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USA State Censuses 1850s (print)

New York 1855 California 1852

This is a transcription of households containing at least one Easterbrook. If there are many individuals present at one address, such as an institution, only the Easterbrook entries have been transcribed.

Most Easterbrook entries have been transcribed but very few are cross-referenced.

New York 1855

Brooklyn City, Ward 11, Kings, New YorkThomas J Esterbrook45HeadMale
 Harriet Esterbrook35WifeFemale
 Martha Esterbrook17ChildFemale
 Harriett Esterbrook11Child 
 Alfred Esterbrook8ChildMale
 Edward Esterbrook4ChildMale
 Richard Esterbrook4ChildMale
 Lydia Esterbrook2ChildFemale
 Mary Bakelz22ServantFemale
 Phebeet Ashmip48HousekeeperFemale
Middleburgh, Schoharie, New YorkRobert Goff46HeadMale
 Elenor Goff41WifeFemale
 Helen E Goff15DaughterFemale
 Susan M Goff5DaughterFemale
 John Easterbrook39 Male
 Betsey Easterbrook34WifeFemale
 David M Easterbrook13SonMale
 Mary Easterbrook10DaughterFemale
 Catherine Easterbrook8DaughterFemale
 Benjamin Easterbrook2SonMale
 Jonathan Mories65 Male
Brooklyn City, Ward 10, Kings, New YorkEdwin Esterbrook49HeadMale
 Julia Esterbrook44WifeFemale
 Edwin Esterbrook18ChildMale
 Julia Esterbrook8ChildFemale
 Eliza Nevin11ServantFemale
 Mr Kendall45BoarderMale
Syracuse City, Ward 4, Onondaga, New YorkJames Judson40HeadMale
 Ann Judson39WifeFemale
 Charles C Judson20ChildMale
 Charlot A Judson16ChildFemale
 Sophia C Judson13ChildFemale
 Henry C Judson7ChildMale
 Charlot Judson62MotherFemale
 James Easterbrook37Brother In LawMale
Brooklyn City, Ward 10, Kings, New YorkThomas Mills30HeadMale
 Mary A Mills25WifeFemale
 Robert Mills11ChildMale
 George Esterbrook8ChildMale
Hoosick, Rensselaer, New YorkDavid Estabrook58HeadMale
 Anna Estabrook58WifeFemale
 Alanson Estabrook24SonMale
 Alfred Estabrook21SonMale
 James Estabrook15SonMale
 Mary Brainerd17BoarderFemale
 Mary Estabrook20BoarderFemale
 Mrs Godby32 Female
 Edward Godby12SonMale
 Emeline Godby7DaughterFemale
Hoosick, Rensselaer, New YorkEzra R Estabrook30HeadMale
 Lucy Estabrook37WifeFemale
 Ezra B Estabrook10SonMale
 William Harlan Estabrook5SonMale
 Frances Herbet Estabrook1DaughterFemale
Hoosick, Rensselaer, New YorkGilbert Rice59HeadMale
 Sally Rice57WifeFemale
 Lucy Esterbrook18DaughterFemale
 Cyntha Barber15DaughterFemale
Utica City, Ward 6, Oneida, New YorkA Easterbrooks51PatientFemale
Newburgh, Orange, New YorkCharles Estabrook31HeadMale
 Susan E Esterbrook27WifeFemale
 Lydia E Marshall6NieceFemale
 Lydia Marshall55Mother In LawFemale
New York City, Ward 21, New York, New YorkJohn H Easterbrook45Son In LawMale
 Mary Ann Easterbrook38DaughterFemale
 Peter L Easterbrook15GrandsonMale
 William Easterbrook5GrandsonMale
 Gertrude Easterbrook0GranddaughterFemale
New York City, Ward 21, New York, New YorkW P Easterbrook39 Male
 Octavia Easterbrook34WifeFemale
 Emily Easterbrook12DaughterFemale
