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USA Census 1850 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but very few are cross-referenced.

Wysox, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAJudson Easterbrooks38Male  Pennsylvania
 Eliza Easterbrooks34Female  Pennsylvania
 Charles Easterbrooks11Male  Pennsylvania
 Elvira Easterbrooks9Female  Pennsylvania
 Mary Easterbrooks7Female  Pennsylvania
 A M Easterbrooks5Female  Pennsylvania
 E A Easterbrooks2Male  Pennsylvania
Litchfield, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USARichard Johnson40Male  Pennsylvania
 Eliza Johnson40Female  Pennsylvania
 Horace Johnson12Male  Pennsylvania
 Geo L Easterbrooks20Male  Pennsylvania
 Charles Easterbrooks18Male  Pennsylvania
Orwell, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAR B Easterbrooks30Male  Pennsylvania
 Sarah Easterbrooks29Female  Pennsylvania
 Emerson Easterbrooks6Male  Pennsylvania
 Henry Easterbrooks5Male  Pennsylvania
 Rachel Easterbrooks3Female  Pennsylvania
 Rebecca Easterbrooks2Female  Pennsylvania
Orwell, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAJoel Barnes40Male  Pennsylvania
 Olive Barnes36Female  Massachusetts
 Wm Barnes16Male  Pennsylvania
 Joseph Barnes15Male  Pennsylvania
 Herbert Barnes9Male  Pennsylvania
 Stephen Barnes4Male  Pennsylvania
 Hannah Easterbrooks20Female  Pennsylvania
Orwell, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAMarrdes Easterbrooks57Male  Connecticut
 Althaia Easterbrooks50Female  Connecticut
 Nancy Easterbrooks22Female  Pennsylvania
 Hannah Easterbrooks20Female  Pennsylvania
 Lucy Easterbrooks15Female  Pennsylvania
 Wm Pickering20Male  Pennsylvania
Orwell, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAJesse Easterbrooks63Male  Connecticut
 Lavinia Easterbrooks56Female  Massachusetts
Orwell, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAE I Easterbrooks26Male  Pennsylvania
 Emeline Easterbrooks27Female  Pennsylvania
 C L Easterbrooks1Female  Pennsylvania
 Caroline Coburn17Female  Pennsylvania
Rome, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAGeorge W Eastman47Male  Connecticut
 Lydia T Eastman42Female  New York
 Willis Eastman20Male  New York
 Calvin Eastman11Male  New York
 John Eastman4Male  Pennsylvania
 Sarah Jane Eastman2Female  Pennsylvania
 Delphine Hicks11Female  Pennsylvania
 Silas E Seeley21Male  New York
 Charles Easterbrooks18Male  Pennsylvania
Towanda, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USAThos Callahan29Male  Ireland
 Mary Callahan29Female  Ireland
 John Callahan4Male  Ireland
 Mary Callahan1Female  Ireland
 Wm W Easterbrooks40Male  Pennsylvania
 Judah Easterbrooks35Female  Pennsylvania
 Amelia Easterbrooks13Female  Pennsylvania
 Avery Easterbrooks12Male  Pennsylvania
 Ward Easterbrooks9Male  Pennsylvania
 Francis Easterbrooks7Female  Pennsylvania
 Charlott Easterbrooks5Female  Pennsylvania
 Wilford Easterbrooks3Male  Pennsylvania
 Mary Easterbrooks0Female  Pennsylvania
 Matthy Easterbrooks66Female  Connecticut
Pittsburgh Ward 1, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USARichard Easterbrook29Male  England 1841
 Selina Easterbrook30Female  England
 Edward Easterbrook2Male  Pennsylvania
 Thomas Easterbrook0Male  Pennsylvania
 Susan Sheridan18Female  Ireland
Manchester, Bennington, Vermont, USAStephen Esterbrooks28   Massachusetts
 Laurette Esterbrooks20Female  Massachusetts
Manchester, Bennington, Vermont, USABenjm Easterbrook26Male  Vermont
 Sybel Easterbrook27Female  Vermont
 Emerson Easterbrook6Male  Vermont
 Emma Easterbrook4Female  Vermont
 Elbridge Easterbrook2Male  Vermont
 Ellis Rice17Female  Vermont
Lyndon, Caledonia, Vermont, USAWillard Easterbrooks34Male  Vermont
 Laura Easterbrooks28Female  Vermont
 Luther L Easterbrooks6Male  Vermont
 Adaline L Easterbrooks2Female  Vermont
 Luther Easterbrooks68Male  Vermont
Sutton, Caledonia, Vermont, USAHarlow Easterbrooks32Male  Vermont
 Emeline M Easterbrooks30Female  Vermont
Sutton, Caledonia, Vermont, USAHenry W Easterbrooks46Male  Vermont
 Abigail Easterbrooks46Female  Vermont
 George Garfield13Male  Vermont
Danville, Caledonia, Vermont, USASaml Easterbrooks37Male  Vermont
 Mary A Ames36Female  New Hampshire
Danville, Caledonia, Vermont, USAWannie Easterbrooks22Male  Vermont
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks22Female  New Hampshire
 Susan Easterbrooks63Female  New Hampshire
 Susan Easterbrooks19Female  Vermont
 David Givins40Male  Ireland
Danville, Caledonia, Vermont, USAJohn S Brooks34Male  Vermont
 May Brooks24Female  Vermont
 Abba P Brooks3Female  Vermont
 Saml Brooks1Male  Vermont
 John Colby56Male  Vermont
 Harvey Colby12Male  Vermont
 Abby Singman29Female  Vermont
Chelsea, Orange, Vermont, USARodolph Eastabrook32Male  Vermont
 Roxana Eastabrook35Female  Vermont
 Johnson C Eastabrook8Male  Vermont
 George E Eastabrook6Male  Vermont
 Sophia Allen16Female  Vermont
Chelsea, Orange, Vermont, USAWilliam Annis53Male  Vermont
 Sophia Annis41Female  Vermont
 William Paine17Male  Vermont
 Franklin Eastabrook12Male  New York
Washington, Orange, Vermont, USAWilliam L Eastabrook37Male  Vermont
 Adaline Eastabrook39Female  New Hampshire
Washington, Orange, Vermont, USASamuel Eastabrook77Male  New Hampshire
 Betsy Eastabrook67Female  New Hampshire
Mendon, Rutland, Vermont, USADudley Eastabrook24Male  Vermont
 Caroline Eastabrook22Female  Vermont
 Clarence Eastabrook1Male  Vermont
 Alvira Hadley10Female  Vermont
Sherburne, Rutland, Vermont, USARichard E Eastabrook21Male  Vermont
 Hannah Eastabrook86Female  Massachusetts
 Mary W Eastabrook54Female  Vermont
 Parcilla Eastabrook49Female  Vermont
 Leflie E Colton4Female  Massachusetts
Sherburne, Rutland, Vermont, USARichard Estabrook51Male  Vermont
 Dorcas Estabrook46Female  Massachusetts
 Douglass Estabrook26Male  Vermont
 Dennis Estabrook23Male  Vermont
 Danford Estabrook18Male  Vermont
 Luther Estabrook17Male  Vermont
 Hannah Estabrook15Female  Vermont
 Hariet Estabrook13Female  Vermont
 Marcus Estabrook10Male  Vermont
 Clara Estabrook3Female  Vermont
 Merrick G Estabrook1Male  Vermont
 Joel Rawson54Male  Vermont
Sherburne, Rutland, Vermont, USAThomas W Estabrook57Male  Vermont
 Nancy Estabrook53Female  Massachusetts
 Andrew F Estabrook27Male  Vermont
 Alphonzo W Estabrook25Male  Vermont
 Gilman Estabrook13Male  Vermont
 Meredith Estabrook17Female  Vermont
 Horace Dodge24Male  Vermont
Sherburne, Rutland, Vermont, USACharles F Lincoln32Male  Vermont
 Eliza A Lincoln27Female  Vermont
 Newman M Lincoln6Male  Vermont
 Estal W Lincoln3Male  Vermont
 Arba N Lincoln1Male  Vermont
 Charles N Avery14Male  Vermont
 Alonzo T Estabrook23Male  Vermont
Clarendon, Rutland, Vermont, USAAlbert N Houghton32Male  Vermont
 Anson F Esterbrook45Male  New Hampshire
 Patty Esterbrook53Female  New Hampshire
 Lydia Reer85Female  New Hampshire
Guilford, Windham, Vermont, USABarnard Estabrook57Male  Vermont
 Nancy Estabrook54Female  Vermont
 Sophia Estabrook27Female  Vermont
 Ann Estabrook19Female  Vermont
Guilford, Windham, Vermont, USARoyal Estabrooks27Male  Vermont
 Augusta Estabrooks24Female  Massachusetts
 Aaron B Estabrooks0Male  Vermont
Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USAWilliam H Estabrook36Male  Vermont
 Adline Estabrook25Female  Vermont
 Ada Estabrook4Female  Vermont
 Mary Estabrook2Female  Vermont
 C R Moor25Male  New York
Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USADaniel S Estabrook44Male  Vermont
 Elizabeth Estabrook42Female  Vermont
 Oscar D Estabrook17Male  Vermont
 Ann E Estabrook15Female  Vermont
Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USAGeorge W Easterbrooks28Male  Vermont
 Ann Easterbrooks28Female  Vermont
 Julia A Easterbrooks3Female  Vermont
Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USAJames H Easterbrook38Male  Vermont
 Nancy Easterbrook37Female  Vermont
 Lucy Easterbrook10Female  Vermont
 Florance Easterbrook3Female  Vermont
 Louisa Easterbrook0Female  Vermont
 James Easterbrook74Male  Vermont
 Lucinda French22Female  Vermont
 Lucinda Burt44Female  Vermont
Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont, USAWilliam May37Male  Vermont
 Lucy May26Female  Vermont
 Sarah Estabrook65Female  Vermont
 William Bailey35Male  Vermont
 Sidney L May5Male  Vermont
Dummerston, Windham, Vermont, USABenja Estabrook59Male  Vermont
 Lydia Estabrook52Female  Vermont
 Clarissa A Estabrook25Female  Vermont
Dover, Windham, Vermont, USAJededeah Estabrook66Male  Vermont
 Percis Estabrook64Female  Vermont
 Chas F Estabrook20Male  Vermont
Dover, Windham, Vermont, USASylvester Cushman25Male  Vermont
 Emily Cushman25Female  Cornwall
 Augusta E Cushman1Female  Vermont
 Patrick N Hayden20Male  Ireland
 Wm F Esterbrook26Male  Vermont
 Abby D Esterbrook21Female  Vermont
 Oscar J Esterbrook2Male  Vermont
Dover, Windham, Vermont, USAJedediah m C Estabrook29Male  Vermont
 Rozanna Estabrook30Female  Vermont
 Samuel G Estabrook5Male  Vermont
 Taylor Estabrook3Male  Vermont
Wilmington, Windham, Vermont, USARollin M Witt29Male  Vermont
 Ellen O Witt6Female  Vermont
 Augusta E Witt4Female  Vermont
 Maria A Witt27Female  Vermont
 Wm Estabrook16Male  Vermont
Wilmington, Windham, Vermont, USAHenry Estabrook57Male  Massachusetts
 Hannah S Estabrook51Female  Massachusetts
 Marietta Estabrook22Female  Vermont
 Parsons Clapp78Male  Massachusetts
 Pheba Clapp73Female  Massachusetts
Somerset, Windham, Vermont, USAEdnah L Morre0Male   
 Wallert King50Male  Massachusetts
 Joel Estabrook68Male  Vermont
 Prudy King62Female  Massachusetts
Somerset, Windham, Vermont, USASamuel Kings50Male   
 Anna Estabrook58Female   
 Samuel S Ingram23Male   
 Mary Ann Ingram21Female   
 Manvilla L Ingram1Male   
Somerset, Windham, Vermont, USALorenzo S Estabrook40Male  Vermont
 Susan Estabrook40Female  Vermont
 Chas H Estabrook15Male  Vermont
 Mary R Estabrook11Female  Vermont
 Henry O Estabrook10Male  Vermont
 Saml S Estabrook8Male  Vermont
 Joel S Estabrook6Male  Vermont
 John A Estabrook3Male  Vermont
Somerset, Windham, Vermont, USAErastus Estabrook39Male   
 Mary A Estabrook44Female   
 Mary P Estabrook16Female   
 Susanna E Estabrook12Female   
 Geo H Estabrook7Male   
 Francena E Estabrook4Female   
 Georgiana Estabrook2Female   
 Polly Stearns64Female  New Hampshire
Somerset, Windham, Vermont, USARufus Cobb55Male  Vermont
 Trephena Cobb48Female  Vermont
 Abigail Estabrook37Female  Vermont
 Rufus Stancliff33Male  Vermont
 Armanda Stancliff27Female  Vermont
 Calesta Stancliff0Female  Vermont
Jamaica, Windham, Vermont, USAWarren Shayer43Male  Vermont
 Susanna Shayer44Female  Vermont
 Justin L Shayer10Male  Vermont
 Harriet Shayer7   Vermont
 Laurette Shayer8Female  Vermont
 Sarah Shayer5Female  Vermont
 Lewis Estabrook55Male  Vermont
 Lucy Estabrook81Female  Vermont
Jamaica, Windham, Vermont, USAEnoch Estabrook38Male  Vermont
 Sylvia Estabrook36Female  Vermont
 Rodney L Estabrook13Male  Vermont
 John E Estabrook10Male  Vermont
 Nelson F Estabrook5Male  Vermont
 Eno L Estabrook1Male  Vermont
Jamaica, Windham, Vermont, USAHallis Twitchell55Male  Vermont
 Joanna Twitchell50Female  Vermont
 Adams Twitchell23Male  Vermont
 Nathaniel Twitchell19Male  Vermont
 Lucy Twitchell17Female  Vermont
 Stephen Estabrook57Male  Vermont
 Dexter Larry29Male  Vermont
 Thankpul Larry27Female  Vermont
 Byron Larry5Male  Vermont
Stratton, Windham, Vermont, USAEzckiel Estabrook45Male  Vermont
 Betsey B Estabrook43Female  Vermont
 Abel K Estabrook19Male  Vermont
 Amelia A Estabrook17Female  Vermont
 Henry W Estabrook14Male  Vermont
 Mariett M Estabrook12Female  Vermont
 Ella A Estabrook0Female  Vermont
Stratton, Windham, Vermont, USAEzra Estabrook80Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah Estabrook65Female  Massachusetts
Rockingham, Windham, Vermont, USAJohn Easterbrook65Male  New Hampshire
 Belinda Easterbrook60Female  Vermont
Rockingham, Windham, Vermont, USASheron Easterbrook28Male  Vermont
 Sarah S Easterbrook18Female  Massachusetts
Rockingham, Windham, Vermont, USASunny W Easterbrook37Male  Vermont
 Caroline Easterbrook24Female  Vermont
 Harriet A Easterbrook7Female  Vermont
 Abraham Easterbrook71Male  Vermont
Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont, USALucius O Wright26Male  Vermont
 Adaline Wright21Female  Vermont
 Edson Gibbs23Male  Vermont
 Charles Gibbs17Male  Vermont
 Susan Downer18Female  Vermont
 Harry Fay22Male  Vermont
 Jane Waterfield18Female  Vermont
 John McCollister27Male  Vermont
 John Buck19Male  Vermont
 Isaac Easterbrooks26Male  Vermont
 Franklin Ladd30Male  Vermont
Norwich, Windsor, Vermont, USAHorace Estabrook33Male  New Hampshire
 Curtis Estabrook3Male  Vermont
 Mandana Leland27Female  Vermont
 Sarah E Leland3Female  Vermont
 Moses Davis60Male  Vermont
Norwich, Windsor, Vermont, USAEdwin Estabrook44Male  New Hampshire
 Julia M Estabrook40Female  Massachusetts
 Edwin M Estabrook13Male  Vermont
 Julia A Estabrook4Female  Vermont
 Lemuel R Jenne25Male  Vermont
 William Wood25Male  New Hampshire
 George W Kibling40Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah Kibling40Female  Massachusetts
 George W Kibling12Male  Massachusetts
 Elizabeth Kibling13Female  Massachusetts
 George Blaisdell20Male  Vermont
Norwich, Windsor, Vermont, USAGeorge Estabrook30Male  New Hampshire
 Frances A Estabrook33Female  Vermont
 Dwight Estabrook4Male  Vermont
 George J Estabrook1Male  Vermont
Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont, USAEnos Easterbrook55Male  New Hampshire
 Abner Easterbrook24Male  Vermont
 Absina Phillips26Female  Vermont
 Lorina Easterbrook47Female  New Hampshire
Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont, USAElias Petagrew25Male  Vermont
 Batthea Petagrew22Female  Vermont
 Abial Spaulding81Female  Massachusetts
 Nabby Easterbrooks65Female  Massachusetts
 Polly Easterbrooks55Female  Massachusetts
 Moses Bates45Male  Massachusetts
 Walter Clark10Male  Massachusetts
Reading, Windsor, Vermont, USAThomas Eastabrook60Male  Vermont
 Sybil Eastabrook58Female  Vermont
 Adin C Eastabrook21Male  Vermont
Reading, Windsor, Vermont, USAPrudnce Emerson75Female  Connecticut
 Thomas B Eastabrook38Male  Vermont
Reading, Windsor, Vermont, USAWilliam W Eastabrook33Male  Vermont
 Isabel Eastabrook32Female  Vermont
 Francis M Eastabrook11Female  Vermont
 Oscar A Eastabrook8Male  Vermont
 Edgar A Eastabrook6Male  Vermont
 Jasper Eastabrook5Male  Vermont
Stowe, Lamoille, Vermont, USADavid Easterbrooks42Male  Vermont
 Alice Easterbrooks40Female  Vermont
 George Easterbrooks10Male  Vermont
