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British Census 1891 (print)

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Town Hospital, Hospital Lane, St Peter PortJohn Easterbrook 61Male  St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands >>
Hull Royal Infirmary, Kingston upon Hull, Holy Trinity, YorkshireEmily EasterbrookPatient44FemalemarriedCharwoman, Husband Labourer GeneralLondon, Middlesex
37 New Oxford St, SwanseaAlfred J EasterbrooksHead42Male Water Inspection CorporationLafford, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrooksWife43Female  Chamley, Devon
 Fanny A EasterbrooksDaughter20Female  Lafford, Devon << >>
 John A C EasterbrooksSon15Male BlacksmithSwansea, Glamorgan, Wales << >>
 Alfred John EasterbrooksSon5Male  Swansea >>
 Lewis J EasterbrooksSon7/12Male  Swansea >>
13 Archibald St, ChristchurchJohn HodgeHead79Male Farm LabourerBampton, Devon
 Fanny HodgeWife65Female  Bampton, Devon
 H EasterbrookLodger35Male LabourerTorquay, Devon << >>
HMS Mildura, Chatham, Brompton, Royal Navy, KentWilliam EasterbrookCrew24MalemarriedChief StokerDevonport, Devon
145 Gyfarthfer St, RoathArthur EastabrookHead39Male JoinerPortishead, Somerset << >>
 Ellen EastabrookWife36Female  Coleford, Gloucestershire
 Herbert E EastabrookSon13Male ScholarPontnewynydd, Monmouthshire, Wales << >>
 Ethel N EastabrookDaughter11Female ScholarCardiff, Glamorgan, Wales << >>
 William EastabrookSon7Male ScholarCardiff, Glamorgan, Wales >>
 Reginald EastabrookSon4Male ScholarCardiff, Glamorgan, Wales >>
38 New Street, Cadoxton Juxta BarryThomas DennisHead35Male Grocer & BakerWeymouth, Somerset
 Margaret DennisWife30Female  Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales
 Walter Easterbrook 20Male BakerHounslow, London << >>
63 Bute St, AberdareMorgan EvansHead38Male PatternmakerAberdare, Glamorgan, Wales
 Jane EvansWife39Female  Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales
 Catherine Jane EvansDaughter4Female ScholarAberdare, Glamorgan, Wales
 Joseph EasterbrookLodger17Male * CleanerBuckland Brewer, Devon <<
39 oakfields Street, RoathWilliam EastabrookHead32Male AccountantPortishead, Somerset << >>
 Susie EastabrookWife32Female  Pobrnan, Cornwall
 Donald EastabrookSon4Male  Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales >>
 Norah BelbeyServant18Female Domestic ServantCardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Great Western Coffee Tavern & Washington Hotel, Rotunda Blds, St MaryEdwin EastabrookHead36Male Hotel KeeperPortishead, Somerset << >>
 Lucy EastabrookWife33Female  South Petherton, Somerset
 Mildred EastabrookDaughter3Female  Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales >>
 Ivor EastabrookSon1Male  Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales >>
Marske, Marske, YorkshireJohn PattonHead60Male  Marske, Yorkshire
 Rebecca PattonWife62Female  Maltby, Yorkshire
 John Wm PattonSon28Male  Marske, Yorkshire
 Elizabeth PattonDaughter30Female  Marske, Yorkshire
 George Hy PattonSon27MaleM Marske, Yorkshire << >>
 Robert Wilson PattonSon22Male  Marske, Yorkshire
2 Pearl Place, RoathRichard EastabrookHead80Male BuilderPortsmouth, Hampshire <<
 Ellen EastabrookWife66Female  Bristol, Gloucestershire
 Walter EastabrookSon24Male ClerkPortishead, Somerset << >>
 Rebecca JenkinsServant37Female  Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
30 Wood Street, Cadoxton Juxta BarryAnna Maria WyattMother43Female  Brixham, Devon
 John ComishSon24Male  Ashurton, Devon
 Arthur Edward EasterbrookBoarder18Male  Tormohan Torguay, Devon << >>
 Annie Louise MyattDaughter3Female  Cathays, Cardiff
Rock Villa, OystermouthGeorge CurtisHead61Male Stream Threshing Machine ProprietorPenmaen, Glamorgan, Wales
 Mary CurtisWife38Female  Resolven, Glamorgan, Wales
 John C CurtisSon15Male ScholarLlandewi, Glamorgan, Wales
 Elizabeth ThomasMother-in-law66FemaleWidOccupier of FarmMargam, Glamorgan, Wales
 Catherine EasterbrookServant18Female General Servant DomesticLapford, Devon <<
3 Brook Place, Birkenhead, Birkenhead, CheshireElizabeth EasterbrookHead43FemaleWidowLaundressBirkenhead, Cheshire >>
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter18Female School TeacherSouth America >>
 William EasterbrookSon16Male Errand BoySouth America >>
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarSouth America >>
Marine BuildingsCharles EasterbrookHead34Male Coast GuardEngland << >>
 Emily EasterbrookWife33Female  England
 Charles R EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarEngland >>
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarLossiemouth, Nairn
 Eva Grace EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarLossiemouth, Nairn >>
Scholar Green, Odd Rode, CheshireGeorge BroadloveHead44Male  Odd Rode, Cheshire
 Mary BroadloveWife41Female Railway SignalmanOdd Rode, Cheshire <<
 James BroadloveSon22Male  Odd Rode, Cheshire
 William BroadloveSon18Male  Odd Rode, Cheshire
 Sarah BroadloveDaughter13Female  Odd Rode, Cheshire
 Ellen BroadloveDaughter7Female  Odd Rode, Cheshire
 Mary Ann BroadloveDaughter4Female  Odd Rode, Cheshire
DevonsideWilliam EasterbrookHead58Male Coal MinerEngland << >>
 Rebecca EasterbrookWife57Female  England
 William EasterbrookSon35Male Coal MinerEngland << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookSon's Wife (Daughter-in-law)40Female  England
 Benjamin EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarKilmaurs, Ayrshire << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarNewmills, Ayrshire
 Richard EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarKilmaurs, Ayrshire >>
 Edward EasterbrookSon4Male  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire >>
DevonsideJohn EasterbrookHead31Male Coal MinerEngland << >>
 Catherine EasterbrookWife27Female  Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
 John EasterbrookDopted Son9mMale  Crosshouse, Ayrshire
 Florance EasterbrookDaughter2mFemale  Crosshouse, Ayrshire >>
 Martha EasterbrookSister15Female MillworkerCrosshouse, Ayrshire << >>
 Sarah BlackWifes Sister (Sister-in-law)25Female MillworkerKilmarnock, Ayrshire
Vessel SS Ann Webster, Tyne Dock South Shields, Vessels, DurhamH EasterbrookCrew29MalemarriedAb.SeamanDawlish, Devon << >>
12 Winton StWilliam T EasterbrooksHead30Male Ship StewartEngland << >>
 Emily EasterbrooksWife30Female  England
 Alfred J EasterbrooksSon7Male ScholarGreenock, Renfrewshire >>
 Susie P EasterbrooksDaughter3Female  Ardrossan, Ayrshire >>
 Susie HattonSister-in-law20Female  England
2 Doe Place, Citadel Rd, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonRobert Y EasterbrookHead44Male Ship Agent's ClerkDevonport, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife48Female  Milton Abbot, Devon
 Alfred L EasterbrookSon19Male Solicitors ClerkPlymouth, Devon << >>
63 Victoria Park, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonErnest KittsHead33Male OutfitterPlymouth, Devon
 Annie L KittsWife34Female  Merthyr, Allendale
 Matild L C KittsDaughter3Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Ethel B KittsDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Erica F KittsDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Hannah DyerServant21Female  Golant, Cornwall
 Lucy E EasterbrookServant14Female Nurseful (Domestic)Ludford, Devon <<
Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonHenrietta EasterbrookHead29Female  Penryn, Cornwall
 Henrietta EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Annie Lousie EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon
 John Richard J EasterbrookSon6/12Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Daisy CoveVisitor10Female  Plymouth, Devon
6 Princess St, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonSamuel EarlHead47MaleMBlacksmithCornwall
 Fanny EarlWife45FemaleM Devon
 Ellen EarlDaughter24FemaleS Devon
 Fanny EarlDaughter17FemaleS Devon
 Lucy EarlDaughter9FemaleS Devon
 Mary EarlDaughter7FemaleS Devon
 Charles F EarlSon5MaleS Devon
 William C EasterbrookApprentice16MaleSBlacksmith ApprenticeDevon << >>
17 Garden Crescent, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonMatthew EasterbrookHead49MaleMGeneral LabourerDevonport, Devon <<
 Emily EasterbrookWife47FemaleM Stonehouse, Devon
12 Buckland Terr, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonFanny EasterbrooksBoarder22Female Drapers' AssistantAshburton, Devon <<
14 Admiralty St, East Stonehouse, East Stonehouse, East Stonehouse, DevonJohn H EastabrookHead36MaleMarStorehouseman R W V YardDevonport, Devon << >>
 Sarah EastabrookWife34FemaleMar Sidmouth, Devon
21 E* Pl, Stonehouse, East Stonehouse, East Stonehouse, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead43MaleMarLeeby Odd FellowEast Stonehouse, Devon << >>
 Katherine EasterbrookWife38FemaleMar Plymouth, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter3Female  East Stonehouse, Devon >>
 Dorothy EasterbrookDaughter6/12Female  East Stonehouse, Devon >>
 Bose GordonServant14Female  Plymouth, Devon
5 Peel Street, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, East Stonehouse, DevonRichart MaddisonHead27Male Private R NSledmere, Yorkshire
 Mary A MaddisonWife29Female  St Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon << >>
36 Nw St, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonSamuel GunnellHead57Male PorterPlymouth, Devon
 Betsey J GunnellWife69Female MachinestPlymouth, Devon
 Emma EasterbrooksVisitor40Female MachinestSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
138 Artefans Dwellings, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonGeorge GoodwinHead35Male Corporal Royal EngineersAylsham, Norfolk
 Annie GoodwinWife23Female  Plymouth, Devon <<
 Arthur G GoodwinSon2Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Oscar C GoodwinSon11/12Male  Plymouth, Devon
Buda, North Bovey, North Bovey, DevonWilliam KnottHead25Male Farm LabourerSouth Tawton, Devon
 Caroline KnottWife22Female  South Tawton, Devon <<
 Alma KnottDaughter1Female  South Tawton, Devon
Higher Aswell, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonElias EasterbrookHead77Male Retired Bus ProprietorAshburton, Devon <<
 Ann EasterbrookWife80Female  Ashburton, Devon
Higher Headborough, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead58Male FarmerAshburton, Devon <<
 Mary S EasterbrookWife57Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Catherine J EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Ashburton, Devon << >>
6 East St, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonSusan S CockeyHead80Female Living on her own meansAshburton, Devon
 Jane CaunterServant46Female Domestic Servant CookBroadhempston, Devon
 Ida EasterbrookServant17Female Domestic Servant HousemaidBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
East St, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonElizabeth W KnapmanHead66FemaleWidBaker & ConfectionerAshburton, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth J KnapmanDaughter33FemaleSAssistantAshburton, Devon
 Fanny KnapmanDaughter31FemaleSAssistantAshburton, Devon
 Annie M KnapmanGranddaughter13FemaleSAssistantPlymouth, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookSister52FemaleS Ashburton, Devon << >>
Heavyhead Lane, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonElias EasterbrookHead81MaleWidrDairymanHolne, Somerset << >>
 Sister72FemaleIwdDomestic Servant. HousekeeperBuckfastleigh, Somerset <<
 Mary ChappleDaughter50FemaleWid Buckfastleigh, Somerset
Station View, Lawrence Lane, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonFrederick HornerHead28MaleMDistrict Auditors Clerk (Local Government Board)Kirkby Wiske, Yorkshire
 William E HornerSon3Male  Ashburton, Devon
 Frederick R HornerSon2Male  Ashburton, Devon
 Clara E EasterbrookSister-in-law17Female  Ashburton, Devon << >>
 Lucy A BickfordServant13Female General Domestic ServantBritish Subject, Jersey, Channel Islands
Lawrence Lane, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead41Male CarpenterHolne, Devon << >>
 Helen EasterbrookWife41Female  Plymouth, Devon
Liberton Village, Ilsington, Liverton, Ilsington, DevonJohn PotterHead29Male LabourerLustleigh, Devon
 Mary J PotterWife32Female  Exbourne, Devon <<
 William PotterSon11Male  Spreyton, Devon
 John PotterSon8Male  Spreyton, Devon
 Frank PotterSon7Male  Spreyton, Devon
 George PotterSon5Male  North Bovey, Devon
 Martha PotterDaughter2Female  Chagford, Devon
 George EastabrookBrother-in-law20Male labourerExbourne, Devon << >>
West Harrige, Ilsington, Ilsington, Ilsington, DevonJoseph EsterbrookHead53Male FarmerThrowley, Devon << >>
 Mary Ann EsterbrookWife30Female  South Brent, Devon
 John F B EsterbrookSon2Male  Ilsington, Devon >>
 Thos J EsterbrookSon5/12Male  Ilsington, Devon >>
 Samuel EsterbrookBrother56Male Retired FarmerThrowley, Devon << >>
 William SayersServant29Male  Newton H Cyress, Devon
 John L NorthcottServant17Male  Ilsington, Devon
 Alice KallawayServant14Female  Ilsington, Devon
Jordan Farm, Widecombe in the Moor, Ilsington, Widecombe in the Moor, DevonJohn MannHead35MaleWidrFarmerBuckland, Devon
 William John MannSon11Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Clara Annie MannDaughter9Female  Widecombe, Devon
 Owen Richard MannSon5Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Emma L PearseHousekeeper34Female Housekeeper Poundstock Cornwall
 James H EasterbrookServant16Male Farm ServantWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Richard J McLoudServant13Male Farm ServantPlymouth, Devon
Spitchweek Farm, Widecombe in the Moor, Ilsington, Widecombe in the Moor, DevonJohn H FrenchHead33Male FarmerWidecombe, Devon
 Thurza FrenchWife30Female  Widecombe, Devon
 Herbert H FrenchSon10Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Herman J FrenchSon5Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Edith E FrenchDaughter3Female  Widecombe, Devon
 Nancy H FrenchDaughter1Female  Widecombe, Devon
 Jasper T FrenchSon2/12Male  Widecombe, Devon
 Harriet FrenchMother68Female Living on her own meansWidecombe, Devon
 Mary L FrenchServant24Female Domestic ServantHalwell, Devon
 Laura FrenchVisitor25Female No OccupationHalwell, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant19Male Agricultural LabourerWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Samuel EasterbrookServant14Male Agricultural LabourerWidecombe, Devon << >>
Fernhill, Widecombe in the Moor, Ponsworthy, Widecombe in the Moor, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead45Male Agricultural LabourerWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Sarah J EasterbrookWife44Female  Modbury, Devon
 Nicholas F EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Maud M EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon << >>
 Laura E EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarWidecombe, Devon >>
 James EasterbrookFather74MaleWidRetired FarmerWidecombe, Devon <<
Jordan Cottage, Widecombe in the Moor, Ponsworthy, Widecombe in the Moor, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead45Male Assistant OverseerLydford, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookWife43Female  Widecombe, Devon
 John H EasterbrookSon5Male  Widecombe, Devon >>
Commercial Inn, 13 Highweek St, Highweek, Highweek, Highweek, DevonJohn H EasterbrookHead63Male PublicanHolne, Devon << >>
 Honor D FosterNiece20Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth LangdonSister-in-law55Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 Catherine WaldronServant20Female Domestic ServantAshburton, Devon
3 Hampton Pl, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonGeorge RogersHead66Male Pensioner from Royal MarinesTamerton, Devon
 Elizabeth RogersWife61Female  Tamerton, Devon
 Blanche M RogersDaughter21Female TailoressPlymouth, Devon
 Mary LangsfordSister-in-law57Female SeamstressLiskeard, Cornwall
 Samuel AgnesBoarder86Male Army PensionerKilkumy, Ireland
 Richard EasterbrookBoarder24Male TailorTavistock, Devon << >>
65 Cambridge St, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonAndrew EasterbrookHead35MaleWidrSeaman(HMD)Stonehouse, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon8Male SchoolPlymouth, Devon >>
 Andrew EasterbrookSon5Male SchoolPlymouth, Devon >>
75 Cambridge St, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead36Male Labourer GeneralTorquay, Devon << >>
 Harriet EasterbrookWife34Female UpholstressDawlish, Devon
 William H EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarLondon City, Surrey >>
 Harry EasterbrookSon2Male  Plymouth, Devon >>
9 Granby Street,Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonMinnie BeerHead28Female CharwomanWinksley, Devon
 Lydia Hawkins 21Female CharwomanTruro, Cornwall
 Laura Easterbrook 20Female CharwomanTavistock, Devon <<
Royal Marine Barracks, East Stonehouse, DevonRichard Easterbrook 23MaleSinglePrivate Royal Marine Torquay, Devon <<
Royal Naval Hospital, East Stonehouse, DevonDonald WatersHead41Male Police Sergeant (Civil)Scotland
 Annis WatersWife43Female  Scotland
 David Sinclair WatersSon11Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon
 William Alexander WatersSon9Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon
 John Lawrence WatersSon9Male ScholarEast Stonehouse, Devon
 James EastabrookLodger45Male Police Constable (Civil)Woolfardsiworthy, Devon << >>
 James EvansLodger31Male Police Constable (Civil)Devonport, Devon
 Harry BrawnLodger29Male Police Constable (Civil)Lamerton, Devon
 Richard James TurpinLodger24Male Police Constable (Civil)Plymouth, Devon
 William Henry RayLodger22Male Police Constable (Civil)Plymouth, Devon
37 Ker St, Devonport, Devonport, Stoke Damerel, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead67Male ButcherDevonport, Devon << >>
 Priscilla EasterbrookWife64Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Samuel F EasterbrookSon34Male Scolicitor's ClerkDevonport, Devon << >>
 Priscilla J EasterbrookDaughter30Female Teacher of DrawingDevonport, Devon << >>
 John G EasterbrookSon25Male Butcher's AssistantDevonport, Devon << >>
13 St John Street, Devonport, Devonport, Stoke Damerel, DevonCatharine EasterbrookWife37Female  Stonehouse, Devon
 William H A EasterbrookSon19Male BlacksmithDevonport, Devon << >>
 John S EasterbrookSon14Male  USA << >>
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 Beatrice A EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
 Ethel M EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
 Harry C EasterbrookSon2Male  Devonport, Devon >>
 Eliza E EasterbrookDaughter3/12Female  Devonport, Devon
10 Corry St, Devonport, Devonport, Stoke Damerel, DevonJohn H LukesHead52MaleWidowerShipwrightTywardreath, Cornwall
 Jane EasterbrookMother-in-law71FemaleWidowHousekeeperSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
Kennford Village, Kennford, Kenn, DevonJohn AllenHead37Male LabourerCruwys Morchard, Devon
 Emma J AllenWife29Female  Lapford, Devon <<
 Edward J AllenSon5Male ScholarTiverton, Devon
 Thirza EasterbrookRelative 26Female  Lapford, Devon <<
Bystock Cottage, Withycombe Raleigh, Withycombe Raleigh, Withycombe Raleigh, DevonHarry EasterbrookServant19Male GroomLongney, Devon << >>
 Henry WilliamsServant23Male GroomWithycombe Raleigh, Devon
 William LintonServant25Male CoachmanTavistock, Devon
Dalditch, East grudlight, Hamlet, East Budleigh, DevonWilliam AlfordHead66Male Farm LabourerMonk Okehampton, Devon
 Mary AlfordWife68Female  Monk Okehampton, Devon <<
 Elizabeth AlfordDaughter28Female Farm DomesticMonk Okehampton, Devon
 Richard AlfordSon22Male Farm LabourerMonk Okehampton, Devon
37 Busbie Row Kilmaurs RdRichard EasterbrookHead27Male Coal-Pit FiremanEngland << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife24Female  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire
 William EasterbrookSon5Male  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire >>
 Peter EasterbrookSon3Male  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire >>
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire >>
 Rebecca EasterbrookDaughter12 DaysFemale  Kilmaurs, Ayrshire >>
Sidbury, Honiton, Sidford, Sidbury, DevonWilliam J T LangdonHead25Male Farmer's *Colyton, Devon
 Mary LangdonWife27Female  Colebrooke, Devon <<
 Son3Male  Colebrooke, Devon
 Ann Easter BrookeWife's Mother52   Colebrooke, Devon << >>
 William Henry SamsonNephew6Male  Colebrooke, Devon
Redwood House, Awliscombe, Awliscombe, Awliscombe, DevonJohn William EasterbrookHead28Male CarpenterMaidencombe, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth M EasterbrookWife27Female  Heavitree, Devon
 Albert E EasterbrookSon4Male  Barton, Devon >>
 Mabel F EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Awliscombe, Devon >>
 John BishopServant13Male  Awliscombe, Devon
13 Portland Pl, Stoke Dameral, Stoke Damerel, DevonFrederick EasterbrookHead38Male BoilermakerDevonport, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife36Female  Cornwall
