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Bessey Ellen EASTERBROOK and Henry Holl of Dieppe, France

Robert James EASTERBROOK of Dieppe

Family 30 Family 64
Jessey POPE 1826-
&1846 Edward EASTERBROOK
Bessey Ellen Emily Janett BARNES 1844-1889
&1868 Henry Horace HOLL 1837-1884

|   |   |   |   |    
Robert James EASTERBROOK 1862-
Samuel Edward EASTERBROOK 1865-1915
William Frederick HOLL
Bessie Matilda Ellen HOLL
Charles Walter HOLL 1870-
& Armantine Marie VASSEUR 1863-1947
&1896 Ellen Eliza SILVEY 1871-
    |           |    

    |           |   |    
Samuel Henry François EASTABROOK 1887-1946
Charles Walter HOLL 1897
Jessie Mabel HOLL 1899
& Mathilde DUBUC 1888-1969

Bessey was born in 1844 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth and is registered under both BARNES and POPE (her mother's maiden name). Jessy married Edward EASTERBROOK in 1846 and Bessey took her step-father's surname until her marriage to Henry HOLL in Dieppe, France.

Bessey's children were baptised in Newhaven in 1871 using her married surname HOLL, but her earlier children were born before she married and Robert James uses the EASTERBROOK surname in all records.

Bessey was in Brighton in 1861 using the EASTERBROOK surname.

Robert appears in 1891 (Rotherham) and 1901 (Southampton) censuses using the surname EASTERBROOK.

Samuel Henry François and his descendants in France used the EASTABROOK surname.

Samuel Henry François EASTABROOK and Mathilde DUBUC of Le Tréport and Rouen, France

Family 29a
Samuel Henry François EASTABROOK 1887-1946
& Mathilde DUBUC 1888-1969
Sam 1919-
& Thérèse DESPERROIS 1924

|   |   |
Danièle 1946-1946
&1973 N195x
    |   |

    |   |   |

This family is recorded on My Heritage France (in french).











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