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USA Census 1830

This is a census of households and only names the head of the household.

Waterford, Saratoga, New YorkEddy Eastbrook2
Greenfield, Saratoga, New YorkThomas Easterbrooks8
Greenfield, Saratoga, New YorkHannah Easterbrooks2
Newfield, Tompkins, New YorkHobart Estabrooks12
Pomfret, Windham, ConnecticutLevi Carabrook3
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutAnne Eastabrooks6
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutJames Eastabrook4
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutCalvin Eastabrooks6
Woodstock, Windham, ConnecticutStephen Eastabrooks4
Luzerne, Warren, New YorkEdmund Estabrook8
US Navy Yard Brooklyn, Kings, New YorkE Eastabrooks1
Clarence, Erie, New YorkSeth Estabrooks7
Clarence, Erie, New YorkJohn Esterbook8
Elizabethtown, Essex, New YorkJames Estabrooks8
Elizabethtown, Essex, New YorkNathan Estabrooks2
Middleburgh, Schoharie, New YorkBenjamin Easterbreck4
Cincinnati Ward 3, Hamilton, OhioJohn Eastenbrook6
Mount Vernon, Knox, OhioArtemas Esterbrook7
Oldtown, Ross, OhioGeo W Easterbrook2
Smithfield, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJohn Estonbrooks8
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJepee Easterbrooks8
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaJohn G Easterbrooks3
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaAbel Easterbrooks9
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaMartin Easterbrooks6
Wysox, Bradford, PennsylvaniaWeltha Easterbrook7
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandAaron Eastabrooks4
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandAbigail Easterbrooks4
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandJonathan Easterbrooks5
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandBenjamin T Easterbrook10
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandDaniel Easterbrook5
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandAbel Easterbrooks6
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandJohn Easterbrooks5
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandCranford Easterbrook4
Warren, Bristol, Rhode IslandJoseph Easterbrooks4
North Providence, Providence, Rhode IslandWidow Louisa Eatterbrooks5
North Providence, Providence, Rhode IslandMartin Easterbrook4
Johnston, Providence, Rhode IslandAbel Easterbrooks3
Middlesex, Washington, VermontBenjamin Easterbrooks4
Topsham, Orange, VermontBenjamin Etuback2
Newbury, Orange, VermontWasen Estabrook10
Chelsea, Orange, VermontSamuel Easterbrook6
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontJames Easterbrooks13
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontBarnard Easterbrook8
Brattleboro, Windham, VermontSilvester Easterbrook10
Dummerston, Windham, VermontBenj Easterbrook Junior8
Newfane, Windham, VermontJoel Easterbrook7
Rockingham, Windham, VermontAbraham Easterbrooks4
Jamaica, Windham, VermontDavid Easterbrooks8
Jamaica, Windham, VermontSamuel Eusterbrock8
Wilmington, Windham, VermontHenry Easterbrooks7
Stratton, Windham, VermontEzra Easterbrook3
Stratton, Windham, VermontEzekiel Easterbrook7
Stratton, Windham, VermontJoel Easterbrook4
Dover, Windham, VermontJedidiah Easterbrooks9
Reading, Windsor, VermontThomas Estabrook9
Reading, Windsor, VermontJohna Estabrooks6
Chester, Windsor, VermontJohn Easterbrooks6
Cavendish, Windsor, VermontAaron Esterbrooks5
Ludlow, Windsor, VermontEnos Easterbrooks8
Sutton, Caledonia, VermontHarvey Easterbrooks2
Danville, Caledonia, VermontSamuel Easterbrook9
Lyndon, Caledonia, VermontLuther Easterbrook9
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontThomas Estabrooks7
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontRichard Estabrooks7
Sherburne, Rutland, VermontR Estabrooks4
Pittsfield, Rutland, VermontMarshal Estabrooks7
Brandon, Rutland, VermontNathan Estebwoodes8
Madison, IllinoisJohn Esterbrook9
Brunswick, Cumberland, MaineThomas G Estabrook 
Camden, Waldo, MaineJoseph H Estabrook6
Camden, Waldo, MaineNathl C Estabrook3
West Cambridge, Middlesex, MassachusettsEndar Estabrooks8
West Cambridge, Middlesex, MassachusettsSamuel Estabrooks9