 Mortin Easterbrooks7Male  Vermont
 Clora Easterbrooks3Female  Vermont
 James B Easterbrooks1Male  Vermont
 Ellen Maynard17Female  New York
 Hannah Mortin62Female  Vermont
 Celia Mortin20Female  Vermont
District 24, Delaware, Indiana, USAA F Estabrooks35Male  Vermont
 Elisabeth A Estabrooks28Female  Kentucky
 James E Estabrooks4Male  Indiana
 John Estabrooks0Male  Indiana
 John Harlan16Male  Indiana
 Henry Wachtell16Male  Ohio
 Margaret J Clark19Female  Ohio
Monroe, Pulaski, Indiana, USAArbemus Esterbrook59Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline Esterbrook57Female  Massachusetts
 Lyman T Esterbrook22Male  Ohio
 Caroline Esterbrook15Female  Ohio
District 7, Dubuque, Iowa, USAJames Estabrook59Male  Vermont
 Nancy Estabrook56Female  New Hampshire
 Gratia Estabrook19Female  New York
 Aaron Estabrook17Male  New York
 Hannah Estabrook15Female  New York
Big Grove, Johnson, Iowa, USAPorter Esterbrook43Male  Vermont
 Margarett Esterbrook42Female  New York
 Andrew Esterbrook11Male  Ohio
 Sarah A Esterbrook10Female  Ohio
 John Esterbrook8Male  Iowa
 Elmer Esterbrook3   Iowa
 Ellen Esterbrook3Female  Iowa
Representative District 3, Orleans, Louisiana, USAR Esterbrook37Male  England
 F A Esterbrook44Female  New York
 F A Esterbrook6Female  Louisiana
 Lucy Terrell21Female  Louisiana
 Bridget Cowman17Female  Ireland
Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USAS S Cutter34Male  New York
 Adaline Cutter25Female  New York
 Herbert Esterbrook22Male  New York
Bedford, Calhoun, Michigan, USANathaniel A Barney25Male  Nova Scotia
 Hannah Barney20Female  Canada
 Henry Barney2Male  Michigan
 Edgar Barney0Male  Michigan
 Clarina Craustur10Female  Michigan
 Betsey Craustur13Female  Michigan
 Samuel Eastabrook25Male  New Hampshire
 Richard Foster18Male  Vermont
 Franklin Van veker18Male  Nova Scotia
Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USAEmery Esterbrook43Male  Vermont
 Roxany Esterbrook42Female  New York
 Edward Esterbrook19Male  New York
 Lucy A Esterbrook17Female  New York
 Malissa Esterbrook13Female  New York
 Josephin Esterbrook11Female  New York
 Benjamin F Esterbrook8Male  New York
Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, USAJohn T Newell27Male  New York
 Keziah Newell20Female  New York
 Franklin Esterbrook23Male  New York
Franklin, Lenawee, Michigan, USAJames B Wells50Male  Virginia
 Sally Wells50Female  New York
 Laomis Wells23Male  New York
 Menitable Wells25Female  New York
 Bridgeman Wells21Male  New York
 Elizabeth Wells19Female  New York
 Nathaniel Wells18Male  New York
 Cyrus Wells14Male  Michigan
 Julia Wells12Female  Michigan
 James Wells11Male  Michigan
 Amelia Wells8Female  Michigan
 Samuel Wells4Male  Michigan
 Joseph Castabrook30Male  Nova Scotia
 Emily Castabrook26Female  New York
Franklin, Lenawee, Michigan, USAJoseph Easterbrook59Male  New Hampshire
 Susannah Easterbrook56Female  New Hampshire
 Josephine Easterbrook12Female  New York
 Joseph Halbert7Male  New York
Franklin, Lenawee, Michigan, USAJohn M Easterbrook27Male  New Hampshire
 Anna Easterbrook24Female  New York
 Mary Easterbrook5Female  Michigan
 Willard Easterbrook3Male  Michigan
 Louis Hemphill14   New York
Unadilla, Livingston, Michigan, USAPhilip Dier54Male  Pennsylvania
 Anna Dier39Female  New Jersey
 Susan Dier18Female  New Jersey
 Philip Dier16Male  New Jersey
 Clarissa Dier13Female  Michigan
 Joseph Dier12Male  Michigan
 John Dier9Male  Michigan
 Elizabeth Dier7Female  Michigan
 John Newell25Male  New York
 Heziah Newell19Female  New Jersey
 Thos McKernan23Male  New York
 Dennis Fitzpatrick21Male  Atlantic Ocean
 Franklin Esterbrook23Male  New Hampshire
Avon, Oakland, Michigan, USAWm Esterbrook31Male  Vermont
 Laura Esterbrook24Female  New York
 George Esterbrook5Male  Michigan
 Maria Esterbrook2Female  Michigan
 Mite Esterbrook0Male  Michigan
St Clair, St Clair, Michigan, USAJohn Estabrook27Male  New York
St Clair, St Clair, Michigan, USAEathan Estabrook28Male  New York
St Clair, St Clair, Michigan, USAMoses Estabrooks30Male  New York
 Emily Estabrooks37Female  Canada
 Hannah Estabrooks61Female  New York
 Palasci Estabrooks5Female  Michigan
 Jinerva Estabrooks3Female  Michigan
 Hannah Estabrook27Female  New York
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USADaniel Dayley45Male  Ireland
 Mary Dayley40Female  Ireland
 Maria Dayley31Female  Ireland
 William Dayley13Male  Ireland
 James Dayley10Male  Michigan
 John Dayley8Male  Michigan
 Dennis Dayley6Male  Michigan
 Ellen Dayley4Female  Michigan
 John Eigstebuck50Male  Germany
 Mary Eigstebuck44Female  France
 John Eigstebuck23Male  Germany
 Mary Eigstebuck20Female  France
 Mary Eigstebuck0Female  Michigan
 John Omerey30Male  Germany
 Cathrine Omerey25Female  Germany
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USAFrank Cicotte32Male  Michigan
 Elizabeth Cicotte32Female  New York
 Victoria Cicotte14Female  Michigan
 Felicia Cicotte5Female  Michigan
 Sarah Green18Female  New York
 Elijah R Gilbert46Male  New York
 Ann Gilbert46Female  Connecticut
 Christina Valette22Female  Germany
 Charles Clark27Male  New York
 Mary Clark23Female  New York
 Joseph Doww20Male  New York
 John Esterbrook25Male  New York
 Bradford Smith16Male  Michigan
Newark East Ward, Essex, New Jersey, USAWilliam Estarbrook54Male  New York
 Hester Estarbrook38Female  New York
 Sarah J Estarbrook19Female  New York
 Martin Estarbrook21Male  New York
 Augustin Estarbrook18Male  New York
 Horatio Estarbrook14Male  New York
 Otice Estarbrook13Male  New York
 Albert R Estarbrook0Male  New Jersey
Jersey, Hudson, New Jersey, USAMatthias Smith33Male  New Jersey
 Helen M Smith24Female  New York
 Laura J Smith1Female  New Jersey
 Sanford Estabrook12Male  New York
Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, USAJohn Hopper36Male  New Jersey
 Mary A Hopper31Female  Pennsylvania
 John H Hopper8Male  New Jersey
 Ann B Hopper6Female  New Jersey
 Robert J Hopper4Male  New Jersey
 Mary J Hopper2Female  New Jersey
 Wm Hopper0Male  New Jersey
 Margaret C Imlay35Female  Pennsylvania
 Ann B Imlay32Female  Pennsylvania
 Margaret Bergen23Female  Ireland
 Catherine Kirwell17Female  Ireland
 Dorinda Esterbrook50Female  Connecticut
Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, USADorinda Esterbrook50Female  Connecticut
Middletown, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USAA J Easterbrooks27Male  Pennsylvania
 Mary Easterbrooks26Female  Pennsylvania
 Wealthy Easterbrooks66Female  Connecticut
 Betsy C Drinkwater20Female  Pennsylvania
 Wm Clark13Male  Pennsylvania
Harmony, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USASarah Esterbrook21Female  Vermont
Jackson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USASylvester Easterbrooks60Male  Vermont
 Dimmis Easterbrooks58Female  Vermont
 Henry Easterbrooks25Male  Vermont
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks30Female  Vermont
 Harriet Easterbrooks19Female  Vermont
 Warren Easterbrooks17Male  Vermont
 Theodore Easterbrooks12Male  Vermont
 Hale Easterbrooks28Male  Vermont
 Lucy Easterbrooks25Female  Pennsylvania
 Charles J Russell12Male  Vermont
 George M Cole25Male  Vermont
Jackson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USAWm W Easterbrooks38Male  Vermont
 Cynthia Easterbrooks33Female  Vermont
 Frederick Easterbrooks18Male  Vermont
 Jane Easterbrooks16Female  Vermont
 Ann Easterbrooks14Female  Vermont
 Whitmore B Easterbrooks12Male  Pennsylvania
 Dwight Easterbrooks10Male  Pennsylvania
 Elijah Easterbrooks7Male  Pennsylvania
 Lovisa Easterbrooks5Female  Pennsylvania
 Willard Easterbrooks3Male  Pennsylvania
 Edgar Easterbrooks0Male  Pennsylvania
Lawrence, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USALester Wilton47Male  Vermont
 Sally Wilton41Female  New York
 Charles Wilton23Male  New York
 Andrew Wilton19Male  New York
 Helen Wilton17Female  New York
 Harriet Wilton15Female  New York
 Otis Wilton8Male  New York
 Daniel Wilton6Male  New York
 Holmes Wilton1Male  New York
 Geo Easterbrooks19Male  New York
 David Cole23Male  Pennsylvania
Scott, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USAJoseph Bryant52Male  Vermont
 Marietta Bryant49Female  Rhode Island
 Clark D Bryant16Male  Pennsylvania
 George Barret19Male  Vermont
 Sheffield Madison26Male  Pennsylvania
 F Easterbrooks18Male  Vermont
 Charlotte Rounds19Female  Pennsylvania
Honesdale, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USAWm J Esterbrook29Male  Maine
 Clarrisa Esterbrook25Female  New York
 Chs Esterbrook1Male  Pennsylvania
 James Alangha18Male  Pennsylvania
 Mary Haley14Female  Ireland
 Martin Adams8Male  New York
Cokesbury, Abbeville, South Carolina, USACharles Smith42Male   
 Sarah Smith35Female   
 Mary R Smith17Female   
 Caroline Smith15Female   
 William W Smith12Male   
 Lucy C Smith9Female  South Carolina
 John A Smith6Male   
 Sallie Smith4Female   
 Charles C Smith1Male   
 Ellen Esterbroke25Female  Massachusetts
Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USALucinda Dickinson66Female  Massachusetts
 Percy Dickinson37Male  Massachusetts
 Joseph Estabrook Male  New Hampshire
Providence, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USASylvester Estabrook32Male  Pennsylvania
 Lucy J Estabrook28Female  Pennsylvania
 Frnett Aolstead30Male  Pennsylvania
 James Canfield20Male  Pennsylvania
 Catharine Kilbury22Female  Ireland
 Wm M Estabrook3Male  Pennsylvania
 Martha Walcott4   Pennsylvania
 Lewis Hedden43Male  New Jersey
 Margaret Hedden35Female  New Jersey
 James Hedden13Male  New Jersey
 Mary C Hedden11Female  New Jersey
 John Hedden10   New Jersey
 Geo Hedden8Male  Pennsylvania
 Joseph Hedden6Male  Pennsylvania
 Elizbeth Hedden2Female  Pennsylvania
 Aaron Hedden0Male  Pennsylvania
Sergeant, McKean, Pennsylvania, USADaniel Easterbrook47Male  New York
 Lydia Easterbrook47Female  New York
 William Easterbrook17Male  Pennsylvania
 Dyer Easterbrook14Male  Pennsylvania
 Daniel Easterbrook12Male  Pennsylvania
Rochester Ward 2, Monroe, New York, USAOrpha Easterbrooks53Female  New York
 Frances A Easterbrooks21Female  New York
 John S Easterbrooks20Male  New York
 Mary Hood22Female  New York
 Eliza Crane23Female  New York
 Harriet Crane21Female  New York
 Elizabeth Van Antwerp24Female  New York
 Benjamin Hibbard20Male  New York
 Catharine George19Female  New York
 Phil Dolph23Male  New York
 John Rankin26Male  Ireland
New York Ward 3, New York, New York, USARay B Eastbrook28Male  New York
 Julia Eastbrook19Female  New York
New York Ward 3, New York, New York, USAEastbrooks33Male  New York
 Eastbrooks19Female  New York
New York Ward 6, New York, New York, USAAustin Estabrook32Male  New York
New York Ward 7 District 1, New York, New York, USAJane Castles30Female  Pennsylvania
 Mary A Simpson59Female  Ireland
 Chas Green31Male  Massachusetts
 Susan Green21Female  Massachusetts
 John Thompson21Male  New York
 Erastus B Cole26Male  New York
 Edwin Easterbrook45Male  Vermont
 Jas Maynor22Male  New York
New York Ward 8 District 1, New York, New York, USAHenry A Baldwin47Male  New York
 Mary E Baldwin42Female  Connecticut
 Joseph Baldwin21Male  New York
 May D Baldwin17Female  New York
 Hannah Baldwin14Female  New York
 Harriet Baldwin10Female  New York
 Sarah Baldwin7Female  New York
 Mary Eastman24Female  New York
 Nora Esterbrook21Female  Ireland
New York Ward 9 District 3, New York, New York, USARobert Chapman34Male  England
 Amy Chapman56Female  England
 Elizabeth Chapman28Female  England
 Benson Chapman18Male  England
 Emma Chapman14Female  England
 Jane Esterbrook21Female  England
 Maria Quinn18Female  Germany
New York Ward 10, New York, New York, USAEidia Davy65Female  England
 Bertha Davy21Female  England
 Bertha Esterbrook8Female  New York
 Mark Cohen42Male  England
 Jacob Cohen9Male  New York
New York Ward 17, New York, New York, USAGeorge Eastburk29Male  New York
 Mary Eastburk27Female  New York
 George Eastburk4Male  New York
 William Eastburk1Male  New York
 Margaret Hopkins34Female  Ireland
 Margaret Hopkins6Female  Ireland
 Edward Hopkins5Male  Ireland
 Patrick Walin30Male  Ireland
 Margaret Walin26Female  Ireland
 John Walin0Male  New York
 John Labatut39Male  New York
 Caroline Labatut33Female  Maryland
 John Labatut14Male  New York
 George Labatut10Male  New York
 Joseph Labatut8Male  New York
 Thomas Labatut6Male  New York
 Willm Labatut3Male  New York
New York Ward 18, New York, New York, USALuke Prandergast36Male  Ireland
 Catharine Prandergast26Female  Ireland
 Geoffrey Prandergast15Male  Ireland
 John Prandergast1Male  New York
 Bridget24Female  Ireland
 John Gordan28Male  New York
 Jane Gordan20Female  New York
 Jane Gordan3Female  New York
 John Gordan1   New York
 C Eastbrook34Female  England
New York Ward 18, New York, New York, USAJames Riley32Male  Ireland
 Mary Riley33Female  Ireland
 Catharine Riley7Female  Ireland
 James Riley6Male  Ireland
 Ellen Riley4Female  New York
 Thomas Riley3Male  New York
 Hester Riley1Female  New York
 Jane McCully25Female  Ireland
 Acabo Eastbrook30Female  England
 Emly Eastbrook8Female  New York
 Sarah Eastbrook6Female  New York
 Grace Eastbrook3Female  New York
 Wm Eastbrook1Male  New York
 Lucy Gerard15Female  Ireland
 Mary Boundy10Female  New York
Manlius, Onondaga, New York, USANichols Easterbrooks78Male  England
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks75Female  England
 James Easterbrooks32Male  England
 John Burrous51Male  New York
East Bloomfield, Ontario, New York, USACharles Esterbrooks40Male  Vermont
 Betsey Esterbrooks39Female  Vermont
 Irving Esterbrooks14Male  New York
 Stephen Esterbrooks12Male  New York
 Ellatha Esterbrooks17Female  New York
Seneca, Ontario, New York, USAMathew Easterbrook55Male  England
 Mary Easterbrook37Female  England
 Martha Easterbrook18Female  Canada
Seneca, Ontario, New York, USAMathew Easterbrooks22Male  New York
 Helen Easterbrooks22Female  New York
Newburgh, Orange, New York, USACharles Eastbrook26Male  New York
 Susan Eastbrook23Female  New York
 Marshall Eastbrook20   New York
 Lydia Eastbrook50Female  New York
Parish, Oswego, New York, USARichard P Carter50Male  New York
 Polly Carter50Female  New York
 John Carter24Male  New York
 Catherine Esterbrook27Female  New York
 Hannah M Carter22Female  New York
 Caroline Carter17Female  New York
 Huldah Carter14Female  New York
 James W Carter11Male  New York
Hastings, Oswego, New York, USANathaniel T Easterbrooks44Male  Vermont
 Miranda Easterbrooks35Female  New York
