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British Census 1861 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

11 Farm Street, St John, Kensington, MiddlesexMary Ann EasterbrokeWife30Female wife of a Toll CollectorMaykes, Devon
 Sarah Ann BondNiece7Female  Kent
Toll house, Hammersmith Rd, St Paul, Kensington, MiddlesexJames EasterbrookHead25Male Toll CollectorDevon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife30Female  Devon
 Sarah Ann BirdVisitor6Female  Kent
59 Lower Sloane St, St Jude, Chelsea, MiddlesexJohn G BethurineHead57Male  Kensington, Middlesex
 Elizabeth BethurineWife66Female  Sand Lane, Wiltshire
 George BethurineSon23Male  Marylebone, Middlesex
 Jane BethurineDaughter24Female  Marylebone, Middlesex
 Mary A EastbrookLodger25FemaleUnNurseGreenwich <<
 Alfred EastbrookLodger5Male  Greenwich
 Susan AllenLodger29Female  Milford, Suffolk
11 Portland Street, St Luke, St James Westminster, MiddlesexLouisa Estabrooks 36FemaleMar St John's Westr, Middlesex
 Mary Parsons 69FemaleWidow Broadoak, Herefordshire
176 Regent Street, Westminster St James, St James Westminster, MiddlesexGeorge BarrattHead50Male JewellerSt Georges, Middlesex
 Elizabeth BarrattWife51Female  Exeter, St Mary Major
 James EsterbrookeServant37MaleMarAssistantSt Martin, Middlesex << >>
 Maria WyattServant32Female CookPimlico, Middlesex
 Eliza ParsonsServant21Female HousemaidSt Osyth, Essex
 Henry VincentServant18Male PorterSt Andrews, Middlesex
11 Weymouth St, Trinity, Marylebone, MiddlesexDorothy E CrawfordHead76Female  Richmond, Surrey
 Eliza HarperServant39Female  Oxfordshire
 Mary KingServant46Female  Northfleet, Kent
 Katherine EasterbrookServant64Female HousemaidFeundling <<
 Thos ShoreyServant44Male  Honeyborne, Gloucestershire
60 Seymour St, St Pancras, Pancras, MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead32Male LabourerTiverton, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife33Female   Dunmore, Ireland
13 Palmer Ter, Finsbury, St James, Islington, MiddlesexSarah BoucherHead75FemaleWProprietor of Railway SharesMiddlesex
 Mary A EvansServant33Female Cook(Domestic)R??, Surrey
 Charlotte EasterbrookServant37FemaleUnHousemaidMiddlesex << >>
12 St Paul's Villas, St Paul, Islington, MiddlesexJames FielderHead50Male Commercial ClerkSouthsea, Hampshire
 Mary S FielderSister52Female  Southsea, Hampshire
 Mary E EasterbrookServant19Female General ServantBermondsey, Surrey << >>
31 Brownlow Street, St Giles, London, St Giles, MiddlesexWilliam EsterbrookHead52Male Water GilderSt Ams Soho, Middlesex <<
 Elizabeth SmithDaughter23Female  St Giles, Middlesex <<
 James H SmithSon-in-law22Male  Marylebone, Middlesex
 Eliza HayfordServant16Female  Curtain Road, Middlesex
26 Grafton St, Westminster, St Mary the Virgin, Strand, MiddlesexThos EastbrookeHead26Male ServantDevon >>
 Fanny EastbrookeWife28Female  Uxbridge
 John EastbrookeSon1Male  Westminster >>
33 Red Lion St, Clerkenwell, St John, Clerkenwell, MiddlesexMaria EasterbrookHead77Female LaundressExeter, Devon <<
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter40Female LaundressClerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
175 Pentonville Rd, Clerkenwell, Pentonville St James, Clerkenwell, MiddlesexWilliam EasterbrookHead51Male Marble & Stone MasonDevonport, Devon << >>
 Susan EasterbrookWife51Female  Plymouth, Devon
 John RobertsLodger50Male  Lincoln, Lincolnshire
 Louis WoolleyLodger10Male  Exeter, Devon
143 St John St Rd, Clerkenwell, St James, Clerkenwell, MiddlesexWilliam EsterbrookHead49Male Silversmiths Cl & StationerExeter, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EsterbrookWife50Female  Westminster, Middlesex << >>
 Louisa EsterbrookDaughter17Female Shop AssistantSt Lukes, Middlesex << >>
 Helen E EsterbrookDaughter15Female Book FolderSt James, Middlesex << >>
53 Gracechurch St, St Benet, London City, MiddlesexJosiah BowdenHead52Male HosierLiskeard, Cornwall
 Martha BowdenWife50Female  Liskeard, Cornwall
 Mary BowdenDaughter20Female  Liskeard, Cornwall
 Josiah BowdenSon19Male  Liskeard, Cornwall
 Charles BowdenSon17Male  Liskeard, Cornwall
 Anna EsterbrookMother-in-law75Female  Liskeard, Cornwall <<
 Elizabeth HolmesServant17Female  Cray, Kent
5 Walbrook St, Shoreditch, Hoxton Holy Trinity, Shoreditch, MiddlesexDavid EastbrookHead22Male HammermanLuton, Cambridgeshire
 Emma J EastbrookWife20Female  Hackney
 Sarah EastbrookDaughter3/12Female  Forston St
34 Terston St, Shoreditch, Hoxton Holy Trinity, Shoreditch, MiddlesexWilliam EastabrookHead48Male Wood Carver Portsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Mary Ann EastabrookWife46Female  Somerset
 William Hy EastabrookSon18Male ApprenticeBristol << >>
 Richard EastabrookSon16Male ApprenticeLondon <<
 Mary EastabrookDaughter13Female ScholarLondon << >>
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter10Female ScholarLondon << >>
 Amelia EastabrookDaughter3Female  London >>
Haderdasher St South Side, Tower Hamlets/Shoreditch, Hoxton St John, Shoreditch, MiddlesexJohn EscottHead23Male Cabinet MakerBampton, Devon
 Mary E EscottWife30Female   Tiverton << >>
 Mary G EscottDaughter6Female ScholarBethnal Green, Middlesex
 Frederick J EscottSon2Male  Bethnal Green, Middlesex
 Edwin H EscottSon1/12Male  Shoreditch, Middlesex
 Francis HoltonBoarder42Male Cabinet MakerShoreditch, Middlesex
 John PalmerBrother-in-law37MaleMWheelwrightIreland
 George GreenlandBoarder24Male Cabinet MakerWiltshire
57 Hackney Rd, Shoreditch, Haggerston St Mary, Shoreditch, MiddlesexJohn BerryHead46Male GreengrocerShoreditch, Middlesex
 Louisa BerryWife43Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Rachel LeeServant15Female * servantSt Giles, Middlesex
29 Peardow St, Shoreditch, Haggerston St Mary, Shoreditch, MiddlesexJane Easterbrook 54Female Stay & Corset MakerPlymouth, Devon <<
 Louisa KettleBoarder53FemaleWidowAnnuitantBlackfriars, Surrey
 William Jno RollNephew25Male Engraver & PrinterSpitalfields, Middlesex
7 Reform Place, Shoreditch, Haggerston St Mary, Shoreditch, MiddlesexMayer S EastabrookHead34Male General HawkerGreenwich, Kent << >>
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife30Female Cap Frond MillinerGrantham, Lincolnshire
 Edwin EastabrookSon11Male ScholarHoxton, Middlesex << >>
 Walter H EastabrookSon9Male ScholarHoxton, Middlesex
 Louisa S EastabrookDaughter5Female ScholarHoxton, Middlesex
1 Elm Row Road, Shadwell, Stepney, MiddlesexJane EasterbrookHead49FemaleUnNursePlymouth, Devon
 Mary CarltonBoarder4Female  York, Yorkshire
 Elen HuxleyBoarder40Female  Ireland
 John ConroyBoarder23Male  Ireland
9 Chamber Sq, Wapping, Stepney, MiddlesexJoseph ShorleyHead45Male Waiter at a Consert RoomSandback, Cheshire
 Sarah A ShorleyWife43Female  Katherham, Yorkshire
 Mary A O BryanServant23Female  Pouthmarth, Surrey
 John EasterbrookBoarder31Male Sailer M SGarnsey B S <<
14 New Street, Mile End Old Town, St Philip, Mile End Old Town, MiddlesexThomas EasterbrookHead30Male Lard RefinerShoreditch, Middlesex >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife28Female  Chelsea, Middlesex
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Chelsea, Middlesex >>
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Spitalfields, Middlesex >>
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Spitalfields, Middlesex >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon9Male  Whitechapel, Middlesex >>
 Margaret GodmanServant15Female  London, Middlesex
2 Avenue Rd, Bow, Poplar, MiddlesexMary EasterbrookWife52FemaleMar Walsingham, Norfolk
 Ebenezer EasterbrookSon20Male  Overton, Hampshire <<
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter19Female DressmakerOverton, Hampshire << >>
 Julia EasterbrookDaughter18Female Wool workerSalford, Nottinghamshire << >>
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarExeter, Devon >>
99 Sussex St, Poplar, All Saints, Poplar, MiddlesexJohn EastbrookHead49Male Engine FitterClerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
 Sarah EastbrookWife48Female  Billesley, Essex
 George EastbrookSon19Male CoppersmithClerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
 Sarah E EastbrookDaughter14Female ScholarStepney, Middlesex << >>
 Emily EastbrookDaughter11Female ScholarStepney, Middlesex << >>
 Henry EastbrookSon9Male ScholarStepney, Middlesex >>
 Charles F EastbrookSon7Male ScholarBromley, Middlesex >>
 Clara EastbrookDaughter4Female  Poplar, Middlesex >>
26 Tooke St, Poplar, Christchurch, Poplar, MiddlesexJohn EasterbrookHead39Male CrystalizingAshburton, Devon << >>
 Sarah EasterbrookWife38Female  Ashburton, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon13Male  Ashburton, Devon << >>
 Edwin EasterbrookSon11Male  Ashburton, Devon << >>
 Mary Jane EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Richard EasterbrookSon7Male  Ashburton, Devon >>
 Henry EasterbrookSon5Male  Ashburton, Devon >>
 Sarah Ann EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Ashburton, Devon
61 Long Lane, Bermondsey, St Paul, Bermondsey, SurreyElizabeth CousinHead54FemaleWidowBeer HouseNorthamptonshire
 Eliza EstherbrookServant58FemaleWidowServant (General)Portsmouth << >>
102 York Rd, Lambeth<br>(103,104,105 had been pulled down for the New Charing Cross Railway), St John, Lambeth, SurreyJohn EasterbrookHead34Male GrocerMiddlesex
 Eliza EasterbrookWife30Female  Bristol
 John EasterbrookSon2Male  Southwark, Surrey >>
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Southwark, Surrey >>
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Southwark, Surrey
 Hannah HuttonServant19Female  Yorkshire
1 Walert Terrce, St Mary, Lambeth, SurreyHenry GreenHead58Male Insurance Office ClerkLondon
 Ann M GreenWife52Female  London
 Mary EasterbrookServant44Female Domestic ServantBroadcler, Devon << >>
 Henry ProsserServant19Male  Newbury, Berkshire
6 John's Place, Camberwell H R, Lambeth, Kensington St Mark, Lambeth, SurreySamuel EasterbrookHead35Male Plumber & Gas fitterClerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife39Female  Exeter, Devon
 Arthur S EastbrookSon5Male  Dalston, Middlesex >>
 Charlotte EastbrookDaughter2Female  Lambeth, Surrey >>
1 Cromer Villa, West Hill Road, Wandsworth, All Saints, Wandsworth, SurreyJames WallerHead44Male AccountantHackney, Middlesex
 Sarah M WallerWife49Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex
 Mary WallerDaughter7Female  Pimlico, Middlesex
 Mary LawServant24Female House ServantEast Dereham, Norfolk
 Louisa EasterbrookServant16Female House ServantClerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
2 Cromer Villa, West Hill Road, Wandsworth, All Saints, Wandsworth, SurreyThomas S DismoreHead74Male Retired JewellerSt Andrew, Middlesex
 Eliza SuchDaughter47Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex
 William Hy SuchGrandson9Male  Islington, Middlesex
 Jane HullServant46Female House ServantClerkenwell, Middlesex
 Caroline EasterbrookServant21Female House ServantSt Luke, Middlesex << >>
 George WelfareServant17Male House ServantWandsworth, Surrey
Dulwich, St Giles Camberwell, Camberwell St Giles, Camberwell, SurreyMary WhiteHead72Female Linen DraperMiddlesex
 Mildred EsterbrookeVisitor48Female  Middlesex >>
 Charlotte M IsadesonServant50Female Linen Draper's ShopwomanMiddlesex
 Maria StainsbyServant14Female Genererl ServMiddlesex
10 Windor Grove, Camberwell, St George, Camberwell, SurreyJohn HoareHead48Male Tea WarehousemanDean Prior, Devon
 Susan HoareWife45Female  Rattery, Devon
 Jane HoareDaughter17Female DressmakerHalwell, Devon
 Ann AndersonLodger54FemaleWidowPensioner(Navy)France
 Ann AndersonNiece5Female ScholarLondon City
 Elizabeth HanisBoarder27Female Lace FinisherPaddington, Middlesex
5 New St, Rotherhithe, All Saints, Rotherhithe, SurreyJoseph EastbrookHead36Male SeamanBristol <<
 Sarah EastbrookWife36Female  Rotherhithe, Surrey
 Richard Joseph EastbrookSon9Male ScholarDeptford, Kent >>
1 Amersham Pk Terr, Deptford, Hatcham St James, Greenwich, KentReynolds RamsdenHead38Male Chemical AgentWalworth, Surrey
 Sarah A RamsdenWife34Female  Bath, Somerset
 Elizabeth J RamsdenDaughter9Female  Peckham Rage, Surrey
 Sophia A RamsdenDaughter8Female  Peckham Rage, Surrey
 Alice RamsdenDaughter6Female  Holloway, Middlesex
 Emma EasterbrookServant23Female ServantGreenwich, Kent <<
4 Snows Cottages, Tanners Hill, Deptford, St John, Greenwich, KentHenry EasterbrooksHead26Male Barge LabDeptford, Surrey << >>
 Betty EasterbrooksWife18Female  Deptford, Surrey
Deptford St Nicholas, Greenwich, KentJohn Easterbrook 50Male Twine SpinnerDeptford, Kent <<
New Street, Deptford, Deptford St Nicholas, Greenwich, KentHenry EasterbrookHead47Male Biscuit BakerDeptford, Kent << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife45Female  Deptford, Kent
 Eleanor EasterbrookDaughter19Female House ServDeptford, Kent >>
 James EasterbrookSon12Male  Deptford, Kent >>
 George EasterbrookSon8Male  Deptford, Kent >>
 Mathew EasterbrookSon2Male  Deptford, Kent
 William EasterbrookGrandson1Male  Deptford, Kent >>
 William DeallerVisitor72Male Labourer AgChester, Cheshire
2 Albert Street, Woolwich, St Thomas, Greenwich, KentAlexander EastbrookHead28Male Coppersmith H M DockyardDawlish, Devon << >>
 Jane EastbrookWife26Female  Crayford, Kent
 Alexander EastbrookSon5Male  Woolwich, Kent >>
 Laura EastbrookDaughter7/12Female  Woolwich, Kent >>
20 Charlotte St, Charlton, Woolwich St Thomas, Lewisham, KentThomas EasterbrookHead41Male Chandlers Shop WhitesmithCrabtree, Devon << >>
 Ann Sophia EasterbrookWife36Female  Holborn, Middlesex
 Thomas J EasterbrookSon19Male White SmithClerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
 Ellen E EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
 Harry E EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarSt Pancras, Middlesex << >>
 Edward A EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarSt Pancras, Middlesex >>
 John H EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarCharlton, Kent >>
 Elias W EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarCharlton, Kent >>
 Emily J EasterbrookDaughter8/12Female  Charlton, Kent
Kirk Dale Villas, Lewisham, Sydenham St Bartholomew, Lewisham, KentCaroline L SydneyHead28Female Lodging House Keeper Fund HolderLondon
 Ellen L SydneyDaughter10Female  London
 Michael G GlazebrookBoarder41Male General MerchantWarrington, Lancashire
 Margaret E GlazebrookWife29Female  London
 Michael G GlazebrookBoarder's Son7Male   Hampstead, Middlesex
 Hugh De T GlazebrookBoarder's Son6Male  Hawstead, Middlesex
 Margaret E GlazebrookBoarder Dau (Boarder)4Female   Totnes, Devon
 Anna S GlazebrookBoarder Dau (Boarder)3Female  Cape of Good Hope
 Charlotte H EastabrookServant28Female Nurse/DomesticTotnes, Devon << >>
 Eliza BlazaServant17Female General Serv Domestic Beccles, Suffolk
Divisional Staff Barracks, Chaplains Departments and South Camp Aldershot, Aldershot, Farnham, SurreyW HitchmanSoldier41Male SergeantKeynsham, Somerset
 J HitchmanWife28Female Soldier's WifeYeoford, Devon << >>
6 ?, Canterbury, KentCharles WalkensHead28Male Wrought Iron FounderTavistock, Devon
 Rebecca WalkensWife28Female  Plymouth, Devon <<
 Charles WalkensSon7Male  Devonport, Devon
 John WalkensSon5Male  Devonport, Devon
 Elizabeth WalkensDaughter3Female  Cambridgeshire
 Clara WalkensDaughter1Female  Canterbury, Kent
Race Hill Inn, 1 Lewis Road, Brighton, SussexWalter PilleyHead27Male Licenced VictuallerSt Helens, Jersey, Channel Islands
 Nancy Emily Thirza Rosalina PillyWife28Female  Devonport, Devon
 Janet Lucy Kate PopeSister20Female BarmaidDevonport, Devon
 Elizabeth Jane ElliottSister38Female BarmaidDevonport, Devon
 Betsey Ellen Emily Janett EasterbrookVisitor16Female BarmaidDevonport, Devon
 James Henry HartServant18Male GalterBrighton, Sussex
 David DiplockServant19Male BootsBrighton, Sussex
 George Henry DeanVisitor20Male TutorGreenwich, Kent
17 Britain Street, Portsea, Holy Trinity, Portsea Island, HampshireRichard CunninghamHead26Male JoinerPortsea, Hampshire
 Elizabeth CunninghamWife27Female  Chatham, Kent <<
 Susannah CunninghamDaughter8/12Female  Portsea, Hampshire
23 Britain St, Portsea, Holy Trinity, Portsea Island, HampshireGeorge EasterbrookHead60Male Warrant Officer R NOakhampton, Devon <<
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife60Female  Millbrook, Cornwall >>
 George EasterbrookSon24Male Carpenter JourneymanDevonport, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon16Male ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
 Robert EasterbrookSon14Male Printer Compositer (Ap)Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales
24 York Terrace, Marylebone, St Marylebone, Marylebone, MiddlesexThomas MuirHead70Male Laused House ProprietorScotland
 Eliza MintoServant41Female " " serv housekeeperBishopsgate, Middlesex
 Ann S EasterbrookServant27Female " " " housemaidDittisham, Devon >>
 Jane MintoServant18Female " " under housemaidSt Luke, Middlesex
 Eliza MintoServant15Female " " kitchenmaidSt Pancras, Middlesex
23 North St, Christchurch, Marylebone, MiddlesexEdmund EasterbookHead31Male Hair DresserDevon << >>
 Mary EasterbookWife31Female  Exeter, Devon
 Mary EasterbookDaughter8Female  Middlesex >>
 Martha EasterbookDaughter5Female  Middlesex >>
26 Thuor Hill, St Saviour, Hampstead, MiddlesexJoseph AvantHead53Male  Newington, Surrey
 Car AvantWife59Female  Camberwell, Surrey
 Mary GrayStepdaughter30Female  St Brides, Middlesex
 Emma GrayStepdaughter20Female  St Brides, Middlesex
 Grey GrayStepson22Male  St Brides, Middlesex
 Ann AttewellServant32Female  Cudham, Kent
 Mary EasterbrookServant25Female  Clerkenwell, Middlesex << >>
