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Gibraltar is a UK Overseas Territory at the southmost tip of Spain overlooking the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. All three British Armed Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force, have a presence in the territory. Gibraltar, Royal Navy Base

John EASTERBROOK, Colour Sergeant Royal Engineers

Family 180
John EASTERBROOK 1834-1880
& Margaret CAMPBELL 1832-1886

|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
Robert John 1860-1921
James 1862-
Malcolm Roy 1865-
George Palmer 1867-1870
Harry Ross 1869-1878
Emma Rachel 1872-1872
Charles Edward 1873-1933
Alfred Ernest William Frederick 1877-
&1880 Mary Elizabeth HOCKRIDGE 1860-1895
&1895 Rhoda Emily CANTWELL 1859-
&1886 Annie COOK 1863-1896
& Charlotte Emily LE BAS 1860-
&1907 Priscilla Christina Glennie GORDON 1875-1948
&1901 Dorcas Eugene HODGE 1884-

John was born in Bermuda, his eldest children were born in Gibraltar and Ireland and he also lived in Portsea, Portsmouth.

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