 Curtis C Easterbrooks10Male  New York
 Sabra Parmer66Female  Connecticut
 Abagail Parmer11Female  New York
Hastings, Oswego, New York, USADennison Wightman36Male  Vermont
 Irene Wightman31Female  New York
 George Wightman14Male  New York
 Mariah Wightman13Female  New York
 Catharine Esterbrook26Female  New York
Hastings, Oswego, New York, USAAndrew Esterbrooks32Male  Vermont
 Mary M Esterbrooks24Female  New York
 Otis C Esterbrooks2Male  New York
West Monroe, Oswego, New York, USABernard Allen41Male  New York
 Maria Allen34Female  New Hampshire
 Harriet L Allen12Female  New York
 Adaline M Allen10Female  New York
 Rosette M Allen8Female  New York
 Emma M Allen5Female  New York
 Ellen E Allen2Female  New York
 Eunice B Easterbrook33Female  Massachusetts
 Frances S Easterbrook2Female  New Jersey
Troy Ward 3, Rensselaer, New York, USAClara Hewitt59Female  Massachusetts
 Mary Whiting56Female  Massachusetts
 Mary S Whiting22Female  New York
 William Orr40Male  Ireland
 Jane Orr31Female  New York
 Anna Orr4Female  New York
 David Orr2Male  New York
 Addison S Estabrook21Male  New York
 John A Hand35Male  New York
 Otis A Crandall21Male  New York
 William H Burroll16Male  Connecticut
 Frederick O Burbans17Male  Vermont
 Margaret Combo25Female  Ireland
 Mary Ann Kiley28Female  Ireland
 Ann Winslow18Female  Ireland
Troy Ward 8, Rensselaer, New York, USABenjamin C Estabrooks51Male  New York
 Almira Estabrooks45Female  Massachusetts
 Jane E Estabrooks20Female  New York
 Loyal T Estabrooks15Male  New York
Hoosick, Rensselaer, New York, USADavid Esterbrook53Male  Massachusetts
 Hannah Esterbrook53Female  Vermont
 Stenzo C Esterbrook29Male  Vermont
 Albert M Esterbrook16Male  Vermont
 James E Esterbrook10Male  Wisconsin
 Amanda Esterbrook14Female  Wisconsin
Hoosick, Rensselaer, New York, USARobert Durrah26Male  Scotland
 Hellen E Durrah27Female  New York
 Ezra R Esterbrook26Male  Vermont
 Lucy Esterbrook32Female  Vermont
 Wm H Esterbrook0Male  Vermont
 E R Esterbrook4Male  Vermont
Castleton, Richmond, New York, USAGeo Esterbrook29Male  England
 Eliza Esterbrook27Female  England
 Geo Esterbrook3Male  New York
 Frances Esterbrook0Female  New York
 Jas Garrett27Male  England
 Ann Garrett21Female  England
 Elzb Crenshaw12Female  England
Castleton, Richmond, New York, USAJos Esterbrook33Male  England
 Genet Esterbrook28Female  Scotland
 Mary Esterbrook3Female  New York
 Jos Esterbrook1Male  New York
Canton, Saint Lawrence, New York, USAJoseph W Esterbrook29Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Esterbrook26Female  Massachusetts
Waterford, Saratoga, New York, USAElisabeth Eastabrook50Female  New Hampshire
 Caroline Eastabrook27Female  Maine
Greenfield, Saratoga, New York, USAWilliam Medbury37Male  New York
 Erushia Medbury28Female  New York
 Lovina Medbury6Female  New York
 Helen Medbury2Female  New York
 Alvira Easterbrooks17   New York
Milton, Saratoga, New York, USAThomas Easterbrooks57Male  Rhode Island
 Cynthia Easterbrooks57Female  Rhode Island
 Northlance Easterbrooks30Male  New York
 Sarah Easterbrooks26Female  New York
 Job Easterbrooks24Male  New York
 Lidia Easterbrooks26Female  New York
 Lucy Easterbrooks16Female  New York
 Thomas Easterbrooks12Male  New York
 Julia Maddison22Female  New York
Broome, Schoharie, New York, USAHenry S Krum50Male  New York
 Lydia Krum14Female  New York
 Benjamin Krum11Male  New York
 Sylvia Brizee33Female  New York
 Melvin Brizee2Male  New York
 Phoebe Easterbrook24Female  New York
Broome, Schoharie, New York, USABenjamin Easterbrook40Male  New York
 Christina Easterbrook30Female  New York
 Drusilla Easterbrook14Female  New York
 John Easterbrook12Male  New York
 Lovina Easterbrook8Female  New York
 Robert Easterbrook5Male  New York
 Jerome Easterbrook3Male  New York
Broome, Schoharie, New York, USAJohn Easterbrook33Male  New York
 Betsy Easterbrook31Female  New York
 David M Easterbrook8Male  New York
 Mary Easterbrook6Female  New York
 Catharine Easterbrook3Female  New York
Gilboa, Schoharie, New York, USASolomon S Mackey56Male  New York
 Cynthia Mackey50Female  New York
 Safford Mackey19Male  New York
 Anna Mackey76Female  Connecticut
 Phoebe Easterbrook23Female  New York
Lodi, Seneca, New York, USAJemima Van Herbe54Female  New York
 Blue Van Herbe28Male  New York
 Emaline Van Herbe24Female  New York
 John Easterbrook51Male  Connecticut
Hornby, Steuben, New York, USAAbraham Easterbrook28Male  New York
 Sarah J Easterbrook21Female  New Jersey
 Caroline Case18Female  New Jersey
Hornby, Steuben, New York, USAJohn Easterbrook36Male  New York
 Maranda Easterbrook36Female  New York
 Diantha Easterbrook11Female  New York
 Mary Easterbrook9Female  New York
 Serena Easterbrook7Female   
 John M Easterbrook5Male   
 Philander N Easterbrook3Male   
Hornby, Steuben, New York, USASamuel Easterbrook33Male  New York
 Mary J Easterbrook30Female  New York
 Emanal J Easterbrook3Male  New York
Hornby, Steuben, New York, USAWilliam Easterbrook74Male  Rhode Island
 Mary Easterbrook72Female  New York
 Charity Easterbrook38Female  New York
 Wallace Hathaway8Male  New York
Hornby, Steuben, New York, USAAbeal Easterbrooks51Male  New York
 Betsey Easterbrooks49Female  Pennsylvania
 Peter Easterbrooks25Male  New York
 Leray Easterbrooks15Male  New York
Greenwood, Steuben, New York, USAGeorge W Easterbrooks35Male  Connecticut
 Polly Easterbrooks35Female  New York
 Eliza Langdon10Female  New York
Bradford, Steuben, New York, USAJohn Phelps71Male  Connecticut
 Hester Phelps56Female  Pennsylvania
 John Phelps22Male  New York
 Elizabeth Phelps21Female  New York
 George Phelps16Male  New York
 David Bassett16Male  New York
 Isaac Easterbrook26Male  New York
 Amanda Culver5Female  New York
Newfield, Tompkins, New York, USAThomas Reynolds74Male  Vermont
 Ruth Reynolds68Female  Vermont
 Robert Esterbrook40Male  Connecticut
 Polly Esterbrook33Female  New York
 Austin Esterbrook15Male  New York
 Rhoda Esterbrook13Female  New York
 Isaac Esterbrook9Male  New York
 Mary Esterbrook7Female  New York
 Adelia Esterbrook5Female  New York
 Adeline Esterbrook3Female  New York
 Samuel Droke25Male  New York
 Lavinia James16Female  New York
Newfield, Tompkins, New York, USARobert Esterbrook63Male  Connecticut
 Osenath Esterbrook60Female  Connecticut
 William Esterbrook33Male  Connecticut
 Herman Esterbrook26Male  Connecticut
 Hobart Esterbrook22Male  New York
 Bela Esterbrook20Male  New York
Newfield, Tompkins, New York, USARalph H Easterbrook28Male  New York
 Margaret A Easterbrook28Female  New York
 Hannah Vanbuskirk26Female  Pennsylvania
 Mary A Howland3Female  New York
 Phineas Vanbuskirk28Male  Pennsylvania
Saugerties, Ulster, New York, USAJoseph Easterbrook38Male  New Hampshire
 M Easterbrook35Female  New Hampshire
 Charlotte Easterbrook4Female  New Hampshire
 Joseph Easterbrook2Male  New Hampshire
Butler, Wayne, New York, USADaniel Eastbrook27Male  New York
 Phebe Eastbrook25Female  New York
 Helen Eastbrook0Female  New York
 Charles Benedict4Male  New York
 Albert Burgdorff15Male  New York
Savannah, Wayne, New York, USASimon Easterbrook57Male  Connecticut
 Orrena Easterbrook46Female  New Hampshire
 Ethan A Easterbrook24Male  New York
 Henry Easterbrook23Male  New York
 Ann Easterbrook20Female  New York
Eagle, Wyoming, New York, USAMarshal Easterbrook58Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Easterbrook56   Connecticut
 Alden Easterbrook24Male  Vermont
 Amanda Easterbrook21Female  Vermont
 Andrew H Easterbrook20Male  Vermont
 Lemuel Easterbrook18Male  Vermont
 Mary Easterbrook15Female  Vermont
Pike, Wyoming, New York, USASimeon Capron59Male  Vermont
 Amanda Capron49Female  New York
 Julia A Capron23Female  New York
 Mary M Capron16Female  New York
 Emily Capron18Female  New York
 Menercy Capron11Female  New York
 Hannah W Capron9Female  New York
 Harris Easterbrook20Male  New York
 Polly Bowers80Female  Connecticut
Milo, Yates, New York, USAIsaac Wyman26Male  New York
 Rachel Wyman23Female  New York
 Caroline C Wyman3Female  New York
 Oliver T Wyman2Male  New York
 Matthew Easterbrook26Male  England
 Hellen Easterbrook22Female  England
Lewis, Oregon Territory, USALorense Easterbrooks30Male  Vermont
Beaver Dam, Dodge, Wisconsin, USADavid Past49Male  Pennsylvania
 Sarah Past45Female  Rhode Island
 Henry Past23Male  Pennsylvania
 John T Past10Male  Pennsylvania
 Lucretia M Past6Female  Pennsylvania
 Lydia H Past4Female  Pennsylvania
 John Esterbrook35Male  Vermont
 Harriet G Esterbrook18Female  Pennsylvania
 William Cribbs32Male  Cw
 Phoebe Cribbs32Female  Cw
 William Cribbs9Male  Cw
 Mary Cribbs6Female  Cw
 Charle Cribbs3Male  Wisconsin
 Charles Archibald18Male  Nova Scotia
Lomira, Dodge, Wisconsin, USANoah Esterbrook44Male  New Hampshire
 Rotha Esterbrook38Female  Vermont
 Nancy Esterbrook16Female  New York
 Charles Esterbrook15Male  New York
 Loosey Esterbrook13Female  New York
 Asro Esterbrook10Male  New York
 Simon Esterbrook6Male  Ohio
 Joseph Esterbrook4Male  Indian
 Emily Esterbrook4Female  Wisconsin
Eastern District, Grant, Wisconsin, USAArmstrong Mitchell45Male  Ireland
 Jane Mitchell50Female  Ireland
 David Mitchell18Male  New York
 James Mitchell16Male  New York
 Samuel Mitchell11Male  New York
 George Mitchell8Male  New York
 John Mitchell21Male  New York
 Edward Esterbrook28Male  Illinois
 Margaret Esterbrook24Female  New York
 Chas E Esterbrook2Male  Wisconsin
 Susan M Esterbrook0Female  Wisconsin
Mifflin, Iowa, Wisconsin, USAJohn Estabrook28Male  Illinois
 Sheodicia Estabrook20Female  Illinois
 John Hancock10Male  Illinois
Mifflin, Iowa, Wisconsin, USAE A Day23Male  Illinois
 Lucy A Day23Female  Illinois
 Emeline Estabrook27Female  Illinois
East Troy, Walworth, Wisconsin, USANehemiah Estabrook60Male  Vermont
 Betsy Estabrook52Female  New York
 Edwin Estabrook13Male  New York
 Nancy Estabrook9Female  New York
 Darcus Canfield74Female  Connecticut
Geneva, Walworth, Wisconsin, USAExpenence Estherbrooks37Male  New Hampshire
 Caroline Estherbrooks27Female  Pennsylvania
 Augusta Estherbrooks4Female  Wisconsin
 Martha Brown13Female  New York
Old Town, Penobscot, Maine, USAWm Hall48Male  Maine
 E Hall34Female  Maine
 Ann Hall20Female  Maine
 F Estabrook18Female  Maine
 Louissa Hall17Female  Maine
 M Hall7Female  Maine
 Jerusha Estabrook1Female  Maine
Old Town, Penobscot, Maine, USAD N Estabrook37Male  Maine
 M A Estabrook23Female  Maine
 W W Estabrook2Male  Maine
 A Vening10Female  Maine
 C Prouty20Female  Maine
 Jas White22Male  Maine
 Ch Fletcher22Male  New Brunswick
 Ira Estabrook19Male  Maine
 H Furgerson19Male  Nova Scotia
 Daniel Vining35Male  Nova Scotia
 Nancy Vining3Female  Nova Scotia
Old Town, Penobscot, Maine, USAGeo M Estabrook29Male  New Brunswick
 Eliza Estabrook25Female  Maine
 Melvin Estabrook2Male  Maine
Old Town, Penobscot, Maine, USAW W Estabrook46Male  New Brunswick
 J B Estabrook45Female  New Brunswick
 J B Estabrook1Female  Maine
Lubec, Washington, Maine, USAElisha Small67Male  New Brunswick
 Marybe Small60Female  Maine
 Marshall Small23Male  Maine
 Loring Small21Male  Maine
 Jacob Small20Male  Maine
 Lucy A Small16Female  Maine
 Julert Small14Female  Maine
 Estaria Small10Female  Maine
 Burton Easterbrook34Male  New Brunswick
 John McDaniel21Male  New Brunswick
 John Frances21Male  New Brunswick
 Neal Hoyt18Male  Nova Scotia
 Joseph McFadden35Male  Maine
 John Frost16Male  Maine
 John Frances27Male  New Brunswick
 Duncan McField25Male  Maine
Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAAlbin Easterbrooks24Male  New Brunswick
Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USANaomi Easterbrook24Female  New Brunswick
Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USANaomi Esterbrook20Female  Nova Scotia
Dorchester, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAThomas Hall39Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah W Hall39Female  Massachusetts
 Hayward P Hall13Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah B Hall11Female  Massachusetts
 Thomas Hall8Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah Atkins60Female  Massachusetts
 Luther L Estabrook29Male  New Hampshire
 Nora Hickey21Female  Ireland
 Mary Gilmore17Female  Ireland
Canton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAW Blackman38Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline Blackman32Female  Massachusetts
 Ellen Blackman6Female  Massachusetts
 Joseph Barstow23Male  Maine
 Henry Estabrook22Male  Vermont
 William Brown42Male  Scotland
 David Frasier40Male  Scotland
 Ann Bradley21Female  Ireland
Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USAEliakim Eastabrook45Male  Massachusetts
 E Eastabrook22Female  Massachusetts
 Augusta Eastabrook2Female  New Hampshire
Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USAAustin Estabrook35Male  Massachusetts
 A Estabrook33Female  Massachusetts
 Edward Estabrook6Male  Massachusetts
 Frances Estabrook4Female  New Hampshire
Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USADaniel Presho49Male  Massachusetts
 D Presho50Female  New Hampshire
 Melissa Presho21Female  New Hampshire
 Cordana Presho17Female  New Hampshire
 Sybil Estabrooks72Female  New Hampshire
Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USARichard Hopkins58Male  New Hampshire
 R Hopkins56Female  New Hampshire
 Henry Hopkins19   New Hampshire
 Luther Estabrooks28Male  New Hampshire
 Sarah Estabrooks26Female  New Hampshire
 George Estabrooks5Male  New Hampshire
 Elizabeth Estabrooks1Female  New Hampshire
St Johnsville, Montgomery, New York, USAElisha Easterbrooks45Male  Connecticut
 Laura Easterbrooks41Female  New York
 William P Easterbrooks20Male  New York
 Augustus S Pardee77Male  Connecticut
 James Golden18Male  Scotland
New York Ward 18 District 2, New York, New York, USAPeter Fisher61Male  New York
 Hester Fisher61Female  New York
 John A Esterbrook40Male  Vermont
 Mary A Esterbrook37Female  New York
 Peter Esterbrook11Male  New York
 Hester Titton26Female  New York
 Frederick Strong24Male  Massachusetts
Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USARobert Esterbrook40Male  New York
 Lucinda Esterbrook40Female  New York
 Harrison Esterbrook10Male  New York
 Elisha Esterbrook6Male  New York
 Ellen Esterbrook0Female  Wisconsin
 Josiah Tryon49Male  Massachusetts
Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USAJohn Esterbrook24Male  New York
 Laura Esterbrook25Female  New York
 John Esterbrook14Male  New York
 William Esterbrook10Male  New York
 Chancey Esterbrook8Male  New York
