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USA Census Substitutes for 1890 (print)

California Idaho New York (1892) Veterans Schedule

The Federal Census for 1890 was destroyed by fire. This page includes substitutes such as Registers of Voters


AddressNameBirth YearBirth PlaceNaturalizationResidence YearLinks
N W Cr 1st & Bd'way Overland ??, Alameda, CaliforniaWindshlp Esteabrookabt 1844N Hampshire1890
1618 4th St, Sacramento, CaliforniaBenjamin Harding Estabrookabt 1859N Brunswick26 Sep 1888, Placer, California1890 << >>
1223 C, Sacramento, CaliforniaJames Selden Easterbrookabt 1847Illinois1890
1418 J, Sacramento, CaliforniaBenjamin Estabrooksabt 1819Vermont1890
San Francisco, CaliforniaCharles Damon Estabrookabt 1842 1890
Santa Clara, CaliforniaAlbion Bradneck Estabrookabt 1826N Brunsw'k31 Oct 1886, San Jose, California1890 << >>


Ada, IdahoEasterbrookOf Nampa. Mrs. F Easterbrook."" Resides in same household as Frank Easterbrook"
Latah, IdahoB M Easterbrook 
Latah, IdahoB M EasterbrookWitness
Latah, IdahoBert EasterbrookWitness
Ada, IdahoFrank EasterbrookOf Nampa. Attorney
Washington, IdahoHenry D EasterbrookOf Weiser. Stock dealer
Ada, IdahoFrank EstabrookEstabrook v Cox

New York (1892)

Saint Johnsville, MontgomeryWilliam R Easterbrook62MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyFransis Easterbrooks73MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyClark Easterbrooks39MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyMandana Easterbrooks36FemaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyLula J Easterbrooks15FemaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganySteven F Easterbrooks10MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyMarthey E Easterbrooks8FemaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyRobert H Easterbrooks4MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyRobart Easterbrooks41MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyFlora C Easterbrooks36FemaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyAlice C Easterbrooks11FemaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganySarah Easterbrooks9FemaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyElisabath Easterbrooks7FemaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyJoseph Easterbrooks28MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyJoseph Easterbrooks28MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyCharles Easterbroks23MaleCitizen
Almond, AlleganyAlma Easterbroks17FemaleCitizen
Caneadea, AlleganyG L Estabrook53MaleCitizen
Caneadea, AlleganyEmily C Estabrook46FemaleCitizen
Caneadea, AlleganyR B Estabrook24MaleCitizen
Caneadea, AlleganyRoy Estabrook20MaleCitizen
Wayland, SteubenAlice Esterbrook53FemaleCitizen
Wayland, SteubenFrank Esterbrook17MaleCitizen
Wayland, SteubenLola Esterbrook14FemaleCitizen
Wayland, SteubenLula Esterbrook14FemaleCitizen
Corning City, SteubenAndrew Easterbrooke54MaleCitizen
Corning City, SteubenG N Easterbrook41MaleCitizen
Corning City, SteubenMary Easterbrook36FemaleCitizen
Corning City, SteubenNora Easterbrook62FemaleCitizen
Corning Town, SteubenJohn A Easterbrooks77MaleCitizen
Caton, SteubenJasper Easterbrooks39MaleCitizen
Caton, SteubenMary Easterbrooks37FemaleCitizen
Caton, SteubenClair Easterbrooks14MaleCitizen
Caton, SteubenEthel Easterbrooks3FemaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenE Josiah Easterbrooks44MaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenDelinda E Easterbrooks40FemaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenEdwin J Easterbrooks13MaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenLibbie K Easterbrooks8FemaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenSamuel Easterbrooks76MaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenPolly J Easterbrooks74FemaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenS Mahlon Easterbrooks39MaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenSamuel Easterbrooks76MaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenPolly J Easterbrooks74FemaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenS Mahlon Easterbrooks39MaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenSamuel Easterbrooks76MaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenPolly J Easterbrooks74FemaleCitizen
