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Clerkenwell is an area of London west of the City of London. Historically it was in the country of Middlesex, although for census purposes most of it came under London.


Holne is a village on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon.



There is one common, and two less common definitions of a whitesmith:
  1. A whitesmith is another name for tinsmith. A worker in tin and light metals one who makes pots and pans and similar items from tin plate.
  2. A whitesmith is also the name for someone who finished small items made from tin and other light metals. Often these were polished to fine finish to resemble silverware.
  3. Whitesmith was also sometimes used for a silversmith who produced work without a recognised mark.

Shoe (or Boot) Clicker

A clicker cut out the leather for the different parts that made up the shoe (or boot). The name comes from the sound made by the leather hand cutter against the metal former that defined the shape to be cut. Later, the leather was cut by press but the name stuck. A clicker was one of the better paid labourers in the boot and shoe industry and required considerable skill to obtain the maximum number of parts from a piece of leather whilst avoid blemishes that would be visible in the finished footware.

Ag. Lab. or Agricultural Labourer

Until widescale industrialisation and population movement to the cities in the latter half of the 19th century, the majority of the population lived and worked on the land and therefore the occupation of Agricultural Labourer was very common. An "Ag.Lab." could be anything from an unskilled farm worker to a trained specialist, such as a ploughman or thresher, who travelled from farm to farm contracting his services to the resident farmers. Unfortunately very few historical records distinguish between the unskilled and skilled worker.

Genealogy Terms

BMD index

BMD refers to the Birth, Marriage, and Death Index of the England and Wales civil registration. From 1837 there was civil registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths by the UK government. It did not become compulsory until 1875. The original registration details are not freely available, but the quarterly indexes are. Finding a match in the index allows the original certificate to be ordered (at £7-10 each!), however, if the name is rare in the area, at least the quarter that the event was registered in is known.


International Genealogical Index, a database of records compiled by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often referred to as the LDS). This contains records from many sources, but the most useful are those transcribed from UK parish records.

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