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USA State Censuses 1915 (print)

New YorkNew Jersey

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but very few are cross-referenced.

New York

New York, BronxErnest EstabrookHead37Male United States
 Elena EstabrookWife35Female United States
 Edith EstabrookDaughter14Female United States
 Ernest EstabrookSon16Male United States
New York, BronxJohn EstabrookInmate3Male United States
 Frank EsterbrookInmate4Male United States
 Charles EstabrookInmate6Male United States
New York, BronxWalter EstabrookInmate7Male United States
Broome, SchoharieOmes R ScuttHead32Male United States
 Susie W ScuttWife32Female United States
 Almina G ScuttDaughter8Female United States
 Velmore H ScuttSon4Male United States
 Lounzo ScuttUncle74Male United States
 John EsterbrooksGrandfather77Male United States
Broome, SchoharieBenjamin EsterbrooksHead53Male United States
 Eleaner EsterbrooksWife53Female United States
 Percy EsterbrooksSon16Male United States
 Elhel EsterbrooksDaughter13Female United States
 Derege W EsterbrooksSon12Male United States
 Libbie EsterbrooksDaughter10Female United States
Cobleskill, SchoharieOrval D CarnellHead57Male United States
 Mary D CarnellWife75Female United States
 Charles M CarnellSon24Male United States
 Caroline FrankMother-in-law20Female United States
 Beatrice ColeLodger14Female United States
 Margan SzyshLodger24Male United States
 Ruth ShaverLodger19Female United States
 W EstabrookLodger28Female United States
 Mary LeynchLodger48Female United States
 Frank GauldLodger42Male United States
New York, New YorkAugustus EsterbrookHead45Male United States
 Francis EsterbrookWife46Female United States
 Edward EsterbrookBrother48Male United States
Utica Ward 07, OneidaGiles GreerHead66Male United States
 Catherine GreerWife53Female United States
 Maud EstabrookBoarder42Female United States
Oneonta Ward 04, OtsegoRobt EstabrookHead37Male United States
 Sarah EstabrookWife36Female United States
 Danald EstabrookSon9Male United States
Eagle, WyomingFrane EstabrookHead23Male United States
 Mable EstabrookWife18Female United States
Eagle, WyomingAdelbert EstabrookHead53Male United States
 Rose M EstabrookWife44Female United States
 Andrew H EstabrookSon26Male United States
 Vivian O EstabrookDaughter17Female United States
Eagle, WyomingOrsen EstabrooksHead61Male United States
 Sarah EstabrooksWife57Female United States
 Loyd E EstabrooksGrandson8Male United States
Eagle, WyomingJohn EstabrooksHead49Male United States
 Florence EstabrooksWife37Female United States
 Ida EstabrooksMother79Female United States
Eagle, WyomingHorace EstabrooksHead54Male United States
Eagle, WyomingIda EstabrooksHead39Female United States
 Archie EstabrooksSon19Male United States
 Pearl EstabrooksDaughter15Female United States
Newfield, TompkinsRobert G Estabrook JrHead47Male United States
 Javania K Estabrook JrWife36Female United States
 Raymond Estabrook JrSon15Male United States
 W Mc Hutchen JrRetired87Male United States
Newfield, TompkinsElmer Eastabrook JrHead47Male United States
 Minnie Eastabrook JrWife46Female United States
 Kenneda Eastabrook JrSon16Male United States
 Helen EastabrookDaughter21Female United States
 Wm CarpenterHired Man68Male United States
 Walter CarpenterBoarder18Male United States
Bangor, FranklinLucy EsterbrooksHead71Female United States
Bangor, FranklinNelson EsterbrookesHead66Male United States
 Mary E EsterbrookesWife63Female United States
