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World War II (1939-1945) (print)

Blitz London This is a record of those who died in the Second World War.

The starting date of the war is generally considered to be September 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland on the 1st resulting in the declaration of war by the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand on the 3rd September. The war spread beyond Europe and was truly global after the surprise attack by the Japanese Navy on the United States' naval base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii on the morning of Sunday, 7th December 1941.

German forces surrendered in Italy on the 29th April 1945, and in Western Europe on the 7th May, although fighting continued on the Eastern Front. On the 15th August, after the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese surrendered, ending the war.

Civilian Casualities

Anne EASTERBROOK Killed 16 May 1941, age 4 days The Nook, Hay Road, Elburton, Plymstock, Devon. Daughter of Harry and Kate Easterbrook. Family 191 Casualty Details.
Harry EASTERBROOK 1907-1941 The Nook, Hay Road, Elburton, Plymstock, Devon. Son of Mrs Easterbrook of 59 Cambridge Street, Plymouth. Husband of Kate Easterbrook. Family 191 Casualty Details.
Kate EASTERBROOK 1917-1941 The Nook, Hay Road, Elburton, Plymstock, Devon. Daughter of Jeffery and Emily Moody, of 11 Baring Street, Plymouth. Wife of Harry Easterbrook. Family 191 Casualty Details.

Military War Dead

Davis Edward EASTABROOK 1922-1944 Sergeant, New Zealand Infantry Son of Davina Agnes Eastabrook (no further details) Casualty Details
Douglas H EASTERBROOK 1924-1945 Rifleman, Royal Winnipeg Rifles (Canadian) Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Easterbrook of Niagrara Falls, Ontario, Canada. (no further details) Casualty Details
Douglas Allinson ESTABROOKS 24 Mar 1946 Sapper, Royal Canadian Engineers Son of Chandler and Beth Estabrooks Casualty Details
Ernest John EASTERBROOK 30.6.1918-19.12.1941 Leading Stoker, HMS Stanley Son of Sidney and Edith Easterbrook of Totnes. Casualty Details
Francis Alfred Edward EASTERBROOK 4.2.1920-31.3.1941 Stoker 1st Class, HMS Bonaventure Son of Cyril Ernest and Mabel A Easterbrook of Plymouth. Family 142 Casualty Details
Florence Maggie Louise Easterbrook (neé Lyndon) 1920-1944 Private, Auxiliary Territorial Service, Royal Artillery Daughter of Stephen George Wilson Lyndon and Maggie Lyndon, wife of W.S.Easterbrook, of Wembury. Casualty Details
George Edward EASTERBROOK 1917-1944 Leading Stoker, Royal Navy, HMS Penelope Son of William Henry and Caroline Easterbrook of Deptford, London Family 192 Casualty Details
George Henry Victor EASTERBROOK 1923-1944 Private, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment Son of Bert and Alice Maud Mary Easterbrook of Bickington, Barnstaple Family 277 Casualty Details
James Richard EASTERBROOK 1918-1944 Trooper, New Zealand Armoured Corps Son of Richard William and Ann Helen Easterbrook Family 184 Casualty Details
John EASTERBROOK 1908-1943 Private, Australian Infantry Son of Robert and Rebecca Easterbrook Family 189 Casualty Details
John Henry EASTERBROOK 1915-1942 Corporal, New Zealand Infantry Son of Henry and Amy Butler Easterbrook Family 91 Casualty Details
Oscar Arthur EASTERBROOK 1922-1944 Driver, Austrialian Army Service Corps Son of Malcolm Lloyd Easterbrook and Alice Easterbrook Family 229 Casualty Details
Reginald Francis EASTERBROOK 1922-1942 Marine, Royal Marines, HMS Hermes Son of Sidney Ernest and Edith Jane Easterbrook Family 44 Casualty Details
Randolph Webb EASTERBROOK 1905-1941 Petty Office Stoker, HMS Repulse Son of Edward James and Florence Mary Easterbrook Family 238 Casualty Details
Reginald James EASTABROOK 1922-1944 Flight Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Son of Headley and Flora Eastabrook Family 20a Casualty Details
Richard Ernest EASTABROOK 1912-1941 Plumber 3rd Class, Royal Navy, HMS Dunedin Son of Thomas S and Esther K Eastabrook Family 36a Casualty Details
Richard Joseph EASTABROOK 1913-1947 Leading Coder, Royal Navy Son of Joseph James and Edith Mary Ann Eastabrook. Family 18a Casualty Details
Sidney Dalton EASTERBROOK 1919-1944 Flying Officer, Australian Air Force Son of Joseph Phillip and Florence Mary Easterbrook Family 229 Casualty Details
T A EASTERBROOK 1910-1945 Staff Sergeant, Q Service Corps., S.A. Forces Son of Thomas and Violet EASTERBROOK Family 230 Casualty Details
Vernon Williams ESTABROOKS 22 Oct 1940 Able Seaman, Royal Canadian Navy Son of Archibald James Estabrooks and Gertrude Sophia Estabrooks, of Sackville, New Brunswick; husband of Irene C. Estabrooks, of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Casualty Details
William EASTERBROOK 1988-1941 Chief Petty Officer, HMS Drake Son of James and Sarah Easterbrook Family 253 Casualty Details
William George Ronald EASTERBROOK 1907-1942 Boatswain, HMS Tamar Son of John and Hetty Easterbrook Family 134 Family 36a Casualty Details
Walter Henry EASTERBROOK 1898-1940 Private, Pioneer Corps Son of Walter and Eliza of Exeter. Family 246 Casualty Details
William Ludlow ESTABROOKS 1916-28/8/1942 Trooper, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. Son of George W. Estabrooks and Margaret B. Estabrooks, of Gull Lake; husband of Beatrice M. Estabrooks, of Gull Lake. Family 23o Casualty Details











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