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USA State Censuses 1925 (print)

New York

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but very few are cross-referenced.

New York

New York, New YorkEdward EsterbrookHead31Male USA
 Anna EsterbrookWife25Female USA
 Edward EsterbrookSon1Male USA
 Manuel NorrisSon8Male Puerto Rico
New York, New YorkJohn F Easterbrook 56Male USA
New York, New YorkFrederick EasterbrookHead54Male USA
 Lucellia EasterbrookWife52Female USA
New York, New YorkEdna A LaurenceHead47Female USA
 Grace E LaurenceDaughter26Female England
 Marion Camiron 26Female USA
 Jennie Esterbrook 69Female USA
New York, New YorkPauline Estabrook 27Female USA
New York, New YorkPercy EstabrookHead31Male USA
 Henry SmithurstHusband31Male USA
 Meta SmithurstWife27Female USA
Norwich Ward 06, ChenangoNeden EstabrokHead58Female USA
 Nma M EstabrokDaughter36Female USA
Oyster Bay, NassauSamuel G EstabrookHead62Male USA
 Harriet E EstabrookWife51Female USA
 Angelista FriestMaid21Female Germany
Barton, TiogaHarold C EsterbrookHead30Male USA
 Edith L EsterbrookWife28Female USA
 Jane E EsterbrookDaughter5Female USA
 Enarles W EsterbrookSon4Male USA
 Francis W EsterbrookSon1Male USA
Newfield, TompkinsElmer T EastabrookHead57Male USA
 Mennie M EastabrookWife66Female USA
Newfield, TompkinsRobert G EstabrookHead57Male USA
 Lavanter M EstabrookWife46Female USA
 Raymand EstabrookSon25Male USA
Newfield, TompkinsThomas A SmithHead58Male USA
 Minnie A SmithWife40Female USA
 Jane E EstabrookDaughter5Female USA
 Ellard C ThatcherLodger62Male USA
Kingston Ward 10, UlsterEleanor EstabrookHead55Female USA
 Charles EstabrookSon27Male USA
Buffalo Ward 23, ErieAdeline EstabrookHead83Female USA
 Cora A EstabrookDaughter51Female USA
 Mabel EstabrookGrandaughter (Granddaughter)42Female USA
Troy Ward 02, RensselaerW R EsterbrookHead45Male USA
Troy Ward 02, RensselaerArebella EstabrookHead75Female USA
New York, RichmondThomas EsterbrookHead46Male USA
 Anna EsterbrookWife46Female USA
Rochester Ward 19, MonroeJoseph EstabrookHead28Male USA
 Esther EstabrookWife26Female USA
 Joan EstabrookDaughter0Female USA
Hempstead, NassauGeorge M EsterbrookHead39Male USA
 Mary J EsterbrookWife32Female USA
 Virginia M EsterbrookDaughter6Female USA
 Barbra A EsterbrookDaughter4Female USA
Greenburgh, WestchesterClara EsterbrookeHead68Female USA
 Anna R AdamsCompanion50Female USA
 Esther RandfeetServant32Female Sweden
 Ira LeslieServant48Female Scotland
 Antonio BitongServant42Male Philippines
 Maggie SmithServant58Female Scotland
 James RobertsServant25Male USA
Greenburgh, WestchesterAlice EastabrooksInmate14Female USA
 Effie EastabrooksInmate12Female USA
 Gladys EastabrooksInmate14Female USA
 Elen S EastabrooksInmate8Male USA
Greenburgh, WestchesterWm S EsterbrookHead65Male USA
 Wm EsterbrookSon31Male USA
 Margaret A TaylorServant52Female USA
Eastchester, WestchesterAugu Dari EsterbrookHead42Male USA
 Winfred EsterbrookWife40Female USA
 Walter EsterbrookSon7Male USA
 Allan EsterbrookSon3Male USA
 Flora RevellHouseworker19Female USA
Hoosick, RensselaerJohn EsterbrookHead38Male USA
 Clasig EsterbrookWife36Female USA
 Walter EsterbrookSon8Male USA
Saratoga Springs, SaratogaLouis J FollettHead54Male USA
 Edith L FollettWife43Female USA