Burke, FranklinHarrey EstabrookHead61Male United States
 Mary EstabrookWife59Female United States
Constable, FranklinJessie EstabrooksHead62Female Canada
New York, New YorkJohn Mc CullaghHead34Male Ireland
 Mary Mc CullaghMother34Female Ireland
 Elizabeth Mc CullaghDaughter9Female United States
 Romas Mc CullaghSon8Male United States
 Walter Mc CullaghSon4Male United States
 Albert Mc CullaghSon6Male United States
 John EsterbrookeLodger33Male Ireland
 James EsterbrookeLodger21Male Ireland
New York, New YorkMary EstabrookRoomer34Female United States
Troy Ward 02, RensselaerEdward EsterbrookeHead38Male United States
New York, QueensKatherine EsterbrookHead41Female United States
 Gertrude EsterbrookDaughter17Female United States
New York, QueensArthur C EstabrooksHead42Male United States
 Caroline C EstabrooksWife45Female United States
 Helen H EstabrooksDaughter12Female United States
Southold, SuffolkLouise P JewellHead48Female United States
 Alma EstabrookLodger43Female United States
 Helen L HerbertServant21Female United States
Southampton, SuffolkFredrick JohnsonHead56Male United States
 Eva EsterbrookBoarder38Female United States
Southampton, SuffolkColin CarterHead58Male United States
 Rose E CarterWife45Female United States
 Esterbrook CarterSon21Male United States
 Phillip CarterSon19Male United States
 Paul S CarterSon5Male United States
 Antonet EsterbrookMother71Female United States
Kingston, UlsterMary J PhinneyHead68Female United States
 Sarah HenionDaughter35Female United States
 Frank PhinnySon23Male United States
 Chas EsterbrookGrandson17Male United States
 Bertha StakesServant21Female United States
New York, New YorkThomas EsterbrookHead51Male Ireland
 Katherine EsterbrookWife40Female England
 Arthur EsterbrookSon7Male United States
New York, New YorkMargaret FraserHead39Female United States
 TruesdaleLodger23Female United States
 Jane EsterbrookLodger35Female United States
New York, New YorkW E J MorentaurHead49Male Canada
 Beatrice E MorentaurDaughter11Female United States
 Emma R MorentaurSister50Female Canada
 Elwin H FindlayNephew27Male Canada
 Helen M PrattLodger50Female United States
 Holister PassmoreLodger29Male United States
 Wm Atas EsterbrookeBoarder39Male United States
 Albert CroncharttBoarder39Male United States
 Billy ButtsBoarder28Male United States
 Sadie ButtsBoarder32Female United States
 Minnie RounsevilleBoarder46Female United States
 Lowra SmithServant46Female United States
 Jennie MousiServant35Female United States
 B A ElliaBoarder28Male United States
 Frank SlocumBoarder55Male United States
North Tonawanda Ward 04, NiagaraMorris N KentHead61Male United States
 Mary M KentWife56Female United States
 Mary W KentDaughter24Female United States
 Harriet J EasterbrookLodger29Female United States
 Alfred C BaineLodger26Male United States
 Irene S BaineLodger25Female United States
New York, QueensMansfield EstabrookHead39Male United States
 Helen S EstabrookWife34Female United States
 James M EstabrookSon3Male France
 John H EstabrookSon1Male United States
 Katherine MellServant30Female Russia
New York, QueensWin M EstabrookHead42Male United States
 Jane B EstabrookWife38Female United States
 Mildred EstabrookDaughter10Female United States
 Edith EstabrookDaughter9Female United States
 Robt EstabrookSon8Male United States
 Albert EstabrookSon4Male United States
 Evelyn EstabrookDaughter7/12Female United States
Corning, SteubenClare J EasterbrooksHead37Male United States