 Sarah Ann Easterbrook10DaughterFemale
 Eliza Easterbrook8DaughterFemale
 Octavia Easterbrook2DaughterFemale
Alden, Erie, New YorkJohn Estabrook62HeadMale
 Harriett Estabrook55WifeFemale
 Chas Bronson4GrandChildMale
 Harriett Bronson1GrandChildFemale
Bainbridge, Chenango, New YorkSamuel Estabrooks47HeadMale
 Rosanna S Estabrooks50WifeFemale
 Mary Gould19DaughterFemale
 Albert O Estabrooks17SonMale
 Samuel Estabrooks Jr14SonMale
 Martha C Estabrooks12DaughterFemale
 Elizabeth H Estabrooks8DaughterFemale
Seneca, Ontario, New YorkMathew Easterbrook60HeadMale
Seneca, Ontario, New YorkMathew Eastabrook Jr28HeadMale
 Hellen Eastabrook26WifeFemale
Brooklyn City, Ward 4, Kings, New YorkEthan Estabrook61HeadMale
 Sarah Estabrook67WifeFemale
 John Fulson26ChildMale
 Mary E Kirtland26ChildFemale
Buffalo City, Ward 10, Erie, New YorkE M Eastesbruck44Head 
 Mary Eastesbruck33Wife 
 Mary Ann Eastesbruck11Daughter 
 John H Eastesbruck9Son 
 Edward E Eastesbruck7Son 
 Abba D Eastesbruck5Daughter 
St. Johnsville, Montgomery, New YorkElisha Easterbrooks49Head 
 Laura Easterbrooks45Wife 
 William P Easterbrooks25  
 Mariah G Easterbrooks23Wife 
West Almond, Allegany, New YorkRobert Easterbrooks68Head 
 Allida Easterbrooks58Wife 
 Wm Tifft22Servant 
 Agniss Tifft20Servant 
West Almond, Allegany, New YorkHenry Easterbrooks29Head Of Household 
 Maranda Easterbrooks23Wife 
 George Easterbrooks4Child 
 Jacob Duel14Servant 
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkJames Easterbrook31Head 
 Mary Easterbrook28Wife 
 William Easterbrook4Child 
 Charles Easterbrook0Child 
 Susan Plane14Servant 
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkThomas Eastbrook73Head 
 Mary Eastbrook50Wife 
 Peter Eastbrook16Child 
 Emma Eastbrook14Child 
 Alfred Eastbrook13Child 
 Evans Eastbrook8Child 
 Mary Robertson18Boarder 
Castleton, Richmond, New YorkJoseph Easterbrook38Head 
 Janet Easterbrook33Wife 
 Mary Easterbrook7Child 
 Agnes Easterbrook2Child 
 Joseph Easterbrook0Child 
 Julia Riley15Servant 
East Bloomfield, Ontario, New YorkCharles Esterbrook46Head 
 Betsey Esterbrook46Wife 
 Elarthy Esterbrook21Daughter 
 Ervin Esterbrook19Son 
 Stephen Esterbrook17Son 
Troy City, Ward 3, Rensselaer, New YorkPamelia Moseley66Head 
 Cordelia C Moseley41Child 
 Ellen Anglum13Servant 
 Ellen Doran23Servant 
 George Johnson18Boarder 
 James T Allen23Boarder 
 Joseph Davis18Boarder 
 John D Esterbrook18Boarder 
 John Wilsey19Boarder 
 Amelia Fields35Boarder 
 Jane Fields33Boarder 
 Elisabeth Goodrich35Boarder 
 W H Tayler20Boarder 
Marilla, Erie, New YorkJonathan Estabrook67Head 
 Rhoda Estabrook60Wife 
Troy City, Ward 8, Rensselaer, New YorkAleley A Goddard36Head 
 Edward A Goddard16Brother 
 Jane E Estabrookes24Boarder 
 Lydia Colburn23Boarder 
 Agness Revan20Boarder 
 Mary A Savage20Boarder 
 Sarah Phillips17Boarder 
 Eliza R Chamberlain16Boarder 
 Martha Parks14Boarder 
 Margaret Henderson14Boarder 