 Louis E FollettSon23Male USA
 Harriet J EsterbrookMother-in-law72Female USA
Brooklyn, KingsGeorge EsterbrookHead55  England
 Joseph EsterbrookSon23  USA
 Erwin EsterbrookSon22  USA
 Nellie EsterbrookDaughter18  USA
 John EsterbrookSon16  USA
New York, New YorkCarl EsterbrookHead37Male USA
 Marjorie EsterbrookWife37Female USA
New York, New YorkMansfield EstabrookLodger35Male USA
New York, New YorkJennie EsterbrookLodger24Female USA
New York, New YorkMansfield EstabrookHead48Male USA
 Helen S EstabrookWife44Female USA
 James M EstabrookSon13Male USA
 John N EstabrookSon11Male USA
 Lansa EstabrookDaughter7Female USA
 Annie CondranDomestic45Female Ireland
Brooklyn, KingsCordelia BoychartHead74Female USA
 Grace M BoychartDaughter35Female USA
 Charles H BoychartSon33Male USA
 Sarah J EsterbrookCousin60Female USA
 Walter TerryLodger25Male USA
 Fred G MaccarowLodger26Male USA
 May MaccarowLodger28Female USA
 Dorothty M MaccarowLodger0Female USA
Brooklyn, KingsOtis CorwinHead50Male USA
 Louise M CorwinWife40Female USA
 Eva EsterbrookMother54Female USA
Brooklyn, KingsFloyd S NeelyHead57Female USA
 Anna S NeelyWife55Female USA
 Margaret EstabrookSister-in-law60Female USA
 Elesnor EstabrookNiece-in-law (Niece)22Female USA
Brooklyn, KingsEdward EstabrooksHead32Male USA << >>
 Catherine EstabrooksWife30Female USA
 Elearno EstabrooksDaughter9Female USA >>
 Edward Estabrooks JrSon4Male USA >>
 Lucile EstabrooksDaughter1Female USA >>
New York, New YorkVian EarlHusband28Male USA
 BilliesusBrother16Male USA
 Gssie EsterbrookLodger25Female USA
New York, New YorkFrank G EstbrookHead74Male USA
 Lottie Estbrook WWife63Female USA
 Josephine CrawfordDaughter-in-law35Female USA
Victor, OntarioWilliam B MooreHead55Male USA
 Minnie E MooreWife53Female USA
 Vlucy C MooreSon22Male USA
 Ida M EstabrookMother-in-law73Female USA
Victor, OntarioGulta C EstabrookHead50Female USA
 Stephen B CrorkerFather99Male USA
 Lawrence S LowisNephew11Male USA
Brooklyn, KingsThomas EsterbrookHead60Male Ireland
 Kate EsterbrookWife46Female England
 Arthur T EsterbrookSon16Male USA
 Edward RuchLodger Male  
Brooklyn, KingsOgrant EsterbrookHead44Male USA
 Sydner T EsterbrookWife41Female USA
 Betsey EsterbrookDaughter13Female USA
 Janet EsterbrookDaughter11Female USA
 Grant T EsterbrookSon7Male USA
 Sarah LudrickMaid24Female Virgin Islands
Brooklyn, KingsEmma EstabrookeHead35Female Canada
Brooklyn, KingsJessie F EstabrookHead63Female USA
 Harry E EstabrookSon27Male USA
 Marguerite EstabrookDaughter22Female USA
 Bertha NastLodger22Female USA
 Lillia M BeggsLodger42Female USA
New York, New YorkMary EstabrookHead59Female USA
 Mary C EstabrookDaughter38Female USA
 Margaret EstabrookDaughter36Female USA
 Mary EstabrookDaughter27Female USA
 Anthony EstabrookSon22Male USA
Knox, AlbanyGeorge EsterbrooksHead22Male USA
Cohoes Ward 04, AlbanyJohn H EstabrooksHead33Male USA
 Edith EstabrooksWife33Female USA
 Johns M EstabrooksSon2Male USA
 Edith V EstabrooksDaughter11Female USA
 Janet R EstabrooksDaughter9Female USA
Almond, AlleganyClark S EasterbrooksHead72Male USA
 Mandana P EasterbrooksWife69Female USA
 Martha E EasterbrooksDaughter38Female USA
 Virginia CoxBoarder11Female USA
Almond, AlleganyHomer H EasterbrooksHead52Male USA
 Jessie G EasterbrooksWife45Female USA