Hornby, SteubenS Mahlon Easterbrooks39MaleCitizen
Hornellsville City, SteubenGeorge Esterbrook22MaleCitizen
Hornellsville City, SteubenHomer Easterbrook19MaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenArchie C Esterbrook21MaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenAndrew Easterbrooks56MaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenMinerva R Easterbrooks52FemaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenHattie A Easterbrooks28FemaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenEdith M Easterbrooks22FemaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenLula A Easterbrooks19FemaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenRay O Easterbrooks16MaleCitizen
Tuscarora, SteubenBurr N Easterbrooks8MaleCitizen
Milton, SaratogaSarah M Estabrook68FemaleCitizen
Milton, SaratogaElizabeth Estarbrooks50FemaleCitizen
Milton, SaratogaEstella Estarbrooks30FemaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaTaylor Estabrook40MaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaLeo Estabrook8MaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaDaniel Esterbrook59MaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaHattie Esterbrook39FemaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaHonora Esterbrook10FemaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaEdith Esterbrook13FemaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaAlace Esterbrook28FemaleCitizen
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaMillie M Esterbrook16FemaleCitizen
Olean, CattaraugusEmerson Eastbrook48MaleCitizen
Olean, CattaraugusHattie Easterbrook48FemaleCitizen
Olean, CattaraugusAnna A Easterbrook6FemaleCitizen
Olean, CattaraugusEmerson Eastbrook48MaleCitizen
Olean, CattaraugusHattie Easterbrook48FemaleCitizen
Olean, CattaraugusAnna A Easterbrook6FemaleCitizen
Binghamton, BroomeWinifred Esterbrook25Female 
Binghamton, BroomeRose Esterbrook28Female 
Buffalo, ErieMarion A Esterbrook36MaleCitizen
Buffalo, ErieSarah J Esterbrook35FemaleCitizen
Buffalo, ErieMaud M Esterbrook12FemaleCitizen
Buffalo, ErieSamuel G Esterbrook2MaleCitizen
Buffalo, ErieEd Esterbrook41MaleCitizen
Buffalo, ErieMabel M Esterbrook34Female 
Buffalo, ErieVernon F Esterbrook2Male 
Buffalo, ErieFrank Easterbrook30MaleCitizen
Buffalo, ErieMary Easterbrook71FemaleCitizen
Buffalo, ErieEbenezer Esterbrook42MaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesIsaac Easterbrook68MaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesHarriet Easterbrook64FemaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesNorman S Easterbrook22MaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesLee W Easterbrook20MaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesF E Easterbrook38MaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesA C Easterbrook33FemaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesHattie I Easterbrook7FemaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesClaud R Easterbrook5MaleCitizen
Starkey, YatesR L Easterbrook2MaleCitizen
Cortlandville, CortlandWm Easterbrook27MaleCitizen
Cortlandville, CortlandWella Easterbrook26FemaleCitizen
Cortlandville, CortlandSuta Easterbrook8FemaleCitizen
Cortlandville, CortlandNena Easterbrook4FemaleCitizen
Elmira City, ChemungSarah A Esterbrook71FemaleCitizen
Elmira City, ChemungWilliam Eastabrook45MaleCitizen
Elmira City, ChemungViola Eastabrook46FemaleCitizen
Elmira City, ChemungAlice I Eastabrook22FemaleCitizen
Elmira City, ChemungLulu Estabrook18FemaleCitizen
