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USA State Censuses 1865 (print)

New York

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but very few are cross-referenced.

New York

 Adison L Estebrook37Male
 Elizabeth Estebrook77Female
 Royal Estbrook30Male
 Rose Estbrook2Female
 Ewa R Estabrook40Male
 Lucy Estabrook46Female
 Brainard E Estabrook19Male
 Mc Harlan Estabrook15Male
 F Herbert Estabrook11Male
 David Estabrook68Male
 Anna Estabrook68Female
 Alford H Estabrook32Male
 Lucy A Estabrook27Female
 Willard D Estabrook9Male
 Walter L Estabrook6Male
 James E Estabrook25Male
 Harriet Estabrook24Female
 Kate M Estabrook3Female
 R W Easterbrook16Male
 J A Esterbrook38Male
 Frances Esterbrook37Female
 Silas C Harvey72Male
 Sally D Harvey71Female
 Eliza Van Schack46Female
 Anna Van Schack8Female
 Hattie Van Schack4Female
 Augustus Van Schack13Male
 Hida Easterbrooks67Female
 George Van Schaick19Male
 Danil Van Schaick17Male
 Jeb Wilbur48Male
 June Wilbur49Female
 Chauncey Wilbur26Male
 Stephen Knight25Male
 Matilda Mathews24Female
 Reuben Butterfield26Male
 Frank Gordon25Male
 Hugh Finch19Male
 Charles Easterbrook28Male
 Alden Estabrooks38Male
 Jane Estabrooks31Female
 Mary E Estabrooks5Female
 Mary Eastabrooks45Female
 Edward F Eastabrooks15Male
 Ebenezer G Eastabrooks12Male
 William J Eastabrooks5Male
 Samuel Easterbrook50Male
 Polly Easterbrook49Female
 Josiah Easterbrook18Male
 Merlin Easterbrook12Male
 Pery Esterbrooks36Male
 Francis Esterbrooks28Female
 William Esterbrooks5Male
 Fredrick P Esterbrooks4Male
 George Esterbrooks2Male
 Albert Esterbrooks1Male
 Abial Easterbrooks64Male
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks18Female
 Isac Easterbrooks42Male
 Amanda Easterbrooks35Female
 NY? Easterbrooks12Male
 Henry J Easterbrook39Male
 Minerva Easterbrook24Female
 Hattie A Easterbrook0Female
 Hattie Ward8Female
 James Eastabrook46Male
 John Easterbrooks57Male
 Miranda Easterbrooks51Female
 Diantha Easterbrooks24Female
 Mary Easterbrooks22Female
 Cisena Easterbrooks20Female
 John M Easterbrooks19Male
 Philander Easterbrooks17Male
 Newton Easterbrooks15Male
 Jasper Easterbrooks13Male
 William Chase23Male
 Morilla Easterbrook51Female
 Charles S Easterbrook24Male
 Marion A Easterbrook13Female
 Elizabeth Spencer76Female
 Orren G Easterbrook20Male
 Harriett Easterbrook42Female
 Hart Easterbrook21Male
 Alfred D Easterbrook18Male
 Edward Easterbrook14Male
 Richard Easterbrook14Male
 Lydia Easterbrook12Female
 Harriett Easterbrook10Female
 Kate Ward22Female
 Jonthan Estarbrook78Male
 Rhoda Estarbrook70Female
 Henry Burleson34Male
 Agnes Burleson28Female
 Frank Burleson13Male
 Fred Easterbrook10Male
 Mabell Burleson5Female
 Alpheus Estabrook60Male
 Hannah Estabrook60Female
 Alpheus Estabrook17Male
 Roswell Minard53Male
 Hannah Minard53Female
 Luella W Estabrook22Female
 Eugene Minard13Male
 George Estabrook24Male
 Carry Wilson7Male
 Robert C Estabrook  
 Thomas Estabrook73Male
 Cynthia Estabrook72Female
 Lydia Estabrook25Female
 Nathaniel M Estabrook40Male
 Elisabeth Estabrook36Female
 Estell Estabrook13Female
 Robert C Estabrook55Male
 Polly M Estabrook49Female
 Ada Estabrook16Female
 Clara Estabrook14Female
 Ralph H Estabrook44Male
 Margaret Estabrook43Female
 Mary Estabrook17Female
 Albert Estabrooks27Male
 Polly Estabrooks27Female
 Minnie Estabrooks3Female
 Gibert Church23Male
 Riley Easten54Male
 Betsy Easten46Female
 Betsy A Easten22Female
 Draper Easten27Male
 Mary Estebrooks27Female
 Orlina Dean21Female
 Andrew Estabrooks47Male
 Mary Estabrooks37Female
 Peter Estabrooks13Male
 Ira Estabrooks5Male
 Mary Estabrooks0Female
 Mathew Easterbrook65Male
 Jane Easterbrook50Female
 N C Estabrooks59Male
 Miranda Estabrooks50Female
 Curtis Estabrooks25Male
 Mary J Estabrooks21Female
 Flora Estabrooks1Female
