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Canada Census 1911 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but only a few are cross-referenced.

AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
644St Joseph, Jacques-Cartier, QuebecLaban GibbesChef (Head)Male49Dec 1862MarriedAngleterre1887Agent ??, Pra??dentist
 Emby GibbesÉpouse (Wife)Female51Jul 1860MarriedAngleterre1890NG
 Leonard GibbesFils (Son)Male25Aug 1886SingleAngleterre1886NG
 Hannaway GibbesFils (Son)Male17Feb 1894SingleQuebec NG
 ParmerLogeur (Lodger)Male27Mar 1884SingleQuebec Commis, Marchan??
 LavisLogeur (Lodger)Male25May 1886SingleQuebec Fe?? Sch??, Bouque
 EasterbrookLogeur (Lodger)Male24May 1887SingleOntario Commis, Bouque
 M C McDonaldLogeur (Lodger)Male26Jan 1884SingleQuebec Inc
 Carl LilleyLogeur (Lodger)Male30May 1881SingleQuebec Co??maker, ?? Factory
 Mac GryshanLogeur (Lodger)Male25Apr 1886SingleQuebec Ten??, Bouque
 Lah RenndeDomestique (Domestic)Female34May 1877SingleQuebec Servante, Domesti
New Michel, Kootenay, British ColumbiaMilis EsterbrookHeadMale26Jul 1884MarriedNew Brunswick Teacher, Gweay << >>
 Georgie EsterbrookWifeFemale26May 1885MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Elna EsterbrookDaughterFemale8Apr 1902MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Wilfred EsterbrookSonMale1May 1910SingleBritish Columbia NG >>
NewMichel, Kootenay, British ColumbiaBert EstabrookHeadMale30Sep 1880SingleUSA1902packer, G. N. Railroad
 Henry CouillardLodgerMale30Jun 1880SingleQuebec Cook, G. N. Railroad
 D McDonaldLodgerMale60May 1851SingleScotland1880Cook, Northern Coal co
 William FarrellLodgerMale35Sep 1875SingleEngland1900Miner, Northern Coal co
 Paul BlanchardLodgerMale50Feb 1861SingleQuebec Miner, Northern Coal co
 William FranksLodgerMale26Sep 1884SingleOntario ??le, ?? Vallyfield
Cornwall Isl, Hintingdon, QuebecFrancis EasterbrookHeadMale33Apr 1878MarriedOntario Farmer, Farm << >>
 Sarah EsterbrooksWifeFemale29Dec 1881MarriedOntario NG
 Hazel EsterbrooksDaughterFemale8May 1903SingleOntario NG >>
 Winifred EsterbrooksDaughterFemale6Jul 1904SingleOntario NG >>
 Julus EsterbrooksDaughterFemale3Sep 1907SingleOntario NG >>
 Mabel EsterbrooksDaughterFemale1Nov 1909SingleOntario NG >>
Cornwall Isl, Hintingdon, QuebecFrank EsterbrooksHeadMale59Apr 1852MarriedUSA1860Farmer, Farm
 Sarah EsterbrooksWifeFemale62Oct 1848MarriedOntario NG
6th Co Camp St, Kootenay, British ColumbiaAlbert EstebrooksLodgerMale19Jun 1891SingleUSA1910Cook, Sbr Camp
Estevan, Assiniboia, SaskatchewanGeorge EastabrookHeadMale24Apr 1887MarriedNew York1907Butcher, Shop << >>
 Beatrice EastabrookWifeFemale20Mar 1891MarriedOntario NG
 Florence EastabrookDaughterFemale6/12Nov 1901SingleSaskatchewan NG >>
Estevan, Assiniboia, SaskatchewanGeorge EasterbrookHeadMale51Feb 1860MarriedEngland Batcher, Town << >>
 Ernest Charles EasterbrookSonMale22May 1889SingleEngland Batcher, Town << >>
 George EasterbrookSonMale24Apr 1887SingleEngland Batcher, Town << >>
 Lawrence Victor HallBoarderMale20Apr 1891SingleOntario House Latheing, Town
 August WestphalBoarderMale24Jun 1887SingleGermany Farmer, At Town
 George FaserBoarderMale27Feb 1889SingleOntario Policeman, in Town
 Edward Lyman CareBoarderMale23Jul 1887SingleUSA Electrician, in Town
 Allan NicholsonBoarderMale16Dec 1894SingleNouvelle-Ecosse Printer, in Town
 Harry BarontonBoarderMale20Apr 1891SingleOntario Carpenter, In Town Building
 Michael BoyceBoarderMale29Jun 1891SingleOntario E??platt, Paulding in Iowa
 Gustave HolmburgBoarderMale29Jun 1882SingleSweden Carpenter, at Building
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Village of Gull Lake, Moose Jaw, SaskatchewanMarshall EstabrooksHeadMale31Nov 1879MarriedUSA1884Blacksmith, ?? Blacksmith Shop <<
 Blache EstabrooksWifeFemale29Dec 1881MarriedOntario 
 Josephine EstabrooksDaughterFemale9Apr 1902SingleOntario  << >>
 Harward EstabrooksSonMale7Oct 1903SingleOntario  << >>
 Marshall EstabrooksSonMale5May 1906SingleManitoba  <<
 Ludlow EstabrooksSonMale2Dec 1908SingleManitoba 
Village of Gull Lake, Moose Jaw, SaskatchewanGeorges EstabrooksHeadMale33Feb 1878MarriedUSA1884Emple?? << >>
 Margaret EstabrooksWifeFemale24Nov 1886MarriedOntario NG
Battleford, SaskatchewanJacb F LeachmanHeadMale44Apr 1867MarriedOntario Farmer
 Mary Ann LeachmanWifeFemale36May 1875MarriedOntario NG << >>
 James Bella LeachmanDaughterFemale13Oct 1897SingleOntario NG
 William J LeachmanSonMale12Mar 1899SingleOntario NG
 Robert J LeachmanSonMale10Feb 1900SingleOntario NG
 Charles LeachmanSonMale8Dec 1902SingleOntario NG
 Elizabeth Ann LeachmanDaughterFemale6Dec 1904SingleMars NG
 Jael Thomas LeachmanSonMale5Apr 1906SingleMars NG
 Ella May LeachmanDaughterFemale3Dec 1907SingleSaskatchewan NG
Regina, SaskatchewanRobert SampsonHeadMale43Jan 1868MarriedOntario Farmer
 Margaret SampsonWifeFemale36Aug 1874MarriedOntario NG <<
 George Thomas SampsonSonMale8Nov 1902SingleSaskatchewan NG
 Agnes Colline SampsonDaughterFemale6Nov 1904SingleSaskatchewan NG
 Henry Elizabeth SampsonDaughterFemale4Mar 1907SingleSaskatchewan NG
 SampsonDaughterFemale2Oct 1908SingleSaskatchewan NG
 EvelynDomesticMale33Jul 1877SingleEngland Labourer, Farm.
Scott Ave, Regina, SaskatchewanDuncan KingsburyHeadMale42Aug 1868MarriedOntario Accountant, Tran & Lumber
 Caroline KingsburyWifeFemale40Nov 1870MarriedOntario  <<
 Edna KingsburyDaughterFemale15Oct 1895SingleOntario 
 Verna KingsburyDaughterFemale10Sep 1900SingleSaskatchewan 
 Lois KingsburyDaughterFemale5Aug 1905SingleSaskatchewan 
Souris St, Regina, SaskatchewanJames Ondese SteevesHeadMale33Feb 1878MarriedNew Brunswick School Teacher
 Hellen Mary SteevesWifeFemale42Jun 1868MarriedNew Brunswick None << >>
 Ethel Eastabrook SteevesDaughterFemale3Apr 1908SingleNew Brunswick 
 Muriel Alward SteevesDaughterFemale1Mar 1910SingleNew Brunswick 
 Leverett CastebrookFather-in-lawMale77Feb 1833WidowedNew Brunswick Income <<
Habycon, Kootenay, British ColumbiaOttoL EstabrookBoarderMale21Dec 1889SingleNew Brunswick Matr Miner, Reamtrat <<
551 Elgin Ave, Winnipeg City, ManitobaWalliam EsterbrookeHeadMale38Dec 1872MarriedOntario Machinist, Dept Store << >>
 Emma EsterbrookeWifeFemale33Aug 1877MarriedIreland1885NG
 Thomas EsterbrookeSonMale3Dec 1907SingleManitoba NG >>
 Jack EsterbrookeSonMale1Mar 1910SingleManitoba NG >>
 Emiley GregersenLodgerFemale24Aug 1886SingleIreland1888Telephone Ope, Office
 James McKeenLodgerMale24Jan 1887SingleOntario Machinist, Shop
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
King St, Charlotte, New BrunswickHarry EstabrookHeadMale35Apr 1876MarriedNew Brunswick Baggageman, C P Ry <<
 Lomie EstabrookWifeFemale32Jan 1879MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Frank AustonBoarderMale32Jan 1879SingleNew Brunswick NG
SudPetite Riviere, Kent, New BrunswickCharles WardChef (Head)Male60Nov 1850MarriedNew Brunswick Cultivateur
 Zelphia WardÉpouse (Wife)Female50Nov 1860MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Arthur WardFils (Son)Male18Jun 1893SingleNew Brunswick 
 Emely WardDaughterFemale15Apr 1896SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Laura WardDaughterFemale12Jul 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Jessey WardDaughterFemale9Apr 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickSusani EstabrookHeadFemale67Mar 1844WidowedNew Brunswick NG
 Justine LewesSon-in-lawMale41Jul 1869MarriedNew Brunswick Fireman, Saw Mill.
 Maud LewesWifeFemale40Jun 1870MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Clayton LewesSonMale12May 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickSmith S PageHeadMale45Jul 1865MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, Farm
 Locketho PageWifeFemale47Apr 1863MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Maud PageDaughterFemale19Aug 1891SingleNew Brunswick Teacher, Public School
 Loicose PageDaughterFemale16Oct 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Laura PageDaughterFemale14Oct 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Marion PageDaughterFemale8Apr 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Alban PageSonMale7Sep 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickAlban EstabrooksHeadMale68Oct 1842WidowedNew Brunswick Post ??ster, Gen Store <<
 Laverico NeversNieceFemale22Jun 1888SingleNew Brunswick NG
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickEnock EstabrooksHeadMale42Oct 1868MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, Farm << >>
 Mary EstabrooksWifeFemale40Jul 1870MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Claud EstabrooksSonMale18Mar 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG, Normal School << >>
 Clara EstabrooksDaughterFemale17Apr 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Hellen EstabrooksDaughterFemale15Dec 1895SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Inez EstabrooksDaughterFemale13Jan 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Paul EstabrooksSonMale7Jul 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Mary EstabrooksDaughterFemale5Oct 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickArthur EstabrooksHeadMale44Sep 1866MarriedNew Brunswick Trader << >>
 Frances EstabrooksWifeFemale32Jun 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Jean EstabrooksDaughterFemale11Oct 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 A Kenneth EstabrooksSonMale10May 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Clairs W EstabrooksSonMale4Oct 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Nina SwinDomesticFemale16Sep 1894SingleNew Brunswick Servant, Private Family
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickColby UnderhillHeadMale35Mar 1876MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, Farm
 Ruth UnderhillWifeFemale37Apr 1874MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Harry UnderhillSonMale4Jun 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Miles UnderhillSonMale2Jun 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 George UnderhillSonMale10/12Jul 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickRalph H EstabrookHeadMale40Mar 1870WidowedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Lincereta EstabrookDaughterFemale17Jul 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Ruther EstabrookDaughterFemale9Jul 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Elmer AneryAdopted SonMale17Apr 1894SingleUSA 
 Richard ThorneBoarderMale54Oct 1856WidowedNew Brunswick Farm, Saw Mill
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickSamuel N EstabrookHeadMale75Mar 1836WidowedNew Brunswick Labourer Stock <<
 Charley S EstabrookSonMale33Aug 1877SingleNew Brunswick Farmer'sson << >>
 Jane BridgesDaughterFemale43Sep 1867WidowedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Hellen BridgesGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female9May 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 James BridgesGrandsonMale6Jan 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Albert FollandDomesticMale12May 1899SingleEngland1910NG
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickMarley EstabrooksHeadMale28Nov 1882SingleNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Permelia EstabrooksMotherFemale63Apr 1848WidowedNew Brunswick NG
Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickAnnie McTyreHeadFemale54Dec 1856WidowedNew Brunswick 
 Edward EstabrooksSonMale24Dec 1886SingleNew Brunswick Farmer, Farm << >>
 Samuel EstabrookSonMale21Sep 1889SingleNew Brunswick Farmer, on Farm << >>
 Geo NickelsonSon-in-lawMale33Mar 1878MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, Building
 Susan NickelsonDaughterFemale26Aug 1884MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Donald NickelsonGrandsonMale2Jul 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Reetta NickelsonGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female1Oct 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
Hartland, Carleton, New BrunswickWoody ThorntonHeadMale26Jun 1885MarriedNew Brunswick Barber
 Izetta ThorntonWifeFemale28Jan 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
Hartland, Carleton, New BrunswickFrank EstabrookLodgerMale24Mar 1887SingleNew Brunswick Labourer << >>
 Mill EstabrookLodgerMale211890SingleNew Brunswick Labourer
Hartland, Carleton, New BrunswickMorley EstabrookLodgerMale27Nov 1883SingleNew Brunswick Labourer << >>
Upper Brighton, Carleton, New BrunswickAllen WatersHeadMale35Jul 1875MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Ellen WatersWifeFemale31Nov 1879MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Agness WatersDaughterFemale2Sep 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 George WatersSonMale2Mar 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Hannah EstabrooksSister in lawFemale39Sep 1871SingleNew Brunswick Bookkeeper, Store
Bristol, Carleton, New BrunswickAnson BoyerHeadMale38May 1873MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, Bridgework
 Allerate BoyerWifeFemale36Jul 1874MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Olive GouldLodgerFemale20Aug 1890SingleNew Brunswick School Teacher, F??
