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Canada Census 1851 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but only a few are cross-referenced.

Metcalfe,Canada West (Ontario)William Esterbrook 22MaleEngland   >>
 Thomas Esterbrook 18MaleEngland  
Oxford, Canada West (Ontario)George Estabrook 47MaleUSAFarmer 
 Marilla Estabrook 38FemaleUSANone 
 Edwerd Estabrook 16MaleUSAServant 
 Alvira Estabrook 14FemaleUnited Statis  
 Chas Estabrook 11MaleUnited States  
 Lydia Estabrook 9FemaleUnited States  
 George Estabrook 7MaleUnited States  
 Lucene G Estabrook 5MaleUnited States  
 Marion A Estabrook 1FemaleCanada West  
Norwich,Canada West (Ontario)Alvira Estabrook 14FemaleUnited Statis  
Sackville,New BrunswickWilliam EasterbrookHead45Male  b american (American) >>
 Elisabeth EasterbrookWife34Female  b american (American)
 Elijah EasterbrookSon18Male  b american (American) >>
 Lucy EasterbrookDaughter16Female  b american (American) >>
 Eunice EasterbrookDaughter13Female  b american (American)
 Arabella EasterbrookDaughter12Female  b american (American)
Sackville,New BrunswickCaleb EasterbrooksHead38Male  b american (American) >>
 Mary J EasterbrooksWife31Female  b american (American)
 Otho W EasterbrooksSon14Male  b american (American)
 Ugene EasterbrooksSon3 moMale  b american (American) >>
 Larger EasterbrooksDaughter11Female  b american (American)
 Eliza J EasterbrooksDaughter6Female  b american (American) >>
 Arabella EasterbrooksDaughter4Female  b american (American) >>
 Anna EasterbrooksDaughter2Female    >>
Sackville,New BrunswickWilliam BaizleyHead28Male  b american (American)
 Caroline BaizleyWife24Female  b american (American)
 Frances J EasterbrooksDaughter11Female  b american (American) >>
 Jane LoweNone35Female  b american (American)
 Ruth RichardsonVisitor32Female  b american (American)
 Joseph DixonLodger26Male Teacher 
Westmorland, New BrunswickJotham EasterbrooksWidow50Male Mariner  >>
 Charles EasterbrooksSon9Male  b american (American) >>
 Eunice A EasterbrooksDaughter14Female  b american (American)
 Richard BulmerSon5Male   
 Seth BulmerSon2Male   
 Mary BulmerDaughter12Female   
 Melissa BulmerDaughter7Female  b american (American)
Westmorland, New BrunswickSilas EasterbrookHead39Male Farmer  >>
 Elisabeth EasterbrookWife34Female   
 Burton EasterbrookSon14Male  b american (American) >>
 Samuel EasterbrookSon10Male  b american (American) >>
 William W EasterbrookSon11 monMale  b american (American) >>
 Anne EasterbrookDaughter17Female   
 Elisabeth EasterbrookDaughter16Female  b american (American)
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter7Female  b american (American) >>
 Miriam EasterbrookDaughter3Female  b american (American) >>
Sackville,New BrunswickElisabeth EasterbrookWidow47Female  b american (American)
 Alexander EasterbrookSon22Male Farmerb american (American) >>
 Allison EasterbrookSon18Male  b american (American) >>
 Amos EasterbrookSon16Male  b american (American) >>
 Christopher EasterbrookSon14Male  b american (American) >>
 Edward EasterbrookSon10Male  b american (American)
 Valentino EasterbrookSon6Male  b american (American) >>
 Mary E EasterbrookDaughter8Female  b american (American) >>
 Nancy EasterbrookDaughter5Female  b american (American) >>
Sackville,New BrunswickDaniel EasterbrooksHead68Male  b american (American)
 Susanna EasterbrooksWife73Female  b american (American)
 William EasterbrooksSon40Male   
Westmorland, New BrunswickSamuel EasterbrooksWidow65Male Farmer  >>
 Valentine EasterbrooksSon23Male  b american (American) >>
 Milledge EasterbrooksSon17Male  b american (American) >>