 Matilda W Ranney13Boarder 
 Eliza M Ranney11Boarder 
 Josephine Saulsbury9Boarder 
 Hester Ann Powers8Boarder 
 Rose Clark21Servant 
Herkimer, Herkimer, New YorkW Easterbrooks47Head  << >>
 Caroline Easterbrooks39Wife 
 Henretta Easterbrooks21Child  <<
 Nathan Easterbrooks19Child  << >>
 Edward Easterbrooks16Child  << >>
 E J Easterbrooks15Child  << >>
 F E Easterbrooks2Child  >>
 F B Easterbrooks0Child  >>
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkAndrew F Estabrooks   
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkDenison Wiyhtman41Head 
 Irene Wiyhtman36Wife 
 George Wiyhtman21Child 
 Maria Wiyhtman19Child 
 Catharine Estebrooks31Laborer 
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkCary Estabrooks49Head Of Household 
 Maranda Estabrooks42Wife 
 Curtip C Estabrooks15Child 
 Martha J Anderson13Laborer 
Hastings, Oswego, New YorkAndrew F Estabrooks37Head 
 Mary M Estabrooks27Wife 
 Otis C Estabrooks7Child 
 Elisha P Estabrooks3Child 
Manlius, Onondaga, New YorkHenry Blatherwick50Head 
 Elizabeth Blatherwick50Wife 
 Nicholas Easterbrook84Father In LawMale
New York City, Ward 15, New York, New YorkRae E Easterbrook32Head 
 Julia Easterbrook20Wife 
 Lucy Roe75Servant 
 Dinah Roe45Servant 
Corning, Steuben, New YorkAnson Cooper44Head Of Household 
 Betsey Cooper35Wife 
 Mariett Cooper17Child 
 Charlott K Cooper14Child 
 Martha E Cooper11Child 
 Delphine P Cooper8Child 
 Andrew Easterbrook19Boarder 
New York City, Ward 18, New York, New YorkEstabrook40Head 
 Delia Estabrook30Wife 
 Edward Estabrook12Child 
Jay, Essex, New YorkHorace Summer31Head 
 B M Summer28Wife 
 Haywood Esterbrook61  
 Joanna Esterbrook52Wife 
 Nathan H Esterbrook20Son 
 Jacob Obrist70  
 Eare Obrist40Wife 
 May Obrist11Daughter 
 Steven Obrist28  
 Delana Obrist25Wife 
 C D Obrist0Daughter 
Waterford, Saratoga, New YorkElisabeth Esterbrook60Head 
 Caroline Esterbrook36Daughter 
 Adison Esterbrook26Son 
 Fanney Edson10Boarder 
Milton, Saratoga, New YorkThomas Estabrook63Head 
 Cynthia Estabrook62Wife 
 Nathaniel Estabrook33Child 
 Sarah E Estabrook23Child 
 Larah Estabrook30Child 
 Lydia C Estabrook24Child 
 Lucy H Estabrook20Child 
 Thomas Estabrook16Child 
 Adelbert Estabrook8Child 
 Estelle Estabrook2Child 
 Jane Mann23Boarder 
Victory, Cayuga, New YorkDaniel Easterbrooks32Head 
 Phebe Easterbrooks30Wife 
 Simon Easterbrooks60FatherMale
 Hellen Easterbrooks6Daughter 
 Charles Benedict10Adopted SonMale
 Clarance Benedict0Son 
Erwin, Steuben, New YorkPeter Ward46Head 
 Adeline Ward44Wife 
 Mary Ward17Child 
 John Ward13Child 
 Rachael Ward11Child 
 Francis Ward9Child 
 Emily Ward6Child 
 Wilson Ward0Child 
 Andrew Easterbrook19Adopted SonMale
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkJohn A Easterbrooks   
 Peter Easterbrooks   
 Abial Easterbrooke   
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkJohn A Easterbrook41Head 
 Maranda Easterbrook41Wife 
 Diantha L Easterbrook15Child 
