouminelHead56FemaleWidow St Pancras, Middlesex
 Isabelle WylieDaughter28FemaleMarried St Pancras, Middlesex
 Reginald RoumiemSon26Male ArtichectSt Pancras, Middlesex
 Raymond RoumiemSon25Male BarristerSt Pancras, Middlesex
 Mariane WylieGranddaughter3Female  Marylebone, Middlesex
 Andrew R. WylieGrandson2Male  Fulham, Middlesex
 Fanny ChalcraftServant27Female CookPetworth, Sussex
 Alice FinchServant22Female HousemaidClovelly, Devon
 Annie EasterbrookServant16Female Under housemaidClovelly, Devon 1871 1901
48 Crogsland Rd, Pancras, LondonJohn EasterbrookHead48MaleMarriedPainterDevon 1871
 Marion J. EasterbrookWife42FemaleMarried Westminster, Middlesex
 Minnie A. EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarLondon, Middlesex 1871 1901
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarLondon, Middlesex 1871
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarLondon, Middlesex
 Thomas EvansLodger21Male Income from housesWhitechurch, Warwickshire
 Thomas ShirhanLodger16Male Civil post office clerkWoolwich
 Jane MartinLodger49Female NeedlewomanScotland
1 Upper Street, Islington, LondonFrancis SmithSon (Head) (Head)22Male Shopman pawnbrookerUpper St Islington
 Charlote EasterbrookHousekeeper51Female Housekeeper domesticLondon Squ, Northamptonshire 1871 1891
 W. F. VandersonServant14Male Shop boy pawn brokerHarlesden Green Willesden
 Geo. L. HutchinsonServant16Male Shop boy pawn brokerLondon W Lukes , London, Middlesex
93 Pembroke St, Islington, LondonWilliam CullHead33MaleMarriedCoal porterMarylebone, Middlesex
 Louisa CullWife36FemaleMarried Clerkenwell, Middlesex
 Alice CullDaughter9Female  Islington, Middlesex
 Louisa CullDaughter7Female  Islington, Middlesex
 Florence CullDaughter2Female  Islington, Middlesex
 Annie CullDaughter1Female  Islington, Middlesex
 William CullSon Male  Islington, Middlesex
 Thomas EasterbrookLodger39MaleMarriedJourneyman tailorKingkerwell, Devon 1871 1891
 Henry PillarLodger19Male Railway servantBovey Tracey, Devon
 John HaggarLodger27Male LabourerHitchin, Hertfordshire
90 Hampden Rd, Islington, LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead37MaleMarriedBootmakerPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary A. EasterbrookWife33FemaleMarried Portsmouth, Hampshire
28 Cromwell Rd, Islington, LondonGeorge EastbrookHead29Male Grainer 22Bristol, Somerset 1871 1891
59 Cottenham Rd, Islington, LondonWilliam LambertHead38MaleMarriedPrinting machine managerLondon St Lukes, London, Middlesex
 Helen E. LambertWife35FemaleMarried Clerkenwell, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Ada LambertDaughter Female  Islington, Middlesex
St Mary Islington Workhouse School, Islington, LondonHerbert EsterbrookPauper10Male Scholar  1871 1901
St Mary Islington Workhouse School Continued, Islington, LondonHenry EsterbrookPauper4Male ScholarSt Mary Islington, Middlesex 1939
14 Downham Rd, Hackney, LondonJohn G. EasterbrookeHead53MaleWidowerFishmongerGreenwich, Kent
71 High St Homerton, Hackney, LondonJohn BerryHead62MaleWidowerRetired greengrocerShorditch, Middlesex
 Jane EastbrookNiece29Female NoneChelsea, Middlesex 1871 1901
Homerton College ((No 7 High St)), Hackney, LondonLaura EasterbrookStudent20Female Student in college (schmtrs)Woolwich 1871
5 Theobalds Road, Holborn, LondonJames B. EsterbrookeHead56MaleWidowerWholesale jewellerSt Martins, Middlesex 1871
 Mary ParsonsMother in Law89FemaleWidow Hereford