 Charlott C EasterbrooksWife38Female United States
 John SpinneyUncle95Male Nova Scotia
 Charlott J SpinneyAunt67Female United States
Corning Ward 01, SteubenIsaac F EasterbrookHead64Male United States
 Ida S EasterbrookWife58Female United States
Hornby, SteubenEdwin J EasterbrooksHead35Male United States
 Bell H EasterbrooksWife30Female United States
 Eldred J EasterbrooksSon12Male United States
 Francis J EasterbrooksSon5Male United States
 Ben E DuganLodger38Male United States
Hornby, SteubenEdwin J EasterbrookHead68Male United States
 Delinda E EasterbrookWife62Female United States
Hornby, SteubenMalen S EasterbrookHead61Male United States
 Alice D EasterbrookWife48Female United States
 Ethel R EasterbrookDaughter21Female United States
 Elfleda P EasterbrookDaughter18Female United States
Tuscarora, SteubenAndrew EasterbrookHead79Male United States
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter37Female United States
Urbana, SteubenArchi EasterbrookHead44Male United States
 Mincey EasterbrookWife39Female United States
 Fred EasterbrookSon8Male United States
Canton, St LawrenceHiland EstabrookHead33Male United States
 Lena EstabrookWife28Female United States
New York, KingsGeo H SpencerHead80Male United States
 Mary E SpencerWife72Female United States
 Robert J SpencerSon30Male United States
 Marie SpencerDaughter45Female United States
 Anna B SpencerDaughter39Female United States
 Ella J EstabrookSister40Female United States
Scarsdale, WestchesterHalter HerbertHead51Male Canada
 Mary HerbertWife44Female United States
 Haswell HerbertSon21Male United States
 Emily EsterbrookServant18Female Ireland
New York, KingsGeorge EasterbrookHead46Male England
 Lula EasterbrookWife44Female United States
 Frank EasterbrookSon17Male United States
 Leland EasterbrookSon15Male United States
 James J EasterbrookSon13Male United States
 Orwin EasterbrookSon12Male United States
 Nellie EasterbrookDaughter9Female United States
 John EasterbrookSon6Male United States
New York, KingsThos E EasterbrookHead57Male England
 Marella EasterbrookWife60Female United States
 Mener MontgomeryBoarder40Male United States
New York, KingsHartle EsterbrookHead37Male United States
 Carrie P EsterbrookWife34Female United States
Rochester Ward 06, MonroeSara L La SalleHead66Female United States
 Beatrice F La SalleDaughter27Female United States
 Eliz K EsterbrookLodger28Female United States
New York, New YorkHugh EasterbrookHead35Male United States
 Rose EasterbrookWife38Female United States
 Blanche EasterbrookDaughter12Female United States << >>
 Cameron EasterbrookSon8Male United States <<
New York, New YorkJulia M EstabrookHead27Female United States
Newburgh, OrangeFrank EstabronckHead55Male United States
 Essie EstabronckWife53Female United States
 Ham EstabronckSon17Male United States
 Margarite EstabronckDaughter12Female United States
 Minnie RogersServant17Female United States
Newburgh Ward 01, OrangeFrank J EstabrookHead21Male United States
 Lillie EstabrookWife20Female United States
 Frank Estabrook JrSon1Male United States
Newburgh Ward 02, OrangeMary EsterbrookHead35  Ireland
 H A EsterbrookWife37Female England
 F EsterbrookSon6Male United States
 Wm EsterbrookSon4Male United States
 C EsterbrookDaughter1Female United States
 C CoyMother63Female England
Newburgh Ward 02, OrangeC EstabrookHead45Female United States
 M EstabrookSon28Male United States
 E G EstabrookSon26Male United States
 M EstabrookDaughter16Female United States