Haverstock Place, Hampstead, MiddlesexJames StephenHead40Male Barrister in practice Recorder of PooleKensington, Middlesex
 Caroline StephenWife31Female  St Georges, Middlesex
 Henry J StephenSon9Male  Marylebone, Middlesex
 Reginald A StephenSon7Male  Kensington, Middlesex
 Frances M StephenDaughter6Female  Kensington, Middlesex
 Guy N StephenSon3Male  Kensington, Middlesex
 Strolto C StephenSon1Male  Hampstead, Middlesex
 Ellen EsterbrookServant29Female NurseCrediton, Devon <<
 Catherine MehatersServant34Female CookHannover
 Caroline E MillsServant22Female HousemaidDrurey Lane, Middlesex
Vale of Health, Christchurch, Hampstead, MiddlesexRobert Rowe KnottHead65Male Clergyman of the Church of EnglandWhitstable, Kent
 Mary Ellen KnottWife37Female  Kensington, Middlesex
 Mary Jane KnottDaughter18Female  Islington, Middlesex
 Emily Josephine KnottDaughter12Female  London
 Maria HandenServant75Female House ServantSevenoaks, Kent
 John BaronServant22Male PainterMile End, Middlesex
 Emily EasterbrookServant25Female HousekeeperLondon <<
4 Wellington St, St Pancras, Regents Park St Mark, Pancras, MiddlesexWilliam GrattanHead34Male DyerSt Giles, Middlesex << >>
 Lucy GrattanWife25Female  Wells, Somerset
Cloughton Toll Bar, Cloughton, Garstang, LancashireSamuel EasterbrookHead62Male Toll CollectorDevonport, Devon << >>
 Sarah EasterbrookWife60Female Toll Collector WifeBradford, Yorkshire
Green Terrace, Guiseley, Wharfedale, YorkshireAdam EarlHead31MaleMarWoollen Cloth WeaverGuiseley, Yorkshire
 Jane EarlWife28Female  Ulverstone, Lancashire
 Ellen EastbrookNiece7Female  Clifton, Somerset >>
 John WhalleyApprentice18MaleUnWoollen WeaverGuiseley, Yorkshire
 Mary A SharpBoarder21FemaleUnWoolen SpinnerRothwell, Yorkshire
 Peter HannahBoarder61MaleWidowerTailerOldingham, Lancashire
High Street, Enfield, Edmonton, MiddlesexThomas HasterbrookHead35Male Groom + CoachmanTyrone, Ireland >>
 Lavenia HasterbrookWife21Female  Hitchin, Hertfordshire
 William H HasterbrookSon4Male  Enfield, Middlesex >>
 Paul TurnerBrother-in-law14Male * Stoker GunsHitchin, Hertfordshire
Cowley Place, Oxford, Cowley, Headington, OxfordshireJohn FisherHead55Male Auctioner Surveyer + BuilderSt Ebbes, Oxfordshire
 Martha FisherWife63Female  St Peter in End, Oxfordshire
 William FisherBrother51Male  St Ebbes, Oxfordshire
 Francis FisherSister42Female  St Ebbes, Oxfordshire
 John B HobdellNephew19Male  Allsaints, Oxfordshire
 Mary TurnerServant51Female ServBampton in the Bush, Oxfordshire
 George TurnerServant41Male ServLittlemore, Oxfordshire
 Susan EastabrookServant39Female ServBirmingham
71 Wallon St, Oxford, St Paul, Headington, OxfordshireIsaac ColleyHead61Male Iron MoulderMadeley, Shropshire
 Sarah ColleyWife60Female  Birmingham, Warwickshire
 John ColleySon34Male Iron MoulderBirmingham, Warwickshire
 Robert ColleySon14Male Works at Printing OfficeOxfordshire
 Eliza EstebrookGranddaughter4Female  London, Middlesex
 Edward ChandlerBoarder18Male College ServantOxfordshire
Bakehouse Yard, New George St, Ecclesall Bierlow, St Mary, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireWilliam EasterbrookHead19Male Mechanic. Engineer Tool MakerTiverton, Devon << >>
 Harriet EasterbrookWife18Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter8/12Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire >>
7 Turner Street, Sheffield, St Mary, Sheffield, YorkshireJohn EasterbrookHead68Male Engine Tender Tiverton, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife63Female   Tiverton, Devon
Shrewsbury Road, Sheffield Park, Heeley, Sheffield, YorkshireJohn EasterbrookHead39Male EngineerTiverton, Devon << >>
 Isabella EasterbrookWife33Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Sabetha ThompsonMother-in-law66Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Mary A RoebuckSister-in-law37Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Selina RoebuckNiece10Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Hy R RoebuckNephew2Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
15 Call Car St, Sheffield, Brightside, Sheffield, YorkshireJohn SageHead38Male Engineer's Tool Fitter South Molton, Devon
 Ann SageWife39Female   Tiverton, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth SageDaughter10Female   Tiverton, Devon
 William SageSon15Male Engineer Tool MakerBristol, Somerset
 John Henry SageSon6Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Mary Ann SageDaughter3Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
Aldellaltongate, St Leonard, Malton, YorkshireDaniel EasterbrookHead46MaleMarBrewerWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife45FemaleMar Widecombe, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter20Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon16Male General ClerkWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarBurton, Staffordshire << >>
 Richard EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarBurton, Staffordshire >>
 James EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 Harvey EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 Henry EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
"Spiteful", Vessels, Royal NavyJames EasterbrookWardrom Steward (Steward)24MaleMar Plymouth, Devon <<
Vessels, Royal NavyMattw EasterbrookOrd (Ordinary Seaman)22MaleSingle Devonport, Devon << >>
"Valorous", Vessels, Royal NavyJno EasterbrookPrivate27MaleSingle Stampford, Devon << >>
"Demeraia", Vessels, Misc Ships, Misc Ships at Sea or AbroadRichard ScottMaster41Male  Westminster, Middlesex
 Walter BattenMate41Male  Harwich, Essex
 Robert CostainCook and Steward (Cook)22Male  Douglas, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
 William AlmondCarpenter31Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Andrew JonsenSeaman21Male  Copenhagen, Denmark
 John BradleySeaman42Male  Whitby, Yorkshire
 John EasterbrookSeaman20Male   Torquay, Devon
 John RileySeaman21Male  New York, United States
 Joseph MartinOrdinary Seaman20Male  Liverpool, Lancashire
 John BattyOrdinary Seaman19Male  Newcastle, Northumberland
 James WilliamsLicensed Gloster Pilot61Male  Gatcombe, Gloucestershire
 Thomas CharriettSeaman A B (Seaman)36Male  Wanswell, Gloucestershire
 Frederick DowdeswellPilot For The Bertheley Couel30Male  Easington, Gloucestershire
"Bruiser (2)", Vessels, Misc Ships, Misc Ships at Sea or AbroadHenry WhittinghamMaster33Male   London, London
 George ButcherMate32Male  Christchurch, Hampshire
 John NicholsonSecond Mate (Mate)49Male  Dover, Kent
 Geo GoldthorpeBoatswain35Male  Goole, Yorkshire
 Magnus GreenCarpenter53Male  Larwickin, Shetland, Scotland
 Thomas OwenSeaman39Male  Monkton, Kent
 Edward BlythSeaman28Male  Bristol, Somerset
 David CorbinSeaman20Male  Middlesex, London
 Joseph EastabrookSeaman36Male  Bristol, Somerset
 George CollinsSeaman40Male  Middlesex, London
 John BousfieldCrane Attendant (Attendant)25Male  North Shields, Northumberland
 Henry WarmanBoy19Male  Bermondsey, Surrey
 John PolhillBoy16Male  Bermondsey, Surrey
"Victory", Vessels, Anglesey, HampshireJohn EasterbrookBoy18Male  Penzance, Cornwall <<
Vessel "Launcestan", Vessels, Anglesey, GlamorganJohn Balmano MaleMarriedMasterExmouth, Devon
 William Facey MaleMarriedMaster Chudleigh, Devon
 George Esterbrook29MaleUnmarriedAble SeamanBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Samuel Sweetland18MaleUnmarriedOrdinary SeamanPlymouth, Devon
 Jessy Short16MaleUnmarriedOrdinary SeamanAppledore, Devon
Hospital Workhouse of St Peter Port, St Peter Port, Anglesey, GuernseySamuel LasterbrookInmate70Male  St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
4 Belmont Place, St Helier, Anglesey, JerseyElias EasterbrookHead47Male Omnibus PropritorPlymouth << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife49Female  Plymouth
 John EasterbrookSon15Male  Jersey, Channel Islands <<
"Hannibal", Vessels, Royal NavyWm EasterbrookAb (Seaman)30Male  Torqney, Devon >>
Tenament, St Andrew, Plymouth, St Andrew, Plymouth, DevonAnne EasterbrookHead61FemaleWidowTailoressDevonport
Fore St Car, East Stonehouse, DevonSarah EasterbrookHead29FemaleUDress MakerBroktonger, Wales
13 Chapel St, Stonehouse, East Stonehouse, DevonWilliam LuscombHead35MaleMarBoot makerDevonport, Devon
 Elizabeth LuscombWife34FemaleMar Devonport, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookNephew13Male  Stonehouse, Devon << >>
58 E? Place, East Stonehouse, DevonAthanasius BroadHead36Male MarinerMarystow, Devon
 Mary A BroadWife31Female  Plympton, Devon
47 George St, E.Stonehouse, East Stonehouse, DevonElizabeth BentonHead33FemaleMarLaundressPlympton, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookVisitor17FemaleUnServantTavistock, Devon
14 Adelaide St, East Stonehouse, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead38MaleMarStoker R.N.Whitechurch, Devon << >>
 Grace EasterbrookWife34FemaleMar Plymton, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon15Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon << >>
 George EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon >>
 Hannh EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon >>
 Andrew EasterbrookSon4Male  East Stonehouse, Devon >>
 Charles EasterbrookSon3Male  East Stonehouse, Devon >>
 Frances EasterbrookDaughter1/12Female  East Stonehouse, Devon
Royal Marine Barracks Plymouth Division, East Stonehouse, DevonE DraperHead40Male Sargeant MarinesDalton, Lancashire
 M A DraperWife37Female  Devonport, Devon
 M E DraperDaughter4Female  East Stonehouse, Devon
 J E DraperSon3Male  East Stonehouse, Devon
 J Teirnan 19Male Private MarinesIreland
 J Thomas 26Male Private MarinesHereford, Herefordshire
 W Clark 27Male Private MarinesHereford, Herefordshire
 J C Robb 25Male Private MarinesLiverpool, Lancashire
 C Merchant 18Male Private MarinesNorth Tawton, Devon
 W Easterbrook 26Male Private MarinesLifton, Devon <<
New House, Abbotsbickington, Abbots Bickington, Holsworthy, DevonJames EastabrookHead26Male LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Grace EastabrookWife23Female  Abbots Bickington, Devon
 Mary G EastabrookDaughter3Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon >>
 John EastabrookSon1Male  Abbots Bickington, Devon >>
Middlewood, North Hill, Launceston, CornwallJames AungerHead30Male Carpenter & WheelwrightNorth Hill, Cornwall
 Ann AungerMother57Female HousekeeperNorth Hill, Cornwall
 Emma ChubbServant13Female House ServNorth Hill, Cornwall
 Robert T EasterbrookJinmyeman38Male Journeyman CarpenterSouth Petherwin, Cornwall << >>
 John FoottApprentice12Male Carpenter's ApprenticeNorth Hill, Cornwall
Melodor Mill, Branwell St Stephen, St Austell, CornwallHenry TruscottHead48MaleWidrMillerSt Stephens Branwell, Cornwall
 Christiana TruscottDaughter13Female ScholarSt Stephens Branwell, Cornwall
 Mary TruscottDaughter7Female ScholarSt Stephens Branwell, Cornwall
 Ann Easterbrook 44FemaleMarHousekeeperLanlivery, Cornwall >>
 William M RickardLodger18MaleUnMasonSt Stephens Branwell, Cornwall
Churchtown, St Stephen, St Austell, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead54MaleMarButcherSt Stephens, Cornwall <<
 Ann EasterbrookWife53FemaleMarButcher's wifeSt Stephens, Cornwall
 Rebecca EasterbrookDaughter23FemaleUnButcher's dauSt Stephens, Cornwall << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarSt Stephens, Cornwall << >>
St Mewan, St Austell, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead42Male Tin minerSt Mewan, Cornwall >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife41Female  St Stephens, Cornwall
Truro St Mary, Truro, CornwallRichard EastabrookHead37Male  Penryn, Cornwall
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife47Female  Baldue, Cornwall
 Richard EastabrookSon11Male  Truro, Cornwall
 Martin EastabrookSon8Male  Truro, Cornwall
Chacewater St Paul, Truro, CornwallIsabella PascoeHead79FemaleWidow Gwennap, Cornwall
 Mary Ann PascoeGranddaughter7Female  Kea, Cornwall
 Ann EasterbrookLodger20FemaleUnmarr St Austle, Cornwall << >>
 Francis Tiddy EasterbrookSon4Male  Kea, Cornwall >>
Brewers Court, Cowick St, Exeter, Exeter St Thomas the Apostle, St Thomas, DevonThomas George EasterbrookHead32Male TailerSt Thomas, Devon <<
 Emma EasterbrookWife29Female Dress makerSt Thomas, Devon
 Henry Charles EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarSt Thomas, Devon >>
 Edmound John EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarSt Thomas, Devon
 Frederick James EasterbrookSon2/12Male  St Thomas, Devon >>
Hills Court, Cowick St, Exeter, Exeter St Thomas the Apostle, St Thomas, DevonJames EasterbrookHead72Male LabourerSanford Courtney, Devon << >>
 John Ward EasterbrookSon41Male SmithOkehampton, Devon << >>
Oldridge, St Thomas, Exeter St Thomas the Apostle, St Thomas, DevonThomas DaddHead28Male Farmer of 13 acresSt Thomas, Devon
 Elizabeth DaddWife27Female  Whitestone, Devon
 Ann DrakeVisitor14Female ScholarSt Thomas, Devon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookServant12Female House servantSampford Courtenay, Devon
 John HowardSon18Male CarterSandford, Devon
County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster, St Thomas, DevonJohn EasterbrookPatient39Male none 
37 Paris Street, St Sidwell, Exeter, DevonElizth BulleyWife53FemaleMar Husband separatedLod Ho keeperExbourne, Devon
 Elizth EasterbrookNiece18Female ServantExbourne, Devon << >>
 Jane AnthonyBoarder56Female AnnuitantTeignmouth, Devon
13 Bedford Circus, Bedford, Exeter, Bedford, Exeter, DevonAnn EsterbrookeHead55FemaleUnHousekeeperExeter, Devon << >>
 Mary EvansNiece24FemaleUn Exeter, Devon
 Eliza LovellServant14FemaleUnGeneral ServKennford, Devon
22 Paul St, Exeter, Exeter St Paul, Exeter, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead45Male TailorJacobstow, Devon <<
 Mary EasterbrookWife46Female  Poughill, Cornwall
Mary Arches Street, Exeter, Exeter St Mary Arches, Exeter, DevonCharles DickerHead40Male Digan BuilderExeter
 Elizabeth DickerWife60Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Laura ColdridgeBoarder8Female  Exeter
 James EasterbrookBoarder22MaleUnCabinet MakerDawlish, Devon << >>
Anchor Lane, Exeter, Exeter St Edmund, Exeter, DevonRobert MooreHead43Male LabourerCrediton, Devon
 Emma MooreWife31Female  Crediton, Devon <<
 Eliza MooreDaughter10Female  Crediton, Devon
 Robert MooreSon5Male  Crediton, Devon
 Emma MooreDaughter2Female  Wales
15 Lower Bd St, West Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrockHead35Male TailorStonehouse, Devon <<
 Jane EasterbrockWife38Female  Budleigh, Devon
 Tom EasterbrockSon8Male ScholarWoodbury, Devon >>
 Louisa EasterbrockDaughter7Female ScholarWoodbury, Devon >>
 Uriah EasterbrockSon6Male  Woodbury, Devon >>
Cairnmona, Dawlish, Newton Abbot, DevonLucy CollinsHead62Female CookExeter, Devon
 Frances CollinsSister58Female  Exeter, Devon
 Marianne CollinsSister54Female  Exeter, Devon
 Catherine EastabrookServant36Female  Lapford, Devon << >>
 Hannah BrimacombeServant22Female  Christon, Devon
 Eliza JordanServant22Female  Cockwood, Devon
 Grace WiddicombeServant61Female  Ilsington, Devon
 Eliza SleeServant19Female  Little Ash, Cornwall
Church Street, Dawlish, Newton Abbot, DevonJames EasterbrookHead31Male Day LabourerDawlish, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife36Female  Sidford, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Teignmouth, Devon >>
 William EasterbrookSon3Male  Saltash, Cornwall >>
 Henry EasterbrookSon9/12Male  Dawlish, Devon >>
Chapel St, Dawlish, Newton Abbot, DevonSarah EasterbrookHead90FemaleWidow Topsham, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookGranddaughter24FemaleUn Dawlish, Devon <<
Brook St, Dawlish, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead56Male Hair DresserDawlish, Devon << >>
 Frances EasterbrookWife49Female  Dawlish, Devon
 Eleanora EasterbrookDaughter29Female  Dawlish, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon20Male Plumber&Galzier(Journeyman)Dawlish, Devon << >>
 Henry EasterbrookSon17Male Watch H*k Maker (Appr)Dawlish, Devon << >>
 Laura EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarDawlish, Devon << >>
Ashburton, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead29Male FarmerAshburton, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife28Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Henry E EasterbrookSon10/12Male  Ashburton, Devon >>
 Joseph EasterbrookLodger31MaleUnCarterAshburton, Devon << >>
?elford *lt, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn KnapmanHead41Male MillerSpreyton, Devon
 Elizabeth KnapmanWife34Female  Ashburton, Devon << >>
 John KnapmanSon10Male ScholarCrediton, Devon
 George KnapmanSon7Male ScholarAshburton, Devon
 Fanny KnapmanDaughter1Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Samuel EasterbrookBrother-in-law36Male FarmerAshburton, Devon << >>
 Sarah A EasterbrookSister-in-law25Female  Ashburton, Devon <<
 William SpreayServant30Male CarterAshburton, Devon
 Jane WallServant24Female House ServantBickington, Devon
Penquite, St Ive, Liskeard, CornwallJohn SnellHead34Male Farmer of 52 acresQuethiock, Cornwall
 Ann SnellWife27Female  Holne, Devon << >>
 Thos SnellServant46Male  Quethiock, Cornwall
Menheniot Village, Menheniot, Liskeard, CornwallAnn EasterbrookHead50Female Draper & GrocerHolne, Devon << >>
 Elias EasterbrookSon25Male ButcherHolne, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon21Male CarpenterHolne, Devon << >>
 George EasterbrookSon19Male Ag CarterHolne, Devon << >>
Cottages, Bowdens Lane, Liskeard, CornwallRichard NoallHead27Male Copper MinerGwennap, Cornwall
 Hannah J NoallWife25Female  St Blazey, Cornwall << >>