Big Flats, ChemungP N Easterbrook43MaleCitizen
Big Flats, ChemungEunah Easterbrook32FemaleCitizen
Big Flats, ChemungJ Marin Easterbrook46MaleCitizen
Big Flats, ChemungSarepta Easterbrook40FemaleCitizen
Big Flats, ChemungNewten L Easterbrook19MaleCitizen
Victory, CayugaEphram Easterbrooks70Male 
Auburn, CayugaGeorge Easterbrook57Male 
Auburn, CayugaElmer Easterbrook23Male 
Auburn, CayugaMary C Easterbrook47Female 
Auburn, CayugaMaud Easterbrook21Female 
Auburn, CayugaGeorgia Easterbrook12Female 
Ithaca, TompkinsHermon L Estabrook68MaleCitizen
Ithaca, TompkinsEmeline A Estabrook57FemaleCitizen
Ithaca, TompkinsWilliam B Estabrook37MaleCitizen
Newfield, TompkinsRobert Estabrook82MaleCitizen
Newfield, TompkinsPolly M Estabrook75FemaleCitizen
Newfield, TompkinsAddie E Estabrook43FemaleCitizen
Newfield, TompkinsRobbie G Estabrook24MaleCitizen
Hastings, OswegoN C Estabrooks86Male 
Hastings, OswegoCurtiss Estabrooks52Male 
Salina, OnondagaFred Easterbrook49Male 
Salina, OnondagaIda S Easterbrook39Female 
Salina, OnondagaLillian Easterbrook17Female 
Salina, OnondagaWalter Easterbrook16Male 
Syracuse, OnondagaWm T Easterbrook44Male  << >>
Syracuse, OnondagaEva A Easterbrook33Female 
Syracuse, OnondagaWm S Esterbrook15Male 
Syracuse, OnondagaCharles Esterbrook13Male 
Jay, EssexWinford Esterbrooks21Male 
Keene, EssexEthel Estabrook6Female 
Wilmington, EssexWm H Estabrooks19Male 
Wilmington, EssexMurton Estabrooks16Male 
Brooklyn, KingsGertrude Estabrook45FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsBeatrice Estabrook30FemaleAlien
Brooklyn, KingsFebe Esterbrook66FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsAdelia Esterbrook61FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsGeorge Esterbrook32MaleAlien
Brooklyn, KingsHelen Esterbrook24FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsGeorge Esterbrook3MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsHattie Esterbrook1FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsAlven Easterbrook37MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsEmily Easterbrook26Female 
Brooklyn, KingsGeorge Easterbrook4Male 
Brooklyn, KingsMalvern Easterbrook2Male 
Brooklyn, KingsFlora Easterbrook1Female 
Brooklyn, KingsHarriett Esterbrook74FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsAlfred D Esterbrook42MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsEdward B Esterbrook32MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsRichard B Esterbrook32MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsEdwin M Esterbrook55MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsSarah E Esterbrook52FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsCharles E Esterbrook29MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsEdwin H Esterbrook24MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsFrederick W Esterbrook17MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsAnnie E Esterbrook28FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsLydia M Esterbrook5FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsEthel Esterbrook3FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsHazel B Esterbrook2FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsEdward Esterbrook25MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsJane Esterbrook22FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsMollie Esterbrook3FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsThomas Esterbrook30MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsEmily O Esterbrook22FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsWilliam P Esterbrook2MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsBessie Esterbrook44FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsHartte Esterbrook47MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsCharles Esterbrook21MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsElner Esterbrook19FemaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsHoward Esterbrook16MaleCitizen