Friendship, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USACharles W Estabrooks38Male  Vermont
 Christina Estabrooks34Female  New York
 Philany Estabrooks13Female  New York
 Livoma Estabrooks12Female  New York
Molunkus Plantation, Aroostook, Maine, USAGlazien Estabrook37Male  New Brunswick
 Anne Estabrook46Female  New Brunswick
 Elisabeth Estabrook24Female  New Brunswick
 Eliza Estabrook14Female  New Brunswick
 Elsa Estabrook12Female  New Brunswick
 George F Estabrook7Male  New Brunswick
 Amelia Estabrook4Female  Maine
 Emma Estabrook10Female  New Brunswick
Amity, Aroostook, Maine, USAGeorge Estabrooks27Male  New Brunswick
 Frances Estabrooks22Female  New Brunswick
 Caroline Estabrooks6Female  Maine
 George F Estabrooks5Male  Maine
 Zimena Estabrooks2Female  Maine
 Climenza Estabrooks0Female  Maine
Amity, Aroostook, Maine, USAWentworth Estabrooks39Male  New Brunswick
 Mary Estabrooks35Female  New Brunswick
 Samuel A Estabrooks19Male  New Brunswick
 Emer Estabrooks14Female  New Brunswick
 Winslow Estabrooks13Male  New Brunswick
 George H Estabrooks11Male  New Brunswick
 Loiza J Estabrooks8Female  New Brunswick
 Weston Estabrooks6Male  Maine
 Hammond Estabrooks4Male  Maine
 Mary A Estabrooks0Female  Maine
Amity, Aroostook, Maine, USAHamond Estabrook43Male  New Brunswick
 Jemima Estabrook34Female  New Brunswick
 Horace G Estabrook13Male  New Brunswick
 John F Estabrook11Male  New Brunswick
 Adaline Estabrook9Female  New Brunswick
 Thomas H Estabrook7Male  New Brunswick
 William H Estabrook5Male  New Brunswick
 James A Estabrook4Male  New Brunswick
 Mary A Estabrook3Female  New Brunswick
 Catherine A Estabrook1Female  New Brunswick
Amity, Aroostook, Maine, USAEames Hall28Male  Maine
 Nancy J Hall25Female  Maine
 Albert Hall4Male  Maine
 Lios J Hall2Female  Maine
 Melissa A Hall0Female  Maine
 Hamond Estabrook67Male  New Brunswick
 Catherine Estabrook67Female  New Brunswick
 Loiza Estabrook24Female  New Brunswick
 James Estabrook27Male  New Brunswick
 Caroline Estabrook21Female  New Brunswick
Amity, Aroostook, Maine, USAJedediah Estabrook25Male  New Brunswick
 Susanna Estabrook20Female  New Brunswick
Linneus, Aroostook, Maine, USALovevet Estabrook25Male  New Brunswick
 Lucinda Estabrook23Female  Maine
 Horrace Estabrook1Male  Maine
Linneus, Aroostook, Maine, USAEbenezer Collins50Male  Maine
 Eliza Collins24Female  New Brunswick
 Ebenezer Collins20Male  Maine
 Luther Collins19Male  Maine
 Ann Collins14Female  Maine
 Lucinda Collins12Female  Maine
 Eunice Collins2Female  Maine
Fort Smith, Crawford, Arkansas, USAMary Miller34Female  Massachusetts
 Mary J Miller13Female  Kentucky
 Lewis Miller11Male  Kentucky
 Charles Miller9Male  Kentucky
 Henry Miller9Male  Kentucky
 Emma Miller7Female  Arkansas
 Adaline Miller6Female  Arkansas
 Joseph S Miller4Male  Arkansas
 Martha E Miller3Female  Arkansas
 Julius Esterbrook20Male  New York
Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine, USAJames K Estabrook37Male  Maine
 Lois A Estabrook27Female  Maine
 Anna M Estabrook3Female  Maine
 Francis K Estabrook1Female  Maine
Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine, USAThomas S Estabrook73Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook51Female  New Hampshire
 Delia Estabrook49Female  New Hampshire
Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine, USAThomas Estabrook33Male  Maine
 Catherin Estabrook39Female  New York
 Hellen M Estabrook9Female  Maine
 George S Estabrook7Male  Maine
 Mary F Estabrook6Female  Maine
 Harriet N Estabrook5Female  Maine
Portland Ward 3, Cumberland, Maine, USAJohn Estabrook30Male  England
 Judith Estabrook30Female  Maine
 Frances L Estabrook8Female  Massachusetts
 Sarah S Estabrook7Female  Massachusetts
 Ann M Estabrook4Female  Massachusetts
 Judith M Estabrook2Female  Maine
Portland Ward 5, Cumberland, Maine, USAGeorg H Esterbrook29Male  New Brunswick
 Olive Esterbrook27Female  New Brunswick
 William A Esterbrook2Male  New Brunswick
Portland Ward 7, Cumberland, Maine, USARoyal Estabrook29Male  Nova Scotia
 Margaret Estabrook24Female  Nova Scotia
 Chas Estabrook3Male  Nova Scotia
Sedgwick, Hancock, Maine, USALyman Esterbrook53Male  Massachusetts
 Lydia Esterbrook50Female  Massachusetts
 Joann Esterbrook26Female  Massachusetts
 Herekiah S Esterbrook21Male  Massachusetts
 Joel R Esterbrook18Male  Massachusetts
 John L Esterbrook16Male  Massachusetts
 Judith M Esterbrook12Female  Massachusetts
 Amos H Esterbrook9Male  Massachusetts
Mason, Oxford, Maine, USAGeorge H Brown27Male  Maine
 Lavina J Brown33Female  New Hampshire
 Edna N Brown3Female  Maine
 Edgar S Brown2Male  Maine
 Sarah J Brown0Female  Maine
 Albert A Eastabrooks18Male  Massachusetts
Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, USAGeo Farrington30Male  England
 Hannah Farrington23Female  Maine
 Aphelia Farrington4Female  Maine
 Emma E Farrington0Female  Maine
 Douglas Eastabrooks15Male  Maine
Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, USASamuel W Easterbrook60Male  New Brunswick
 Bashebie Easterbrook34Female  New Brunswick
 Joseph Easterbrook12Male  New Brunswick
 Wm J Easterbrook8Male  New Brunswick
 Emily M Easterbrook5Female  Maine
 Washington Easterbrook2Male  Maine
 Geo G Easterbrook16Male  New Brunswick
Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, USAJohn Low48Male  Maine
 Lucy Low48Female  Maine
 Wm Low24Male  Maine
 Marcia Low22Female  Maine
 Caroline Low18Female  Maine
 Althea Low15Female  Maine
 Abba Low12Female  Maine
 Lucy Low7Female  Maine
 Frank Low4Male  Maine
 Guilford Easterbrook14Male  Maine
 Thomas Carroll22Male  Maine
 Briedget Rellen15Female  Ireland
Bangor, Penobscot, Maine, USAThos Cates35Male  Maine
 Charlotte Cates35Female  Maine
 Sarah E Cates10Female  Maine
 Celestia Cates9Female  Maine
 Mariam Cates6Female  Maine
 Mellen Cates3Male  Maine
 Mary E Morrison17Female  Maine
 Charles Easterbrooks19Male  Maine
 James W Pendleton21Male  Maine
Camden, Waldo, Maine, USAJoseph H Esttabrook52Male  Massachusetts
 Carolin J Esttabrook47Female  Maine
 Joseph Esttabrook26Male  Maine
 Carolin J Esttabrook25Female  Maine
 Saml Esttabrook20Male  Maine
 Benj R Esttabrook19Male  Maine
 Theodore L Esttabrook17Male  Maine
 George C Esttabrook16Male  Maine
 Ellen A Esttabrook15Female  Maine
 Arabell O Esttabrook13Female  Maine
 Epnia S Esttabrook13Female  Maine
 Maryann C Esttabrook11Female  Maine
 Fredric R Esttabrook9Male  Maine
 Georgeann E Esttabrook7Female  Maine
 Edwin L Esttabrook5Male  Maine
 Margrat Heal49Female  Maine
 Elisabeth Andrews18Female  Maine
Calais, Washington, Maine, USAJane Starkey65Female  New Brunswick
 Eliza J Starkey18Female  Maine
 Mary Starkey14Female  Maine
 James Simmons33Male  New Brunswick
 Margaret M Simmons27Female  New Brunswick
 Anna L Simmons3Female  New Brunswick
 James A Simmons0Male  Maine
 Alice S Simmons1Female  New Brunswick
 Charles Estabrooks23Male  Maine
 Elizabeth J Estabrooks20Female  New Brunswick
 Richard Simmons66Male  Maine
 Anna Simmons57Female  New Brunswick
 James N Harvey16Male  New Brunswick
 John Simmons16Male  New Brunswick
 William F Handy19Male  New Brunswick
Calais, Washington, Maine, USADavid Estabrooks58Male  New Brunswick
 Judith Estabrooks56Female  Nova Scotia
 Daniel Estabrooks16Male  Maine
 Judith E Smith7Female  Maine
Calais, Washington, Maine, USAWyatt Deckiman36Male  Massachusetts
 Elvira A Deckiman18Female  Maine
 Albert C Deckiman0Male  Maine
 Ira A Estabrooks19Male  Maine
Calais, Washington, Maine, USAReuben J Estabrooks24Male  Maine
 Almira D Estabrooks22Female  New Brunswick
 Rufus P Estabrooks2Male  New Brunswick
Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USALot Easterbrook43Male  Massachusetts
 Martha Easterbrook37Female  Massachusetts
 Olive D Easterbrook16Female  Massachusetts
 Susan O Easterbrook18Female  Massachusetts
Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USALucy Easterbrook37Female  Massachusetts
 Rebecca Easterbrook19Female  Massachusetts
 Susan Easterbrook12Female  Massachusetts
 John W Easterbrook11Male  Massachusetts
 Lucy E Easterbrook19Female  Massachusetts
 Olive H Easterbrook7Female  Massachusetts
 Thomas S Easterbrook5Male  Massachusetts
 Francis R Easterbrook3Male  Massachusetts
 John Easterbrook52Male  Massachusetts
Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USAAlbert Easterbrook44Male  Massachusetts
 Mary B Easterbrook40Female  Massachusetts
 Helen D Easterbrook18Female  Massachusetts
 Emily Easterbrook16Female  Massachusetts
 Betsey H Easterbrook13Female  Massachusetts
 Louisa Easterbrook7Female  Massachusetts
Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USAFranklin Estebrooks32Male  Massachusetts
 Susan Estebrooks30Female  Massachusetts
 Charles Estebrooks9Male  Massachusetts
Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USAJohn A Easterbrooks39Male  Rhode Island
 Mary A Easterbrooks32Female  New Hampshire
 Emily J Easterbrooks7Female  Massachusetts
 Harriet L Easterbrooks6Female  Massachusetts
 John H Easterbrooks3Male  Massachusetts
Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USAAsa Lewis70Male  Massachusetts
 Rhobe Lewis70Female  Massachusetts
 Edward Howard28Male  Massachusetts
 Louisa Easterbrooks35Female  Massachusetts
 Marcy B Goff22Female  Massachusetts
 Delasey Fish25Female  Massachusetts
Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USASamuel Easterbrooks66Male  Massachusetts
 Fanny Easterbrooks64Female  Massachusetts
 George Wood46Male  Massachusetts
 Asa Wood44Male  Massachusetts
Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, USASusan Easterbrooks37Female  Massachusetts
 Deborah F Easterbrooks13Female  Rhode Island
 Edward N Easterbrooks11Male  Rhode Island
Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, USACaleb Eastabrooks65Male  Rhode Island
 Parthenia Eastabrooks59Female  Massachusetts
 Lydia P Eastabrooks39Female  Massachusetts
 John Eastabrooks30Male  Massachusetts
 James E Eastabrooks17Male  Massachusetts
Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, USAWillerd D Eastabrooks25Male  Massachusetts
 Deborah S Eastabrooks21Female  Massachusetts
 Mary F Eastabrooks1Female  Massachusetts
Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, USAJob Ingalls42Male  Massachusetts
 Nancy Ingalls35Female  Massachusetts
 Georgianna Ingalls11Female  Massachusetts
 Anna Eastabrooks73Female  Massachusetts
Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, USALevi Eastabrooks45Male  Massachusetts
 Jane Eastabrooks33Female  Massachusetts
 Geo C Eastabrooks3Male  Rhode Island
 Ezra O Eastabrooks2Male  Rhode Island
Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Eastabrooks55Male  Connecticut
 Amy Eastabrooks50Female  Rhode Island
 Wm Eastabrooks25Male  Rhode Island
 James Eastabrooks21Male  Rhode Island
 Levi Eastabrooks19Male  Rhode Island
 Polly L Eastabrooks16Female  Rhode Island
 John Eastabrooks14Male  Massachusetts
 Geo Eastabrooks8Male  Rhode Island
Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts, USASylvester Easterbrooks34Male  Rhode Island
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks34Female  Maine
 George Easterbrooks5Male  Massachusetts
 Henry Easterbrooks3Male  Massachusetts
 Mary E Easterbrooks0Female  Massachusetts
New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USAGeorge Netcher43Male  Massachusetts
 Ann Netcher48Female  Massachusetts
 Francis Allen14Male  Massachusetts
 George F Netcher19Male  Massachusetts
 Lydia Eastabrook47Female  Massachusetts
Prairie, Washington, Arkansas, USAMarquis Estabrook24Male  Vermont
 Elizabeth Estabrook30Female  Tennessee
 James Estabrook14Male  Arkansas
 Mary Estabrook12Female  Arkansas
 Nancy Estabrook12Female  Arkansas
 Martha Estabrook5Female  Arkansas
Salem Ward 3, Essex, Massachusetts, USAC W G Mansfield37Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah H Mansfield24Female  Massachusetts
 Emily C Mansfield6Female  Massachusetts
 Sarah Mansfield4Female  Massachusetts
 Ellen Mansfield0Female  Massachusetts
 Hannah Mansfield65Female  Massachusetts
 Louisa Eastrbrook44Female  Massachusetts
 Hannah B Cloutman67Female  Massachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Easterbrooks40Male  Massachusetts
 Hannah Easterbrooks38Female  Massachusetts
 Lydia Easterbrooks17Female  Massachusetts
 Isabella Easterbrooks14Female  Massachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USASamuel Easterbrooks58Male  Massachusetts
 Sophia Easterbrooks58Female  Massachusetts
 Eliza Easterbrooks21Female  Massachusetts
 Sarah Easterbrooks17Female  Massachusetts
 Jonathan Maxwell28Male  Maine
 Eliza George50Female  Massachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Easterbrooks64Male  Massachusetts
 Anna Easterbrooks71Female  Massachusetts
 Sarah Easterbrooks31Female  Massachusetts
Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USAJohn Easterbrooks36Male  Massachusetts
 Ann M Easterbrooks32Female  Massachusetts
 John L Easterbrooks5Male  Massachusetts
New Salem, Franklin, Massachusetts, USAJoseph E Porter28Male  Massachusetts
 Susan M Porter28Female  Massachusetts
 Josiah Estabrook12Male  Massachusetts
 Lester W Porter15Male  Massachusetts
 Ella M Porter3Female  Massachusetts
Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAElizabeth Clapp33Female  Massachusetts
 Caroline Esterbrook20Female  Vermont
 Elizabeth Johnson20Female  New York
Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USARebecca Easterbrook67Female  Massachusetts
Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAJames Arnold28Male  Massachusetts
 Mehitable R Arnold26Female  Massachusetts
 Mary E Arnold3Female  Massachusetts
 Easterbrook52Female  Massachusetts
Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAThomas Easterbrook53Male  New Brunswick
 Sophia Easterbrook32Female  New Brunswick
 Lebarron Newcomb8Male  New Brunswick
 Rapele S Easterbrook6Male  New Brunswick
 Valentine Easterbrook4Male  New Brunswick
 Amanda C Easterbrook1Female  New Brunswick
Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Easterbrooks24Male  Massachusetts
 Susan Easterbrooks23Female  Massachusetts
Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USARobert D Esterbrooks46Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline G Esterbrooks40Female  Massachusetts
Shirley, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Estabrook51Male  Massachusetts
 Nancy Estabrook48Female  Massachusetts
 William R Mills31Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah A Mills27Female  Massachusetts