 William ConnellyServant26Male Coachman (dom)St Lukes, Middlesex
16 Hosier Lane, London City, LondonWilliam EsterbrookeHead69MaleMarriedSilver smith assistantDevon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EsterbrookeWife68FemaleMarried London, London, Middlesex 1861
 Louisa EsterbrookeDaughter37Female No occupationLondon, London, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Caroline Stean 38Female HousekeeperCambridgeshire
 Harry Daniels 19Male ClerkWhitstable
 Harry Deaning 62MaleMarriedPorterLondon Soho, London, Middlesex
"Newgate Prison", London City, LondonWilliam EastbrookPrisoner21MaleMarriedFishermanDeptford, Kent 1861 1891
2 Cannon St, London City, LondonHarry EasterbrookEmployee23Male Fancy goods warehousemanWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1871 1900
33 Hoxton St, Shoreditch, LondonJohn EscottHead53MaleMarriedFh cabinet mrBampton, Devon
 Mary E. EscottWife51FemaleMarried Tiverton, Devon 1871
 Frederick J. EscottSon22Male SilversmithBethnal Green, Middlesex
 Edwin T. EscottSon19Male Cabinet mrShoreditch, Middlesex
 Alfred W. EscottSon17Male Shop boyShoreh, Middlesex
 Frank H. EscottSon15Male  Shoreh, Middlesex
 Henry J. EscottSon12Male ScholarShoreh, Middlesex
 Alice M. EscottDaughter10Female ScholarShoreh, Middlesex
 Annie L. EscottDaughter7Female ScholarShoreh, Middlesex
28 Monyer St, Shoreditch, LondonEdwin EastabrookHead29MaleMarriedFrench polisherHoxton 1861 1891
 Caroline EastabrookWife27FemaleMarriedPa bag makerHoxton
 Edmund EastabrookSon7Male  Hoxton 1891
 Mary Ann EastabrookDaughter5Female  Hagerston 1891
 Louisa EastabrookDaughter3Female  Hagerston 1891
439 Bethnal Green Rd, Bethnal Green, LondonJohn S. EasterbrookHead30MaleMarriedSilk hatterSomerset 1871 1891
 Eliza Ann EasterbrookWife31FemaleMarried Somerset
 Walter E.S. EasterbrookSon4Male  Somerset 1891
 Frederick A. EasterbrookSon7Male  Bethnal Green, Middlesex 1891
394 Corfield St, Bethnal Green, LondonWm. Hy. EastbrookHead38MaleMarriedWood crBristol 1871 1891
 Jemima EastbrookWife40FemaleMarriedNilSditch, Middlesex
 Wm. Albt. EastbrookSon12Male ScholarB Gn, Middlesex 1871
 Alfred EastbrookSon8Male ScholarSditcgh, Middlesex 1891
 Elizabeth EastbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSditcgh, Middlesex 1891
 Emily EastbrookDaughter Female  Sditcgh, Middlesex 1891
18 High St, Whitechapel, LondonAlfred G. AnnettHead32Male Operative chemist (manf)Dublin Parsonstown
 Louisa S. AnnettSister49Female  Farringdon, Hampshire
 George B. HillServant25Male Assistant chemist (manuf)Southsea, Hampshire
 Elizabeth EastbrookServant18Female Domestic servantWhitechapel, Middlesex 1871
38 Watney St, St George In The East, LondonRichard HallHead61MaleMarriedRetired butcherLambeth, Surrey
 Ann HallWife69FemaleMarried Southampton, Surrey
 Emily EastbrookServant23Female General servant domesticSpitalfields, Middlesex 1861
119 St George St "Half Moon and 7 Stars", St George In The East, LondonRichard HanisHead34MaleMarriedLicensed victuallerYorkshire
 Jane HanisWife32FemaleMarried Ireland
 William EasterbrookBrother in Law24Male BarmanIreland
 Thomas EasterbrookBrother in Law21Male BarmanIreland 1891
 Margaret SullivanServant76FemaleWidowGeneral servantBuckinghamshire
67 Brook Street, Stepney, LondonThomas EastabrookHead49MaleWidowerMaster Fat MetterShoreditch 1871 1891
 Jane EastabrookDaughter27Female  Ches... 1871 1901