Newburgh Ward 04, OrangeJames McCollanHead56Male Ireland
 Jennie J McCollanWife37Female United States
 Jome H McCollanDaughter20Female United States
 Ann McKeownSister62Female Ireland
 Jessie CornellLodger21Female United States
 Sely EstabrookLodger45Female United States
New York, New YorkWilliam F EsterbrookHead50Male United States
 Laura EsterbrookWife45Female United States
New York, New YorkJames J EsterbrookHead93Male England
New York, New YorkD EstbrookHead49Female England
New York, New YorkMax MorrisHead58Male United States
 Fannie MorrisWife50Female United States
 Belle RosenblattDaughter28Female United States
 Sinney RosenblattSon-in-law30Male United States
 Noonie RosenblattGreat Granddaughter5Female United States
 Bessie EstabrookServant18Female United States
New York, New YorkEdw J BrownHead46Male United States
 Lizzie BrownWife44Female Ireland
 Palrick FitzgeraldBrother-in-law34Male Ireland
 Anna BrownDaughter16Female United States
 Elinor BrownDaughter14Female United States
 Walter EstabrookLodger44Male Canada
 Josephine EstabrookWife34Female United States
 Frances EstabrookDaughter5/12Female United States
 David MooreLodger25Male Canada
 Jennie MooreWife26Female United States
New York, New YorkJas P AllenHead34Male United States
 Catharine AllenWife30Female United States
 George AllenBrother19Male United States
 Robt EsterbrookBoarder20Male United States
 Chas StoryLodger20Male United States
Syracuse Ward 05, OnondagaIda S EasterbrookHead61Female United States
 Harold F SmithGrandson14Male United States
New York, RichmondJoseph EsterbrookBoarder60Male United States
New York, RichmondThomas J EsterbrookHead38Male United States
 Anna EsterbrookWife32Female United States
New York, RichmondEmma EsterbrookHead78Female United States
 Alfred EsterbrookBrother71Male United States
Ballston, SaratogaHarold P EsterbrookHead38Male United States
 Caroline T EsterbrookWife41Female United States
 Carl H EsterbrookDaughter8  United States
 Lucile T EsterbrookDaughter6Female United States
 Harriette P EsterbrookDaughter4Female United States
 Julia EsterbrookDaughter2Female United States
 Marry EsterbrookDaughter2/12Female United States
 Charles D ThurberFather-in-law71Male United States
 Belle S ThurberMother-in-law61Female United States
Catherine, SchuylerLouis C CattinHead42Male United States
 Ida May CattinWife43Female United States
 Mary J CattinDaughter14Female United States
 Phineas H CattinSon12Male United States
 Fred T EstabrookStep Son21Male United States
 Herald C EstabrookStep Son20Male United States
Catherine, SchuylerPenelope EstabrookHead69Female United States
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaD W EsterbrookHead73Male United States
 Harriett EsterbrookWife62Female United States
New York, New YorkEdw T EsterbrookHead22Male United States
 Alice C EsterbrookMother46Female United States
 Marie KellyRoomer23Female Canada
 Morgan KellyRoomer29Male United States
 Fredk FennRoomer30Male United States
New York, New YorkSamuel EsterbrookHead20Male Ireland
 Jenie EsterbrookWife35Female Scotland
 James EsterbrookSon1Male United States
 Charles WarsopBoarder30Male United States
New York, New YorkMary EsterbrookHead49Female United States
 Richars EsterbrookSon22Male United States
 Caryell EsterbrookSon18Male United States
 Rose DonoghueMaid35Female Ireland
Albany Ward 10, AlbanyJohn H GoffeHead68Male United States
 May E GoffeWife69Female United States
 Lillian EstabrookDaughter42Female United States
