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Southeast USA

This covers the Southeast states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida.

Descendants of Daniel EASTERBROOK and Jane from Wolverhampton and Yorkshire

Family 91
Daniel EASTERBROOK 1814-1877
&1839 Jane HARVEY 1818-1878

|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
Elizabeth 1840-1884
George 1842-
John 1844-
Mary 1848-
Richard 1851-
James 1854-
William Harvey 1856-1911
Henry 1858-1933
Jane 1861-
&1867 Amelia Ann PALMER 1837-
&1875 Ellen Patience SURMAN 1842-
&1876 Percy WATERER 1856-
&1876 Louisa HUSSON 1849-
&1883 Frances Davidson PORTER 1862-
&1882 Frances Catherine NORRIS 1854-1898
&1900 Annie Mary GREENSLADE 1865-
&1883 Alice Anne NORRIS

|   |
Georgina Amelia 1868-1868
George Augustus 1873-1891

|   |   |   |   |
Henry 1877-1879
Louisa 1879-
Charlie 1881-
Annie 1883-1883
Harvey 1883

|   |   |   |
Harry Roland 1884-1968
Maud Alice 1887-1982
Benjamin Daniel 1890-1970
George August 1895-1967
& Lenora FLUCK 1887-1940
&1919 Rudolph E FITZTUMN 1875-1947
& ? ?
& Artie Louise ?? 1911

|   |            
Earl 1909
Dorothy 1911
& male COLVIN

George and Richard emigrated to the USA. Henry married Alica NORRIS and emigrated to the USA.

They came originally from Wolverhampton, via Yorkshire and London.

Source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Norwest Louisiana Nashville and Chicago: the Southern Publishing Company 1890
Henry EASTERBROOK, business manager of the Farmer's Union Co-operative Association Store, Colfax, was born at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, April 22, 1856, and was educated in London, first in the private schools and subsequently in the City of London Middle Class School, an institution founded originally for the purpose of giving a first - class education to the sons of men in mercantile positions, afterward extended so as to offer similar advantages to the daughters of the upper middle class also. After finishing his education he entered the house of Blumberg & Co., of Cannon Street, London, one of the largest handlers of dry goods and notions, strictly first - class, in the city. There he had ample opportunity of becoming throughly acquainted with business management and for several years he enjoyed the confidence of his employers and the respect of the numerous staff of employees with whom he was daily brought in contact. In the fall of 1883 he left London for the States, joining George and Richard, his brothers (the latter now in business in Shreveport) in October of that year. Here he has divided his time between farming and teaching. In April, 1890, he was selected manager of the Alliance Store at Colfax, a position he still occupies. He has built up a considerable trade for the Union, whose interests he has strictly at heart. He has been in Louisiana about seven years and during that time he has made his way into confidence of all with whom he has had dealings. As a teacher he has a excellent reputation and he is a man of intelligence and reliability. He was married in London, in 1882, to Miss Alica A NORRIS, by whom he has three children: Harry Roland (born October 8, 1884) Maud Alice (born August 2, 1887), and Benjamin Daniel (born March 15, 1890).











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