106 Oxford Street, Mile End Old Town, LondonJohn NewellHead40MaleMarriedGrocerRadwinter, Essex
 Maria NewellWife34FemaleMarried Surrey
 Mabel NewellDaughter Female  London, Middlesex
 James GilbertServant20Male Grocers assistantBuckland, Buckinghamshire
 Amelia EastbrookServant18Female Genl servant (domestic)London, Middlesex 1871
149 Skidmore St, Mile End Old Town, LondonJohn EasterbrookHead26MaleMarriedGrocers assistBarnstable, Devon 1871 1891
 Helen EasterbrookWife30FemaleMarried Stepney, Middlesex
 William EasterbrookSon4Male  Stepney, Middlesex 1891
 Millie EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Stepney, Middlesex 1891
85 Turners Road, Mile End Old Town, LondonSarah EastbrookHead36FemaleWidow Kensington, Middlesex
 Mary Ann CobbSick Nurse (Nurse)42FemaleMarriedNurse sub medStepney, Middlesex
18 Tooke St, Poplar, LondonJohn EasterbrookHead59MaleMarriedCordwainerAshburton, Devon 1871
 Sarah EasterbrookWife58FemaleMarried Ashburton, Devon
 Edwin EasterbrookSon31Male LabourerAshburton, Devon 1871
 Richard EasterbrookSon27Male LabourerAshburton, Devon 1871
 James EasterbrookSon19Male LabourerPoplar, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Poplar, Middlesex 1871
1 Chas St S S, Poplar, LondonJohn EastbrookHead32MaleMarriedGenl laborerAshburton, Devon 1871 1891
 Elizabeth EastbrookWife29FemaleMarried Ilton, Somerset
 John EastbrookSon11Male  Millwall, Middlesex 1871
 Mary J. EastbrookDaughter8Female  Millwall 1891
 Elizabeth EastbrookDaughter7Female  Millwall 1901
 Edward EastbrookSon5Male  Millwall 1891
 Amelia EastbrookDaughter2Female  Millwall 1891
5 Dover Ter Staines Rd, Brentford, MiddlesexWalter J. EasterbrookHead38MaleMarriedSignal engineer (engineer & machine maker)Ipplepen, Devon 1871 1891
 Mary A. EasterbrookWife35FemaleMarried Paddington, Middlesex
 Laura C. EasterbrookDaughter14Female ScholarWillesden, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Walter EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarWillesden, Middlesex 1891
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarBridgewater, Somerset 1891
 John E. EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarWillesden, Middlesex 1891
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Willesden, Middlesex 1891
 Hester StockbridgeMother in Law75FemaleMarriedWife of cab proprietorTrowbridge, Wiltshire
8 Harlesden Terrace, Hendon, MiddlesexJames EasterbrookHead43MaleMarriedCarpenterTiverton, Devon 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife39FemaleMarriedDraperKentisbere, Devon
 Anne EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarIslington St Marys, Middlesex
 James EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarIslington St Marys, Middlesex 1891
 Haydee EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarIslington St Marys, Middlesex 1901
 Wilfred EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarIslington St Marys, Middlesex 1891
 Eliza Ann ReadSister19Female Drapers assistantKentisbere, Devon
4 St Annes Cottages Harlesden Green, Hendon, MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead52MaleMarriedRailway porterTiverton, Devon 1871
 Mary EasterbrookWife54FemaleMarried Ireland
"Fenedol", Royal NavyEdwin Estabrook 23Male Gun room cookDevonport 1871 1901
"Northumberland", Royal NavyJohn Easterbrook 31Male StokerStonehouse, Devon 1861 1901
"Northumberland", Royal NavyGeorge Easterbrook 27MaleMarriedA bStonehouse, Devon 1861
