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USA Census 1820

This is a census of households and only names the head of the household.

Chester, Rockingham, New HampshireJoel Easterbrooks3
Union, Union, OhioJohn Easterbrooks5
Brunswick, Cumberland, MaineThoms S Estabrook11
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontMarshall Easterbrooks4
 Richard Easterbrooks8
Parkerstown, Rutland, VermontElisha Easterbrooks8
 Nathan Easterbrooks8
Shaftsbury, Bennington, VermontLewis Estabrooks3
Salisbury, Addison, VermontJosiah Eastabrooks5
Wysox, Bradford, PennsylvaniaWm Easterbrook8
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJessa Eastterbrooks6
 Peleg Easterbrooks4
 Abel Easterbrooks5
Springfield, Portage, OhioNehemiah Estabrook3
Coventry, Portage, OhioJohn Estabrooks4
Union, Ross, OhioJohn Easterbrook4
Otsego, Otsego, New YorkNathan Estabrook8
Butternuts, Otsego, New YorkWilliam Estabrook13
Brookfield, Madison, New YorkCaleb Earterbrooks3
Lyme, Jefferson, New YorkArtemas Easterbrooks4
Adams, Jefferson, New YorkRobert Easterbrooks10
Elizabethtown, Essex, New YorkJames Easterbrook9
Little Falls, Herkimer, New YorkMartin Easterbrook8
Danube, Herkimer, New YorkAbial Easterbrooks6
Constable, Franklin, New YorkJoseph Estabrooks5
 Samuel Estabrooks3
 Nathan Estabrooks2
 Joel Estabrooks6
 Jonathan R Estabrooks5
Centervill, Allegany, New YorkWarren Easterbrook2
New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New HampshireNathan Estabrooks8
 Solon Estabrooks4
 Joseph Estabrooks4
Hancock, Hillsborough, New HampshireNona Estabrooks7
Hopkinton, Hillsborough, New HampshireJoseph Easterbrook16
Chesterfield, Cheshire, New HampshireJonathan Estybrooks3
Alstead, Cheshire, New HampshireBenjamin Estabrooks6
Chelmsford, Middlesex, MassachusettsSarah Easterbrooks4
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsAtti Estabrooks8
West Cambridge, Middlesex, MassachusettsElizabeth Estabrook3
 Ebakim Estabrook14
 Ender Estabrook4
 Saml Estabrook10
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsJos Eastabrook6
 Samuel Estabrook2
Swanzey, Bristol, MassachusettsCaleb Easterbrooks6
 Comer Easterbrooks6
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsDeborah Easterbrook2
 Martha Easterbrook8
 John Easterbrook8
 Thomas Easterbrook6
Gardiner, Kennebec, MaineSamuel Easterbrooks4
Pomfret, Windham, ConnecticutLevi Easterbrooks5
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutCalvin Easterbrooks5
 Stephen Easterbrooks5
 Barnard Easterbrooks4
 Ola Easterbrooks6
 James Easterbrooks6
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandBenja T Easterbrooks6
 Crawford Easterbrook5
 Abel Easterbrooks5
 Jona Easterbrooks5
 Abigail Easterbrooks10
Warren, Bristol, Rhode IslandLois Eastabrooks8
 John Eastabrooks5
 Nathaniel Eastabrooks6
Danville, Caledonia, VermontSaml Eastabrooks7
Kirby, Caledonia, VermontDavid Easterbrooks4
Lyndon, Caledonia, VermontBenja Easterbrooks2
 Luther Easterbrooks8
Huntington, Chittenden, VermontJoseph Eastabrooks4
Chelsea, Orange, VermontSaml Estabrook11
Dummerston, Windham, VermontBenja Esterbrook9
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontJohn Esterbrooks7
 James Esterbrooks11
 Warren Esterbrooks6
Newfane, Windham, VermontJoel Esterbrooks8
Dover, Windham, VermontJeddeah Estenbrooks8
Wilmington, Windham, VermontWarer Esterbrooks5
Jamaica, Windham, VermontDavid Estabrooks5
 Samuel Estherbrooks7
Rockingham, Windham, VermontAbraham Estabrooks5
Stratton, Windham, VermontEzra Estabrooks6
 Joel Estabrooks4
Chester, Windsor, VermontJohn Easterbrook9
Reading, Windsor, VermontThos Easterbrook7
 Jona Easterbrook4
Ludlow, Windsor, VermontEnos Easterbrook2
 Abel Easterbrook5
East Haddam, Middlesex, ConnecticutObeel Esterbrooks8
 Hobert Esterbrooks2
Northfield, Franklin, MassachusettsSylvester Estabrooks7
Boston Ward 10, Suffolk, MassachusettsEastabrook6
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsJoseph Easterbrook7
 Isaac Easterbrook5
 Thos Easterbrook3
 John Easterbrook2
Morris, Knox, OhioArtimas Estarbrook5
Wood River, Madison, IllinoisJohn Easterbrook6
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsTaylor Estabrook7
 John Estabrook5
 Samuel Estabrook6
 Perses Estabrook2
 Jedediah Estabrook10
Hardwick, Worcester, MassachusettsBenjamin Eastabrook3
Holden, Worcester, MassachusettsJames Estabrooks11
 Ebenn Estabrooks9
 Widow Eunice Estabrooks2
 Jona Estabrooks9
 George Estabrooks3
Paxton, Worcester, MassachusettsMc Deliverann Estabrook3
 Ross W Estabrook3
Greenfield, Saratoga, New YorkThomas Easterbrooks6
 Royal Easterbrooks4
Tioga, Tioga, New YorkJohn Easterbrooks9
Verona, Oneida, New YorkSamuel Esterbrook6

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