 Jane EasterbrooksDaughter42Female   
 Phebe EasterbrooksDaughter33Female    >>
 Willard SearsVisitor9Male  b american (American)
 William EasterbrooksVisitor6Male  b american (American) >>
 Mary J EasterbrooksVisitor12Female  b american (American) >>
Sackville,New BrunswickValentine EasterbrooksSon23Male  b american (American)
 Milledge EasterbrooksSon17Male  b american (American)
 Jane EasterbrooksDaughter42Female   
Sackville,New BrunswickGeorge B EasterbrooksHead46Male Farmerb american (American) >>
 Jane EasterbrooksWife28Female  b american (American)
 Blair EasterbrooksSon7Male  b american (American) >>
 Clara EasterbrooksDaughter5Female    >>
 Ellen EasterbrooksDaughter3Female  b american (American) >>
 Jane EasterbrooksDaughter1Female  b american (American) >>
 John PottsVisitor25Male  Scotch (Scotish)
 Mary A KelleyNiece18Female  b american (American)
Westmorland, New BrunswickMary A EasterbrooksWidow58Female   
 Willard EasterbrooksSon21Male  b american (American) >>
 Chandler EasterbrooksSon14Male  b american (American) >>
Westmorland, New BrunswickMarton EasterbrooksHead31Male Farmer Prop 
 Eunice EasterbrooksWife28Female  b american (American) >>
 John G EasterbrooksSon7Male    >>
 Oliver EasterbrooksSon2Male  b american (American) >>
 Sarah EasterbrooksDaughter4Female  b american (American) >>
Sackville,New BrunswickChristophet HarperHead39Male  b american (American)
 Ann HarperWife46Female  b american (American)
 Michael GraceSon14Male  b american (American)
 Cyrus HarperSon8Male   
 Chipman HarperSon3Male  b american (American)
 Henrietta HarperDaughter13Female   
 Elisabeth HarperDaughter11Female  b american (American)
 Amy HicksNiece25Female  b american (American)
 Dorathy EasterbrooksNiece9Female  b american (American)
Westmorland, New BrunswickZachariah TingleyHead35Male Farmer Prop 
 Judith TingleyWife30Female   
 Alfred TingleySon7Male   
 Lois EasterbrooksDaughter17Female  b american (American) >>
Sackville,New BrunswickJohn MauriceHead64Male  Scotch (Scotish)
 Ellida SearsDaughter10Female  b american (American)
 Asa EasterbrooksVisitor25Male Tailorb american (American) >>
 John WardNephew15Male  b american (American)
Sackville,New BrunswickJames EasterbrooksWidow70Male  b american (American) >>
 James EasterbrooksSon36Male  b american (American) >>
 Miles EasterbrooksSon34Male    >>
 Lillie EasterbrooksDaughter29Female  b american (American) >>
Sackville,New BrunswickEdward EasterbrooksHead32Male  b american (American) >>
 Rebecca EasterbrooksWife24Female  b american (American)
 David EasterbrooksVisitor15Male  b american (American) >>
 Lille EasterbrooksVisitor23Female   
 Joseph WhealerVisitor2Male  b american (American)
Sackville,New BrunswickAllison EasterbrookLodger16Male  b a
Sackville,New BrunswickCharles PalmerHead34Male  b a
 Sarah A PalmerWife26Female  b a >>
 Albert PalmerSon7Male  b a
 Philip PalmerSon4Male  b a
 Hanford PalmerSon2Male  b a
Sackville,New BrunswickBenjamin ScurrHead63Male  b a
 Mary ScurrWife62Female  b a
 Thomas ScurrSon24Male  b a
 Isabella EasterbrookNiece11Female  b a >>
Sackville,New BrunswickCynthia EasterbrookWidow40Female  b a
 William EasterbrookSon5Male  b a >>
 Abel S EasterbrookSon3Male    >>
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter17Female  b a
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter9Female  b a >>
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter7Female  b a >>
Westmorland, New BrunswickGideon EasterbrooksHead52Male Farmer  >>
 Hannah EasterbrooksWife42Female   
 Hazen EasterbrooksSon19Male    >>
 Allen EasterbrooksSon14Male    >>