 Augustus A Hapgood7Male  Massachusetts
Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USACyntha L Putnam45Female  Massachusetts
 Abba C Putnam7Female  Massachusetts
 Mary A Smith5Female  Massachusetts
 Harrison H Hartwell28Male  Massachusetts
 Henry Estabrook24Male  Massachusetts
Ashby, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USASamuel Esterbrooks27Male  New Hampshire
 Lucinda Esterbrooks24Female  Massachusetts
 Lucy F Esterbrooks3Female  Massachusetts
 Henry A Esterbrooks0Male  Massachusetts
Ashby, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Esterbrook51Male  Massachusetts
 Abagail Esterbrook45Female  Massachusetts
 John C Esterbrook24Male  New Hampshire
 Harriet A Clarch26Female  New Hampshire
 George Clarch4Male  Massachusetts
 Mary F Grant21Female  New Hampshire
Ashby, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USASamuel Esterbrook56Male  Massachusetts
 Orpha S Esterbrook41Female  Massachusetts
 Francis Esterbrook2Male  Massachusetts
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAOliver L Page29Male  Maine
 Elizabeth M Page24Female  Maine
 Sophronia Hodgeman19Female  Maine
 Benjamin Eastabrook19Male  Maine
Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Esterbrook30Male  Massachusetts
 Nancy Esterbrook25Female  Massachusetts
 Sarah E Esterbrook3Female  Massachusetts
 Infant Esterbrook0Male  Massachusetts
 Kathalin Russell30Male  Ireland
West Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAHannah Adams89Female  Connecticut
 Lydia Estabrooks52Female  Massachusetts
 Lydia A Estabrooks19Female  Massachusetts
 Eliza P Estabrooks16Female   
 Geo Hatch20Male  Maine
West Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAMary Prentiss39Female  Massachusetts
 Frances Prentiss61Female  Massachusetts
 Eliza Prentiss31Female  Massachusetts
 Frances Estabrook30Male  Massachusetts
 John Rowe25Male  Massachusetts
West Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USASaml J Estabrook39Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook42Female  England
 Geo J Warner5Male  England
Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USANathaniel Hapgood45Male  Massachusetts
 Maryann Esterbrook50Female  Massachusetts
 William Hunter46Male  Massachusetts
 George Smith10Male  Massachusetts
 Catherine H Whitney21Female  Massachusetts
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USALeonard Esterbrook33Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Esterbrook46Female  Vermont
 Leonard Esterbrook5Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Esterbrook2Female  Massachusetts
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAWilliam Esterbrook33Male  Massachusetts
 Anna W Esterbrook24Female  Vermont
 William H Esterbrook4Male  Massachusetts
 Frank P Esterbrook3Male  Massachusetts
 Edwin H Esterbrook1Male  Massachusetts
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USACharles Estabrook30Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline Estabrook29Female  Massachusetts
 Caroline E Estabrook5Female  Massachusetts
 Charles F Estabrook3Male  Massachusetts
 Harriet M Estabrook0Female  Massachusetts
 Elizabeth Barnett27Female  Nova Scotia
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USALydia Esterbrook63Female  Massachusetts
 Adeline Esterbrook29Female  Massachusetts
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USASolomon Esterbrooks35Male  Massachusetts
 Elizabeth C Esterbrooks35Female  Massachusetts
 Henry D Esterbrooks12Male  Massachusetts
 George D Esterbrooks12Male  Massachusetts
 Lyman W Esterbrooks1Male  Massachusetts
 Charles McFarland34Male  Ireland
 Sarah J Vance20Female  Nova Scotia
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAHannah Estabrook72Female  Massachusetts
 Francis H Estabrook29Male  Massachusetts
 Clarinda Estabrook40Female  Massachusetts
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAWilliam Esterbrook54Male  Massachusetts
 Rachael Esterbrook52Female  Massachusetts
 William Esterbrook27Male  Massachusetts
 John Esterbrook25Male  Massachusetts
 Luke Esterbrook24Male  Massachusetts
 Lydia Esterbrook28Female  Massachusetts
 Elen A Esterbrook3Female  Massachusetts
 William H Esterbrook0Male  Massachusetts
Weston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAClarissa Smith61Female  Massachusetts
 George Smith31Male  Massachusetts
 Ellen M Smith33Female  Massachusetts
 Mary A Smith26Female  England
 Georgiana Smith3Female  Massachusetts
 Eugene Smith2Male  Massachusetts
 Honore Roarke21Female  Ireland
 Thomas Roarke19Male  Ireland
 Amos Estabrook21Male  Vermont
Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USADavid Harding51Male  Massachusetts
 Betsey Harding49Female  Massachusetts
 Sarah Harding19Female  Massachusetts
 Henry C Harding18Male  Massachusetts
 Samuel Easterbrooks40Male  Massachusetts
 Rebecca Easterbrooks39Female  Massachusetts
 George D F Easterbrooks15Male  Massachusetts
 Mary H Easterbrooks13Female  Massachusetts
 Samuel H Easterbrooks9Male  Massachusetts
 Elizabeth J Easterbrooks3Female  Massachusetts
 Bridget Jerdare24Female  Ireland
Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USAKimball Easterbrooks50Male  Massachusetts
 Emily Easterbrooks49Female  Massachusetts
 Kimball Easterbrooks15Male  New York
 Martha Easterbrooks85Female  Massachusetts
Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USAJames Childs62Male  Massachusetts
 Anna A Childs56Female  Massachusetts
 Susan Easterbrooks20Female  Massachusetts
Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USAJosiah Easterbrooks65Male  New Hampshire
 Eliza Easterbrooks49Female  New Hampshire
 Chauncey G Easterbrooks20Male  New Hampshire
 Mary A Easterbrooks6Female  New Hampshire
North Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USASally Thayer82Female  Massachusetts
 Betsey Thayer22Female  Massachusetts
 Ellen M Thayer15Female  Massachusetts
 Richmond Thayer11   Massachusetts
 Anna Thayer20Female  Massachusetts
 William W Easterbrook23Male  Massachusetts
Sharon, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAJames Carpenter57Male  Massachusetts
 Cyntha Carpenter47Female  New Hampshire
 Henry Carpenter18Male  Massachusetts
 Rechel Sampson59Female  Massachusetts
 James Bradshaw73Male  England
 Charles Fireman22Male  Massachusetts
 James Easterbrooks22Male  Massachusetts
 Hannah Lesure40Female  Massachusetts
 Rebecca Dingley30Female  Massachusetts
 Olive Sweet18Female  Massachusetts
 Lucinda Daty20Female  Massachusetts
 Hally Capen74Female  Massachusetts
 Lucy J Thayer18Female  Massachusetts
Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAJohn W Estabrooks31Male  Vermont
 Martha T Estabrooks33Female  Vermont
 Henry L Estabrooks8Male  Massachusetts
 Henrietta A Estabrooks7Female  Massachusetts
Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAJames L Kennedy37Male  Massachusetts
 Eliza A Kennedy34Female  Massachusetts
 Helen M Kennedy11Female  Massachusetts
 Susan C Kennedy7Female  Massachusetts
 Willier H Kennedy0Male  Massachusetts
 John B Estabrook40Male  Massachusetts
 James Messenger28Male  Massachusetts
 Leonard Fillebrown35Male  Massachusetts
 John McPherron19Male  Massachusetts
 Willard Kelton14Male  Massachusetts
 Timothy Clancy30Male  Ireland
 Mary Sullivan25Female  Ireland
 Eliza Kelley14Female  Ireland
 Mary A Clark39Female  Massachusetts
Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAJames Labrois25Male  Massachusetts
 Mary S Labrois23Female  Massachusetts
 Ellen J Hodges15Female  Massachusetts
 Allen H Shumway37Male  Massachusetts
 William Esterbrooks16Male  Massachusetts
 Reuben E Nichols27Male  Massachusetts
 Helen M Nichols31Female  Massachusetts
 Annie B Nichols1Female  Massachusetts
 George A Pratt20Male  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 1, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAJames A Eastabrooks32Male  Massachusetts
 Louisa S Eastabrooks29Female  Massachusetts
 Theodore A Eastabrooks5Male  Massachusetts
 Arthur F Eastabrooks3Male  Massachusetts
 Esther Bunnell19Female  Nova Scotia
 H M James33Male  Massachusetts
 E Howard Walker22Male  New Hampshire
Boston Ward 1, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAIsaac Wesley31Male  Connecticut
 Lydia Jane Wesley26Female  Maine
 Emma Wesley6Female  Massachusetts
 Susan Estabrooks11Female  New Brunswick
 John Leman24Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline Leman24Female  Maine
Boston Ward 3, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAWm Estabrook42Male  Massachusetts
 Mary A Estabrook40Female  Massachusetts
 Ann Estabrook19Female  Massachusetts
 Edwin Estabrook16Male  Massachusetts
 Emily A Estabrook4Female  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 4, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAJohn Easterbrooks21Male  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USASamuel Goodwin45Male  Maine
 Caroline Goodwin42Female  England
 Wm Estabrooks17Male  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAJohn Allyn38Male  Massachusetts
 Rachel Allyn36Female  Massachusetts
 Abby F Allyn15Female  Massachusetts
 Charles E Allyn12Male  Massachusetts
 Deborah Allyn0Female  Massachusetts
 Deborah Estabrook60Female  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 6, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAE P Porter40Male  Massachusetts
 Elisa Porter38Female  Massachusetts
 E C Porter0Male  Massachusetts
 Elizabeth Porter30Female  Nova Scotia
 Esterbrook17Female  Nova Scotia
Boston Ward 6, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAIsaac Easterbrook29Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline Easterbrook27Female  Massachusetts
 Henry J Easterbrook1Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline Atkins14Female  Nova Scotia
 Lydia T Lewis31Female  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 6, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAThos Easterbrooks32Male  Massachusetts
 L A Easterbrooks26Female  North Carolina
 M C Easterbrooks6Male  Massachusetts
 H C Easterbrooks5Female  Massachusetts
 J B Easterbrooks4Male  Massachusetts
 T C Easterbrooks1Male  Massachusetts
 L C Easterbrooks1Female  Massachusetts
 Annie Bacon23Female  Pennsylvania
 Masie Ature18Female  Ireland
Boston Ward 9, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAJohn C Jones29Male  Massachusetts
 Almira A Jones26Female  Massachusetts
 Maria Jones21Female  Massachusetts
 Arthur Eastabrook18Male  Massachusetts
 Rebecca Read75Female  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 11, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USASarah Baldwin45Female  New Hampshire
 Louisa Baldwin2Female  Massachusetts
 Sarah J Esterbrook18Female  New Hampshire
 Silas W Esterbrook2Male  Massachusetts
Boston Ward 12, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAJohn Briggs46Male  Massachusetts
 Salome Briggs44Female  Maine
 Sarah J Briggs9Female  Massachusetts
 Chas G Estabrooks25Male  Massachusetts
 Flora D Estabrooks20Female  Massachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USASarah Estabrook63Female  New Hampshire
 Ellery Estabrook44Male  Massachusetts
 Ruth Estabrook37Female  Massachusetts
 Mary S Estabrook25Female  Massachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAPatrick McCarty40Male  Ireland
 Bridget McCarty40Female  Ireland
 Edward McCarty6Male  Massachusetts
 Burney Doyle6Male  Ireland
 Edward C Estabrook10Male  Massachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJohn Estabrook45Male  Massachusetts
 Electa Estabrook45Female  Vermont
 Permelia Estabrook15Female  Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook12Female  Massachusetts
 John W Estabrook7Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah A Estabrook2Female  Massachusetts
 Milly Estabrook68Female  Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook52Female  Massachusetts
 Hepsibah Estabrook77Female  Massachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USATimothy Brown49Male  Massachusetts
 Eunice Brown34Female  New Hampshire
 Theodore Brown18Male  Massachusetts
 Eugene Brown5Male  Maryland
 Ellis A Brown1Female  Massachusetts
 Olive Bruce72Female  Massachusetts
 Mahala Estabrooks17Female  Massachusetts
Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAAsher C Estabrook33Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline H Estabrook23Female  New Hampshire
Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAPriscilla Estabrook63Female  Massachusetts
 Betsey Estabrook38Female  Massachusetts
Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAAmanda D Estabrook49Female  Massachusetts
 Hannah A Estabrook17Female  Massachusetts
 Lydia E Estabrook15Female  Massachusetts
 John D Estabrook13Male  Massachusetts
 Joseph D Estabrook5Male  Massachusetts
 William W Upton16Male  Vermont
Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, USACharles H Estabrook33Male  Massachusetts
 Mary L Estabrook35Female  Massachusetts
 Mary E Estabrook0Female  Massachusetts
 Charles B Saffred16Male  New Hampshire
Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, USANathaniel C Estabrook55Male  Massachusetts
 Nathaniel C Estabrook23Male  Massachusetts
 Sukey Duly62Female  Massachusetts
 Edward Goodhue17Male  Massachusetts
 Charles Ellis22Male  Massachusetts
Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts, USABenjn Estabrook47Male  Massachusetts
 Lucy Young55Female  Massachusetts
 Joseph Young19Male  Massachusetts
 Ann Robbins32Female  Massachusetts
Royalston, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJoseph Estabrook39Male  Massachusetts
 Hannah Estabrook29Female  Massachusetts
 Hannah W Estabrook7Female  Massachusetts
 Jos P Estabrook4Male  Massachusetts
 Maria Estabrook2Female  Massachusetts
Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAWashington Estabrook55Male  Massachusetts
 Lydia Estabrook48Female  Massachusetts
 Mary Estabrook20Female  Massachusetts
 Julia Estabrook18Female  Massachusetts
 James Estabrook16Male  Massachusetts
 Ellen Estabrook13Female  Massachusetts
 Jacob W Estabrook7Male  Massachusetts
 Joseph Estabrook3Male  Massachusetts
 Charles H Rugg18Male  Massachusetts
Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USACyrus Estabrook33Male  Massachusetts
 Bethiah Estabrook32Female  Massachusetts
 Edward Estabrook20Male  Massachusetts
 Alvin Estabrook8Male  Massachusetts
 Joseph Estabrook2Male  Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJohn Estabrook58Male  Massachusetts