"Achilles", Royal NavyWilliam Easterbrook 25MaleWidowerStokerDevonport, Devon
"Inconstant", Royal NavyFrederick Easterbrook 17Male Boy 1st classExeter, Devon 1871
"Hartat", Royal NavyWilliam Easterbrook 27Male Gunners mate(British Subject), United States 1871 1891
"Iron Duke", Royal NavyHenry Easterbrook 26Male A bSt Marys Church, Devon 1871 1891
"Boadicia", Royal NavyCh. Easterbrook 24Male Able seamanStonehouse, Devon 1871 1891
South St, Wellington, SomersetJohn ShaplandHead55MaleMarriedBaker master employing 3 men & 1 boyEast Anstey, Devon
 Maria ShaplandWife45FemaleMarried Totness, Devon 1871 1891
 Walter C. ShaplandSon11Male  Wellington, Somerset
 Frederick W. ShaplandSon10Male  Wellington, Somerset
 John E. ShaplandSon7Male  Wellington, Somerset
 Lottie E. ShaplandDaughter5Female  Wellington, Somerset
 Jane CandyServant20Female BakerBurlescombe, Devon
 Charles ParsonsServant16Male BakerWellington, Somerset
Mantle St, Wellington, SomersetThomas EasterbrookHead56MaleMarriedTailorTiverton, Devon 1871 1891
 Ann EasterbrookWife48FemaleMarriedTailor wifeWellington, Somerset
 William EasterbrookSon18Male Telegraph clerkWellington, Somerset 1871 1891
 James EasterbrookSon16Male Apprentice cabinet makerWellington, Somerset 1871 1891
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarWellington, Somerset 1871 1901
Furlongs, Bridgwater, SomersetTheza EastbrookServant16Female Kitchen maidLapford, Devon 1871 1891
7 New Road, Axbridge, SomersetThomas EastarbrookHead40MaleMarriedGreat w r servantClovelly, Devon 1861 1891
 Ann EastarbrookWife36FemaleMarried Hartland
 John EastarbrookSon9Male ScholarBedminster Bristol 1891
 John MareLodger19Male Great w r servantMark, Somerset
Cottage Woolley Road, Bath, SomersetJohn WillsHead40MaleMarriedWine merchants porterTingrace, Devon
 Mary WillsWife45FemaleMarriedWifeDeptford, Devon 1871 1891
 James WillsSon14Male Errand boyDeptford, Devon
 Elizabeth A. WillsDaughter12Female ScholarWiddicombe, Devon
 John H. WillsSon10Male ScholarTingrace, Devon
 Ellis W. WillsSon6Male  Tingrace, Devon
 Frances WillsDaughter3Female  Woolley, Somerset
14 Middle Bridge Terrace, Bedminster, SomersetThomas SpearHead74MaleMarriedEngineer (& m)Bedminster, Somerset
 Mary Ann SpearWife63FemaleMarried Newport, Monmouth 1871
21 Peel St, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireElizabeth EasterbrookHead46FemaleWidow Daken, Staffordshire 1891
 Edward EasterbrookSon21Male Gas fitterWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1871 1891
 John EasterbrookSon19Male Cabinet wood carverWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1871 1891
 William EasterbrookSon17Male General labourer out of employWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1871 1891
 Thomas CrowLodger29Male French polisherShoreditch, Middlesex
 Austin IllidgeLodger34Male Timber labourerCodsall Wood, Staffordshire
15 St Georges Road, St Saviour Southwark, LondonSarah EasterbrookHead66FemaleWidowDmaker unemp(City), Middlesex 1871 1891
 Fanny EasterbrookDaughter20Female Tie makerPymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter18Female Dmaker unemp(City), Middlesex 1871
No 41 Gurney St Old Houses, St Saviour Southwark, LondonEliza EasterbrookHead50FemaleWidowDressmakerBristol St Philips 1871 1891
 John Thomas EasterbrookSon22Male Compositor printerSouthwark, Surrey 1871 1891