 Celvian NortonDaughter16Female United States
 Magalen L WeirSister74Female United States
Albany Ward 13, AlbanyChauney RiderHead56Male United States
 Mabel RiderWife48Female United States
 Alma RiderDaughter19Female United States
 Ama BlakeServant40Female United States
 May LambertRoomer32Female United States
 Katherine WhiteRoomer37Female United States
 Esther EsterbrookRoomer21Female United States
 Edward FrisherBrother75Male United States
 Julia FrisherSister66Female United States
 Elizeabeth GeiselServant55Female United States
 Grace BettridgeRoomer40Female United States
Albany Ward 16, AlbanyFrank S EastabrooksHead40Male United States
 Florence W EastabrooksWife41Female United States
Albany Ward 16, AlbanyWm B EstabrookHead59Male United States
 Edna W EstabrookWife40Female United States
 Lauretta WilberMother-in-law53Female United States
 Harold D WilberBrother-in-law22Male United States
 Bella Waser JrBoarder45Female Canada
 Mary HallServant33Female United States
Almond, AlleganyClarke EasterbrooksHead62Male United States
 Mandana EasterbrooksWife59Female United States
 Martha EasterbrooksDaughter30Female United States
 Henry EasterbrooksSon26Male United States
Almond, AlleganyHorner EasterbrooksHead37Male United States
 Jessie EasterbrooksWife33Female United States
 Joe EasterbrooksBrother54Male United States
Almond, AlleganyRobt EasterbrooksHead64Male United States
 Sarah EasterbrooksDaughter31Female United States
Andover, AlleganySylva MourhersHead64Female United States
 Colen McCarnSon38Male United States
 Glads EsterbrooksBoarder21Female United States
 Ruth LeburyBoarder21Female United States
 Bell BrundageBoarder63Female United States
Caneadea, AlleganyR Brice EstabrookHead48Male United States
 Florence EstabrookWife86Female United States
 Harold W EstabrookSon18Male United States
 Phyllis EstabrookDaughter6Female United States
 Comelia W WeaverMother-in-law86Female United States
Caneadea, AlleganyGeorge L EstabrookHead41Male United States
 Mertin EstabrookWife45Female United States
 Fenn EstabrookDaughter43Female United States
 Hazel AmesDaughter42Female United States
 Violet AmesGranddaughter41Female United States
 Samanthar LoweFather-in-law16Male United States
New York, BronxWm EstabrookHead65Male United States
 Cornelia F EstabrookWife60Female United States
Big Flats, ChemungAugust TheurerHead51Male United States
 Charles TheurerSon26Male United States
 Eunice EasterbrookServant57Female United States
 Helen EasterbrookBoarder19Female United States
Big Flats, ChemungS E EastabrookHead62Male United States
 Alice EastabrookWife56Female United States
 R L EastabrookSon24Male United States
 L S EastabrookSon18Male United States
Elmira Ward 01, ChemungEzekiel SmithHead69Male United States
 Rebecca Jane SmithWife66Female United States
 Emmon B EasterbrookBrother-in-law70Male United States
Elmira Ward 01, ChemungFred T EstabrookHead58Male United States
 Sarah A EstabrookWife52Female United States
Elmira Ward 05, ChemungViola EasterbrookHead69Female United States
 Mary O'BrienLodger48Female United States
 Anna ConsidineLodger40Female United States
Elmira Ward 08, ChemungN L EasterbrookHead42Male United States
 Maude EasterbrookWife35Female United States
 Clyde EasterbrookSon13Male United States
Hempstead, NassauGeorge M EastabrookHead29Male United States
 Mary EastabrookWife22Female United States
New York, New YorkBell EsterbrookHead57Female Canada
Greenburgh, WestchesterRobert FletcherHead75  United States