 Dolly Estabrook55Female  Massachusetts
 Jones E Estabrook18Male  Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USADexter Reed48Male  Massachusetts
 Nabby Estabrook71Female  Massachusetts
 Elisa Reed48Female  Massachusetts
 Adeline Reed36Female  Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAWilliam Estabrook33Male  Massachusetts
 Harriet Estabrook27Female  Massachusetts
 Irene Estabrook1Female  Massachusetts
 Charles Reed20Male  Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USATaylor Estabrook66Male  Massachusetts
 Sally Estabrook65Female  Massachusetts
 Mary J Estabrook19Female  Massachusetts
 David Smith22Male  Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USARufus Estabrook34Male  Massachusetts
 Elisa Estabrook34Female  Massachusetts
 Edward Estabrook2Male  Massachusetts
 Geo Lane Estabrook0Male  Massachusetts
 Franklin Lemonds21Male  Massachusetts
 Hannah Estabrook37Female  Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USASamuel Estabrook71Male  Massachusetts
 Hannah Estabrook67Female  Massachusetts
 Sophia Estabrook42Female  Massachusetts
 Benjaman Estabrook28Male  Massachusetts
Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAGeo A Putnam28Male  Massachusetts
 Philena Putnam20Female  Massachusetts
 Amelia Putnam2Female  Massachusetts
 Mary A Putnam0Female  Massachusetts
 Esther Putnam60Female  Massachusetts
 Amelia Estabrook30Female  Massachusetts
 John F Estabrook25Male  Massachusetts
 J Estabrook2Female  Massachusetts
 James Estabrook14Male  Massachusetts
 Julia Trumbull23Female  Massachusetts
Paxton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USASylvester Brown52Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Brown76Female  Massachusetts
 Abi Estabrook47Female  Massachusetts
 Francis Estabrook17Male  Massachusetts
 John Smith25Male  Ireland
 Philip McBride25Male  Ireland
 Bridget McBride20Female  Ireland
 Elizabeth Prouty20Female  Massachusetts
Paxton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USADaniel Estabrooks44Male  Massachusetts
 E Estabrooks75Female  Massachusetts
 George Estabrooks16Male  Massachusetts
Paxton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USADwight Estabrook25Male  Massachusetts
 Mary B Estabrook23Female  Massachusetts
 Alphonzo D Estabrook4Male  Massachusetts
 Arthur F Estabrook2Male  Massachusetts
 Sylvester B Estabrook0Male  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 1, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJohn Estabrook52Male  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 2, Worcester, Massachusetts, USACharles M Miles29Male  Massachusetts
 Maria L Miles26Female  Massachusetts
 Eliza R Estabrook52Female  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 2, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAGeorge H Estabrook29Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah A Estabrook29Female  Massachusetts
 S Adelle Estabrook2Female  Massachusetts
 James E Estabrook27Male  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 6, Worcester, Massachusetts, USACharles W Whitcomb27Male  Massachusetts
 Marion N Whitcomb26Female  Massachusetts
 Ellen A Estabrook23Female  Massachusetts
 Jones D Estabrook16Male  Massachusetts
 Adalaide Scott14Female  Massachusetts
 Phiraha T Stone39Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah M Stone33Female  Connecticut
 Louisa M Stone12Female  Massachusetts
 Augustus Stone9Male  Massachusetts
 Emma E Stone6Female  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 6, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJames Estabrook53Male  Massachusetts
 Almira Estabrook49Female  Massachusetts
 James E Estabrook20Male  Massachusetts
 Francis A Estabrook15Male  Massachusetts
 Bridget Obrin23Female  Ireland
 Chauncey Brown30Male  Massachusetts
 Rebecca Brown28Female  Massachusetts
 Franklin J Brown1Male  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 7, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAE R Estabrook35Male  Massachusetts
 J B Estabrook33Female  Massachusetts
 Mary E Estabrook7Female  Massachusetts
 Ellen J Estabrook5Female  Massachusetts
 Henry E Estabrook3Male  Massachusetts
 Isabella A Estabrook1Female  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 7, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAStillman Estabrook43Male  Massachusetts
 Rebecca B Estabrook41Female  Massachusetts
 Ruth Estabrook81Female  Massachusetts
Worcester Ward 8, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAGeorge W Estabrook28Male  Massachusetts
 Sophia Estabrook24Female  Massachusetts
 Austin L Estabrook4Male  Massachusetts
 George F Estabrook2   Massachusetts
 Mary C Estabrook21Female  Massachusetts
 Julia A F Estabrook18Female  Massachusetts
 James H Estabrook16Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline Bubier23Female  Maine
Phillipston, Worcester, Massachusetts, USACharles C Bassett45Male  Massachusetts
 Lucinda S J Bassett25Female  Massachusetts
 Charles H Bassett3Male  Massachusetts
 Joseph L Perkins21Male  Massachusetts
 Jones D Estabrook15Male  Massachusetts
 Nancy S Brown20Female  Massachusetts
Hubbardston, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJames F Bradley30Male  Connecticut
 Catharine A Bradley27Female  Massachusetts
 Charles W Estabrook24Male  Massachusetts
 Catharine S Bradley0Female  Massachusetts
Sterling, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAEzekiel Hill47Male  Massachusetts
 Tamer E Hill37Female  Massachusetts
 Silas B Hill17Male  Massachusetts
 Elizabeth Esterbrook2Female  Massachusetts
Northborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAGeorge C Davis37Male  Massachusetts
 Mary E Davis31Female  Massachusetts
 John D Estabrook11Male  Massachusetts
 Jane Conley19Female  Ireland
Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJonas Chaffin30Male  Massachusetts
 Emely Chaffin25Female  Massachusetts
 Mary Chaffin63Female  Massachusetts
 Josiah W Estabrooks16Male  Massachusetts
Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAWillis Smith52Male  Massachusetts
 Clarisa Smith45Female  Massachusetts
 David Smith21Male  Massachusetts
 Emeline Smith10Female  Massachusetts
 Frink Smith6Male  Massachusetts
 Eunice Estabrooks75Female  Massachusetts
Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAMahetabel M Estabrook48Female  Massachusetts
 Martha J Estabrook10Female  Massachusetts
 Julia Estabrook8Female  Massachusetts
 William F Estabrook4Male  Massachusetts
 Olive M Black38Female  Massachusetts
 Samuel D Hubbard33Male  Massachusetts
 Amos Hubbard37Male  Massachusetts
Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts, USAJames Cheany36Male  Massachusetts
 Caroline A Cheany31Female  Massachusetts
 Betsey Stratton60Female  Massachusetts
 Joseph Stratton29Male  Massachusetts
 Joseph M Estabrook12Male  Massachusetts
Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USACharles Estabrook24Male  Massachusetts
Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USARoah W Fletcher40Male  Vermont
 Mary C Fletcher9Female  Massachusetts
 William C Fletcher6Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah S Fletcher25   New Hampshire
 George Bryley40Male  Maine
 John W Esterbrook26Male  Massachusetts
 Julia A Esterbrook23Female  Massachusetts
 Emma E Esterbrook1   Massachusetts
 Charles A Esterbrook0Male  Massachusetts
Lebanon, Grafton, New Hampshire, USAAlanson Estabrooks42Male  New Hampshire
 Electa Estabrooks39Female  Vermont
 Leonard Estabrooks7Male  New Hampshire
 F S Estabrooks5Female  New Hampshire
 Jonathan Sleeper25Male  New Hampshire
Lebanon, Grafton, New Hampshire, USAAaron Esterbrooks85Male  Connecticut
 Sarah Esterbrooks69Female  New Hampshire
 Sarah Esterbrooks28Female  New Hampshire
 Joseph Esterbrooks39Male  New Hampshire
 Mehitabel Esterbrooks38Female  New Hampshire
 N C Esterbrooks3Female  New Hampshire
 J L Esterbrooks2Male  New Hampshire
Lebanon, Grafton, New Hampshire, USAJ L Harbburt31Male  Vermont
 Anna Harbburt38Female  New Hampshire
 H E Bliss7Male  New Hampshire
 Cynthia Easterbrook62Female  Massachusetts
 Wm Ford23Male  New Hampshire
Hill, Grafton, New Hampshire, USAHiram Esterbrook36Male  New Hampshire
 Emerline Estabrooks27Female  New Hampshire
Mason, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USAFrederick Jones39Male  New Hampshire
 Martha Jones35Female  New Hampshire
 Charles F Jones4Male  Massachusetts
 Sally Estabrook69Female  Vermont
 William Estabrook26Male  New Hampshire
Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USAHosea Eastabrooks70Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Williams34Female  New Hampshire
 Emily S Williams11Female  New Hampshire
 Franklin G Williams7Male  New Hampshire
Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USAJoel W Eastabrooks36Male  New Hampshire
 Sarah Eastabrooks72Female  New Hampshire
 Cyrus R Eastabrooks35Male  New Hampshire
Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USAWilliam W Eastbrook41Male  New Hampshire
 Mary A H Eastbrook38Female  New Hampshire
 Harriet Chandler3Female  New Hampshire
 Georgiana Eastbrook16Female  New Hampshire
 Ellen G Eastbrook14Female  New Hampshire
 John Eastbrook11Male  New Hampshire
 Charles D Eastbrook8Male  New Hampshire
 William W Eastbrook6Male  New Hampshire
 Mary A H Eastbrook6Female  New Hampshire
 Mary Haley21Female  Ireland
Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USAMary A Estabrook34Female  Vermont
 Charlotte Porter37Female  Vermont
 Laura F Estabrook12Female  Alabama
 George W Estabrook10Male  Alabama
 Charlotte A Estabrook7Female  Alabama
Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USAAaron G Estabrook23Male  New York
 Martha J Estabrook21Female  New Hampshire
 Aaron Estabrook66Male  Vermont
 Hannah Estabrook57Female  Vermont
 Hannah Estabrook26Female  New York
 George W Estabrook12Male  Vermont
 Pelatiah Brown34Male  New Hampshire
 John Fisher21Male  Nova Scotia
 Hannah J Estabrook1Female  New Hampshire
Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USAGeorge Eastbrook28Male  New Hampshire
 Adeline E Eastbrook24Female  New Hampshire
 Joseph Eastbrook5Male  New Hampshire
 Frank G Eastbrook2Male  New Hampshire
 George H Chickering18Male  New Hampshire
 Anderson35Female  New Hampshire
 Martha Rollins18Female  New Hampshire
Auburn, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USAHidden Brown33Male  New Hampshire
 Adaline Brown32Female  New Hampshire
 Ellen Brown12Female  New Hampshire
 Almira Brown8Female  New Hampshire
 Lucy J Brown3Female  New Hampshire
 Joel Estabrooks63Male  Massachusetts
Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USAGeorge T Durgin21Male  New Hampshire
 Hannah F Durgin24Female  New Hampshire
 Daniel Durgin18Male  New Hampshire
 Adna Eastabrook26Male  New Hampshire
Newton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USAEvander A Goodrick29Male  Vermont
 Emily Goodrick27Female  New Hampshire
 Thomas P Goodrick6Male  New Hampshire
 Daniel A Goodrick4Male  New Hampshire
 Moses P Goodrick1Male  New Hampshire
 Eliza A Eastabrook21Female  Massachusetts
Caneadea, Allegany, New York, USAAlpheus Easterbrooks45Male  Vermont
 Hannah Easterbrooks45Female  New York
 Leonard C Easterbrooks19Male  New York
 Rue H Easterbrooks17Female  New York
 Lucy Easterbrooks15Female  New York
 George L Easterbrooks10Male  New York
 Alpheus Easterbrooks2Male  New York
Caneadea, Allegany, New York, USABenjamin Easterbrooks43Male  Vermont
 Velora Easterbrooks42Female  New York
 Parna Easterbrooks17Female  New York
 Diana Easterbrooks15Female  New York
 Asa Easterbrooks14Male  New York
 Flora Easterbrooks11Female  New York
 Abram Easterbrooks8Male  New York
 Helen Easterbrooks5Female  New York
 Albert Easterbrooks3Male  New York
 Mary Ann Easterbrooks0Female  New York
Cuba, Allegany, New York, USAIsaac C Bull32Male  New York
 Nancy M Bull28Female  New York
 Lewis A Bull8Male  New York
 James C Bull6Male  New York
 Harriet E Bull5Female  New York
 Francis M Bull3Male  New York
 Jane M Bull1Female  New York
 Samuel E Nobles20Male  New York
 Leonard Easterbrooks20Male  New York
Almond, Allegany, New York, USARobert Easterbrooks66Male  Vermont
 Alida Easterbrooks38Female  New York
 Henry Easterbrooks25Male  New York
 Agnes Easterbrooks15Female  New York
Almond, Allegany, New York, USAFrances Easterbrooks36Male  Massachusetts
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks26Female  New York
 Robert E Easterbrooks1Male  New York
 William Blanrelt12Male  New York
Conklin, Broome, New York, USAThadeus D Esterbrook31Male  New York
 Elisabeth Esterbrook25Female  Pennsylvania
Windsor, Broome, New York, USASamuel Hatheway58Male  Connecticut
 Cynthia Hatheway55Female  Connecticut
 Joanna Hatheway22Female  Pennsylvania
 Elvina Hatheway20Female  Pennsylvania
 Henry C Hatheway17Male  Pennsylvania
 Marion Hatheway12Female  Pennsylvania
 Albert Esterbrook6Male  Pennsylvania
 Adelia Esterbrook5Female  Pennsylvania
Great Valley, Cattaraugus, New York, USAI D Estabrook30Male  Massachusetts
 Eliza Estabrook27Female  Pennsylvania
 Caroline Estabrook26Female  New York
 Samuel Case33Male   
 Sarah Case32Female   
 Jonathan Case4Male   
 Edwin French15Male   
 John Moore40Male   
Freedom, Cattaraugus, New York, USASarah Easterbrook54Female  Massachusetts
 Eliza Easterbrook20Female  New York
Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, USASaml Esterbrook42Male  New Hampshire
 Rosana S Esterbrook45Female  Vermont
 Joseph Esterbrook16Male  New Hampshire
 Mary Esterbrook14Female  New York
 Albert Esterbrook12Male  New York
 Saml Esterbrook10Male  New York
 Martha Esterbrook6Female  New York
 Elizabeth Esterbrook3Female  New York
 William Hall27Male  New York
Brooklyn Ward 11, Kings, New York, USAEathan Easterbrook56Male  New Hampshire
 Sarah Easterbrook62Female  Massachusetts
Alden, Erie, New York, USAJohn Esterbrooks57Male  New Hampshire
 Hariet Esterbrooks49Female  Vermont
Alden, Erie, New York, USAJonathan Esterbrooks62Male  Vermont
 Rhoda Esterbrooks55Female  Vermont
Alden, Erie, New York, USAJonathan Wilson36Male  Massachusetts
 Syntha Wilson33Female  New Hampshire
 Hariet Wilson11Female  New York
 Experience S Wilson10    
 John M Wilson5Male   
 Henry Wilson3Male   
 Hannah Esterbrooks61Female  New Hampshire
 Lewis May19Male  Germany
 Asa Wart17Male   
Buffalo Ward 5, Erie, New York, USAE H Easterbrooks38Male  United States of America
 Mary Ann Easterbrooks29Female  New York
 M E Easterbrooks6Female  New York