Bristol, Carleton, New BrunswickSanford EstabrooksHeadMale61Apr 1850MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter <<
 Zipporah EstabrooksWifeFemale54Jun 1856MarriedNova Scotia NG
 Mildred EstabrooksAdopted DaughterFemale15Feb 1896SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
Northampton, Carleton, New BrunswickGeorge WeaversHeadMale65Sep 1845MarriedNew Brunswick Labourer, Odd Jobs
 Addie WeaversWifeFemale55Sep 1855MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Wm MoritzomerySon-in-lawMale27Jul 1883MarriedNew Brunswick Machinst, Machine Work
 Lillian MoritzomeryDaughterFemale27Feb 1884MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Dorothy MoritzomeryGrandchildFemale3Jan 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Evelyn MoritzomeryGrandchildFemale1Feb 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Willie NeversGrandsonMale4Jun 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Elizabeth EstabrooksMother-in-lawFemale84Jun 1826WidowedNew Brunswick NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Fielding, Carleton, New BrunswickArthur EsterbrooksHeadMale28Nov 1882MarriedNew Brunswick B. Smith << >>
 Winnie EsterbrooksWifeFemale27Jul 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Dorothy EsterbrooksDaughterFemale6Jan 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Judson EsterbrooksSonMale5Jan 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Jennie EsterbrooksDaughterFemale4/12Feb 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Len WelchEmployeeMale  SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, On Farm
Waterville, Carleton, New BrunswickJohn G EstabrookHeadMale54Jan 1857SingleNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Annie S EstabrookSisterFemale47Aug 1863SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Wilmot, Carleton, New BrunswickJoseph EstabrookHeadMale50Nov 1861MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Kate M EstabrookWifeFemale45Apr 1866MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Walter EstabrookSonMale23Dec 1888SingleNew Brunswick Farmer??son, on Farm << >>
 Marrie EstabrookDaughterFemale17May 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Frank EstabrookSonMale13Aug 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickHorace EstabrookHeadMale49Mar 1862MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, On farm << >>
 Sophia EstabrookWifeFemale47Jul 1863MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Charlie EstabrookSonMale18Nov 1892SingleNew Brunswick  << >>
 Harry EstabrookSonMale18Nov 1892SingleNew Brunswick D?? << >>
 George EstabrookSonMale16Nov 1894SingleNew Brunswick D?? << >>
 Joe EstabrookSonMale12Jul 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickGrizzlow EstabrooksHeadFemale70May 1841WidowedNew Brunswick NG
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickHenry EstabrooksHeadMale32Feb 1878MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Annie EstabrooksWifeFemale49May 1861MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Frank EstabrooksSonMale20Mar 1891SingleNew Brunswick Clerk, on Bank <<
 Hollie EstabrooksSonMale16Aug 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Helen EstabrooksDaughterFemale22Nov 1888SingleNew Brunswick miner, Teaching ?? << >>
 Amora EstabrooksBrotherMale24Oct 1886SingleNew Brunswick Retired << >>
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickGideon EstabrooksHeadMale75May 1835MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer <<
 Francis EstabrooksWifeFemale68Jun 1843MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Wicklow, Carleton, New BrunswickMabel Estabrooks Female25Apr 1886SingleNew Brunswick ?? Teacher <<
Wilmot, Carleton, New BrunswickCarrie EsterbrooksHeadMale48Jan 1863MarriedNew Brunswick Retired, Hardware << >>
 Lizzie EsterbrooksWifeFemale49Jun 1861MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Jean EsterbrooksDaughterFemale19Dec 1891SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
Wilmot, Carleton, New BrunswickJames OhareHeadMale53Apr 1858MarriedNew Brunswick Painter, In Shop
 Isadora OhareWifeFemale47Oct 1863MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Kathleen OhareDaughterFemale19Feb 1892SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Roland OhareSonMale13Oct 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG
 John OhareFatherMale74Dec 1836MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Jane OhareMotherFemale74Mar 1837MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Wilmot, Carleton, New BrunswickWillard GrayHeadMale49Jan 1862MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Lois GrayWifeFemale39Aug 1871MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Frank GraySonMale4/12Feb 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Betsy GrayMotherFemale79Dec 1832MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Robert GraySonMale22Sep 1888SingleNew Brunswick Farmer, at Home
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Wilmot, Carleton, New BrunswickGideon MerithewHeadMale47Aug 1863MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Laura MerithewWifeFemale46Dec 1864MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Ramon EsterbrooksDomesticMale15May 1896SingleNew Brunswick Labourer
 Saddie McGrayBoarderFemale20Dec 1891SingleNew Brunswick School Teacher
Avondale, Carleton, New BrunswickLemuel BrownHeadMale40Apr 1871MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Bernice BrownWifeFemale29Jun 1881MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 John BrownFatherMale84Aug 1826WidowedNew Brunswick NG
 Velma BrownDaughterFemale1Apr 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Amelia EstabrooksStep MotherFemale67Apr 1843WidowedNew Brunswick NG
Wilmot, Carleton, New BrunswickStephen EstabrooksHeadMale58Feb 1853WidowedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Wilmot EstabrooksSonMale15Sep 1895SingleNew Brunswick Laborer, On Farm <<
 Oscar EstabrooksSonMale17Aug 1893SingleNew Brunswick Laborer, On Farm <<
 George PetersonLodgerMale62Aug 1848MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer, On Farm
 Rhoda PetersonLodgerFemale41Nov 1869MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Clara PetersonLodgerFemale10Aug 1900SingleUSA1910NG
 George PetersonLodgerMale9Dec 1902SingleUSA1900NG
 Edna PetersonLodgerFemale6Nov 1905SingleUSA1910NG
 Hazel PetersonLodgerFemale4Mar 1907SingleUSA1910NG
 Charles PetersonLodgerMale20Jul 1890SingleUSA1910Conductor, on Christian
 Lola PetersonLodgerFemale13Oct 1897SingleUSA1910NG
Woodstock, Carleton, New BrunswickWalter EstabrookHeadMale44Jun 1867MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Laura EstabrookWifeFemale37Jan 1874MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Harvey EstabrookSonMale8Jun 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Frederick EstabrookSonMale6Aug 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Georgie EstabrookDaughterFemale4Mar 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Blanch EstabrookDaughterFemale4Jun 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Martha EstabrookMotherFemale74Oct 1837WidowedPrince Edward Island Inc
Water St, Carleton, New BrunswickJames RalstonHeadMale24Dec 1886MarriedNew Brunswick Wood Worker, Factory
 Pearl RalstonWifeFemale21Oct 1890MarriedNew Brunswick NG. << >>
 Margaret RalstonDaughterFemale1Nov 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG.
Water St, Carleton, New BrunswickWilliam EsterbrookHeadMale66Mar 1845MarriedNew Brunswick none NG. <<
 Grace EsterbrookWifeFemale60Jun 1851MarriedNew Brunswick none NG.
Elm St, Carleton, New BrunswickRobert EstabrooksHeadMale37May 1874MarriedNew Brunswick School Teacher, School << >>
 Emma EstabrooksWifeFemale30Jul 1880MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Conrad EstabrooksSonMale5/12Dec 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Grover St, Carleton, New BrunswickAlbert FieldsHeadMale48Mar 1873MarriedNew Brunswick Sewer Water Work, Foron
 Iza FieldsWifeFemale48Nov 1862MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Robert FieldsSonMale17Nov 1893SingleNew Brunswick Installer, H. R. Gel Co
 Beatrice FieldsDaughterFemale9Jun 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG
 David HopkinsLodgerMale70Jan 1841SingleEngland1881NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
54King Sq, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickG J EstabrookHeadMale64Apr 1847MarriedNew Brunswick Traveller, Spire Lage <<
 Minnie EstabrookWifeFemale62Dec 1848MarriedNew Brunswick NG, St Rg
 Maud EstabrookDaughterFemale35Sep 1875SingleNew Brunswick Steno, St Rg << >>
 Hannah EstabrookDaughterFemale33Apr 1878SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
236Prince St, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickFrederich McIntyreHeadMale25Feb 1886MarriedNew Brunswick Servant, Express
 M E McMintyreWifeFemale26Aug 1884MarriedNew Brunswick N. G. << >>
 Andrew McIntyreSonMale1Oct 1909SingleNew Brunswick N. G.
 Agness McIntyreDaughterFemale22Sep 1888SingleNew Brunswick Laundry
SchoolSt, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickJames EsterbrookeHeadMale60Jun 1851MarriedNew Brunswick Labor, Pilp Mill
 Annie EsterbrookeWifeFemale53Mar 1858MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 LeBaron EsterbrookeSonMale17May 1894SingleNew Brunswick Labor, Pulp Mill
Daisy Cook, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickArchibald TapleyHeadMale29Apr 1882MarriedNew Brunswick Boucher, Newspaper
 Grace TapleyWifeFemale26May 1885MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Lowell TapleySonMale3Mar 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Margret TapleyDaughterFemale1Oct 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
27Goodlands St, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickGeorge ParkelHeadMale52Aug 1858MarriedNew Brunswick Agent, Private Family
 Isabel ParkelWifeFemale39Jun 1871MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Joseph ParkelSonMale21Sep 1889SingleNew Brunswick Agent, Insurance
 Frederick ParkelSonMale19Mar 1892SingleNew Brunswick Clerk, Office
 Mildred ParkelDaughterFemale13Dec 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Gerald ParkelSonMale12Jan 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG
102 Mc Plersant St, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickTheodor EstabrooksHeadMale49Dec 1861MarriedNew Brunswick Merchant, Teas << >>
 Mary EstabrooksWifeFemale47Feb 1864MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Elize EstabrooksDaughterFemale21Feb 1890SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Marion EstabrooksDaughterFemale18Feb 1892SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Chistine EstabrooksDaughterFemale13Jun 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Donald EstabrooksSonMale9May 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Margaret EstabrooksDaughterFemale6Oct 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Lucy BatwellCookFemale45Jan 1866WidowedEngland Cook, Private Family
 Marson SimpsonDomesticFemale26Sep 1884SingleNew Brunswick House Maid, Private Family
Sand Cove, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickMary Esterbrook Female34Oct 1876SingleNew Brunswick Cook, P. Hospital
Burton, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickCharles EstabrookeHeadMale35May 1876MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, House Building << >>
 Winford EstabrookeWifeFemale17Nov 1893MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Burton, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickWarren J TravisHeadMale31Oct 1879MarriedNew Brunswick Accountant, General
 Charles G EstabrooksSonMale35May 1876MarriedNew Brunswick Labourer, on Farm << >>
Burton, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickIsaac EstabrooksHeadMale54Jun 1856WidowedNew Brunswick M?? Wo??d << >>
 Martha EstabrooksDaughterFemale16Mar 1895SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 George EstabrooksSonMale17Oct 1894SingleNew Brunswick Laborer, on Farm << >>
Burton, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickJacob KetchenHeadMale45Aug 1865MarriedNew Brunswick Odd Jobs
 Maud KetchenWifeFemale58Aug 1853MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Florence KetchenDaughterFemale5Aug 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Oronocto, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickJudeth A EstabrooksHeadFemale64Jun 1836MarriedNew Brunswick Inc
 Emma E EstabrooksDaughterFemale34Jun 1876SingleNew Brunswick Inc << >>
P Canning, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickHolly EstabrooksHeadMale69Dec 1841MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Sarah EstabrooksWifeFemale57Apr 1853MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Damian EstabrooksSonMale24Oct 1886SingleNew Brunswick Farm Labor, On Farm << >>
 Laura EstabrooksDaughterFemale20Jul 1890SingleNew Brunswick Teacher << >>
 Jarvis EstabrooksSonMale18Aug 1892SingleNew Brunswick Farm Labor << >>
Upper Gagetown, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickH A EastabrooksHeadMale61Feb 1850MarriedNew Brunswick Merchant <<
 Idella E EastabrooksWifeFemale59Oct 1851MarriedNew Brunswick Ng
 Frank H EastabrooksSonMale23Sep 1888SingleNew Brunswick Merchant << >>
 Bergie B EastabrooksDaughterFemale35Mar 1875SingleNew Brunswick Ng << >>
Upper Gagetown, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickCharles F EstabrooksHeadMale671844MarriedNew Brunswick Inc <<
 Adder C EstabrooksWifeFemale601851MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Herbert C HerSonMale281883SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Farm Works << >>
 Herry V HerSonMale241887SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Farm Works << >>
Upper Gagetown, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickStepher EastabrooksHeadMale37Jul 1874MarriedNew Brunswick Clerk ??, Grocer << >>