 Emily R. EasterbrookDaughter18Female Juvenile millinerMarylebone, Middlesex 1871
 Eleanor M. EasterbrookDaughter16Female DressmakerSt Marys Newington, Surrey 1871 1891
130 Portland St, St Saviour Southwark, LondonGeorge AllenHead56MaleMarriedSub bailiff c c (oth cty & loc off)Compton, Somerset
 Sarah AllenWife45FemaleMarried Chatham, Kent 1871 1891
 J. Benjamin MooreLodger (Head) (Lodger)66MaleMarriedSilk weaver (manuf)Norwich, Norfolk
 Maria MooreWife66FemaleMarried Westminster, Surrey
 David M. ChingLodger (Head) (Lodger)36MaleMarriedDentist out of practiceLondon, Surrey
 Caroline M. ChingWife30FemaleMarried Plymouth, Devon
 Henry M. ChingSon13Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Reginald C. ChingSon11Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Warwick L. ChingSon6Male  Birmingham, Warwickshire
110 Alscot Rd, St Olave Southwark, LondonAnnie M. PethebridgeHead66FemaleWidowAnnuitantBideford, Devon
 Sarah EasterbrookServant25Female DomHibicington, Devon 1871 1891
1 Martin Street, St Olave Southwark, LondonSarah EastbrookWife52FemaleMarriedMariners wifeRotherhithe, Surrey 1871
53 Keetons Rd, St Olave Southwark, LondonRichard J. EastabrookHead28MaleMarriedLightermanDeptford, Kent 1871 1891
 Mary A. EastabrookWife21FemaleMarried Rotherhithe, Surrey
 Richard J. EastabrookSon9Male ScholarRotherhithe, Surrey 1901
 Helen M.A. EastabrookDaughter1Female  Bermondsey, Surrey 1891
31 Albert Sq, Lambeth, LondonAnn M. GreenHead74FemaleWidowIncome from int of moneyMiddlesex City, Middlesex
 Mary A. EasterbrookServant60Female CookBroad Clyst, Devon 1871 1891
 Thirza BarnetServant28Female HousemaidMudford, Somerset
26 Wilkinson St, Lambeth, LondonJohn T. EasterbrookHead36MaleMarriedChief clerk st john ambulance assocnPlymouth, Devon 1871 1891
 Emma M. EasterbrookWife36FemaleMarried Beccles, Suffolk
7 Fountain St, Lambeth, LondonHenry Turton KeeleyHead44MaleMarriedLabourerAldgate
 Amelia KeeleyWife44FemaleMarried Lambeth, Surrey
 Henry Thos. KeeleySon12Male ScholarStepney
 Elizabeth Emily KeeleyDaughter8Female ScholarLambeth
 Edwin Geo. KeeleySon4Male ScholarLambeth
 John SeymourLodger24Male Railway porterDorset
 Geo.Edmund EasterbrookLodger26MaleMarriedBoiler makerDeptford 1871
47 Camberwell New Rd, Lambeth, LondonSamuel EasterbrookHead55MaleMarriedPlumber decoratorClerkenwell, Middlesex 1871
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife59FemaleMarried Exeter, Devon
 Charlotte M. EasterbrookDaughter22Female  Lambeth, Surrey 1871
162 Ackerman Rd, Lambeth, LondonArthur EasterbrookHead25MaleMarriedGasfitterDalston 1871 1891
 Henretta EasterbrookWife23FemaleMarried Lambeth
 Percy EasterbrookSon Male  Lambeth 1891
39 Milton Road, Lambeth, LondonThomas F. EasterbrookHead46MaleMarriedWholesale tea dealerMiddlesex 1871 1891
 Sidney F. EasterbrookSon21Male Tea brokerMiddlesex 1871
 Frank EasterbrookSon19Male Stock brokers clerkMiddlesex 1871 1891
 Caroline KingVisitor71FemaleWidowAnnuitantWindsor, Berkshire
 Noel TorrotVisitor26Male Mercantile clerk(N B), Midlothian
 Fanny HoldfordServant16Female Gen serv (dom)Middlesex
17 Poplar Walk Road, Lambeth, LondonHenry EasterbrookeHead29MaleMarriedWine cooper out of employLondon St Lukes, London, Middlesex
 Mary Ann EasterbrookeWife23FemaleMarried Dublin Curra Kildare
 Gertrude PalmerSister in Law5Female  Gosport, Hampshire
1 Sudbourne Rd, Lambeth, LondonDaniel EasterbrookHead28Male Certificated schoolmasterMilton Abbot, Devon 1871 1891