 Henry D EstabrookBrother-in-law60Male United States
 Clara C EstabrookSister55Female United States
 Margaret SmithServant49Female Scotland
 Antonio BitongServant32Male Philippines
 John RileyServant36Male United States
 Anna LessieServant25Female Scotland
 Anni SutherlandServant25Female Scotland
 Mary SinottServant40Female Ireland
Greenburgh, WestchesterEdenezer F EastabrookHead30Male United States
 Alice E EastabrookWife25Female United States
 Alice C EastabrookDaughter4Female United States
 Effie A EastabrookDaughter4Female United States
 William H EastabrookSon2Male United States
 Gladys A EastabrookDaughter3/12Female United States
Greenburgh, WestchesterWm S EasterbrooksHead55Male United States
 Louise D EasterbrooksDaughter24Female United States
 William S EasterbrooksSon22Male United States
 Effie A EasterbrooksDaughter20Female United States
 David F EasterbrooksSon14Male United States
Greenburgh, WestchesterVernora EasterbrooksHead25Male United States
 Marjoria EasterbrooksWife20Female United States
Greenburgh, WestchesterDecker GrantHead34Male United States
 Freda M DeckerWife30Female United States
 Fredk EstabrookSon13Male United States
New York, KingsGeorge A EsterbrookHead56Male Canada
 Hester EsterbrookWife45Female United States
 George L EsterbrookSon26Male United States
 Martha L EsterbrookDaughter23Female United States
 Seroy H EsterbrookSon19Male United States
 Katherine H EsterbrookDaughter6Female United States
 Vinda ZamaroServant40Female Germany
New York, KingsSaml G EstabrookHead47Male United States
 Harnet E EstabrookWife40Female United States
 Harnett Estabrook JrDaughter14Female United States
 Julia EstabrookMother74Female United States
 Lizzie WaysgnenServant29Female Finland
Moravia, CayugaWm H SmithHead58Male United States
 Halleine A SmithWife55Female United States
 Allen EastabrookAunt83  United States
Norwich, ChenangoFloyd O WestoverHead28Male United States
 Wila M WestoverWife26Female United States
 Nellie J EsterbrookMother-in-law48Female United States
 Louie PhillippsServant17Male United States
North Elba, EssexHenry J PackardHead63Male United States
 Emma J PackardWife40Female United States
 Jda L EsterbrookServant26Female United States
North Elba, EssexMerton L EstubrooksHead37Male United States
 Melissa EstubrooksWife27Female United States
 Etheline EstubrooksDaughter4Female United States
 Emma All EstubrooksDaughter4/12Female United States
Catskill, GreeneWilliam SmithHead46Male United States
 Annie SmithWife51Female United States
 Zellie EasterbrookStep Niece21Female United States
 Nora HazeltonChamber Maid (Maid)24Female United States
 Josephine BlissServant54Female United States
 Isaac ChampLodger68Male United States
 Charles AshbyLodger22Male United States
 Regenal PhinneyLodger21Male United States
 Howard JonerLodger55Male United States
New York, KingsCurtis EstabrookHead58Male United States
Lenox, MadisonJantha A StevensHead73Female United States
 Florence StoverDaughter52Female United States
 Christine EsterbrookGranddaughter20Female United States
 Walter A EsterbrookLodger36Male United States
Springwater, LivingstonWarrner WaiteHead38Male United States
 Lulo WaiteWife37Female United States
 Alice WaiteDaughter7Female United States
 Alice EasterbrookMother-in-law79Female United States
Oneida Ward 03, MadisonHugh WasonHead44Male United States
 Lida D WasonWife34Female United States
 Grace J WasonDaughter1/12Female United States
