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Irish Death and Burial Records (print)

Most older Irish records have been destroyed or lost. Many civil registration and parish records were lost in the burning of the Post Office in Dublin in 1922 uprising. Many other records such as the pre-1901 census were destroyed by order of the government. The few records remaining pertaining to Easterbrook are listed here.

Further information on Ireland page.

Ireland Civil Registration Index

These have been sourced from Family Search, Irish Family History Foundation, and Ancestry.

Registration started in 1864. Index is yearly to 1877 and quarterly from 1878.

Period Name Age (est. birth) Registration District Vol Page/Notes
1866 John Esterbrook 81 (~1785) Armagh 11/57
1867 John Easterbrook Co. Leitrim
1882 Apr-Jun James Esterbrook 63 (~1819) Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim/Roscommon 3/42
1888 Apr-Jun Malcolm Charles R Easterbrook 0 (~1888) Belfast, Co. Antrim 1/306 Birth recorded Jan-Mar 1888
1887 Jul-Sep Jane Esterbrooke 1 (~1886) Bawnboy 3 26
1888 Oct-Dec Thomas Easterbrook 0 (~1888) Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim/Roscommon 3/40
1892 Oct-Dec Ellen Esterbrook 75 (~1817) Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim/Rosscommon 3/33
1899 Apr-Jun Anne Jane Easterbrook 70 (~1829) Cavan 3 52
1908 Jan-MarSamuel Kerr Esterbrooke 82 (~1826) Cavan 3 59
1912 Nov 2 Ellen Easterbrook 34 (~1878) Sligo 2/206 Sligo Asylum Tubercular Peritonitis Epil?tic Demntis
1917 Apr-Jun Dan Easterbrooks 68 (~1849) Mohill, Leitrim 3/163
1939 Jan-Mar Ivy Eastabrook 5 (probably months) Dublin South 2/339
1941 Oct 5Jane Esterbrook 84 (~1857) Mohill, Leitrim 3/103 Widow housekeeper, Fannie Esterbrook daughter in law
1958 Apr 7Robert E Easterbrook 57 (~1901) Carrick On Shannon, Leitrim/Roscommon 3/23 Farmer, Freddie Easterbrook, son
1960 Jun 16 Thomas Easterbrook 72 (1888) Famaught, Mohill, Leitrim 1900639 Occupation Cycle Mechanic, Elizabeth Clarke, daughter

Ireland Parish Registers

Sourced from Irish Family History Foundation.
Year Event Surname First Name Location
1853 Burial Easterbrook John Co. Sligo

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