 William EasterbrooksSon8Male    >>
 Jeffrey EasterbrooksSon6Male    >>
 Mary EasterbrooksDaughter24Female    >>
 Jane EasterbrooksDaughter9Female    >>
Westmorland, New BrunswickAmos EsterbrooksHead38Male Farmer  >>
 Lydia EsterbrooksWife31Female   
 John EsterbrooksSon3Male    >>
 Clifford EsterbrooksSon1Male    >>
 Emily EsterbrooksDaughter9Female    >>
 Zilpha EsterbrooksDaughter7Female    >>
 Mary EsterbrooksDaughter5Female    >>
 Lille EsterbrooksDaughter4Female    >>
Westmorland, New BrunswickJames EasterbrooksHead55Male Farmer  >>
 Olevia EasterbrooksWife37Female   
 Scurr EasterbrooksSon15Male    >>
 William W EasterbrooksSon13Male   
 Augusta Mc LillenDaughter12Female   
 Mary EasterbrooksDaughter5Female    >>
 Sabah EasterbrooksDaughter1Female   
Halton, Canada West (Ontario)Elizabeth Easterbrook 11Female    >>
 John Easterbrook 41MaleEngland   >>
 Charty Easterbrook 40Female   
 George Easterbrook 17Male   
 Emiley Easterbrook 7Female    >>
 John Easterbrook 3Male    >>
Usborne,Canada West (Ontario)Wm Ester Brook 34MaleEngland   << >>
 Mary Ester Brook 30FemaleEngland  
 Elizabeth Ester Brook 8FemaleEngland   >>
 Ann Ester Brook 6FemaleCanada   >>
 Thomas Ester Brook 4MaleCanada   >>
 Joseph Ester Brook 2MaleCanada  
Carleton, New BrunswickJoseph EstabrooksHead60Male Miller 
 Ann EstabrooksWife50Female   
 Amelia EstabrooksDaughter14Female   
Brighton,New BrunswickDavid EstabrooksHead64Male  native (Native American) >>
 Sarah EstabrooksWife63Female  native (Native American)
 Frederic EstabrooksSon31Male  native (Native American) >>
 Mary EstabrooksDaughter28Female  native (Native American) >>
 Nehemiah EstabrooksSon24Male  native (Native American) >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksDaughter20Female  native (Native American) >>
 Hannah EstabrooksDaughter18Female  native (Native American)
 Melicent EstabrooksDaughter-in-law25Female   
 Isabell EstabrooksDaughter3Female  native (Native American) >>
 John RossServant28Male   
 Lucretia DickinsonServant13   native (Native American)
Brighton,New BrunswickJane EstabrooksWidow31Female   
 Samuel EstabrooksSon15Male    >>
 Shepherd EstabrooksSon12Male    >>
 Locrucia EstabrooksDaughter10Female    >>
 Alban EstabrooksSon8Male    >>
 Enoch EstabrooksSon6Male    >>
Brighton,New BrunswickSamuel EstabrooksHead64Male    >>
 Ann EstabrooksWife52Female   
 Rufuss EstabrooksBrother62Male   
Brighton,New BrunswickJacob EstabrooksHead44Male    >>
 Adeline EstabrooksWife47Female   
 Wellington EstabrooksSon22Male    >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksDaughter20Female    >>
 Richard EstabrooksSon18Male    >>
 Handy EstabrooksSon16Male    >>
 Frances EstabrooksSister13Female    >>
 William EstabrooksSon11Male   
 Auguster EstabrooksDaughter8Female    >>
 Joseph EstabrooksSon5Male    >>
 Adeline EstabrooksDaughter1Female    >>
 Elizabeth EstabrookMother83Female   
Brighton,New BrunswickGeorge NeversHead29Male  native (Native American)
 Locrucia NeversWife24Female    >>
 Frederic NeversSon4Male   
 Odburgh NeversSon2Male   
Carleton, New BrunswickJoseph AbbotHead63Male Farmer (Prop) 
 Martha AbbotWife64Female  native (Native American)
 Joseph AbbotSon37Male  native (Native American)
 William AbbotSon29Male Farmer 
 Elijah AbbotSon24Male  native (Native American)
 Caroline AbbotDaughter20Female  native (Native American)
 Martha EsterbrooksGrandaughter (Granddaughter)12Female  native (Native American)
 Charles EsterbrooksGrandson6Male  native (Native American)
Carleton, New BrunswickLevi H EsterbrooksHead37Male Carpenter  >>
 Mary A EsterbrooksWife35Female  native (Native American)