 May EasterbrookMother-in-law62Female United States
New York, New YorkFrank EastabrookHead15Male United States
 Lattie EastabrookWife52Female United States
 James EastabrookSon22Male United States
 Josephine CrawfordDaughter25Female United States
 Joseph CrawfordGrandson3Male United States
New York, New YorkGetzen DaunerHead52Male United States
 Ann DaunerWife45Female United States
 Elanor DaunerDaughter25Female United States
 Mary McInerneyCook47Female Ireland
 Beson EsterbrookWaitress43Female England
Hoosick, RensselaerKarl H GettyHead36Male United States
 Lucy E GettyWife36Female United States
 Lucy E GettyDaughter11Female United States
 Arabell EsterbrookMother65Female United States
Rensselaer Ward 08, RensselaerJohn H EsterbrooksHead23Male United States
 Edith L EsterbrooksWife23Female United States
 Edith V EsterbrooksDaughter1Female United States
New York, KingsCordelia BoylhartHead65Female United States
 William BoylhartSon32Male United States
 Charles BoylhartSon26Male United States
 Wesley BoylhartSon18Male United States
 Jessie BoylhartDaughter34Female United States
 Grace BoylhartDaughter24Female United States
 Jane EsterbrookRoomer53Female United States
New York, KingsBertha E EsterbrookHead72Female United States
 Edward B EsterbrookBrother64Male United States
New York, KingsO Grant EsterbrookHead34Male United States
 Sydney E EsterbrookWife30Female United States
 Betsey EsterbrookDaughter3Female United States
 Janet EsterbrookDaughter1Female United States
 Lizzie BurneServant30Female Ireland
New York, KingsBetsey EsterbrookHead65Female United States
 Eleanor EsterbrookDaughter39Female United States
New York, KingsC T EstabrookHead52Male United States
 Margaret D EstabrookWife50Female United States
 Robert S EstabrookSon23Male United States
 George G EstabrookSon21Male United States
 Margaret C EstabrookDaughter19Female United States
 Eleanor EstabrookDaughter13Female United States
New York, KingsHoward EsterbrookHead39Male United States
 Eva H EsterbrookWife34Female United States
 Mary HolmburgServant17Female United States
Harpersfield, DelawareWilliam NicholsHead29Male United States
 Edith NicholsWife20Female United States
 Elsie V NicholsDaughter1/12Female United States
 John EstabrookServant38Male United States
Buffalo Ward 23, ErieAdeline F EstabrookHead73Female United States
 Cora A EstabrookDaughter40Female United States
 Charles N EstabrookGrandson25Male United States
 Mabel EstabrookGranddaughter30Female United States
 Monis W EstabrookGrandson19Male United States
Buffalo Ward 25, ErieEmma W ByersHead31Female Canada
 Cartha Mc FaddenSon14Male Canada
 William EsterbrookGrandson16Male United States
Buffalo Ward 26, ErieHarry O KincaidHead46Male United States
 Lillye KincaidWife45Female United States
 Eva KincaidNiece28Female United States
 Ethelyn WinstonLodger30Female United States
 Clifton EasterbrooksLodger33Male United States
Tonawanda Ward 03, ErieCharles EasterbrooksHead32Male United States
 Pearl EasterbrooksWife25Female United States
 Newton EasterbrooksSon3Male United States
 Robert EasterbrooksSon4/12Male United States
Buffalo Ward 20, ErieGarrian EsterbrookHead59Male Canada
 Jacob EsterbrookWife45  United States
 Jacob EsterbrookDaughter25  United States
 Samuel EsterbrookSon20Male United States
Buffalo Ward 20, ErieG Vivian EstabrookHead45Male United States
 Jenny EstabrookWife39Female United States
Buffalo Ward 20, ErieLawrence Estabrook 21  United States
 EstabrookSon2Male United States
