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Queensland Australia Civil Death Registration (print)

YearReg #Given NamesSurnameFather's NameMother's Name
18751875/B9695John WilliamEasterbrook- ** born United States aged 34 years
18751875/B9696Mary AnnEasterbrook
18751875/B9697William LincolnEasterbrookJohn William Easterbrook Mary Ann - ** aged 1 year
18891889/B22227Clarice Maude EasterbrookNethaniel Easterbrook Margaret Boag
18931893/C2368JohnEasterbrookJames Easterbrook Dorothy Washford
19091909/C3537WilliamEasterbrook- ** born England aged 65 years
19321932/C3410Harry Diplock EasterbrookThomas John EasterbrookCharlotte Sarah Diplock
19341934/B25673WilliamEasterbrookGeorge MORRIS Mary Ann Hazard
19461946/C5133Joseph AbrahamEasterbrookThomas Louisa Ann Ballard
19491949/C45George Harry EasterbrookHarry Diplock Lydia Elizabeth Bodman
19491949/C1288Lydia ElizabethEasterbrookGeorge BodmanMary Ann Salome Vincent
19551955/B8212Stuart HerculesEasterbrookThomas Oliver Cecilia Emily Lewis
19571957/C3484Lillian MaryEasterbrook- Wilton
19641964/B66803GeoffreyEasterbrookWilliam Jane Goodwin
19661966/C5961Hilda EdithEasterbrookErnest Robertson Blakeney Florence Bray
19721972/B32657Judith AnneEasterbrookLancelot Maxwell Tumes Annie Mary Mahoney
19781978/B88617WilfredEasterbrookWilliam Easterbrook Jane Goodwin
19801980/52227John ReginaldEasterbrookJohn 0Dorcas
19811981/57717ThomasEasterbrookJoseph 0Lillian Mary Wilton
19821982/200IvyEasterbrookFrederick ArdreyAnnie Datson
19821982/602Eric NevilleEasterbrookElijah 0Bridget Lynch

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