 Joseph H EsterbrooksSon9Male  native (Native American) >>
 Caroline A EsterbrooksDaughter6Female  native (Native American) >>
 Alethea T EsterbrooksDaughter3Female  native (Native American) >>
 Lititia NobleSister25Female  native (Native American)
Wakefield,New BrunswickGeorge EstabrooksHusband29Male  native (Native American)
 Hannah EstabrooksWife23Female  native (Native American)
Wakefield,New BrunswickThomas O RideautHusband40Male  native (Native American)
 Sarah RideautWife33Female  native (Native American)
 Hannah RideautDaughter10Female  native (Native American)
 Stephen RideautSon8Male  native (Native American)
 Abraham RideautSon6Male  native (Native American)
 Lucy RideautDaughter4Female  native (Native American)
 Charlotte Anne RideautDaughterinfantFemale  native (Native American)
 Charlotte EstaburksMother-in-law69Female  native (Native American)
Wakefield,New BrunswickChipman EstabrooksHusband33Male  native (Native American) >>
 Lucietia Funtcher EstabrooksWife25Female  main (us) (American)
 Charles Silas EstabrooksSon4Male  native (Native American) >>
 Albert EstabrooksSon2Male    >>
 Lydia Anne DelongHireling (Hired)8Female  native (Native American)
Wicklow,New BrunswickAlbert EstabrookParent32Male  native (Native American) >>
 Mary MaddoxParent21Female   
Wicklow,New BrunswickAlbert EstabrookParent32Male  native (Native American)
 Levina E BrookParent31Male   
 Witcheaa E BrookSon6Male  native (Native American) >>
 Jarvis E BrookSon2Male  native (Native American) >>
Wicklow,New BrunswickWitcheaa E BrookSon6Male  native (Native American)
 Jarvis E BrookSon2Male  native (Native American)
 Parent54Male Ministernative (Native American) >>
 Jansia E BrookParent57Female  native (Native American)
 Thomas E BrookSon23Male  native (Native American) >>
 Elizabeth E BrookDaughter20Female  native (Native American)
 Daughter17Female  native (Native American)
 Gedeon E BrookSon15Male  native (Native American) >>
Wicklow,New BrunswickStephen Estabrooks 24Male  native (Native American)
Woodstock,New BrunswickEnd Esterbrooks 22Female  nativ
 Lane Esterbrooks 24Female  nativ
Blissville,New BrunswickEbenezer EastebrooksHead35MaleNew Brunswick   >>
 Nancy EastebrooksWife28Female   
 Lucyann EastebrooksDaughter8Female    >>
 Cheles W EastebrooksSon4Male    >>
 George A EastebrooksSon1Male    >>
Sunbury, New BrunswickZebedee EstabrooksHusband46Male Farmer ”Prop” Carpenter  >>
 Mary EstabrooksWife30Female   
 Charles F Estabrooksson of z estabrooks7Male    >>
 Sarah J Estabrooksdaut of z estabrooks6Female  anglo american (American)
 James G Estabrooksson of z estabrooks3Male  anglo american (American) >>
Burton,New BrunswickWilliam EstabrooksHusband51Male    >>
 Ann Jane EstabrooksWife39Female   
 Lydia EstabrooksDaughter17Female    >>
 Elizabeth J EstabrooksDaughter15Female   
 Prescilla EstabrooksDaughter13Female    >>
 James W EstabrooksSon10Male    >>
 Samuel S EstabrooksSon8Male    >>
 Gomer L EstabrooksSon6Male    >>
 Abraham EstabrooksSon3Male   
Burton,New BrunswickAbraham EstabrooksHusband33Male  anglo american (American)
 Elizabeth EstabrooksWife32Female  anglo american (American)
 Margaret Akerlyresideng12Female  anglo american (American)
 Stephen Watsonresident sister (Resident)30Male Wool boat man 
Burton,New BrunswickJohn EstabrooksHusband83Male  anglo american (American)
 Catherine EstabrooksWife70Female   
 Eleanor EstabrooksDaughter58Female  anglo american (American) >>
 John EstabrooksSon40Male  anglo american (American) >>
 George EstabrooksSon32Male  anglo american (American) >>
 Catherine EstabrooksWife of George22Female   