 John M Easterbrooks3Male  New York
 Edward F Easterbrooks2Male  New York
Jay, Essex, New York, USAHaywood Eastbrook56Male   
 Joanna Eastbrook47Female   
 Nathan Eastbrook16Male   
Malone, Franklin, New York, USABenjamin Glasier56Male  Vermont
 Mary Glasier51Female  Vermont
 Charlotte Glasier22Female  New York
 Clarissa Glasier11Female  New York
 Josiah Easterbrooks23Male  New York
 Sarah E Easterbrooks17Female  New York
Duane, Franklin, New York, USAGeorge Easterbrooks31Male  New York
 Amelia M Easterbrooks17Female  New York
 Thaddeus Easterbrooks0Male  New York
Duane, Franklin, New York, USAJonathan R Easterbrooks58Male  New Hampshire
 Abigail Easterbrooks55Female  New Hampshire
 William Easterbrooks35Male  New York
 Emeline Easterbrooks15Female  New York
 Laura J Easterbrooks11Female  New York
 Audilusia Easterbrooks9Female  New York
Westville, Franklin, New York, USAJohn E Butler34Male  Vermont
 Sarah Butler33Female  New York
 Daniel Estabrooks28Male  New York
Constable, Franklin, New York, USASamuel Estabrooks50Male  New York
 Ruth Estabrooks59Female  New York
 Samuel Estabrooks50Male  New York
 Ruth Estabrooks59Female  New York
Constable, Franklin, New York, USAHoratio Estabrooks34Male  New York
 Sally Estabrooks27Female  New York
 Lucy Estabrooks5Female  New York
 Nelson Estabrooks2Male  New York
 Hannah Paine49Female  Vermont
 Horatio Estabrooks34Male  New York
 Sally Estabrooks27Female  New York
 Lucy Estabrooks5Female  New York
 Nelson Estabrooks2Male  New York
 Hannah Paine49Female  Vermont
Constable, Franklin, New York, USAJoel Estabrooks63Male  Vermont
 Sally Estabrooks69Female  Vermont
 Lucy Avery29Female  Vermont
 Curtis Avery30Male  Vermont
 Myron Avery5Male  Vermont
Constable, Franklin, New York, USASilas Estabrooks38Male  New York
 Melissa Estabrooks30Female  New York
Constable, Franklin, New York, USAJohn Estabrooks46Male  New York
 Almira Estabrooks41Female  Vermont
 Henry Estabrooks22Male  New York
 Benjamin Estabrooks10Male  New York
 Alzina Estabrooks16Female  New York
 Eliza Estabrooks14Female  New York
 Callista Estabrooks9Female  New York
 Chauncey Estabrooks6Male  New York
 Amia Estabrooks4Female  New York
Constable, Franklin, New York, USAHiram Estabrooks34Male  New York
 Lorinda Estabrooks28Female  New York
 Malvina Estabrooks7Female  New York
 Milo Estabrooks5Male  New York
Constable, Franklin, New York, USAJoel W Estabrooks52Male  Vermont
 Mary Estabrooks    New Hampshire
 Sally Estabrooks21Female  New York
 James Estabrooks19Male  New York
 Isabella Estabrooks16Female  New York
 Hannah Estabrooks83Female  New York
 James Southgate60Male  England
 Minkley Davenport25Male  New York
 Albert French20Male  New York
Burke, Franklin, New York, USAElijah A Taylor33Male  New York
 Maria Taylor32Female  New York
 Amanda Estabrooks6Female  New York
Burke, Franklin, New York, USAEdwin Estabrooks28Male  Canada
 Mary Estabrooks26Female  Canada
 John Estabrooks3Male  Canada
Burke, Franklin, New York, USAOrson Estabrooks22Male  New York
Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, USANathan Easterbrook42Male  New York
 Caroline Easterbrook34Female  New York
 Henryett Easterbrook16Female  New York
 Nathan Easterbrook14Male  New York
 Edward Easterbrook13Male  New York
 Emery Jorn10   New York
 Martin Easterbrook68Male  Rhode Island
Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, USAAlexander Hall30Male  New York
 Jane Hall32Female  New York
 Frances Hall5Female  New York
 Frost Hall0Male  New York
 Hellen Easterbrook20Female  New York
 Mary Ann Parkhust14Female  New York
Lyme, Jefferson, New York, USAHart Knowlton22Male  New York
 Helen Knowlton18Female  New York
 Lydia Esterbrooks45Female  Vermont
 Sarah Esterbrooks11Female  New York
 Frances Esterbrooks9Female  New York
Brooklyn Ward 5, Kings, New York, USAThomas J Estabrook40Male  England
 Harriet Estabrook33Female  England
 Martha Estabrook12Female  New York
 Bertha Estabrook8Female  New York
 Hortt E Estabrook6Male  New York
 Alfred D Estabrook4Male  New York
 Rowland Estabrook1Male  New York
 Elizabeth Campbell17Female  Ireland
Kenosha Ward 3, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USALydia L Easterbrooks34Female  New York
 Edwin F Easterbrooks16Male  New York
 Stephen L Easterbrook35Male  New York
 Hannah M Easterbrook35Female  New York
 Edgar H Easterbrook8Male  Wisconsin
 Martha E Easterbrook6Female  Wisconsin
 Hannah L Easterbrook4Female  Wisconsin
 George D Jewett43Male  Vermont
 Clarinda Jewett43Female  New York
 Sarah Jewett14Female  New York
Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin, USAM Eastbrooks25Male   
Janesville (East side of Rock River), Rock, Wisconsin, USAHarrietton Wells32Male  Pennsylvania
 Mary Wells31Female  Massachusetts
 Jane Wells10Female  Pennsylvania
 Ellen Wells2Female  Wisconsin
 Mary Wells0Female  Wisconsin
 Benjn Brainard26Male  Massachusetts
 Ellen Brainard18Female  Massachusetts
 Louisa Steuart20Female  New York
 Wm Haywood40Male  Massachusetts
 J Estabrook20Male  New York
 L Doolette21Male  New York
 Levi Stephens15Male  New York
Delafield, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USAA G Barr28Male  New York
 Helen Barr25Female  New York
 Abby M Barr1Female  Wisconsin
 Melinda Barr62Female  Vermont
 Dorcas Weir68Female  Vermont
 Wm Van Dusen20Male  New York
 Peter Lightall21Male  Canada
Delafield, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USAF B Otis43Male  Vermont
 Emily Otis39Female  New York
 Emma Otis7Female  Wisconsin
 Jno Dalton26Male  England
 Jno Cormsel23Male  England
 Andrew Tilson23Male  Norway
 Robt French23Male  England
 Chas Estabrook24Male  New York
 Rose Attwell20Female  Ireland
 Mary Attwell20Female  Ireland
Delafield, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USASaml Estabrook66Male  Massachusetts
 Abigail Estabrook61Female  Connecticut
 Jno Estabrook33Male  New York
 Minerva Estabrook30Female  New York
 Chas Estabrook7Male  New York
 Helen A Estabrook5Female  New York
 John Estabrook1Male  Wisconsin
Merton, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USAG D Estabrook30Male  New York
 J A Estabrook28Female  New York
 Mary A Estabrook1Female  Wisconsin
Winneconne, Winnebago, Wisconsin, USAElihu Esterbrook75Male   
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAMary Easterbrooks56Female  Rhode Island
 Sally W Easterbrooks34Female  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAAbel Easterbrooks75Male  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USABenjm Smith57Male  Rhode Island
 Ruth Smith50Female  Massachusetts
 Martha Smith26Female  Rhode Island
 Mary T Smith24Female  Rhode Island
 Richard Smith22Male  Rhode Island
 Samuel Smith16Male  Rhode Island
 Benjamin Smith8Male  Rhode Island
 Samuel Easterbrooks48Male  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAJohn Easterbrooks51Male  Rhode Island
 Caroline Easterbrooks45Female  Rhode Island
 George W Easterbrooks22Male  Rhode Island
 Anna Easterbrooks19Female  Rhode Island
 Caroline Easterbrooks17Female  Rhode Island
 Stephen G Easterbrooks15Male  Rhode Island
 Harriet C Easterbrooks12Female  Rhode Island
 Wm H Easterbrooks10Male  Rhode Island
 Theodore Easterbrooks8Male  Rhode Island
 Frederick Easterbrooks6Male  Rhode Island
 George Taft23Male  New York
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USABenj S Easterbrooks61Male  Rhode Island
 Lois Easterbrooks57Female  Rhode Island
 Sophronia Easterbrooks24Female  Rhode Island
 Lois A Easterbrooks30Female  Rhode Island
 Horace Easterbrooks22Male  Rhode Island
 Allen Easterbrooks20Male  Rhode Island
 James A Easterbrooks14Male  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USACrawford Easterbrooks35Male  Rhode Island
 Maria Easterbrooks35Female  Rhode Island
 Wm H Easterbrooks16Male  Rhode Island
 Samuel Easterbrooks14Male  Rhode Island
 George T Easterbrooks12Male  Rhode Island
 Isabel N Easterbrooks9Female  Rhode Island
 Maria L Easterbrooks4Female  Rhode Island
 Crawford L Easterbrooks2Male  Rhode Island
 Sarah E Easterbrooks0Female  Rhode Island
 Bridget Mulvey16Female  Ireland
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USASamuel Muna46Male  Rhode Island
 Rebecca Muna40Female  Rhode Island
 Mary A Muna17Female  Rhode Island
 Emeline A Muna12Female  Rhode Island
 Sylvester Muna7Male  Rhode Island
 Allen M Muna5Male  Rhode Island
 William Muna2Male  Rhode Island
 Philip Eastabrooks21Male  Rhode Island
 Elisabeth Eastabrooks18Female  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAGardner Eastabrooks38Male  Rhode Island
 Mary Eastabrooks37Female  Rhode Island
 Gardner Eastabrooks14Male  Rhode Island
 Ruth A Eastabrooks13Female  Rhode Island
 Francis Eastabrooks10Male  Rhode Island
 Wm H Eastabrooks8Male  Rhode Island
 Lydia Eastabrooks6Female  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USASeabury Manchester38Male  Rhode Island
 Phebe V Manchester32Female  Rhode Island
 Alex Easterbrooks26Male  Rhode Island
 Miraim W Easterbrooks21Female  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAEliza T Easterbrooks61Female  Rhode Island
 Hannah H Easterbrooks30Female  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAJonathan Easterbrooks64Male  Rhode Island
 Eliza B Easterbrooks60Female  Rhode Island
 Eliza Easterbrooks17Female  Rhode Island
 John G Easterbrooks32Male  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAGeo T Easterbrooks36Male  Rhode Island
 Hannah Easterbrooks33Female  Rhode Island
 Geo W Easterbrooks7Male  Rhode Island
 Geo M Easterbrooks12Male  Massachusetts
 Mary T Easterbrooks8Female  Massachusetts
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAAaron Easterbrooks45Male  Rhode Island
 Susan M Easterbrooks44Female  Rhode Island
 Ellenor V Easterbrooks12Female  Rhode Island
 Spencer Pratt44Male  Rhode Island
 Sarah A Pratt42Female  Rhode Island
 Isabel West12Female  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAJohn Easterbrooks25Male  Rhode Island
 Harriet J Easterbrooks21Female  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAWilliam Easterbrooks26Male  Rhode Island
 Lucy A Easterbrooks29Female  Connecticut
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USADaniel Easterbrooks52Male  Rhode Island
 May L Easterbrooks49Female  Rhode Island
 Mary L Easterbrooks22Female  Rhode Island
 Caroline Easterbrooks24Female  Rhode Island
 Philip Easterbrooks19Male  Rhode Island
 Simeon Easterbrooks16Male  Rhode Island
 Daniel Easterbrooks13Male  Rhode Island
 George Easterbrooks13Male  Rhode Island
 Moses Easterbrooks8Male  Rhode Island
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USABenjn Easterbrooks38Male  Rhode Island
 Phebe Easterbrooks37Female  Rhode Island
 James H Easterbrooks9Male  Rhode Island
 Wm G Easterbrooks6Male  Rhode Island
 Sarah S Easterbrooks3Female  Rhode Island
 Benjamin Easterbrooks0Male  Rhode Island
 Sarah C Fraser19Female  Scotland
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAWm Easterbrooks34Male  Rhode Island
 Rebecca Easterbrooks33Female  Rhode Island
 Betsey P Easterbrooks7Female  Rhode Island
 Alice P Easterbrooks6Female  Rhode Island
 Ann Rudgers20Female  Ireland
Warren, Bristol, Rhode Island, USABarnabas W Easterbrooks40Male  Massachusetts
 Mary T Easterbrooks46Female  Massachusetts
 Amy E W Easterbrooks11Female  Rhode Island
 Coomer A Easterbrooks8Male  Rhode Island
 Wilhelmina S Easterbrooks6Female  Rhode Island
 Augustus Willis20Male  Rhode Island
 Amanda Watson17Female  Massachusetts
Warren, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAGeorge Easterbrooks40Male  Rhode Island
 Rebecca Easterbrooks38Female  Rhode Island
 Samuel S Child28Male  Rhode Island
 Ellen M Child18Female  Rhode Island
 Rebecca W Easterbrooks1Female  Rhode Island
 Patience Brayton63Female  Rhode Island
 Noah A Peck23Male  Massachusetts
Warren, Bristol, Rhode Island, USACaleb Harding82Male  Connecticut
 Elizabeth Harding79Female  Connecticut
 Harriet Easterbrooks49Female  Connecticut
Warren, Bristol, Rhode Island, USANathan L Cole38Male  Rhode Island
 Martha K Cole38Female  Rhode Island
 Ellen F Cole13Female  Rhode Island
 Harriet S Cole11Female  Rhode Island
 Charles G Cole7Male  Rhode Island
 Martha I Cole4Female  Rhode Island
 Nathan S Cole0Male  Rhode Island
 Levi Easterbrooks11Male  Massachusetts
Warren, Bristol, Rhode Island, USAJohn G Easterbrooks20Male  Rhode Island
North Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USACharles Olney70Male  Rhode Island
 Roby Olney60Female  Rhode Island
 Elizabeth Merriam41Female  Rhode Island
 Ira Merriam11Male  Rhode Island
 Henry Easterbrooks14Male  Rhode Island
Providence Ward 2, Providence, Rhode Island, USAElizabeth Torney66Female  Massachusetts
 Irena Crewell43Female  Massachusetts
 Louise Harding19Female  Massachusetts
 Lewis Crewell22Male  Massachusetts
 Sylvanus Crewell17Male  Massachusetts
 James Mason50Male  Rhode Island
 John A Davis42Male  Massachusetts
 Charles F Brown21Male  Rhode Island
 William Easterbrooks29Male  Rhode Island
 Samuel B S Harris22Male  Connecticut
 James Durfee19Male  Ireland
 Isaac Brown25Male  Rhode Island
 Abby Gooding12Female  New York
 Joseph S Gardner24Male  Massachusetts
Providence Ward 3, Providence, Rhode Island, USAEdmund Jackson43Male  Virginia
 Rebeca Jackson45Female  Massachusetts
 Albert Pollard36Male  Rhode Island
 William Alexander23Male  Rhode Island
 Daniel Mathews23Male  Rhode Island
 Joseph Mathews19Male  Rhode Island
 John Thornton19Male  Rhode Island
 Laban Easterbrooks35Male  Rhode Island
 Ann Tuel24Female  Ireland
Providence Ward 4, Providence, Rhode Island, USARichard H Armstrong30Male  Rhode Island
 Eliza H Armstrong29Female  Connecticut
 Frederic C Armstrong2Male  Rhode Island
 Albert A Gammell27Male  Massachusetts
 Susan N Easterbrook22Female  Massachusetts
Providence Ward 5, Providence, Rhode Island, USAJohn Wilbur54Male  Rhode Island
 Mary Wilbur53Female  Rhode Island
 Mary Easterbrooks28Female  Rhode Island
 Phebe Wilbur2Female  Rhode Island
 John Wilbur19   Rhode Island
 John Easterbrooks6Male  Rhode Island
 Mary E Easterbrooks3Female  Rhode Island
Providence Ward 5, Providence, Rhode Island, USAGeorge Pritchard47Male  Maine
 Jane Pritchard30Female  Nova Scotia
 James C Pritchard8Male  Nova Scotia
 John W Pritchard7Male  Nova Scotia
 George W Pritchard3Male  Rhode Island
 Adrine Pritchard0Female  Rhode Island
 Martha Reed18Female  Massachusetts
 Mary F Easterbrooks18Female   
Providence Ward 6, Providence, Rhode Island, USAAmbrose Roberts43Male  Rhode Island