 Netter EastabrooksWifeFemale36May 1875MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Kennette EastabrooksSonMale10Jun 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Katie EastabrooksDaughterFemale4Jun 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 B??y Frank EastabrooksSonMale2May 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
Warner, Medicine Hat, AlbertaGeorge EstabrookHeadMale26Dec 1885Single  Bank Builder
Lincoln, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickGeorge W KimbleHeadMale53Aug 1857MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer on Lumber, on Lumber
 Annie KimbleWifeFemale52Jan 1858MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 May KimbleDaughterFemale19May 1892SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Harold G KimbleSonMale15Sep 1895SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Maggie SalabrockeAdopted DaughterFemale10Apr 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Sheffield, Sunberry and Queens, New BrunswickJames EstabrookeHeadMale76Oct 1834MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer <<
 Margaret R EstabrookeWifeFemale76Feb 1834MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Harry B EstabrookeSonMale43Oct 1867MarriedNew Brunswick Fishman, On River << >>
 Etta EstabrookeDaughterFemale35Jun 1875MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Leslie N EstabrookeSonMale42Oct 1869SingleNew Brunswick Fisherman << >>
Plaster Rock, Victoria and Madawaska, New BrunswickAlbert EastabrooksLodgerMale30Apr 1881SingleNew Brunswick Laborer, Saw Mill
Main River, Kent, New BrunswickGeorge CarlHeadMale58Oct 1852MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Jane CarlWifeFemale52Jan 1859MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Doris P CarlGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female6Oct 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Francis E CarlGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female1Jul 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Jane AdamMother-in-lawFemale81May 1830WidowedScotland 1833 NG
166 Chark, Westmorland, New BrunswickMrs. Wilson EsterbrooksHeadMale72Dec 1858MarriedNew Brunswick Clerk, J. C. R. ?? <<
 Mary EsterbrooksWifeFemale67May 1844MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickFrank W FullertonHeadMale Nov 1880MarriedNew Brunswick 
 Lucy E FullertonWifeFemale AugSingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Cecil A FullertonSonMale MaySingleNew Brunswick NG
 Frank W FullertonSonMale FebSingleNew Brunswick NG
 Ella WiltonBoarderFemale12Dec 1888SingleNew Brunswick 
 Vida WiltonBoarderFemale20Aug 1880SingleNew Brunswick 
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickS Henry EstabrooksHeadMale22Nov 1888MarriedNew Brunswick Story Flo << >>
 Gretta EstabrooksWifeFemale20Jul 1890MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Kathlene L EstabrooksDaughterFemale Aug 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Francois SiddellBoarderMale65Jul 1900WidowedNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn P ObernisHeadMale38Jan 1870MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer, Town
 Laura J ObernisWifeFemale43May 1888MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Chandler L ObernisSonMale14Apr 1887SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Robin ObernisSonMale12Dec 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Henry ObernisSonMale10Nov 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Minnie M ObernisDaughterFemale9May 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Ralpha R ObernisSonMale7Jul 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Stephen B ObernisSonMale4Nov 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Neta ObernisDaughterFemale1Aug 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Infant ObernisSonMale Sep 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMartin EstabrooksHeadMale52Apr 1859MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer <<
 Anna EstabrooksWifeFemale44Aug 1866MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Myrtle NapperDaughterFemale20Jun 1890MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Metta EstabrooksDaughterFemale19May 1892SingleNew Brunswick Cas??, B?? Factory << >>
 Fred EstabrooksSonMale16Oct 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Lelia EstabrooksDaughterFemale13Dec 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Hedley EstabrooksSonMale9Jun 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Jennie NapperGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female3Mar 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
 James W NapperGrandsonMale Sep 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickHugh E Mc DougallHeadMale25May 1886MarriedNew Brunswick Tailor, Shop
 Hattie R Mc DougallWifeFemale23Mar 1888MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Marion G Mc DougallDaughterFemale3Mar 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Burton StoherBoarderMale35Mar 1878MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter
 Leslie StoherBoarderMale14Sep 1890SingleNew Brunswick Carpenter
 MarthmanBoarderMale20Oct 1890SingleNew Brunswick Store Fitter
 Earl EsterbrooksBoarderMale18Nov 1882SingleNew Brunswick Laborer
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickWm C CollinsHeadMale51Jan 1900MarriedNew Brunswick Director
 Alice CollinsWifeFemale48Nov 1863MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 James R CollinsSonMale16Jan 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Style M CollinsDaughterFemale14Mar 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG
 George M CollinsDaughterFemale11Jun 1889SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Williams Mc KenzieDomesticFemale19Aug 1891SingleScotland1911Servant
 Horace EstabrookDomesticMale20May 1891SingleEngland Servant
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickArthur G EstabrookHeadMale47Nov 1863MarriedNew Brunswick Engineer, Electric L Sta <<
 Alice G EstabrookWifeFemale29Oct 1881MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Minnie E EstabrookDaughterFemale6Sep 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Wm TowseLodgerMale55Aug 1855MarriedNew Brunswick Eng??, Electric L Sta
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickThomas EstabrooksHeadMale54Nov 1856MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Evelyne B EstabrooksWifeFemale49Nov 1857MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Lila S EstabrooksDaughterFemale23Mar 1888SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Jane E EstabrooksNieceFemale29Oct 1881SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickBurpee EstabrooksHeadMale42Jun 1886MarriedNew Brunswick Truckman << >>
 Cynthia E EstabrooksWifeFemale48Apr 1870MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Claude M EstabrooksSonMale19Aug 1891SingleNew Brunswick Carpenter, Factory << >>
 Karl W EstabrooksSonMale15Dec 1895SingleNew Brunswick Store Fitter, Foundry << >>
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGordon EstabrookHeadMale24Mar 1882MarriedNew Brunswick Stone ??, Foundry << >>
 Ida EstabrookWifeFemale27Oct 1883MarriedHolland1902NG
 Stewart EstabrookSonMale2Mar 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Helen B EstabrookDaughterFemale Apr 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
All Town of Sackville North Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickFred C RichardsonHeadMale45Dec 1866SingleNew Brunswick Gen??l Mach??
 Lizzie McDonaldHousekeeperFemale24Dec 1896SingleNew Brunswick Sto?? Keeper, At home
 Rebecca EstabrooksSon-in-lawMale31abt 1880SingleNew Brunswick L??ndress, Laundry
All Town of Sackville North Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickGeorge PhinneyHeadMale37Nov 1873MarriedNew Brunswick Housekeeper
 Grace PhinneyWifeFemale33Feb 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Georgana PhinneyDaughterFemale14Dec 1896SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Floyd PhinneySonMale13Apr 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Walis PhinneySonMale11Mar 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Horace J PhinneySonMale8Oct 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 William PingleBoarderMale69Aug 1841WidowedNew Brunswick Superintendent, Water Service
 Alex CameronBoarderMale58Mar 1853MarriedPrince Edward Island Calner, Foundry
 Blake BarthaBoarderMale22Aug 1888MarriedNew Brunswick Chaffer
 Sadie BarthaSister-in-lawFemale27Jul 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG
All Town of Lac Kirth East Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickFred EstabrooksHeadMale51Aug 1859MarriedNew Brunswick  << >>
 Ida EstabrooksWifeFemale48Jan 1863MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 Leslie EstabrooksSonMale25Mar 1886SingleNew Brunswick  <<
 Hanard EstabrooksSonMale19May 1892SingleNew Brunswick P?? << >>
 Frances EstabrooksDaughterFemale14Aug 1896SingleNew Brunswick ng <<
All Town of Lac Kirth East Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickLuthur EstabrooksHeadMale23Mar 1888MarriedNew Brunswick  << >>
 Justine EstabrooksWifeFemale23Jul 1888MarriedNew Brunswick 
 Ralsta EstabrooksSonMale Nov 1910SingleNew Brunswick  >>
Town of Lac Kirth East Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickLeonard EstabrooksHeadMale27Mar 1884MarriedNew Brunswick At Shop << >>
 Bertha EstabrooksWifeFemale26Oct 1884MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 Frederic EstabrooksSonMale6Oct 1906SingleNew Brunswick ng >>
 Leonel EstabrooksSonMale4Oct 1906SingleNew Brunswick ng >>
 Ida EstabrooksSonMale2Sep 1905SingleNew Brunswick ng >>
Town of Lac Kirth East Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickJ Wesley DoullHeadMale61Sep 1849MarriedPrince Edward Island Accountant
 Gertrude DoullWifeFemale61Nov 1899MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 Mary EstabrooksSister-in-lawFemale71abt 1840WidowedNew Brunswick ng
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Town of Lac Kirth East Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickArthur S EstabrooksHeadMale32Jan 1879MarriedNew Brunswick Stone Fitter, Fam?? << >>
 Alice EstabrooksWifeFemale31Apr 1880MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 Jasper EstabrooksSonMale8Jul 1902SingleNew Brunswick ng >>
 Evelyn EstabrooksDaughterFemale3Jan 1908SingleNew Brunswick ng >>
 Welker PhinnyBoarderMale35abt 1876SingleNew Brunswick 
 James ChanleyBoarderMale32abt 1879SingleNew Brunswick Firm??
Town of Lac Kirth East Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickArthur SearsHeadMale22Feb 1889MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer
 Annie SearsWifeFemale18Nov 1892MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Thompson SearsBrotherMale20Jan 1890SingleNew Brunswick Laborer
 Loretta SearsMotherFemale52May 1859MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Daniel KenndyBoarderMale45abt 1866MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer
 Clevand IssenederBoarderMale22abt 1889SingleNew Brunswick Laborer
 Leslie HeckBoarderMale19abt 1892SingleNew Brunswick NG
 John SearsBrotherMale9abt 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
Town of Lac Kirth East Ward, Westmorland, New BrunswickChipman EstabrooksHeadMale56Aug 1884MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer <<
 Silva EstabrooksWifeFemale47Nov 1868MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Chester EstabrooksSonMale18Mar 1893SingleNew Brunswick Labourer << >>
 Chepfred EstabrooksSonMale15Nov 1885SingleNew Brunswick  << >>
 Gardner EstabrooksSonMale12Nov 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Forester EstabrooksDaughterFemale3Jul 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Neller EstabrooksDaughterFemale20May 1891SingleNew Brunswick Sweeper <<
Broadway, Victoria and Madawaska, New BrunswickJesse EstabrookHeadMale54Apr 1857MarriedNew Brunswick Manager, Pioden H?? << >>
 Ellen EstabrookWifeFemale46May 1865MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Mary HayDaughterFemale17Nov 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Louise HayGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female Apr 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Amy EstabrookDaughterFemale14Oct 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
Bayfield, Westmorland, New BrunswickEdward EstabrooksHeadMale38Jan 1873MarriedNew Brunswick Engineer, Railway
 Louis EstabrooksWifeFemale34Apr 1877MarriedNew Brunswick NG
McAdam, York, New BrunswickEdger H EstabrooksHeadMale36Mar 1875MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, R R Buildings <<
 Celia H EstabrooksWifeFemale31Apr 1880MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 Max G EstabrooksSonMale12Apr 1899SingleNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Rul P EstabrooksSonMale10Mar 1901SingleNew Brunswick ng <<
 Alden L EstabrooksSonMale9Feb 1902SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Irma C EstabrooksDaughterFemale4Nov 1906SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Margaret G EstabrooksDaughterFemale3Nov 1907SingleNew Brunswick ng
McAdam, York, New BrunswickGeorge F BriggsHeadMale61Jan 1850MarriedNew Brunswick Boul??, Customs
 Mary BriggsWifeFemale59Jun 1851MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 George EstabrooksNephewMale15Nov 1895SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Nellie FaltonDomesticFemale17May 1894SingleNew Brunswick Servant
 Stanley E SulyBoarderMale25Jan 1886SingleNew Brunswick clerk, RR Office
 Harold S MersereauBoarderMale21Mar 1890SingleNew Brunswick RR Clerk, RR Office
 Walter J VaughnBoarderMale21May 1890SingleNew Brunswick In Operator, RR Office
 Daniel Mc CraigBoarderMale57May 1854SingleNew Brunswick Uster?? Inspector, ?? US??