 Sarah EsterbrookMother-in-law56FemaleWidGardener's WidSt Veep, Cornwall >>
 James EsterbrookBrother-in-law17MaleU St Blazey, Cornwall <<
 Mark LukeBoarder21MaleUCopper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall
Tuvilmicke, Lanlivery, Bodmin, CornwallIsaac GriggHead41Male Farmer of 130 AcresLanlivery, Cornwall
 Mary Ann GriggWife32Female  Luxullian, Cornwall
 John Herbert GriggSon10Male  Lanlivery, Cornwall
 James GriggSon8Male  Lanlivery, Cornwall
 Emily GriggDaughter4Female  Lanlivery, Cornwall
 William Charles GriggSon2Male  Lanlivery, Cornwall
 Edith Jane GriggDaughter9/12Female  Lanlivery, Cornwall
 Emma M EasterbrookServant18Female House ServantSt Neot, Cornwall
 Jane H JoryServant11Female House MaidGuernsey, Channel Islands
 John RundleServant18Male Farm ServantLanlivery, Cornwall
 John PedlerServant15Male Farm servantLanivett, Cornwall
Helman Row, Lanlivery, Bodmin, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead46Male Farmer & LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife44Female  Lanlivery, Cornwall
 William EasterbrookSon20Male  Lanlivery, Cornwall << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Luxullian, Cornwall <<
 Thomas EasterbrookSon9Male  Lanlivery, Cornwall >>
Bawdor, St Winnow, Bodmin, CornwallJohn RichardsHead41Male FarmerSt Stephens in Branwell, Cornwall
 Maria RichardsWife40Female  Luxulion, Cornwall
 Mary RichardsDaughter15Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Ann RichardsDaughter12Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Elizabeth L RichardsDaughter10Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Hannah M RichardsDaughter6Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Susan RichardsDaughter4Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Louisa RichardsDaughter2Female  St Winnow, Cornwall >>
7 Bolliddick, Lanivet, Bodmin, CornwallJohn Phillips JrHead44Male Farmer of 50 AcresLanivet, Cornwall
 Mary H PhillipsWife29Female  Bodmin, Cornwall
 John S PhillipsSon3Male  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Hannah L PhillipsDaughter2Female  Lanivet, Cornwall
 William L PhillipsSon1Male  Lanivet, Cornwall
 Betsy RobertsServant19Female House ServSt Austell, Cornwall
 John EasterbrookServant17Male CarterLanlivery, Cornwall << >>
 William PedlarServant13Male General ServLanivet, Cornwall
11 Bolliddick, Tywardreath, Lanivet, Bodmin, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead73Male Pauper. Formerly Tin StreamerLanivet, Cornwall <<
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife74Female  Roche, Cornwall
Hillhalland Moors, Tywardreath, Par, St Austell, CornwallJohn EsterbrookHead25Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall << >>
 Luisa Jane EsterbrookWife24Female  St Blazey, Cornwall
 Luisa Jane EsterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall >>
 Mary E EsterbrookDaughter3Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall >>
 Harriet EsterbrookDaughter10Female  St Blazey, Cornwall >>
 Emma EsterbrookDaughter6/12Female  St Blazey, Cornwall
Hillhalland Moors, Tywardreath, Par, St Austell, CornwallWilliam EasterbrookHead32Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookWife29Female  St Blazey, Cornwall
 Ann Sophia EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall >>
 Richard EasterbrookLodger30Male GuppleSt Blazey, Cornwall << >>
 Alfred EasterbrookLodger19Male Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall << >>
Middle Way, Tywardreach, Par, St Austell, CornwallJames EasterbrookHead44Male Tin & Copper MinerSt Blazey, Cornwall <<
 Jane EasterbrookWife43Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 James EasterbrookSon19Male Copper MinerTywardreath, Cornwall << >>
 William EasterbrookSon17Male Copper MinerTywardreath, Cornwall << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter15Female Household WorkTywardreath, Cornwall << >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon13Male Copper MinerTywardreath, Cornwall << >>
 Joseph EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall >>
 Mary Jane EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall >>
 Saml EasterbrookSon2Male  Tywardreath, Cornwall >>
Road to St Austell, St Blazey, St Austell, CornwallJane DunstanHead35Female School MistressCambourne, Cornwall
 William H DunstanSon6Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall
 Elizabeth HarrisBoarder26Female Dress-makerSt Blazey, Cornwall
 Thurza GundryBoarder18Female Mine LabourerTywardreth, Cornwall
Middle Way, Tywardreach, St Blazey, St Austell, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead21Male Tin & Copper MinerTywardreath, Cornwall << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife21Female  Tywardreath, Cornwall
Victoria House, St Blazey, Par, St Austell, CornwallThomas EsterbrookHead33Male CarterSt Blazey, Cornwall << >>
 Ann EsterbrookWife32Female  St Blazey, Cornwall
 Elizabeth EsterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall >>
 Sarah A EsterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall
 William EsterbrookSon5Male ScholarSt Blazey, Cornwall >>
 John N EsterbrookSon2Male  St Blazey, Cornwall >>
Bescoppa Common, Charlestown, St Austell, CornwallWilliam EasterbrooksHead28Male Tin DresserSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Elizth EasterbrooksWife38Female  Roche, Cornwall
 Louisa EasterbrooksDaughter3Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
 William H EasterbrooksSon2Male  St Austell, Cornwall >>
 Charles EasterbrooksSon10/12Male  St Austell, Cornwall
Fatwork, Charlestown, St Austell, CornwallRobert CockHead38Male Copper MinerSt Austell, Cornwall
 Elizabeth CockWife38Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 William CockSon10Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 Robert CockSon8Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 Alfred CockSon5Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 Selina CockDaughter3Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 Philip EasterbrookFather-in-law66Male Tin-mine LabourerSt Blazey, Cornwall <<
Fatwork, Charlestown, St Austell, CornwallJohn EasterbrooksHead30Male Copper MinerSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Harriet EasterbrooksWife25Female  St Stephens in Branwell, Cornwall
 John EasterbrooksSon5Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
 William EasterbrooksSon2Male  St Austell, Cornwall >>
 James EasterbrooksSon3/12Male  St Austell, Cornwall >>
Washaway, Charlestown, St Austell, CornwallJenefer FloydHead57Female Proprietor of HousesSt Austell, Cornwall
 William FloydSon18MaleUnIron MinerSt Austell, Cornwall
 Rebecca EasterbrookDaughter29FemaleMarMillinerSt Austell, Cornwall
 Clara EasterbrookGranddaughter9Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 Ambrose EasterbrookGrandson6Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
Hormwink Farm, St Austell, CornwallMaria EasterbrookHead45Female Farmer 6 acresSt Stephens, Cornwall << >>
 Thomas RogersBrother-in-law55Male CarrurNewlyn, Cornwall
 John RogersNephew24Male Tin MinerSt Enedor, Cornwall
 Mary I RogersNiece19Female Dress MakerSt Stephens, Cornwall
 Mary I KeyNiece11Female ScholarTywardreath, Cornwall
Grants Walk, St Austell, CornwallPhilip EasterbrookHead34Male Master Shoe MakerSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife34Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Albert EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
 Frederick EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
 Ellen Jane EasterbrookDaughter1Female  St Austell, Cornwall >>
Hayle Foundry, Phillack, Redruth, CornwallNicholas J EasterbrookHead34Male Master BakerSt Martin, Cornwall << >>
 Rosetta EasterbrookWife43Female  Buryan, Cornwall
 Samuel EasterbrookVisitor50MaleMarCarpenterMadron, Cornwall << >>
 Christiana NicholasBoarder19FemaleUn Madron, Cornwall
 Nicholas J RoweNephew4Male  Phillack, Cornwall
St John's Street, Phillack, Redruth, CornwallWilliam Hy EasterbrookHead28Male Baker (Journeyman)Penzance, Cornwall << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife33Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Ann GlastahreyStepdaughter6Female ScholarPhillack, Cornwall
 James ManningLodger18Male Baker (Ap)South Molton, Devon
Town Street, Marazion, Penzance, CornwallWilliam LaityHead39Male Copper MinerMarazion, Cornwall
 Mary Ann LaityWife39Female  Marazion, Cornwall
 Mary Ann LaityDaughter17Female Boot BinderMarazion, Cornwall
 Susan Jane LaityDaughter14Female To SchoolMarazion, Cornwall
 Emma LaityDaughter11Female To SchoolMarazion, Cornwall
 Elizabeth LaityDaughter7Female To SchoolMarazion, Cornwall
 Fanny LaityDaughter4Female To SchoolMarazion, Cornwall
 William C LaitySon1Male  Marazion, Cornwall
 William EasterbrookLodger43Male CarpenterPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Mary EasterbrookLodger45Female  St Keverne, Cornwall
 William Jane EasterbrookLodger16Male  Devonport, Devon << >>
 Jabez EasterbrookLodger14Male  Stonehouse, Devon << >>
 Fanny EasterbrookLodger11Female To SchoolPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth S EasterbrookLodger8Female To SchoolPlymouth, Devon >>
Crenage Hall St, Madron, Penzance, CornwallMary EsterbrookHead50Female Sawyers WifeSt Ives, Cornwall >>
 Mary EsterbrookDaughter18Female Cap MakerPenzance, Cornwall <<
 Sarah EsterbrookDaughter17Female  Penzance, Cornwall << >>
Angle Lane, St Just, Penzance, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead23Male BlacksmithPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife33Female  Sancreed, Cornwall
Fore Street, St Just, Penzance, CornwallNicholas EasterbrookHead56Male BakerPenzance, Cornwall <<
 James EasterbrookSon20Male BlacksmithPenzance, Cornwall <<
 Lucy EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Penzance, Cornwall << >>
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Penzance, Cornwall <<
 William EasterbrookGrandson2Male ScholarSt Just, Cornwall >>
Trinity Street, Wellington, Bath and Wells, Wellington, SomersetThos EasterbrookHead36Male TailerTiverton, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife28Female Serge WeaverWellington, Somerset
 Elizabeth IngramStepdaughter6Female  Southwark, London
 James EasterbrookSon10/12Male  Wellington, Somerset
 John IngramBoarder55MaleWidrSerge WeaverWellington, Somerset
Yalway, West Monkton, Taunton, SomersetJohn FosterHead69Male  Petherton, Somerset
 Caroline FosterWife41Female  Broodclist, Devon <<
 John FosterSon10Male  West Monkton, Somerset
 Caroline FosterDaughter9Female  West Monkton, Somerset
 Henry FosterSon9Male  West Monkton, Somerset
 Rosena FosterDaughter4Female  West Monkton, Somerset
6 Abbotsham Pl, Bristol, Trinity, Clifton, GloucestershireMary EastabrookHead52FemaleUTeacherPortsmouth << >>
 Sarah H EastabrookSister45FemaleU Portsmouth << >>
8 Abbotsham Pl, Bristol, Trinity, Clifton, GloucestershireJohn EastabrookHead51Male Master CarpenterPortsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Sarah EastabrookWife51Female  Bristol
 Jabez EastabrookSon24Male Master CarpenterBristol << >>
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter20Female MillinerBristol <<
 William EastabrookSon15Male CarpenterBristol << >>
 George EastabrookSon13Male ScholarBristol << >>
 Sarah Ann EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarBristol >>
12 Edward Street, Bristol, St Philip and St Jacob, Clifton, GloucestershireWilliam WarrenHead51Male Engine SmithWembworthy, Devon
 Tryphena WarrenWife51Female  Wembworthy, Devon << >>
 Mary WarrenDaughter23Female Boot FitterChard, Somerset
 Frederick G WarrenSon21Male Engine SmithChard, Somerset
 Ellen Maria WarrenDaughter17Female Boot FitterChard, Somerset
 Tryphena WarrenDaughter16Female Boot FitterChard, Somerset
 William H WarrenSon11Male ScholarBridgewater, Somerset
Fairmile Inn, Talaton, Escot, Honiton, DevonJames WillmingtonHead37Male Inn KeeperGittsham, Devon
 Ann WillmingtonWife22Female  Honiton, Devon
 Harry WillmingtonSon2Male  Whimple, Devon
 Noah WillmingtonSon6/12Male  Whimple, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant10Female  Whimple, Devon << >>
 William HooperServant25Male  Sidbury, Devon
Luiend Square, Broad Clyst, St Thomas, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead44Male MasonBroad Clyst, Devon << >>
 Susan EasterbrookWife46Female  Cadbury, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon15Male  Broad Clyst, Devon << >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon10Male  Broad Clyst, Devon << >>
 James EasterbrookSon7Male  Broad Clyst, Devon >>
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Broad Clyst, Devon >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Broad Clyst, Devon >>
Larkbeare, Whimple, St Thomas, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead49MaleWidrAg LabMoreton, Hampstead, Devon << >>
 Sarah Jane EasterbrookDaughter16Female Domestic Serv at homeWhimple, Devon << >>
Higher Brinsley Village, Ilsington, Newton Abbot, DevonJames EasterbrookHead37MaleUnDie Caster at Spur WorksBrinsley, Devon << >>
 Maryann Easterbrook 60FemaleWSerge WeaverBrinsley, Devon
 Weneyford Bowden 83FemaleWSerge WeaverBrinsley, Devon
Moundland, Ilsington, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead69Male Farmer of 50 acresSampford Courtney, Devon << >>
 Lydia EasterbrookWife67Female Farmers WifeThrowley, Devon
 Samuel EasterbrookSon25Male Farmers SonThrowley, Devon << >>
 Joseph EasterbrookSon23Male Farmers SonThrowley, Devon << >>
South Coombe, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Widecombe in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn StancombeHead68Male FarmerWidecombe, Devon
 Mary StancombeWife66Female  Widecombe, Devon
 Charles StancombeSon31Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Adren StancombeSon27Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Frederic StancombeSon25Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookServant14Male General ServantWidecombe, Devon << >>
Jordan Farm, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Widecombe in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead49Male Farming 133 AcresWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Anne EasterbrookCousin50Female HousekeeperBuckland in the Moor, Devon <<
 Georgina ParkerServant15Female HousemaidBuckland in the Moor, Devon
 Elizabeth RichardsServant12Female General ServantExeter, Devon
 John WarrenServant16Male PloughmanWidecombe, Devon
 William B LangServant12Male Carter Totnes, Devon
 Edward L P BoynesServant11Male General Servant Torquay, Devon
Lizwell Farm, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Widecombe in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonNicholas EasterbrookHead67Male Farming 150 acresHolne, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon38Male Farmers SonWidecombe, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon21Male Farmers SonWidecombe, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookGrandson14Male  Widecombe, Devon << >>
 Robert SmerdonServant20Male Servant of all workWidecombe, Devon
 Joshua LeeServant19Male CarterWidecombe, Devon
 Henry John NiasServant16Male Servant of all workTorqutey, Devon
 John MiltonServant12Male Servant of all workWoodland, Devon
 George BallanceServant12Male Servant of all workHyhweck, Devon
 Eliza M W WardServant13Female HousemaidKingsteignton, Devon
Higher Uppacott, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Widecombe in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn WarrenHead78Male Farmer of 38 AcresWidecombe, Devon
 Richd RoweSon-in-law26Male MinerWidecombe, Devon
 Cecelia RoweDaughter28Female  Widecombe, Devon
 George RoweGrandson5Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Betsy EasterbrookServant14Female House ServantWidecombe, Devon << >>
Loke, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Widecombe in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonJames HamlynHead40Male Farmer of 70 AcresWidecombe, Devon
 Sophia HamlynWife36Female  Widecombe, Devon
 Ann EasterbrookNiece19Female House ServantWidecombe, Devon <<
 John TurnerServant24Male Farm ServantWidecombe, Devon
 Eliza WanerNiece8Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon
Fernhill, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Widecombe in the Moor, Newton Abbot, DevonJames EasterbrookHead44Male Ag LabWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Avis EasterbrookWife42Female  Widecombe, Devon
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon6Male  Widecombe, Devon >>
 Nell EasterbrookSon4Male  Widecombe, Devon >>
 Elias Easterbrook 1Male  Widecombe, Devon >>
Emmets Farm, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, DevonJane EasterbrookHead77FemaleWidowFarmerIpplepen, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon40MaleUnFarmer assist his motherIpplepen, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter37FemaleUnFarmer assist his motherIpplepen, Devon << >>
 Jane PalkGranddaughter16Female  Staverton, Devon
 Thomas PalkGrandson6Male  Staverton, Devon
Courtenay St, Wolborough, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead56Male MessengerTotness, Devon << >>
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife56Female  Winsham, Somerset
 Walter EasterbrookSon19Male Engine FitterIpplepen, Devon << >>
Station Road, Wolborough, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead23Male Fireman S.D.RailwayExeter, Devon << >>
 Sarah A EasterbrookWife21Female  Plymouth, Devon
Portlan Villa, Stokeinteignhead, Newton Abbot, DevonRoger BarrowHead35Male ClergymanCristhwaite Westmorland