Brooklyn, KingsHartt Esterbrook14MaleCitizen
Flatlands, KingsLester R Esterbrook45MaleCitizen
New Utrecht, KingsSaml G Esterbrook29MaleCitizen
New Utrecht, KingsMartha Esterbrook26Female 
Albany, AlbanyRoyal T Esterbrook51Male 
Long Lake, HamiltonHector Esterbrook19Male 
Geneva, OntarioSelina Coutant34Female  << >>
Geneva, OntarioCarolena Easterbrook62Female 
Lisle, BroomeEmily Estabrook59Female 
Newark Valley, TiogaClara M Esterbrook17FemaleCitizen
Newstead, ErieM Leah Estabrook21FemaleCitizen

Veterans Schedule

AddressNameGenderRankRoleEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of ServiceRegiment or VesselLinks
Wichita Falls, Wichita, TexasLucy EstabrookFemale Veteran    
Barre, Washington, VermontJohnston Estabrooks PrivateVeteran1 Sep 18623 Jul 18652 Yrs 10 Mos 2 Days10 Vermont Vol
Wilmington, Windham, VermontSamuel S EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran10 Aug 186223 Jul 186311 Mos 24 Days16 Vermont Inf
Quincy, Norfolk, MassachusettsHenry L EstabrooksMaleMajorVeteran19 Oct 18617 Nov 18643 Yrs 0 Mos 28 Days26 Massachusetts Inf
Whitman, Plymouth, MassachusettsMason C EastabrookMaleMasterVeteran18641865 47 Massachusetts Inf
Madison, Dane, WisconsinCharles E EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran31 Aug 18646 Jul 186510 Mos 6 Days43 Wisconsin Inf
Fond Du Lac, Fond Du Lac, WisconsinCharles W EastabrookMalePrivateVeteran31 Mar 186430 May 18651 Yrs 1 Mos 29 Days21 Wisconsin Inf
Berlin, Green Lake, WisconsinAndrew EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran16 Sep 1864Jun 186510 Mos 1 Days184 New York Inf
Aurora, Waushara, WisconsinMilvem Estabrook PrivateVeteran24 Feb 18654 Sep 18650 Yrs 6 Mos 10 Days11 Wisconsin Inf
Rushford, Winnebago, WisconsinM Estabrooks PrivateVeteran10 Sep 18614 Sep 18653 Yrs 11 Mos11 Wisconsin Inf
State Veterans Home, Waupaca, WisconsinWilliam EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran5 Sep 186124 Nov 18621 Yrs 2 Mos 22 Days60 New York Inf
Superior, Douglas, WisconsinCharles EstabrooksMalePrivateVeteran186218653 Yrs8 Minnesota Vol
Burlington, Middlesex, MassachusettsLuke EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran23 Sep 186124 Sep 18643 Yrs 1 Days1 Massachusetts Cal
Lowell, Middlesex, MassachusettsWilliam H EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran28 Oct 186125 May 18652 Yrs 6 Mos 27 Days1 Massachusetts Inf
Fitchburg, Worcester, MassachusettsEdward A EstabrooksMalePrivateVeteran25 Sep 186222 Jul 18639 Mos 27 Days51 Massachusetts Inf
Grafton, Worcester, MassachusettsGeorge F EstabrooksMalePrivateVeteran16 Aug 186428 Jun 186510 Mos 12 Days1 Ral H Art
Leominster, Worcester, MassachusettsAlina E Estabrook PrivateVeteran6 Sep 186221 Sep 186311 Mos 26 Days53 Massachusetts Inf
 Jos M EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran   21 New York Vol
 Mary C EsterbrookFemale Widow    
Westminster, Worcester, MassachusettsCharles A EstabrookMale Veteran3 Mar 186215 Jul 18631 Yrs 4 Mos 12 Days 
Worcester, Worcester, MassachusettsJames E Estabrook Second MajorVeteran20 Apr 18614 Jul 18621 Yrs 2 Mos 26 Days3nd Massachusetts Batt Riffe
Worcester, Worcester, MassachusettsAaron G EstabrookMaleCaptainVeteranApr 1862Apr 18653 Yrs8 New Hampshire
 Theodore EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran10 Sep 186120 Sep 18643 Yrs 10 Days26 Massachusetts Inf
 Mary A EstabrookFemale Widow    
Charlestown, Suffolk, MassachusettsEdward C EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran18 Aug 186417 Jun 18650 Yrs 9 Mos 29 Days4 Massachusetts Hvy Art.
Scio, Washtenaw, MichiganNelson F EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran3 Sep 18621865 16 Vermont Inf
Detroit, Wayne, MichiganChauncey U EstabrookMaleSergeantVeteran28 Aug 18615 Jul 1865 5 Michigan Inf
Ionia, Ionia, MichiganZenas A Estabrook PrivateVeteran23 Dec 186320 Jun 18651 Yrs 6 Mos 28 Days128 Ohio Inf.