 Elethica EasterbrooksDaughter7Female USA
Almond, AlleganyRobert EasterbrooksHead74Male USA
 Lee C SmithSon-in-law37Male USA
 Sarah E SmithDaughter41Female USA
Caneadea, AlleganyHarold W EstabrookHead28Male USA
 Ethel A EstabrookWife28Female USA
 Lois M EstabrookDaughter5Female USA
 Dorothy C EstabrookDaughter0Female USA
Caneadea, AlleganyR Bruce EstabrookHead58Male USA
 Florence R EstabrookWife56Female USA
 Phyllis I EstabrookDaughter16Female USA
Caneadea, AlleganyGeo Le Roy EstabrookHead52Male USA
 Mertie V EstabrookWife45Female USA
 D Fern EstabrookDaughter25Female USA
 Violer H AmesGrandaughter (Granddaughter)13Female USA
 Samanther O LoweMother-in-law73Female USA
Wellsville, AlleganyVolney I EstabrookHead48Male USA
 Dorothy F EstabrookWife42Female USA
Wellsville, AlleganyCharles EasterbrokHead58Male USA
 Marjorie EasterbrokDaughter16Female USA
 Alton C EasterbrookSon14Male USA
 Glennice EasterbrookSon10Male USA
Hempstead, NassauJohn EsterbrookHead42Male Ireland
 Annabel EsterbrookWife35Female Ireland
Oneonta Ward 04, OtsegoMichael HanlonHead65Male USA
 Louise H ClarkDaughter39Female USA
 John V ClarkSon-in-law41Male USA
 Louise F ClarkGrandaughter (Granddaughter)7Female USA
 Robert E EstebrookLodger47Male USA
 Donald E EstebrookLodger51Male USA
 Charlotte ShawLodger54Female USA
 Amelia LyonsLodger70Female USA
 Otto WalshLodger26Male USA
Yonkers Ward 11, WestchesterRichard EsterbrookHead31Male USA >>
 Dorothy S EsterbrookWife29Female USA
 Dorothy J EsterbrookDaughter3Female USA >>
Springwater, LivingstonFrank S EasterbrookHead48Male USA
 Lucy M EasterbrookWife38Female USA
 Clare F EasterbrookSon18Male USA
 Sucha R EasterbrookDaughter10Female USA
 William EasterbrookSon9Male USA
Avon, LivingstonNorman B EasterbrookHead55Male USA
 Martha H EasterbrookWife53Female USA
 John S EasterbrookSon15Male USA
 Margaret C EasterbrookDaughter13Female USA
Lenox, MadisonFlorence H StoverHead52Female USA
 Christin CrdabrookDaughter30Female USA
Lenox, MadisonWalter A EasterbrookHead48Male USA
Oneida Ward 03, MadisonMary EasterbrookHead73Female USA
Brooklyn, KingsGeorge EstabrooksHead66Male Canada
 Herter EstabrooksWife55Female USA
 Martha EstabrooksDaughter33Female USA
 Kathine EstabrooksDaughter16Female USA
Brooklyn, KingsH Elliott EsterbrookHead47Male USA
 Carrie EsterbrookWife44Female USA
Brooklyn, KingsJohn MartinHead50Male USA
 Rose MartinWife48Female USA
 Eleanor EsterbrookBoarder35Female USA
Manlius, OnondagaCharles S EstabrookHead45Male USA
 Laura C EstabrookWife45Female USA
 Elizabeth EstabrookDaughter17Female USA
 Charles S Estabrook JrSon15Male USA
 Henry C EstabrookSon10Male USA
 Harriet C EstabrookDaughter8Female USA
Manlius, OnondagaWilliam S EstabrookHead47Male USA
 Eleanor W EstabrookWife45Female USA
 Margaret W EstabrookDaughter19Female USA
 William S Estabrook JrSon17Male USA
 J Evanc EstabrookSon15Male USA
 Alen SleginoServant28Male USA
 Lusile SleginoServant31Female USA
 Leon SleginoButler In Law (Butler)11Male USA
Newburgh Ward 02, OrangeJunk EsterbrookHead30Male USA
 S?thar EsterbrookWife28Female USA
 Frank Esterbrook JrSon10Male USA
 Aciel EsterbrookDaughter8Female USA
 Hoery EsterbrookSon7Male USA
 Amert EsterbrookSon4Male USA
Newburgh Ward 02, OrangeWilliam EsterbrookHead45Male Ireland