 Sophia F WilsonVisitor70Female FundholderMdx, Lnd, St Mary le Bow
 John EasterbrookServant37Male CoachmanThrouey, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookServant37Female General ServFrimington North, Devon
Coffinswell, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead31Male Agricultural LabourMonk Okehampton, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife32Female  Winkleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarCoffinswell, Devon >>
 William EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarCoffinswell, Devon >>
 Thos WoodLodger60Male Agricultural LabourMoretonhampstead, Devon
1 Barn field cottages, St Mary Church, St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonEdward M ColeHead39Male GardinerWoodleigh, Devon
 Mary A ColeWife40Female  West Alvington, Devon
 Edward M ColeSon10Male  St Mary Church, Devon
 Harry ColeSon8Male  St Mary Church, Devon
 Emma J ColeDaughter5Female  St Mary Church, Devon
 Maria ColeDaughter3Female  St Mary Church, Devon
 Charles ColeSon8/12Male  St Mary Church, Devon
 Lydia EasterbrookDaughter12Female  St Mary Church, Devon <<
 Sarah A EasterbrookDaughter9Female  St Mary Church, Devon >>
Fore Street, Bacton, St Mary Church, St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EastabrookHead50Male FishdealerCrediton, Devon << >>
 Mary A EastabrookWife40Female  Exeter, Devon
 Mary A EastabrookDaughter19Female LaundressExeter, Devon << >>
 Eliza EastabrookDaughter13Female ScholerExeter, Devon <<
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter11Female ScholerExeter, Devon <<
 Sarah EastabrookDaughter9Female ScholerTorquay, Devon
 Emily EastabrookDaughter6Female ScholerTorquay, Devon
 Harry EastabrookSon2Male ScholerTorquay, Devon >>
 Edwin EastabrookSon1/12Male  St Mary Church, Devon >>
St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge EastabrookHead58Male Genl LabSamford Courtney, Devon << >>
 Jane EastabrookWife47Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon
 George EastabrookSon14Male Errand BoySt Mary Church, Devon << >>
 John EastabrookSon10Male ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon >>
 Henry EastabrookSon7Male ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon >>
Shiphay Cottages, St Mary Church, St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead33Male Ag.LabCrediton, Devon >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife31Female ShopkeeperWashford Pyne, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarSt Mary Church, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon2Male  St Mary Church, Devon >>
Farm Cottage, St Mary Church, St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel TowellHead23Male Ag.LabSt Mary Church, Devon
 Mary TowellWife25Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon << >>
 Joseph H TowellSon2Male  St Mary Church, Devon
School Lane, St Mary Church, St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge CampionHead62Male LabIlsington, Devon
 Sarah CampionWife60Female  Ashburton, Devon
 George CampionSon17Male  Ilsington, Devon
 John CampionSon15Male  Ilsington, Devon
 Harriett CampionDaughter12Female  Ilsington, Devon
 Susan EasterbrookDaughter20FemaleMar Ilsington, Devon
Kebbletlon Villa, St Mary Church, St Mary, Newton Abbot, DevonFrancis BlackwoodHead34Male Sus*of trust fundLock Winock, Scotland
 Elizabeth BlackwoodWife29Female  Exeter, Devon
 Henry PunchardVisitor33Male *aperExeter, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookServant19Female House MaidSt Mary Church, Devon << >>
2 Hill View Cottage, Torre, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn PetheybridgeHead41Male Labourer GeneralNorth Bovey, Devon
 Phoebe PetheybridgeWife40Female LaundressMoretonhampstead, Devon
 Eliza PetheybridgeDaughter15Female LaundressTorquay, Devon
 Elizabeth EsterbrookLodger75Female  Holland, Devon
Waldron Castle, Torre, Newton Abbot, DevonCharles ThoresbyHead68Male Cab E Indian Army RetiredBarton Mills, Suffolk
 Thomas BexServant28Male ButlerRaydon, Essex
 Elizabeth BexServant39Female CookSt Georges, London
 Elizabeth A Bex 4Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 George C Bex 3Male ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Charles Bex 1Male  Torquay, Devon
 Mary PriceServant26Female House MaidPaignton, Devon
 Elizabeth EsterbrookServant17Female House MaidCoombe Paford, Devon
1 Ferns, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn A BalsomHead42Male Builder Master Newton Abbot, Devon
 Mary BalsomWife38Female  London
 John K BalsomSon14Male CarpenterTorquay, Devon
 Robert H BalsomSon11Male ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Mary L BalsomDaughter9Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Jane A W BalsomDaughter7Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Lydia BalsomDaughter5Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Alice C BalsomDaughter2Female  Torquay, Devon
 Maria EasterbrookServant16FemaleMarHouse ServKingskerwell, Devon << >>
1 Broadons Cottage, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonJacob StancombeHead68MaleMarCollectorWiddicombe, Devon
 Isabella StancombeWife58Female  Tenbury, Worcestershire
 Ann EasterbrookVisitor61MaleMarFarmer's WifeWiddicombe, Devon <<
4 St John's Place, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead28Male JewellerExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary J EasterbrookWife30Female DressmakerDartmouth, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon7Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 George EasterbrookSon5Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Mary J EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Torquay, Devon >>
 Thomas H EasterbrookSon8/12Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Richard MillsLodger25Male GrocerExbourne, Devon
2 Lower Tor Mews, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead66Male ChairmanSanford Courney <<
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife10Female Farmers DaughterOakhampton
 Richard EasterbrookSon26Male  Tormonham << >>
18 Melville St, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonJames EasterbrookHead46Male SawyerTor Moham, Devon << >>
 Maria EasterbrookWife46Female  Abbots Kerswell, Devon
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter22Female NeedlewomanKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Maryann EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Kingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Kingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Kingskerswell, Devon >>
 Charlotte EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Torquay, Devon >>
20 Lescen St, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam RobertsHead39Male GardnerHarberton, Devon
 Elizabeth RobertsWife39Female  Habwell, Devon
 William RobertsSon13Male  Torquay, Devon
 Charlotte RobertsDaughter11Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Eliza RobertsDaughter9Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Mary A RobertsDaughter8Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 John RobertsSon4Male ScholarTorquay, Devon
 James F RobertsSon1Male  Torquay, Devon
 John RobertsFather65Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Rosehanna RobertsMother60Female  Harberton, Devon
 Frederick RekerVisitor13Male ScholarLondon
 John CrazeLodger11Female Molder to Iron FoundryLiverstock
 Samuel EasterbrookLodger24Male Molder to Iron FoundryIpplepen, Devon << >>
4 George St, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas EastabrookHead20Male TailorKingsherrswel, Devon << >>
 Hannah EastabrookWife20Female  Torquay, Devon
Tor Hill Cottages No 9, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead34Male Watch MakerKingsbridge, Devon << >>
 Joseph EasterbrookWife37Female LaundressAshburton, Devon
 Sarah J EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarTormonham, Devon >>
Masons Row Nr 7, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead52Male Wood SawyerTotnes, Devon << >>
 Harriett EasterbrookWife48Female  Berry Pomeroy Bowge Town, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon24Male JoinerKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Ruben EasterbrookSon17Male JoinerKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Samuel EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Harriett ViggersDaughter26Female GrocerKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Harriett ViggersGranddaughter3Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Mary ViggersGranddaughter9/12Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Mary A ViggersVisitor33Female  Dartmouth, Devon
1 East Street, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonSamuel CorkumHead29Male DairymanCrediton, Devon
 Charlott CorkumWife27Female House KeeperDunsford, Devon
 William H CorkumWife8/12Female  Tor Moham, Devon
 Samuel ElliottServant16Male ServKingsbridge, Devon
 Josiah EasterbrookVisitor11Male ScholarTor Moham, Devon
6 East Street, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, DevonElizabeth PotterHead90Female WeaverEast Ogwell, Devon
 Grace PotterDaughter27Female Sick NurseEast Ogwell, Devon
 Anne AgerLodger27Female LaundressTeignmouth, Devon
 William EasterbrookLodger5/12Male  Forres, Devon
Bella Vista, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge V WallisHead42Male *holderBristol, Gloucestershire
 Augusta M WallisWife37Female  Pickwick, Wiltshire
 George C L S WallisSon11Male  Budleigh Salterton, Devon
 Francis M WallisDaughter8Female  Budleigh Salterton, Devon
 Mary H LiscombeSister-in-law42Female *holderHerefordshire
 Mary J EastabrookServant30Female Upper ServantCrediton, Devon << >>
 James DyerServant70Male House ServantLinton, Devon
 Rebecca DyerServant48Female CookExmonth, Devon
11 Luerr St, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonNicholas GouldHead63Male Painter & GlazierPortsmouth, Devon
 Sarah GouldWife63Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Jane EasterbrookServant65FemaleUnNurseBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
31 Queen St, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam CrannafordHead43Male CartmanStaverton, Devon
 Elizabeth CrannafordWife50Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Ann M CrannafordDaughter12Female  Staverton, Devon
Hapnay Row, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn LangworthyHead42Male QuarrymanMoreton, Devon
 Elizabeth LangworthyWife37Female  Torquay, Devon
 William LangworthySon14Male Errand BoyTorquay, Devon
 Edwin LangworthySon12Male Errand BoyTorquay, Devon
 James EasterbrookLodger27Male LabourerPaignton, Devon << >>
 George GarrickLodger23Male PlastererToverton, Devon
 William GarrickLodger20Male PlastererToverton, Devon
 John HubbuchLodger42Male TailorToverton, Devon
 Sarah HubbuchWife46Female  Toverton, Devon
 Sarah E HubbuchDaughter15Female  London, Middlesex
 Elija J HubbuchDaughter10Female  Wells, Somerset
 Mary A HubbuchDaughter5Female  Torquay, Devon
Lower Union St, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonGeorge W EasterbrookHead33Male Hotel KeeperAshburton, Devon << >>
 Catherine EasterbrookWife25Female  Scotland
 William EasterbrookSon11/12Male  Torquay, Devon
 Elizth EasterbrookMother71Female  Widdicomba, Devon >>
 Jane EasterbrookSister22Female  Ashburton, Devon << >>
 Elizth J KnapmanNiece3Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Ann BurtonServant22Female  Teignmouth, Devon
 William ChelliesServant16Male  Lapford, Devon
 David S DonovanBoarder28Male  Ireland
Madurn Cottages, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead22Male SawyerKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife28Female  Menheniot, Cornwall
 William S EasterbrookSon4Male  Torquay, Devon
 Grace A EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Torquay, Devon >>
General Porter, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonThomas C EasterbrookHead39Male  Tormonham, Devon << >>
 Susan EasterbrookWife38Female  Cheltenham
 John EasterbrookSon10Male  Cheltenham << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Torquay, Devon >>
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Cheltenham >>
 Anne EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Cheltenham >>
Torbay Infirmary, 2 Higher Union St, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonW EasterbrookPatient22Male QuarrymanSt Mary Church, Devon << >>
Fuzzel Park, Fusale Hills Rd, Tormoham, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonRichard R WolfeHead41Male Perpetual Curate of WhitonIreland
 Louisa A WolfeWife40Female  Leeds, Yorkshire
 Laura WolfeDaughter6Female  Torquay, Devon
 Constance WolfeDaughter3Female  Torquay, Devon
 Isabella WolfeDaughter3/12Female  Torquay, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant40FemaleMarFarmers DaurDean Prior, Devon >>
 Mary BendleServant20Female Farmers DaurTustow, Devon
 John TollickServant25Male Woolsfahler's SonDean Prior, Devon
 Mary RendleServant17Female Butchers's DaurKingsteignton, Devon
 James EasterbrookServant10Male  N >>
 Eliza WellmanServant30Female Mason's DaurHoniton, Devon
30 Higher Union St, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonHenry LovingHead27Male LabourerMarkem Lab, Dorset
 Ann LovineWife33Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon-in-law5Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Henry LovingSon2Male  Torquay, Devon
53 Higher Union St, Upton, Newton Abbot, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead54Male SawyerMarldon, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife52Female  Barton, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon27Male BakerWelborough, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon25Male CarpenterKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter22Female MillinerWillborough, Devon << >>
 Agnes EasterbrookDaughter13Female  Tormoham, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth PophamServant23Female House ServHeavitree, Devon
 Henry LeverServant17Male Errand BoyBath, Somerset
Bake House, Stoke Gabriel, Totnes, DevonJohn ParkerHead34Male BakerBrixham, Devon
 Eliza ParkerWife35Female  Rattery, Devon <<
 Sarah ParkerDaughter6Female  Stoke Gabriel, Devon
 John L ParkerSon3Male  Stoke Gabriel, Devon
 Mary J ParkerDaughter1Female  Stoke Gabriel, Devon
 Elizabeth A CollingsServant13Female ServantStoke Gabriel, Devon
 William EasterbrookBoarder60MaleWidrRetired FarmerHolne, Devon <<
Sea View House, Kingswear, Totnes, DevonMary Ann FoxHead37Female Master Mariners WifeDartmouth, Devon
 Elizabeth DoddMother71Female Retired WidowDittisham, Devon
 Kate EasterbrooksNiece6Female ScholarDartmouth, Devon >>
 Lillah RendellServant18Female ServOgwell, Devon
Cawshey Hale, Dartmouth, Dartmouth St Saviour, Totnes, DevonEmma EasterbrookWife44Female Mariners WifeDartmouth, Devon << >>
 Henry EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarDartmouth, Devon <<
 Sydney EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarDartmouth, Devon >>
 Charles EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarDartmouth, Devon >>
Eastern Street, Totnes, DevonNicholas NorrishHead53Male LabourerTotnes, Devon
 Susana NorrishWife49Female  Stoke Gabriel, Devon
 William NorrishSon14Male TailorStoke Gabriel, Devon
 Salam NorrishDaughter11Female ScholarStoke Gabriel, Devon
 Agustus EasterbrookUn28Male ButcherRattery, Devon << >>
Lower Cott, Dartinton, Dartington, Totnes, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead38Male LabourerRattery, Devon << >>
 Maria EasterbrookWife33Female  Dartington, Devon
 Susanna BarrottMother-in-law72Female  Dartington, Devon
Union Workhouse, Totnes, DevonMary EasterbrookCook46Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
Wetow, Staverton, Totnes, DevonWilliam NorrishHead51Male Farmer 73 acresWiddicombe, Devon
 Joannah NorrishWife53Female  Lodeswell, Devon
 John EasterbrookNephew30Male Farm ServantBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 John H HewettNephew14Male Farm ServantHolwell, Devon
 Sarah GiddieServant55Female House ServantBrixham, Devon
 William EmmettServant12Male Farm ServantStaverton, Devon
Buddaford, Landscove, Totnes, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead54MaleUn Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth BowlsServant70Female  Tenkesbury, Gloucestershire
Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonJohn ElliottHead62Male  Dean, Devon
 Elizabeth ElliottWife56Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth Easter MockDaughter34Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Harriet Elliott MockGranddaughter13Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 William ElliottSon21Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
Belle Home, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonElizabeth TuckerHead84FemaleWidLand Holder Broadhempston, Devon
 Mary TuckerDaughter60Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary Jane EasterbrookServant18Female Gen ServBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
Belle Home, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead41Male Saddler MasterWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife47Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 James Edwin EasterbrookSon8Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon >>
 James Goodman WyattBoarder32Male SadlerIreland