 Albert E GriggsBoarderMale50May 1861MarriedQuebec ??se??, RR Brings
 Wilmot JamesonBoarderMale30Jan 1881SingleQuebec Cos?? Repairer, RR Shop
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
180 Charlotte, York, New BrunswickHerbert EstabrookHeadMale46Jun 1865MarriedNew Brunswick Retail, Grover << >>
 Lily EstabrookWifeFemale41Oct 1869MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 David EstabrookSonMale5Oct 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Marger EstabrookSonMale3Oct 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Valmer EstabrookDaughterFemale7Jul 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Sarah ManserMother-in-lawFemale74Jan 1836WidowedNew Brunswick Inc
174 Launders, York, New BrunswickElizabeth EstabrooksHeadFemale69Jun 1841MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Walter EstabrooksSonMale19Oct 1891SingleEngland1896Teamster, Grocery
 David SewallLodgerMale1Mar 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Parker McConahyLodgerMale3Jun 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG
 John ArnoldLodgerMale1/12Apr 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG
Campbell St, York, New BrunswickEdward EsterbrooksHeadMale33Oct 1877MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter <<
 Gertrude EsterbrooksWifeFemale27Oct 1884MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Phebe EsterbrooksMotherFemale70Oct 1840MarriedNew Brunswick NG
York St, York, New BrunswickGeorge CrawfordHeadMale32Jan 1879MarriedNew Brunswick mason, House Von
 Mamie CrawfordWifeFemale27Oct 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Christina CrawfordDaughterFemale5Mar 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
 John CrawfordSonMale8/12Oct 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Andrew KellerBoarderFemale1Apr 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
Truro, Colchester, Nova ScotiaJames RichardsonHeadMale58Mar 1853MarriedNova Scotia ??tier, Wardsville
 Isabella RichardsonWifeFemale40Jul 1871MarriedNova Scotia NG << >>
 Mary RichardsonSonMale6Jul 1905SingleNova Scotia NG
 Roy RichardsonSonMale3Jul 1908SingleNova Scotia NG
 Hazel RichardsonDaughterFemale1Mar 1910SingleNova Scotia NG
Chamberlain, Cumberland, Nova ScotiaRoas EsterbrookHeadMale27Jan 1884MarriedNew Brunswick Molder, Malenbla Works << >>
 Barcena E EsterbrookWifeFemale22Mar 1888MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Millred E EsterbrookDaughterFemale8/12Oct 1910SingleNova Scotia NG
 Fance EsterbrookBoarderMale30Mar 1881SingleNew Brunswick Molder, Malenbla Works << >>
Cornwall6, Cumberland, Nova ScotiaBliss BickertonHeadMale47Dec 1864MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, Car Works
 Ella BickertonWifeFemale40Dec 1870MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Hazel BickertonDaughterFemale18Jan 1893SingleNew Brunswick Laborer??, Store
 Wain BickertonSonMale13Sep 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Leslie BickertonSonMale12Jun 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG
Pleasant, Cumberland, Nova ScotiaBenton EstabrooksHeadMale33AugMarriedNew Brunswick Janitor << >>
 Mary EstabrooksWifeFemale27NovMarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Hedley EstabrooksSonMale6JulSingleNova Scotia NG >>
 Fred EstabrooksSonMale4AprSingleNova Scotia NG >>
 Grace EstabrooksDaughterFemale1JanSingleNova Scotia NG >>
McKeys Sidney, Colchester, Nova ScotiaHedley RobinsonHeadMale44May 1867MarriedNova Scotia Milliner, At Mill
 Minnie RobinsonWifeFemale40Oct 1871MarriedNova Scotia NG
 Leoga RobinsonDaughterFemale11Apr 1900SingleNova Scotia NG
 Willard RobinsonSonMale7May 1904SingleNova Scotia NG
 Meilin RobinsonSonMale6Oct 1905SingleNova Scotia NG
 Fred RobinsonSonMale9/12Jan 1910SingleNova Scotia NG
 Thomas ChinickBoarderMale58May 1852SingleNova Scotia Labourer, Gen Work
 Chester BrownBoarderMale22Jun 1889MarriedNova Scotia Labourer, Sawyer
 Claud GilbertBoarderMale20Jan 1891SingleNova Scotia Labourer, Cartman
 Noran GilbertsonBoarderMale53Jul 1858MarriedNew Brunswick Labourer, Log Man <<
 Bedford EsterbrookBoarderMale55Apr 1856SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Log Man
 Bertha AdamDomesticFemale21Apr 1890SingleNova Scotia Dom., Bouddhist
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
EastLeicester, Cumberland, Nova ScotiaCarl HunsleyHeadMale27Jun 1883MarriedNova Scotia Farm Laborer, Farm
 Ethel HunsleyWifeFemale24Sep 1886MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Ernest HunsleySonMale2Jul 1905SingleNova Scotia NG
West Amherst, Cumberland, Nova ScotiaWilliam EstabrooksHeadMale68Jul 1842MarriedNova Scotia Shoemaker <<
 Joseph EstabrooksBrother-in-lawMale25Apr 1886SingleNova Scotia Butcher, Butcher Shop
Brantford Twp, Brantford, OntarioJohn EasterbrookHeadMale50Jul 1861MarriedEngland1906Gardner << >>
 Emily EasterbrookWifeFemale49Nov 1861MarriedEngland1906NG None
 Harry EasterbrookSonMale15Aug 1895SingleEngland1906Son << >>
 Evelyn EasterbrookDaughterFemale5Sep 1902SingleEngland1906NG >>
25 Pearl, Brantford, OntarioHenry BunstonHeadMale55Jul 1855MarriedOntario Blacksmith, Ha?? C??
 Harnett BunstonWifeFemale53Jul 1857MarriedOntario NG
 Harry BunstonSonMale13Jul 1897SingleOntario NG
 Fred H EasterbrookBoarderMale21Oct 1889SingleEngland1908Co?? ??o??is, Move ??ME?? << >>
 Ernett BryceBoarderMale20Feb 1891SingleOntario ??por??, Bo?? works
62 Clarence, Brantford, OntarioGeorge EasterbrookHeadMale35Nov 1885MarriedEngland1905Shop << >>
 Maggie EasterbrookWifeFemale29Sep 1881MarriedEngland None NG
 Ida EasterbrookDaughterFemale9/12Sep 1910SingleOntario None NG >>
 Jennie EasterbrookDaughterFemale10/12Sep 1910SingleOntario None NG
286 Darling, Brantford, OntarioGeorge EasterbrookHeadMale34Dec 1876MarriedOntario Moulder, Store Woods << >>
 Susan EasterbrookWifeFemale28Sep 1882MarriedOntario None NG
 Norman EasterbrookSonMale3Jan 1907SingleOntario NG >>
 Harris EasterbrookSonMale7/12Nov 1910SingleOntario NG
Dorchester South, Elgin East, OntarioArchie A TaylorHeadMale61Aug 1849MarriedOntario Farmer
 Theresa TaylorWifeFemale52Apr 1859MarriedOntario NG <<
 Fred TaylorSonMale20Sep 1888SingleOntario Farmer
 Earl TaylorSonMale20May 1891SingleOntario Farmer
 Fannie TaylorDaughterFemale10Sep 1894SingleOntario NG
 Normar TaylorSonMale13Nov 1897SingleOntario NG
 Heniett EstabrookMother-in-lawFemale93Jun 1818WidowedEngland1886NG
Fitzroy, Carleton, OntarioCharles SimpsonHeadMale62Sep 1849MarriedOntario Carpenter
 Bella SimpsonDaughterFemale37Oct 1882SingleOntario NG
 Clarence EasterbrookSon-in-lawMale22Sep 1889MarriedOntario Farm, odd Jobs <<
 Eliza Minerva EasterbrookDaughterFemale22Apr 1888SingleOntario NG
 George Anton EasterbrookGrandsonMale2/121911SingleOntario NG >>
Yarmouth, Elgin East, OntarioDaniel EastabrooksHeadMale72Nov 1838MarriedOntario Farmer <<
 Mary A EastabrookWifeFemale50Nov 1860MarriedEngland1865NG
 Hazel J EastabrookDaughterFemale22May 1889SingleOntario NG << >>
 Frederick H EastabrookSonMale18Oct 1892SingleOntario Farmer, Farm << >>
Essex North, OntarioA W CokesHeadMale69Sep 1841MarriedOntario 
 Elizabeth CokesWifeFemale67Aug 1903MarriedOntario 
 Becker CokesSonMale28Nov 1889MarriedOntario 
 Emily CokesDaughterFemale32Apr 1879SingleOntario 
 Elizabeth CokesDaughter-in-lawFemale29Jan 1881MarriedNew Brunswick  << >>
 Bruce M CokesGrandsonMale6/12Nov 1910SingleOntario 
 Shanley FlourneyLodgerMale19May 1892SingleOntario 
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Nassagaweya, Halton, OntarioJerrie EarturinthHeadFemale69Dec 1841WidowedScotland1847NG
 John EarturinthSonMale35Sep 1875SingleOntario Farmer <<
 Dorcas EarturinthDaughterFemale26Jul 1884SingleOntario NG <<
 Eva EarturinthDaughterFemale24Mar 1887SingleOntario NG << >>
Nassagaweya, Halton, OntarioJames EasterbrookHeadMale32Jun 1879MarriedOntario Farming << >>
 Lora E EasterbrookWifeFemale36Sep 1874MarriedOntario NG
 George F EasterbrookSonMale6Jan 1904SingleOntario NG >>
 Annie E EasterbrookDaughterFemale5Aug 1906SingleOntario NG >>
 Elias EasterbrookSonMale5/12Dec 1911SingleOntario NG >>
 Bertha DiamondDomesticFemale15Apr 1896SingleOntario Servant, Shop
 Carolina EasterbrookMotherFemale68Sep 1843WidowedOntario Inc
 Thomas MooreLaborerMale15Oct 1894SingleOntario Laborer, Odd Jobs
Nassagaweya, Halton, OntarioJames ErwinHeadFemale56May 1855MarriedOntario Inc << >>
 Sarah ErwinWifeFemale52Jan 1849MarriedOntario NG
Nassagaweya, Halton, OntarioWilliam J AkinsHeadMale50Jul 1860MarriedOntario Farmer
 Emily AkinsWifeFemale47Dec 1863MarriedOntario NG <<
 Cecil James AkinsSonMale17Dec 1893SingleOntario Farmer
 Annie Enelon AkinsDaughterFemale14May 1897SingleOntario NG
 William GisbyLodgerMale14May 1897SingleEngland1911Laborer, On Farm
Nelson , Halton Co , Ontario Thompson WatsonHeadMale54Oct 1856MarriedOntario Farmer
 Susanna WatsonWifeFemale50Feb 1861MarriedOntario NG << >>
 Celas WatsonSonMale21Mar 1890SingleOntario 
 Orval WatsonSonMale18Aug 1892SingleOntario NG
 Moley WatsonSonMale14Sep 1896SingleOntario NG
 Mary WatsonDaughterFemale13Mar 1898SingleOntario NG
Nelson, Halton, OntarioJohn AgnewHeadMale39Jun 1872MarriedOntario Thresher
 Jamie AgnewWifeFemale38Jan 1872MarriedOntario NG <<
117 East Hunter, Hamilton West, OntarioJane EasterbrookHeadFemale63Apr 1848WidowedOntario NG
 Henry DanielsBrother-in-lawMale60Jun 1850MarriedEngland1872Inc
 Helen DanielsSisterFemale55Sep 1855MarriedOntario NG
 Thomas JacksonLodgerMale38Oct 1872MarriedOntario Gas Fitter, Meter Works
 George J BarwickLodgerMale30Sep 1880MarriedScotland1903Vocalist, Theatre
Metcalfe, Hastings East, OntarioGeorge C MartinHeadMale44Jul 1866MarriedOntario Merchant, In Store
 Ellen MartinWifeFemale45May 1866MarriedOntario NG << >>
 Agnes MartinDaughterFemale19Apr 1892SingleOntario NG
 Coleman MartinSonMale15May 1896SingleOntario NG
 Nellie MartinDaughterFemale12Jan 1899SingleOntario NG
 Sarah MartinDaughterFemale7Oct 1903SingleOntario NG
Metcalfe, Hastings East, OntarioSamuel BattamsHeadMale51Jan 1850MarriedOntario Tailor, At Job Work
 Mary E BattamsWifeFemale46Jan 1865MarriedOntario NG <<
 Earl BattamsSonMale18Dec 1892SingleOntario Apprentice, At ?? Works
 Beatrice BattamsDaughterFemale15Nov 1895SingleOntario NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Victoria St, Hastings East, OntarioJohn F HoustonHeadMale37Jul 1873MarriedOntario Manager, Benning Mill
 Ann HoustonWifeFemale38Mar 1873MarriedOntario N G << >>
 Robert HoustonSonMale11Feb 1900SingleOntario N G
 Grace HoustonDaughterFemale9Jan 1902SingleOntario N G
 Maud HoustonDaughterFemale8May 1903SingleOntario N G
28 Harry W, Hamilton West, OntarioArchie RobertsonHeadMale46Mar 1865MarriedOntario Labourer, Factory
 Isabella RobertsonWifeFemale41Oct 1869MarriedOntario NG << >>
 Charlotte RobertsonDaughterFemale21Aug 1889SingleOntario Stenographer, Office
 Georgina RobertsonDaughterFemale20Mar 1881SingleOntario Book Keeper, Office
 Annie RobertsonDaughterFemale18May 1883SingleOntario Sales lady, Store
 Florence RobertsonDaughterFemale15Jan 1886SingleOntario NG
 Stanley RobertsonSonMale3/12Mar 1911SingleOntario NG
Huron St, Huron South, OntarioGeorge EasterbrooksHeadMale47May 1864MarriedOntario Section Boss, Railroad << >>
 Mary EasterbrooksWifeFemale43Nov 1867MarriedOntario NG
 Annie EasterbrooksDaughterFemale20Jul 1890SingleOntario NG <<
 Velma EasterbrooksDaughterFemale15Nov 1895SingleOntario NG <<
 Mary EasterbrooksDaughterFemale12Oct 1898SingleOntario NG <<
 Irene EasterbrooksDaughterFemale11May 1900SingleOntario NG
 Waster WestcottBoarderMale60Sep 1850WidowedOntario Labourer, Odd Jobs
Kent West, OntarioWilliam H EstabrookHeadMale64Oct 1846Married  Farmer << >>
 Janet A EstabrookWifeFemale58Aug 1852Married  NG
 Margaret A EstabrookDaughterFemale19Feb 1892SingleOntario NG << >>
 Mable J EstabrookDaughterFemale17Feb 1894SingleOntario NG << >>
Lambton East, OntarioJoseph EasterbrookHeadMale51Nov 1859MarriedOntario Farmer <<
 Elsie EasterbrookWifeFemale45Jun 1865MarriedOntario NG
 Lloyd EasterbrookSonMale24Jun 1886SingleOntario  << >>
 Viola EasterbrookDaughterFemale23Nov 1887SingleOntario NG << >>