Allegan, Allegan, MichiganAlbert C EstabrooksMaleCorporalVeteranSep 1864Jun 18661 Yrs 10 Mos28 Maine Inf
Pleasant Plains, Allegan, MichiganAbner H EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran31 Aug 186124 Oct 18643 Yrs 1 Mos 23 Days3 Wisconsin Cav
 Asa H EsterbrookMaleSecond LieutenantVeteran28 Nov 186121 Jun 18653 Yrs 04 Mos 23 Days1 Michigan Ary
 Jane EsterbrookFemale Widow    
Whitehall, Muskegon, MichiganEdwin C EstubrookMalePrivateVeteran25 May 186422 Sep 18653 Mos 27 Days39 Wisconsin Inft
Cleon, Manistee, MichiganGeorge R EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran20 Jul 1861Oct 18621 Yrs 2 Mos6 Michigan Inf
Richfield and Edina, Hennepin, MinnesotaDaniel S EstabrooksMalePrivateVeteran1 Oct 186120 Jun 18653 Yrs 8 Mos 19 Days3 Minnesota Inf
Stillwater, Washington, MinnesotaCharles EstabrooksMaleCorporalVeteran12 Oct 18625 Jun 18652 Yrs 7 Mos 23 Days8 Minnesota
Stillwater, Washington, MinnesotaGeorge A EstabrooksMaleSergeantVeteran17 Jul 18624 Jun 18652 Yrs 10 Mos 17 Days20 Minnesota Vol
 Daniel EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran4 Oct 1861 0 Yrs 9 Mos 0 Days4 Minnesota Inf
 Mary M CoolFemale Widow    
Lavaca and Enlow, Cherry, NebraskaOscar A EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran23 Jul 186325 Feb 18647 Mos 2 Days115 Indiana Vol
AddressNameGenderRankRoleEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of ServiceRegiment or VesselLinks
Logan, Dawson, NebraskaGeorge L EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran1 Nov 186129 Oct 18643 Yrs64 Illinois Inf
Spring Creek and Logan, Howard, NebraskaAbel EstabrooksMalePrivateVeteran15 May 186426 Oct 18640 Yrs 5 Mos 11 Days142 Illinois Inf
Bennet, Lancaster, NebraskaJ W Estabrook PrivateVeteranDec 1865186610 Mos151 Indiana Inf
Keene, Cheshire, New HampshireLuther L EstabrooksMaleSergeantVeteran14 Aug 18629 Jun 18652 Yrs 8 Mos 23 Days10 Sto Massachusetts Bat.
Walpole, Cheshire, New HampshireJohn W EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran3 Dec 1864Jul 1865 25 Maf Inf
Stockton, Camden, New JerseyJoseph EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteranAug 186318652 Yrs 0 Mos 0 Days145 Pennsylvania Vol
Auburn, Cayuga, New YorkGeorge J EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran22 Aug 18623 Jul 18652 Yrs 10 Mos 9 Days3 New York L.a
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkGeo L EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran31 Aug 186214 Nov 18653 Yrs 2 Mos 14 Days160 New York In
Foster, North DakotaGeorge H EstabrookMaleFirst LieutenantVeteran24 Feb 186124 Jul 18643 Mos 0 Days7 Illinois Inf
Inkster, Grand Forks, North DakotaFranklin EstabrookMaleSergeantVeteran28 Oct 186128 Oct 18643 Yrs 0 Mos 0 DaysIst Michigan E. Inf
 George EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran   25 Maine Inf
 Sophy WeeksFemale Widow    
Togus, Kennebec, MaineWilliam W EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran23 May 186123 May 18643 Yrs1 Massachusetts Infy
Topsham, Sagadahoc, MaineGeorge W EstabrookMale Veteran   E Maine Inf
Tiffin, Seneca, OhioThomas J EasterbrooksMalePrivateVeteran19 Jul 186220 Jun 18652 Yrs 11 Mos 1 Days100 O Inf
Dayton, Montgomery, OhioGeorge F EstabrookMaleRegimental BanVeteran17 Sep 18611 Mar 18620 Yrs 5 Mos 14 Days10 Inf
Dayton, Montgomery, OhioSamuel F EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran2 May 186425 Sep 18640 Yrs 3 Mos 10 Days131st Ohio
Monroe, Preble, OhioFrancis C Estabrook PrivateVeteran18 Aug 18629 Jul 18642 Yrs 11 Mos 10 Days63 Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Monroe, Preble, OhioFrancis C Esterbrook First SergeantVeteran9 Jul 18648 Jul 1865 110 2nd Alalama
Green, Shelby, OhioJohn T EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran9 Aug 186224 Apr 18638 Mos 15 Days94 Ohio Volunteer Infantry
 Isaac EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran8 Jul 18627 Jul 18631 Yrs 0 Mos 0 Days93 O Inf
 Fannie EsterbrookFemale Widow    