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Devonport, Devon >>
 Fredrick EasterbrookSon5Male  Devonport, Devon >>
 William J EasterbrookSon1Male  Devonport, Devon >>
3 Charlotte Row, Stoke Dameral, Stoke Damerel, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead37Male ShipwrightKingsbridge, Devon <<
 Sarah S EasterbrookWife33Female  Ashford, Devon
 William H EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 Ernest E EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
 Clara B EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Devonport, Devon >>
2 Colleg Rd, St Sidwell, Exminster, St Sidwell, DevonGeorge FranklinHead72Male Retired Coachmaker now JPExeter, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant48Female Cook Domestic ServantExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary L NorthServant20Female HousemaidUpottery, Devon
Devon County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster, Exminster, DevonPatient63Male    <<
Orchard Hill House, Orchard Hill, Northam, Northam, Northam, DevonEmily SmartHead61Female Living on own meansGuildford, Surrey
 Lucy N BakerCompanion47Female CompanionIsle of Wight, Bembridge
 Charlotte OkeServant31Female Cook Domestic ServantBradworthy, Devon
 Emily EasterbrookServant24Female Par:maidInstow, Devon <<
Raleigh Estate, "Highlea", Northam, Northam, Northam, DevonThomas T WickhamHead56Male Wine MerchantBideford, Devon
 Dorothy S K WickhamWife49Female  NF, Carbonear
 William D K WickhamSon27Male AccomptBideford, Devon
 Annie E WickhamDaughter28Female  Bideford, Devon
 Thomas S WickhamSon12Male ScholarBideford, Devon
 Hester NichollsServant57Female Nurse (Domestic Servant)Buckland, Devon
 Sarah A GayServant54Female Cook (Domestic Servant)Hartland, Devon
 Caroline EasterbrookServant21Female Housemaid (Domestic Servant)Instow, Devon <<
27 Fore Street, Northam, Northam, Northam, DevonJohn H EasterbrookHead34Male Gardener (Domestic Servant)Wear Gifford, Devon << >>
 Mary E EasterbrookWife27Female  Appledore, Devon
 Evelyn EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarNortham, Devon >>
 George H EasterbrookSon2Male  Northam, Devon >>
10 Montague Place, Bideford, Bideford, Bideford, DevonStephen CummingsHead24Male Fish Dealer Ipswick Suffolk
 Georgina CummingsWife22Female  Bideford, Devon
 Mary RichardsWife43Female  Wear Gifford, Devon
 Fred RichardsSon16Male Printers ApprenticeWear Gifford, Devon
 John RichardsSon14Male ScholarWear Gifford, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookBoarder28Female MachinistWear Gifford, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookBoarder6Male ScholarBideford, Devon >>
10 Elmsleigh Ter, Clovelly Rd, Bideford, Bideford, Bideford, DevonHenry C GoodmanHead31Male DraperSt Cleer, Cornwall
 Deborah GoodmanWife32Female  Gunislake, Cornwall
 Florie W GoodmanDaughter5Female ScholarBarnstaple, Devon
 Caroline GoodmanDaughter4Female ScholarBarnstaple, Devon
 Maud GoodmanDaughter3Female  Bideford, Devon
 Nellie GoodmanDaughter2Female  Bideford, Devon
 Ethel EasterbrookServant13Female General Serv (Domestic)Clovelly, Devon << >>
Oldiscleave, Bideford, Bideford, Bideford, DevonChristopher LittlejohnsHead58Male FarmerMorwenstow, Cornwall
 Ann Daymon LittlejohnsWife55Female  Sutcombe, Devon
 Ann Ching LittlejohusStepdaughter (Step Daughter)27Female  Hartland, Devon
 Emma LittlejohnsDaughter20Female  Hartland, Devon
 Carrie LittlejohnsDaughter19Female  Hartland, Devon
 Joseah LittlejohusCousin12Male  Hartland, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant20Male Farm ServantClovelly, Devon <<
 William MurphyServant19Male Farm ServantTorrington, Devon
Headdacott Farm, Huntshaw, Huntshaw, DevonOctavius LeeHead42Male General LabourerWear Gifford, Devon
 Maria EasterbrookAunt67Female House KeeperHuntshaw, Devon >>
West Huxhill, Wear Gifford, Wear Gifford, DevonFrederick EasterbrookHead34Male Agricultural LabourerWear Gifford, Devon <<
 Mary EasterbrookWife43Female  West Putford, Devon
 Sidney EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarWear Gifford, Devon >>
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Wear Gifford, Devon
 Frederick Rd EasterbrookSon7/12Male  Wear Gifford, Devon >>
 Norah ColwillSister-in-law24Female Domestic ServantWest Putford, Devon
"Hunters Inn", 26 Well St, Great Torrington, Great Torrington, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead58Male Publican & Lodging House KeeperSanford Comberey, Devon << >>
 Louisa EasterbrookWife53Female  Abboltham, Devon
 Thirza EasterbrookDaughter16Female DressmakerNorth Tawton, Devon << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarGreat Torrington, Devon << >>
 George CoppServant17Male General Servant DomesticLeeds, Yorkshire
 Thomas ClarkeBoarder49MaleMPainterLeeds, Yorkshire
 Helinda ClarkeBoarder49MaleM Liverpool
 Walter HurstBoarder45Male PedlerBristol
 William StaddonBoarder65Male WireworkerBristol
 Joseph CoombesBoarder56Male CurrierDerby
4 Pauls Buildings, Tavistock, Tavistock, Tavistock, DevonWilliam J ThurgillHead28Male General LabourerNorfolk
 Mary J ThurgillWife27Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Mable J ThurgillDaughter16Female ScholarTavistock, Devon
 William G ThurgillSon4Male ScholarTavistock, Devon
 Maud EasterbrookVisitor10Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
29 Exeter Street, Tavistock, Tavistock, Tavistock, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead46Male CarterTavistock, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth J P EasterbrookWife20Female  South Sydenham, Devon
 William R EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
 Lilian M EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
 Daisy W EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
 Charles S EasterbrookSon2Male  Tavistock, Devon >>
 Evelyn E EasterbrookDaughter10/12Female  Tavistock, Devon >>
 William RichStepson (Step Son)27Male General labourerTavistock, Devon
26 Exeter St, Tavistock, Tavistock, Tavistock, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead35MaleWidrButcher's SlaughtermanTavistock, Devon <<
 Rosie EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Tavistock, Devon <<
 Lily M EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
 John Y EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarTavistock, Devon
16 Madge Lane, Tavistock, Tavistock, Tavistock, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead30Male Tailor (Journeyman)Tavistock, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife29Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
12 Madge Lane, Tavistock, Tavistock, Tavistock, DevonJane WilliamHead56Female TailoressTavistock, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookSister39Female DressmakerTavistock, Devon << >>
Partridge Ham, Pixon Lane, Tavistock, Tavistock, Tavistock, DevonRichard EasterbrookHead59Male WarehousemandWhitchurch, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookWife53Female  Tavistock, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter15Female DressmakerTavistock, Devon <<
 Martha EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarTavistock, Devon >>
41 Troy St, Beer Ferris, Beer Alston, Beer Ferris, DevonSusan TaylorHead81Female  Sampford Courtenay, Devon <<
 George TaylorGrandson19Male Copper MinerBeer Alston, Devon
41 Parr st, Exeter, Exeter, St Sidwell, DevonJohn SymonsHead57Male Stone MasonBarnstaple, Devon
 Thyrza SymonsWife42Female DressmakerAveton Gifford, Devon
 Gertrude SymonsDaughter15Female Draper AssistantBristol, Somerset
 Percy John SymonsSon13Male Railway ServantAveton Gifford, Devon
 Bertha WillsLodger44Female  Exeter, Devon
 Catherine EasterbrookLodger66Female  Lapford, Devon <<
Sandscore, Crediton, Crediton, Crediton, DevonEdwin EasterbrookHead45Male General CarterCrediton, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife44Female Dress MakerCrediton, Devon
 Rose EasterbrookDaughter20Female  Crediton, Devon <<
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Crediton, Devon << >>
Strasburg Court, High St, Crediton, Crediton, DevonJames ColesHead42Male General LabourerUffculme, Devon
 Mary Ann ColesWife42Female  Upton Helions, Devon
 William ColesSon13Male  London
 Harvey ColesSon10Male  Halberton, Devon
 Annie ColesDaughter8Female  Upton Helions, Devon
 Emily ColesDaughter4Female  Crediton, Devon
 Emily EasterbrookVisitor36Female General ServantShobrooke, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth SmithVisitor20Female General ServantCrediton, Devon
Colebrooke Town, Colebrooke, Colebrooke, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead29Male Agricultural LabourerColebrooke, Devon << >>
 Sarah EasterbrookWife28Female  Weymouth, Dorset
 Emily J SampsonDaughter8Female  Weymouth, Dorset
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Colebrooke, Devon >>
 Albert Edwin EasterbrookSon1Male  Colebrooke, Devon >>
 Susan BraundAunt63Female General ServantColebrooke, Devon
3 Jeats Hill Cottages, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonJoseph EasterbrookHead47Male General LabourerBideford, Devon << >>
 Kepa EasterbrookWife51Female  Northampton, Devon
 Noah EasterbrookSon10Male  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Frederick EasterbrookSon7Male  Plymouth, Devon >>
Plymouth Workhouse, Plymouth, Charles, DevonJames EasterbrookPauper41MaleMarLabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
11 Stoke Road, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonElizabeth EasterbrookWife33Female  Stonehouse, Devon
 Edward EasterbrookSon16Male Waggon DriverStonehouse, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon13Male Errand BoyStonehouse, Devon <<
10 Fredrick St, Plymouth, Plymouth, St Andrew, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead35Male LabourerExeter << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife27Female  Hatherleigh
 William EasterbrookSon7Male  Broadwood Widger
 Ernest EasterbrookSon1Male  Plymouth >>
Ringmore House, Shaldon, Shaldon, St Nicholas, DevonWalter R LambertHead66Male Retired Major General Bombay Staff CorpIreland
 Elizabeth I LambertWife65Female  Wedwarie, Somerset
 Jane E S LambertDaughter32Female  IN
 Lily Anges LambertDaughter30Female  IN
 Mary K LambertDaughter30Female  IN
 Dorcas A TuckerServant34Female General DomesticUghbaro, Devon
 Emma EasterbrookServant23Female CookTeignmouth, Devon <<
 Eliza UnderhillServant19Female HousemaidSt Nicholas, Devon
Middle St, Teignmouth, Shaldon, St Nicholas, DevonThomas EalesHead71Male Retired Master MarinerShaldon, Devon
 Mary EalesWife72Female  Shaldon, Devon
 Emma HamlynServant25Female DomesticLondon
 Jane EasterbrookServant70FemaleMNurseCrediton, Devon
Fonthill, Shaldon, Shaldon, St Nicholas, DevonLaurence A M GraemeHead56Male Lieutenant Colonel RetiredWest Indies
 Catherine GraemeWife43Female  Glasgow, Scotland
 Lawrence G GraemeSon18Male Cadet Royal Military CollegeScotland
 Maliala L UnderhillServant26Female Tablemaid Domestic ServantSt Nicholas, Devon
 Edith EasterbrookServant25Female Cook Domestic ServantLawanick, Cornwall <<
 Emma J StephensServant25Female Ladies Maid Domestic ServantStoke, Devon
Ringman Rd, Shaldon, Shaldon, St Nicholas, DevonJessie LeathHead55Female Private MeansSlenford, Devon
 Lydia LeathWife28Female Merchant Seamans wifeLopsham, Devon
 William LeathSon26Male Grocer's AssistantLopsham, Devon
 Florence EasterbrookGranddaughter5Female ScholarShaldon, Devon >>
 Leonard SelughBoarder12Male ScholarShaldon, Devon
Ringmore Rd, Sheldon, Shaldon, St Nicholas, DevonJames EasterbrookHead66Male Farm Labourer AgBreadempstone, Devon << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter in law34Female  Twerton, Devon
Commercial Rd, Dawlish, Dawlish, DevonLucy EasterbrookHead60FemaleM Aylesbeare, Devon << >>
 Lucy StileDaughter25FemaleSDressmakerDawlish, Devon
 Annie DunstanLodger27Female  Truro, Cornwall
12 Trinity St, Exeter, Exeter, Holy Trinity, DevonSamuel T ClarkeHead32Male Grocers WarehousemanExeter, Devon
 Mary A ClarkeWife33Female  Exeter, Devon
 Henry J ClarkeSon7Male ScholarExeter, Devon
 Samuel A ClarkeSon1Male  Exeter, Devon
 John W EasterbrookBoarder72Male General SmithOkehampton, Devon <<
Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter, Holy Trinity, DevonMartha EasterbrookPatient53Female Domestic ServantTavistock, Devon << >>
2 Arcade, St David, Exeter, Exeter, St David, DevonFrederick G TowillHead34Male GoldsmithExeter, Devon
 Bertha TowillWife34Female  Exeter, Devon
 Lucy EasterbrookServant17Female Domestic ServantLapford, Devon << >>
38 King St, Devonport, Devonport, Stoke Damerel, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead54Male Engine Driver DockyardExeter, Devon <<
 Sarah Ann EasterbrookWife52Female  Plymouth, Devon
Windy Cross, Thornbury, Thornbury, DevonEzekiel EastarbrookHead48Male BlacksmithExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary EastarbrookWife50Female  Sheepwash, Devon
Duerdon Farm, Woolfardisworthy, Woolsery, Woolfardisworthy, DevonJamie HardingHead63Male FarmerWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 Dorcas A HardingWife56Female  Clovelly, Devon
 Mary A B HardingDaughter23Female  Bradworthy, Devon
 Thomas B HardingSon21Male  Bradworthy, Devon
 Robert J EastabrookServant18Male Farm LabourerClovelly, Devon << >>
 William E SpearmanServant15Male Farm LabourerOldushop, Huntingdonshire
Woolfardisworthy Village, Woolsery, Woolfardisworthy, DevonGeorge EastabrookHead41Male Stud Horse PropriatorWoolfardisworthy, Devon
Walland Cottage, Woolfardisworthy, Bucks Mills, Woolfardisworthy, DevonWilliam EastabrookHead55Male Agricultural LabourerClovelly, Devon <<
 Harriet EastabrookWife45Female  Clovelly, Devon
 Millicent EastabrookDaughter13Female ScholarClovelly, Devon << >>
 Frances M EastabrookDaughter12Female ScholarClovelly, Devon << >>
 Madeline EastabrookDaughter9Female ScholarClovelly, Devon >>
 Harold EastabrookSon6Male ScholarClovelly, Devon >>
 Reginal EastabrookSon1Male  Woolsery, Devon >>
West Goldworthy Farm, Parkham, Bideford, Parkham, DevonSeth GriggHead55Male FarmerWoolfardisworthy, Devon
 Mary A GriggWife58Female  Woolfardisworthy, Devon
 Richard GriggSon25Male  Parkham, Devon
 Henry GriggSon16Male  Parkham, Devon
 Herbert AndrewServant16Male Farm ServantClovelly, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant18Male Farm ServantParkham, Devon << >>
 Charley EasterbrookServant12Male Farm ServantParkham, Devon << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookServant25Female Domestic ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon <<
Lincher, Parkham, Bideford, Parkham, DevonHenry EsterbrookHead54Male Farm LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Mary EsterbrookWife47Female  West Putford, Devon
 John EsterbrookSon19Male ShoemakerWest Putford, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth M EsterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarParkham, Devon >>
 Beatrice M EsterbrookDaughter4Female  Parkham, Devon >>
 Charles H DunnBoarder6Male ScholarLittleham, Devon
Hele Green Cottage, Buckland Brewer, Buckland Brewer, Buckland Brewer, DevonAlbert EasterbrookHead21Male Agricultural LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife21Female  Parkham, Devon
 Mary E EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon1/12Male  Buckland Brewer, Devon >>
 Mary Elizabeth LeeNiece10Female  Parkham, Devon
Frains, Buckland Brewer, Buckland Brewer, Buckland Brewer, DevonRobert HarrisHead59Male FarmerWear Gifford, Devon
 Mary Jane HarrisWife50Female  Bradford, Devon
 Lavinia BrouseServant30Female General Servant (Domestic)Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Ernest EasterbrookServant15Male Farm ServantBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
4 Stapledons, Buckland Brewer, Buckland Brewer, Buckland Brewer, DevonMary EasterbrookHead57Female CharwomanWest Down, Devon
 Frank LeeGrandson9Male ScholarBuckland Brewer, Devon
Barton Farm, Buckland Brewer, Westward, Buckland Brewer, DevonFrederick W SteerHead27Male FarmerBuckland Brewer, Devon
 Fanny E SteerWife28Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Matilda HonemanServant17Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant23Male General Servant (Domestic)Buckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 John MartinServant17Male Horse Man (Domestic)Buckland Brewer, Devon
Cavalry BarracksHenry EstabrookSoldier17Male Boy Smith 13 HusssEngland
Alley Marshall Terrace, Beaford, Beaford, Beaford, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead65MaleWidrLiving on own meansHuntsham, Devon << >>
South Woolleigh, Beaford, Beaford, Beaford, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead39Male CarpenterSt Giles in the Wood, Devon << >>
 Betsy EasterbrookWife45Female  Beaford, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookSon22Male Assistant CarpenterBeaford, Devon << >>
 Charles EasterbrookSon20Male Agricultural LabourerBeaford, Devon << >>
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Beaford, Devon << >>
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarBeaford, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarBeaford, Devon >>
 Leonard EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBeaford, Devon >>
 Archie EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarBeaford, Devon >>
 Thomas MartinFather-in-law81Male Agricultural LabourerBeaford, Devon
South Woolleigh, Beaford, Beaford, Beaford, DevonJohn BlakeHead72Male Agricultural LabourerSt Giles in the Wood, Devon
 Mary E BlakeDaughter18Female HousekeeperBeaford, Devon
 Wilmot EasterbrookVisitor16Female  Beaford, Devon << >>
Sticklypath Terrace, Tawstock, Tawstock, Tawstock, DevonCharles J EasterlingHead24Male Cabinet MakerPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Minnie EasterlingWife27Female  Holsworthy, Devon
 Florence E EasterlingDaughter2/12Female  Tawstock, Devon >>
 Wm E MarksBoarder24Male Furniture PackerColebrooke, Devon
 Wm W BrooksBoarder22Male WatchmakerChulmleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth A LockServant14Female Domestic ServBarnstaple, Devon
Quay, Instow, Instow, Instow, DevonWilliam A EasterbrookHead35Male Gardener Domestic ServantKingsbridge, Devon << >>
 Dorcus EasterbrookWife37Female  Sherford, Devon
 Clara E EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarDodbrooke, Devon <<
 William A EasterbrookSon11Male  Berry Pomeroy, Devon << >>
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Berry Pomeroy, Devon >>
 Beatrice M EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Instow, Devon >>
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Appledore, Devon >>
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Instow, Devon >>
Railway Cottage, Instow, Instow, Instow, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead51Male Railway PlatelayerCrediton, Devon << >>
 Sarah EasterbrookWife51Female  Lapford, Devon
 May EasterbrookDaughter16Female  Instow, Devon << >>
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Instow, Devon << >>
West Yelland, Fremington, Fremington, Fremington, DevonFanny DallamHead63FemaleWidFarmerMonkleigh, Devon
 Jane DallamDaughter35Female  Fremington, Devon
 Angelina DallamDaughter28Female  Fremington, Devon
 Thomas F DallamSon23Male  Fremington, Devon
 Lucy DallamDaughter19Female  Fremington, Devon
 John CutlandServant52Male  Bideford, Devon
 Frederick MerrifieldServant16Male  Frogmore, Devon
 John EasterbrookServant14Male  Instow, Devon << >>
Bretington, Barnstaple, Fremington, Fremington, DevonEmma EasterbrookHead38FemaleWidLaundressFremington, Devon << >>
 Bertie EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBarnstaple, Devon >>
 Mary ThorneMother75FemaleWid Bramerton, Devon
3 Chichester Cots, Morthoe, Morthoe, Morthoe, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead33Male Farm LabourerBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife32Female  Branton, Devon
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Branton, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon3Male  Morthoe, Devon >>
 Eva EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Morthoe, Devon >>
South Barrows Cottages, Ilfracombe, Ilfracombe, Ilfracombe, DevonFrederick EasterbrookHead27Male Railway PorterInstow, Devon << >>
 Emma H EasterbrookWife23Female  Lee Ilfracombe, Devon
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter3/12Female  Lee Ilfracombe, Devon >>
 Thomas BryantVisitor22Male Railway *line ForemanLee Ilfracombe, Devon
West Ashford, Heanton Punchardon, West Ashford, Heanton Punchardon, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead43Male Agricultural LabourHigh Bickington, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife35Female  Alverdiscott, Devon
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarCharlwood, Surrey << >>