Middlesex West, OntarioWm EastabrookHeadMale49Dec 1861MarriedOntario Farmer << >>
 Flora EastabrookWifeFemale42May 1869MarriedOntario NG
 Edith EastabrookDaughterFemale20Oct 1890SingleOntario NG <<
 Hazel EastabrookDaughterFemale15Aug 1895SingleOntario NG <<
 Lome EastabrookSonMale13Dec 1897SingleOntario NG << >>
 Ireen EastabrookDaughterFemale9Jan 1902SingleOntario NG >>
 Walter EastabrookSonMale7Sep 1903SingleOntario NG >>
 James EastabrookSonMale3Aug 1907SingleOntario NG >>
 Weston PhillipsNephewMale181889SingleOntario laborer, Farm
Middlesex West, OntarioJohn CampbellHeadMale48Dec 1862MarriedOntario Farmer
 Mary G CampbellWifeFemale43Jun 1867MarriedOntario NG <<
 Mary M CampbellDaughterFemale23Jan 1888SingleOntario NG
 Richard D CampbellSonMale17Jan 1894SingleOntario Farmer
 John A CampbellSonMale15Mar 1896SingleOntario Farmer
 Annie M CampbellDaughterFemale8Oct 1902SingleOntario NG
 AmyA CampbellDaughterFemale4Jan 1907SingleOntario NG
 Mary EastabrookMother-in-lawFemale74Oct 1837WidowedOntario NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Richard, Essex South, OntarioAlbert E M ThompsonHeadMale34Sep 1876MarriedOntario Melta Church
 Hattie E ThompsonWifeFemale32Dec 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 George E ThompsonSonMale4Apr 1907SingleOntario NG
 Margarete ThompsonDaughterFemale2Jan 1909SingleOntario NG
Oxford North, OntarioJas EasterbrookHeadMale42Aug 1869MarriedOntario Farmer << >>
 Emma EasterbrookWifeFemale37Aug 1874MarriedOntario None
Oxford North, OntarioWm Geo TaylorHeadMale53Apr 1858MarriedOntario Farmer
 Eliza TaylorWifeFemale42Feb 1869MarriedOntario NG <<
 Estella Armstrong TaylorDaughterFemale10Jun 1901SingleOntario NG
Con II Lot 22 south-east of Harrington (or west of Embro), West Zorra Twp, Oxford Co , Ontario William DireHeadMale39May 1872MarriedOntario1890Farmer
 Eliza DireWifeFemale39Apr 1872MarriedOntario NG
 Amilia DireDaughterFemale4Mar 1907SingleOntario NG
 Annie DireDaughterFemale7Sep 1904SingleOntario NG
 Sarah DireDaughterFemale1Aug 1910SingleOntario NG
 George O DillDomesticMale22May 1889SingleEngland1911Farm Laborer
19 20 Salina E, Perth South, OntarioJohn EasterbrookHeadMale79Jan 1832WidowedEngland1856NG <<
 W H EasterbrookSonMale34Sep 1877SingleOntario Carpenter <<
9 10 William W, Perth South, OntarioFrank EasterbrookHeadMale25Aug 1886MarriedOntario Labourer, B & Factory <<
 Maggie EasterbrookWifeFemale27Nov 1884MarriedOntario N G
 John EasterbrookSonMale2Sep 1909SingleOntario N G. >>
 Jean EasterbrookDaughterFemale9/12Aug 1910SingleOntario NG >>
St Marys, Perth South, OntarioJohn EaslesbrsonHeadMale47Mar 1863MarriedOntario Carpenter, Shop << >>
 Hannah EasterbrookWifeFemale44Apr 1867MarriedOntario NG
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughterFemale15Apr 1896SingleOntario NG << >>
Peterborough East, OntarioThomas EasterbrooksHeadMale36Jul 1874MarriedOntario Brakeman, C P R << >>
 Rose EasterbrooksWifeFemale40Sep 1871MarriedOntario NG
 Lena EasterbrooksDaughterFemale12Jun 1899SingleOntario NG <<
 Beatrice EasterbrooksDaughterFemale10Aug 1901SingleOntario NG << >>
 Earnest EasterbrooksSonMale8Aug 1903SingleOntario NG >>
Peterborough East, OntarioJohn EasterbrooksHeadMale21Jul 1896MarriedOntario Barber, Shop << >>
 Lizzie EasterbrooksWifeFemale22Apr 1889MarriedOntario NG
 Harry EasterbrooksSonMale3Oct 1908SingleOntario NG >>
 Mildred EasterbrooksDaughterFemale2May 1909SingleUSA1909NG >>
405 Wolfe, Peterborough West, OntarioJane RonchezHeadFemale59Mar 1852WidowedOntario NG
 Mary M WilsonSisterFemale47Mar 1864SingleOntario Saleslady, Genl Store
 Louretta L WilsonSisterFemale43Feb 1868SingleOntario Saleslady, Genl Store
 Horold EstabrookBoarderMale19Nov 1891SingleEngland1906Driver, Genl Store
 George F DavisNephewMale35Jun 1876MarriedOntario Powder Maker, Genl Store
236 Finlayson, Thunder Bay and Rainy River, OntarioWalter ColbourneHeadMale40Nov 1870MarriedEngland1904Storekeeper R R, R R Store
 Florence ColbourneWifeFemale33Nov 1877MarriedEngland1904NG
 Henry ColbourneSonMale7Jan 1904SingleEngland1909NG
 James EusterbrookLodgerMale29Mar 1882SingleEngland1908Storekeeper, R R Shops
 Eugene HarveyLodgerMale34Dec 1876SingleEngland1905Blacksmith House, R R Shops
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Dilke, Thunder Bay and Rainy River, OntarioJohn HoggHeadMale62Aug 1848MarriedEngland 1880 Foreman ??, C. N. R. B & B
 Harry RobleyLodgerMale36Sep 1872MarriedEngland1907Car??, C. N. R. B & B
 George RosburghLodgerMale55Jun 1855MarriedOntario Carpenter, C. N. R. B & B
 James LindsleyLodgerMale24Mar 1886SingleOntario Carpenter, C. N. R. B & B
 John PaulsonLodgerMale36May 1885MarriedIreland1901Carpenter, C. N. R. B & B
 Duncan Mc LoeLodgerMale45Dec 1866WidowedScotland1887Carpenter, C. N. R. B & B
 John Mc LeodLodgerMale22Nov 1889SingleOntario Carpenter, C. N. R. B & B
 Charles HillLodgerMale53Jul 1877SingleFinland1905Carpenter, C. N. R. B & B
 Weston AnttilaLodgerMale26May 1885SingleFinland1902Carpenter, C. N. R. B & B
 A F EasterbrookDomesticMale29Oct 1881MarriedEngland1906Cook, C. N. R. B & B
3 Laplante, Toronto Centre, OntarioElizabeth JohnstonHeadFemale35Mar 1876MarriedOntario Nurse, Private House
 Geora EasterbrookLodgerMale35Apr 1876MarriedOntario Bartender, Hotel
 Marlee EasterbrookLodgerFemale26Feb 1885MarriedOntario NG
203 Marguerite St, Toronto West, OntarioJohn EsterbrookHeadMale30Jan 1881MarriedOntario Electrican, Telephone << >>
 Sadie EsterbrookWifeFemale28Jul 1882MarriedOntario NG
 Marjorie EsterbrookDaughterFemale5Apr 1906SingleOntario NG >>
 Leonard EsterbrookSonMale2Mar 1909SingleOntario NG >>
324 ?? St, New Westminster, British ColumbiaEdwin HawkinsHeadMale39Jul 1872MarriedNew Brunswick Printer
 Ethel HawkinsWifeFemale34Apr 1873MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Emma HawkinsDaughterFemale9Jul 142SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Edwin HawkinsSonMale6Nov 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG
East Callingwood, New Westminster, British ColumbiaFrant EsterbrooksHeadMale25Dec 1886SingleNew Brunswick Yes Labourer, Road
 Roberts ReinesLodgerMale25Oct 1886SingleNew Brunswick Yes Labourer, Sandy Minapelity
 Arthur TaylorLodgerMale30Mar 1881SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Roads
Eramosa , Wellington Co , Ontario James HusbantHeadMale41Sep 1870MarriedOntario Laborer, Shop
 Georgina HusbantWifeFemale34Dec 1877MarriedOntario N. G., Blacksmith << >>
 Nellie HusbantDaughterFemale14Dec 1897SingleOntario N. G.
 Elia HusbantSonMale9Mar 1901SingleOntario N. G.
 Reta HusbantDaughterFemale3Dec 1907SingleOntario N. G.
 Caroline BarlowNieceFemale16Sep 1895SingleOntario N. G.
Welland, OntarioHarry EasterbrookHeadMale50Jun 1860MarriedEngland1882Gardener, Famil Garden << >>
 Annie EasterbrookWifeFemale54Aug 1856MarriedOntario NG
 William EasterbrookSonMale21Oct 1889SingleOntario NG << >>
 Fredrick EasterbrookSonMale20Feb 1891SingleOntario Labourer, Nursey << >>
 Edith EasterbrookDaughterFemale18Apr 1893SingleOntario NG <<
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughterFemale16Nov 1894SingleOntario NG
 Ruth EasterbrookDaughterFemale14Aug 1896SingleOntario NG <<
 Thomas EasterbrookSonMale12Aug 1899SingleOntario NG << >>
53 Norfolk, Wellington South, OntarioJohn EasterbrooksHeadMale59Apr 1852MarriedOntario RC-Grocer << >>
 Annie EasterbrooksWifeFemale61May 1850MarriedEngland1852NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
54 Somerset, York South, OntarioWm John DowningHeadMale33May 1878MarriedEngland1907Joiner
 Elsie DowningWifeFemale31Jan 1889MarriedEngland1907NG
 Stanley DowningSonMale4Dec 1906SingleEngland1907NG
 William WaymouthLodgerMale19Mar 1891SingleEngland1908Engineer, Railroad
 Harry EasterbrookLodgerMale19Aug 1892SingleEngland1911Cutter
E Flamboro, Wentworth, OntarioWm EasterbrookHeadMale28Sep 1882MarriedOntario Grocery Overseer, Domenion ?? <<
 Frede EasterbrookWifeFemale26Aug 1885MarriedOntario NG
E Flamboro, Wentworth, OntarioJene EasterbrooksHeadFemale66Jan 1845WidowedOntario G??t, fruit Grower
 May EasterbrooksDaughterFemale36Aug 1874SingleOntario NG << >>
 Elisabeth EasterbrooksDaughterFemale35Apr 1876SingleOntario NG << >>
 John EasterbrooksSonMale31Apr 1880SingleOntario  << >>
 Frank EasterbrooksSonMale25Jul 1885SingleOntario  << >>
E Flamboro, Wentworth, OntarioFrank ScharHeadMale30Apr 1881MarriedOntario Gardener
 Lillie ScharWifeFemale30Nov 1880MarriedOntario NG <<
 Mary Lillian ScharDaughterFemale1Oct 1909SingleOntario NG
E Flamboro, Wentworth, OntarioWmH EasterbrookHeadMale49Oct 1861MarriedOntario Farming Ret << >>
 Bille EasterbrookWifeFemale46Dec 1844MarriedOntario NG
 Dan EasterbrookSonMale22Dec 1888SingleOntario Farming << >>
 Freda EasterbrookDaughterFemale16Mar 1895SingleOntario NG <<
 Georg D DeLamareDomesticMale46Oct 1864SingleGermany1905Laborer, Farm
E Flamboro, Wentworth, OntarioThos F EasterbrookHeadMale63Jul 1848MarriedOntario Inc, Retired farmer
 Mary K EasterbrookWifeFemale56Feb 1855MarriedOntario NG
 Deborah EasterbrookStep MotherFemale73Oct 1837WidowedOntario Inc
 Wm EasterbrookSonMale33Sep 1877SingleOntario ??borer, Basket Factory
Pleasant Valley, Queens, Prince Edward IslandAndrew RobertsonHeadMale72Sep 1838MarriedPrince Edward Island Farmer
 Elizabeth RobertsonWifeFemale70Mar 1841MarriedPrince Edward Island NG
 Mary A EastabrookDaughterFemale40Sep 1870MarriedPrince Edward Island NG
 Harriet EastabrookGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female12Jul 1898SinglePrince Edward Island NG << >>
 Marion EastabrookGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female9Feb 1902SingleUSA1910NG <<
 Edna EastabrookGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female2Aug 1909SingleUSA1910NG <<
MacLeod, AlbertaJacob KeanHeadMale66Apr 1845MarriedOntario H?? Keeper
 Martha M KeanWifeFemale46May 1865MarriedOntario NG << >>
The Mills, York, New BrunswickLucy EstabrooksHeadFemale84Nov 1836WidowedNew Brunswick Inc
 Gertrude MooreDaughterFemale49Oct 1861WidowedNew Brunswick NG
 Percy MooreGrandsonMale26Apr 1885SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Saw Mill
 Berton MooreGrandsonMale24Mar 1887SingleNew Brunswick Labourer
 Lena MooreGrandaughter (Granddaughter)Female18Apr 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Kenneth MooreGreat GrandsonMale5May 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
St. Marys, York, New BrunswickGeorce VanhorneHeadMale58Apr 1853MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Mary Ann VanhorneWifeFemale56Apr 1855MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Charles VanhorneSonMale17Jun 1883SingleNew Brunswick Farmer
 Fannie EstabrookeDaughterFemale21May 1890MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Herbert EstabrookeSon-in-lawMale25Aug 1885MarriedNew Brunswick Labourer, Railway << >>
 Charles TombilsonUncleMale81Dec 1829SingleNew Brunswick NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Gibson, York, New BrunswickRansford EstabrooksHeadMale61Dec 1849MarriedNew Brunswick Labourer, Lumber << >>
 Martha EstabrooksWifeFemale51Apr 1861MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Annie EstabrooksDaughterFemale25Jul 1885SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Charles EstabrooksSonMale22Sep 1888SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, On Lumber << >>
 Milley EstabrooksDaughterFemale19Sep 1891SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Bennetta EstabrooksSonMale16Sep 1892SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, On Lumber << >>
 Abreansler EstabrooksSonMale12Jul 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Mary EstabrooksDaughterFemale9Apr 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Panline EstabrooksDaughterFemale6Feb 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Gibson, York, New BrunswickBarnete M D MellinHeadMale47Jun 1864MarriedNew Brunswick Physician
 Annie MellinWifeFemale43Oct 1867MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Ethel MellinDaughterFemale23Oct 1887SingleNew Brunswick Nurse, R?? ??