Chapel Street, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead45Male CarterBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife46Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary Jane EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Susan Elizth EasterbrookNiece12Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Chapel St, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonMary EasterbrookHead52FemaleWidWool WeaverBuckfastleigh, Devon >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon30MaleUnTannerBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Harriett EasterbrookDaughter14Female Wool WeaverBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Chapel St Hawkings, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonThomas MadgeHead49Male Wool ComberAshburton, Devon
 Fanny MadgeDaughter17Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Eliza MadgeDaughter15Female  Larson, Cornwall
 William EasterbrookBoarder18Male ShoemakerPlymouth, Devon << >>
On the Hill, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead63Male Mas BlacksmithBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife56Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon25Male Jn BlacksmithBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter19Female Wool SorterBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 George GapServant22Male Jn BlacksmithRutery, Devon
Market St, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonWilliam HamlynHead39Male Ohe of a farm of Woollen ManfrBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary HamlynWife42Female  Holne, Devon
 Joseph HamlynSon10Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 William HamlynSon8Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Thomas HamlynSon6Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Anne M HamlynDaughter4Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary E HamlynDaughter2Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Emma M HamlynDaughter10/12Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Louisa VarwellGoverness36FemaleUnGovernessLoddon, Norfolk
 Mary A ShillabeerServant18Female House ServAshburton, Devon
 Maria EasterbrookServant11Female House ServBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonCharles TurnerHead30Male Copper MinerWidecombe, Devon
 Grace TurnerWife33Female Serge SorterBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead30Male Copper MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife28Female Copper Miner WifeBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon >>
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonAbraham HeywoodHead38MaleWidrLab at a Copper MineBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Grace EasterbrookMother-in-law69FemaleWidHousekeeperHolne, Devon >>
 Abaham John HeywoodSon13Male Lab at a Copper MineBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Jane Ann HeywoodDaughter13Female Lab at a Copper MineBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Grace HeywoodDaughter11Female Lab at a Copper MineBuckfastleigh, Devon
 William HeywoodSon9Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Laura HeywoodDaughter7Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Eli?? HeywoodSon5Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Charles HeywoodSon3Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 George HeywoodSon4Male   
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonNicholas EasterbrookHead26Male Copper MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife26Female Copper Miner WifeWidecombe, Devon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Holne, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon3Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon >>
 Elizabeth Jane EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon >>
Scoriton, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonPhilip AngelHead55Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookLodger66FemaleUnStocking KnitterBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 James MudgeLodger40Male Lab at a Cop MinePetertavy, Devon
Summerbridge, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead53Male Copper MinerBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Mary EasterbrookWife46Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon >>
Summerbridge, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonRichard W EasterbrookHead34Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Mary G EasterbrookWife39Female  Dartington, Devon
 Mary J EasterbrookDaughter13Female Lab at a Copper MineTotnes, Devon
 James EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarYealmpton, Devon
Brookmill, Buckfastleigh, Totnes, DevonJacob RowlandHead57Male Farmer 60 Acres & FarrierBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Elias EasterbrookServant42Male Farm LabBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Grace RowlandServant55Female HousekeeperHolne, Devon
 John RowlandServant15Male Farm LabHolne, Devon
 Joshua WarrenServant45Male CarterWidecombe, Devon
 Thomas KnottServant22Male CarterBuckfastleigh, Devon
Holne Village, Holne, Totnes, DevonJohn SaveryHead25Male Farmer of 250 AcresStaverton, Devon
 Mary Jane SaverySister23Female  Torbryan, Devon
 Priscilla EasterbrookServant73Female House ServantHolne, Devon << >>
 Charlott S KinnerServant11Female House ServantN
 William DergesServant11Male Ag ServHolne, Devon
Church House, Holne, Totnes, DevonWilliam BowlandHead40Male Mas CarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary BowlandWife43Female MillinerHolne, Devon << >>
 Emily BowlandDaughter15Female House MaidHolne, Devon
 Amiel Churchward BowlandDaughter10Female  Holne, Devon
 Martha Mary BowlandDaughter7Female  Holne, Devon
 Laura L Lewellyan BowlandDaughter5Female  Holne, Devon
 George BowlandSon2Male  Holne, Devon
 Priscilla PetherbridgeBoarder43Female DressmakerBuckfastleigh, Devon
 James TownsendServant29Male CarpenterShaleton, Devon
 Thomas James EasterbrookApprentice18Male CarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Daniel EasterbrookFather-in-law72Male CarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Mary EasterbrookMother-in-law70Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Emanuel EveleighBoarder30Male Mas MasonOttery, Devon
 John LeamanBoarder25Male Ag LabWidecombe, Devon
Holne Village, Holne, Totnes, DevonElias EasterbrookHead51Male GardenerBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife50Female  Boconich, Cornwall
 Elias EasterbrookSon18Male Ag LabHolne, Devon << >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarHolne, Devon << >>
Mill*, Holne, Totnes, DevonEdward CarterHead50Male Farmer of 103 acresPlymouth, Devon
 Hannah CarterWife50Female  Lidford, Devon
 William CarterSon15Male  Lidford, Devon
 Emma CarterDaughter9Female  Holne, Devon
 John ClarkServant68MaleUShepherdBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Elias EasterbrookServant51MaleUCarterBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Alice DergerServant15FemaleUDairymaidHolne, Devon
Shuttaford, Holne, Totnes, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead33Male Farmer of 100 acresIpplepen, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife28Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon2Male  Holne, Devon >>
 William Waycott EasterbrookSon6/12Male  Holne, Devon >>
 Mary Barter WaycottSister-in-law30Female Farmers DaughterBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Henry LukeServant14Male Ag Lab ServWidecombe, Devon
 Sarah TribbleServant13Female House ServLidford, Devon
Michelcombe, Holne, Totnes, DevonThomas PearseHead70Male Farmer of 95 acresHolne, Devon
 Mary PearseWife63Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 William PearseSon29Male  Holne, Devon
 William CoakerServant17Male CarterLidford, Devon
 George RubyServant11Male Ag LabWidecombe, Devon
 Daniel EasterbrookGrandson8Male ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon >>
Littlecombe, Holne, Totnes, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead75Male Ag LabHolne, Devon <<
 Ann EasterbrookWife75Female  Holne, Devon
Fawlescombe, Ugborough, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead63Male Farmer 10 acresHolne, Devon <<
 Dolithia EasterbrookWife68Female  Churchstone, Devon
 Mary E EasterbrookDaughter25Female  Diptford, Devon << >>
 John H ProwsGrandson10Male ScholarMorleigh, Devon
Broadlant, Ugborough, Totnes, DevonJohn HewettHead66Male FarmerLoddiswell, Devon
 English A HewettWife57Female  Cornworthy, Devon
 Henry F HewettSon21Male Farmer SonUgborough, Devon
 Susan FrenchVisitor24Female LadysmaidNorth Bovey, Devon
 Margaret GarlandServant16Female House ServSouth Brent, Devon
 John Thos EasterbrookServant14Male CarterSouth Brent, Devon >>
Brent Town, South Brent, Totnes, DevonJohn DoddHead68Male CarpenterSouth Brent, Devon
 Grace DoddWife69Female  North Huish, Devon
 Mary Jane DoddDaughter24Female  South Brent, Devon
 Maria DoddGranddaughter15Female  South Brent, Devon
 Richard DoddGrandson13Male  South Brent, Devon
 Elizabeth DoddGranddaughter1Female  South Brent, Devon
 John HillLodger21Male SawerMusbury, Devon
 John EasterbrookLodger44Male SawerCrediton, Devon >>
Newhouse, North Huish, Totnes, DevonRichard WhiteHead40Male CordwainerHarberton, Devon
 Priscilla WhiteWife32Female  Harberton, Devon
 Frances WhiteDaughter11Female ScholarUgborough, Devon
 Ann WhiteDaughter10Female ScholarUgborough, Devon
 Richard WhiteSon9Male ScholarUgborough, Devon
 George WhiteSon8Male ScholarUgborough, Devon
 John WhiteSon6Male ScholarNorth Huish, Devon
 Jeffery WhiteSon5Male ScholarNorth Huish, Devon
 Thomas WhiteSon3Male  North Huish, Devon
 Henry WhiteSon2Male  North Huish, Devon
 Priscilla WhiteDaughter5/12Female  North Huish, Devon
 John GullyApprentice22Male Cordwainer's ApprUgborough, Devon
 Edwin EasterbrookApprentice18Male Cordwainer's ApprSouth Brent, Devon << >>
=Newhouse, North Huish, Totnes, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead45Male Ag LabRattery, Devon << >>
 Betsy EasterbrookWife40Female  Ivybridge, Devon
 Elias EasterbrookSon16Male Ag LabBrent, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarBrent, Devon << >>
 Alfred EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBrent, Devon >>
 Daniel EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarBrent, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookSon3Male  North Huish, Devon >>
East Leigh Hamlet, Harberton, Totnes, DevonJames EasterbrookHead39Male Ag LabBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife36Female DressmakerHarberton, Devon
 William BarkivellLodger22MaleUEdge Tool Maker's LabHarberton, Devon
Little Englebourne Hamlet, Harberton, Totnes, DevonJames WiddicombeHead55Male FarmerHarberton, Devon
 Ann WiddicombeWife55Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Jessie WhitfeldNiece13Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Ann EasterbrookServant46FemaleUnHouse ServSanfordsourtney, Devon
 George PinheyServant13Male Farm ServHarberton, Devon
Luscombe, Rattery, Totnes, DevonSarah WhiteHead75Female FarmerDiptford, Devon
 David WhiteSon33Male  Modbury, Devon
 Trenea HyneVisitor18Female MillinerUgborough, Devon
 Jane CasterbrockServant42Female House KeeperRattery, Devon <<
 Elizabeth StistoneServant24Female House ServantDean Prior, Devon
 John BarterServant63Male CarterStaverton, Devon
 William WarrenServant12Male CarterWiddicombe, Devon
4 Venice House, Cornworthy, Totnes, DevonHenery S HuntHead51Male Commander R NIreland
 Emily HuntWife39Female  Masulipatum East
 Emily Mary HuntDaughter10Female ScholarStoke Fleming, Devon
 Eliza Dorothy HuntDaughter9Female ScholarStoke Fleming, Devon
 St George Phillip HuntSon5Male ScholarStoke Fleming, Devon
 William Shapland HuntSon3Male  Stoke Fleming, Devon
 Augusta Jane HuntDaughter2/12Female  Cornworthy, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookServant70FemaleMarMonthly NurseDittisham, Devon
 Jemmima MayBoarder45Female Dress MakerBlackawton, Devon
 Eliza WottonServant49Female House KeeperExminster, Devon
 Elizabeth BoveyServant30Female Dress MakerHarbeton, Devon
 Mary HaymanServant18Female HousemaidBlackawton, Devon
Landcombe House, Blacktawton, Blackawton, Kingsbridge, DevonJohn Dimond OldriveveHead51Male FarmerChivelstone, Devon
 Ann Petronell OldriveveWife51Female  Chivelstone, Devon
 John Brows OldriveveSon19Male  West Alvington, Devon
 Lewis Nathaniel OldriveveSon16Male  West Alvington, Devon
 Ann Dimond OldriveveDaughter8Female  Blackawton, Devon
 James Wrayford BattenPupil32Male Agricultural PupilPlymouth, Devon
 William SouthornServant43Male Plough ManUgborough, Devon
 Anna LearServant25Female CookStockfleming, Devon
 Anna Pudham EasterbrookServant14Female House maidChivelstone, Devon <<
 Samuel BickfordServant14Male CarterChivelstone, Devon
 William SchreechServant10Male Cow BoyStockenham, Devon
Poundhouse Farm, Stoke Fleming, Exeter, Kingsbridge, DevonJohn W DammerellHead58Male FarmerStoke Flemming, Devon
 Anne DammerellWife53Female  Coffiswell, Devon
 Elizabeth DammerellDaughter17Female  Stokeflemming, Devon
 William W FoaleGrandson4Male  London
 John EasterbrookServant38Male Farm ServantStokeflemming, Devon <<
 John TuckerServant14Male Farm Servant Stoke Fleming, Devon
 John ProutServant18Male Farm ServantMarlborough, Devon
 Robert AbrahamServant12Male Farm ServantStoke Flemming, Devon
 Mary BrewerServant22Female Hosue ServantDartmouth, Devon
Stoke Village, Exeter, Kingsbridge, DevonEdmund TristHead34Male JoinerStoke Flemming, Devon
 Mary A TristWife35Female  Stoke Flemming, Devon <<
 Edmund TristSon11Male ScholarStoke Flemming, Devon
 William TristSon7Male ScholarStoke Flemming, Devon
 Henry TristSon5Male ScholarStoke Flemming, Devon
 Emily TristDaughter2Female ScholarStoke Flemming, Devon
 John EasterbrookFather-in-law71Male Ag LabStoke Flemming, Devon <<
 Emma PerringServant14Female  Stoke Flemming, Devon
Chivelstone, Kingsbridge, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead38Male Ag labBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife32Female  Chivelstone, Devon
 Mary J EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Chivelstone, Devon <<
 Thomas EasterbrookSon10Male  Chivelstone, Devon << >>
 George EasterbrookSon10Male  Chivelstone, Devon << >>
 Jonas EasterbrookSon9Male  Chivelstone, Devon >>
Church Street, Dodbrook, Kingsbridge, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead35Male ButcherKingsbridge, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife53Female  Dodbrooke, Devon
 Ann C EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarKingsbridge, Devon << >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarKingsbridge, Devon >>
 William A EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarKingsbridge, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon4Male  Dodbrooke, Devon >>
 Ann S CowlingBoarder17Female Dress MakerDodbrooke, Devon
30 Aveton Gifford Village, Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge, DevonRoger SaundersHead73Male ThatcherAveton Gifford, Devon
 Roger SaundersSon38Male ThatcherAveton Gifford, Devon
 John SaundersGrandson8Male  Aveton Gifford, Devon
 Roger SaundersGrandson6Male  Aveton Gifford, Devon
 Elizabeth R HoopellDaughter35Female House KeeperAveton Gifford, Devon
 John S HooppelGrandson5Male  Aveton Gifford, Devon
 Sarah S HooppelGranddaughter3Female  Aveton Gifford, Devon >>
Senquit Village, Modbury, Kingsbridge, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead36Male FarmerRattery, Devon <<
 Irena EasterbrookWife37Female  Modbury, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarHarberton, Devon <<
 Thomas EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarHarberton, Devon
 Richard EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarHarberton, Devon
 Irena EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Modbury, Devon
 James EasterbrookSon9/12Male  Modbury, Devon
 Sarah BoyceServant18Female House ServantRattery, Devon
Old Inn, Ermington, Plympton St Mary, DevonJohn BlacklerHead54Male VictuallerCharriton Bishop, Devon
 Susan BlacklerWife42Female  Bow, Devon
 James BlacklerSon24Male Shoemaker North Molton, Devon
 Elias A EasterbrookTraveller50Male LabourerBuckland in the Moor, Devon <<
Goodamoor, Plympton St Mary, DevonPaul O TrebyHead74MaleUnEnquire from LandsPlympton St Mary, Devon
 Henry H TrebyBrother60MaleUnMagistrate for DevonPlympton St Mary, Devon
 Blanche J TrebySister50FemaleUnLands and FundsPlympton St Mary, Devon
 Lewis T ClarkeVisitor32MaleUnGent FundsBuckland Tout Saints, Devon
 Henry ClarkNephew31MaleMarBarristerEgg Buckland, Devon
 Nicholas HammettServant48MaleMarGroom and GardenerPlymstock, Devon
 William DunsfordServant16MaleUnGroomCullompton, Devon
 George M NelderServant11Male PagePlympton St Mary, Devon
 Mary MossServant58FemaleWidNurseStokenham, Devon
 Betsey WarrenServant35FemaleUnCookBuckland, Devon
 Anne WakehamServant22FemaleUnWaiting MaidPlymouth, Devon
 Elizabeth ReevesServant20FemaleUnHouse MaidCharleton, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookServant17FemaleUnKitchen MaidWidecombe in the Moor, Devon <<
37 Fore Street, Plypton St Maurice, Plympton St Maurice, Plympton St Mary, DevonRichd ShepherdHead67Male LabourerWoodbury, Devon
 Jane ShepherdWife47Female  Tavistock, Devon <<
 Jane ShepherdDaughter13Female  Plympton, Devon
Hundscombe Cott, Compton Gifford, Plympton St Mary, DevonWillm BrantHead35Male Farm LabourerPadstow, Cornwall
 Charlotte BrantWife27Female  Lew Trenchard, Devon
 Samuel EsterbrookSon8Male ScholarLixton, Devon <<
7 Bilbury St, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead53Male Cabinet MakerPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Margaret EasterbrookWife54Female  Penzance, Cornwall
 Annie P EasterbrookDaughter28Female  Penzance, Cornwall << >>