 William T EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarHeanton Punchardon, Devon >>
 George EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarHeanton Punchardon, Devon >>
 Alfred I EasterbrookSon5Male  Heanton Punchardon, Devon >>
Heanton Court, Heanton Punchardon, West Ashford, Heanton Punchardon, DevonWilliam J PassmoreHead28Male FarmerChittlehampton, Devon
 Jane PassmoreWife30Female  North Molton, Devon
 John W PassmoreSon3Male  Twitchen, Devon
 Arthur S PassmoreSon2Male  Heanton Punchardon, Devon
 Joe I PassmoreSon1Male  Heanton Punchardon, Devon
 William B PassmoreSon4/12Male  Heanton Punchardon, Devon
 Alice ClarkServant21Female Assistant to Mistress of HouseholdBarnstaple, Devon
 Ellie CowlesServant23Female Domestic ServantBraunton, Devon
 John RigsbyServant22Male Farmer's AssistantMonkleigh, Devon
 Sarah WilkinsServant18Female NursemaidNorth Molton, Devon
 William GreensladeServant15Male Farm ServantNorth Molton, Devon
 Charles EastbrookServant12Male Farm ServantHeanton Punchardon, Devon << >>
Boode, Brandon, Braunton, Braunton, DevonCharles H EasterbrookHead30Male Farm ServBraunton, Devon << >>
 Thirza A EasterbrookWife22Female  Landkey, Devon
 Thirza M EasterbrookDaughter2/12Female  Barnstaple, Devon >>
Locks Court, Litchdon St, Barnstaple, Barnstaple, Barnstaple, DevonThomas DunnHead69Male  Tawstock, Devon
 Elizabeth DunnWife63Female  Atherington, Devon
 Eliza DunnDaughter20Female CharwomanTawstock, Devon
 Mabel DunnGranddaughter11/12Female  Tawstock, Devon
 Louisa HuxtableBoarder4Female  Barnstaple, Devon
 William HabibBoarder58Male Saw SharpenerBarnstaple, Devon
 Richd EasterbrookBoarder52Male Living on own meansHuntsham, Devon
3 Alpha Place, Barnstaple, Barnstaple, Barnstaple, DevonHenry HillHead45Male Machinist in Cabinet WorksBarnstaple, Devon
 Sarah HillWife46Female  Barnstaple, Devon
 Emma Prudence BasdenNiece16Female DressmakerIlfracombe, Devon
 Lillie MarksBoarder22Female Photographers AssistantTners, Cornwall
 Ewell EasterbrookBoarder19Male Drapers AssistantWidecombe in the Moor, Devon << >>
Barnstaple, Barnstaple, DevonWilliam RichardsHead42Male  Shirwell, Devon
 Mary Chaming RichardsWife34Female  Totnes, Devon
 William H RichardsSon6Male  Barnstaple, Devon
 Mary E RichardsDaughter3Female  Barnstaple, Devon
 Mabel HeathSister-in-law20Female  Totnes, Devon
 Charles RichardsBrother28Male  Shirwell, Devon
 Edwin Lewis PileBoarder16Male  Lynton, Devon
 William WebberBoarder17Male  Bishops Nympton, Devon
 John Edwd BoyleBoarder18Male  Barnstaple, Devon
 Bessie T PeperBoarder23Female  Winkleigh, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookBoarder26Female Drapers AssistantSouth Sydenham, Devon <<
 Mary H TurnerBoarder23Female  Swansea, Wales
 Mary EmatthewsBoarder25Female  Barnstaple, Devon
 Mary Jane AllenBoarder22Female  Truro, Cornwall
 Agnes Mary PileBoarder18Female  Lynton, Devon
 Mary Annie KivellServant17Female  Buckland Brewer, Devon
 Ellen Maud JuryServant15Female  Barnstaple, Devon
Baddon Cottage, Thorverton, Thorverton, Thorverton, DevonFanny EasterbrookHead32FemaleWidCharwomanThorverton, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarCadbury, Devon << >>
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarThorverton, Devon >>
 William EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarThorverton, Devon >>
 Daniel EasterbrookBrother-in-law25MaleSAgrl LabouerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
Clist Hay, Silverton, Silverton, Silverton, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead28Male Railway PorterSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Sarah A EasterbrookWife28Female  Gillingham, Dorset
 Bertham H CrossNephew7Male ScholarGillingham, Dorset
 John L HolmanNephew4Male  Exeter, Devon
Slade's Cottage, Shobrooke, Village, Shobrooke, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead61Male Farm LabourerBow, Devon << >>
 Grace EasterbrookWife61Female  Cadleigh, Devon
Westside Village, Lapford, Village, Lapford, DevonEdward EasterbrookHead69Male Agricultural LabourerLapford, Devon << >>
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife59Female  Chulmleigh, Devon
 Elias EasterbrookSon20Male Agricultural LabourerLapford, Devon <<
 Selina EasterbrookDaughter14Female General ServantLapford, Devon <<
Coffins, Spreyton, Spreyton, DevonGrace LumbertHead54Female Living on own meansSouth Tawton, Devon
 George LumbertSon24Male  South Tawton, Devon
 Mary LumbertDaughter11Female  Spreyton, Devon
 Wm M StaversVisitor11Male  Enfield, Middlesex
 Martha J FrostServant29Female  Drewsteignton, Devon
 Elizth Ann AlfordServant17Female  North Tawton, Devon
 Thomas SnellServant28Male Farm ServantSouth Tawton, Devon << >>
 James TremblettServant17Male  Spreyton, Devon
 George BrooksServant12Male  Spreyton, Devon
Station Cottage, Sampford Courtenay, Sticklepath, Sampford Courtenay, DevonJohn EasterbrokHead53Male PlatelayerBroadwood Kelly, Devon << >>
 Jane EasterbrokWife46Female  Honeychurch, Devon
 Jane EasterbrokDaughter26Female DressmakerSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrokSon21Male ButcherSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Alfred J EasterbrokSon14Male Railway PorterSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Hannah A EasterbrokDaughter10Female ScholarSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Jane PikeWife's Mother (Mother-in-law)79FemaleWidowLiving on own meansSampford Courtenay, Devon
Halford, Sticklepath, Sampford Courtenay, DevonWilliam A DrewHead30Male FarmerOkehampton, Devon
 Elizabeth E DrewWife24Female  Mamhead, Devon
 William H DrewSon1Male  Sampford Courtenay, Devon
 Caroline HexterSister-in-law28Female  Mamhead, Devon
 Charles MartinServant21Female  Okehampton, Devon
 George SuellServant16Male Farm ServantSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Susie WareServant14Female  Winkleigh, Devon
North Tawton, North Tawton, DevonElizabeth NorthcottHead54Female  North Tawton, Devon
 William NorthcottSon21Male  North Tawton, Devon
 Mary NorthcottDaughter19Female  Chagford, Devon
 Richard NorthcottSon16Male  North Tawton, Devon
 Thomas NorthcottSon13Male  North Tawton, Devon
 Robert NorthcottSon11Male  North Tawton, Devon
 Alice EasterbrookGranddaughter4Female  North Tawton, Devon
Cottage, Exbourne, Exbourne, Exbourne, DevonMaryam EasterbrookHead62FemaleWid Inwardleigh, Devon <<
 Thomas EasterbrookSon30Male  Exbourne, Devon << >>
Village, Broadwood Kelly, Sandy, Broadwood Kelly, DevonJoseph EastabrookHead66Male Agricultural LabourerBroadwood Kelly, Devon << >>
 Jane EastabrookWife72Female CharwomanInwardleigh, Devon
North Park, Broadwood Kelly, Sandy, Broadwood Kelly, DevonJames RaymondHead55Male FarmerWinkleigh, Devon
 Sarah RaymondWife50Female  Winkleigh, Devon
 Henry EastabrookSon-in-law29Male ThatcherBroadwood Kelly, Devon << >>
 Louisa EastabrookDaughter28Female  Winkleigh, Devon
Redhays, Broadwood Kelly, Sandy, Broadwood Kelly, DevonThomas EastabrooksHead50Male FarmerExbourne, Devon << >>
 Ellen EastabrooksWife51Female  Okehampton, Devon
 Bertha E EastabrooksDaughter16Female  Broadwood Kelly, Devon <<
 John Kelly WestlakeServant14Male Farm ServantBroadwood Kelly, Devon
Lown St, Chagford, Chagford, Chagford, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead46Male WatchmakerDawlish, Devon <<
Linaton, South Tawton, Bridestowe, South Tawton, DevonJames EastabrookHead25Male Ag LabSouth Tawton, Devon << >>
 Sarah EastabrookWife25Female  North Tawton, Devon
 Alice EastabrookDaughter4Female  North Tawton, Devon >>
 Williams EastabrookSon2Male  North Tawton, Devon >>
 James EastabrookSon1Male  North Tawton, Devon >>
Harrowcombe Wood, Bridestowe, South Tawton, DevonWilliam SnellHead55Male Agriculteral LabourerSampford Courtenay, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth Jane SnellWife37Female  Spreyton, Devon
 Elizabeth DartDaughter10Female  Spreyton, Devon
 George DartSon6Male  Okehampton, Devon
 William DartSon3Male  Spreyton, Devon
Fore Street, Okehampton, Okehampton, Okehampton, DevonIsaac YeoHead59Male Tailor & DraperInwardleigh, Devon
 Emily YeoWife59Female  Okehampton, Devon
 Henry YeoSon28Male TailorOkehampton, Devon
 Jessie YeoDaughter26Female Shop AssistantOkehampton, Devon
 Annie Mary YeoDaughter16Female  Okehampton, Devon
 James ShobbrookApprentice16Male Tailors ApprenticeNorthlew, Devon
 Bessie EasterbrookServant15Female Domestic ServantDrewsteignton, Devon
West Street, Okehampton, Okehampton, Okehampton, DevonJohn HutchingsHead28Male Master BakerColebrooke, Devon
 Jessie Ann HutchingsWife30Female  Black Torrington, Devon
 William James Yellams HutchingsSon6/12Male  Okehampton, Devon
 George EasterbrookLodger18Male Apprentice to BakingExbourne, Devon << >>
 Thomas YeoLodger14Male Apprentice to BakingOkehampton, Devon
 Ada DownServant17Female DomesticBlack Torrington, Devon
Union Workhouse, Okehampton, Okehampton, Okehampton, DevonWilliams EastabrookInmate54Male InmateExbourne, Devon
Fore Street (White Horse Court), Okehampton, Okehampton, Okehampton, DevonSusanna EasterbrookHead70Female DressmakerOkehampton, Devon <<
Cottage, Jacobstowe, Jacobstowe, Jacobstowe, DevonJoseph VanstoneHead64Male  Jacobstowe, Devon
 Mary J VanstoneWife51Female  Hatherleigh, Devon
 Annie VanstoneDaughter11Female ScholarJacobstowe, Devon
 William S VanstoneSon7Male ScholarJacobstowe, Devon
 Harry EasterbrookBoarder64MaleWidrThatcherExbourne, Devon << >>
Rose Cottage, Jacobstowe, Jacobstowe, Jacobstowe, DevonHarry WestlakeHead64Male LabourerJacobstowe, Devon
 Elizabeth WestlakeWife61Female  Exbourne, Devon << >>
 Simon WestlakeSon25Male  Jacobstowe, Devon
 Richard WestlakeSon17Male  Jacobstowe, Devon
Ashleigh, Lifton, Meadwell, Lifton, DevonAlfred BlatchfordHead28Male FarmerWhitchurch, Devon
 James BlatchfordFather79Male RetiredSampford Spinney, Devon
 Grace BlatchfordMother75Female  Whitchurch, Devon
 Emma BlatchfordSister37Female  Whitchurch, Devon
 Martha BlatchfordSister35Female  Whitchurch, Devon
 William EasterbrookServant40MaleSFarm ServantBroadwood Kelly, Devon
 Henry JamesServant19MaleSFarm ServantBradstone, Devon
 Abel YellandServant15MaleSFarm ServantBradstone, Devon
 Richard NorthcottServant14MaleSFarm ServantWarrington, Devon
 Eliza HendyVisitor16Female  Kelly, Devon
Meal Carpenter, Sydenham Damerel, Chillaton, Sydenham Damerel, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead64Male FarmerHolne, Devon << >>
 Jane G EasterbrookWife64Female  Ludford, Devon
 Susannah EasterbrookDaughter35Female  Milton Abbot, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon34Male Farmers SonMilton Abbot, Devon << >>
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarSydenham Damerel, Devon <<
 Samuel DanServant16Male Farm ServantMilton Abbott, Devon
Milton Abbot Village, Chillaton, Milton Abbot, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead31Male Farmer & ButcherMilton Abbot, Devon << >>
 Eliza J EasterbrookWife32Female  Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
 Alice M EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarSouth Sydenham, Devon >>
 George EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarMilton Abbot, Devon >>
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 Ernest C EasterbrookSon1Male  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter0Female  Milton Abbot, Devon >>
 Laura GuscottServant16Female Domestic ServantKelly, Devon
 Charles MartinServant17Male Farm ServantMilton Abbot, Devon
Tuell, Milton Abbot, Chillaton, Milton Abbot, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead62Male FarmerHolne, Devon <<
 Mary A EasterbrookWife57Female  Thornbury, Devon
 Edward EasterbrookSon28Male Farmers SonMilton Abbot, Devon
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter26Female  Milton Abbot, Devon <<
 Eva GouldServant17Female General ServantBarnstaple, Devon
 Bessie A BarkwellServant14Female General ServantLewtrenchard, Devon
 George HuntServant13Male General ServantSomerset
Blackdown, Marytavy, Marytavy, Marytavy, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead62Male General LabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Ellen EasterbrookWife47Female  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon20Male General LabourerPlymouth, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon16Male Copper Mine LabourerPlymouth, Devon <<
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarMarytavy, Devon >>
 Gilbert EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarMarytavy, Devon >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarMarytavy, Devon >>
Trevern, Lamerton, Lydford Station, Lamerton, DevonJames EasterbrookHead65Male FarmerAshburton, Devon << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife66Female  Holne, Devon
 Emma EasterbrookDaughter33Female  Milton Abbot, Devon << >>
 Laura Jane EasterbrookDaughter25Female  Lamerton, Devon <<
 James EasterbrookSon24Male Farmer's SonLamerton, Devon
 Mary Ann ChowenDaughter36FemaleM Milton Abbot, Devon <<
 Henry L ChowenGrandson1Male  Hatal, Durham
 Laura E ChowenGranddaughter6Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 George WestlakeServant19Male Farm ServantLamerton, Devon
Tavistock Union Workhouse, Tavistock, Tavistock, DevonMary EasterbrookInmate82FemaleWidDomestic ServantSourton, Devon <<
15 Flemington RowWillam EasterbrookeHead25Male Coal MinerEngland, Devonshire << >>
 Mary EasterbrookeWife22Female  Glasgow, Lanarkshire
 Francis EasterbrookeSon1Male  Glasgow, Lanarkshire >>
 Mary Eliz EasterbrookeDaughter4 DaysFemale  Cambuslang, Lanarkshire >>
 Elizabeth Paterson HarveyM in Law (Mother-in-law)44Female Cotton WeaverIreland
Wheal Lucky, Walkhampton, Walkhampton, Walkhampton, DevonRobert EasterbrookHead73Male LabourerWhitchurch, Devon <<
 Jane EasterbrookWife69Female  Lydford, Devon
 William R EasterbrookGrandson9Male ScholarWalkhampton, Devon >>
 Russell EasterbrookGrandson7Male ScholarWalkhampton, Devon >>
 William TrablalVisitor63MaleWidowerLabourer in tin mineWiddecombe, Devon
Wheal Lucky, Walkhampton, Walkhampton, Walkhampton, DevonCharles J EasterbrookHead32Male LabourerWhitchurch, Devon << >>
 Charlott A EasterbrookWife32Female  Calstock, Cornwall
 Jessie C M R EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Walkhampton, Devon >>
 Charles J EasterbrookSon2Male  Walkhampton, Devon >>
 Bessie F J EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Walkhampton, Devon >>
15 St Hilary Ter, Stoke Dameral, Devonport, Stoke Damerel, DevonEdward WhitmarshHead52Male Mineral Water ManufacturerIsle of Wight, Newport
 Elizabeth E WhitmarshWife50Female  Exeter, Devon <<
 Ernest WhitmarshSon26Male Mineral Water ManufacturerStonehouse, Devon
 Alice M ParnellDaughter24Female  Stonehouse, Devon
 Edward WhitmarshSon11Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Eva V WhitmarshDaughter9Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Margaretta EasterbrookSister-in-law42Female Head Nurse (Domestic)Plymouth, Devon <<
 Jane Mac AllisterServant18Female General Serv (Domestic)Teignmouth, Devon
 Marjorie E ParnellGranddaughter2Female  Devonport, Devon
5 Somerset Place, Stoke Dameral, Devonport, Stoke Damerel, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead75Male Living on own meansDevonport, Devon <<
 Mary EasterbrookWife53Female  Mevagissey, Cornwall
 Eliza MurchVisitor27Female  Devonport, Devon
 Emily MuckVisitor15Female  Devonport, Devon
 Berry MoodyServant20Female  Plymouth, Devon
12 Chaddlewood Avenue East, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead36Male Merchant's ClerkPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Katherine E EasterbrookWife25Female  Devonport, Devon
9 Fothill Avenue East, Plymouth Charles, Plymouth, Charles, DevonGeorge N HarrisHead45Male Implement ManufacturerCockington, Devon
 Ann D HarrisWife36Female  Buckland, Devon
 Albert G HarrisSon15Male  Plymouth; St Mary, Devon
 Sydney HarrisSon12Male  Plymouth; St Mary, Devon
 Gordon HarrisSon10Male  Plymouth; St Mary, Devon
 Hilda A HarrisDaughter8Female  Plymouth; St Mary, Devon
 Myra E HarrisDaughter6Female  Plymouth; St Mary, Devon
 Evelyn HarrisSon4Male  Plymouth; St Mary, Devon
 Olive M HarrisDaughter1Female  Plymouth; St Mary, Devon
 Ann EasterbrookMother-in-law66FemaleWidLiving on own meansLydford, Devon
 Elanor J ThompsonGoverness27Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Mary BowdenServant30Female  Denbury, Devon
17 Moon Lane,Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead56Male  Plymouth, Devon <<
 Cecilia EasterbrookWife38Female  Plymouth, Devon
3 Leeris Gate Mews, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonHenry EastabrookHead33Male Cab PropriatorNorth Huish, Devon << >>
 Mary J EastabrookWife32Female  Diptford, Devon
 Percy C EastabrookSon4Male  Plymouth, Devon >>
 David K EastabrookDaughter1Female  Plymouth, Devon >>
10 Nelson St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonAlexander EasterbrookHead58Male Retired PlumberDawlish, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife68Female  Tywardreath, Cornwall
19 Baring St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonEliza EastabrookWife37Female  Devonport, Devon
 Thomas S EastabrookSon11Male ScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 William E EastabrookSon9Male ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
 Amelia E EastabrookDaughter6Female ScholarDevonport, Devon >>
 Ernest R EastabrookSon5Male ScholarDevonport, Devon
2 Jessarnine Cottages, Hill St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonElizabeth S BellHead35FemaleMDressmakerPlymouth, Devon << >>
 William BellSon15 MonthsMale  Plymouth, Devon
 May EasterbrookMother74FemaleSRetired DressmakerSt Keverne, Cornwall
 Jabey EasterbrookBrother42MaleSGroomStonehouse, Devon << >>
21 Clarence St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead54MaleWRetired SchoolmasterExbourne, Devon <<
 Selina Ann Gordon 36Female Housekeeper (Domestic)Tamerton Foliott, Devon
6 Clarence St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonThomas Robert EasterbrookHead32Male Newspaper ReaderPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Eliza Bartlett EasterbrookWife30Female  Plymouth, Devon
64a Gibbon St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonAnnie Easterbrook DownHead30Female DraperPlymouth, Devon
 Annie Penrose EasterbrookAunt56Female DressmakerPenzance, Cornwall << >>
6 Gilwell Cottages, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonJames EasterbrookHead63Male General LabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Jane EasterbrookWife62Female  South Pool, Devon
 Harriet Ash EasterbrookDaughter34FemaleMDressmakerPlymouth, Devon <<
 Hilda Ash EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Robert Ash EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Claude Ash EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon
21 Gibbon St, Charles, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonWilliam George MatthewsHead49MaleMWaiterPlymouth, Devon
 Caroline MatthewsWife50Female  St Austell, Cornwall <<
 Frances WardLodger55FemaleWDressmakerLandewednack, Cornwall
 Frances E WardDaughter15Female DressmakerSt Margarets, Kent
17 Mount St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonElizh EasterbrookHead48FemaleWidGrocerSouth Zeab, Devon >>
 Edwin R EasterbrookSon16Male Smith & FitterPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Florence L EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Thomas HoleFather78MaleWidr Sampford Courtenay, Devon
5 Mound St, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonJno T EasterbrookHead43Male Police ConstableBrent, Devon << >>
 Annie EasterbrookWife40Female  Filham Ugborn, Devon
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter17Female  Plymouth, Devon <<
 Ernest EasterbrookSon14Male  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Jannie EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Lillie EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Plymouth, Devon >>
 Fredk EasterbrookSon2 MonthsMale  Plymouth, Devon >>
 Wm SmaleBrother-in-law23Male  Ugborough, Devon
16 Addison Rd, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonMary A WoodfallHead37Female Living on own meansRock Ferry, Cheshire
 Fanny EasterbrookServant14Female Serving maidCornwall << >>
 Arabella SymonsSister40Female Living on own meansBristol; Clifton
21 Tavistock Pl, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonGeorge J EasterbrooksHead24Male JournalistPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Elizh EasterbrooksWife22Female  Plymouth, Devon
Grether Shaugh, Shaugh Prior, Shaugh, Shaugh Prior, DevonJohn S KingHead28Male FarmerBickleigh, Devon
 Evelina J KingWife28Female  Shaugh, Devon
 Annie E KingDaughter3Female  Shaugh, Devon
 John B KingSon9/12Male  Shaugh, Devon
 Francis W EastabrookServant16Male ServantPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Editra S JefferyServant15Female ServantAveton Gifford, Devon