 Catherine EstabrooksMother-in-lawFemale75Oct 1835WidowedNew Brunswick NG >>
 Lenard ThomhillDomesticFemale30Apr 1881SingleNew Brunswick Servant, R?? Family
 Prebla CharenDomesticFemale18May 1893SingleNew Brunswick Servant, R?? Family
Gibson, York, New BrunswickMurry JewettHeadMale53Mar MarriedNew Brunswick Brakeman, Railway
 Alice JewettWifeFemale24FebMarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Walter JewettSonMale2Nov SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Alexander JewettSonMale4/12Mar SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Jesse LongBoarderFemale55MaySingleNew Brunswick NG
Sackville River, Westmorland, New BrunswickWilliam TowerHeadMale34Feb 1877MarriedNew Brunswick Odd Jobs Yes
 Kate TowerWifeFemale32Aug 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Nicola TowerDaughterFemale8Oct 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Ethylen TowerDaughterFemale5Dec 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Dorothy TowerDaughterFemale1Sep 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
Sackville Par, Westmorland, New BrunswickSeward EstabrooksHeadMale43Apr 1868MarriedNew Brunswick Odd Jobs, Stone Quarry << >>
 Annie Estabrooks Male36Mar 1875MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Villa EstabrooksDaughterFemale14May 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Manord EstabrooksSonMale12Oct 1891SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Raymond EstabrooksSonMale11Feb 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Myrtle EstabrooksDaughterFemale9Apr 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Glena EstabrooksDaughterFemale7Feb 1814SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Chester EstabrooksSonMale5Aug 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Willie EstabrooksSonMale3Sep 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Nonala EstabrooksSonMale2/12Mar 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickRobert AmosHeadMale28Dec 1883MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, Shop
 Helen AmosWifeFemale26Aug 1885MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Georgie AmosSonMale6Jun 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG
 John AmosSonMale3Jan 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Lena AmosDaughterFemale5/12Dec 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn DultonHeadMale30Feb 1881MarriedNova Scotia Stable, Stables
 Queen DultonWifeFemale28Jul 1883MarriedNova Scotia NG << >>
 Edwin DultonSonMale5Jan 1906SingleNova Scotia NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickPercey SearsHeadMale26Mar 1885MarriedNew Brunswick Molder, Foudry
 Alice SearsWifeFemale25Feb 1886MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Wardrow SearsSonMale1Jan 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Body SearsDaughterFemale5/12Dec 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickHanford PalmerHeadMale62Apr 1859MarriedNew Brunswick R Agent
 Nancy PalmerWifeFemale62Apr 1849MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 George PalmerSonMale30Jul 1881MarriedNew Brunswick Exporter
 Rufus F PalmerSonMale28Jan 1883SingleNew Brunswick Erector, Office
 Elizabeth B PalmerDaughterFemale23Feb 1888SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Belle PalmerWifeFemale30Oct 1881MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickLewis EstabrooksHeadMale331878MarriedNew Brunswick Mill << >>
 Minnie EstabrooksWifeFemale33Apr 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Bertha EstabrooksDaughterFemale8Dec 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Martha EstabrooksDaughterFemale6May 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Lucie EstabrooksDaughterFemale4Jun 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Stephen EstabrooksSonMale2Feb 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Baby EstabrooksSonMale3/12Mar 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Johnson Mill, Westmorland, New BrunswickWilliam McFeeHeadMale67May 1844MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, Farm
 Rebecca McFeeWifeFemale64May 1847MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Melburn EstabrooksBoarderMale56Feb 1855SingleNew Brunswick Shop <<
Union St, Carleton, New BrunswickFred EasterbrookHeadMale29FebMarriedNew Brunswick Labourer, Taking
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWifeFemale MarMarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Richard EasterbrookSonMale5Jul 1895SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Maggie BrewerMotherFemale45Apr 1855MarriedNew Brunswick Yes ??, Tailor Shop
Charlotte St, York, New BrunswickWilliam A EstebrooksHeadMale51Jun 1860MarriedNew Brunswick Grocer << >>
 Sarah EstebrooksWifeFemale50Sep 1861MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Marysville, York, New BrunswickJames EasterbrooksHeadMale52Jan 1859MarriedNew Brunswick Oiler, Cotton Mill << >>
 Amie EasterbrooksWifeFemale49Nov 1861MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Mamie EasterbrooksDaughterFemale21Jun 1889SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Ralph EasterbrooksSonMale15Jan 1896SingleNew Brunswick Tapper, Cotton Mill << >>
 Wendell EasterbrooksSonMale10May 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Ella EasterbrooksDaughterFemale8Aug 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Eldon PetersonSon-in-lawMale26Jan 1885MarriedNew Brunswick Odd Jobs Yes, Saw Mill
 Myrtle PetersonDaughterFemale24Jan 1887SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Harrison PetersonGrandsonMale4/12Feb 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG
Marysville, York, New BrunswickFrederick RobinsonHeadMale28Apr 1883MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer, Cotton Mill
 Elizabeth RobinsonWifeFemale29May 1882MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Grace RobinsonDaughterFemale7Sep 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Percy RobinsonSonMale6Dec 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Beulah RobinsonDaughterFemale2Feb 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Walter RobinsonSonMale1Feb 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Marysville, York, New BrunswickWellington EastabrooksHeadMale40Dec 1850MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer, Odd Jobs <<
 Mary A EastabrooksWifeFemale58Jul 1852MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Ida EastabrooksDaughterFemale24Jul 1889SingleNew Brunswick Sample Work, Cotton Mills << >>
 Stella EastabrooksDaughterFemale20Jul 1890SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Gretta EastabrooksDaughterFemale18Nov 1892SingleNew Brunswick Weaver, Cotton Mills << >>
 Dow EastabrooksSonMale13Apr 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Della EastabrooksAdopted DaughterFemale4May 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Lorne EastabrooksAdopted DaughterMale2/12Feb 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG
Marysville, York, New BrunswickFrederick EstabrookHeadMale31Mar 1880MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer, Odd jobs << >>
 Lilia EstabrookWifeFemale32Apr 1879MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Roy EstabrookSonMale4Nov 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Clara EstabrookDaughterFemale2Aug 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Marysville, York, New BrunswickWilliam EstabrooksHeadMale34May 1877MarriedNew Brunswick Weaver, Cotton Mill << >>
 Molley EstabrooksWifeFemale23Jul 1887MarriedEngland1911NG
MT Owen, Westmorland, New BrunswickHerbert EstabrookHeadMale58Jul 1853MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Mary E EstabrookWifeFemale50Jul 1861MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Robert A EstabrookSonMale20Apr 1881SingleNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Sussie C EstabrookDaughterFemale18Mar 1891SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Gertrude EstabrookDaughterFemale15Jun 1896SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Herbert H EstabrookSonMale10Mar 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
MT Owen, Westmorland, New BrunswickArthur W EstabrookHeadMale35Jan 1876MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Lizzie MurrayBoarderFemale31Jun 1873SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Harvey R EstabrookBoarderMale25Jul 1866SingleNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
Middle Sckville, Westmorland, New BrunswickFrank PalmerHeadMale48Jan 1862MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, Farm
 Levis PalmerWifeFemale46Feb 1864MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Nita PalmerDaughterFemale22Aug 1889SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Fannie PalmerDaughterFemale20Dec 1890SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Eliza PalmerDaughterFemale16Dec 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Hellen PalmerDaughterFemale15Mar 1895SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Homer PalmerSonMale13Oct 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Gladys PalmerDaughterFemale12Oct 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Gorfield PalmerSonMale Jan 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Murry PalmerSonMale7Jan 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Marion PalmerDaughterFemale5Apr 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Ralph PalmerSonMale4Mar 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
Middle Sckville, Westmorland, New BrunswickHarry S BowserHeadMale30May 1880MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, Mill??
 Jennie BowserWifeFemale27Mar 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Russel BowserSonMale8Dec 1902MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Hessie EstabrookSisterFemale13Mar 1893SingleNew Brunswick workerary, Store << >>
 Reginold WieganLodgerMale23Nov 1890SingleNew Brunswick Pants
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
MD Sockville, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlbert PhinnieHeadMale30Mar 1881MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, Farm
 Rebecca PhinnieWifeFemale28Jun 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Naomia PhinnieDaughterFemale9Feb 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Loyd PhinnieSonMale7Nov 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Annie PhinnieDaughterFemale5Apr 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
MD Sockville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMelbourn EstabrookHeadMale33Aug 1875MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer, Factory << >>
 Annie EstabrookWifeFemale32Jan 1879MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Mildred EstabrookDaughterFemale9Jun 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Reinald EstabrookSonMale7Aug 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
MiddleSad, Westmorland, New BrunswickChas B EstabrooksHeadMale58Feb 1883MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer, Tommey << >>
 Annie M EstabrooksWifeFemale48Sep 1862MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Charles H EstabrooksSonMale20Nov 1886SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 George M EstabrooksSonMale19May 1872SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Laella B EstabrooksDaughterFemale14Dec 1891SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Ley S EstabrooksDaughterFemale12Dec 1878SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 John A EstabrooksSonMale11Mar 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Chyney SemLodgerMale30abt 1881SingleNew Brunswick Lafon
 Elijoh StoderLodgerMale53abt 1858MarriedNew Brunswick Shoemaker, Factory
 Blanche RobinsonDomesticFemale18Apr 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG
Middle Sad, Westmorland, New BrunswickFrank B BlachHeadMale43Feb 1865MarriedNew Brunswick Market
 Chares BlachWifeFemale35Aug 1885MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Margaret F BlachDaughterFemale12May 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG
 J Clawrence BlachSonMale11May 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Barbara BlachDaughterFemale7Jul 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG
 J William BlachSonMale5Jan 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Dora EstabrookDomesticFemale22Feb 1889SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Arzelia LandryDomesticMale21Feb 1870SingleNew Brunswick NG
Mid Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickSusan J EstabrooksHeadMale63Mar 1868MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Jerusha EstabrooksDaughterFemale37Apr 1874SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Edward EstabrooksSonMale35Nov 1876SingleNew Brunswick NG, Herm Shop <<
Mid Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn E EstabrooksHeadMale63May 1868MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Deanna EstabrooksWifeFemale54Apr 1857MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Belle LundholmDaughterFemale30Nov 1871SingleNew Brunswick Farmer
 Atwood LundholmSonMale15Sep 1896SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Earl LundholmSonMale13Feb 1888SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Fermer FillmanGrandchildMale7Dec 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickW W TingleyHeadMale34Jan 1877MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Elinor TingleyWifeFemale43Mar 1868MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Raymond TingleySonMale2Jan 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Margaret TingleyDaughterFemale7/12Oct 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Flora EstabrookBoarderFemale42Dec 1869SingleNew Brunswick Dressmaker << >>
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJohn EstabrooksHeadMale44Jan 1867MarriedNew Brunswick Mail driver << >>
 Bessie EstabrooksWifeFemale35Aug 1876MarriedNew Brunswick Tailor, Shop << >>
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickClarence EstabrookHeadMale31Mar 1883MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Bertha EstabrookWifeFemale23Dec 1888MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Weldon T EstabrookSonMale2/12Mar 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Gertrude MiltonDomesticFemale28Jul 1883SingleNew Brunswick Servant, Private Family
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickDavid EstabrooksHeadMale75Feb 1836MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer <<
 Janet EstabrooksWifeFemale70Feb 1841MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Fred EstabrooksSonMale35Mar 1876MarriedNew Brunswick On ??AL << >>
 Mary EstabrooksDaughter-in-lawFemale33Oct 1871MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickFreeland EstabrooksHeadMale31Aug 1880MarriedNew Brunswick Laboy??, Farm ?? << >>
 Minnie EstabrooksWifeFemale26Sep 1885MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Cynthia Grace EstabrooksDaughterFemale1Nov 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Martha BecksDaughterFemale28Feb 1883WidowedNew Brunswick Nurse, Private family
 Effa HiatDaughterFemale7May 1864 New Brunswick ng
 Ella HiatDaughterFemale5Jun 1875SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Jean HiatDaughterFemale2Dec 1908SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Harry EstabrookLodgerMale25Jan 1886SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, House building
Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickThelbert EstabrooksHeadMale48Nov 1862MarriedNew Brunswick farmer, Odd Jobs << >>
 Allie EstabrooksWifeFemale42Nov 1868MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Helen EstabrooksDaughterFemale19Feb 1892SingleNew Brunswick millner, Sherfer << >>
 Corey EstabrooksSonMale16Jul 1894SingleNew Brunswick laborer, Odd Jobs << >>
 Loyd EstabrooksSonMale15Apr 1896SingleNew Brunswick laborer, Odd Jobs <<
 Evelyn EstabrooksDaughterFemale12May 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Dorothy EstabrooksDaughterFemale9Aug 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Louise EstabrooksDaughterFemale3Jun 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Ralph EstabrooksSonMale2Jan 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Gerard EstabrooksSonMale1Jun 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 John StokerDaughterFemale64Feb 1847WidowedNew Brunswick farm yard, Farm
 Dora StokerDaughterFemale22Nov 1888SingleNew Brunswick Dor??, Shop
 Grace StokerDaughterFemale20Sep 1886SingleNew Brunswick NG
Cookville, Westmorland, New BrunswickWilliam EstabrookeHeadMale68Feb 1843WidowedNew Brunswick Farmer <<
 Gilbert EstabrookeSonMale39Feb 1872SingleNew Brunswick Laborer, on Farm << >>
 Anna EstabrookeDaughterFemale38May 1873SingleNew Brunswick Servant, Housekeeper << >>
 Ethel EstabrookeG.DaughterFemale7May 1906SingleNew Brunswick Ng
Cookville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGeoB EstabrookHeadMale45Jul 1865MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Zilla EstabrookWifeFemale41Mar 1880MarriedNew Brunswick Ng
 RoyJ EstabrookSonMale18Feb 1896SingleNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Russell C EstabrookSonMale14Jun 1897SingleNew Brunswick Ng << >>
 Blanche M EstabrookDaughterFemale12May 1890SingleNew Brunswick Ng << >>
 Edward S EstabrookSonMale9Aug 1901SingleNew Brunswick Ng >>
 Carle EstabrookSonMale7Sep 1903SingleNew Brunswick Ng >>
 Cecil R EstabrookSonMale6Feb 1905SingleNew Brunswick Ng >>
 Loyd B EstabrookSonMale4Jun 1883SingleNew Brunswick Ng >>
 Norman G EstabrookSonMale3May 1908SingleNew Brunswick Ng >>
 Hadley EstabrookSonMale8/12Nov 1883SingleNew Brunswick Ng >>
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Ups Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJames EstabrookHeadMale77Jun 1853MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer <<
 Mary EstabrookWifeFemale73Nov 1837MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Archie EstabrookSonMale28May 1892SingleNew Brunswick Laborer, Farm << >>
 Clarence EstabrookSonMale22Oct 1889SingleNew Brunswick Laborer, Farm << >>
 Mary EstabrookDaughterFemale30Aug 1880SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
Ups Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickGurlie PhenneyHeadMale71Sep 1839MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Jane PhenneyWifeFemale61Sep 1849MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Wesley PearsSonMale21Oct 1889SingleNew Brunswick Laborer
 Norman PearsGrandsonMale3Oct 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Ramos EstabrooksLodgerMale76Mar 1854SingleNew Brunswick Inc.