 Nicholas J EasterbrookSon24Male  Penzance, Cornwall << >>
 Elizabeth E EasterbrookDaughter20Female  Exeter, Devon << >>
 Ebenezer EasterbrookSon17Male  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Margaret EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon << >>
Tormoham St, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonEdward LewisHead37Male Labourer Sugar RefineryEgg Buckland, Devon
 Elizabeth LewisWife39Female  Devonport, Devon >>
 Louisa LewisDaughter13Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Elizabeth LewisDaughter7Female  Plymouth, Devon
Armada St, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonElizabeth EasterbrookHead49Female LaundressHelston, Cornwall <<
 William EasterbrookSon18Male MillerFalmouth, Cornwall << >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarPlympton, Devon >>
6 Gilwell Cottages, Charles, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonJames JasterbrookHead33Male WoolcomberBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Jane JasterbrookWife32Female DressmakerSouthpool, Devon
 Ann JasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarSouthpool, Devon <<
 James JasterbrookSon11Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Harriett JasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon >>
 Thomas JasterbrookSon2Male  Plymouth, Devon >>
 Thomas WilliamsLodger65Male LaborerSouth Brent, Devon
24 Clarence St, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead24Male Sioneslona, JuavermanExbourne, Devon << >>
 Marina EasterbrookWife28Female UpholsteressSamaton, Devon
 Elizabeth MillarLodger27Female GovernessDevonport, Devon
24 Park St, Plymouth, Charles, Plymouth, DevonJohn R EastabrookHead26Male Cabinet Maker JoinerPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Jane EastabrookWife25Female  Plymouth, Devon
 William R EastabrookSon10/12Male  Plymouth, Devon >>
31 Duke St, Stoke Damerel, DevonMartha DyerHead54FemaleWGreen GrocerCornwall
 Margaret PinkeyDaughter27Female  South Wales
 Sarah A EasterbrookDaughter22Female  South Wales
 Mary DyerDaughter17Female  South Wales
 Susan DyerDaughter17Female Shop AssistantDevonport, Devon
 James EasterbrookGrandson3Male  Devonport, Devon
 William EasterbrookGrandson8/12Male  Devonport, Devon >>
2 Mill Street, Stoke Damerel, DevonRichard EastabrookHead47Male ButcherDevonport, Devon << >>
 Susanna EastabrookWife42Female  Devonport, Devon
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter14Female ScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 William EastabrookSon12Male ScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 Samuel EastabrookSon10Male ScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 Hepubeth EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
St Duke St, Stoke Damerel, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead56Male ButcherDevonport, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter18Female HousekeeperDevonport, Devon <<
 Henry SteedNephew20Male ButcherDevonport, Devon
 Hannah NicholsVisitor21Female DressmakerHolsworthy, Devon
7 Ker St, Stoke Damerel, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead37Male ButcherDevonport, Devon << >>
 Priscilla EasterbrookWife34Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Samuel EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
 Priscilla A EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Devonport, Devon >>
 Charlotte DavyServant23Female House ServantWellington, Somerset
 Jane H ProcterSister29Female  Devonport, Devon
 Lydia A BrooksServant17Female  Broadhempstead, Devon
 Jane MaloneServant21Female  Devonport, Devon
7 Back of James St, St Mary, Stoke Damerel, DevonThomas BurchHead41Male Seaman RNDevonport, Devon
 Sarah BurchWife39Female TailoressDevonport, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth A BurchDaughter10Female  Devonport, Devon
 Mary BurchDaughter1Female  Devonport, Devon
52 Mount St, Devonport, St Mary, Stoke Damerel, DevonJames EasterbrookHead51Male ShoemakerPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife50Female  Devonpt, Devon
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Devonpt, Devon << >>
 Ebenezer EasterbrookSon13Male  Devonpt, Devon << >>
54 Pembroke St, St Stephen, Stoke Damerel, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead50MaleMButcherSouth Tawton, Devon <<
 Grace EasterbrookWife52FemaleM St Dominic, Cornwall
 William G EasterbrookSon21MaleUButcherDevonport, Devon << >>
 Bobrida EasterbrookDaughter17FemaleUScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 Eliza A EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarDevonport, Devon
 Charlotte CaneServant20FemaleUServantSaltash, Cornwall
Marlborough Street, St Paul, Stoke Damerel, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead39Male Employed with ? Boiler Maker ? FactoryStonehouse, Devon >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife38Female  Liskeard, Cornwall
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookDaughter16Female TailoressLiskeard, Cornwall
 Frederick EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
13 Boot Lane, St Mary, Stoke Damerel, DevonSamuel EastabrookHead64MaleMarButcher(Shopkeeper)South Tawton, Devon << >>
 Ann C EastabrookWife56FemaleMar Deptford, Kent
 Ann L EastabrookDaughter39FemaleUnButcher's AssistantStoke, Devonport, Devon << >>
 Catherine ElliottServant39Female HousemaidHalberton, Devon
76 Navy Row, Stoke Damerel, DevonJohn EastabrookHead77Male Suerannuated BlacksmithTaunton, Devon <<
 Jane EastabrookWife74Female  Plymouth, Devon
Belmont House, Stoke Damerel, DevonAllan Belfield BoneHead61Male AttorneyStoke Damerel, Devon
 Jane Anne BoneWife41Female  Whitchurch, Devon
 Allen Belfield BoneSon32Male AttorneyStoke Damerel, Devon
 Foster John BoneSon17Male Articled clerk to his fatherStoke Damerel, Devon
 Gordon Bruner BoneSon10Male ScholarStoke Damerel, Devon
 Frank Foster BoneSon7Male ScholarStoke Damerel, Devon
 Alice Amelia BoneDaughter6Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon
 Emily Frances BoneDaughter2Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon
 Jane Lucretia FatherlyServant37Female CookCharles Plymouth, Devon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookServant23FemaleUParlor-maidSampford Courtenay, Devon <<
 Ann HawkeServant27FemaleUHousemaidSt Thomas, Cornwall
 Mary FallServant21FemaleUNursemaidPlympton St Mary, Devon
10 Tavistock Street, Stoke Damerel, DevonJohn C PikeHead59Male Retiree from TradeStoke Damerel, Devon
 Elizabeth PikeWife52Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon << >>
 Charles EasterbrookBrother-in-law44MaleUnButcherStoke Damerel, Devon << >>
 Jane CoppServant17Female Genl ServPyworthy, Devon
10 Moon St, St James, Stoke Damerel, DevonThos EastabrookHead47Male LabourerSanford, Devon <<
 Agness EastabrookWife39Female TailoressBuckland, Devon
 Wm EastabrookSon18Male WheelwrightMillbay Plymt, Devon <<
 Robert S EastabrookSon14Male Errand BoyMorice Town, Devon << >>
 Josiah J EastabrookSon11Male ScholarMorice Town, Devon << >>
 Edward O EastabrookSon8Male ScholarMorice Town, Devon >>
 John H EastabrookSon6Male ScholarMorice Town, Devon >>
 Edwin R EastabrookSon2Male  Morice Town, Devon >>
16 Navy Row, St James, Stoke Damerel, DevonRobert MulleyHead51Male Statuary & MasonIpswich, Suffolk
 Sarah MulleyWife51Female  London
 Thomas EasterbrookSon-in-law24Male LabourerPlympton, Devon << >>
 Sarah EasterbrookWife27Female  London
 John MalleySon24Male MasonLondon
 Samuel MulleySon16Male Blacksmith's AppLondon
 Fanny EasterbrookGranddaughter6/12Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon >>
 Caroline DumaServant19Female House ServChelsea, Middlesex
5 Emona Road, St James, Stoke Damerel, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead67Male Mason & BricklayerStoke Damerell, Devon <<
 Ann EasterbrookWife69Female  Stoke Damerell, Devon
 Elizabeth AncilDaughter37Female All* Indian *Stoke Damerell, Devon << >>
 George DuffGrandson12Male  Malta
 Charlotte AncilGranddaughter8Female  Gibraltar
13 Herbert Pl, Stoke Damerel, DevonJohanna PalmerHead55Female Pensioner Warrant OfficerCorbrey, Devon <<
 William H PalmerSon25Male  Stoke Damerel, Devon
 Mary A PalmerSon's Wife (Daughter-in-law)29Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon
 Mary PalmerSon's Daughter2Female  Stoke Damerel, Devon
St Giles, Berr Ferris, Beer Ferris, Tavistock, DevonRhuber TaylorHead50Male Ag LabBelstone, Devon
 Susan TaylorWife51Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Susan A TaylorDaughter10Female  Belstone, Devon
Western View Cottages, Walkhampton, Tavistock, DevonRobert EsterbrookHead43Male Labourer of Granite ?Whitchurch, Devon << >>
 Jane EsterbrookWife39Female  Lydford, Devon
 Mary J EsterbrookDaughter14Female  Whitchurch, Devon <<
 Martha R EsterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarWhitchurch, Devon >>
 Charles J EsterbrookSon2Male  Whitchurch, Devon >>
 Daniel HorganBoarder28Male Labourer at a Granite ?Ireland
 John ParrBoarder23Male Labourer at a Granite ?N
 Francis HillBoarder23Male Labourer at a Granite ?Landeaglas, Wales
 Edmond GriggBoarder22Male Granite Stone MasonCornwall
 John DawBoarder22Male Granite LabourerCornwall
Guinstone House, Whitchurch, Tavistock, DevonHenry W DeaconHead37Male Gentleman Landed ProprietorMinpolook, London
 Agnes C DeaconWife32Female  Hanchidiock House, Devon
 Charlotte C ColsonStepdaughter12Female ScholarCawnpose, India
 Isabell A ColsonStepdaughter9Female ScholarHolme, Chard, Devon
 Florence M ColsonStepdaughter7Female ScholarHolme, Chard, Devon
 John A B ColsonStepson5Male ScholarHolme, Chard, Devon
 Elizabeth S ColsonStepdaughter2Female  Holme, Chard, Devon
 Susan SamsonGoverness27Female GovernessOdiham, Hampshire
 Elizabeth EasterbrookCook22Female CookHolme, Devon <<
 Mary GilesCook14Female Nursery MaidWhitchurch, Devon
 Rachel HolmesServant22Female Lady's MaidTavistock, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookServant20Female NurseHolme, Devon
 James MichellServant27Male ButlerHelston, Cornwall
 Mary EggberoServant37Female House MaidAshburton, Devon
 William ShepherdServant12Male Gardner's BoyMeavy, Devon
Selwin Rd Cottages, Tavistock, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead26Male CarterWhitchurch, Devon << >>
 Rebecca EasterbrookWife26Female  Tavistock, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon4Male ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon1Male  Tavistock, Devon >>
West St, Tavistock, DevonRichard Eliot WestHead35Male SurgeonCamelford, Cornwall
 Kate Scobell WestWife30Female  Devonport, Devon
 Kate Ann WestDaughter8/12Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Mary Ann JessoppServant27Female House ServantTavistock, Devon
 Maria HealeServant23Female House ServantMorwellham, Devon
 Daniel EasterbrookServant15Male (Groom) House ServantHabse, Devon <<
West St, Tavistock, DevonJames GrissHead50Male Tailor & Woolen DraperHarberton, Devon
 Sarah Ann GrissWife34Female  Harberton, Devon
 Mary GrissDaughter18Female ScholarTavistock, Devon
 Annie S GrissDaughter8Female ScholarTavistock, Devon
 E Margaret GrissDaughter3Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Tabitha GrissDaughter1Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Sarah C GrissMother74Female  Harberton, Devon
 Martha EasterbrookServant24Female General ServantTavistock, Devon << >>
Union Workhouse, Tavistock, DevonThomas EasterbrookPauper60MaleMarAg LabZeal Monachorum, Devon <<
Bannawell St, Tavistock, DevonRichard EasterbrookHead29Male Lab at Coal StoreWhitchurch, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookWife23Female  Tavistock, Devon
 John J EasterbrookSon2Male  Tavistock, Devon >>
 Charles EasterbrookSon8/12Male  Tavistock, Devon >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookMother56Female   Buckland, Devon >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookSister9Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
Exeter Street, Tavistock, DevonMary EasterbrookHead45FemaleMar Sourton, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon23Male PorterSourton, Devon << >>
 Robert EasterbrookSon13Male Ag LabTavistock, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon9Male Ag LabTavistock, Devon << >>
Long Cross Cottage, Lamerton, Tavistock, DevonRichard DoidgeHead55Male CarpenterMilton Abbot, Devon
 Elizabeth DoidgeWife53Female  Lamerton, Devon
 Deliah DoidgeSon23Male CarpenterMilton Abbot, Devon
 Demetrius DoidgeSon18Male Quarry LabourerLamerton, Devon
 William EstebrookServant53Male CarpenterNorthlew, Devon
 Edward SpurrApprentice17Male CarpenterJersey, Channel Islands
Beckwell, Milton Abbot, Tavistock, DevonJames EasterbrookHead35Male Farmer of 72 acresHolne, Devon << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife36Female  Holne, Devon
 William Thos EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarMilton Abbott, Devon << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarMilton Abbott, Devon >>
 Amos EasterbrookSon5Male  Milton Abbott, Devon >>
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Milton Abbott, Devon >>
 Selina EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Milton Abbott, Devon >>
 James EasterbrookSon7/12Male  Milton Abbott, Devon
 Mary Ann GimlettServant20Female House ServantBridestowe, Devon
Tuel, Milton Abbot, Tavistock, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead34Male FarmerHolne, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife34Female  Lydford, Devon
 Susanna EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 Albert EasterbrookSon3Male  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon1Male  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 Hannah DuzleServant14Female House ServantPetertavy, Devon
Tuel, Milton Abbot, Tavistock, DevonNicholas EasterbrookHead71Male Farmer of 24 AcresHotner, Devon <<
 Susanna EasterbrookWife66Female  Hotner, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon32Male  Hotner, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter-in-law27Female  Thornbury, Devon
 Avis EasterbrookGranddaughter6Female  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 George EasterbrookGrandson1Male  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 Mary A SpryServant22Female House ServantMarystow, Devon
 Ann GeakServant17Female House ServantMilton Abbot, Devon
 Richard StacyServant20Male House ServantMilton Abbot, Devon
 William HuddisonServant16Male House ServantSouth Sydneham, Devon
Wheatley, Thurlshelton, Thrushelton, Tavistock, DevonRichard DownHead59Male FarmerLewtrenchard, Devon
 Elizabeth DownWife59Female  Stoke Damerel << >>
 Emma DownDaughter22Female  Marystow
 Richard DownSon19Male  Marystow
 Samuel DownSon15Male  Marystow
Weir Parks, Monkokehampton, Monk Okehampton, Okehampton, DevonWilliam AlfordHead34Male Agricultural LabourerDowland, Devon
 Mary AlfordWife34Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon << >>
 William AlfordSon8Male  Monk Okehampton, Devon
 John AlfordSon6Male  Monk Okehampton, Devon
 Fanny AlfordDaughter4Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon
 Elizabeth AlfordDaughter2/12Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon
 John AlfordFather70Male  Iddesleigh, Devon
Jacking Mill, Monkokehampton, Monk Okehampton, Okehampton, DevonWilliam LockHead27Male Farm LabourerMonk Okehampton, Devon
 Ann LockWife27Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon <<
 Fredrick LockSon1Male  Monk Okehampton, Devon
North Stockbear, Jacobstow, Okehampton, DevonHarry WestlakeHead33MaleMAgricultural LabourerJacobstow, Devon
 Elizabeth WestlakeWife30FemaleMLabourer's WifeSouth Tawton, Devon << >>
 George WestlakeSon10Male SchollerJacobstow, Devon
 Ellen WestlakeDaughter8Female SchollerJacobstow, Devon
 John WestlakeSon6Male SchollerJacobstow, Devon
 Sarah WestlakeDaughter5Female  Jacobstow, Devon
 Anne WestlakeDaughter1Female  Jacobstow, Devon
Coopers Cottage, South Tawton, Okehampton, DevonWilliam SnellHead27Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Eliza SnellWife31Female  South Tawton, Devon
 William SnellSon5Male  South Tawton, Devon >>
 Thomas SnellSon1Male  South Tawton, Devon >>
Tawgreen, South Tawton, Okehampton, DevonAndrew SnellHead62Male Ag.LabZeal Monachorum, Devon
 Maria SnellWife52Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon <<
 Ann SnellDaughter18Female  South Tawton, Devon
 Mary SnellDaughter12Female  South Tawton, Devon
Lower Woodland, Broadwood Kelly, Okehampton, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead33Male Agricultural LabourerBroadwood Kelly, Devon << >>
 Letitia EasterbrookWife25Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon >>
Village, Broadwood Kelly, Okehampton, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead60Male Agricultural LabourerExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife60Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter19Female GloverBroadwood Kelly, Devon <<
Village, Broadwood Kelly, Okehampton, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead21Male ThatcherExbourne, Devon << >>
 Ellen EasterbrookWife21Female  Okehampton, Devon
 Sarah BoltVisitor17Female ServantOkehampton, Devon
Cottage, Exbourne, Okehampton, DevonJohn EastabrookHead59Male ThatcherExbourne, Devon <<
 Ann EastabrookWife68Female  South Tawton, Devon << >>
Iddlehile, Exbourne, Okehampton, DevonThomas EastabrookHead51MaleMarThatcherExbourne, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife43FemaleMar Exbourne, Devon
 George EastabrookSon12Male Thatcher's sonExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarExbourne, Devon