Ham Farm, Bickleigh, Ham Pool, Bickleigh, DevonJohn James BroadHead26Male FarmerTavistock, Devon
 Ellen Ann BroadWife24Female  Cornwood, Devon
 John James BroadSon3Male  Bickleigh, Devon
 Farah CanterNurse61Female Domestic ServantMeavy, Devon
 Elizabeth MarckServant15Female Domestic ServantMilton, Devon
 William HilsonServant18Male General ServantPlymouth, Devon
 Alfred EasterbrookServant13Male Farm ServantBickleigh, Devon << >>
Laps Cottages, Tamerton Foliott, Tamerton Foliott, Tamerton Foliott, DevonNicholas EasterbrookHead32Male GardenerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon << >>
 Jessie EasterbrookWife30Female  Tamerton Foliott, Devon
 Amy M F EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Tamerton Foliott, Devon >>
3 Anglesay Villa, Compton Gifford, Compton Gifford, Compton Gifford, DevonAlfred SquareHead44Male Merchants Importer of ProvisionsPlymouth, Devon
 Mary E SquareWife37Female  Menheniot, Cornwall
 Edith SquareDaughter10Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Ida M SquareDaughter8Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Anna LyndonServant23Female Cook Domestic ServantNewton Ferrers, Devon
 Frances M EasterbrookServant39Female Nurse Domestic ServantPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Annie FrazerServant15Female Housemaid Domestic ServantScotland
1 Austin Cottages, Egg Buckland, Egg Buckland, Egg Buckland, DevonSolomon CorberHead71Male GardenerCornwood, Devon
 Mary A CorberWife65Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Eliza J TuckerSister63Female DressmakerPlymouth, Devon
 Mary MerrifieldSister74Female  Cornwood, Devon
 Beatrice KeastLodger6Female ScholarPlymouth, Devon
 Ernest EastabrookLodger2Male  Plymouth, Devon
Leighham, Egg Buckland, Higher Crabtree, Egg Buckland, DevonJames John EliottHead54Male  Plymouth, Devon
 Philip LakemanServant66Male Coachman Domestic ServantKelly, Devon
 James HarrisServant37Male Footman Domestic ServantCornwall
 Joseph EastabrookServant26Male Groom Domestic ServantCornwall << >>
 Elizabeth DocketServant60Female HousekeeperDevon
 Norah PerringServant33Female HousemaidDevon
 Arminal ThomasServant24Female KitchenmaidCornwall
7 Woodbine Villa, Plympton, Plympton, Plympton St Maurice, DevonMargaret MartinWife36Female Living on her own meansWalsingham, Norfolk
 Edward MartinSon15Male ScholarCape Colony, South Africa
 Willie MartinSon12Male ScholarCape Colony, South Africa
 Lucy MartinDaughter6Female ScholarCape Colony, South Africa
 Sarah SultonSister-in-law37Female Living on her own meansWalsingham, Norfolk
 Frank SultonNephew14Male Blacksmith ApprenticeCape Colony, South Africa
 Ernest SultonNephew5Male ScholarNorwich, Norfolk
 Barbara EasterbrookVisitor21Female DressmakerTavistock, Devon << >>
Fore Street, Plympton St Mary, Statron Road, Plympton St Mary, DevonJohn T WillisHead31Male Plate Layer G W RyColebrook, Devon
 Phillippa A WillisWife32Female  Plympton St Mary, Devon
 Frederick T WillisSon6Male  Plympton St Mary, Devon
 Percy N WillisSon4Male  Plympton St Mary, Devon
 Eva A WillisDaughter3Female  Plympton St Mary, Devon
 Sampson J BouldenLodger23MaleSGardener St Martin In Meneage Cornwall
 William EasterbrookLodger27MaleSBlacksmith Scoriton, Buckfastleigh Devon << >>
Higher Hazelwood, Loddiswell, Dodbrooke, Loddiswell, DevonFrancis BakerHead59Male FarmerUgborough, Devon
 Jane BakerWife60Female  Modbury, Devon
 Alfred E BakerSon21Male  Deptford, Devon
 Nicholas H BakerSon18Male  Deptford, Devon
 Emia EsterbrookLodger73FemaleWidLiving on own meansDartmouth, Devon <<
 Emma J CrockerServant15Female General Serv DomesticDiptford, Devon
Retreat, Churchstow, Thurlestone, Churchstow, DevonWilliam H ProwseHead62Male Brewer and MalsterKingsbridge, Devon
 William H ProwseSon29Male doKingsbridge, Devon
 Susan E EasterbrookServant24Female  Dodbrooke, Devon <<
 Sarah A C EasterbrookServant17Female  Dodbrooke, Devon <<
Winslade Private House, South Pool, South Pool, South Pool, DevonAlbemarle P WatsonHead46Male Retired Lient.R.NCheltenham, Gloucestershire
 Julia F WatsonWife34Female  Tutbury, Staffordshire
 Dorothy J B WatsonDaughter3Female  Salcombe, Devon
 Samuel H WarrenFather-in-law65Male Retired SurgeonMilverton, Somerset
 Mary J ChudleighServant16Female NurseFrogmore, Devon
 Beatrice A EasterbrookServant13Female CookStokenham, Devon << >>
Cottage, Chivelstone, South Allington, Chivelstone, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead40Male Agricultural LabourerChivelstone, Devon << >>
 Emma EasterbrookWife40Female  Stokenham, Devon
 Samuel EasterbrookSon12Male Farm ServantChivelstone, Devon << >>
 Annie M EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Chivelstone, Devon >>
 Elsie L EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Chivelstone, Devon >>
Cottage, Chivelstone, South Allington, Chivelstone, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead40Male Agricultural LabourerChivelstone, Devon << >>
 Anna EasterbrookWife46Female  Stokenham, Devon
 Arthur EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarChivelstone, Devon >>
 Josiah EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarChivelstone, Devon >>
 Gilbert EasterbrookSon3Male  Chivelstone, Devon >>
Farmhouse, Chivelstone, South Allington, Chivelstone, DevonThomas A PettyjohnHead44Male FarmerChivelstone, Devon
 Brown PettyjohnFather91Male Living on his own meansChivelstone, Devon
 Nathaniel PettyjohnUncle88Male Living on his own meansChivelstone, Devon
 Phillippa J PettyjohnSister42Female  Chivelstone, Devon
 Elizabeth E EsterbrookServant17Female General servantStokenham, Devon << >>
 Felicia C SaundersServant13Female General servantBlackawton, Devon
Beeton, Stokenham, Beeson, Stokenham, DevonRosanna HannafordHead74FemaleWidFarmerChivelstone, Devon
 Betsey S EasterbrookDaughter33Female  Stokenham, Devon >>
 Samuel J EasterbrookSon-in-law30Male Agricultural LabourerChivelstone, Devon << >>
 Florence S JonesGranddaughter11Female  Ashprington, Devon
 Emma W EasterbrookGranddaughter1Female  Stokenham, Devon >>
 Annie M D EasterbrookGranddaughter5/12Female  Stokenham, Devon >>
Little Englebourne, Harberton, Harberton, Harberton, DevonThomas EasterbrookHead57Male FarmerThrowley, Devon << >>
 Sarah Ann EasterbrookWife50Female  Harberton, Devon
Tavistock Inn, Holne, Higher Runnaford Coombe, Holne, DevonThomas J EasterbrookHead47Male BuilderBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Marianne EasterbrookWife47Female  Holne, Devon
 Frank W EasterbrookSon26Male CarpenterTorquay, Devon << >>
 Mary RowlandRelative 71FemaleWid Holne, Devon
 William StevensServant50Male General LabourerPlymouth, Devon
 Francis StorrBoarder52Male Usher Otley Suffolk
 Samuel H RobertsBoarder31Male UsherBoston, Lincolnshire
Beards Farm, Holne, Runnaford Coombe, Buckfastleigh, DevonElias EasterbrookHead72MaleSRetired FarmerBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Mary GillServant67FemaleWidHousekeeper (Domestic Serv)Buckfastleigh, Devon
Scorriton Buildings, Buckfastleigh, Scorriton, Buckfastleigh, DevonCharles TurnerHead60Male ThatcherHolne, Devon
 Grace TurnerWife63Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Scorriton Cottage, Buckfastleigh, Scorriton, Buckfastleigh, DevonWilliam ElliotHead40Male Tin MinerDartmouth, Devon
 Mary ElliotWife55Female  Ashburton, Devon
 Laura EasterbrookStepdaughter (Step Daughter)28Female DressmakerBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Thomas H EasterbrookStepson18Male Gardener (domestic)Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Scorriton Buildings, Buckfastleigh, Scorriton, Buckfastleigh, DevonClara EasterbrookHead28Female HousekeeperBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookBrother21Male Labourer in Wollen FactoryBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Florence EasterbrookSister19Female Weaver (Wollon Factory)Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 John WarrenVisitor25Male General LabourerHolne, Devon
 Elizabeth WarrenVisitor30Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Alfred W WarrenVisitor7/12Male  Holne, Devon
1 Boseil Road, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, DevonMary I ManghamHead42FemaleWid Buckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Amy E ManghamDaughter20FemaleSBoard School TeacherPenrith, Cumberland
 George F ManghamSon18MaleSCarpenterBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookMother75FemaleWid Buckfastleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookBoarder79MaleSRetired FarmerBuckfastleigh, Devon
Crest Hill, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead56Male BlacksmithBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Hannah EasterbrookWife50Female DressmakerUgborough, Devon
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Arthur EasterbrookSon12Male  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Samuel EarleVisitor82MaleWidr Totnes, Devon
Bell Home, Fore St, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, DevonJohn HarrisHead49Male TannerBuckfastleigh, Devon
 Mary J HarrisWife46Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon >>
Fore St, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, DevonJames EasterbrookHead71Male Saddler & Harness MakerWidecombe in the Moor, Devon <<
 Anne EasterbrookWife76Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon
 James EasterbrookSon38MaleSSaddler & Harness MakerBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Fore St (Dial Court), Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, DevonBetsy ElliottHead64Female Wool SorterBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Mary J ElliottDaughter29Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Frederick LockLodger45Male General LabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon
Chapel St, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, Buckfastleigh, DevonMary EasterbrookHead82FemaleWid Buckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Thomas EasterbrookSon60MaleSTanners LabourerBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
Vale Cottages, Totnes, Totnes, Totnes, DevonHenry EasterbrookHead34Male Plate Labourer RailwayExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife35Female  Broadhempstone, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarAshburton, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarExbourne, Devon << >>
 Miviam EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarCheriton Bishop, Devon >>
 Hilda EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Totnes, Devon >>
 Silan EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Totnes, Devon >>
 Arthur EasterbrookSon7/12Male  Totnes, Devon >>
73 Fore St, Totnes, Totnes, Totnes, DevonJohn C EasterbrookHead33Male GardnerKingsbridge, Devon << >>
 Caroline H EasterbrookWife28Female  Penzance, Cornwall
 Emeline M EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Totnes, Devon >>
 Ernest J EasterbrookSon3Male  Totnes, Devon >>
Puddavin, Darlington, Dartington, Darlington, DevonElias EasterbrookHead48Male Horse TrainerHolne, Devon << >>
 Eliza Agnes EasterbrookWife46Female  Ugborough, Devon
 Elizabeth Ann EasterbrookDaughter23Female Assistant HomePlymouth, Devon << >>
 Frederick EasterbrookSon22Male Horse TrainerPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Daniel Frank EasterbrookSon14Male ScholarAshburton, Devon << >>
 Mary Ellen EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Alfred James EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Sidney Ernest EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon >>
 Matthew Edward EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon >>
 Harriet Emily EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon >>
 Francis Dick EasterbrookSon3Male ScholarBuckfastleigh, Devon >>
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Buckfastleigh, Devon >>
Ivy Bank Cottage, Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Dartmouth, DevonMary A EasterbrookHead58Female LaundressMillbrook, Cornwall
 Marion WaltersNiece26Female LaundressKingston, Devon
26 Sandford Rd, Cockington, Cockington, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead57Male Retired JewellerExbourne, Devon << >>
 Mary J EasterbrookWife59Female  Dartmouth, Devon
 Samuel H EasterbrookSon20Male Shorthand WriterTorquay, Devon << >>
 Annie AdamsVisitor18Female Shop asst.Salcombe, Devon
The Western Hotel, Cockington, Kingskerswell, Cockington, DevonAlice EsterbrookServant19Female Scullery MaidTorquay, Devon
Cockington Village, Kingskerswell, Cockington, DevonElias EasterbrookHead44Male Coachman GroomSouth Brent, Devon << >>
 Mary J EasterbrookWife40Female  Jacobstowe, Devon
 Edwin P EasterbrookSon15Male Plumber & Gas Fitter ApprenticeEllscombe, Devon <<
 Annie L EasterbrookDaughter13Female ScholarCockington, Devon << >>
 Eva L M EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarCockington, Devon >>
 Elias H EasterbrookSon6Male ScholarCockington, Devon >>
Kingskerswell, Cockington, DevonJames E CordnerHead61Male  Ireland
 Editha P CordnerWife42Female  AL Sea
 Editha P CordnerDaughter13Female  India
 Violet St Maur CordnerDaughter12Female  India
 Vera B CordnerDaughter4Female  Ish, Nobright Ryde
 Edward B TusonFather-in-law72Male  Ilchester, Somerset
 Francis A TusonMother-in-law67Female  Moreton, Devon
 Fanny C HillSister-in-law35Female  Chichester, Sussex
 Arthur H HillNephew13Male  India
 Susan A MackieVisitor61Female  Morton, Devon
 Sarah BestardServant28Female  Barlestone, Devon
 Laura ParsonsServant26Female  Torquay, Devon
 Jane NoyseServant26Female  Stoke Cannon, Cornwall
 Alice EasterbrookServant20FemaleSNurse Maid DomesticCheriton, Devon << >>
 Florence ZapleServant18Female  Torquay, Devon
 Ellen MynherdServant19Female  Harwich, Essex
Daccombe, Coffinswell, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead62Male Agricultural LabourerMonkhanpton, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife62Female  Winkleigh, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon39Male  Coffinswell, Devon << >>
Edginswell, St Mary Church, Edginswell, St Mary Church, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead34Male FarmerShiphay Cottaton, Devon <<
 Leah EasterbrookWife32Female  Preston Cross, Devon
 Amelia E EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Edginswell, Devon >>
 Mabel EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Edginswell, Devon >>
 Caroline EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Edginswell, Devon >>
 Gwendoline EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Edginswell, Devon >>
 Anne WilkinsonServant13Female Domestic ServTorquay, Devon
 Richard AustenServant16Male Farm ServPaignton, Devon
Collaton, St Mary Church, Shiphay, St Mary Church, DevonMary A EasterbrookHead61FemaleWidCourkeeperWashford Pyne, Devon
 John EasterbrookSon32Male GardenerSt Mary Church, Devon << >>
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter29Female  St Mary Church, Devon << >>
 Richard EasterbrookSon24Male  St Mary Church, Devon << >>
1 Barnfield, St Mary Church, Barton, St Mary Church, DevonEasterbrook JohnHead67Male FarmerThrowleigh, Devon <<
 Mary A EasterbrookWife67Female  Frimington, Devon
6a Cambridge Terr, St Mary Church, St Mary Church, St Mary Church, DevonGeorge EasterbrookHead43Male Marble PolisherSt Mary Church, Devon << >>
 Dinah J EasterbrookWife36Female  Brampford Speke, Devon
 Lilian J L EasterbrookDaughter1Female  St Mary Church, Devon >>
29 Fore Street, St Mary Church, St Mary Church, St Mary Church, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead39Male Boot dealerSt Mary Church, Devon << >>
 Alfred E EasterbrookSon16Male Carpenter apprenticeExeter, Devon << >>
Plairmoor Cottages, St Mary Church, St Mary Church, St Mary Church, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead52Male General LabourerSt Mary Church, Devon << >>
 Susan A EasterbrookWife51Female   Ilsington Devon
 Eva A EasterbrookDaughter20Female  St Mary Church, Devon << >>
 Ruben PhillipsVisitor22Male Draper's Assistant Exeter Devon UK
Savile House (Lodging House), Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonGeorge W EasterbrookHead64Male Lodging House KeeperAshburton, Devon << >>
 Catherine EasterbrookWife55Female  Scotland
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter23Female Assistant in aboveTorquay, Devon <<
 Fred EasterbrookSon19Male Grocers AssistantTorquay, Devon << >>
 Helena EasterbrookDaughter17Female Mothers HelpTorquay, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon16Male Apprentice (Outfitters)Torquay, Devon << >>
 Frank M EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarTorquay, Devon << >>
26 Fleet Street, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonRueben EasterbrookHead47Male CarpenterKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth Fenner EasterbrookWife49Female  Torquay, Devon
 Mary Harriet PecoriniDaughter26Female  Kentish Town, London << >>
 Fredrick John EasterbrookSon19Male CarpenterTorquay, Devon << >>
 Robert Reginald PecoriniGrandson1Male  Torquay, Devon
21 Torwood St, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonFrank EasterbrookHead23Male JewellerTorquay, Devon << >>
 Susie EasterbrookWife25Female  Liverpool, Lancashire
9 Fleet Street, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonGeorge P EasterbrookHead35Male JewellerTorquay, Devon << >>
 Margaret E EasterbrookWife27Female  Torquay, Devon
 Ernest G B EasterbrookSon7Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Arthur F EasterbrookSon6Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 William EasterbrookSon5Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Aweba E WillsServant25Female General ServantExeter, Devon
8 Victoria Park, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead52Male FishermanExeter, Devon <<
 Charlotte B EasterbrookWife42Female WasherwomanTorquay, Devon
 Edwin C EasterbrookSon15Male CarterTorquay, Devon << >>
 Ether A EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Torquay, Devon << >>
 John B EasterbrookSon10Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Harry EasterbrookSon7Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter5Female  Torquay, Devon >>
 Edwin EasterbrookSon3Male  Torquay, Devon >>
14 Bronshill Crescent, Bronshill Rd, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonThomas H EasterbrookHead30Male WatchmakerTorguay, Devon << >>
 Frances E EasterbrookWife30Female  Exmouth, Devon
 Mary M J EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarTorguay, Devon >>
 Harry G EasterbrookSon1Male  Torguay, Devon >>
 Joseph HarfordLodger42Male Book-keeperTrowbridge, Wiltshire
68 Ellacombe Church Rd, Ellacombe, Torquay, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead27Male Commission AgentTorquay, Devon << >>
 Mary E P EasterbrookWife27Female  Torquay, Devon
 Elsie O EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Torquay, Devon >>
 Reginald C EasterbrookSon4/12Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Susan EasterbrookMother66Female  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
 Thomas BennettLodger23Male  Plymouth, Devon
2 Happaway Place, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonLizzie EasterbrookHead26Female CharwomanTorquay, Devon <<
Queen Street, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonSusan EasterbrookHead24Female CharwomanTorquay, Devon << >>
 William EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarNewton Abbot, Devon >>
 Maud EasterbrookDaughter8/12Female  Torquay, Devon >>
Queen Street, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonAmelia EasterbrookHead32FemaleWidowDressmakerTorquay, Devon
Perrolis Buildings, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonMary Anne EasterbrookHead47FemaleWidowWashwomanExeter, Devon <<
 Polly EasterbrookDaughter19Female Domestic ServantTorquay, Devon << >>
 Emily EasterbrookGranddaughter15Female  Torquay, Devon <<
 Lucy EasterbrookDaughter16Female Domestic ServantNewton Abbot, Devon
 John PerrettLodger38Male FishermanTorquay, Devon
Pimlico, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonMary A EasterbrookHead71FemaleWidowNeedlewoman 
8 Gl*s Cotts, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonMary Ann GregoryHead52FemaleWidLiving on own meansKingskerswell, Devon <<
 Blanche A GregoryDaughter19Female Teacher of MusicTorquay, Devon
 Eliza ShergoldBoarder63Female  Southampton, Hampshire
2 Geneva Cotts, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonWill M EasterbrookHead40Male BakerKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Sarah Jane EasterbrookWife38Female  Elmswell, Devon
 Malie Eliza EasterbrookDaughter14Female ScholarTorquay, Devon << >>
 Ernest EasterbrookSon13Male ScholarTorquay, Devon << >>
 Fredk EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarTorquay, Devon << >>
 Eva EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarTorquay, Devon << >>