 Alice N Roberts41Female  Rhode Island
 Mary F Easterbrooks18Female  Rhode Island
 Lydia Ann West66Female  Rhode Island
 Oliver Lockwood22Male  Rhode Island
 John Densten22Male  Ireland
Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island, USAAbel Easterbrooks54Male  Connecticut
 Celia Easterbrooks53Female  Rhode Island
 Henry O Easterbrooks14Male  Rhode Island
 Abagail Briggs83Female  Rhode Island
 Laura J Trowbridge18Female  Connecticut
Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USAJerome Houghton24Male  New Jersey
 Edith Houghton21Female  England
 William Houghton2Male  Ohio
 Frederick Eastbrook16Male  Ohio
Adams, Defiance, Ohio, USAJohn Hively49Male  Virginia
 Harriet Hively41Female  Canada
 Nancy Hively17Female  Ohio
 Julia Hively13Female  Ohio
 James Harper22Male  Ireland
 Grace A Harper21Female  Ohio
 John D Harper0Male  Ohio
 John Easterbrook87Male  England
 Julia Easterbrook78Female  Ireland
Oxford, Erie, Ohio, USAJohn Easterbrook37Male  England
 Mary Easterbrook31Female  New York
 Mary E Easterbrook5Female  New York
 John L Easterbrook3Male  New York
 Josephien Easterbrook1Female  Ohio
Union, Fayette, Ohio, USAGeorge W Easterbrook44Male  Canada
 Elizabeth Easterbrook39Female  Ohio
 Joseph M Easterbrook21Male  Ohio
 Mary Easterbrook18Female  Ohio
 Mary Putnam2Female  Ohio
Columbus Ward 3, Franklin, Ohio, USADwight Stone34Male  Massachusetts
 Olive Stone34Female  Vermont
 Julia Stone7Female  Ohio
 Ellen Stone4Female  Ohio
 Myra Stone2Female  Ohio
 John Stone28Male  Massachusetts
 Henry Eastabrooke32Male  New York
 Chas Remington15Male  New York
 James Ferlan24Male  Ireland
 Magdaline Kapp20Female  Germany
 Mary Ruffing18Female  Germany
 James Joyce27Male  Ireland
Norwich, Huron, Ohio, USAWilliam Esterbrook26Male  New York
 Isabella Esterbrook24Female  New York
 Oscar Esterbrook6Male  Ohio
Harrisville, Medina, Ohio, USAZenas Eastabrook53Male  Massachusetts
 Mary Eastabrook46Female  Massachusetts
 Aaron Eastabrook21Male  New York
 Zenas Eastabrook18Male  New York
 Amanda Eastabrook16Female  New York
 Amelia Eastabrook16Female  New York
 Artemas Eastabrook14Male  O
 George Eastabrook12Male  O
 Henry Eastabrook2Male  O
 Robert Lason22Male  O
 Mary Lason19Female  New York
Clay, Montgomery, Ohio, USACharles Estabrooks53Male  Massachusetts
 Nancy Estabrooks50Female  New York
 Sarah Estabrooks24Female  New York
 Warren Estabrooks22Male  New York
 William Estabrooks20Male  New York
 Francies Estabrooks18Male  New York
 Leonard Estabrooks15Male  New York
 Charles Estabrooks13Male  New York
 John Estabrooks11Male  Ohio
 Louesa Estabrooks9Female  Ohio
 Georgianna Estabrooks6Female  Ohio
Perry, Montgomery, Ohio, USAConrad Freese32Male  Germany
 Sarah Freese30Female  Pennsylvania
 Edmon Freese7Male  Ohio
 Amanda Freese5Female  Ohio
 Rebeca Freese3Female  Ohio
 Levi Freese1Male  Ohio
 Warren Estabrook19Male  Ohio
Perry, Montgomery, Ohio, USAFrancis Estabrook27Male  New York
 Mary Estabrook24Female  Pennsylvania
 Julia Estabrook3Female  Ohio
 James Estabrook1Male  Ohio
Perry, Montgomery, Ohio, USAArtemas Estabrook58Male  Massachusetts
 Ester Estabrook58Female  Massachusetts
 Catharin Estabrook21Female  Massachusetts
 Warren Estabrook18Male  Massachusetts
Gratis, Preble, Ohio, USAGeorge Estabrook28Male  Ohio
 Leah Estabrook29Female  Ohio
 Wesley Estabrook2Male  Ohio
Warren, Trumbull, Ohio, USASimon R Estabrook44Male  Massachusetts
 Mary B Estabrook34Female  Ohio
 Frances S Estabrook16Female  Massachusetts
 James A Estabrook12Male  Ohio
 David B Estabrook7Male  Ohio
 Mary B Estabrook3Female  Ohio
 Ellen M Estabrook1Female  Ohio
Baltimore Ward 13, Baltimore, Maryland, USACharlotte Pease60Female  Connecticut
 Lyddy Pease56Female  Connecticut
 Betsy Jones60Female  Maryland
 Jonathan Kastman61Male  Connecticut
 Henry W Eastman16Male  Massachusetts
 Lewis M Eastman13Male  Massachusetts
 Joseph Liford30Male  England
 Charles Ware30Male  New York
 Joseph Goff40Male  Ireland
 Endor Esterbrook40Male  Massachusetts
Crosby, Hamilton, Ohio, USAJohn Eastabrooks63Male  Rhode Island
 Lucy Eastabrook55Female  Rhode Island
 Inepta Easterbrook44Female  Connecticut
 Susan Estabrook34Female  Ohio
Dayton Ward 2, Montgomery, Ohio, USAOliver Kitredge34Male  Massachusetts
 Julia A Kitredge30Female  New York
 Anson Kitredge2Male  Ohio
 Kate A Estabrook21Female  Massachusetts
Dayton Ward 2, Montgomery, Ohio, USAJoel Estabrook40Male  Mississippi
 Elizabeth Estabrook36Female  Massachusetts
 George Estabrook12Male  Ohio
 Arthur Estabrook7Male  Ohio
 Ellen Reed17Female  Ohio
 Louisa Fishbaugh15Female  Ohio
Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery, Ohio, USAF C Estabrooks48Male  Mississippi
 Caroline Estabrooks42Female  Mississippi
 Harriet Estabrooks11Female  Ohio
 Abbey Estabrooks8Female  Ohio
 Emma Estabrooks3Female  Ohio
 Elizabeth Reed20Female  Mississippi
 Elizabeth Lamprey18Female  Germany
Dayton Ward 5, Montgomery, Ohio, USAWarren Estabrook51Male  Massachusetts
 Sarah Estabrook43Female  Virginia
 Joseph Estabrook17Male  Ohio
 M Estabrook15Male  Ohio
 Samuel Estabrook13Male  Ohio
 Auston Estabrook11Male  Ohio
 Lee Estabrook8Male  Ohio
 Mary Dibben38Female  Ohio
Squaw Grove, DeKalb, Illinois, USAGeorge W Miller24Male  Ireland
 Augusta Miller21Female  Pennsylvania
 Elizabeth Eastabrooks67Female  Connecticut
Sycamore, DeKalb, Illinois, USADecater Eastabrooks26Male  Pennsylvania
 Elvira Eastabrooks20Female  Ohio
 Carlos Eastabrooks10   Illinois
 Sarah Eastabrooks8Female  Illinois
 Selden Eastabrooks3Male  Illinois
 Mary Eastabrooks1Female  Illinois
 Charles E Tompkins28Male  New York
Winfield, DuPage, Illinois, USAMilo Kemp37Male  New York
 Julia Kemp34Female  New York
 Harriet Kemp11Female  Illinois
 Mary Kemp7Female  Illinois
 Orin Esterbrook16Male  New York
 Mary Taylor50Female  New York
Winfield, DuPage, Illinois, USAAlbert Esterbrook18Male  New York
 Warren Esterbrook14Male  New York
 Francis Taylor12Male  New York
 Phedelia Taylor8Female  New York
Hancock, Illinois, USAElisha Easterbrook23Male  New York
 Sarah J Easterbrook21Female  Ohio
 David W Easterbrook4Male  Illinois
 William M Easterbrook3Male  Illinois
Big Rock, Kane, Illinois, USABradley Easterbroocks42Male  Rhode Island
 Clarinda Easterbroocks39Female  Connecticut
 Alfred Easterbroocks18Male  Pennsylvania
 Adeline Easterbroocks16Female  Pennsylvania
 Eliza Easterbroocks14Female  Pennsylvania
 Franklin Easterbroocks12Male  Pennsylvania
 John Easterbroocks10Male  Pennsylvania
 Charles Easterbroocks8Male  Pennsylvania
 William Easterbroocks4Male  Illinois
 Howard Easterbroocks1Male  Illinois
Oswego, Kendall, Illinois, USAMartin S Easterbrooks33Male  New York
 Marion Easterbrooks36Female  New York
 Edward A Easterbrooks9Male  New York
 Adelbert E Easterbrooks3Male  Illinois
Peoria, Illinois, USADaniel Belcher52Male  Massachusetts
 Rachel Belcher43Female  New York
 Daniel Belcher12Male  New York
 Albert Belcher10Male  Illinois
 Oscar O Learsy24Male  Kentucky
 E F Estherbrook29Female  Maine
Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, USAA W Estabrook35Male  Vermont
 Laura Estabrook22Female  New York
 Lyman Morse14Male  Illinois
Sangamon, Illinois, USAAbigal Eastabrook61   Vermont
 Henry Eastabrook15Male  Illinois
 George Eastabrook20Male  Canada
Sangamon, Illinois, USAEliza Lyman33Female  Canada
 Lewis Lyman11Male  Illinois
 Harriett Lyman8Female  Illinois
 Mary Lyman4Female  Illinois
Rushville, Schuyler, Illinois, USARobert Mills50Male  North Carolina
 Phebe Mills45Female  North Carolina
 Louis Scott25   Ohio
 Alonzo Easterbrook33Male  New York
 Mary A Easterbrook28Female  Kentucky
 Marion Easterbrook7Male  Illinois
 Alvin Easterbrook4Male  Illinois
 David Easterbrook2Male  Illinois
 Julia S Easterbrook0Female  Illinois
Harlem, Winnebago, Illinois, USAThomas Weston64Male  Connecticut
 Polly Weston67Female  New Hampshire
 Abel Eastbrook42Male  Vermont
 Nathan Eastbrook16Male  New York
 Maria Grover13Female  Maine
Roscoe, Winnebago, Illinois, USAJohn Eastabrook27Male  Vermont
 Lucy Eastabrook27Female  Vermont
 George Eastabrook4Male  Illinois
 Henry Eastabrook7Male  Illinois
Calaveras District, Calaveras, California, USAPeter Boothe22Male  England
 Dan E Estabrooks22Male  Massachusetts
 Joshua Lyman17Male  Ohio
Calaveras District, Calaveras, California, USAW J McGregor25Male  New York
 Columbus Davis30Male  New Jersey
 Daniel E Easterbrook22Male  England
Placerville and Vicinity, El Dorado, California, USAEdwin Easterbrook17Male  New York
Cincinnati and Vicinity, El Dorado, California, USAWm Mars22Male  Arkansas
 Alexander Mars18Male  Arkansas
 Alexander W Swanney25Male  Tennessee
 David E McCurdy35Male  Arkansas
 Archibald J Pock22Male  Tennessee
 Thos Smith44Male  Kentucky
 Kirtley Lynch14Male  Missouri
 John H Lynch48Male  Missouri
 Philip R Joice22Male  Michigan
 Fisher H Follensbee24Male  Michigan
 James B Wetherbee29Male  Michigan
 Saml O Esterbrook21Male  Michigan
 Fred Seybel36Male  France
 Chas Wagoner27Male  Germany
 Galbreth G Robinson35Male  Scotland
Beals Bar (Forksville), Sutter, California, USAF C Coats30Male  New York
 Estrbrook33Male  Maine
Township 1, Tuolumne, California, USAWm B Estabook26Male  Maine
 Geo Gillpatrick38Male  Massachusetts
 John L Gillman22Male  Maine
 Caleb Gillman24Male  Maine
 John A Carrollton23Male  Virginia
Township 1, Tuolumne, California, USAJules Jerrard29Male  France
 Henrique Foscat32Male  France
 Tomaso Domingo41Male  Mexico
 N Turner34Male  Norway
 J E Estabook28Male  Massachusetts
Yuba, California, USAG M Cantrill24Male  New York
 A D Dillingham25Male  New York
 James Esterbrook24Male  New York
 John Foley23Male  New York
 R S Houseman32Male  Germany
 Samuel Bloom23Male  Missouri
 James Stower24Male  Missouri
 John Ross25Male  Missouri
 Thomas Nooney26Male  Missouri
 John H Knox27Male  Missouri
Yuba, California, USAC Z Esterbrook25Male  New York
Yuba, California, USAWilliam Esterbrook30Male  Missouri
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USANancy M Bemis46Female  Connecticut
 James Easterbrook17Male  Massachusetts
 Maria Bemis21Female  Connecticut
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USAJames E Estbrook19Male  Massachusetts
Thompson, Windham, Connecticut, USACalvin Paine34Male  Connecticut
 Angeline Paine29Female  Connecticut
 Nathaniel Easterbrooks28Male  Connecticut
Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut, USAJames Easterbrook84Male  Rhode Island
 Mary Easterbrook78Female  Connecticut
 Jonathan Easterbrook44Male  Connecticut
 Mary W Easterbrook33Female  Massachusetts
 Thomas Northbury23Male  Canada West
Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut, USAHale Easterbrook36Male  Connecticut
 Lydia A Easterbrook33Female  Connecticut
 Ellen J Easterbrook13Female  Massachusetts
 Francis Bluff29Male  Canada West
Pomfret, Windham, Connecticut, USALevi Easterbrook72Male  Connecticut
 Huldah Easterbrook68Female  Connecticut
Windham, Windham, Connecticut, USAA B Smith41Male  Rhode Island
 M A Smith37Female  Connecticut
 Phebe D Smith16Female  Rhode Island
 Anna Smith10Female  Connecticut
 David Smith3Male  Connecticut
 Mary Clyhorn25Female  Connecticut
 Lucy Easterbrooks40Female  Connecticut
District 13, Chatham, Georgia, USAGeorge M Conn31Male  New Jersey
 Charlotte Conn29Female  England
 George H Conn2Male  Georgia
 George Alexander35Male  Scotland
 George Easterbrook25Male  New York
 Michael Glascow25Male  Ireland
 Michael McDonald25Male  Ireland
 John Williams30Male  New York
 Margaret McGreggar55Female  England
Wysox, Carroll, Illinois, USAGaylord Easterbrook28Male  Pennsylvania
 Ellen Easterbrook20Female  Pennsylvania
Wysox, Carroll, Illinois, USANathaniel Easterbrook24Male  Pennsylvania
 Dorcas Easterbrook59Female  New Jersey
 Catharine Easterbrook18Female  Pennsylvania
 George Easterbrook16Male  Pennsylvania
 Ira Easterbrook13Male  Pennsylvania
 Levi F Easterbrook27Male  Pennsylvania
Wysox, Carroll, Illinois, USACharles Easterbrook33Male  Pennsylvania
 Mary A Easterbrook29Female  Ohio
 Mary E Easterbrook4Female  Illinois
 Charles Easterbrook2Male  Illinois
East Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USAMoses H Esterbrook28Male  New York
 Edmon P Cristan23Male  Pennsylvania
 Charles R Henbest25Male  England
 Henry Fish22Male  Pennsylvania
 Abijah Blaker28Male  Pennsylvania
 John Wellen22Male  Pennsylvania
 Albert Unknow23Male  New York
 Peter Brace24Male  Ohio
 James Brown23Male  Pennsylvania
 Lewis Macy27Male  Pennsylvania
 Jacob Snell20Male  Germany
 Phillip Howard23Male  Germany
East Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USAM H Esterbrook30Male  New Hampshire
Township 5 N R 8 W, Madison, Illinois, USAJohn C Estabrook50Male  Massachusetts
 Nancy Estabrook53Female  North Carolina
 Harriett Estabrook19Female  Illinois
 William Estabrook15Male  Illinois
 Clara Estabrook13Female  Illinois
 Sarah Estabrook11Female  Illinois
 John Stone52Male  Massachusetts
Township 5 N R 8 W, Madison, Illinois, USAHilery S King36Male  Maryland
 Luisa King32Female  Maryland
 Mary King13Female  Illinois
 John King8Male  Illinois
 James King6Male  Illinois
 James C Estabrook22Male  Illinois
Union, Tolland, Connecticut, USAJohn S Easterbrooks35Male  Connecticut
 Louisa Easterbrooks37Female  Massachusetts
 William Easterbrooks9Male  Connecticut
 Sarah L Easterbrooks7Female  Connecticut
 Amos Taft33Male  Massachusetts
Negro Bar, Sacramento, California, USAP Haverly27Male  Maine
 Wm Estabrook30Male  Rhode Island
Harrison, Cass, Indiana, USAHenry Estabrook35Male   
 Mary Estabrook33Female   
 John Estabrook12Male   
 Christian Estabrook10Male   
 James Estabrook8Male   
 David S Estabrook4Male   
 Susan Estabrook1Female   
Roxbury, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USASaml R Eastabrook41Male  Massachusetts
 Mary J Eastabrook39Female  Massachusetts
 Albert R Eastabrook15Male  Massachusetts
 Saml G Eastabrook13Male  Massachusetts
 Charles W Eastabrook6Male  Massachusetts
 William Manne24Male  Ireland
 Catharine Manne19Female  Ireland
Cazenovia, Madison, New York, USAWm Easterbrook45Male  England
 Irena Easterbrook33Female  New York
 Mary H Easterbrook10Female  New York
 Charlott A Easterbrook7Female  New York
Morgan, Butler, Ohio, USAWilliam Easterbrooks30Male  Ohio
Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAElias Esterbrook61Male  England
 Willy Esterbrook60Female  England
 George F Esterbrook19Male  Maine
 Sarah Ann Esterbrook16Female  Massachusetts

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