 Sophia EastabrookDaughter3Female ScholarExbourne, Devon >>
Cottage, Exbourne, Okehampton, DevonHenry W EastabrookHead36Male ThatcherOkehampton, Devon << >>
 Rebecca EastabrookWife29Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon
 Henry EastabrookSon4Male  Exbourne, Devon >>
 Joanna L EastabrookDaughter1Female  Exbourne, Devon >>
Cottage, Exbourne, Okehampton, DevonWalter EastabrookHead71MaleWidrThatcherExbourne, Devon <<
 Ezekiel EastabrookSon22MaleMarBlack SmithExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary EastabrookDaughter-in-law24FemaleMarGloverHighampton, Devon
 Dinah HardVisitor55FemaleUnNurseSampford Courtenay, Devon <<
Waterhouse, Exbourne, Okehampton, DevonSimon WestlakeHead53Male FarmerExbourne, Devon
 Mary L WestlakeWife43Female  Ottery St Mary, Devon
 Simon T WestlakeSon24Male  Exbourne, Devon
 William W C WestlakeSon22Male  Exbourne, Devon
 Mary R H WestlakeDaughter19Female  Exbourne, Devon
 Charlotte R W WestlakeDaughter11Female  Exbourne, Devon
 Richard W WestlakeSon9Male  Exbourne, Devon
 Robert EastabrookServant46Male CarterExbourne, Devon
 Ann BakerServant16Female House ServantHatherleigh, Devon
Exbourne, Okehampton, DevonWilliam EastabrookHead30Male  Exbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary EastabrookWife29Female  Exbourne, Devon
 William EastabrookSon6Male  Exbourne, Devon >>
 Mary EastabrookDaughter4Female  Exbourne, Devon >>
 John EastabrookServant2Male  Exbourne, Devon
Market St, Northtawton, North Tawton, Okehampton, DevonMary EasterbrookHead76FemaleWidowWasherwomanSouth Tawton, Devon >>
 Susan DawDaughter53FemaleUnLaundressSt Mary's Exeter, Devon << >>
Appledoor Hill Cottage, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, DevonAugustin PikeHead36Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Elizabeth PikeWife35Female  Exbourn, Devon << >>
 Augustin PikeSon9Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Ann PikeDaughter6Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Sarah PikeDaughter3Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 James PikeSon1Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
Barton, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, DevonWilliam AshHead40Male MasonSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Eliza AshWife32Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Thirzena AshDaughter2Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Edwin AshSon1Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Robert AshFather73Male MasonSampford Courtenay, Devon
 William T AshNephew14Male ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Mary J SouthcombeServant11Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
New Inn, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, DevonRichard KnottHead59Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Ann KnottWife55Female  Exbourne, Devon << >>
Aucotts in Town, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, DevonJohn CoombeHead51Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Elizabeth CoombeWife50Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon <<
 Jane CoombeDaughter11Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon
Pace, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, DevonJoseph EstabrookHead54Male Ag LabExbourne, Devon << >>
 Susanna EstabrookWife65Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 George EstabrookSon39Male Ag LabSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
Cliston, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton, DevonRichard PageHead44Male Farmer of 240 acresSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Betsey PageWife33Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Richard PageSon6Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 John PageSon4Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Dinah PageDaughter2Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Elizabeth PageDaughter1/12Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Elizabeth NorthcottVisitor44Female NurseNorth Tawton, Devon
 Mary A BrealeyServant19Female House ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Eliza DunaServant21Female DairymaidExbourne, Devon
 John EstabrookServant23Male CarterBroadwood Kelly, Devon << >>
 John HnattServant18Male CarterSampford Courtenay, Devon
 William StentifordServant14Male CarterSampford Courtenay, Devon
 William HarrisServant11Male Cattle TenderWinkleigh, Devon
Parsonage House, Wembworthy, Crediton, DevonPeter JohnsonHead74MaleWidowerRector of WembworthyAshreigney, Devon
 Graciana SambourneDaughter36Female  Timsbury, Somerset
 Elizabeth Anne Moor StevensGranddaughter9Female  Peter Marland, Devon
 Lydia PughVisitor50Female HousekeeperNewcastle Embleigh, Carmarthenshire, Wales
 Henry WiltonServant40Male ButlerBigbury, Devon
 George RiceServant22Male FootmanWembworthy, Devon
 Matilda ShearingServant28Female Lady's MaidCorsham, Wiltshire
 Frances EasterbrookServant41Female CookLapford, Devon << >>
 Phoebe BlackmoreServant33Female House MaidRoborough, Devon
 Anne GossServant20Female Kitchen MaidChawleigh, Devon
Stone Gate, Lapford, Crediton, DevonJohn EasterbrookeHead21Male Land DrainerLapford, Devon << >>
 Sarah EasterbrookeWife21Female  Lapford, Devon
* Stone Cottages, Lapford, Crediton, DevonThomazin EastabrookeHead66Female Formerly Serge WeaverLapford, Devon
 Alfred EastabrookeGrandson12Male ScholarLapford, Devon << >>
Cottages, Teal Monachorum, Zeal Monachorum, Crediton, DevonEdward EastabrookHead39Male Ag LabourerLapford, Devon << >>
 Charlotte EastabrookWife28Female  Chulmleigh, Devon
 Fanny EastabrookDaughter5Female ScholarLapford, Devon >>
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter2Female  Lapford, Devon >>
Duke of York Inn, High Street, Credition, Crediton, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead73Male BrewerCrediton, Devon <<
 Mary EasterbrookWife64Female ShopkeeperCrediton, Devon
* Place, Crediton, DevonFanny EasterbrooksHead56FemaleWidLaundressSandford, Devon <<
 Thomas SearleSon-in-law25MalemarCarterCrediton, Devon
 Susan SearleDaughter24FemalemarLaundressCrediton, Devon <<
 Frank SearleGrandson1Male  Crediton, Devon
Drarr St, Crediton, DevonThos Gooderb??Head66Male CordwainerCrediton, Devon <<
 Jane Gooderb??Wife69Female * WinderLondon, Middlesex >>
 Mary A ChallacombeLodger49Female  Crediton, Devon
Union Workhouse, Crediton, DevonRebecca EasterbrookeInmate26Female MinerCorrington, Devon
 Agnes EasterbrookInmate0Female  Crediton, Devon
Hill Geoford, Crediton, DevonRichard LeeHead45Male Farmer of 270 acresCrediton, Devon
 Ann LeeWife32Female  Sandford, Devon
 Nancy DemsomVisitor61Female RetiredZeal Monachorum, Devon
 Ann UpcottServant37Female  Sandford, Devon
 Maria ParkerServant14Female  Colebrooke, Devon
 William DommettServant22Male SheperdWoodworthy, Devon
 Daniel EasterbrookeServant21Male CarterN << >>
 Samuel LakeServant18Male CarterCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
 George KimminsServant13Male  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
 George DoveServant12Male  Morchard Bishop, Devon
Warrens Yeoford, Crediton, DevonJames LeeHead64MaleWidrFarmerCrediton, Devon
 Francis LeeBrother62Male Farmers BrotherCrediton, Devon
 Ann CheritonServant50Female HousekeeperCrediton, Devon
 Sarah HammettServant25Female  Sandford, Devon
 Eliza KersweekServant13Female  Crediton, Devon
 William TedrickServant24Male CarterCrediton, Devon
 George BattishallServant16Male CarterCrediton, Devon
 Edwin EasterbrookeServant15Male  Crediton, Devon << >>
 Harry DartServant12Male  Crediton, Devon
 John RaymontServant10Male  Crediton, Devon
J*ole Barton, Crediton, DevonJames StrongHead43Male FarmerDunchidick, Devon
 Mary StrongWife40Female  Dunsford, Devon
 John StrongSon6Male ScholarCrediton, Devon
 Thomas StrongSon4Male ScholarCrediton, Devon
 Mary StrongDaughter2Female  Crediton, Devon
 Elizabeth HammettServant12Female House ServCrediton, Devon
 Elizabeth HolsgroveServant9Female  Crediton, Devon
 Samuel LuxtonServant20Male CarterCrediton, Devon
 William SpearServant18Male CarterCrediton, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookeServant15Male CarterShobrooke, Devon << >>
 Louis LewisServant10Male Cow BoyCrediton, Devon
Penstone Village, Colebrooke, Crediton, DevonSusan BrawnHead70FemaleWid Colebrooke, Devon
 Susan BrawnDaughter30Female Farm LabourerColebrooke, Devon
 William EastabrookSon-in-law24MaleMarCarterCrediton, Devon
 Ann EastabrookDaughter22Female  Colebrooke, Devon
 Eliza EastabrookGranddaughter1Female  Colebrooke, Devon
Easterbrook Farm, Colebrooke, Crediton, DevonWilliam CheritonHead64Male Farmer of 45 acresDown St Mary, Devon
 Sarah CheritonWife60Female  Crediton, Devon
 Sarah CheritonDaughter24Female  Whitstone, Devon
Cheriton Fitzpaine village, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Crediton, DevonThomas StabbockHead89MaleWidrRetired farmerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookServant68Female House keeperUpton Helions, Devon << >>
 Grace MareBoarder65Female &Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
3 Coombe Road, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Crediton, DevonSimon DiscombeHead66Male Ag LabSandford, Devon
 Mary DiscombeWife68Female  Shobrooke, Devon <<
Welcome, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Crediton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead59MaleMarFarmer of ? acresCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon <<
 Mary EasterbrookWife59FemaleMar Cadbury, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon22MaleMar Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter-in-law22FemaleMar Cadbury, Devon
 Elizabeth M EasterbrookGranddaughter5/12Female  Cadbury, Devon >>
 Mary A HookingsServant11Female House ServCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
 Daniel RidhamServant16Male CarterCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Park House, Sandford, Crediton, DevonJohn BrownHead89Male Farms a few acresSandford, Devon
 Ann BrownSister90Female  Sandford, Devon
 Elizabeth BurgeVisitor55Female  Bampton, Devon
 Frances BurgeVisitor26Female  Sandford, Devon
 Eliza EasterbrooksServant22FemaleUnHouse MaidSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Jane DallyServant38FemaleMarCookPuddington, Devon
 William LeachServant11Male Cow BoySandford, Devon
Strangaton, Stockleigh Pomeroy, Crediton, DevonRichard HarveyHead57Male FarmerSandford, Devon
 Jane HarveyWife54Female  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
 Sarah J HarveyDaughter25Female  Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon
 Matilda HarveyDaughter21Female  Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon
 Mary A C HarveyDaughter16Female CarterStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon
 Robert GreensladeServant16Male  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon
Mill Cotts, Shobrooke, Crediton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead54Male Agricultural LabourerShobrooke, Devon << >>
 Susanna EasterbrookWife49Female  Drewsteignton, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarUpton Helions, Devon <<
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarShobrooke, Devon >>
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Shobrooke, Devon >>
Hyde Farm, Shobrooke, Crediton, DevonRichard DaddHead52Male FarmerSt Thomas the Apostle, Devon
 Mary DaddWife52Female  Holcombe Burnell, Devon
 William DaddSon22Male ShepherdSt Thomas the Apostle, Devon
 Jane DaddDaughter21Female  St Thomas the Apostle, Devon
 Mary ArchardServant15Female House ServantCrediton, Devon
 John EasterbrookServant18Male CarterShobrooke, Devon << >>
 James HillServant12Male ServantShobrooke, Devon
Helebaires, Bradninch, Exeter, Tiverton, DevonWilliam HallHead48Male FarmerCrediton, Devon
 Elizabeth HallWife30Female  Cheriton, Devon << >>
 Charlotte OxhamServant20Female House ServTiverton, Devon
Turley, Cadbury, Tiverton, DevonElizabeth VicaryHead63Female FarmerCrediton, Devon
 Thomas VicarySon40Male  Exeter, Devon
 Ann VicaryDaughter26Female  Cadbury, Devon
 Susan TuckerServant25Female House ServantShobrooke, Devon
 John DuckhamServant40Male CarterHalberton, Devon
 Charles HurleyServant36Male CarterCadbury, Devon
 Joseph CoppServant24Male Carter Upexe, Devon
 William HedglandServant10Male Drives ploughCadbury, Devon
 Lucy EasterbrookGranddaughter3Female  Cadbury, Devon >>
*Court, Exeter, Tiverton, DevonWilliam TuckeHead41Male FarmerCadeleigh, Devon
 Charlotte TuckeWife42Female  Roborough, Devon
 Henrietta TuckeDaughter13Female  Cadeleigh, Devon
 Alfred W TuckeSon10Male  Cadeleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth TuckeDaughter8Female  Cadeleigh, Devon
 Ann Eliza TuckeDaughter6Female  Cadeleigh, Devon
 Salvina DownVisitor75Female  Little Torrington, Devon
 Mary Jane GamlinServant16Female  Milverton, Somerset
 Richard EasterbrookServant22Male CarterCrediton, Devon << >>
 John BastinServant14Male  Cadeleigh, Devon
Cadeligh, Exeter, Tiverton, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead29Male Agricultural LabourerCrediton, Devon << >>
 Grace EasterbrookWife27Female  Cadeleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon6Male  Cadeleigh, Devon >>
 William EasterbrookSon3Male  Cadeleigh, Devon >>
 John HawkinsVisitor61Male  Cadeleigh, Devon
Birchen Oak, Cullompton, Tiverton, DevonDaniel EastabrookHead65Male Ag.LabCheddon Fitzpaine, Devon <<
 Maria EastabrookWife59Female  Sandford, Devon
Cottages, Cullompton, Tiverton, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead62Male Ag.Lab.Tiverton, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife60Female  Bampton, Devon
 William DaveyBoarder21Male  Exeter, Devon
Fore Street, Tiverton, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead65MaleUnRetired IronmongerBristol, Somerset << >>
 Ann NormanServant46FemaleUnHouse ServantWinsford, Somerset
 Emma BrownServant21FemaleUnHouse ServantHolcombe Rogus, Devon
"Cross Keys", Gold St, Tiverton, DevonJane EasterbrookHead61Female InnkeeperTiverton, Devon <<
 Edward EasterbrookSon31Male BrewerTiverton, Devon <<
 Ann HooperDaughter29Female Tailor's WifeTiverton, Devon <<
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter26Female MillinerTiverton, Devon <<
Almshouse, Millbrook St, Tiverton, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead65Male GardnerBickleigh, Devon <<
 Ann EasterbrookWife66Female  Witheridge, Devon
Grove Mill Cottage, East Worlington, South Molton, DevonAndrew C HosegoodHead62Male FarmerWest Worlington, Devon
 Elizth HosegoodWife58Female  East Worlington, Devon
 Elizth EasterbrookDaughter38Female  East Worlington, Devon >>
 Lucy EasterbrookGranddaughter3Female  East Worlington, Devon >>
Greate Shute, Chulmleigh, South Molton, DevonJames GreenHead60Male Ag LabCheriton Bishop, Devon
 Mary GreenWife64Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon <<
 Maria GreenDaughter18Female LacemakerChulmleigh, Devon
 William GreenLodger21Male  Chulmleigh, Devon
 Catherine GreenWife23Female  Cheldon, Devon
 Eliza J GreenDaughter1/12Female  Chulmleigh, Devon
West Hill, Exeter, Barnstaple, DevonJohn E LoweHead73Male Retired Provision MerchantUttoxeter, Staffordshire
 Susan LoweWife72Female  Northam, Devon
 Mary Ann EasterbrookServant20Female House ServBraunton, Devon <<
Bladder Park, Braunton, Barnstaple, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead47Male Ag LabAlwington, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife44Female  Braunton, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarBraunton, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon2Male  Braunton, Devon >>
 Charles Henry EasterbrookSon10/12Male  Braunton, Devon >>
Rogers, Braunton, Barnstaple, DevonJohn SnowHead51Male FarmerBraunton, Devon
 Mary SnowWife51Female  Braunton, Devon
 John Lock SnowSon16Male  Braunton, Devon
 Kitty SnowDaughter12Female  Braunton, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookServant17Female House ServBraunton, Devon << >>
 Kate ClarkeServant14Female Dairy MaidBraunton, Devon
 William CharleyServant48Male CarterFremington, Devon
 James QuickServant20Male CarterBraunton, Devon
 Benjamin PetherickServant14Male Servant in HusbandryBraunton, Devon
Park Cottage, Braunton, Barnstaple, DevonSamuel StumpHead41Male Game KeeperExeter, Devon
 Mary Elizabeth StumpWife37Female  Exeter, Devon
 Betsy EasterbrookServant16Female House ServBraunton, Devon <<
West Woodsland Farm, Fremington, Barnstaple, DevonThos RichardsHead38Male FarmerN Devon, High Bickington
 Mary Ann RichardsWife35Female  N Devon, Chittlehampton
 Mary Ann RichardsDaughter11Female  N Devon, High Bickington
 John RichardsSon7Male  N Devon, Fremington
 Helena A G RichardsDaughter3Female  N Devon, Fremington
 Johnb RantonServant17Male  N Devon, Wear Gifford
 Mary EasterbrookServant20Female  N Devon, High Bickington << >>
 Thos CattleServant11Male  N Devon, Swimbridge
Lower Ludford, Shebbear, Torrington, DevonPeter JuddHead50Male Ag LabSt Giles, Devon
 Elizabeth JuddWife46Female Glove makerParkham, Devon <<
 Mary A JuddDaughter10Female  St Giles, Devon
 Fanny JuddDaughter9Female  St Giles, Devon
 Elizabeth JuddDaughter7Female  St Giles, Devon
 Peter JuddSon5Male  Shebbear, Devon
 Eliza JuddDaughter2Female  Shebbear, Devon
Cottage, Frithelstock, Torrington, DevonHenry EasterbrooksHead39Male LabourerDevon << >>
 Sarah EasterbrooksWife48Female  Devon
Medde Little Wear, Wear Gifford, Torrington, DevonWilliam ParkhouseHead56Male FarmerWear Gifford, Devon
 Ann ParkhouseWife52Female  Wear Gifford, Devon
 Betty DowningMother-in-law77Female  Little Torrington, Devon