 Mary M Easterbrook13Child 
 Sirina Easterbrook11Child 
 John M Easterbrook9Child 
 Phylander N Easterbrook7Child 
 Isaac N Easterbrook5Child 
 Jasper P Easterbrook1Child 
 Sarah Willson25Boarder 
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkSamuel Easterbrooks39Head 
 Polly Easterbrooks36Wife 
 Edwin ? Easterbrooks8Child 
 Samuel M Easterbrooks1Child 
 Charity Easterbrooks49Boarder 
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkPeter Easterbrooks30Head 
 Carline Easterbrooks25Wife 
 Robert Easterbrooks11Servant 
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkAbial Easterbrooks54Head 
 Betsy Easterbrooks53Wife 
 Amanda Calkins3Servant 
Hornby, Steuben, New YorkGeorge Easterbrooks49Head 
 Manilla Easterbrooks41Wife 
 Edward Easterbrooks18Child 
 Elvina Easterbrooks16Child 
 Charly Easterbrooks14Child 
 Lydia Easterbrooks12Child 
 Orrin Easterbrooks10Child 
 Lucine Easterbrooks8Child 
 Adalas Easterbrooks3Child 
Cazenovia, Madison, New YorkWm Easterbrook44Head 
 Irema Easterbrook38Wife 
 Mary Easterbrook15Daughter 
 Charlotte Easterbrook12Daughter 
 Abert Easterbrook13NephewMale
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkB F Esterbrook48Head 
 Bell Ana Esterbrook46Wife 
 Panly Esterbrook21Child 
 Flora Esterbrook25Child 
 Abner Esterbrook13Child 
 Hellen Esterbrook11Child 
 Albert Esterbrook9Child 
 Marine Esterbrook5Child 
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkLeonard C Esterbrooks24Head 
 Agnes Esterbrooks20Wife 
 Fred Esterbrooks0Child 
Caneadea, Allegany, New YorkAlpheus Easterbrooks50Head 
 Hannah Easterbrooks50Wife 
 Rua Easterbrooks22Child 
 Lucy Easterbrooks20Child 
 George Easterbrooks16Child 
 Alphius Easterbrooks7Child 
Almond, Allegany, New YorkFancis Easterbrooks37Head Of Household 
 Elizabeth Easterbrooks32Wife 
 John R Easterbrooks4Son 
 Clark F Easterbrooks2Son 
Andover, Allegany, New YorkGeorge W Esterbrooks39Head 
 Dolly M Esterbrooks39Wife 
Greenbush, Rensselaer, New YorkJob A Esterbrooks25Boarder 
Lyme, Jefferson, New YorkHart M Knowlton 29 Head 
 Hellen A Knowlton20Wife 
 Lyda Esterbrooks51Mother In LawFemale
 Frances A Knowlton 4 Daughter 
 Sarah S Esterbrook16Sister In LawFemale
 Francis M Esterbrook13Sister In LawFemale
 Plinney Powers60Uncle 
White Creek, Washington, New YorkJohn B Robinson54Head 
 Margaret Robinson49Wife 
 Arletta Robinson20Child 
 John W H Robinson14Child 
 Alfred Estabrooks0Grandchild 

California 1852

San FranciscoTimothy Easterbrook35MaleMassachusetts
San FranciscoCaptain Easterbrook40MaleGeorgia
San FranciscoA Easterbrook26MaleGermany
San JoaquinDanl E Easterbrook24MaleEngland
ShastaE Estabrooks23FemaleOhio
ShastaD Easterbrook37MalePennsylvania
SacramentoE H Estabrook30MaleNew York
SacramentoSaml Estabrook45MaleNew Hampshire
SacramentoE F Easterbrook19MaleEngland
San FranciscoN W Easterbrook42Male 
El DoradoDaniel Estabrook26MaleNew York

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