Uper Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickClifford EstabrooksHeadFemale60Jul 1853MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Susan EstabrooksWifeFemale58Aug 1852MarriedNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksDaughterFemale25Feb 1886SingleNew Brunswick ng << >>
Uper Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickRufert EstabrooksHeadMale30Sep 1870WidowedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Cynthia EstabrooksGrandmotherFemale78Jan 1833WidowedNew Brunswick ng
 Dorothy EstabrooksDaughterFemale6Jul 1905SingleNew Brunswick ng >>
Up Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMorton EstabrookHeadMale58May 1856MarriedNew Brunswick laborer, On Farm <<
 Martha EstabrookWifeFemale52Mar 1858MarriedUSA NG
 William EstabrookSonMale12May 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Albert CrockerLodgerFemale58Sep 1852MarriedNew Brunswick Traveller, On Road
 Mary CrockerLodgerMale35Jan 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Up Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickJoseph EstabrookHeadMale58Jan 1861MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer >>
 Eliza LakenHousekeeperFemale60Jan 1851SingleNew Brunswick Housekeeper, Private Family
Up Sackville, Westmorland, New BrunswickEllen ColebrookHeadFemale47Aug 1853WidowedPrince Edward Island NG
 Carl ColebrookSonMale18Nov 1891SingleNew Brunswick Lab??, On Farm << >>
 Edward ColebrookSonMale18Dec 1893SingleNew Brunswick Carpenter << >>
 John ColebrookSonMale13Apr 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Albert ColebrookSonMale11Sep 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Howard ColebrookSonMale9Mar 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG
BrooklynRd, Westmorland, New BrunswickArthur EstabrooksHeadMale32Nov 1878MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Maud EstabrooksWifeFemale31Jan 1870MarriedNew Brunswick Ng
 Abner EstabrooksSonMale10Oct 1901SingleNew Brunswick Ng << >>
 Pearl EstabrooksDaughterFemale6Jul 1905SingleNew Brunswick Ng
 Lottie EstabrooksDaughterFemale2Feb 1909SingleNew Brunswick Ng
 EttaLina EstabrooksDaughterFemale11/12Jul 1910SingleNew Brunswick Ng
Brooklyn Rd, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlton EstabrooksHeadMale27Aug 1884MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer <<
 Violet EstabrooksWifeFemale18Sep 1893MarriedNew Brunswick Ng
Brooklyn Rd, Westmorland, New BrunswickPhimers SearsHeadMale46Mar 1864MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Atha Ends SearsWifeFemale34Jan 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Merville SearsSonMale11Sep 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Wilfred EstabrooksLodgerMale31Jun 1880MarriedNew Brunswick Labourer, Farm << >>
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
BrooklynRd, Westmorland, New BrunswickDelly EstabrookeHeadMale45Jun 1866MarriedNew Brunswick  << >>
 Elizabeth EstabrookeWifeFemale41Apr 1870MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Gertrude EstabrookeDaughterFemale17Mar 1892SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Rebecca EstabrookeDaughterFemale17Dec 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Vera EstabrookeDaughterFemale15Sep 1895SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Warren EstabrookeSonMale11Feb 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Herbert EstabrookeSonMale9Sep 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Lourie EstabrookeSonMale7Jan 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Charlotte EstabrookeDaughterFemale11/12Dec 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Jon FillmoreBoarderMale20Dec 1890SingleNew Brunswick NG
Cookville, Westmorland, New BrunswickHoward BlayHeadMale  MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Emma BlayWifeFemale22Apr 1889MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Henry BlaySonMale5May 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Elmer BlaySonMale1Nov 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 William CookCookMale39Jan 1863SingleNew Brunswick Cook
 Clarence EstabrooksLodgerMale40May 1860MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer <<
Cookville, Westmorland, New BrunswickMallice EstabrooksHeadMale38Feb 1863MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Amanda EstabrooksWifeFemale32Mar 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Ernest EstabrooksSonMale33Jun 1878SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Chester EstabrooksSonMale10Jan 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Muriel EstabrooksDaughterFemale3Aug 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Medger, Westmorland, New BrunswickHarvey EstabrooksHeadMale48Nov 1863MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Julia EstabrooksWifeFemale49Apr 1862MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickChristopher EstabrooksHeadMale71Oct 1840WidowedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Horace EstabrooksGrandsonFemale11Mar 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickArther PattersonHeadMale26Sep 1885SingleNew Brunswick Farmer
 Prudence PattersonMotherFemale51May 1860MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Nallie PattersonSisterFemale24Sep 1886SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Harold PattersonBrotherMale20Jul 1891SingleNew Brunswick Farmer
 Amelia EstabrooksGrandmotherFemale80Mar 1831WidowedNew Brunswick NG
 Lovey EstabrooksSonMale41Aug 1870SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Margarete LoureyBoarderFemale39Oct 1873MarriedNew Brunswick Teacher
 Katherine LoureyBoarderFemale11Apr 1902MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Jeaarel WillimsonUncleMale70May 1841SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Odd Jobs
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickSamuel EstabrooksHeadMale60May 1851MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Dolley EstabrooksWifeFemale67Mar 1844MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Albert EstabrooksSonMale26Mar 1885SingleNew Brunswick  << >>
 Mrs. James TowerDaughterFemale36May 1875WidowedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Lovell EstabrooksSonMale2Jun 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Samuel MichelLodgerMale70Sep 1841WidowedNew Brunswick odd jobs yes
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickWalter EstabrooksHeadMale39Aug 1872MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Nellie EstabrooksWifeFemale40Apr 1871MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Laura EstabrooksDaughterFemale18Feb 1893WidowedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Daisy B EstabrooksDaughterFemale10/12Aug 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Annie LuesNieceFemale12Feb 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickAllison EstabrooksHeadMale78May 1834MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Jane EstabrooksWifeFemale71Dec 1830MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Chandler EstabrooksSonMale26Jul 1885DivorcedNew Brunswick Sawyer, Saw Mill << >>
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickErmil EstabrooksHeadMale  MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Mary EstabrooksWifeFemale  MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Harring EstabrooksSonMale23Sep 1888SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, S?? << >>
 Fletcher EstabrooksSonMale121889SingleNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Grener EstabrooksSonMale18Mar 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Allie EstabrooksSonMale12May 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Everette EstabrooksSonMale10Aug 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Everline EstabrooksDaughterFemale10Aug 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickThomas HicksHeadMale27Jul 1884MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Juber HicksWifeFemale25Mar 1886MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Arnold HicksSonMale4Jan 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Jennie HicksDaughterFemale4Sep 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Unice HicksDaughterFemale9/12Sep 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickAlbert EstabrooksHeadMale52May 1859MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Mrs. Charles CaurenerSisterFemale45Aug 1866MarriedNew Brunswick NG
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickWestley EstabrooksHeadMale62Jul 1849MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Melvina EstabrooksWifeFemale63May 1848MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Harry EstabrooksSonMale21Jan 1890SingleNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Mable EstabrooksDaughterFemale191892MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Mare EstabrooksSonMale19Nov 1890SingleNew Brunswick  << >>
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickRingath EstabrooksHeadMale34Jun 1876MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Sarah EstabrooksWifeFemale35May 1876MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Vira EstabrooksSisterFemale14Dec 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Norman EstabrooksSonMale12Oct 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickGilford EstabrooksHeadMale48Mar 1863MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Lougi EstabrooksWifeFemale33Oct 1878MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Gordon EstabrooksSonMale15Mar 1896SingleNew Brunswick  << >>
 Ester EstabrooksDaughterFemale12Jun 1899SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Nancy EstabrooksDaughterFemale8Jan 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Torry EstabrooksSonMale4Feb 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Gleen EstabrooksDaughterFemale2Apr 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Thresa EstabrooksDaughterFemale17Dec 1894SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Hadley EstabrooksSon-in-lawMale22Dec 1889MarriedNew Brunswick Labourer << >>
 Alice EstabrooksSisterFemale25abt 1886SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickThomas H EstabrooksHeadMale23Oct 1888MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Jessie EstabrooksWifeFemale28Apr 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Norman EstabrooksSonMale6Nov 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Vita EstabrooksDaughterFemale4Aug 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Fannie EstabrooksDaughterFemale1Oct 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG, Sawmill >>
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickEzra EstabrooksHeadMale49Dec 1862MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Nora EstabrooksWifeFemale41Apr 1870MarriedNew Brunswick 
 Harold EstabrooksSonMale18Sep 1893SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Russel EstabrooksSonMale12Jan 1899SingleNew Brunswick  << >>
 Labazon EstabrooksSonMale10Nov 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
 Katherine EstabrooksDaughterFemale8May 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Courtney EstabrooksSonMale6Jan 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Jennett EstabrooksDaughterFemale4Sep 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Bernice EstabrooksDaughterFemale3Feb 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickHarmois EstabrooksHeadMale36May 1875MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Mertie EstabrooksWifeFemale62Aug 1874MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Merville EstabrooksSonMale4May 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Sarah EstabrooksMother-in-lawFemale73Dec 1838WidowedNew Brunswick NG
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickAldea EstabrooksHeadMale25Dec 1886MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Jessie EstabrooksWifeFemale22Jun 1889MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Hartie EstabrooksDaughterFemale2Jan 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Winter W EstabrooksSonMale4/12Feb 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickCharles EstabrooksHeadMale26Feb 1885MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Cyntha EstabrooksWifeFemale30May 1881MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Bertha EstabrooksDaughterFemale10Mar 1901SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Marjoria EstabrooksDaughterFemale3Dec 1907SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Margareta EstabrooksDaughterFemale   New Brunswick 
 Hollis E EstabrooksAugMale2/12Apr 1911SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Clarence LeoretteNoneMale15Apr 1896SingleNew Brunswick NG
