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Ireland Marriage Records (print)

Most older Irish records have been destroyed or lost. Many civil registration and parish records were lost in the burning of the Post Office in Dublin in 1922 uprising. Many other records such as the pre-1901 census were destroyed by order of the government. The few records remaining pertaining to Easterbrook are listed here.

Further information on Ireland page.

Ireland Civil Registration Indexes

These have been sourced from Family Search, Irish Family History Foundation, and Ancestry.

Registration begin in 1845 for non-catholic and 1864 for all marriages. Index is yearly to 1877 and quarterly from 1878.

Period Name Spouse Registration District Vol/Page
1852 Samuel Easterbrooks Armagh, Armagh/Tyrone 1/351
1855 Elizabeth Easterbrook Charles Tully Loughrea, Galway 7/412
1869 Ellen Easterbrooke Thomas Reilly Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim 18/53
1874 James Easterbrook Mary Anne Neill Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim 18/41
1874 Emily Esterbrooke William Burnett or David Dodson Longford, Longford 18/41
1883 Jul-Sep Samuel Esterbrook Martha Belford Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim 3/44
1885 Jul-Sep Henry Esterbrooke Sarah Stuart Belfast, Antrim 3/193
1885 Oct-Dec William Easterbrooke Jane Thornton Mohill, Leitrim 3/193
1886 Oct-Dec Margaret Sophia Esterbrooke George Reyburn Clogher, Monaghan 3/73
1886 Oct-Dec Mary Annie Esterbrooke James M'Causland Clogher, Monaghan 3/73
1889 Jul-Sep Elizabeth Esterbrooke Clogher, Monaghan 3/71
1898 Feb 19 Fanny Easterbrook John McElheron Rathdrum, Wicklow 2/866
1904 Oct-Dec Annie Jane Easterbrook Oliver Lytle Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim 3/31
1907 Mar 1Kate Easterbrook Robert Heffernan Dublin North 2/451
1922 Jan-Mar Annie Easterbrook Dublin North 2/297
1927 Jul-Sep Thomas Easterbrook Fannie Connolly Mohill, Leitrim 3/91
1932 Sep 7Robert Edward Easterbrook Isabella Alice Flynn Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim 3/25
1941 Apr-Jun Charles Easterbrook Eileen Eleanor Flynn Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim 3/23

Ireland Parish Registers

Sourced from Irish Family History Foundation and Family Search.
Year Surname First Name Surname First Name Location Fathers
1707 Feb 03 Estybrook Thoms French Hanna Saint John, Limerick
1708 Dec 03 Easterbrook Elizabeth Sherwood John Saint Patricks, Dublin
1821 Estherbrook John Carr Margaret diocese of Armagh Licence Bond
1843 Esterbrook William Brown Jane diocese of Armagh Licence Bond
1852 Aug 12 Easterbrooks Samuel Topping Anne Tynan, Armagh, Ireland John Easterbrooks/Henry Topping
1855 Apr 09 Easterbrook Elizabeth Tully Charles Killinane, Galway Nicholas Easterbrook and Robert Tully
1869 Easterbrook Ellen Co. Leitrim
1874 Easterbrook James Co. Leitrim
1883 Easterbrook Samuel Co. Leitrim
1885 Easterbrook William Co. Leitrim
1898 Easterbrook Fanny Co. Wicklow

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