 Hester EsterbrookWife47Female England
 John T EsterbrookSon16Male USA
 William J EsterbrookSon13Male USA
Newburgh Ward 02, OrangeElstine EsterbrookHead10Female USA
 Arnold F EsterbrookSon7Male USA
 Enma CookMother73Female England
Newburgh Ward 04, OrangeRaymond P RogersHead25Male USA
 Mary RogersWife25Female USA
 Raymond RogersSon3Male USA
 Molly RogersDaughter0Female USA
 Charles RogersBrother29Male USA
 Catherine EstabrookMother-in-law58Female USA
 Sarah J ObrienAunt75Female USA
New York, QueensArthur C EstabrookHead54Male USA
 Carolin H EstabrookWife54Female USA
 Helen EstabrookDaughter21Female USA
New York, QueensJeanie EsterbrookHead44Female Scotland
 James EsterbrookSon11Male USA
 Anna ReileyWarden5Female USA
 Janne EsterslerbrookBrother-in-law41Male Ireland
New York, QueensGarret KellerHead21Male USA
 Lillian KellerWife18Female USA
 Dorothy KellerDaughter Female USA
 Frederick EsterbrookGrandson23Male USA
Pike, WyomingHorace EasterbrooksHead66Male USA
 Ida M EasterbrooksWife50Female USA
Warsaw, WyomingJohn EstabrooksHead59Male USA
 Florence EstabrooksWife48Female USA
 Ida EstabrooksMother89Female USA
Eagle, WyomingAdelbert EstabrooksHead63Male USA
 Rose M EstabrooksWife54Female USA
 Andrew H EstabrooksSon36Male USA
Eagle, WyomingSarah EstabrooksHead67Female USA
 Henry CooleyBrother84Male USA
 Ida EstabrooksMother-in-law89Female USA
 Lloyd EstabrooksGrandson18Male USA
Eagle, WyomingArchie O EastabrooksHead29Male USA
 Iva I EastabrooksWife26Female USA
 Horace C Eastabrooks JrSon6Male USA
 Royal C EastabrooksSon4Male USA
 Theol Heulah EastabrooksDaughter4/12Female USA
Eagle, WyomingFrank O EstabrooksHead33Male USA
 Maybelle EstabrooksWife28Female USA
 Clara L EstabrooksDaughter8Female USA
 Ivan F EstabrooksSon6Male USA
Yonkers Ward 08, WestchesterJohn H EstabrookeHead45Male USA << >>
 Nattie EstabrookeWife45Female Canada
 John EstabrookeSon12Male USA << >>
 Edward CadwaladerFather-in-law80Male Canada
Yonkers Ward 08, WestchesterWilliam L EstabrookeHead50Male USA << >>
 Mary C EstabrookeWife48Female Canada
 Edward EstabrookeSon15Male USA << >>
 Donald EstabrookeSon13Male USA << >>
 George EstabrookeSon11Male USA << >>
New York, QueensWilliam M EstabrookHead50Male USA
 Jane B EstabrookWife48Female USA
 Mildred EstabrookDaughter28Female USA
 Edith M EstabrookDaughter19Female USA
 Robert EstabrookSon17Male USA
 Albert EstabrookSon14Male USA
 Evelyn EstabrookDaughter11Female USA
Long Island City, QueensEdwin EstabrookHead59Male USA
 Mary F EstabrookWife50Female USA
New York, QueensMartha EasterbrookHead65Female Ireland
 James EasterbrookSon31Male Ireland
Tonawanda, ErieCharles EstabrookHead55Male USA
 Mary EstabrookWife49Female USA
 Dorothy DodsonDaughter25Female USA
 Deriett DodsonSon-in-law27Male USA
 Marjorie EstalmoorDaughter17Female USA
Albany Ward 01, AlbanyWilliam B EasterbrookHead70Male USA
 Harold D WilberBrother-in-law31Male USA
Albany Ward 01, AlbanyLeland H HonorHead24Male USA
 Florence E HonorWife18Female USA
 Percy EasterbrooksBoarder25Male USA
Albany Ward 10, AlbanyMary E GoffeHead81Female USA
 Lillian G EstabrookDaughter53Female USA
 Sylvia N EstabrookGranddaughter20Female USA
Buffalo Ward 20, ErieSamuel EasterbrookFather33Male USA
 Gertrude EasterbrookWife33Female USA
 Samuel Easterbrook JrSon5Male USA