 Cassandra BarkerAssistant22Female Baker's AssistantDarfield, Yorkshire
 William NorthwayServant39Male Baker's PorterNewton Abbot, Devon
 Frances EveleighAssistant18Male Baker's AssistantTorquay, Devon
 Walter HicksAssistant17Male Baker's AssistantPaignton, Devon
17 Vale Terrace, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead43Male BuilderKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Emma EasterbrookWife46Female  Lympstone, Devon
 Emma F EasterbrookDaughter23Female Dress/mantle makerLympstone, Devon << >>
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter21Female Dress/mantle makerNotting Hill, London << >>
 Harriett L EasterbrookDaughter19Female Milliners ApprenticeTorquay, Devon <<
 John H EasterbrookSon16Male  Torquay, Devon << >>
1 St Michaels Ter, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonEllen TaylorHead53Female Lodging House KeeperShropshire
 Walter F TaylorSon18Male GroomDevon
 Frederick C TaylorSon12Male ScholarDevon
 William J EasterbrookLodger21Male PorterDevon << >>
6 Park Cottages, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead64Male LabourerKingsbridge, Devon << >>
 Josepha EasterbrookWife66Female  Widde Combe-in-the-Moor, Devon
12 Cavendish Ter, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonWilliam EndscottHead27Male Stone MasonSt Mary Church, Devon
 Mary Ann EndscottWife24Female  Torquay, Devon
 Jane EndscottBoarder65FemaleWid Chagford, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookVisitor78FemaleWid Broadwood Kelly, Devon
5 Brunswick Terr, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonMary BarrettHead31FemaleWidLaundressTorquay, Devon
 George BarrettSon12Male Errand BoyTorquay, Devon
 Henry BarrettSon11Male ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Charles EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarTorquay, Devon
3 Brunswick Terr, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead57MaleWidSawyerKingskerswell, Devon <<
4 Regents Ter, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonElias EasterbrookHead30Male GardenerWiddecombe, Devon << >>
 Emma EasterbrookWife28Female  North Tawton, Devon
1 Tor Hill Road, Tormoham, Tormoham, DevonAlbert W CockmanHead31Male PainterNewton Abbot, Devon
 Mary A CockmanWife41Female  Kingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Florence L CockmanDaughter6Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Lottie M CockmanDaughter5Female ScholarTorquay, Devon
 Samuel EastwokFather in law76MaleWidSawyer, retired Torre, Devon <<
17 Laburnam St, Tormoham, Tormoham, DevonEdwin EasterbrookHead30Male Fish HawkerTorquay, Devon << >>
 Emily EasterbrookWife24Female  Torquay, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon2Male  Torquay, Devon >>
 Lydia EasterbrookDaughter11/12Female  Torquay, Devon >>
1 Laburnam St, Tormoham, Tormoham, DevonCharles EastoworkHead28MaleSGeneral Labourer Torquay, Devon << >>
4 Grenue Cottages, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonKester H EasterbrookHead29Male Carpenter Torquay, Devon << >>
 Annie A EasterbrookWife27Female  Oxfordshire
 Hugh B ClarkLodger27Male *in Holy * London Middlesex
 Jessie E WalkerLodger20Female Living on own meansScotland
8 Bath Ter, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonEdwin ViggersHead58Male Carpenter (Wesleyan Loc Prea)Dartmouth, Devon
 Harriett ViggersWife56Female  Kings Kirswell, Devon <<
 Harrietth ViggersDaughter33Female DressmakerPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Priscilla ViggersDaughter26Female  Torguay, Devon
 Emma ViggersDaughter25Female Assit GovernessTorguay, Devon
 Hannah ViggersDaughter23Female UpholderessTorguay, Devon
 Lydia ViggersDaughter21Female  Torguay, Devon
 Alfd ViggersSon13Male ScholarTorguay, Devon
 Leo ShepherdLodger23Male Solicitor's ClerkGackey, London
Old Mill Rd, Tormoham, Newton Abbot, Tormoham, DevonHenry A GarrettHead32Male Civil Engineer & SurveyorBournemouth, Hampshire
 Jane E GarrettWife32Female  Ipswich, Suffolk
 Louisa B J GarrettDaughter5Female  Bournemouth, Hampshire
 Rose H B GarrettDaughter2Female  Boscombe, Hampshire
 Agnes K ButlerVisitor26Female  Glasgow, Scotland
 Bessie EasterbrookServant21Female Domestic ServantBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Laura MorleyServant19Female Domestic ServantBrixham, Devon
8 Higher Ter, Walborough, Newton Abbot, Wolborough, DevonLucy EasterbrookHead37Female Dress MakerTeignmouth, Devon << >>
 Tom EasterbrookSon14Male ScholarTeignmouth, Devon << >>
 EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarTeignmouth, Devon << >>
Kestoe, Wolborough, Newton Abbot, Wolborough, DevonElizabeth J SmaleHead55Female Living on own meansKingsteignton, Devon
 Rebecca A SmaleSister39Female Living on own meansKingsteignton, Devon
 Florence A EasterbrookServant22Female General ServantTorquaw, Devon <<
Torbryan Village, Denbury, Torbryan, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead71MaleSRetired FarmerIpplepen, Devon <<
 Jane MorganSister78FemaleWid Ipplepen, Devon <<
 Ann EasterbrookSister69FemaleS Ipplepen, Devon <<
Denbury, Torbryan, DevonCharles EasterbrookHead64Male FarmerIpplepen, Devon << >>
 Ann EasterbrookWife55Female  Brick Salleigh, Devon
 George EasterbrookSon32Male  Holne, Devon << >>
 William W EasterbrookSon30Male  Holne, Devon << >>
 John EasterbrookSon28Male  Holne, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth J EasterbrookDaughter26Female  Holne, Devon <<
 Ann W EasterbrookDaughter20Female  Woodland, Devon << >>
Halwell Farm, Teigngrace, Denbury, Teigngrace, DevonWilliam EatherbrookHead51Male Farmer Widecombe, Devon << >>
 Ann EatherbrookWife51Female   Widecombe Devon
 William EatherbrookSon26Male Assistant in Farm House Widecombe Devon << >>
 Daughter23Female Assistant in Farm House Widecombe, Devon << >>
 John EatherbrookSon21Male Employed on Farm Widecombe Devon << >>
 Jessie EatherbrookDaughter18Female Assistant on Farm Widecombe Devon << >>
 Frank EatherbrookSon14Male   Broadhempston Devon << >>
 John EatherbrookBrother68Male Living on his own meansWidecombe, Devon << >>
 William DoddServant18Male Farm ServStaverton, Devon
Bickley Mile, Ipplepen, Ipplepen, DevonThomas WarrenHead47Male Farm LabourerAbbotskerswell, Devon
 Sarah J WarrenWife47Female  Kingskerswell, Devon
 George MilfordLodger43Male SaywerTedburn St Mary, Devon
 Isacc EasterbrookLodger23Male General LabourerLapford, Devon << >>
Wellington Inn, Ipplepen, Ipplepen, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead53Male InnkeeperIpplepen, Devon <<
 Mary A EasterbrookWife58Female  Newton Bushell, Devon
 Elizabeth B EasterbrookDaughter22Female  Torquay, Devon << >>
 Walter EasterbrookSon18Male Carpenters ApprenticeTorquay, Devon <<
2 Brookdale Terr, Dawlish, Dawlish, DevonDavid Hanyb??Head47Male Lodging House Keeper Ilsington, Devon
 Maria Hanyb??Wife54Female   Dawlish Devon
 May EasterbrookServ17Male   Torquay Devon <<
Hirondella, New Road, East Teignmouth, Teignmouth, East Teignmouth, DevonFredk BannisterHead53Male Private TutorBedfordshire
 Sarah R BannisterWife53Female Principal of Ladies SchoolOssett, Yorkshire
 Janie BanisterDaughter24Female GovernessStanstead, Berkshire
 Fredk BannisterSon21Male FarmerBedford, Bedfordshire
 Mary BannisterStepmother (Step Mother) 80 Female Living on own meansLondon, Middlesex
 Louisa J KrosebergBoarder28Female Foreign GovernessHannover, Hamhe
 Rose NottleBoarder17Female Pupil TeacherHampshire
 Emmeline M Love??Boarder16Female PupilTorquay, Devon
 Lillian M BarnettBoarder15Female PupilIndia
 Beresford LovettBoarder10Male PupilTorquay, Devon
 Percy PaineBoarder9Male PupilBedford, Bedfordshire
 Alice L LovettBoarder4Female PupilTeignmouth, Devon
 Mary E EasterbrookServant24Female Domestic (Housemaid)Buckfastleigh, Devon << >>
 Sarah BakerServant22Female Domestic (Cook)Stamford, Lincolnshire
 Nellie WoodgateServant15Female Domestic (Housemaid)Teignmouth, Devon
Her Majestys Prison Exeter, Exeter, St David, DevonSamuel EasterbrookPrisoner26MaleSSteward Domestic ServantHorquay, Devon <<
Town Barracks, Exeter, St David, DevonJames Easterbrook 19Male Private InfantryBeckington, Devon
 Charles Richard Samuel Easterbrook 23Male Private InfantryDawlish, Devon << >>
No 47 Public House, St Mary Arches, Exeter, St Mary Arches, DevonW James TaylorHead45Male Licensed VitularExeter, Devon
 Elizabeth TaylorWife45Female AssistantExeter, Devon
 William TaylorSon19Male AssistantExeter, Devon
 Maryam TaylorDaughter17Female AssistantExeter, Devon
 George TaylorSon15Male AssistantExeter, Devon
 Edwin TaylorSon13Male Errand BoyExeter, Devon
 Charles TaylorSon11Male SchoolExeter, Devon
 George EwingsLodger69Male LabourerExeter, Devon
 Thomas AbbottLodger41Male LabourerExeter, Devon
 William BatesLodger53Male CarrierExeter, Devon
 Henery EstworthyLodger55Male LabourerExeter, Devon
 Edward EastuteakLodger22Male LabourerExeter, Devon << >>
 Henery FranciesLodger25Male PainterExeter, Devon
 Frank SatterLodger55Male Cab DriverExeter, Devon
 John TaswillLodger72Male TailorJersey, Channel Islands
 Frank Ford BonnyLodger33Male BrewerExeter, Devon
 Ann TaylorDaughter6Female School 
Ship Inn, 3 Martini Lane, Exeter, Exeter, St Stephen, DevonWalter W ChappleHead28Male Licenced VictuallerExeter
 Jennie ChappleWife29Female  Brixton, London
 Mary M ChappleDaughter4Female  Brighton, Sussex
 Louisa FriendServant21Female General ServantIdeford, Devon
 Walter EasterbrookServant25Male PotmanExeter <<
Exe Island, Exeter, St Edmund, DevonJohn EasterbrookHead52Male Rent CollectorCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
 Caroline EasterbrookWife52Female  Cadbury, Devon
 John Thomas EasterbrookSon25Male  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
 Caroline A EasterbrookDaughter22Female Dress makerCheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter15Female Domestic ServantStockleigh Pomeroy, Devon << >>
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarExeter << >>
Ben Ryhdding Cottage, Ilkley, Ilkley, Ilkley, YorkshireThomas SpeightHead65Male General LabourerMiddleton, Yorkshire
 Johanna SpeightWife73Female  Pontefract, Yorkshire
 James EastbrookLodger23MaleSRailway PorterBuckfastleigh, Yorkshire << >>
 Thomas ClarksonLodger22MaleSRailway PorterHuby, Yorkshire
15 Gilstead, Bingley, Gilstead, Bingley, YorkshireRichard EasterbrookHead36Male General LabourerPitsturg, USA <<
 Agnes EasterbrookWife27Female  Baildon, Yorkshire
 Harriet EasterbrookDaughter3/12Female  Bingley, Yorkshire >>
206 Heavy Gate Rd, Nether Hallam, Sheffield, Nether Hallam, YorkshireEdward EasterbrookHead54Male Bricklayers LabourerLiverpool, Lancashire >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife49Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
17 London StDavid C MunroHead52Male WaiterRoskine, Ross Shire
 Sarah MunroWife51Female  England
 Christma MunroDaughter23Female  Dunblane, Perthshire
 George MunroSon22Male PlumbeerPort of Monluck, Perthshire
 Ada MunroDaughter20Female  Port of Monluck, Perthshire
 Ethel MunroDaughter16Female MillinerKilmerdoch, Midlothian
 Alexander MunroSon10Male  Glencorse, Midlothian
 A B EasterbookLodger26Male Tea MerchantEngland
 C C EasterbookLodger22Male Medical StudentLasswade, Midlothian
 A M EasterbookLodger21Male Medical StudentLasswade, Midlothian
 A W C CameronLodger25Male Medical StudentOban, Argyleshire
 A DavidsonLodger33Male ProcuratorCreich, Sutherlandshire
8 Bouville St Sheffield, Sheffield, YorkshireWilliam EasterbrookHead48Male Engine & Machine MakerDevon << >>
 Harriett EasterbrookWife47Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Alfred EasterbrookSon19Male PrinterSheffield, Yorkshire << >>
 John A EasterbrookSon19Male Machine MakerSheffield, Yorkshire << >>
 Harold EasterbrookSon15Male Engine Fitter's AssistantSheffield, Yorkshire << >>
 Beatrice E EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire >>
Lodging House, No4 College Lane, Rotherham, Rotherham, Rotherham, YorkshireRobert EasterbrookLodger27Male PackerBicppe, France >>
4 Artizan View, Heely Sheffield, Heeley, Heeley, YorkshireJohn RobinsonHead29Male Jerman Silser WorkerSheffield, Yorkshire
 Florence RobinsonWife30Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire <<
6 Beiley St, Ecclesall Bierlow, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireErnest EasterbrookHead23Male * Coat CutterSheffield, Yorkshire << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife22Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Florence Gert EasterbrookDaughter8/12Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire >>
190 St Vincents St, Birmingham, Birmingham, WarwickshireElizabeth AncillHead67Female Living on own meansDevonport, Devon << >>
 William G DuffSon42Male TailorMalta
 Charlotte E AncillDaughter8Female SeamstressGibraltar
172 Ecclesall Rd, Ecclessall Bierlow, Ecclesall Bierlow, YorkshireElizabeth A EasterbrookHead53FemaleWidLiving on own meansSheffield, Yorkshire >>
 Lucy EllisDaughter30Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 James W EllisSon29Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Arthur H EllisSon22Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Frederick C EllisSon20Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Frank E EllisSon14Male  Sheffield, Yorkshire
604 Shoreham St, Yorkshire, Sheffield, YorkshireHenry R EasterbrookHead32Male Brewery ManBaslow, Derbyshire >>
 Mary E EasterbrookWife27Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
15 Alreds Road, Halifax, Halifax, Halifax, YorkshireCharles E EstabrookHead34Male DentistUSA
 Florence A EstabrookWife28Female  High Sea Citizeness, USA
2 (off) Artizan View, Heely, Heeley, Heeley, YorkshireWiliam EasterbrookHead29Male Steam Hammer MakerSheffield, Yorkshire << >>
 Clara EasterbrookWife28Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire
 Clarice Eva EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire >>
 Blance Ethel EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Sheffield, Yorkshire >>
104 Akerman Rd, Lambeth, Lambeth, LondonAthner S EasterbrookHead35Male Builder + DecoratorLambeth, London << >>
 Henrietta EasterbrookWife33Female  Lambeth, London
 Percy A EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarLambeth, London << >>
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarLambeth, London >>
 Maud F EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarLambeth, London >>
Lambeth, LondonWalter Henry TaylorHead29Male  British, USA
 Frances H TaylorWife28Female  Kennington, London
 Catherine D TaylorDaughter2Female  Brixton, London
 Laura TaylorDaughter1/12Female  Brixton, London
 Charlotte Collender EasterbrookNurse69Female  Exeter, Devon
 Mary Ann CarterLodger69Female  Sydenham, Kent
30 Freke Road, Battersea, Battersea, LondonJames EasterbrookHead37Male Stockbrokers ClerkWolverhampton, Staffordshire << >>
 Frances Davidson EasterbrookWife28Female  Clapham, London
 John Ernest EasterbrookSon6Male  Battersea, London
 James Porter EasterbrookSon1 1/12Male  Battersea, London >>
 Fanny CrysellServant76Female General Servant (Domestic)Stansfield, Suffolk
30 Dillrywn Rd, Sydenham, Lewisham, Lewisham, LondonJames EasterbrookHead40Male General LabourerDeptford, Kent << >>
 Sophia EasterbrookWife37Female  Stepney, London
 Eliza EasterbrookDaughter18Female General Servt (Domestic)Deptford, Kent <<
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter16Female General Servt (Domestic)Deptford, Kent << >>
 James EasterbrookSon14Male Plumber;s LabourerForest Hill, Kent << >>
 Sophia EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarForest Hill, Kent << >>
 William EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarForest Hill, Kent >>
 Lillie EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarForest Hill, Kent >>
 George EasterbrookSon3Male  Sydenham, Kent << >>
110 High St, Lewisham, LondonDavid T EasterbrookHead28Male PlumberKent <<
 Florance EasterbrookWife28Female  Surrey
 Grace EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Lewisham >>
 Camiel BrownRelative 26Male PlumberLewisham
 Ellen BrownRelative 26Female  Lewisham <<
 Sanby BrownRelative 1Male  Lewisham
 Burt HillRelative 25Male Plumber's LabourerDeptford
 Charlotte HillRelative 24Female  Lewisham <<
 Lily HillRelative 3Female  Deptford
 Lily HillRelative 1Male  Lewisham
Lewisham Union Workhouse, Lewisham, Lewisham, LondonGladys EasterbrookPatient4/12Female  Lee, London
1 Osborn Ter, Eltham, Eltham, LondonElias W EasterbrookHead34Male White SmithLee, Kent << >>
 William W EasterbrookSon10Male  Lee, Kent << >>
 Rosa E EasterbrookDaughter8Female  Lee, Kent >>
 George A EasterbrookSon6Male  Lee, Kent >>
 Margaret E EasterbrookDaughter4Female  Lee, Kent >>
 Amy G EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Lee, Kent
Osbourne Villas, Eltham, Eltham, LondonJohn H EasterbrookHead35MaleMWhite SmithCharlton, Kent << >>
 Jane EasterbrookWife40FemaleM Charlton, Kent
 John EasterbrookSon14Male  Charlton, Kent << >>
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter11Female  Charlton, Kent << >>
 Nellie EasterbrookDaughter9Female  Charlton, Kent >>
 Florrie EasterbrookDaughter7Female  Charlton, Kent >>
 Louie EasterbrookDaughter6Female  Eltham, Kent >>
 Gertrude EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Eltham, Kent >>
 Alice EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Eltham, Kent >>
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter8 MonthsFemale  Eltham, Kent >>
Lynton Villa, Eltham, Eltham, LondonAlexander GladwellHead34Male *Manufacturers Messanger Felsam, Suffolk
 Eva E GladwellWife28Female  Rochester, Kent
 Agnes E GladwellDaughter4Female  Lewisham, Kent
 Arthur W GladwellSon3Male  Lewisham, Kent
 Alice M EastabrookServant17Female Domestic ServantLewisham, Kent <<
Royal Hospital School, Greenwich, LondonJ EasterbrookPupil in the School12Male  Courtenay Sandford, Devon << >>
39 Loam Vale (Pear Tree), Lewisham, Lewisham, LondonThomas Y EasterbrookHead49Male WhitesmithLondon, Middlesex << >>
 Charlotte EasterbrookWife47Female  Charlton, Kent
 Emily J EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Lewisham, Kent << >>
 Ada EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Lewisham, Kent <<
13 Taunton Rd, Lee, Lee, LondonHarry EasterbrookHead41Male PlumberCamden, London << >>
 Catherine EasterbrookWife38Female  Romsey, Hampshire
 Harry EasterbrookSon13Male  Lee, Kent << >>
 Arthur EasterbrookSon12Male  Lee, Kent << >>
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter10Female  Lee, Kent << >>
 Frederick EasterbrookSon6Male  Lee, Kent >>
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Lee, Kent >>
 M BrownLodger44Female Living on own meansMaidstone, Kent
101 Grundy St, Poplar, Bromley, Poplar, LondonHenry J SamuelHead36Male   
 Hannah SamuelWife36Female  Harwich, Essex
 Jos Hy SamuelSon10Male  Askern, Buckinghamshire
 Jos Rose E SamuelsDaughter8Female  Bermondsey, London
 Edith E SamuelsDaughter7Female  Poplar, London
 Sydney A SamuelsSon6Male  Poplar, London
 Archibald SamuelsSon3Male  Poplar, London
 John SamuelsSon3/12Male  Poplar, London
 Hy EasterbrookSon17Male  Poplar, London << >>
39 Culloden St, Poplar, Bromley, St Leonard, LondonHenry EasterbrookHead39Male CoppersmithStepney, London << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookWife36Female  Poplar, London
 Frederick EasterbrookSon14Male Coppersmith ApprenticePoplar, London << >>
 Albert EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarPoplar, London << >>
 Jane EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarStratford, Essex << >>
 Rose EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarPoplar, London >>
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarPoplar, London >>
 Jessie EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Poplar, London >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon3/12Male  Poplar, London >>
59 Collenham Rd, Islington, London, Islington, LondonWilliam EsterbrookHead79Male SilversmithExeter, Devon <<
 Elizabeth EsterbrookWife78Female  London
 Loustia EsterbrookDaughter47Female  London << >>
16 Blenheim Rd, Upper Holloway, London, Islington, LondonGeorge L EastabrookHead39Male Grainer & WriterPortsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Maria EastabrookWife38Female  Ashford, Kent
 Albert E EastabrookSon7Male ScholarIslington, London >>
 Charles E EastabrookSon6Male ScholarIslington, London >>
 George H EastabrookSon1Male  Islington, London >>
16 Station Bldgs, Hackney, West Hackney, Hackney, LondonCharles LeversuchHead61Male Furniture PorterSpitalfields, London
 Catherine LeversuchWife45Female  St Luke, London
 Kate LeversuchDaughter15Female  Shoreditch, London
 Martha LeversuchDaughter12Female  Shoreditch, London
 John EastabrooksLodger73MaleWidrFish HawkerGreenwich, Kent
127 Church Street, Deptford, Deptford, St Paul Deptford, LondonKate EasterbrookHead35Female CharwomanPlymouth, Devon << >>