Amity, Aroostook, MaineJediah Estabrook PrivateVeteran15 Apr 18651865  
Houlton, Aroostook, MaineThomas S EstabrooksMaleCorporalVeteran9 Oct 1861Nov 1862 1 Maine Cal
Rockland, Knox, MaineGeorge C EastabrookMaleSurgeonVeteran186327 Apr 1866 119 United States Cavalry Inf
Bangor, Penobscot, MaineJoseph EsterbrookMaleSeamanVeteran13 Jul 18615 Jul 18653 Yrs 11 Mos 20 Days1 Maine N
Bangor, Penobscot, MaineGeorge W EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran18 Mar 186528 Aug 18650 Yrs 5 Mos 10 Days14 Maine Inf
 Olive E EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran27 Nov 186110 Dec 18643 Yrs 1 Mos 13 Days3 Maine Vol
 Olive E EstabrookFemale Widow    
Orono, Penobscot, MaineGlazier Estabrooks PrivateVeteran21 Jul 18624 Jun 1865 20 Maine Inft
Mount Vernon, Knox, OhioJohn EasterbrookMalePrivateVeteran8 Feb 186417 Jun 18651 Yrs 4 Mos 29 Days69 Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OhioRodney L EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran3 Sep 186210 Aug 186311 Mos 7 Days16 Vermont Inf
Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OhioJohn M EstabrooksMale Veteran    
Danville, Montour, PennsylvaniaCharles EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran    
 Charles H EstabrookMalePrivateVeteranFeb 1864Feb 1865 6 New Jersey H V B
 Adaline EstabrookFemale Widow    
Gibson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaSidney J Estabrook PrivateVeteran23 Sep 186210 Aug 186510 Mos 17 Days16 Vermont Inf
Gibson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaWillard H EstabrookMalePrivateVeteran14 Jan 186528 Jul 18656 Mos 14 Days28 Pennsylvania Inf
Jackson, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaWhitman B Estabrook PrivateVeteran18 Jul 186127 Jun 186510 Mos 21 Days4 Pennsylvania La
Oakland, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaSylvester H EstabrookMaleCorporalVeteran15 Sep 1862May 18652 Yrs 8 Mos17 Pennsylvania Cav
AddressNameGenderRankRoleEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of ServiceRegiment or VesselLinks
Oakland, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaEliza W EstabrookFemalePrivateVeteran27 Mar 186230 Apr 18620 Yrs 1 Mos 3 DaysNew York Irt
Susquehanna, Susquehanna, PennsylvaniaWarren EasterbrookMalePrivateVeteran21 Feb 186217 Mar 186226 DaysArt
Orwell, Bradford, PennsylvaniaCharley J Eastabrooks SergeantVeteran8 Aug 186228 May 18652 Yrs 8 Mos 20 Days144 Pennsylvania Inf
Towanda, Bradford, PennsylvaniaAndrew J EustebrooksMaleMusicianVeteran14 May 186130 Aug 18621 Yrs 3 Mos 16 Days6 Pennsylvania Inf. Res
Ulster, Bradford, PennsylvaniaW W Eastabrooks PrivateVeteran18 Sep 186129 Jun 18653 Yrs 9 Mos57 Pav Inft
Knoxville, Tioga, PennsylvaniaGeorge H EastabrookMalePrivateVeteranMay 1861Jun 18643 Yrs2 Wisconsin Inf.
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandSamuel C EasterbrooksMale1st OfficerVeteranJan 1862Dec 18631 Yrs 11 Mos 
 William H EasterbrooksMalePrivateVeteran16 Dec 186126 Jun 18653 Yrs 7 Mos 10 Days5 Rhode Island Inf
 Ellen EasterbrooksFemale Widow    
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandPhilip D EasterbrooksMalePrivateVeteran23 Oct 186119 Jun 18620 Yrs 8 Mos 26 Days2 Rhode Island Inf
Bristol, Bristol, Rhode IslandGeorge T EasterbrooksMaleSeamanVeteran 15 Apr 1862 Alleghany
Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode IslandCoome A Easterbrooks PrivateVeteran17 Apr 18611 Aug 18610 Yrs 3 Mos 15 DaysReg Rhode Island Militia
Providence, Providence, Rhode IslandWilliam EsterbrookeMale Veteran    
South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode IslandGeorge EasterbrookMalePrivateVeteran30 Sep 186117 Mar 18653 Yrs 5 Mos 18 Days4 Rhode Island Inf
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkPeter EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran6 Apr 186118 Feb 18654 Yrs4 H.a.n.y.
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkAlfred EsterbrookMalePrivateVeteran24 Aug 18616 Sep 18643 YrsUs Eugene

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