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Channel Islands

This page covers the Channel Islands: Jersey, St Helier, Guernsey, The Vale

Elias EASTERBROOK and Ann of St Helier

Family 43
Elias EASTERBROOK 1814-1900
&1839 Ann FOSTER 1812-1899
John Elias 1844

Elias (an Omnibus Proprietor and Carter) and Ann were in Jersey in 1841 to 1871 censuses. They retired to Ashburton in Devon and were there in 1881 and 1891. Son John only appears in the 1851 and 1861 censuses.

John EASTERBROOK and Judith MOUNEAU of The Vale, Guernsey

Family 95
&1828 Judith JAMOUNEAU 1810

|   |   |   |   |
John 1830
Julia 1832
Mary Ann 1835
William 1837
Joseph Daniel 1840

John was a Quarryman and born in England, the rest of the family were born in Guernsey.

From St Peter Port Town Hospital Journals: Other emigrants included Julia Easterbrook, Susanne Kendricks and her baby daughter. They, along with 16 others all went on the same ship (the Onyx, under Captain Jones) to the same destination, Adelaide, South Australia on 26 June 1848 "of their own free will, having been equipped with money and everything necessary for such a long journey." ("Guernsey Emigrants to Australia 1828-1899" by David W. Kreckler). Julia was a charge of the Constable. On 7th November 1847, aged 15, she was "received by the Treasurer and admitted provisionally - daughter of Jean Easterbrook who has returned to England"; so she began her time in the Poorhouse as a charge on the Parish. I discovered one other entry for her, on the 11th January 1848 "Julia Easterbrook aged 16, daugher of an Englishman, returned from service due to bad behaviour".

William EASTERBROOK and Catherine of St Helier

Family 253
William EASTERBROOK 1833
& Catherine ? 1841

William, a baker, and Catherine, both from England, appear in the 1871 census. There is no other trace.

George EASTERBROOK born in St Helier

Family 54
& Margaret MANGAN 1841

|   |   |   |
Norah 1864
George 1865
John 1867
William 1872

George's marriage certificate gives his place of birth as St Helier, Jersey and his parents' names. There is no trace so far of either George or his parents in Jersey. The family emigrated by assisted passage to New Zealand.

Elizabeth EASTERBROOK and William NEWCOMBE of St Helier

Family 213
James EASTERBROOK 1827-1899    Jane PEPPERELL 1828
|    |

Elizabeth Ann Pepperell 1848
&1866 William NEWCOMBE 1845-1929

|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
James Thomas 1867
Robert William 1871
Florence Jane 1872
Blanche Harriet Ann 1876-1965
Elizabeth Mary Ann 1877-1880
Marian Hannah 1880-1882
Annie Elizabeth 1881-1968
Grace 1884-1891
Lily Maud 1886-1961
William George 1889

Elizabeth is the daughter of James and Jane of Plymouth.

Nancy and son William EASTERBROOK

Family 295
? EASTERBROOK    Nancy ? 1806
|    |

William EASTERBROOK 1835

Nancy EASTERBROOK and son William appear in 1851 in St Helier. There are also 3 other younger sons/daughters with the surname Janvrin: Sarah 6, John 4, Samuel 1.











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