 Josiah EasterbrookBrother18Male GrocerMilton Abbot, Devon 1871
 James EasterbrookBrother14Male GrocerLamerton, Devon 1871 1901
3,Western Lane, Wandsworth, LondonEdward EdwardsHead68MaleMarriedBuilderClapham, Surrey
 Jane EdwardsWife73FemaleMarried Stepney, Middlesex
 John EastbrookBoarder23Male Gardiner (n.d.)H...ridge, Devon 1871 1891
 Samuel NogesBoarder29Male BakerPamber Basingstoke
Royal Patriotic Asylum For Boys Wadsworth Common, Wandsworth, LondonRichard Easterbrook 15Male ScholarWoolwich, Kent 1871
30 Freke Road, Wandsworth, LondonGeorge EasterbookHead38MaleMarriedShorthand writerWidecombe, Devon
 Amelia A. EasterbookWife42FemaleMarriedWifeHennock, Devon
 George A. EasterbookSon7Male ScholarAshburton, Devon
66 Elsley Rd, Wandsworth, LondonSarah EasterbrookHead68FemaleWidowEngineers widowBillericay, Essex 1891
 Arthur S. EasterbrookSon20Male CarpenterPoplar, Middlesex 1871 1891
134 Eversleigh Rd, Wandsworth, LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead39MaleMarriedCoppersmithClerkenwell, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Eliza EasterbrookWife40FemaleMarried Dorchester Weymouth
 George EasterbrookSon14Male Junior clerkBromley, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Charles EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarBromley, Middlesex 1871 1891
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarBattersea, Surrey 1891
 Frank EasterbrookSon4Male  Battersea, Surrey 1891
 John EasterbrookSon Male  Battersea, Surrey 1891
Streatham Rd (Mountfield), WandsworthCharles C. Mac FarlandHead57MaleMarried Tulse Hill, Surrey
 Francis Mac FarlandWife52FemaleMarried Dublin, Ireland
 Annie C. Mac FarlandDaughter25Female  Tulse Hill, Surrey
 Francis R. Mac FarlandDaughter24Female  Tulse Hill, Surrey
 Cornelia M. Mac FarlandDaughter21Female  Tulse Hill, Surrey
 Catherine M. DarnfordServant54Female CookWandsworth, Surrey
 Laura EasterbrookServant20Female HousemaidLauriton, Devon 1871 1891
Gaden Reach, Camberwell, LondonAugustus WattenbachHead69MaleMarriedRetired east india merchantNatlzd British Subject, Germany
 Matilda WattenbachWife52FemaleMarried London, Middlesex
 Frederick WattenbachSon25Male General merchantCamberwell, Surrey
 Helen LettingtonServant41Female Cook (serv dom)Cadham, Kent
 Emily EasterbrookServant29Female Parlormaid (serv dom)Stepney, Middlesex 1871
 Amelia A. PiperServant25Female Housemaid (serv dom)Clapham, Surrey
 Belinda NewtonServant18Female Kitchenmaid (serv dom)Woking, Norfolk
89 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, LondonMoritz P. DenekeHead39MaleMarriedMerchants clerkMagdeburg (F), Preu├čen
 Clara EasterbrookServant24Female ServantStepney, Middlesex 1871
 Harriet LaurenceServant50FemaleWidowServantWest Chinnock, Somerset
25a Moncrieff St, Camberwell, LondonLucy L. HosegoodStep Daughter20Female Shop assistant (genl)East Worlington, Devon 1871
Rose Cott Sutton Commn, Epsom, SurreyPercy WatererHead26MaleMarriedMember of stock exchangeClapham, Surrey
 Mary WatererWife32FemaleMarried Burton, Staffordshire
 Elizabeth EasterbrookVisitor40Female  Widecombe, Devon 1871
 Jane EasterbrookVisitor19Female  Malton, Yorkshire 1871 1891
 James EasterbrookVisitor27Male Clerk at stock exchangeWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1871 1891
 Harry EasterbrookVisitor25Male Clerk at stock exchangeWolverhampton, Staffordshire 1871 1891