Midgie, Westmorland, New BrunswickErnest T HicksHeadMale38Aug 1873MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Sadie HicksWifeFemale35Jun 1876MarriedNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Lora HicksDaughterFemale16Sep 1895SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Willard HicksSonMale15Sep 1896SingleNew Brunswick none
 Eyra HicksSonMale14Mar 1897SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Detus HicksSonMale8Dec 1903SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Daisy HicksDaughterFemale7May 1904SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Marrice HicksSonMale6Apr 1905SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Alfrad HicksFatherMale81Aug 1830MarriedNew Brunswick ng
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickMrs. Printly EstabrooksHeadFemale54Sep 1861MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 Addie P EstabrooksDaughterFemale22Oct 1889SingleNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Abbie EstabrooksDaughterFemale17Apr 1894SingleNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Lula J EstabrooksAdopted DaughterFemale19Jan 1892SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Willie EstabrooksSonMale13Apr 1888SingleNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Doiss MacEnellSonMale1Feb 1910SingleNew Brunswick ng
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickIsaac KeyHeadMale43Jan 1868MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Mary KeyWifeFemale40May 1871MarriedNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Cara KeyDaughterFemale16Mar 1895SingleNew Brunswick ng
 John KeySonMale12Nov 1898SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Raymond KeySonMale7Jan 1904SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Alice KeyDaughterFemale4May 1907SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Willard KeyBoarderMale271884SingleNew Brunswick Teacher
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickTitus SearsHeadMale61Jan 1850MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Henreitta SearsWifeFemale52Apr 1859MarriedNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Gertrude SearsDaughterFemale20Aug 1891SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Harvey SearsSonMale10Nov 1890SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Odd Jobs
 Fred L SearsSonMale16Apr 1895SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Odd Jobs
 Harver C SearsSonMale14May 1897SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Harley R SearsSonMale8Oct 1903SingleNew Brunswick ng
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickThomas EstabrooksHeadMale56Oct 1855MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Araminta EstabrooksWifeFemale56Nov 1855MarriedNew Brunswick ng
 Maynard EstabrooksSonMale30Feb 1881SingleNew Brunswick Labourer, Odd Jobs <<
 Theodoria EstabrooksDaughterFemale19Feb 1890SingleNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Edward EstabrooksSonMale18Sep 1893SingleNew Brunswick Farmer, Hold On Farm << >>
 Lenman EstabrooksSonMale15Jan 1896SingleNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Greter EstabrooksDaughterFemale12Jun 1899SingleNew Brunswick ng <<
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickTitus StokesHeadMale59May 1852MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Nancy StokesWifeFemale60Sep 1851MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Mary J AmosLodgerFemale65Oct 1846WidowedNew Brunswick NG
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickArchibald PhinneyHeadMale29Apr 1882MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer
 Hannah PhinneyWifeFemale38Jul 1873MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Russel PhinneySonMale8Mar 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Oscar PhinneySonMale6Feb 1905SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Simeon PhinneySonMale1Sep 1910SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Tetus EstabrooksStepsonMale20Jan 1891SingleNew Brunswick Farmer, Hellifield << >>
 Rufus EstabrooksStepsonMale18Mar 1893SingleNew Brunswick Farmer, Hellifield <<
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickLacuis EstabrooksHeadMale30Jun 1881MarriedNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Louise EstabrooksWifeFemale27Jan 1884MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Norman EstabrooksSonMale8Jan 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Lorne EstabrooksSonMale7Dec 1904SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Gertie EstabrooksDaughterFemale5Dec 1906SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Llyode EstabrooksSonMale3Jul 1908SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Margery EstabrooksDaughterFemale1Dec 1909SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
Centrevillage, Westmorland, New BrunswickAllin EstabrooksHeadMale53Jun 1854MarriedNew Brunswick Farmer << >>
 Jane EstabrooksWifeFemale51Mar 1860MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Betrice EstabrooksDaughterFemale18Jul 1873SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Ida EstabrooksDaughterFemale14Sep 1897SingleNew Brunswick NG <<
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
Baie Verte, Westmorland, New BrunswickHenry GoodwinHeadMale34Apr 1897MarriedNew Brunswick Fa??her
 Lizzie GoodwinWifeFemale34Jan 1877MarriedNew Brunswick ng << >>
 Marple GoodwinSonMale8Aug 1903SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Gertrude GoodwinDaughterFemale5Apr 1906SingleNew Brunswick ng
 Arthur GoodwinSonMale2Jun 1819SingleNew Brunswick ng
 John EstabrooksFather-in-lawMale62Nov 1849WidowedNew Brunswick ng <<
Summerland, Yale and Cariboo, British ColumbiaWillard EstabrookHeadMale80Nov 1830MarriedNew Brunswick NG <<
 Rista EstabrookWifeFemale70May 1841MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Mary EstabrookDaughterFemale30Dec 1880SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
Penticton, Yale and Cariboo, British ColumbiaG L EstabrooksHeadMale46Jan 1865MarriedNew Brunswick See Captain << >>
 Sarah EstabrooksWifeFemale51Jan 1860MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Otto EstabrooksSonMale21Dec 1889SingleNew Brunswick Moter Steamer <<
 Willa Max EstabrooksDaughterFemale19Nov 1891SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Richard H EstabrooksSonMale8Oct 1902SingleBritish Columbia NG >>
113 Center St, Perth North, OntarioRober G CouplandHeadMale27Sep 1884MarriedOntario E Express, Canker Express Co
 Easter CouplandWifeFemale30May 1881MarriedOntario NG << >>
 John Coupland JrSonMale17Dec 1893SingleOntario NG
266 Bloomfield, Halifax, Nova ScotiaRacheal EstabrooksHeadMale30Oct 1871MarriedNova Scotia Ironworker << >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksWifeFemale45Aug 1865MarriedNewfoundland1894NA
 Charles EstabrooksSonMale12Aug 1899SingleNova Scotia NA << >>
 William EstabrooksSonMale11Oct 1900SingleNova Scotia NA << >>
 Grace EstabrooksDaughterFemale9Jan 1902SingleNova Scotia NA
 Laura EstabrooksSonMale7Mar 1904SingleNova Scotia NA >>
 Harold EstabrooksSonMale4Aug 1906SingleNova Scotia NA >>
 Jeanette EstabrooksDaughterFemale2Nov 1908SingleNova Scotia NA >>
Perth South, OntarioEdward SwitzerHeadMale54Aug 1857MarriedOntario Farmer
 Elizabeth SwitzerWifeFemale51Jul 1859MarriedOntario NG << >>
 Parter SwitzerDaughterFemale22Sep 1889SingleOntario NG
 Fred BirchServantMale32Apr 1879SingleEngland1911Labourer, On Farm
 Henry SwitzerFatherMale78Feb 1853WidowedOntario NG
502 Dorchester W, Montreal St Antoine, QuebecFrancis EasterbrookLodgerFemale29Jan 1882SingleNew Brunswick Teacher, Laboal <<
2346 7th Ave W, Vancouver, British ColumbiaMarone EstabrookHeadMale42Jul 1868MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, At house Bdg << >>
 Marthea EstabrookWifeFemale JulMarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Everett E EstabrookSonMale18Dec 1892SingleUSA1901Styper, Pub Printing <<
 Harold EstabrookSonMale14Dec 1896SingleUSA1901NG <<
 Gardine EstabrookSonMale12Sep 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
 Hawley EstabrookSonMale9Apr 1892SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Osgood EstabrookSonMale8Sep 1902SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Nerman EstabrookSonMale4May 1907SingleBritish Columbia NG >>
 Clarence EstabrookSonMale1Jun 1909SingleBritish Columbia NG >>
 Baby Boy EstabrookSonMale7/12Oct 1910SingleBritish Columbia NG >>
 Mildred EstabrookDaughterFemale11Sep 1899SingleUSA1906NG <<
 Hazel EstabrookDaughterFemale7Dec 1903SingleNew Brunswick NG >>
 Dora EstabrookDaughterFemale4Jun 1906SingleBritish Columbia NG >>
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
3260 Ontario, Vancouver, British ColumbiaW WiskerHeadMale50Jul 1861MarriedOntario Broker, Real Estate
 Roth WiskerWifeFemale45Feb 1864MarriedOntario NG
 Ethel WiskerDaughterFemale14Jun 1896SingleManitoba NG
 Smart EstabrookLodgerFemale22Jun 1889SingleBermuda Storekeeper, Dryyards
1951 Keefer, Vancouver, British ColumbiaNelson EstabrooksHeadMale44Jul 1866MarriedNew Brunswick Grocer, Store << >>
 Annie EstabrooksWifeFemale42May 1869MarriedNew Brunswick NG, W?? store
 Rupert EstabrooksSonMale15Apr 1896SingleUSA Office Boy, Office << >>
 David EstabrooksSonMale7Feb 1904SingleUSA NG >>
Campbellton, Restiqouche, New BrunswickGeorge J EstabrooksHeadMale54May 1857MarriedNew Brunswick Book Keeper, Gen Store << >>
 Arabella EstabrooksWifeFemale54Aug 1856MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Charles ParsonsBoarderMale35Sep 1875SingleNew Brunswick Mason, Public Works
Campbellton, Restiqouche, New BrunswickJohn GrayHeadMale22May 1889SingleNew Brunswick Tourent
 Frank PrecotBoarderMale251886SingleNew Brunswick Laborer
 John TellmoreBoarderMale54Apr 1857MarriedNew Brunswick Laborer
 McLaod MontgomeryBoarderMale29May 1872MarriedNew Brunswick Carpenter, House
 Tram PrictonBoarderMale18Aug 1892SingleNew Brunswick Laborer
 Parker EstabrooksBoarderMale13Dec 1898SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
267 Doug Ave, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickWilliam B EstabrookHeadMale45Sep 1865MarriedSt John W Sale Store, Fruit << >>
 Georgie E StactrockWifeFemale44Jul 1867MarriedSt John NG
22 Kennedy St, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickBirdsill EstabrooksHeadMale52Sep 1858MarriedL B Co, New Brunswick Engineer, Lig Bras << >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksWifeFemale40Oct 1870MarriedNC, New Brunswick NG
 Bertha EstabrooksDaughterFemale19Oct 1891SingleSt John NG << >>
39 Kennedy St, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickJoseph W McAlveyHeadMale47Sep 1863MarriedQuebec, New Brunswick Merchant, O. A
 Margret McAlveyWifeFemale37Mar 1874MarriedSt John NG <<
 James T McAlveySonMale7Jun 1903SingleSt John NG
 Arthur E McAlveySonMale3Oct 1908SingleSt John NG
 Hazel J McAlveyDaughterFemale20Jul 1890SingleSt John NG
 Helen A McAlveyDaughterFemale19Oct 1891SingleSt John NG
 Margary McAlveyDaughterFemale11Apr 1900SingleSt John NG
65 Davy Ave, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickAshley EsttbrookHeadMale32Dec 1878MarriedNew Brunswick Factory, ?? Frontier
 Delle EsttbrookWifeFemale22Nov 1888MarriedNew Brunswick NG
223 Main St, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickAbraham EstabrooksHeadMale49Jan 1861MarriedUSA1871Hotel, O. A. << >>
 Aline D EstabrooksWifeFemale38Jul 1872MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Gladis J EstabrooksDaughterFemale14Nov 1896SingleNew Brunswick NG << >>
197 Main St, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickJohn EstabrooksHeadMale82Jul 1828MarriedNew Brunswick Traste Store, O. A <<
 Margret EstabrooksWifeFemale70Jan 1841MarriedNew Brunswick NG
 Elizabeth EstabrooksAuntFemale92Jan 1819WidowedNew Brunswick NG
 Lillian CarryDaughterFemale23May 1887SingleUSA1891NG
15 Victoria, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickJohn K CowanHeadMale46Oct 1864MarriedNew Brunswick None, Saro Mill
 Anna?? CowanWifeFemale45Dec 1866MarriedUSA1870NG << >>
 Eaph CowanSonMale18Aug 1892 New Brunswick NG
 Margaret CowanDaughter-in-lawFemale11Mar 1900SingleNew Brunswick NG
 Fred G CowanSonMale DecSingleNew Brunswick NG
AddressNameRelationshipSexAgeBirth DateMarriageBirthplaceImmigrationOccupationLinks
55 Victoria, Saint John City and County, New BrunswickRalph F EstabrooksHeadMale30Mar 1881MarriedNew Brunswick Traveller, Wh. Dry Goods << >>
 Ethel EstabrooksWifeFemale27Aug 1883MarriedNew Brunswick NG
631 2nd St S, Thunder Bay and Rainy River, OntarioJames FasberbrookHeadMale51Jan 1849MarriedCanada Millhand, Herbs Jee Nadl <<
 Ganie FasberbrookWifeFemale54Aug 1856MarriedCanada NG
 Fred FasberbrookSonMale11Jan 1900SingleCanada NG
 Osval FasberbrookSonMale7Jan 1904SingleCanada NG
 Elms FasberbrookSonMale1Jan 1909SingleCanada NG
631 2nd St S, Thunder Bay and Rainy River, OntarioDonald E BarrHeadMale24Nov 1887MarriedCanada Briq??er, C. P. R.
 Farr BarrWifeFemale17Feb 1894MarriedCanada NG >>
 James BarrSonMale4/12May 1911SingleCanada NG

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