 Majoria EasterbrookDaughter3Female USA
Buffalo Ward 20, ErieFredreka ForsterHead59Female USA
 Newton H EstabrooksGrandson13Male USA
 Robt E EstabrooksGrandson10Male USA
 Chas EstabrooksGrandson9Male USA
 Lucie F EstabrooksGrandson5Male USA
Buffalo Ward 20, ErieVernon EsterbrookHead35Male USA
 Marjorie EsterbrookWife30Female USA
 Frederick EsterbrookSon9Male USA
 Vernon Esterbrook JrSon4Male USA
 Howard EsterbrookSon3Male USA
Binghamton Ward 04, BroomeCharles N EstabrookHead35Male USA
 Gertrude R EstabrookWife33Female USA
 Gordon M EstabrookSon1Male USA
Binghamton Ward 04, BroomeVictor S EastabrookHead34Male USA
 Anna F EastabrookWife34Female USA
 Betty A EastabrookDaughter6Female USA
Binghamton Ward 05, BroomeKimetha EstabrookHead26Male USA
 Helen L EstabrookWife29Female USA
 Kenneth L EstabrookSon0Male USA
New York, BronxClifton EasterbrookeHead42Male USA
 Pansy EasterbrookeWife36Female USA
 Maribelle EasterbrookeDaughter5Female USA
 Elizabeth EasterbrookeDaughter2Female USA
Salamanca, CattaraugusPatrick ConnersHead50Male USA
 Bee ConnersSister46Female USA
 Chas A EstabrookLodger63Male USA
Huntington, SuffolkMicer R MontgomeryHead50Male USA
 Marilla EasterbrookSister53Female USA
 Neller RopekeSister52Female USA
Rochester Ward 10, MonroeLeroy H EstabrooksHead29Male USA
 Margaret EstabrooksWife24Female USA
 Haddon EstabrooksSon Male USA
New York, BronxWilliam T EsterbrookHead74Male USA
 Cornelia S EsterbrookWife70Female USA
Elmira Ward 03, ChemungFred ErlabrookHead68Male USA
 Sarah EsterbrookWife63Female USA
Elmira Ward 03, ChemungClaude EasterbrookHead37Male USA
 Martha EasterbrookWife38Female USA
 Thelma EasterbrookDaughter13Female USA
Boston, ErieAnson OwenHead75Male USA
 Oliver OwenSon28Male USA
 Hazel EsteabrockDaughter31Female USA
 Donald EsteabrockGrandson10Male USA
 George EsteabrockGrandson8Male USA
Elmira Ward 06, ChemungNewton EstbrookHead48Male USA
 Maud RanscherHousekeeper43Female USA
Elmira Ward 07, ChemungLeslie L EasterbrookHead28Male USA
 Elsie M EasterbrookWife20Female USA
 Charles E EasterbrookSon23Male USA
Bangor, FranklinNelson W EstabrooksHead76Male USA
 Mary E EstabrooksWife73Female USA
Burke, FranklinLawerence S FriendHead32Male USA
 Ella Mae FriendWife32Female USA
 Earl M FriendSon3Male USA
 Evelyn F FriendDaughter8Female USA
 Eva R FriendDaughter6Female USA
 Jean W FriendDaughter0Female USA
 Harry EstabrookyFather-in-law71Male USA
 Sylvia WoodServant22Female USA
Big Flats, ChemungAugust W TheurerHead62Male USA
 Charles W TheurerSon36Male USA
 Eunice H EasterbrooksLodger68Female USA
 Arthur CircoLodger17Male USA
Big Flats, ChemungEastabrookHead66Male USA
Big Flats, ChemungHarring Eastbrook 41Female USA
 ??Son EastbrookSon35Male USA
Malone, FranklinHiland R EstabrookHead43Male USA
 Laura A EstabrookWife38Female USA
 Marjone E EstabrookDaughter9Female USA
Malone, FranklinJessie EstabrookeHead68Female Canada
 Aner FrantzDaughter50Female USA
 Anna EnrightServant48Female USA
Catskill, GreeneWm SmithHead54Male USA
 Anna SmithWife63Female USA
 Stella EsterbrookNiece30Female USA
 Beatrice EsterbrookNiece8Female USA
 Jim BrewingBoarder72Male USA
 Harry EngorBoarder40Male USA
 Ralph PostBoarder36Male USA
 Nick PazzaBoarder37Male Italy
 Josephine BlissBoarder65Female USA