 Jane WatererVisitor20Female  Clapham, Surrey
Rose Villa, Chertsey, SurreyAnn NealdsHead67Female Governess school mistressGuildford, Surrey
 Mary NealdsSister60Female Governess privateGuildford, Surrey
 Elizabeth NealdsSister61Female Governess private (teachers)Guildford, Surrey
 Frances NealdsSister59Female Governess private (teachers)Guildford, Surrey
 Fanny M. A. NealdsNiece27Female Governess private (teachers)Guildford, Surrey
 George EsterbrookBoarder7Male Scholar 
Brighton Rd Cottage, Reigate, SurreyHenry EasterbrookHead33MaleMarriedAg labAbingdon, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane EasterbrookWife25FemaleMarried Alscott, Devon
 Alice M. EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarHenton, Devon 1891
 Charles H. EasterbrookSon3Male  Alscott, Devon 1891
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Charlwood, Surrey 1891
 William DayBoarder21Male GroomSt Albans, Hertfordshire
108 Gloucester Rd, Croydon, SurreyJohn EasterbrookeHead36MaleMarriedMaster brewer emp 1 manWiddicombe 1871
 Ellen P. EasterbrookeWife39FemaleMarried Clapham, Surrey
8 Pawsons Rd, Croydon, SurreyAlfred WaltersHead34MaleMarriedPaper hangerBletchingley, Surrey
 Mary WaltersWife36FemaleMarried Lambeth, Surrey
 Emily A. WaltersDaughter15Female Dom servantLambeth, Surrey
 Edward J. WaltersSon12Male ScholarCroydon, Surrey
 Matilda WaltersDaughter10Female ScholarCroydon, Surrey
 Maud M. WaltersDaughter7Female ScholarCroydon, Surrey
 Louisa WaltersDaughter6Female ScholarBletchingley, Surrey
62 Tideswell Road, Eastbourne, SussexTrayton MartinHead30MaleMarriedBuilder employing 2 men 1 boyFramfield, Sussex
 Milly MartinWife32FemaleMarried Clerkenwell, Middlesex 1871
 Trayton J. MartinSon5Male  Eastbourne, Sussex
 Charles A. MartinSon2Male  Eastbourne, Sussex
 Percy MartinSon1Male  Eastbourne, Sussex
45 Eastern Rd, Brighton, SussexFrancis R. CockerillHead57MaleWidowerRector h.m.i.c.s.Epping, Essex
 Anne Louisa MallettVisitor45FemaleMarried India
 Allice L. MallettVisitor25Female  India
 Alexander MonteithVisitor46MaleMarriedDirector genl pop of india h.m.i.c.s.west indian colsScotland
 Teresa Amelia MonteithVisitor42FemaleMarried S Hampton, Hampshire
 Cathn. EasterbrookServant54Female Housekeeper dom serLapford, Devon 1871 1891
 Juliet PerryServant26Female Housemaid dom serRedstock ..., Somerset
 Phillis PearsonServant21Female Kitchenmaid dom serArundel, Sussex
 Arthur Ed. HalasServant20Male Footman dom serBraybrook
5 St Aubyns Mews, Steyning, SussexRichard PrestonHead46MaleMarriedGeneral labourerWhimple, Devon
 Sarah J. PrestonWife36FemaleMarried Whimple, Devon 1871 1891
 Ellen PrestonDaughter2Female  Hove, Sussex
 John EastabrookFather in Law68MaleWidowerBath chairmanMorton Hampstead, Devon 1871 1891
190 St Vincent St, Birmingham, WarwickshireElizabh. AncillHead59FemaleWidowAnnuitantDevonport, Devon 1871 1891
 William Geo. DaffSon32Male Tailor coat makerBrit Subj, Malta
 Charlotte E. AncillDaughter27Female Assistant dressmakerBrit Subj, Gibraltar
36 Granville St, Birmingham, WarwickshireWillm. HitchmanHead64MaleMarriedStore keeper & pensioner (fl)Keynham, Somerset
 Jane HitchmanWife47FemaleMarriedShopkeeperCrediton, Devon 1871 1891
 Jane E. HitchmanDaughter19  At home assistant ((, Hampshire
 Willm. HitchmanSon17Male Tin plate workerBrighton, Sussex
 Geo. E. HitchmanSon15Male Tin plate workerNk, Ireland