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsAllae Estabrooks6
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsEliahim Estabrooks3
Lexington, Middlesex, MassachusettsWilliam Estabrook6
Shirley, Middlesex, MassachusettsJoseph Easterbrooks6
Princeton, Worcester, MassachusettsIsaac Esterbrook4
Princeton, Worcester, MassachusettsThomas Esterbrook4
Princeton, Worcester, MassachusettsEllery Esterbrook8
Princeton, Worcester, MassachusettsWashington Esterbrook10
Shrewsbury, Worcester, MassachusettsJons Easterbrook11
Worcester, Worcester, MassachusettsJames Estabrook6
Holden, Worcester, MassachusettsJoseph Estabrook9
Holden, Worcester, MassachusettsSimon R Estabrook6
Holden, Worcester, MassachusettsJohn Estabrook4
Holden, Worcester, MassachusettsEunice Estabrook2
Holden, Worcester, MassachusettsEbenezer Estabrook7
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsSaylor Estabrook8
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsSamuel Estabrook6
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsGeorge Estabrook9
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsJedediah Estabrook3
Rutland, Worcester, MassachusettsArtemas Estabrook9
Athol, Worcester, MassachusettsBenjn Estsbrock6
Royalston, Worcester, MassachusettsJoseph Estabrook5
Paxton, Worcester, MassachusettsDwight Estabrook7
Paxton, Worcester, MassachusettsDaniel Estabrook5
Grafton, Grafton, New HampshireMary Easterbrook2
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireRudolphus Estabrook11
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireCinthia Estabrook3
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireAaron Estabrook7
Lebanon, Grafton, New HampshireHubbard Estabrook1
Lyman, Grafton, New HampshireJoseph Estertench8
Hancock, Hillsborough, New HampshireSarah Estabrooks4
Hancock, Hillsborough, New HampshireHosea Estabrooks6
New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New HampshireNathan Easterbrook9
New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New HampshireSaml Estabrook4
New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New HampshireJoe Estabrook6
Pomfret, Chautauqua, New YorkBenas Estherbrook4
Mentz, Cayuga, New YorkLyman Gasterbrooks5
Chateaugay, Franklin, New YorkNathan Estabrook6
Constable, Franklin, New YorkSamuel Estabrook3
Constable, Franklin, New YorkJohn Estabrook3
Constable, Franklin, New YorkJoel Estabrook8
Constable, Franklin, New YorkJoseph W Estabrook5
Duane, Franklin, New YorkJoseph Estabrook3
Malone, Franklin, New YorkJonathan Estabrook8
Bethany, Genesee, New YorkNehemiah Easterbrook6
Russia, Herkimer, New YorkCharles Easterbrook9
Russia, Herkimer, New YorkCaleb Easterbrook6
Little Falls, Herkimer, New YorkSusan Easterbrooks3
Little Falls, Herkimer, New YorkMartin Easterbrooks10 << >>
Danube, Herkimer, New YorkMartin Easterbrooks8
Adams, Jefferson, New YorkJohn Esterbrooks7
Lenox, Madison, New YorkSaml Easterbrook10
Boston Ward 5, Suffolk, MassachusettsWilliam Easterbrook4
Sedgwick, Hancock, MaineLyman Estebrook6
Calais, Washington, MaineDavid Estabrooks11
Weymouth, Norfolk, MassachusettsJoseph Estabrook5
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsJohn Earterbrook4
Barnstable, Barnstable, MassachusettsJohn Earterbrook Junior3
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsJoseph Easterbrook5
Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsSamuel Easterbrook6
Hingham, Plymouth, MassachusettsKimball Eastenbood5
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkBiel Estabrook11
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkWilliam Estabrooks16
Knoxville, Knox, TennesseeJoseph Estabrook13
Centerville, Allegany, New YorkWarner Easterbrook6
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkBenja Easterbrooks6
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkStephe Easterbrook5
Rensselaerville, Albany, New YorkJohn Eastabrook7
Chenango, Broome, New YorkW Estabrooks5
Freedom, Cattaraugus, New YorkJonathan Poslaksochs5
Swansea, Bristol, MassachusettsCaleb Easterbrook10
Swansea, Bristol, MassachusettsAnne Easterbrook5
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkElisha Estabrooks5

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