 John HaskingsServant18Male PloughmanWear Gifford, Devon
 Grace Ann EasterbrookServant17Female General ServantHigh Bickington, Devon << >>
 Robert HaskingsServant12Male Cattle BoyWear Gifford, Devon
Little Southcott, Wear Gifford, Torrington, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead45Male Farm LabourerHuntshaw, Devon >>
 Sarah EasterbrookWife4Female  Wear Gifford, Devon
 George Burges TurnerSon-in-law9Male  Wear Gifford, Devon
 John Henry EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarWear Gifford, Devon >>
 Frederick EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarWear Gifford, Devon >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter3/12Female  Wear Gifford, Devon >>
Ford, Huntshaw, Torrington, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead43Male Ag LabHuntshaw, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife52Female  High Bickington, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookSon14Male ScholarHigh Bickington, Devon << >>
 Sarah Jane EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarHigh Bickington, Devon >>
Ford, Huntshaw, Torrington, DevonGrace EasterbrookHead72FemaleWidFormerly NurseHuntshaw, Devon >>
 John BrantonBrother75MaleWidrFormerly Ag LabHuntshaw, Devon
Ashtons, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, DevonRichard HarrisHead59Male Ag.LabBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Mary HarrisWife62Female WasherwomanBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Fanny HarrisDaughter35Female GloverBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Eliza HarrisDaughter19Female House ServBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Jessie HarrisGrandson6Male ScholarCarmarthen, Wales
Stapledons, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, DevonMary EastabrookHead27Female CharwomanBranton, Devon
 Mary J EastabrookDaughter8Female ScholarBranton, Devon >>
 Ellen EastabrookDaughter4Female ScholarGeorgeham, Devon
 Elizabeth A EastabrookDaughter2Female  Georgeham, Devon
 Robert EastabrookSon1Male  Bideford, Devon >>
Shutes, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, DevonRobert EastabrookHead71Male Ag.Lab.Buckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Mary EastabrookWife70Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Dorcas A FriendGranddaughter5Female ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon
Lower Gorwood, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, DevonJoseph EastabrookHead55Male Ag.Lab.Buckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Betsy EastabrookWife56Female HousekeeperParkham, Devon
Higher Twitchen, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, DevonFrances FishleyHead42Male FarmerBulkworthy, Devon
 John FishleySon12Male  Sutcombe, Devon
 Robert FishleySon9Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Elizabeth AllinSister-in-law29Female HousekeeperCookbury, Devon
 William EasterbrooksE21Male Farm ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Maris StidevillServant17Female General ServantCookbury, Devon
Downs, Monkleigh, Bideford, DevonGeorge CooperHead78Male Land Agent and FarmerHandsworth, Staffordshire
 Mary CooperWife76Female  Kings Norton, Worcestershire
 Clara CooperDaughter42Female  Alverdiscott, Devon
 Mary SaundersServant30Female House ServEast Putford, Devon
 Mary Ann SeldonServant18Female DairymaidTawstock, Devon
 Joseph EasterbrookServant18Male CarterBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 James BeerServant19Male CarterBulkworthy, Devon
 Samuel GowinServant14Male CowboyMonkleigh, Devon
Down Cottage, Monkleigh, Bideford, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead33Male Ag.Lab. Huntshaw, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife31Female  St Giles, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarAlverdiscott, Devon << >>
 Wilmot EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarAlverdiscott, Devon
West Stone,Parkham, Parkham, Bideford, DevonJohn TythecottHead38Male Farm LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Mary TythecottWife32Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon <<
 Leah Ann TythecottDaughter6Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Titus TythecottSon3Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Emma TythecottDaughter1Female  Parkham, Devon
Esciot Farm, Hartland, Bideford, DevonWilliam ChopeHead60Male FarmerHartland, Devon
 Mary ChopeWife51Female  Sutcombe, Devon
 William VineVisitor24Male DraperSutcombe, Devon
 William EastbrookServant26Male PloughmanClovelly, Devon << >>
 Thomas ClatworthyServant22Male CarterHartland, Devon
 John CoppServant19Male ShepperdFrithelstock, Devon
 Charls LittlejohnsServant12Male CowboyFrithelstock, Devon
 Ann CookServant23Female HousemaidFrithelstock, Devon
 Elizebeth ClokeServant14Female HousemaidFrithelstock, Devon
Forcewell Farm, Hartland, Bideford, DevonLewis LaneHead31Male FarmerWest Putford, Devon
 Mary Grace LaneWife27Female  Parkham, Devon
 John LaneSon7Male  West Putford, Devon
 Charles Henry LaneSon6Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Alphonso Wm LaneSon4Male  Hartland, Devon
 Mary Isabelo LaneDaughter11/12Female  Hartland, Devon
 Sarah BabbServant18Female HousemaidHartland, Devon
 Jane JefferyServant13Female DairymaidHartland, Devon
 Thomas EastabrookServant25Male PloughmanClovelly, Devon << >>
 John ClatworthyServant19Male CarterHartland, Devon
 Francis ShortServant15Male CowboyHartland, Devon
Napp, Woolfardisworthy, Bideford, DevonWilliam FoundHead33Male Agricultural LabParkham, Devon
 Mary A FoundWife33Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon << >>
 James FoundSon9Male  Clovelly, Devon
 John FoundSon8Male  Clovelly, Devon
 Susan FoundDaughter6Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 Eliza FoundDaughter5Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 William FoundSon3Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 Mary A FoundDaughter1Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
Woolsery Village, Woolfardisworthy, Bideford, DevonWilliam EastabrookHead46Male ShoemakerWoolfardisworthy, Devon << >>
 Ann EastabrookWife46Female  Peters Marland, Devon
 Elizabeth Y EastabrookDaughter17Female DressmakerWoolfardisworthy, Devon <<
 James EastabrookSon15Male ShoemakerWoolfardisworthy, Devon << >>
 William G EastabrookSon12Male ScholarWoolfardisworthy, Devon << >>
 Mahalath EastabrookDaughter9Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 Thirza M EastabrookDaughter6Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon >>
Ivy House, Woolsery Village, Woolfardisworthy, Bideford, DevonJohn EastabrookHead75Male ShoemakerBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Mary DarkServant59Female Domestic ServantWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 William DarkLodger67Male Agricultural LabourerWoolfardisworthy, Devon
Woolsery Village, Woolfardisworthy, Bideford, DevonJob AndrewHead35Male Tailor (Master)Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 Mary A AndrewWife33Female  Clovelly, Devon
 Thomas AndrewSon6Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 William AndrewSon3Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 John AndrewSon2Male  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 Eliza PengillyServant18Female House ServWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 John HamlynJourneyman21Male Journeyman TailorClovelly, Devon
 Robert EastabrookApprentice15Male Apprentice to a TailorClovelly, Devon <<
?yke Cottage, Clovelly, Bideford, DevonThomas EastabrookHead65Male Agricultural LabourerBuckland, Devon <<
 Julia Ann EastabrookWife55Female  Clovelly, Devon
 Elizabeth RowDaughter24Female GloverClovelly, Devon <<
 Fanny EastabrookBose Child12Female  Clovelly, Devon
Hankford, Bulkworthy, Bideford, DevonThomas HarrisHead31Male FarmerWear Gifford, Devon
 Phebe L HarrisWife25Female  East Putford, Devon
 William HarrisSon2Male  Bulkworthy, Devon
 Bessie C HarrisDaughter1Female  Bulkworthy, Devon
 Emily L HarrisDaughter1/12Female  Bulkworthy, Devon
 Emily L FrySister-in-law18Female  East Putford, Devon
 Jane HarrisV,S24Female  Wear Gifford, Devon
 Edmund HarrisV,B23Male  Wear Gifford, Devon
 Ann ShortServant18Female House ServHartland, Devon
 Grace JollowServant15Female House ServThornbury, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookServant21Male CarterBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 John TaylorServant9Male General ServantFrithelstock, Devon
Fore Street, Lanteglos By Camelford, Lanteglos by Camelford, Camelford, CornwallWilliam L HenwoodHead47Male DraperSt Teath, Cornwall
 Martha V HenwoodWife47Female "Camelford, Cornwall
 Elizabeth CartwrightVisitor43Female "St Martins, Shropshire
 Mary HinsmanVisitor52Female "Lanteglos, Cornwall
 Sarah J EastabrookApprentice22Female Draper's AssistantIpsplesen, Devon <<
 Mary A ClemenceApprentice18Female AssSt Mabyn, Cornwall
 George HamllyApprentice19Male AssSt Mabyn, Cornwall
 William H HarperApprentice18Male AssDavidstow, Cornwall
 Nehemiah MastersApprentice15Male AssDavidstow, Cornwall
 William F HamlbyApprentice15Male AssSt Mabyn, Cornwall
 Emma PethickServant26Female Home ServMichaelstow, Cornwall
 Sophia WelchServant15Female Home ServCamelford, Cornwall
 Mary CartwrightApprentice15Female AssSt Martins, Shropshire
 Fanny ChenowethApprentice33Female Washer WomanLanteglos, Cornwall
Blafirick, Antony St Jacob, St Germans, CornwallGeorge CrossmanHead27Male Ag LabBuckland Monachorum, Devon
 Johanna CrossmanWife25Female  Sandford Courtney, Devon << >>
 Mary A CrossmanDaughter2Female  Beer Ferris, Devon
 Thomas CrossmanSon10/12Male  Antony, Cornwall
Antony, St Germans, CornwallJohn TickellHead37Male Labourer & Lodging House KeeperTamerton, Devon
 Susan TickellWife45Female CookBorisend, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant20Female HousemaidSt Austell, Cornwall
 Sarah SparkesServant12Female Seuller MaidAntony, Cornwall
 George M CollinsLodger20Male * R.E.Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Albert D GraltonLodger40Male Captn B* Major R.E.B S, France
 William WasherServant14Male Groom & House ServChudleigh, Devon
11 G James St, Weston-super-Mare, Emanuel, Axbridge, SomersetWilliam EasterbrookHead49Male Baker & GrocerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife49Female  Tiverton, Devon
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarWetheredge, Devon >>
Gotha Villas, Rose Terrace, Portishead, Bedminster, SomersetEllin EasterbrookHead36Female Builders WifeBristol, Somerset
 Martha EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarBristol, Somerset << >>
 Edwin Benjn EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarPortishead, Somerset >>
 Ellin EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarPortishead, Somerset >>
 William EasterbrookSon2Male ScholarPortishead, Somerset >>
 Agnes Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Portishead, Somerset >>
Fry's House of Mercy, Redcliffe, Bristol St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, GloucestershireThomas SpeerHead54Male EngineerBristol
 Mary SpeerWife43Female  Newport << >>
 Richard EastabrookBrother-in-law50Male CarpenterPortsmouth << >>
 Arthur EastabrookNephew9Male ScholarPatshurst, Staffordshire >>
 Matilda JonesNiece12Female ScholarJonliff
Newfoundland St, Bristol, St Clement, Bristol, GloucestershireJoanna EastabrookHead68FemaleWidowGeneral ?Devon <<
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter41FemaleUnDress MakerBristol << >>
 Emma M SpradlingDaughter27FemaleWAssistantBristol << >>
 Emily E SpradlingDaughter6Female ScholarBristol
 Frederick J SpradlingSon4Male ScholarBristol
 Sarah J EastabrookVisitor16Female  Bristol <<
St James Bartor, Bristol, Bristol St James, Bristol, GloucestershireAnn TellingWidow61Female  Wrington, Somerset
 Maria WilcoxSister53Female  Wrington, Somerset
 Eliza TellingNiece27Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Tryphena EastabrookBoarder48Female House KeeperPortsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Thomas Oselan WickhamBoarder30Male  Whitchurch, Somerset
 Sydney Palmer DannonBoarder17Male  Bridgewater, Somerset
 James Slade PorterBoarder16Male  At Sea
 Jane SavageBoarder26Female  Longden, Wiltshire
 Hozer BroomBoarder19Female  York, Yorkshire
 Sarah HellBoarder18Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Ellen PaulServant18Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
Bristol St Michael, Bristol, GloucestershireSaml ShrapnellHead38Male  Hilperton, Wiltshire
 Harriett J ShrapnellWife32Female  Bristol
 Rebecca ShrapnellSister28Female  Hilperton, Wiltshire
 Emma ShrapnellDaughter9Female  Bristol
 Mary EveleighMar41FemaleMarDraperSomerset
 Sarah A EveleighDaughter18FemaleU Somerset
 Ester Emma EasterbrookVisitor21FemaleU Hampshire << >>
Trenchard St, Bristol, Bristol St Michael, Bristol, GloucestershireJohn EasterbrookHead42Male Shoe MakerBristol << >>
 Elizth EasterbrookWife44Female Dress MakerBristol
 Elizth EasterbrookDaughter14Female Dress MakerBristol << >>
 John EasterbrookSon12Male PotterBristol << >>
 George EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarBristol
 Edward EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarBristol >>
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter2Female ScholarBristol >>
 Walter EasterbrookSon1Male  Bristol >>
54 Rotwell Rd, Clifton, GloucestershireSusan LawrenceHead40FemaleWidowLaundressBristol, Clifton
 Janos S LawrenceSon12Male  Bristol, Clifton
 Ruben S LawrenceSon9Male  Bristol, Clifton
 Emma A LawrenceDaughter7Female  Bristol, Clifton
 Sarah H LawrenceDaughter4Female  Bristol, Clifton
 Alexander A LawrenceSon1Male  Bristol, Clifton
 Amrah StookeMother68Female Formerly LaundressMane, Cornwall
 Christina EasterbrookNiece17Female LaundressBristol, Gloucestershire <<
11 Clifton Place, Clifton, GloucestershireSamuel EastabrookHead47Male Bookmaker & Photographer ArtistPortemouth, Hampshire <<
 Ann EastabrookWife33Female  Burton, Westmorland
 Frederick EastabrookSon5Male ScholarClifton, Gloucestershire
 Charles EastabrookSon2Male ScholarClifton, Gloucestershire >>
 Frank EastabrookSon1Male ScholarClifton, Gloucestershire >>
 Emily ChanningServant14Female Home ServantBristol, Bedminster
 Emma BevinLodger36FemaleUnDress MakerBridgnorth, Somerset
 Elizabeth BigwoodLodger38FemaleUnMillinerCabbecot, Monmouthshire, Wales
Clarence St, Wolverhampton, St Mark, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireGeorge H EasterbrookHead38Male Police ConstableWiddecombe, Devon << >>
 Elizebeth EasterbrookWife32Female  Oaken, Staffordshire
 Edwin EasterbrookSon2Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 John V EasterbrookSon10/12Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 James BatesStepson15Male Forge man in Iron WorksHorsbrook, Staffordshire
 Arthur BatesStepson7Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Market St No 20, Wolverhampton, St Peter, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireGeorge BrownHead33Male BrewerCossall, Staffordshire
 Sarah Ann BrownWife42Female  Buildwas, Shropshire
 Sarah Jane DarrallStepdaughter-in-law13Female ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire
 Elizabeth JonesSister-in-law40Female DressmakerBasildon, Shropshire
 Charles HarrallLodger26Male ShoemakerHoughton on the Hill, Leicestershire
 George EasterbrookLodger18Male Iron Worker's ClerkLizwell, Devon << >>
 John BrownLodger28Male PorterCodsall, Staffordshire
Smisby, Ashby De La Zouch, DerbyshireEdward GentHead50Male WaggonerAtherstone, Warwickshire
 Eliza GentWife48Female  London
 Sarah BradshawDaughter-in-law20Female  Warwickshire >>
 Jane Ann BradshawGranddaughter1Female  Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire
Ashby de la Zouch, Ashby De La Zouch, LeicestershireBenjamin MuggletonHead29Male   Naseby, Northamptonshire
 Elizabeth MuggletonWife22Female  Warwick, Warwickshire
 Eliza MuggletonDaughter1Female  Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire
18 Ripleys Garden, Liverpool, St Nicholas, Liverpool, LancashireWilliam BellHead45Male EngineerScotland
 Rachael BellWife38Female  Scotland
 William BellSon18Male Letter Press PrinterScotland
 Mary Ann BellDaughter6Female  Liverpool, Lancashire
 Rachael BellDaughter4Female  Liverpool, Lancashire >>
No 78 Mann St, Toxteth Park, St Thomas, West Derby, LancashirePeter Gilbert AnjersHead28Male RiggerLiverpool
 Sarah Ann AnjersWife24Female  Liverpool
 Gilbert AnjersSon3Male  Liverpool
 John AnjersSon1Male  Liverpool
 John RobinsStepson26Male MarinerLiverpool
 Robert John EasterbrookLodger17Male MarinerLiverpool
 Mary WilkinsonVisitor56Female Dress MakerNorthwich, Cheshire
 Jane SpencerVisitor45Female LaundressLiverpool
Brook House, Great Crosby, Litherland, West Derby, LancashireMaria EstherbrookServant75FemaleUnHousemaidDevon
Gut R Gavch, Peterborough, St John the Baptist, Peterborough, NorthamptonshireWilliam EsterbrookHead39Male Inspector Ashburton, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EsterbrookWife47Female  Ilsington, Devon
 George EsterbrookSon10Male  Paddington, Middlesex <<
 Thomas EsterbrookSon5Male   Darlington, Durham >>
Madons Arms, Barnstaple, Holy Trinity, Barnstaple, DevonWilliam BeerHead32Male Labourer Gas WorksTawton, Devon
 Ann BeerWife32Male GloverBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrooksVisitor6Male ScholarBraunton, Devon >>
 John HammettBoarder25Male Labourer Gas WorksSwimbridge, Devon
 John BlackmoreBoarder52Male Boiler MakerWeriliscombe

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