 Alice HitchmanDaughter13Female Stay & corset makerTown N K, Ireland
 Albert E.E. HitchmanSon11Male ScholarBirmingham
 Harriett R HitchmanDaughter9Female ScholarBirmingham
Little Beck House, Keighley, YorkshireJohn PrestonHead59MaleWidowerArtist (painter)Manningham, Yorkshire
 John Emanuel PrestonSon25MaleMarriedArtist (painter)Manningham, Yorkshire
 Elizabeth Kate PrestonDaughter in Law29FemaleMarried Pensylvania, United States 1871
 Nancy HammondGranddaughter7Female ScholarSaltaire, Yorkshire
 William Easterbrook PrestonGrandson6Male ScholarSaltaire, Yorkshire
 Ellen PrestonGranddaughter4Female ScholarGilstead, Yorkshire
 Maria PrestonGranddaughter2Female  Gilstead, Yorkshire
 Emanuel PrestonGrandson Male  Gilstead, Yorkshire
 Selina EasterbrookVisitor61Female AnnuitantSt Columb Minor ?, Cornwall 1871
 Clifford EasterbrookVisitor20Male GardenerElizabeth Pensylvania, United States 1871
6 Mary Street, Bradford, YorkshireHannah HeslingtonHead53FemaleMarried Huddersfield, Yorkshire
 Sarah Jane WatertonDaughter25Female Mill hand (worstd)Shipley, Yorkshire
 Squire WatertonSon23Male Railway servantShipley, Yorkshire
 Richard EasterbuckBoarder35Male Railway servantPittsburg State of Pensyl, America
 Elizabeth ThompsonVisitor50FemaleMarried Huddersfield, Yorkshire
8 Hill St, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireJohn SageHead54MaleMarriedEngineer iron turnerSouth Moulton, Devon
 Ann SageWife56FemaleMarriedEngineer iron turner wifeKiverton, Devon 1871
 George SageSon14Male Engineer iron turnerSheffield, Yorkshire
178 Bramall Lane, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireWilliam EasterbrookHead38MaleMarriedEngine fitterTiverton, Devon 1871 1891
 Harriet EasterbrookWife37FemaleMarried Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter20Female MillinerSheffield, Yorkshire 1871 1891
 William EasterbrookSon19Male Engine fitterSheffield, Yorkshire 1871 1891
 Ernest EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire 1871 1891
 Alfred EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire 1891
 John H. EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire 1891
 Harold EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire 1891
 Archer EasterbrookSon3Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
69 Weston St, Sheffield, YorkshireWilliam JarmanHead50MaleMarriedEngine tool turnerTiverton, Devon
 Jane JarmanWife47FemaleMarried Tiverton, Devon
 Eliza JarmanDaughter21Female Dress makerSheff, Yorkshire
 Henry JarmanSon18Male JoinerSheff, Yorkshire
 Ellen JarmanDaughter17Female Dress makerSheff, Yorkshire
 Maria JarmanDaughter12Female ScholarSheff, Yorkshire
 Kate JarmanDaughter6Female  Sheff, Yorkshire
 John Easterbrook 87MaleWidower Tiverton, Devon 1871
277 Clough Bank, Sheffield, YorkshireJohn EasterbrookHead60MaleMarriedCorn millerTiverton, Devon 1871
 Isabell EasterbrookWife54FemaleMarried Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Henry Roebuck EasterbrookNephew23Male Corn millerSheffield, Yorkshire
 Annie E. ReaneyVisitor28Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Esther AstmanServant20Female General servantStaffordshire
49 Caroline Place, Sculcoates, YorkshireNicholas CastlebrookHead44MaleMarriedCabinet maker employ 2 menPenzance, Cornwall
 Catherine CastlebrookWife36FemaleMarried Hull, Yorkshire
 John N. DownNephew22Male Cabinet makerPlymouth, Devon

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