 George EasterbrookSon17Male Labourer Iron WorksGreenwich, Kent << >>
 William EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarWestminster, Middlesex >>
 Henry EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarDeptford, Kent >>
 Joseph EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarDeptford, Kent >>
 Mary ShannonMother64Female  Ireland
 Kath KeefeLodger45Female  High Seas, British Waters
803 Fulham Rd, Fulham, Fulham, LondonJohn BeerHead37Male Artist Designer * ShopkeeperPimlico, London
 Elizabeth BeerWife38Female  Marylebone, London
 Julia A HibbsMother-in-law66Female  London
 Mary EasterbrookLodger36Female DressmakerHolborn, London << >>
 Martha EasterbrookSister32Female DressmakerW, London << >>
3 Raveus Place, Greenwich, Greenwich, Greenwich, LondonAlbert EasterbrookHead18Male Plumber & Gas fitterLewisham << >>
 Louisa EasterbrookWife18Female  Bletchingley, Surrey
 Infant EasterbrookSon1 MonthMale  Greenwich, Kent
6 West Row, Greenwich, Deptford, St Nicholas, LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead30Male Dock LabourerDeptford, London << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookWife23Female  Deptford, London
 William EasterbrookSon3Male  Deptford, London >>
 James EasterbrookSon2Male  Deptford, London >>
 Frederick EasterbrookSon9/12Male  Deptford, London
5 New Cross Rd, Deptford, Hatcham, St Paul Deptford, LondonJno H EsterbrookeHead14Male Heraldie EngraverSoho, London <<
 Fides EsterbrookeWife50Female  Ipswich, Suffolk
 Jno A EsterbrookeSon25Male Heraldie EngraverCimlico, London << >>
 Bertha SmytheVisitor21Female  Ipswich, Suffolk
48 Sloane St, Chelsea, Chelsea, LondonHarriette Esterbrook 29Female Costume assistantGravesend, Kent
70 Maylor Rd, Peckham, Peckham, Camberwell, LondonGeorge AllenHead66Male Clostbaliff SouthwallEng Cam, Compton Dunden Somerset
 Sarah AllenWife55Female  St Marys Chatham, Kent <<
11 Seldew Ter, Shoemakers shop, Peckham, Camberwell, LondonJohn T LeaderHead34Male Lamp lighterWeeden, Northamptonshire
 Elizabeth A LeaderWife33Female  Kings Cross, London
 Edith L LeaderDaughter12Female  Walworth, London
 Alma F LeaderDaughter10Female  Bermondsey, London
 Louisa V LeaderDaughter7Female  Walworth, London
 Ada E LeaderDaughter4Female  Peckham, London
 Charlotte E LeaderDaughter1Female  Peckham, London
 Victor A LeaderSon9Male  Bermondsey, London
 George EasterbrookUncle68Male Zinc workerBermondsey, London <<
 Margaret EasterbrookAunt68Female  Scotland
19 Ashbourne Grove, Camberwell, Peckham, Camberwell, LondonDaniel EasterbrookHead38Male SchoolmasterMilton Abbot, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife31Female  Ripon, Wiltshire
 Helena K TrewinBoarder27Female  Kilkhampton, Cornwall
 Sarah J TaylorVisitor25Female  Noslerfield, Yorkshire
 Alice DaveyServant13Female  Hatcham, Surrey
126 Wardour St, Westminster, Westminster, St Anne, LondonRichard KemptonHead87MaleWidrBooksellerSt. Anne, London
 Mary EasterbrookServant79FemaleWidGeneral servantBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Elizabeth PearceServant28Female General servantBuckfastleigh, Devon
St George Hanover Square, LondonFrances M SkinnerHead62Female  Durham
 Helen A SkinnerDaughter29Female  Dorchester, Cambridgeshire
 Editte A SkinnerDaughter23Female  St George Hanover Square
 Eugenie LesenceurVisitor72Female  French, France
 Mark LagetVisitor27Male  Charminster, Dorset
 Margt GuyServant57Female  Brighton
 Harriette CrabbeServant23Female  Batheaston, Somerset
 Ophelia CarterServant35Female  Stockcross, Berkshire
 Mary MayServant23Female  Hodson, Wiltshire
 Annie StainerServant21Female  Holt, Dorset
 John JohnsonServant19Male  Amcotts, Lincolnshire
 Rachel KerrServant28Female ParlormaidScotland << >>
 Louisa SimmondsServant78Female Under HousemaidTwyford, Berkshire
68 Davia Villas, Hammersmith, Hammersmith, LondonWilliam J W EasterbrookHead28Male East India Merchants AssistantTorquay, Devon << >>
 Sarah A W EasterbrookWife26Female  Torquay, Devon
 John W D W EasterbrookSon3Male  Torquay, Devon >>
7Adie Rd, Hammersmith, Hammersmith, LondonHenry EasterbrookHead26Male CookExeter, Devon << >>
 Ada Tessie EasterbrookWife27Female  Kensington, London
 Jessie Laura EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Hammersmith, London >>
 Henry George EasterbrookSon2/12Male  Hammersmith, London >>
 Charles RusselBoarder18Male BakerHammersmith, London
 Albert LuttonBoarder21Male BakerHammersmith, London
115 Shepherds Bush Rd, Hammersmith, Hammersmith, LondonWilliam GrattanHead64Male Garment DyerMiddlesex, London
 Frances GrattanWife62Female Ostrich feather dyerExmouth, Devon << >>
 Laura GrattanDaughter25Female  Marylebone, London
 George GrattanSon24Male BootmakerNotting Hill, London
24 Alfred Pce West,, Kensington, LondonHannah ShirleyHead63Female IndependantKings, Ireland
 Jane WilsonServant31Female  Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire
 Martha EasterbrookDaughter32FemaleSDressmakerLondon
35 Stratford Rd, Brompton, Kensington, Kensington, LondonJames EasterbrookHead52Male Cabinet MakerDawlish, Devon << >>
 Laura EasterbrookWife49Female  Exeter, Devon
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter24Female  Marylebone, London << >>
 Charles EasterbrookSon21Male Bus ConductorMarylebone, London << >>
 Laura EasterbrookDaughter18Female Dressmaker's AssistantMarylebone, London <<
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter15Female Dressmaker's AssistantMarylebone, London <<
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarKensington << >>
 Bertie EasterbrookSon7Male  Kensington >>
 Robert EasterbrookSon6Male  Kensington >>
18 Rutland St, Kensington, Kensington, LondonThomas SymmondsHead62Male PostmanChelsea, Middlesex
 Mary A F SymmondsWife55Female  Chelsea, Middlesex
 Emma M SymmondsDaughter18Female Domestic ServantSt Mary Abbotts, Middlesex
 Beatrice T SymmondsDaughter12Female  St Mary Abbotts, Middlesex
 William CollinsLodger34Male StablemanDerbyshire
 George H EasterbrookLodger20Male StablemanPlymouth << >>
36 Elgin Crescent, Kensington, Kensington, LondonEmily J HalleyHead65Female Living on own meansScarborough, Yorkshire
 Ellen M HalleyDaughter32Female  Marylebone, London
 Annie HalleyDaughter25Female  Marylebone, London
 Hannah FordServant59Female NurseHenley, Wiltshire
 Maria HowellServant24Female HousemaidRoyston, Cambridgeshire
 Fanny EastbrockServant23Female CookPaddington, London
 Frances E HastingsServant36Female CookSouthwark, London
 Mary J DamantServant29Female HousemaidDallinghoe, Suffolk
 Henry CrispServant17Male PageNorwood, Surrey
105 Ladbrooke Grove, Kensington, LondonCharlotte MartineyHead81FemaleWidOwn meansChelsea, London
 Harriet GonwaySister79FemaleWidOwn meansBrompton, London
 Ellen EastabrooksServant42Female Servant DomDevonport, Devon
 Elzth RobinsonServant16Female Servant DomKensington, London
43 Palace Gdn Tur, Kensington, Kensington, LondonJohn H FusteHead40Male BarristerPlymouth, Devon
 Geter EsterbrookServant29Female Cook Domestic Serv Exbourne Devon <<
 Alise AustinServant25Female Home Parlor maid Bacton, Suffolk
 Torrence AylwardServant36Female *maid Birkenhead Cheshire
15 Gloucester Road, Kensington, Kensington, LondonMarianne GriceSister69Female HousekeeperUpper Bronghton, Nottinghamshire
 Susanna HardcaskeVisitor34Female CompanionThmangore, Yorkshire
 Henry EasterbrookShopman20Male Grocer's AssistantBow, Middlesex <<
 George Herbert SimpsonApprentice57Male Grocer's ApprenticeNottinghamshire
 Son25Male Cook Domestic ServantLondon
 Alice OlliverServant20Male Housemaid Domestic ServantKensington, London
5 Theobalds Rd, Holborn, Holborn, St Andrew and St George, LondonWilliam LambertHead45Male Printer Machine MinderSt Luke, London
 Helen LambertWife40Female  Clerkenwell, London << >>
 Ada LambertDaughter11Female  Islington, London
 William LambertSon9Male  Holborn, London
 Rose LambertDaughter7Female  Holborn, London
Dean Hill, North Hill, North Hill, CornwallRobert Z EasterbrookHead68Male CarpenterSouthperburin, Cornwall <<
 Sarah EasterbrookWife48Female  North Hill, Cornwall
 Richard WadgeWife's Father (Father-in-law)84Male  North Hill, Cornwall
 Annie WadgeNiece15Female ScholarNorth Hill, Cornwall
Caen Bldg, Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green, LondonWilliam H EastabrookHead48Male Wood CarverBristol, Gloucestershire << >>
 Jemima EastabrookWife41Female  Shoreditch, London
 Alfred EastabrookSon19Male Railway PorterShoreditch, London << >>
 Jemima E EastabrookDaughter15Female TailoressShoreditch, London <<
 Emily EastabrookDaughter10Female ScholarShoreditch, London << >>
45 Wilmot St, Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green, LondonJohn Storko EasterbrookHead42Male Silk HatterBristol << >>
 Eliza Ann EasterbrookWife43Female  Bristol
 Walter E P EasterbrookSon16Male Iron MoulderBristol << >>
 Frederick EasterbrookSon13Male  London << >>
 Eliza M EasterbrookDaughter9Female  London >>
 Clara M EasterbrookDaughter2Female  London
13 Watney St, St George in the East, St George in the East, LondonWalter EsterbrookHead59Male Wardrobe DealerHoxton, London >>
 Marg EsterbrookWife39Female   Horsleydown Surrey
 James PhillipsStepson (Step Son)17Male  Ratcliff, London
 Thomas PhillipsStepson14Male  Ratcliff, London
 Wm PhillipsStepson (Step Son)14Male  Ratcliff, London
 Henery PhillipsStepson12Male  Ratcliff, London
 Margaret PhillipsStepdaughter (Step Daughter)10Female  Ratcliff, London
16 Gt Gardcur St, Stepney, Mile End New Town, Mile End New Town, LondonJames EsterbrookeLodger29Male PainterClerkenwell, London
67 Brook St, Radcliff, Ratcliff, LondonThomas EastabrookHead62MaleWidrFat MetterShoreditch, London << >>
6 Reform Place, Limehouse, London, Limehouse, LondonThomas EastabrookHead29Male Iron Foundary LabourerSt George in the East, London << >>
 Emily EastabrookWife28Female  St George in the East, London
 Thomas EastabrookSon10Male  St George in the East, London
 Jane EastabrookDaughter6Female  St George in the East, London >>
 George EastabrookSon4Male  St George in the East, London >>
 Emily EastabrookDaughter1Female  St George in the East, London >>
Half Moon & Stars, 119 St George St E, London, St George in the East, LondonThos EasterbrooksHead31Male Licenced VictuallerIreland << >>
 Jame S HarrisHousekeeper64FemaleWidDomestic HousekeeperKent
 Elizabeth WardBarmaid22Female Barmaid Bermondsey London
 Morvin HanmrostServant26Female Domestic ServantWapping, London
26 Red Lion St, Shoreditch, London, Shoreditch, LondonEdward EasterbrookHead38Male French PolisherShoreditch, London << >>
 Carry EasterbrookWife37Female Paperbag MakerShoreditch, London
 Edward EasterbrookSon18Male Saw MillsShoreditch, London << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookDaughter16Female Paperbag MakerShoreditch, London << >>
 Louisa EasterbrookDaughter14Female Flower MakerShoreditch, London <<
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter16Female ScholarShoreditch, London >>
70 Bessborough Pla, Westminster, St John the Evangalist Westminster, LondonGeorge H EasterbrookHead25Male ClerkLondon << >>
 Alice EasterbrookWife26Female  Hildenborough, Kent
 Alice E EasterbrookDaughter2Female  London >>
South Hackney Ward, Hackney, LondonBrenal C BoydHead?39Male General Practitioner MedicalHobart, Taamania
255 Victoria Pk Rd, Hackney, South Hackney Ward, Hackney, LondonCatherine A EastburnServant48Female HousekeeperStoke Albany, Northamptonshire << >>
 Ann LearyServant19Female HousemaidMT; Na, Chelsea
Fraut, Mitcham Lane, Streatham, Streatham, LondonJane L SquireHead45Female Living on own meansMeeth N, Devon
 John M SquireSon17Male Brother's ClerkBideford, Devon
 Sarah B SquireDaughter10Female  Bideford, Devon
 Mary A EasterbrookVisitor20Female  Buckland, Devon
 Maud EasterbrookServant19Female General ServantBuckland, Devon
11 Glasslyn Road, Hornsey, Hornsey, Hornsey, MiddlesexWilliam H EasterbrookHead35Male Stockbrokers ClerkWolverhampton << >>
 Frances C EasterbrookWife36Female  Ramsgate
 Edith HarloweServant17Female General servantBridge, Kent
48 Marlboro St, Paddington, Paddington, LondonThomas J H EastbrookHead31Male WaiterSt Giles <<
 Fanny EastbrookWife38Female  Cloford, Somerset
 Millicent F EastbrookDaughter5Female  Paddington >>
 Rose M EastbrookDaughter1 1/12Female  Folkestone >>
 Rose HillierSister35Female  Cloford, Somerset
Livingstone Rd (Kerwelly), South Stoneham, South Stoneham, HampshireJohn EasterbrookHead52Male Commercial TravellerKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Grace A W EasterbrookDaughter32Female HousekeeperTorquay, Devon << >>
 Helena G W EasterbrookGranddaughter6Female  Torquay, Devon >>
13 Claud St, Poplar, London City, Poplar, LondonHarry DaveyHead22Male Stevedore Dock LMillwall, Poplar
 Mary Jane DaveyWife19Female  Millwall, Poplar << >>
 Harry DaveySon10/12Male  Millwall, Poplar
23 Rutland St, Mile End Old Town, London, Mile End Old Town, LondonRichard EastabrookHead29Male Police ConstableExbourne, Devon << >>
 Charlotte EastabrookWife34Female  Carleton Forehoe, Norfolk
 John H R EastabrookSon4Male  Mile End Old Town, London >>
 Nellie C A EastabrookDaughter2Female  Mile End Old Town, London >>
 Archibald J EastabrookSon6/12Male  Mile End Old Town, London >>
215 High Street (Stationers) , Poplar, London City, Poplar, LondonFrances SheppardHead75Female StationerClerkenwell, London
 Charlotte EasterbrookVisitor59Female  Clerkenwell, London << >>
 Maud MarkellServant16Female General servantPoplar, London
61 Arnold Bldgs, Poplar, Poplar, Poplar, LondonJohn EasterbrookHead44Male General LabourerAshburton, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife40Female CharwomanSunderland, Durham
 Edwin EasterbrookSon15Male Artificial Flower MakerPoplar, London <<
 Amelia EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarPoplar, London << >>
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarPoplar, London >>
18 Janet St, Poplar, London, Poplar, LondonAmy H EasterbrookHead30FemaleWidowChemical packerPoplar, London >>
 William H EasterbrookSon4Male  Poplar, London >>
 Hannah M PageMother64FemaleWidow Bermondsey, London
 Edward CullenLodger46Male Iron PlanerPoplar, London
13 Hope Street, Islington, Islington, Islington, LondonJohn C EstabrookHead26Male CarmanFelmingham, London << >>
 Ellen M EstabrookWife22Female  Felmingham, London
 John C EstabrookSon2Male  Felmingham, London >>
 William G EstabrookSon1Male  Felmingham, London >>
Bessley Lane, Crayford, Crayford, Crayford, KentMary CorpsHead75Female  Crayford
 Alexander EasterbrookGrandson35Male Silk PainterWoolwich << >>
 Mary ClarkNurse70FemaleWid Wilmington
 Fred SuttonLodger39MaleMStokerFoots Cray
 Eliza CorpsWife39Female  Canterbury
26 Wilinston St, Lambeth, Lambeth, LondonJohn H EastbrookHead46Male Secretary Charitable InstitutePlymouth, Devon << >>
 Emma M EastbrookWife46Female   Beccles Suffolk
 Sarah A WaltonServant19Female General Domestic ServWhitechurch, Hampshire
74 Gayford Rd, Hammersmith, Hammersmith, LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead54Male CarpenterKingskerswell, Devon << >>
 Priscilla EasterbrookWife55Female  Boney, Devon
 Thomas EasterbrookBrother56Male SailorKingskerswell, Devon << >>
9-11 Hampstead Rd, St Pancras, London, St Pancras, LondonEdward W OrpinHead25Male Grocer ManagerRochester, Kent
 Frank KempleServant18Male Grocer AssistantNew North Rd, London
 Mary FrailaganServant38Female House KeeperCamden, London
 Fred I F LeaverServant19Male Grocer AssistantNew Town, Montgomeryshire, Wales
 Francis ParkesServant38Female Butchers Book KeeperCaldicote, Cambridgeshire
 Albert ClarkServant24Male Beef ButcherStratford, Essex
 William EasterbrookServant20Male Beef ButcherClerkenwell, London
 George DevenishServant14Male Beef ButcherKent, London
 Florence EasterbrookServant18Female General ServantClerkenwell, London
12 Eden St, St Pancras, London, St Pancras, LondonEdwin BennettHead54Male Care TakerClerkenwell, London
 Sophia BennettWife57Female Machinist Dittisham Devon
 Sophia EasterbrookDaughter22Female Artficial Flower MakerSt Pancras, London <<
 Arthur BennettNephew27Male CarmanClerkenwell, London
 Neil HansonVisitor33Male Cabinet Maker n Denmark
15&13 Cropley St, Shoreditch, London, Shoreditch, LondonWilliam J GriffinHead35Male BakerSeaton, Devon
 Mary A GriffinMother57Female  Seaton, Devon
 Mary A EasterbrookSister32Female  Seaton, Devon
 William J EasterbrookBrother-in-law29Male Shop AssistantExeter, Devon << >>
 Roy EasterbrookNephew1Male  Hoxton, London >>
 Robert CrossAssistant30Male BakerHeadington, Oxfordshire
 Fred RatcliffAssistant22Male BakerSouthall, Middlesex
 William ArgentAssistant22Male BakerIsleworth, Middlesex
 Joseph BuckhamAssistant25Male BakerRichmond, Surrey
 Thomas CaseAssistant32Male BakerSt George in the East, London
6 Hampden Rd, Upper Holloway, London, Islington, LondonWilliam EasterbrookHead48Male Boot MakerPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookWife43Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire
4 St Aulyns Mews, Hove, Hove, SussexRichard PrestonHead60Male Coachman DomesticWimpole, Devon
 Sarah PrestonWife48Female  Wimpole, Devon <<
 Ellen PrestonDaughter12Female ScholarHove, Sussex
 John EastabrookWifes Father78MaleWidr Mortonhamstead, Devon <<
Cirencester St, Paddington, Paddington, LondonThomas EastbrookHead61Male ButlerBuckfastleigh, Devon <<
 Fanny EastbrookWife58Female  Uxbridge, Middlesex
 James EastbrookSon25Male PorterLondon << >>
 Harry EastbrookSon19Male FootmanLondon << >>
69 Russel St, Portsea, Portsea, HampshireSusan A EasterbrookHead48Female FishmongerIslington, London <<
 Rosa M EasterbrookDaughter20Female Booksellers AsstPortsmouth, Hampshire <<
 Albert R EasterbrookSon19Male Law Clerk SolicitorsPortsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Edmund GoodFather-in-law74Male FishmongerPortsea, Hampshire
 Charles RobilliardSon-in-law26Male FishmongerPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Susan RobilliardDaughter23Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Herbert C RobilliardGrandson3Male  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Flora RobilliardGranddaughter8/12Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire
27 Edward St, St Mary Newington, London City, Newington, LondonEliza EasterbrookHead60Female  Bristot, Gloston << >>
 John EasterbrookSon32Male Printer CompositorNewington, London <<
 Elenor EasterbrookDaughter26Female MillinerNewington, London <<
 Grace EasterbrookDaughter25Female MillinerNewington, London << >>
 John JurmanBoarder25Male Clicker Boot TradeNewington, London
 Maria DoddBoarder71FemaleWid Colchester, Sussex
52 Holbrook Rd, Newinton, Newington, LondonJohn H EganHead26Male Packer in Silk Warehouse Islington London
 Ferencs EganWife25Female  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Eliza F EganDaughter4Female  Lambeth, London
 Sarah EsterbrookMother-in-law50Female Dress MakerPlymouth, Devon << >>
2 Spratley's Road, Poplar, London City, Poplar, LondonJames EasterbrookHead29Male LabourerMillwall, London << >>
 Sophia EasterbrookWife28Female  Millwall, London
 SophiaDaughter8Female  Millwall, London >>
 James EasterbrookSon6Male  Millwall, London >>
 Robert EasterbrookSon3Male  Millwall, London >>
 George EasterbrookSon10/12Male  Millwall, London >>
Corporation Street, Islington, London City, Islington, LondonThomas EsterbrookHead29Male Slaughterman ButcherHitchin, Hertfordshire >>
 Clara EsterbrookWife24Female  Islington, London
 Thomas EsterbrookSon5Male  Islington, London >>
 William EsterbrookSon3Male  Islington, London >>
 Herbert EsterbrookSon1Male  Islington, London >>
7 Princess St, Westminster, Westminster, St Margaret and St John the Evangelist Westminster, LondonJohn HockridgeHead56Male Boot and Shoe MakerPoughil, Cornwall
 Elizabeth HockridgeWife55Female  St Pancras, London
 Ann Maria HockridgeDaughter22Female Shop AssistantWestminster, London
 Gertrude HockridgeDaughter19Female  Westminster, London
 Harry EasterbrookGrandson11Male ScholarWestminster, London <<
 William HowellLodger32Male Boot and Shoe MakerEly, Cambridgeshire
The Cottage, Lower Camden, Bromley, Bromley, Bromley, KentPercy WatererHead35Male Stock & Share Dealer AgentClapham, Surrey
 Mary B G WatererDaughter8Female  Sutton, Surrey
 Jane EasterbrookSister-in-law26Female  Malton, Yorkshire << >>
 Mary J LemanServant19Female General (Domestic)Scorton, Devon
First Division Royal Marine Light Infantry a, Chatham, Chatham, KentGeorge Easterbrook 14Male Bugler Royal MarinesPlymouth, Devon
146 Lunsdown Rd, Hackney, LondonEliza KentGrandmother, Grandma (Grandmother)61Female CharwomanLambeth, London
 Menyhert GardnerGranddaughter8Female  Dalston, London
 George F GardnerGrandson5Male ScholarHackney, London
 Elizabeth EstabrookVisitor25Female Cook DomesticEssex
 Emily OllerLodger48Female * ShirtWashBloomsbury, London
134 Evesleigh Rd, Battersea, LondonGeorge EasterbrookHead49Male CoppersmithLondon << >>