 Melvin EstabrooksSon1Male  anglo american (American) >>
Sunbury, New BrunswickStephen P EstabrooksHusband52Male Farmer (Prop)  >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksWife51Female   
 John EstabrooksSon22Male    >>
 William EstabrooksSon19Male    >>
 George EstabrooksSon15Male    >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksDaughter13Female    >>
 Henry EstabrooksSon10Male    >>
Sunbury, New BrunswickCarolie EstabrooksHusband40Male Labour  >>
 Sarah Ann EstabrooksWife35Female   
 Samuel EstabrooksSon14Male   
 Jesse EstabrooksSon12Male    >>
 Ezra EstabrooksSon10Male    >>
 Elmira EstabrooksDaughter8Female   
 Ruth EstabrooksDaughter6Female    >>
 Barbara EstabrooksDaughter4Female    >>
 Elizabeth EstabrooksDaughter1Female   
Andover,New BrunswickJohn LeslieHead46Male  Scotch (Scotish)
 Edward EstabrooksSon14Male  native (Native American)
 Mary Jane EstabrooksDaughter12Female  native (Native American)
 Richard EstabrooksSon10Male    >>
 George EstabrooksSon1Male  native (Native American) >>
Andover,New BrunswickWard EstabrooksHead26Male Blacksmithnative (Native American) >>
 Caroline EstabrooksWife22Female  native (Native American)
Victoria, New BrunswickElyah EstabrooksHead45Male Farmer  >>
 Margaret EstabrooksWife36Female  native (Native American)
 Sarah EstabrooksDaughter18Female    >>
 Thomas EstabrooksSon17Male  native (Native American) >>
Andover,New BrunswickHelario PeltierHead28Male  canada (Canadian)
 Martha Ann PeltierWife19Female  native (Native American)
 George RobertsonOccupant45Male  Scotch (Scotish)
 Robert DonaldsonOccupant36Male  Scotch (Scotish)
Fredericton,New BrunswickRobert SlomanHead of Family (Head)66MaleEngland  
 Hariett SlomanWife57Female   
 Sarah I CapDaughter29Female  native (Native American)
 Mary CushmanDaughter23Female  native (Native American)
 Hariet CapGrandaughter (Granddaughter)8FemaleUsf  
 Charles EstabrooksApprentice16Male  native (Native American)
Fredericton,New BrunswickEmma M SpurdenWife35Female  English
 Charles Henry SpurdenSon6Male  native (Native American)
 Eliza M SpurdenDaughter4Female  native (Native American)
 John W SpurdenSon2Male  native (Native American)
 Mary KennedayLodger17Female  Irish
 Francis S FowlerDaughter16Male Student 
 Alexander EstabrooksLodger20Male  native (Native American) >>
 Henry MitchellLodger10Male  native (Native American)
 Jas M HardingLodger13Male d 
 Thomas HardingLodger11Male  native (Native American)
 Joseph VaugherLodger18Male  native (Native American)
 Harry VangherLodger17Male  native (Native American)
York, New BrunswickJoseph EstabrooksLodger15Male Apprentice 
York, New BrunswickHenry A EstabrooksHead34Male Blacksmith  >>
 H?? EstabrooksWife29Female   
 Elizabeth EstabrooksDaughter8Female    >>
 Harriet D EstabrooksDaughter2Female    >>
 Catharine EstabrooksLodger28Female Servant 
 Samuel ElderLodger33Male Clergy Man 
 John EnnisLodger25Male Clerk 
 William EvansLodger25Male d 
York, New BrunswickMartha EstabrooksWife45Female   
 Ward Estabrooksl father50Male   
Westmorland, New BrunswickJane Easterbrooks 7Female   
 Mary Easterbrooks 18Female Servant 
Westmorland, New BrunswickMartin EasterbrooksHead31Male Farmer 
 Rebeckah EasterbrooksWife25Female  American
 Abigail EasterbrooksDaughter3Female   
 William EasterbrooksSon5mMale  American
Westmorland, New BrunswickDaniel EasterbrooksHead34Male Farmer 
 Rachael EasterbrooksWife32Female   
 James EasterbrooksSon3Male   
 Peter EasterbrooksSon9Male   
 Henry EasterbrooksSon2Male   
 Celia EasterbrooksDaughter6Female   

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