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Donations and Contributions

Genealogy research can be a time consuming and expensive activity and this site relies on the donations of many to maintain and expand the wealth of information shown. Please read through the following sections to find out if there is a way in which you can help.

Contribute your research

If you are also researching an Easterbrook family, or any of the other families covered by this site, consider contributing your family trees to this site. I can accept data in many forms, although GEDCOM is preferred. Please use the contact page to let me know what you can offer. Any information provided will be kept secure and only details of non-living individuals (and living who give their explicit permission) will be shown on the web site.

Copies (scans) of Civil Registration certificates are particularly welcome as they are one of the most expensive sources of information to purchase.


Old photographs that can reliably be associated with a family or individual are very rare. If you have a photograph of anyone mentioned in this site I would be very grateful to receive a copy. Please scan old photographs at at least 300dpi in colour - I will perform the required processing for the website. If the photograph has annotations on the reverse, please scan those as well. Contact me and I will reply with an email address to which you can send your images.

A can also put un-identified photographs on the website in case someone else may be able to identify them. You will need to have some idea of which family it represents in order to place it appropriately.

Contribute your time

Any records that are not currently available electronically are difficult to research as they usually require a visit to where they are stored. If you are able to visit local records offices or graveyards to collect further information then please let me know. In particular, if you have access to Devon parish records and can transcribe the Easterbrook entries I would be very grateful for the information.

If you have a digital camera and live near to a graveyard containing Easterbrook inscriptions, please take some pictures and send them to me.


The costs of research can soon mount up, so if you cannot contribute in other ways, consider making a financial donation. Certificates from the General Register Office cost £7 each, and most pay-as-you-view web sites charge 50p per record viewed, so your donation will allow many more avenues of research to be explored. There is a
button on each page that can be used to donate using PayPal online secure transactions. If you would prefer not to use an online payment system please use the contact page to ask for a postal address.

Add a link

If you have a genealogy or personal website, please add a link to this site. This will help other interested surfers find this site. If you discover any other sites with Easterbrook genealogy information not already already listed please let me know.

Website Proof-reader and Feedback

I try and check the spelling, grammar and links on the website before uploading, but don't always catch every problem. If you find anything you think is wrong use the contact page to let me know.


If you wish to sponsor this site please contact me with a proposal.

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