 Judson Easterbrooks53Male
 Lydia Easterbrooks49Female
 Charles Easterbrooks26Male
 Alvira Easterbrooks24Female
 Emma Easterbrooks2Female
 Alice Easterbrooks2Female
 Mathers Eastabrook40Male
 Hellen Eastabrook39Female
 Rosa Eastabrook11Female
 Odel M Sears50Male
 Mary Sears40Female
 Gale Sears18Male
 Francis Sears4Male
 F M Eastrbrook21Male
 Wm A Estabrook28Male
 Hannah Estabrook27Female
 Bailey G Estabrook4Male
 Wm M Estabrook2Male
 Wm Estabrook67Male
 Emma Estabrook14Female
 Albert Estabrook14Male
 Henry Easterbrock43Male
 Marcela Easterbrock32Female
 Harriet Davis16Female
 George Earlinbrook13Male
 George W Estabrook49Male
 Polley M Estabrook49Female
 Anne Ritchie13Female
 Francis M Easterbrooks  
 Horatio Esterbrook31Male
 Sarah E Esterbrook25Female
 Clarence Esterbrook2Male
 Elizabeth Blake60Female
 Charles Estabrook45Male
 Susan Estabrook40Female
 Frank Estabrook6Male
 Sophia G Glaspie25Female
 Greta Marshall16Female
 H Estabrock73Male
 J Estabrock62Female
 N H Estabrock31Male
 James Esterbrook41Male
 Mary Esterbrook39Female
 Charles Esterbrook10Male
 William Esterbrook3Male
 Jesse Esterbrook0Female
 Mary Hogan19Female
 Charles Spinner54Male
 Elizabeth Spinner24Female
 Charles C Spinner3Male
 Mary Spinner1Female
 Sarah Jones23Female
 Mary J Kelsey20Female
 Geo H Kelsey36Male
 Peter Fox60Male
 Adrian Brown64Male
 Ambrose Easterbrook54Male
 Enoch Dorflinger30Male
 Nathan Easterbrooks56Male << >>
 Caroline Easterbrooks49Female
 Edward Easterbrooks27Male << >>
 Emma J Easterbrooks25Female << >>
 Frank Easterbrooks12Male << >>
 Fred Easterbrooks10Male << >>
 Maria McDonald33Female
 Lydia Chesley57Female
 Eliz Easterbrook43Female
 John Weber11Male
 Helena Weber13Female
 Hugh Weber18Male
 Charles Weber3Male
 Joseph Esterbrook48Male
 Jennette Esterbrook42Female
 Mary Esterbrook17Female
 Agnes Esterbrook12Female
 Joseph Esterbrook10Male
 Thomas Esterbrook8Male
 Annie Esterbrook5Female
 Mary Pickett20Female
 Mahala Woodworth60Female
 Charity Easterbrooks40Female
 Thomas Esterbrook85Male
 Mary Esterbrook50Female
 Peter Esterbrook26Male
 Emma Esterbrook24Female
 Alfred Esterbrook22Male
 Evens Esterbrook19Male
 Nellie E Esterbrook20Female
 Isaac S Esterbrook24Male
 Sarah Estabrook22Female
 Jennie Estabrook2Female
 Nellie Estabrook2Female
 Coomer Estabrook23Male
 John Fecter60Male
 Nancy Fecter55Female
 Gertrude R Fecter27Female
 Cynthia E Fecter25Female
 Mary C Esterbrook24Female
 Nathan Esterbrook Jr.28Male
 Sarah Eastabrook22Female
 Jennie Eastabrook1Female
 Nellie Eastabrook1Female
 Coomer Eastabrook23Male
 Hart M Knowlton38Male
 Hellen A Knowlton30Female
 Pliney Powers68Male
 Lydia Esterbrook61Female
 Francis A Knowlton14Female
 Wm H Knowlton10Male
 John P Knowlton4Male
 Herman L Estebrook39Male
 Emaline Estebrook32Female
 William Estebrook9Male
 Herbert Estebrook77Male
 As?Aneh Estebrook76Female
 Bela Estebrook33Male
 George I Eastabrooks30Male
 Ann Eastabrooks30Female
 Emma V Eastabrooks9Female
 Wm C Eastabrooks3Male
 Coomer Estabrook  
 Sarah Estabrook  
 Jennie Estabrook  
 Nellie Estabrook  
 David Moshier48Male
 Betsy M Moshier41Female
 Dharlin V Moshier20Male
 David H Moshier18Male
 Mariette Moshier16Female
 Esther Moshier8Female
 David M Easterbrook23Male
 Joseph Esterbroks31Male
 Emily Esterbrooks32Female
 Anna A Esterbrooks6Female
 Abby A Esterbrooks6Female
 Horvace S Esterbrooks2Male
 William Esterbrooks0Male
 Henry Estebrooks47Male
 Laura S Estebrooks36Female
 Minnie E Estebrooks11Female
 George G Estebrooks6Male
 William H Estebrooks4Male
 Jane K Estebrooks2Female
 Jessie F Estebrooks1Female
 Susan S Morey74Female
 Harriett Estebrooks65Female
 Harriett E Bronson11Female
 William Easterbrook59Male
 Irene Easterbrook49Female
 Charlotte Easterbrook22Female
 Catherine Easterbrook42Female

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