 Bennie LeeBoarder55Male USA
North Elba, EssexMerton EstabrookHead47Male USA
 Meliana EstabrookWife38Female USA
 Ethelwyn EstabrookDaughter14Female USA
 Eminak D EstabrookDaughter10Female USA
New Baltimore, GreeneFrank L EasterbrooksHead50Male USA
 Florence W EasterbrooksWife51Female USA
Prattsville, GreeneWarren D BeckerHead29Male USA
 Edith P BeckerWife33Female USA
 W Basil BeckerSon3Male USA
 Frank EsterbrookWard14Male USA
New York, New YorkChristina BevoiseHead62Female USA
 Stanley L TrojanSon-in-law35Male Poland
 Ethel TrojanDaughter34Female USA
 William F EsterbrookBrother-in-law65Male USA
 Augustua E HornBrother69Male USA
New York, New YorkGeorge H EasterbrookHead42Male USA
 Mary W EasterbrookWife31Female USA
Utica Ward 07, OneidaGile A GeerHead76Male USA
 Katherine GeerWife63Female USA
 Maud S EstabrookSister54Female USA
Buffalo Ward 01, ErieGrace BosworthHead41Female USA
 Frances EasterbrookMother63Female USA
Buffalo Ward 06, EriePeter EvansHead26Male USA
 Emma EvansWife24Female USA
 Stella CanningLodger26Female USA
 Elizabeth EagenLodger24Female USA
 William EsterbrookLodger30Male USA
Buffalo Ward 17, ErieMarion EasterbrookHead70Male USA
 Sarah J EasterbrookWife60Female USA
 Mosed M EasterbrookDaughter35Female USA
Catharine, SchuylerFrederick F EstabrookHead31Male USA
 Cecil B EstabrookWife30Female USA
Glenville, SchenectadyCaroline T EstabrookHead51Female USA
 Carol H EstabrookDaughter18Female USA
 Lucile S EstabrookDaughter17Female USA
 Harriet P EstabrookDaughter14Female USA
 Julia P EstabrookDaughter12Female USA
 Mary E EstabrookDaughter10Female USA
 Sally O EstabrookDaughter8Female USA
Hornby, SteubenEdwin Easterbrook JrHead45Male USA
Hornby, SteubenAlice EasterbrookHead58Female USA
Hornby, SteubenEdwin J EasterbrookHead78Male USA
 Delinda EasterbrookWife72Female USA
Hornby, SteubenRuty M HarrisonHead66Female USA
 Frank HarrisonSon38Male USA
 Harry J HarrisonSon11Male USA
 Market HarrisonSon9Male USA
 John F EasterbrookGrandson15Male USA
Urbana, SteubenE A EasterbrookHead54Male USA
 Minnie EasterbrookWife47Female USA
 Fredrich EasterbrookSon19Male USA
Corning, SteubenClara EasterbrookHead48Male USA
Corning, SteubenIda S EasterbrookHead69Female USA
Corning, SteubenBelle VangorderHead58Female USA
 Fredck A StoqwerSon-in-law29Male USA
 Edna C StoqwerDaughter25Female USA
 Mary StoqwerGrandaughter (Granddaughter)9Female USA
 Madeline StoqwerDaughter7Female USA
 Fredrk Stoqwer JrGrandson4Male USA
 Iran VangorderSon20Male USA
 Joseph WayLodger54Male USA
 Huebert EasterbrookLodger22Male USA
 Myllard WilsonLodger24Male USA
 Charles GetherLodger47Male USA
 Clarence KeyesLodger30Male USA
 Dreea KeyesLodger26Female USA
 Donald KeyesLodger8Male USA
 Genievieve KeyesLodger5Female USA
Southampton, SuffolkGeorge W HildrethHead63Male USA
 Betsy L HildrethWife57Female USA
 Nate HildrethSon25Male USA
 Eva EsterbrookSister46Female USA
Southampton, SuffolkCenetta R EsterbrookHead81Female USA
 Sarah W BerkeleyNurse45Female USA
 Ida DicksonServant53Female USA
 Irene DicksonServant14Female USA
Union, BroomeByron TiffanyHead48Male USA
 Anna TiffanyWife49Female USA
 Jennie TiffanyDaughter15Female USA
 Harvey TiffanySon10Male USA
 Laura EstabrookBoarder33Female USA

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