 Eliza F EasterbrookWife32Female  Weymouth
 Charles F EasterbrookSon13Male C ClerkPoplar, London <<
 Eliza L EasterbrookDaughter11Female DressmakerBattersea, London <<
 Frank W EasterbrookSon14Male ScholarBattersea << >>
 John A EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarBattersea << >>
97 Birkin Avenue, Radford, Northampton, Nottingham, Radford, NottinghamshireWilliam H TurnerHead49Male PorterWeston, Hertfordshire
 Ellen TurnerWife40Female  Ipswich
 Ellen TurnerDaughter21Female  Bedfordshire
 William H TurnerSon19Male  Bedfordshire
 Bertha TurnerDaughter18Female  Bedfordshire
 Lucy TurnerDaughter14Female  Bedfordshire
 Ada TurnerDaughter13Female  Derbyshire
 George TurnerSon11Male  Derbyshire
 Kate TurnerDaughter10Female  Derbyshire
 Eliza TurnerDaughter7Female  Derbyshire
 Arthur TurnerSon5Male  Nottinghamshire
 Ernest TurnerSon4Male  Nottinghamshire
 Frank TurnerSon2Male  Nottinghamshire
 John C TurnerSon4/12Male  Nottinghamshire
 Lavinia EsterbrookNiece18Female  London << >>
Millbrook Buildings, Swainswick, Swainswick, Swainswick, SomersetJohn WillsHead64Male CellarmanTeignmouth, Devon
 Mary WillsWife56Female  Deptford, Devon <<
 Anna WillsDaughter24Female DressmakerDeptford, Devon
 Elizabeth WillsDaughter21Female Draper's AssistantBlackslade, Widdecorube
 Ellis WillsSon16Male Draper's AssistantHolbeton, Devon
 Frances WillsDaughter12Female ScholerBath; Swainswick
 Ernest WillsSon9Male ScholerBath; Swainswick
2 Westmoorland Villas, Lyncombe and Widcombe, SomersetPhilip BurgessHead47Male Officer Inland RevenueFrome, Somerset
 Sophia BurgessWife44Female  Frome, Somerset
 Louis P BurgessSon20Male ClerkBradford on Avon, Wiltshire
 Percy W BurgessSon12Male ScholarBath, Somerset
 William EasterbrookVisitor28Male ClerkWellington, Somerset <<
 Kate A EasterbrookVisitor22Female  Frome, Somerset
 Sarah MillardServant18Female General ServantWellow, Somerset
Near the George, Great Hallingbury, Great Hallingbury, EssexCaroline MinkHead55Female HousekeeperGreat Hallingbury, Essex
 William MinkBrother69Male Basket MakerGreat Hallingbury, Essex
 John Bonham ThurgoodBoarder72Male Retired EngineerBishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
 Emily EsterbrookBoarder25Male DressmakerSandon, Hertfordshire
Whitechurch, Henstridge, Henstridge, SomersetLeonard S ScammellHead29Male FarmerStalbridge, Dorset
 Rettie G S ScammellWife28Female  Yeovil, Somerset
 Leonard E ScammellSon2Male  Henstridge, Somerset
 Alfred F ScammellSon4/12Male  Henstridge, Somerset
 John C EasterbookVisitor27Male Student of TheologySt Blazly, Cornwall << >>
 Sarah JohnstonServant19Female Nurse Domestic ServantTrent, Somerset
 Agnes L HilliarServant15Female General Servant DomesticSouth Cheriton, Somerset
High Street 4 Elm Villas, Yatton, Yatton, SomersetThomas C PopeHead36Male Railway PorterMoreton, Dorset
 Mary E PopeWife43Female  Lopen, Somerset
 Georgiana M PopeDaughter11Female ScholarBridport, Dorset
 John EdwardsBoarder68Male Retired MerchantLiverpool, Lancashire
 William H EasterbrookBoarder24Male Book Stall Clerk (G.W.R)Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon << >>
4 South Street, Wellington, Wellington, SomersetJohn ShaplandHead65Male Baker & ConfectionerEast Unstey, Devon
 Susan M ShaplandWife55Female  Totnep, Devon << >>
 Frederick W ShaplandSon20Male  Wellington, Somerset
 Charlotte E ShaplandDaughter15Female  Wellington, Somerset
 Mary A SimsServant19Female  Devon
 Wm John CharlesServant19Male  Somerset
 Fredk Wm MillsServant16Male  Milverton, Somerset
108 Mantle St (Public House & Off Licence), Wellington, SomersetThomas EasterbrookHead66Male Tailor&InnkeeperTiverton, Devon <<
 Ann EasterbrookWife57Female  Wellington, Somerset
 James EasterbrookSon26Male Cabinet MakerWellington, Somerset << >>
Idsworth, Finchdean, Idsworth, HampshireJames PriceHead51Male GarrinCatsfield, Hampshire
 Henry W PriceSon14Male ScholarPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Edwin J PriceSon10Male ScholarPortsmouth, Hampshire
 William EasterbrookSon-in-law39Male Chief Torpedo InstructorPennsylvania, USA << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookDaughter29Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire
 Mabel EasterbrookGranddaughter8Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire >>
 Evelyn EasterbrookGranddaughter6Female  Portsmouth, Hampshire >>
 Norman EasterbrookGrandson2Male  Portsmouth, Hampshire >>
5 Soper Court, Calstock, Calstock, Calstock, CornwallWilliam EasterbrookHead47Male Copper MinerLywardseck, Cornwall <<
 Mary EasterbrookWife44Female  Mevagissey, Cornwall
 Richard T EasterbrookSon22Male Copper MinerSt Cleer, Cornwall >>
 Mary E EasterbrookDaughter17Female Dress MakerSt Agnes, Cornwall >>
1 Bolton Road, Willesden, MiddlesexJames EasterbrookHead53Male CarpenterTiverton, Devon << >>
 Jane S EasterbrookWife48Female  Kentisbear, Devon
 James EasterbrookSon19Male CarpenterIslington, Middlesex << >>
 Wilfred EasterbrookSon14Male ScholarIslington, Middlesex << >>
Regent Street, Leighton Buzzard, Leighton Buzzard, Leighton Buzzard, BedfordshireAlbert EasterbrookHead28Male Basket MakerPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Sarah A EasterbrookWife34Female DressmakerDesborough, Northamptonshire
 John PointerSon-in-law16Male Railway LabourerLeighton Bussard, Bedfordshire
 Harry PointerSon-in-law12Male ScholarLeighton Bussard, Bedfordshire
 Lizzie PointerDaughter-in-law9Female ScholarLeighton Bussard, Bedfordshire
 Kate EasterbrookDaughter4Female ScholarLeighton Bussard, Bedfordshire >>
Monmouth, Lyme, Lyme (Lyme Regis), DorsetJohn UpjohnHead77Male Boot MakerLyme, Dorset
 Daughter34Female  Lyme, Dorset
 George EasterbrookGrandson12Male ScholarIslington, London << >>
 Mena EasterbrookGranddaughter10Female ScholarIslington, London << >>
Fore Street, Thorncombe, Hawkchurch, Thorncombe, DorsetJohn HookHead32Male MasonThorncombe, Dorset
 Elizabeth Mary HookWife30Female  Cheriton Fitzpaine, Dorset << >>
 William H I P HookSon3Male  Thorncombe, Dorset
Longden Manor, Pontesbury, Longden Manor, Pontesbury, ShropshireMary Eliza Latham WarterHead55FemaleWidLiving on own meansHighgate, Middlesex
 Gertrude WarterDaughter30Female Living on own meansLondon, Middlesex
 Henry WarterSon29Male Living on own meansLondon, Middlesex
 Mabel WarterDaughter28Female Living on own meansLondon, Middlesex
 Beatrice WarterDaughter22Female Living on own meansLondon, Middlesex
 Yolande WarterDaughter20Female Living on own meansLondon, Middlesex
 Mary CooperMaid45Female Serv DomPeckham, Surrey
 Saral OabsCook39FemaleWidServ DomStaf, West Bromwich
 Emily MachinMaid26Female Serv DomWroxeter, Shropshire
 Mary WilsonP Maid (Maid)26Female Serv DomScotland
 Annie RogersHousemaid26Female Serv DomWoles, Staffordshire
 Agnes WithallHousemaid27Female Serv DomWrentnal, Shropshire
 Agnes W LewisHousemaid19Female Serv DomLiverpool
 Alfred JannerF Man25Male Serv DomPontesbury, Shropshire
 John EasterbrookC Man33Male Serv DomSt Thellions, Cornwall <<
 Eveleen HullVisitor22Female Serv DomMiddlesex, London
 Elizabeth ReckertMaid25Female Serv DomMiddlesex, London
110 Albert Rd, Bermondsey, Bermondsey, LondonAnnie M PetherbridgeHead77Female Living on own meansBideford, Devon
 Sarah J EasterbrookServant37Female Servant (Domestic)High Bickington, Devon << >>
East St, Ashburton, Ashburton, Ashburton, DevonSamuel EasterbrookHead68MaleSFarmerAshburton, Devon <<
 Joseph EasterbrookBrother61MaleSFarmerAshburton, Devon <<
 Susan A KnapmanSister55FemaleM Ashburton, Devon
93 Elsley Road, Battersea, LondonSarah EasterbrookHead78FemaleWid Essex <<
 Arthur S EasterbrookSon29Male Stationary Engine DriverPoplar, London << >>
Southhill, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonAnna M PollardHead71Female Living on own meansCheltenham, Gloucestershire
 Alice PollardDaughter34Female  Torquay, Devon
 Reginald PollardSon29Male PhysicianTorquay, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookServant28Female Domestic ServantGloucestershire
 Margaret MelvilleServant30Female  Cornwall
10 Delta St, Litherland, Litherland, LancashireCharles W HardingHead49Male Grain PorterLiverpool, Lancashire
 Amelia HardingWife53Female  Camborne, Cornwall << >>
 Anthony HardingSon10Male  Liverpool, Lancashire
 Annie HardingDaughter8Female  Everton, Lancashire
Childrens Hospital, Bristol, Bristol, St Michael, GloucestershireErnest EasterbrookPatient6Male PatientBristol, Gloucestershire
3 Queen Square, Broad Clyst, Broad Clyst, Broad Clyst, DevonJames EasterbrookHead37MaleSMasonBroad Clyst, Devon << >>
 Mary A EasterbrookSister35FemaleSNeedle woman ShirtBroad Clyst, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookSister33Female Cook DomesticBroad Clyst, Devon <<
19 Clifton Wood, Clifton, Bristol, Clifton, GloucestershireFrank EastabrookHead31Male Ornamental Engraver (Silver Plate)Clifton, Gloucestershire << >>
 Laura A EastabrookWife21Female  Clifton, Gloucestershire
 Catherine G WoodNiece12Female  Hanley, Staffordshire
3 Court Little Lane, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireWilliam H EasterbrookHead27Male Porter RailwayWolverhampton, Staffordshire << >>
 Alice M EasterbrookWife32Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
 Thomas LewisFather to Wife63Female GroomWolverhampton, Staffordshire
 George HodgkissBoarder46Male StamperWolverhampton, Staffordshire
5th Dragoon Guard, Aldershot, Aldershot, HampshireR J EasterbrookHead30Male TS MajorGibraltar << >>
 M Elizth EasterbrookWife30Female  Middlesex, London
 H John EasterbrookSon10Male  Middlesex, London <<
 M Edith EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Gort Co Galway, Ireland
50 Norfolk St, Sculcoates, YorkshireNicholas I EasterbrookHead54Male Cabinet MakerSangans, Cornwall << >>
 Catherine D EasterbrookWife46Female  Hull, Yorkshire
4 Barusely St, Kingston upon Hull, Southcoates, YorkshireEbenezer EasterbrookHead46Male Cabinet MakerPlymouth, Devon << >>
 Ebenezer EasterbrookSon20Male Clerk *P.OfficePlymouth, Devon << >>
 Jno C EasterbrookSon17Male Joiner's ApprenticePlymouth, Devon << >>
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter15Female ScholarHull, Yorkshire << >>
 George W EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarHull, Yorkshire << >>
 Herbert J EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarPlymouth, Devon >>
 Annie EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarHull, Yorkshire >>
 Harold EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarHull, Yorkshire >>
 Edith N EasterbrookDaughter3Female ScholarHull, Yorkshire >>
Fairfield, Buckland, Buckland, Buckland, SurreyJessie B WoodtigtHead75Female Living on own meansGrouville, Jersey, Channel Islands
 Lucy Ethel WoodtigtDaughter34Female  Peckham, London
 Mary A JaffrayGranddaughter25Female Living on own meansBetchworth, Surrey
 Alan J G MorrGrandson17Male  Betchworth, Surrey
 Henry G MorrGrandson16Male  Reigate, Surrey
 Alice G MorrGranddaughter14Female  Reigate, Surrey
 Leslie G MorrGrandson12Male  Reigate, Surrey
 Robert G MorrGrandson10Male  Reigate, Surrey
 Janet MarshServant43Female Nurse (Domestic Servant)Springfield N B, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Scotland
 Mary Julia WicksServant26Female Lady's maid "Westminster, London
 Annie Grace NicolServant27Female Parlar Maid "Fordouce, Kincardineshire, Scotland
 Elizabeth SkeltonServant24Female House Maid "Newdigate, Surrey
 Mary Ann BrazierServant20Female Cook "Horley, Surrey
 Cicely M EasterbrookServant17Female Under Housemaid "Clovelly, Devon << >>
 Alice Mary WoodServant14Female Kitchen Maid "Reigate, Surrey
 William T NiblettServant18Male  Dorking, Surrey
 George StedmanServant18Male  Warnham, Sussex
Brockham House, Brockham, Betchworth, SurreySir B BrodieHead28Male Barrister at LawOxford, Oxfordshire
 Caroline Eliza BrodieWife31Female  Clapham, Surrey
 Benjamin Collin BrodieSon3Male  Betchworth, Surrey
 Phoebe Mary BrodieDaughter1Female  Betchworth, Surrey
 Annie EasterbrookServant29Female CookClovelly, Devon
 Caroline EdmondsServant32Female NurseStainmore, Middlesex
 Elizabeth Ellen BraceyServant22Female Lady's MaidPortsmouth, Hampshire
 Elizabeth DearmanServant39Female Housemaid Melbourn Cambridgeshire
 Ivy SwantServant19Female NurseIsleworth, Middlesex
 Kate SmithServant18Female HousemaidRedhill, Surrey
 Kate HallServant18Female KitchenmaidWorton, Oxfordshire
 Herbert Edward PeltonServant25Male ButlerChatham, Kent
 Charles WaiteServant38Male CoachmanBoston, Lincolnshire
 Charles Ernest StreetServant24Male GroomChilworth, Surrey
Broomerknowl Park Hill, Carshalton, Carshalton, SurreyThomas F EasterbrookHead58MaleWidowerM* of Volunteers *Lambeth, London << >>
 Frank EasterbrookSon25Male Member Stock ExchangeMarylebone, London << >>
 Ronald F EasterbrookSon21Male Clerk to Stock DealerScotland << >>
 Nina L EasterbrookDaughter14Female ScholarScotland <<
 Thomas F EasterbrookSon5Male  Camberwell, London >>
 Emily A FordSister55Female HousekeeperLambeth, London
 Harriett M AyresServant17Female Cook Housemaid Axmouth Devon
 Mary E StevensServant16Female HousemaidCarshalton, Surrey
14 Langford Villa, Kingston, SurreyJames EasterbrookHead39Male Head Master Brewers Co Gram SchoolDean Prior, Devon << >>
 William HoareVisitor40Male Commercial TravellerPlymouth, Devon
 Hannah HuntServant39Female Domestic Servant CookDilton Marsh, Wiltshire
 Jane SaundersServant22Female Domestic Servant HousemaidDean Prior, Devon
The Gunyah, Woodside, Wimbledon, Wimbledon, Wimbledon, SurreyJames BartowHead56Male Retired Army OfficerIreland
 Mary Barbara BartowWife50Female  Mauritius
 James BartowSon28Male Merchant NavyQuebee, Canada
 Louisa BartowDaughter21Female  Ireland
 Mary BartowDaughter19Female  Ireland
 Charles BartowSon18Male Apprentice National +Provincial BankIreland
 Sidney BartowSon14Male ScholarExeter, Devon
 Harriette BartowDaughter12Female  Exeter, Devon
 Eirene BartowDaughter6Female  Wimbledon, Surrey
 Ellen EasterbrookServant32Female CookLapford, Devon << >>
 Annie LloydServant18Female HousemaidHorsham, Sussex
 Cyril BartowVisitor16Male SholarCape of Good, Hope
4 Victoria Ter, West Ham, Stratford, West Ham, EssexGeorge CloutingHead32Male  Farnham, Suffolk
 Sophia CloutingWife33Female  Exbourne, Devon <<
 George CloutingSon5Male  West Ham; Stratford
 Ruby CloutingDaughter Female  West Ham; Stratford
 Joseph CroxonBoarder24Male  Woodham Ferrers, Essex
31 Cave Rd, West Ham, West Ham, West Ham, EssexWilliam BarnardHead44Male Engineer's FitterFalnaham, Surrey
 Ellen E BarnardWife44Female  London << >>
 Edward A BarnardSon13Male  Bromley, London
 Ellen E BarnardDaughter10Female  Bromley, London
 Selena E BarnardGranddaughter1Female  West Ham, Essex
10 Lym Terrace, Wanstead, EssexJohn EasterbrookHead36Male Grocer's AssistantBramerton, Devon << >>
 Helen EasterbrookWife40Female  Stepney, Middlesex
 William EasterbrookSon4Male Wine Merchant's ClerkMile End, Middlesex << >>
 Nellie EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Mile End, Middlesex <<
Gloucester Villa, Stanford le Hope, Stanford le Hope, EssexRichard EastbrookHead40Male Superintendant Paraffin WorksDeptford, Kent << >>
 Mary Ann EastbrookWife40Female  Rotherhide, Surrey
 Mary Anne E EastbrookDaughter11Female ScholarBermondsey, Surrey << >>
 Lilly EastbrookDaughter5Female ScholarRotherhide, Surrey >>
 Joseph EastbrookSon4Male ScholarStanford le Hope, Essex >>
 Joseph EastbrookFather67Male Steward Steam BoatBristol, Gloucestershire >>
Noaks Hill, West Monkton, West Monkton, SomersetMary A EasterbrookHead71FemaleSLiving on own meansBradelyst, Devon <<
16 Spring Street, Bedminster, Bedminster, SomersetThomas EastabrookHead56Male Porter Great Western RailwayClovelly, Devon << >>
 Ann EastabrookWife45Female  Hartland, Devon
 John T EastabrookSon19Male FiremanBristol; Bedminster << >>
 William P EdwardsGrandson2Male  Bristol; Bedminster
Hampton Villa, Uphill, Uphill, SomersetGeorge BurdgeHead64Male Living on own meansWeston-Super-Mare, Somerset
 Jessie BurdgeWife38Female  Witheridge, Devon <<
 Mary A EasterbrookMother-in-law80Female Living on own meansTiverton, Devon
10 Wells Road, Bedminster, Bedminster, SomersetWalter G EasterbrookHead48Male Railway Signal FitterIpplepen, Devon << >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookWife45Female ConfectionerPaddington, London
 Laura C EasterbrookDaughter24Female Confectioner assistantWillesden, London << >>
 Florence EasterbrookDaughter16Female TelegraphistBridgewater, Somerset << >>
 John E EasterbrookSon14Male Merchant ClerkWillesden, London << >>
 Edith EasterbrookDaughter12Female ScholarWillesden, London << >>
 Alice ShelfordBoarder20Female Drapers AssistantIlminster, Somerset
 Setinor TrenebettServant27Female DomesticMilverton, Somerset
 Emily EasterbrookWife27Female GlovingBoulsgue, France
12 Cromwell Rd, Plymouth, Plymouth, Charles, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead29Male BargemanStonehouse, Devon >>
 Jane A EasterbrookWife24Female  Plymouth, Devon
 William EasterbrookSon3Male  Plymouth, Devon >>
 Ethel EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Plymouth, Devon >>
 Daisy EasterbrookDaughter9 MonthsFemale  Plymouth, Devon >>
Station Rd, 7 Torbay Ter, Paignton, Paignton, Paignton, DevonWilliam EasterbrookHead70Male Living on own meansAshburton, Devon << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife76Female Living on own meansIlsington, Devon
88 High Street, Barnstaple, Barnstaple, Barnstaple, DevonJohn Lee WhiteHead41Male Book FactorBarnstaple, Devon
 Emily WhiteWife39Female  Barnstaple, Devon
 Emily WhiteDaughter5Female ScholarBarnstaple, Devon
 Frederick J WhiteSon1Male  Barnstaple, Devon
 Alice M EasterbrookServant15Female General Serv DomesticAshford Barmon, Devon << >>
 Frederick T SlyBrother28Male  Salesbury, Wiltshire
 Harry W SlyBrother26Male  Salesbury, Wiltshire
 Elizabeth IsaacServant48Female  Atherington, Devon
8 Clasemont Terr, London, Poplar, LondonWilliam GoodyerHead23Male General LabourerHampshire
 Emily GoodyerWife26Female  Hampshire
 John EasterbrookLodger69MaleWidrBootmasterDevon
Crownhill, Newton Abbot, Tormoham, DevonGrace CharleyHead42FemaleWidLodging House KeeperRaington, Devon
 Elizabeth EasterbrookServant36FemaleS* ServantTormoham, Devon
Springdale, Tormoham, Torquay, Tormoham, DevonJohn R EasterbrookHead54Male Lodging House KeeperPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Maria EasterbrookWife50Female Lodging House KeeperSouth Tawton, Devon
 Margarita EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Torquay, Devon << >>
 John ConnorBoarder71Male Tutor-RetiredLiverpool, Lancashire
 Jessie KnapmanBoarder21Female Confestioner's AssistantAshburton, Devon
 Hester E ShawmackBoarder24Female NeedlewomanChis, Alderney, Channel Islands
104 Fore St, Stoke Damerel, DevonEbenezer EasterbrookHead42Male UpholstererDevonport, Devon << >>
 William J EasterbrookSon12Male ScholarDevonport, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookMother81Female  Devonport, Devon
 Lydia K Danger 21Female Shop assistantWoolwich, Kent
 Mary DalyServant40Female Plumbers ApprenticeBelfast, Ireland
29 Bickleigh, Bickleigh, Bickleigh, DevonAlfred EasterbrookHead38Male Railway SignalmanSouth Brent, Devon << >>
 Bertha EasterbrookWife36Female  South Brent, Devon
 Henry EasterbrookSon9Male  Bickleigh, Devon >>
 William EasterbrookSon4Male  Bickleigh, Devon >>
 Edwin J EasterbrookSon3Male  Bickleigh, Devon >>
 John EasterbrookSon1Male  Bickleigh, Devon >>
32 Bickleigh, Bickleigh, Bickleigh, DevonFrederick CowleyHead26Male CarpenterWalkhampton, Devon
 Annie CowleyWife34Female  Brent, Devon <<
 Edith CowleyDaughter5Female  Bickleigh, Devon
 Edward CowleySon3Male  Bickleigh, Devon
 Nellie CowleyDaughter1Female  Bickleigh, Devon
 Florence CowleyDaughter3/12Female  Bickleigh, Devon
Cholsmn Hgts 95, Widnes, Widnes, LancashireWilliam EasterbrookHead36Male Labour GeneralSt Blazey, Cornwall << >>
 Elizabeth A EasterbrookWife28Female  Charlestown, Cornwall
 Elizabeth J EasterbrookDaughter8Female ScholarWidnes, Lancashire >>
 Thomas W EasterbrookSon4Male  St Austell, Cornwall >>
 Alfred J EasterbrookSon2Male  Widnes, Lancashire
 William SmithBoarder34Male Labour GeneralHyde, Lancashire
 William J SmithBoarder11Male ScholarWidnes, Lancashire
 Martha E SmithBoarder6Female ScholarWidnes, Lancashire
Stank, Barrow in Furness, Barrow, Barrow in Furness, LancashireJohn EasterbrookHead51Male Iron Ore MinerTywreath, Cornwall << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife51Female  Ladwtheal, Cornwall
 John EasterbrookSon16Male Labourer (Iron Ore)Barrow, Lancashire << >>
 Joseph EasterbrookSon14Male Labourer (Iron Ore)Barrow, Lancashire << >>
 Thomas EasterbrookSon11Male ScholarBarrow, Lancashire << >>
 Mary EasterbrookDaughter9Female ScholarBarrow, Lancashire >>
 Catherine EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarBarrow, Lancashire >>
 Mary C HillServant26Female General ServantSt Austell, Cornwall