 Dorothy EstabrookDaughter15Female United States
 Ruth EstabrookDaughter15Female United States
 Tearanie EstabrookDaughter6Female United States
Yonkers Ward 08, WestchesterWm L EstabrookeHead39Male United States << >>
 Mary M EstabrookeWife59Female Canada
 Wm E EstabrookeSon5Male United States >>
 Donald D EstabrookeSon3Male United States >>
 George B EstabrookeSon1Male United States >>

New Jersey

Red Bank, New JerseyGeorge D Estabrook 39FemaleWMaine
 Ada Estabrook 30FemaleWNew Jersey
 Doris M Estabrook 4FemaleWNew Jersey
Landis, Vineland, New JerseyGlen A. Estabrook 20MaleWPennsylvania
Second District, New JerseyHarry D. D Wireman 57MaleWPennsylvania
 Kate B. Wireman 58FemaleWPennsylvania
 Robert P. Mills 24MaleWPennsylvania
 William Easterbrook 84MaleWEngland
Bradley Beach, New JerseyJoseph Easterbrook 45MaleWEngland
 Tallie Easterbrook 47FemaleWNew Jersey
Newark, New JerseySidney Eastabrook 39MaleWEngland
 Bertha Eastabrook 36FemaleWNew Jersey
 Helen Eastabrook 13FemaleWNew Jersey
 Russell Eastabrook 11MaleWNew Jersey
Mullica Township, New JerseyAnnabell Eastrabrook 62FemaleWNew Jersey
Bogota, Bogota, New JerseyWilliam Easterbrook 51MaleWMassachusetts
 Blanche R. Easterbrook 46FemaleWMassachusetts
 William Easterbrook Jr 20MaleWNew York
 Robinson C Easterbrook 18MaleWNew York
 Edwin Franklin Easterbrook 14MaleWNew York
 John Meredith Easterbrook 7MaleWNew Jersey
Newark, New JerseyEdwi Esterbrook 48MaleWNew York
 Clara Esterbrook 46FemaleWNew Jersey
 Marie Gundaker 20FemaleWNew Jersey
 Lloyd C Gundaker 19MaleWNew Jersey
 Chas A Gundaker 15MaleWNew Jersey
 Joh H Cunning 75MaleWNew Jersey
 Sussie T Cunning 73FemaleWNew Jersey
 Sophi Bernnett 83FemaleWNew Jersey
Fourth, Camden, New JerseyBarbra Esterbrook 45FemaleWGermany
 William Esterbrook 24MaleWNew Jersey
Sixth Precinct, Camden, New JerseyCharles H Lofton 63MaleWPennsylvania
 Sarah M Lofton 55FemaleWNew Jersey
 Maurice J. Coffon 25MaleWNew Jersey
 Fannie B Easterbrook 21FemaleWNew Jersey
East Orange, New JerseyCaroline H. Renshaw 69FemaleWNew Jersey
 Minnie R. Esterbrook 41FemaleWNew Jersey
 Gladys R. Esterbrook 18FemaleWNew Jersey
Hohokus, New JerseyPhilip Esterbrooks 47MaleWCanada
 Rachel Esterbrooks 44FemaleWNew Jersey
 Ronald Esterbrooks 18MaleWNew Jersey
 Marie Esterbrooks 10FemaleWNew Jersey
Union Township, New JerseyMinnie Seaverans 50FemaleWNew York
 Edith Seaverans 29FemaleWNew York
 Marion Seaverans 28FemaleWNew York
 Genevieve Seaverans 25FemaleWNew York
 Fred Esterbrook 41MaleWNew York
Teaneck Township, New JerseyWalter Easterbrook 51MaleWEngland
 Louisa Easterbrook 43FemaleWNew York
 Walter Easterbrook 29MaleWNew York
 Kate Easterbrook 27FemaleWNew York
 Elizabeth Easterbrook 16FemaleWNew York
 Alice Easterbrook 9FemaleWNew York
 Elie Easterbrook 6MaleWNew Jersey
 Bessie Easterbrook 0FemaleWNew Jersey
 Mammie Happel 26FemaleWNew York
 Jennie Happel 23FemaleWNew York
 Gustave Happel 33MaleWNew York
Union, New JerseyWilliam H Estabrooke 41MaleWIndiana
 Elizabeth Estabrooke 40FemaleWMissouri
 Hellen Estabrooke 20FemaleWMissouri
J C, New JerseyC Esterbrook 70MaleWNew York
 Mrs Mary Esterbrook 59FemaleWNew Jersey
 Tesse Esterbrook 17FemaleWNew Jersey
 Chas L Esterbrook 16MaleWNew Jersey
Jersey City, New JerseyHoratio J. Estabrook 80MaleWNew York
 Sara E Estabrook 74FemaleWNew York
 Augustine L. Estabrook 43MaleWNew Jersey
 Harry A. Estabrook 39MaleWNew Jersey
Rahway, New JerseyLora Esterbrook 71MaleWNew York

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