11 Ashland St, Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireEdwd EasterbrookHead31Male Gasfitters LockWolverhampton, Staffordshire << >>
 Hannah EasterbrookWife29Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
 Wm H EasterbrookSon5Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 Lily EasterbrookDaughter3Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 Fredk J EasterbrookSon1Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
16 Raglaw St, Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireJohn EasterbrookHead29Male Wood CarverWolverhampton, Staffordshire << >>
 Emily EasterbrookWife28Female  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
 George EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarWolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 Fredrick EasterbrookSon1Male  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
 EasterbrookDaughter2 DaysFemale  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire >>
8 Anvil St, Farnworth, Farnworth, LancashireWilliam EasterbrookHead32Male Coal MinerSt Austell, Cornwall <<
 Martha EasterbrookWife33Female  Farnworth, Lancashire
 Lily EasterbrookDaughter12Female Weaver & ScholarFarnworth, Lancashire << >>
 Clona EasterbrookDaughter10Female ScholarFarnworth, Lancashire << >>
 John EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarFarnworth, Lancashire >>
 William W EasterbrookSon7Male ScholarFarnworth, Lancashire >>
 Minnie EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarFarnworth, Lancashire >>
 James EasterbrookSon3Male  Farnworth, Lancashire >>
 Martha EasterbrookDaughter1Female  Farnworth, Lancashire
 George W EasterbrookSon3 wksMale  Farnworth, Lancashire >>
Shooters Hill Villa, Great Addington, Great Addington, NorthamptonshireJohn D MilliganHead30Male FarmerDean, Huntingdonshire
 William B CraigVisitor23Male Manufacturing ChemicalIsle of Wight, Sandown, Hampshire
 Elizabeth EasterbrookVisitor45Female  Overton, Huntingdonshire << >>
 Lucy PalmerServant21Female Domestic ServantNorthants, Woolton
 Lizzie BlandServant23Female Domestic ServantNorthants, Woodford
13 Gt Arms Sq, Manchester, Manchester, Manchester, LancashireKate EasterbrookBoarder29Female Millinary SaleswomanDartmouth, Devon <<
16 Josage St, Widnes, Widnes, Widnes, LancashireThos EasterbrookHead63Male General Labourer (Foundry)St Blazey, Cornwall <<
 Ann EasterbrookWife62Female  St Blazey, Cornwall
 Maria HewsonServant19Female  St Helens, Lancashire
9 Blodwen St, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, LancashireJohn BallantyneHead29Male Engine FitterScotland
 Edith BallantyneWife18Female  Liverpool << >>
 John BallantyneSon5Male  Ireland
31 Moscow Drive, West Derby, West Derby, LancashireWilliam EasterbankHead37Male Master MarinerTorguay <<
 Annie EasterbankWife37Female  Liverpool, Lancashire
Trewint Farm (S), Menheniot, Merry Meeting, Menheniot, CornwallElias EasterbrookHead55Male FarmerHolne, Devon << >>
 Armanuel EasterbrookWife48Female  Menheniot, Cornwall
 Armanuel S EasterbrookDaughter21Female  Menheniot, Cornwall << >>
 Emily EasterbrookDaughter19Female  Menheniot, Cornwall << >>
 Ellen EasterbrookDaughter18Female  Menheniot, Cornwall <<
 Elias EasterbrookSon15Male Farmers SonMenheniot, Cornwall << >>
 Ann EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarMenheniot, Cornwall << >>
 Beaconsfield B EasterbrookSon5Male ScholarMenheniot, Cornwall >>
Stews Tenement, Menheniot, Menheniot, Menheniot, CornwallJemima SteinHead43FemaleSFarmerMenheniot, Cornwall
 Elizabeth SteinStepmother (Step Mother)69FemaleWidowLiving on her meansMenheniot, Cornwall
 Edward EasterbrookNephew24MaleSFarmerMenheniot, Cornwall << >>
Stews Tenement, Menheniot, Menheniot, Menheniot, CornwallJohn B EasterbrookHead51MaleSGrocer & DraperHolne, Devon << >>
 Ann SnellSister58FemaleWidowHousekeeper DomesticHolne, Devon << >>
Fore St, Hallington, Callington, Hallington, CornwallAlbert EasterbrookHead32Male DraperMarystow, Devon << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife38Female  Plympton, Devon
 Thirza K OdgersNiece13Female ScholarWrexham, Devon
 Alice J PearceAdopted24Female DressmakerMinehead, Somerset
 Bessie L CausleyServant19Female General Servant DomesticCallington, Cornwall
Wayton, Landulph, Cargreen, Landulph, CornwallBenjamin SuellHead80Male Land AgentLandulph, Cornwall
 Jane SuellWife72Female  Buckland, Devon
 Mary ReynoldsServant23Female CookThrustleton, Devon
 Ada EastabrookServant16Female HousemaidLewannick, Cornwall <<
Heason, St Mellion, St Mellion, St Mellion, CornwallJames EastabrookHead54Male ThatcherBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 Grace EastabrookWife54Female  Abbots Bickington, Devon
 Mary G EastabrookDaughter33Female DressmakerBuckland Brewer, Devon << >>
 James EastabrookSon25Male General LabourerNorth Hill, Cornwall << >>
 Elizabeth EastabrookDaughter19Female DressmakerNorth Hill, Cornwall <<
 Beatrice EastabrookDaughter14Female Mother's helpSt Mellion, Cornwall << >>
 Mark EastabrookSon12Male ScholarSt Mellion, Cornwall << >>
Turnpike Village, St Blazey, St Blazey, St Blazey, CornwallBessie EasterbrookWife38FemaleM St Blazey, Cornwall
 Samuel John EasterbrookSon14Male Tin MinerTurnpike Billage, Cornwall << >>
 Willie EasterbrookSon13Male Tin MinerTurnpike Billage, Cornwall >>
 Alfred EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarTurnpike Billage, Cornwall >>
 Joseph EasterbrookSon8Male ScholarTurnpike Billage, Cornwall >>
 Bessie EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarTurnpike Billage, Cornwall >>
St Austell, CornwallJohn EasterbrookHead60Male Tin MinerSt Austell, Cornwall <<
 Harriet EasterbrookWife55Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Eliza J EasterbrookDaughter19Female Dress MakerSt Austell, Cornwall <<
 Josiah EasterbrookSon15Male Tin DresserSt Austell, Cornwall <<
 Matilda EasterbrookDaughter13Female  St Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Rosie EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
Tregrehan Mills, St Austell, Tregrehan Mills, St Austell, CornwallMary RickardHead28Female Tuielliners WifeSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Ethel M RickardDaughter3Female  St Austell, Cornwall
Tregrehan Mills, St Austell, Tregrehan Mills, St Austell, CornwallAmbrose EastabrookHead61Male GrocerSt Blazey, Cornwall <<
 Jane EastabrookWife46Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 John EastabrookSon13Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Ada EastabrookDaughter7Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
 Selina RickardServant34Female General ServantSt Austell, Cornwall
Boldventure, St Austell, Boldventure, St Austell, CornwallHenry EasterbrookHead52MaleWidowerStone LabourerSt Austell, Cornwall <<
Fore Street, St Austell, St Austell, St Austell, CornwallWilliam DunnHead44Male Seedomow FlorestSt Austell, Cornwall
 Mary Jane DunnWife38Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Arthur DunnSon18Male Board School TeacherSt Austell, Cornwall
 Mablh DunnDaughter17Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Willie DunnSon15Male  St Austell, Cornwall
 Percy DunnSon4Male  St Austell, Cornwall
 Elizth EasterbrookAunt72Female  St Austell, Cornwall <<
Burton Place, St Austell, St Austell, St Austell, CornwallFred EasterbrookHead38Male Town PostmanSt Austell, Cornwall <<
 Esther EasterbrookWife37Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Lilian Mary EasterbrookDaughter7Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 Emily Maud EasterbrookDaughter5Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall
 Winifred EasterbrookDaughter9/12Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Mary Ann EasterbrookMother65Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Emily EasterbrookSister23Female MillinerSt Austell, Cornwall <<
Grants Walk, St Austell, St Austell, St Austell, CornwallAlbert EasterbrookHead41Male ShoemakerSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Evelina EasterbrookWife45Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Hettie EasterbrookDaughter18Female Draper's AssistantSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Arthur EasterbrookSon13Male  St Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Beatrice EasterbrookDaughter11Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Ernest EasterbrookSon9Male ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
 Rosie EasterbrookDaughter6Female ScholarSt Austell, Cornwall >>
Trebeath Village, Agloskerry, Egloskerry, CornwallJim CropHead28Male Railway NavvyOxfordshire
 Mary A CropWife24Female  Plymouth, Devon
 George EasterbrookLodger18Male Railway NavvyPlymouth, Devon << >>
 James SmithLodger18Male Railway NavvyDevon
 William RoachLodger25Male Railway NavvyDevon
 Charlie SuffoxLodger20Male Railway NavvyN
Higher Gurtla, Luxuluan, Luxulyan, CornwallJohn EskrbrookHead46Male Farmer Lanlivery Cornwall <<
 Louisa EskrbrookWife32Female  St Winnow, Devon
 Joseph RundleServant14Male Farm servant LANIVET, (BODMIN) CORNWALL ENGLAND
4 The Farm House, Withiel, Kirriers, Withiel, CornwallHarry PedlarHead41Male Tin-minerWithiel, Cornwall
 Hannah PedlarWife42Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Edwin J PedlarSon15Male Tin-minerWithiel, Cornwall
 Beatrice PedlarDaughter10Female ScholarWithiel, Cornwall
 Harry PedlarSon8Male ScholarWithiel, Cornwall
 Rose PedlarDaughter5Female ScholarLanivet, Cornwall
 Elizabeth EasterbrookMother-in-law68Female TailoressRoche, Cornwall >>
St Stephen, CornwallSilas SkidmoreHead64Male FarmerSt. Stephens, Cornwall
 Henry SkidmoreBrother64Male FarmerSt. Stephens, Cornwall
 Elizabeth SkidmoreSister60Female *keeperSt. Stephens, Cornwall
 John B SkidmoreBrother50Male Farm servantSt. Stephens, Cornwall
 Rebecca EasterbrookServant40Male Servant DomesticSt. Stephens, Cornwall << >>
 William EdwinsServant35Male  Exeter, Devon
 Wanna BickerdkeServant27Male Farm servantSt Agnes, Cornwall
Kenwyn, CornwallAnn ScobleHead75Female  Kenwyn, Cornwall
 James ScobleSon54Male Tin MinerKenwyn, Cornwall
 Ann Maria ScobleWife51Female  Kenwyn, Cornwall << >>
 Theresa ScobleDaughter16Female  Kenwyn, Cornwall
 Beatice ScobleDaughter8Female  Kenwyn, Cornwall
53 Killigrew St, Falmouth, Falmouth, CornwallRichard BrayHead42Male ShoemakerKea, Cornwall
 Annie BrayWife43Female  Falmouth, Cornwall
 John M J BraySon6Male ScholarFalmouth, Cornwall
 John B EasterbrookLodger20Male Icecream DealerPenzance, Cornwall >>
Church Town, Mullion, Mullion, CornwallJames BidgoodHead56Male MasonStencross, Devon
 Ann BidgoodWife57Female  Liskeard, Cornwall
 Kate BidgoodDaughter34Female  Liskeard, Cornwall
 John BidgoodSon30Male MasonLiskeard, Cornwall
 James S BidgoodSon27Male MasonLiskeard, Cornwall
 Percy BidgoodSon16Male Mason's ApprenticeLiskeard, Cornwall
 Florence EasterbrookGranddaughter6Female  St Ives, Cornwall
21 Victoria St, Bristol, Bristol, St Paul, GloucestershireSarah EastbrookLodger75FemaleSLiving on own meansPortsmouth <<
Bridewell St All Saints Almhouses, Bristol, Bristol, St James, GloucestershireElizabeth EastabrookHead70FemaleSingle Bristol << >>
11 Culver St, Bristol, Bristol, St Augustine Watling Street, GloucestershireGeorge F PearceHead44Male CarpenterBristol, St Philips
 Elizabeth PearceWife44Female  Bristol, Exeter << >>
 Albert PearceSon14Male Assistant in LaundaryBristol, St James
 Eddith PearceDaughter13Female  Bristol, St James
 Elsie E PearceDaughter9Female  Bristol, St Augustine Watling St
 Gertrude PearceDaughter7Female  Bristol, St Augustine Watling St
 Louisa G PearceSon5Male  Bristol, St Augustine Watling St
 Seaton E PearceSon2Male  Bristol, St Augustine Watling St
 Edward J Easterbrook 35MaleUGeneral Labourer Bristol, St Stephen << >>
 Matilda E Easterbrook 32FemaleUDomestic ServBristol, St Michael's <<
2 Millon Road, Northwood, Northwood, Northwood, HampshireThomas EasterbrookHead38Male StewardPlymton, Devon << >>
 Emily A EasterbrookWife39Female  Plymouth, Devon
 Florence W EasterbrookDaughter14Female  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Amelia W EasterbrookDaughter12Female  Plymouth, Devon << >>
 Frederick W EasterbrookSon9Male  Plymouth, Devon >>
Old Winslate Cottage, Clyst ST George, Clyst St George, Clyst St George, DevonAugustine PikeHead65Male Agricultural LabourerSampford Courtenay, Devon
 Elizabth PikeWife63Female  Exbourne, Devon <<
St Philip and St Jacob, GloucestershireWilliam EastabrookHead45Male  Bristol <<
 Elizabeth EastabrookWife44Female  Bristol
 Florence EastabrookDaughter20Female  Bristol << >>
 Minnie EastabrookDaughter18Female  Bristol << >>
 Ada EastabrookDaughter16Female  Bristol <<
 Sidney EastabrookSon14Male  Bristol << >>
 Kate EastabrookDaughter10Female  Bristol << >>
 Alfred EastabrookSon7Male  Bristol >>
 Frank EastabrookSon4Male  Bristol >>
 Dorothy EastabrookDaughter11/12Female  Bristol >>
53 Stapleton Rd, Bristol, St Philip and St Jacob, GloucestershireJohn EastabrookHead54MaleSBuilderSt Philip and Jacob Out, Bristol << >>
 Elizabeth SprodSister50FemaleWidInvalidSt Philip and Jacob Out, Bristol
 Frances H ByerlyNiece10Female ScholarRarlsea, Hampshire
 Hannah FordServ31MaleSServStowmarket, Suffolk
Spring Hill, Maisemore, Maisemore, Maisemore, GloucestershireEdmund V AmeryHead63Male Clerk in Holy OrdersEdgbaston, Warwickshire
 Frances AmeryWife63Female  Corsham, Wiltshire
 Augusta WallisVisitor61Female  Exmouth, Devon
 Jane EasterbrookServant60Female Lady's MaidAldershot, Hampshire <<
 William WallisVisitor15Male  Tiverton, Devon
 Ann KyteServant34Female CookShipston, Warwickshire
 Emily HancockServant16Female HousemaidWalton, Gloucestershire
 Henry DavisServant16Male Page BoyAshleworth, Gloucestershire
36 Berkley Street, Toxteth, Toxteth Park, Toxteth Park, LancashireSarah StoltHead72Female HomeAnfrobus, Cheshire
 Ellen StoltDaughter55Female  Runcorn, Cheshire
 Leila StoltDaughter39Female  Liverpool
 Charles EasterbrookLodger30Male BookkeeperDartmouth, Devon << >>
65 Granley St, Toxteth Park, Toxteth Park, LancashireGeorge W EdwardsHead30Male Draper's AssistantChester, Cheshire
 Mary EdwardsWife30Female Toracemisth ManagerManchester, Lancashire
 Fances M EdwardsDaughter6Female ScholarLiverpool, Lancashire
 Amy W WaltonVisitor21Female Teacher of MusicLiverpool, Lancashire
 Frances M EasterbrookServant13Female General ServantLiverpool, Lancashire << >>
Roswedden House, St Just, Tenement and Boswedden, St Just, CornwallRichard BoynsHead68Male Purser & Manager of Tin MineSt Just, Cornwall
 Mary BoynsWife65Female  St Just, Cornwall
 Bessie BoynsDaughter36Female OrganistSt Just, Cornwall
 Marian BoynsDaughter31Female  St Just, Cornwall
 Alice BoynsDaughter28Female  St Just, Cornwall
 Gertrude BoynsDaughter27Female  St Just, Cornwall
 Ernest BoynsSon25Male Grocer (Master)St Just, Cornwall
 Richard H BoynsSon24Male Agent of Tin MineSt Just, Cornwall
 Jane H EllisServant28Female General ServantSt Just, Cornwall
 Christiana EasterbrookServant42Female General ServantMorvah, Cornwall >>
Royal Engineers, Folkestone, Cheriton, KentCharles Edward EasterbrookHead17Male Bugler R EGillingham, Kent << >>
Royal Engineers, Cheriton, Folkestone, Cheriton, KentMalcolm Roy EasterbrookHead25Male Sergeant R.E.Portsmouth, Hampshire << >>
 Annie EasterbrookWife27Female  Chatham, Kent
 Annie Gertrude Jane EasterbrookNiece6Female  Manchester >>
1 Wharf St, Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, StaffordshireElizabeth EasterbrookHead56FemaleWidGreen GrocerWolverhampton, Staffordshire <<
 Arthur EasterbrookSon30Male Green GrocerWolverhampton, Staffordshire
Primrose Valley, St Ives, St Ives, CornwallThomas EasterbrookHead26Male PlumberSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Eliza EasterbrookWife25Female  Island, Guernsey, Channel Islands
 Elsie J EasterbrookDaughter2Female  St Austell, Cornwall
 Thomas E EasterbrookSon1Male  St Austell, Cornwall
Convalescent Institution, Holne Low, Holme Low, CumberlandMary BecktonHead68Female MatronCarlisle, Cumberland
 Helma MartinServant43Female Certified NurseCork, Ireland
 Mary Ann HaytonServant18Female Domestic ServantSilloth, Cumberland
 Hannah E HaytonServant18Female Domestic ServantSilloth, Cumberland
 Sarah Jane MageeServant21Female CookWorkington, Cumberland
 Isabella AdamsPatient21Female Domestic ServantEpehester, Durham
 Elizabeth SmithPatient35Female NurseBromley, Kent
 Rose GladstonePatient19Female Domestic ServantCarlisle, Cumberland
 Mary TysonPatient21Female DressmakerKnipe, Westmorland
 Elizabeth MartinPatient51FemaleWidno occupationWigton, Cumberland
 Sarah MarrsPatient14Female Domestic ServantHoughton, Cumberland
 Nevison RobleyPatient24MaleMFitterFourstown, Northumberland
 John Jas DunsworthPatient38MaleMCloggerBlackwell, Cumberland
 Charles John CatonPatient21Male PorterAldershot
 William EasterbrookPatient22MaleMCoal MinerAspatria, Cumberland << >>
 John BurnPatient18Male TailerCockermouth, Cumberland
 John Wm DobsonPatient14Male ScholarCarlisle, Cumberland
Peupol Terrace, Phillack, Phillack, CornwallWilmot Jane EasterbrookHead48Female BakerHayle, Cornwall << >>
 Nicholas J EasterbrookSon17Male BakerHayle, Cornwall << >>
 Wilmot SmithamMother77FemaleWidLiving on own meansHayle, Cornwall
 John MichellNephew16Male ScholarHayle, Cornwall
 Duprez SmithamNiece11Female ScholarCardiff, Wales
 Tom SmithamNephew8Male ScholarCardiff, Wales
 Ethel SmithamNiece5Female ScholarCardiff, Wales
 Joanna TrewhellaServant24Female General ServantTowednack, Cornwall
Peupol Terrace, Phillack, Phillack, CornwallNicholas J EasterbrookHead22Male Ship's BlacksmithHayle, Cornwall << >>
 Elizabeth EasterbrookWife24Female DressmakerHayle, Cornwall
Locks House, Phillack, Phillack, CornwallElizabeth EasterbrookHead60FemaleWidLiving on her own meansPhillack, Cornwall << >>
3 Stewarts Court, Penzance, Penzance, CornwallMary EasterbrookHead72Female  St Ives, Cornwall <<
 Sarah EasterbrookDaughter42Female CharwomanPenzance, Cornwall << >>
 Annie EasterbrookGranddaughter10Female ScholarPenzance, Cornwall >>
Foundry Hill, Hayle, Hayle, St Erth, CornwallMaria WilleyHead56Female ShopkeeperPhillack, Cornwall
 William J WilleySon23Male Ships CarpenterPhillack, Cornwall
 Harry WilleySon17Male FitterPhillack, Cornwall
 Maria EasterbrookDaughter32Female HousekeeperPhillack, Cornwall
 William S EasterSon-in-law29Male Bread RetailerStratford, London << >>
86 Haniston, Aspatria, Aspatria, Aspatria and Brayton, CumberlandEmma EasterbrookHead47FemaleWid Tweedmouth, Cornwall >>
 Mary Ann EasterbrookDaughter27Female General Servant (Domestic)Middleway, Cornwall << >>
 Robert Henry EasterbrookSon20Male Colliery (General Labourer)Aspatria, Cumberland << >>
 Elizabeth Jane EasterbrookDaughter17Female General Servant Aspatria, Cumberland <<
 John Samuel EasterbrookSon14Male Colliery (Pony Driver)Aspatria, Cumberland << >>
 Charles Gonde EasterbrookSon10Male ScholarAspatria, Cumberland << >>
 Edwin Griffin EasterbrookSon4Male  Aspatria, Cumberland >>
The West London District School, Ashford, Ashford, MiddlesexAlfred EasterbrookScholar15Male ScholarN << >>
Hendra, Roche, Roche, CornwallWilliam H EasterbrookHead32Male Clay LabourerSt Austell, Cornwall << >>
 Mary EasterbrookWife27Female  Roche, Cornwall
 Willie EasterbrookSon4Male  Roche, Cornwall >>
 Clara EasterbrookDaughter2Female  Roche, Cornwall >>
 Minnie EasterbrookDaughter6/12Female  Roche, Cornwall >>
Polgooth, St.Mewan, Polgooth, St Mewan, CornwallRosaleen BilkeyHead43Male Market GardenerSt Eval, Cornwall
 Ann BilkeyWife45Female  Menheniot, Cornwall >>
 Richard N BilkeySon16Male AssistantSt Columb, Cornwall
 Lilian Nay BilkeyDaughter12Female ScholarTruro, Cornwall
 Henry BilkeySon9Male ScholarSt Mewan, Cornwall
 Adelina Elora BilkeyDaughter8Female ScholarSt Mewan, Cornwall
 Geraldine Blanca BilkeyDaughter4Female ScholarSt Mewan, Cornwall
2 Manston Tey Forge, Heavitree, Heavitree, DevonWilliam CottonWidr58Female BankerBarnstaple, Devon
 Bruce CottonSon23Male Banks ClerkExeter, Devon
 Fanny EasterbrookServant34Female Domestic ServantLapford, Devon <<
 Ellen HowellServant23Female Domestic ServantSandford, Devon
5 Harwood St, St Marylebone, LondonEdwin Easterbrook 22Male Drapers AssistantSt Austell, Cornwall <<
Ganges, Moored In Falmouth Harbour, Royal Navy, CornwallHerbert E EastbrookMember of Crew (Member)15Male Boy 2nd classPenzance, Cornwall << >>
12 Park Row, Bristol, St Augustine, GloucestershireWalter F EasterbrookHead31Male General DealerBristol << >>
 Alice EasterbrookWife24Female  Bristol
 Lionel B EasterbrookSon1Male  Bristol, Gloucestershire
Gruch, CaerwentSusan LewisHead61FemaleWid Caerwent, Monmouthshire, Wales
 Hiram LewisSon29Male Engine DriverCaerwent, Monmouthshire, Wales
 Lucy LewisDaughter23Female  Caerwent, Monmouthshire, Wales
 Sarah E LewisRelative 3Female  Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
 Henry GreenLodger37Male Agri LabourerEngland
 William EastabrookLodger19Male ServantFord, Devon << >>

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